Bob Woodward,the highly-respected journalist who,with Carl Bernstein revealed the truth behind Watergate in the early ’70s,has just released a new book about,he claims,the disfunctional Trump presidency. The claims he makes in it are highly plausible-for the current POTUS!-and he is himself highly credible.

Apart from “Follow the Money”-a line which wasn’t in the book “All The President’s Men”,but only in the film-the main life lesson to be learned from Watergate must surely be that it’s not the original offence which will do for you,it’s the cover-up. And there certainly seems to be some collusion over events at Celtic Park on Sunday.

I think we’ll start elsewhere though,at Rugby Park. Where Stevie Clarke read out a statement which excoriated Collum and his employers. The former for a ridiculous red card the previous weekend,the latter for not having the courage to rescind it.

He strongly suspected that this was because Collum had been given the match on Sunday. Said as much too. Well,I’ve seen the red card decision from last week. And I watched Collum bottle it when Rangers players did considerably worse on Sunday. Yet the only criticism he received in the media was for failing to give a perceived-read imaginary!-foul against Tom Rogic in the build-up to our goal.

You couldn’t make it up? In Scotland,you don’t have to-there’s highly-paid pros queuing up to do it for you.

Next,the player who was allegedly fouled gets laid into Collum in every press outlet imaginable,calling for him to be demoted,blackballed,kicked out the ludj,whatever,and not a hint of a disrepute charge. Neil Lennon or Scott Brown would have needed a team of Philadelphia lawyers to wriggle out of similar.

Then there’s the blatant bout of thuggery from McGregor. Clear donkey kick at a defenceless player on the ground. Red card and a penalty in every league on the planet. Referee couldn’t possibly have missed it,but he decided to ignore it.

Well,no harm done. Ajer wasn’t badly hurt,we got the three points anyway,and there will be a three-match retrospective ban for violent conduct. Aye,Timmy,that’ll be right. Offence not deemed to be violent enough for action to be taken.

Honestly,that’s how they explained it away. Not violent enough. What,kick him ten times and follow up with a baseball bat? Good God.

But all of this pales into insignificance beside The Main Event of the weekend. The wilful disregard for the welfare of many thousands of Celtic supporters by the people who are supposed to protect them. And the shameful haste with which conflicting narratives were thrown together to cover up a catalogue of failure in crowd management and event planning.

I’m loathe to say too much about this particular point as investigations are still ongoing. And I hope the HSE get involved. But for Celtic to act so surprised at events when they were clearly part of the planning process is a disgrace. For the police to lie about which access points were or were not available is a disgrace. For tens of thousands of fans to be corralled into a bottleneck-all to enable a red carpet access for 800 at the diametrically opposite corner-is very likely criminal. And as I said,shows wilful disregard.

The people responsible should be held to account,grateful not to be facing manslaughter charges. But they won’t. Not in Scotland.

But remember,it’s the cover-up which will get you.

Even if not every time,it’ll get you eventually.

I live in hope.

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Make, I am preparing a piece on this which I will send to you.

I left CQN corner with POG at 11:30; even my auld legs could get round to Janefield St in less than 10 minutes and I was caught up in an awful crush – approximately 15 minutes before the Police lie and claim it happened.

I have attended many major European games in the ’60s and ’70s and never experienced any thing like that!

Smoke, mirrors and downright lies to cover up!



Whatever happened to Phil’s FOI request with regards the roofing at Ibrox stadium ? Yes it´s all gone quiet over there (Phils blog) with regards that one ? HSE didn´t come over as being anything other than another layer of masonry while that FOI request was still deemed a favourable one to publicize by Phil.

Stop giving them your money




I would suspect Phil’s request didn’t give the answers he’d hoped for hence the silence on it.



I’ve been trying to contact yer bro, is he ok?
I’ve tried email and phone but no joy, has he changed phone number?

Anyroadup, reason for contacting him was partly to di with asing you to get a translation for the latest lawyers letter, is that possible?

Idea is to get as many translations as possible and flood European media blogs with the letter.

Any help much appreciated


Well Done on the blog.

Very sensible comments

Fairhill Bhoy

Jeso with all these familiar names I’m beginning to think I’m on the wrong blog?

