Welcome to Sentinelcelts. We hope that this can be a different Celtic blog from many,with articles on different subjects from different people. Everyone is welcome to contribute,and everyone’s opinion will be accorded respect. Too often,messages that should be heard are lost in a sea of comments-or worse,abuse-and there is great untapped talent in Celtic cyberspace. We hope this will be a site to rectify that. Where the site goes in time,who knows. We have chosen the name Sentinelcelts . “Who Guards The Guards?” That is one of our core goals,to speak truth to power. To point out injustice when authority oversteps the mark or comes up short. Be it Celtic,SFA/SPFL,the media,etc. And to hopefully bring such to the attention of those who can prevent it. We intend that it stimulate respectful debate,rather than smother it in lies and innuendo. That is why we want various posters to write leading articles for others to comment on,and again,all types of opinion and experience is welcome. Drop us a line at our mail address,we want this up and running with a vengeance! Now,to make the blog that bit more pleasurable to visit,it is planned to OPERATE WITHOUT ADVERTS,(as far as our hosting site allows) . Should additional funding be required in time-it is NOT NEEDED for the foreseeable future-we hope to organise that democratically. In the same way,we would like regular charity drives,of your choice. It’s what Celtic fans do,and do very well. All we ask of you in return is to respect your new site,and your fellow members. Don’t curse or swear,don’t make libelous posts,avoid illegal links to games,etc. Manners are free,but lawyers generally aren’t! We hope you can enjoy this site , and that it can make a difference. Our mail address is sentinelcelts@gmail.com Tweet on @sentinelcelts
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Mahe the madman

Sack the Board !

Looks like a decent attempt to open a new talking shop. Is it true anyone can write for you? Do you accept only articles on current events,or would you accept obscurities,say,about our glorious past?

Good luck with it anyway.

Best of with the site, it will hopefully take off.


Very best of luck with the site
Hail Hail


Finding it dificult to post for the first time – unless obviously, this one goes through.
Brendan Rodgers, here to piss Moussa off ( apparently )?


Am i the first poster to look like a twat now ?
Some things never change ??


The very best of luck with this.

Good luck with the new site folks!

Good luck with the new site. Hopefully it will be a roaring success.

I’m looking forward to the game on Sunday. Last night’s second half performance was very enjoyable, however, the shine has been taken off it by overnight events regarding Moussa. Brendan’s reputation has taken a few knocks recently but I hope he can rally the troops and we put Sevco back in their box.

Hail! Hail!

Fairhill Bhoy

Good luck with the new blog

Mike in Toronto

New site looks great.

Hope it is a great success.

All the infighting taking place just now is quite sad, Pedro’s supporters on one side and his detractors on the other, it seems like the smsm has managed to divide us big time.
Whatever the in’s and out’s we will never know the truth, all I do know is there is a serious lack of professionalism surrounding the club just now.

Fairhill Bhoy

We certainly don’t help ourselves with the way we deal with transfer windows

No we don’t, what will be will be.
Can’t get the head around it, the suits are driven by money, it’s all they care about, yet they gamble year in year out with a massive pot of CL money, we never seem to strengthen from a position of strength, it’s as if they don’t want to.
At least the biscuit tin is getting an airing this window.

mahe the madman


Mahe the madman


mahe the madman

So it was a wee quiet window eh 😉


Hard to believe that we have made such a dog’s breakfast of the close season & the transfer window.



Al Mór

Best of luck with the site.

C’mon the HOOPS?

Up de Dubs!

Bramalea Tim

Good luck with your blog I hope I can contribute to its success




Good luck.


Gooooood Morning ???????

Test as comments are not showing.

Saltires en Sevilla

Best wishes.

For anyone interested in politics. Has Trump been a positive influence, is he actually responsible for the economic boom, is he preventing global military conflict?

“The more Celtic sites where we as fans, can have dialogue has to be a good thing” copywrite DD ?


big packy

hi ghuys hope this reaches you

big packy

good luck bhoys


If it was the case, it is more by luck than judgement – I think the man is a a moron.