I seem to recall Phil saying it was refused for some reason.
Everything will be done to cover this up.


so it wasn´t moderated. Oh mighty fine

Good luck with the blog lads


You have email.


That doesn´t sound like fine upstanding jourmalistic activity now does it ?



Unfortunately , if Celtic supporters want change at the top they are going to have to make difficult choices .

1) Forget about boycotting away grounds. ( they’ll hate us even more , if that’s poss )
2) Boycotting Celtic Park is the only way to force the boards hand .

You know and I know that won’t happen while we’re winning \ beating Sevco .
fan power got us Brendan Rodgers , lack of fan intervention could lose us Brendan Rodgers .

don’t wait , till it’s to late

Blog looks great , I wish it every success .


Give it time , tic toc , lol


‘Football man’ Ian Maxwell must sort out latest SFA shambles and prove he’s not another Stewart Regan – Keith Jackson
Fans have been left bemused by a string of controversial disciplinary calls early in the season.

By Keith Jacksun
06:00, 6 SEP 2018

“That’s the beauty of appointing Ian Maxwell,” they said. “He’s a football man from the Govan shop floor up.”

And let’s be honest, after years of having our leaving our national game sweating in the slippery hands of a man from the world of county cricket, it seemed like a sensible step back in the right direction.

If the accident-prone Stewart Regan represented a man entirely out of touch with the wishes of all other clubs and supporters throughout the land except for Rangers – and long before the end he most certainly did – then here was Maxwell being presented as the perfect antidote. Here was the man that wouldn´t need to first ask the Rangers Chairman for permission to act. He would know what was needed to be done instinctively

True, he may have lacked experience and any kind of real clout as a chief executive of Partick Thistle but what Maxwell would bring to the position was a common touch. A surefooted leader and a strong communicator. A voice of reason at the top of a madhouse he knew inside out. His appointment brought about deep disappointment within the footballing corridors of the world having been secretly courted by the German and Spanish FA. It was a real coup for Peter Lawwell and Rod Petrie to convince him to take the position.

That’s what we were promised when he was shoehorned into Regan’s seat at the end of last season, just a day or two after successfully leading Partick Thistle to relegation from the top flight and about three weeks before he sensibly rubber stamped Rangers´s finances with regards to a UEFA European license.

Suffice to say, there’s been precious little in the way of meaningful communication or stellar leadership from him since then as the SFA has continued to tie itself up in all manner of Regan-esque googlies.

So unfortunately, what exactly Maxwell has made of these past few days of textbook Hampden halfwittery remains anyone’s guess. I think it is safe to infer that he is of the same ilk and persuasion as previous incumbents of the Scottish Football Association. He is after all a real football man

But it defies all logic not to reach the conclusion the football man inside him – the guy we were all told so much about – must be burning up with embarrassment at some of the decisions he has been made to present to the public under his name.

Forget for now, Maxwell’s horrible mishandling of the probe into child abuse in the Scottish game. As toe curling as it was, it was also possible to have some sympathy for the new man in charge who was being dropped into a toxic quarry where this subject is concerned. Ultimately it is not important.

Football man that he is, it was maybe even understandable if he felt pushed so far out of his own comfort zone or area of expertise that he made the mistake of misspeaking at the most inappropriate of moments and in the most inexcusable of tones. Dave King has a much bigger remit rescuing Rangers. It is in the interest of everyone within the European game now, that Rangers return to their rightful place. Dave King has no time to call him and he should stop playing power games and call Dave King.

These things happen. Apologise for them, learn from them and move on. The vast majority of football fans in this country are reasonable enough to accept sincere contrition when they see it, not the insincere mutterings of the current Hibs and Kilmarnock manager. Yes I get it they need to be seen to protect their provincial teams.

But what they cannot condone is being talked down to by the authorities or expected to obediently believe that red is black, unless it conforms to FFP leniency. Or, over these last few weeks, that red is really yellow.
The SFA can hide behind the wording of new edicts sent down to them from IFAB but it is clear to the rest of us who know anything about this game that something has been badly lost in translation.

It’s highly unlikely, for example, that the Italians, French, Spanish, Germans or even the English will share Scottish football’s opinion on the true meaning of “brutality” when it comes to carrying out acts of thuggishness on their football pitches.

The words, “It could only happen in Scotland” spring effortlessly to mind. If booting lumps out of someone does not translate to a red card in this country then what exactly will it take? A chibbing?

What on earth was Maxwell thinking to himself on Tuesday when it was decided that Scott Brown would not be further reprimanded despite being blatantly caught on camera sliding his studs passed Kyle Lafferty within an inch of his life during Sunday’s derby?

When even Rangers manager Steven Gerrard had described it as a “blatant” red card offence?

Surely a real football man would have been mortified by embarrassing Steven Gerrard. If he was then he did very little about it because 24 hours later, just yesterday afternoon, the situation became even more insulting to the intelligence when Aberdeen were informed Devlin’s highly contentious sending-off against Kilmarnock on Saturday would not be overturned.

Surely Maxwell must see this unfathomable mess for what it really is. If he truly is a football man, then he must know his organisation is wide open to absolute ridicule and this is not how they do things.

It cannot be excused and it must not be tolerated by the man in charge. Maxwell has every right to ask questions of the departments which have made such a mockery of our game. In fact, he has a duty to do so.

Or why Craig Thomson has spent a career attempting to produce the quickest red cards ever recorded in European football and yet is still throwing them around like confetti every other Saturday.

And then he can order them to get their heads around these new IFAB directives and to make some common sense out of them before any more damage is done to the reputation of Scottish football.

Until then the SFA’s outrageous lack of self awareness, which Regan helped to nurture and take to new and unsurpassed levels, will remain every bit as alive and kicking as it was when the man from silly mid off was in charge.

He can start by asking why Willie Collum was put in charge of Sunday’s Celtic and Rangers clash just days after landing the whole Dicker fiasco on the disciplinary desk? And being considered the best referee in Scotland is not acceptable.

For a moment, it felt almost as if the SFA were attempting to troll the country’s fans in textbook social media style. All that was missing was a tweeted picture from the account of the official media department, showing Maxwell ripping off his own mask and revealing old man Regan’s face Wundertheater.

But if these matters were not damaging enough in terms of the SFA’s perception, then they were quickly compounded when Kilmarnock’s Gary Dicker had an appeal against a preposterous sending off thrown out by the same governing body.

And all of that was before the curious cases of Scott Brown and Steven Naismith entered Hampden’s kangaroo court.

Given his background as a player and coach and his status as a man of the people, then Maxwell must surely know this.

If so he must have been blushing into his blazer pocket when first Alfredo Morelos and then Steven Naismith were respectively cleared of violent conduct despite blatantly sinking their boots into opponents at Pittodrie and Tynecastle over the opening two weekends of the new season.


Go and check it out bhoys. All there on Phils archive. HSE were used as a firewall.
A pliable government quango to help protect all involved. Rangers, Celtic, SFA, SPFL,
The Scottish Government. Police Scotland etc.. you know the usual culprits

Phil went very quiet on it (and wouldn´t publish any of my inquiring posts) when I started
asking why Celtic PLC were allowing 10,000 of their extended family to attend a crumbling
and dangerous stadium. oooops a bit of an own goal there I reckon … best forgotten about

The corruption goes all the way to the top. If you want change then stop giving them what
they want from you. Your money. Within two weeks there would be THE PROMISE of sweeping changes
..just THE PROMISE mind you. A leopard doesn´t change its spots overnight.

Within FOUR weeks it would be solved.

I disagree that boycotting away grounds won’t help us, IMO it’s the only way forward.
A half empty Celtic park brought in Brendan, while he is around and we are winning baubles the ground and the coffers will be full, if he leaves and the ground empties again the suits will do something similar, no way will they take on the sfa, they have had chance after chance, they have the silver bullet yet have done sfa.
The last time any notice was paid to supporters was when the fans of Aberdeen and Dundee Utd threatened to withhold season ticket money if the huns were allowed into the spl, the Celtic support did nothing I seem to recall.
It’s all about the money and the blue pound talks louder than most in scotland.