Whats the plan ?

More and more Im seeing clubs opt for transparency in their enterprise . Plans are no longer well guarded secrets and many boards have made the decision to announce their vision and then get their fans onside with them. In this technological age information can be had by most in seconds and with the rise of the camera in our pocket visual evidence can be worldwide in no time at all. Lie’s can and will be exposed in this modern world that craves scandal . The West Ham owners recently found that out . At the opposite end of the scale the Liverpool’s owners have deemed it best to share their goals and ask the fans to buy into it , and they have gladly.

My own club of choice have not embarked upon this course though and it doesn’t surprise me . I feel these gents in charge are of the “ old school “ where its word of mouth behind closed doors and keep it schtum. It has served them well and they can be happy with their stations in life I assume so it would be folly to expect or ask for change at this stage of their custodianship.

I admit freely that I anticipate no big changes at board level before 10 has been hit or derailed and there are signs derailing is the establishments choice which will surprise no one.
I dont expect a mass exodus the very next day should the club achieve that hallowed target but I think we can speculate with a large degree of certainty that it will lead to a chain of events bringing significant change.

Players,,,those in their mid to late 30’s could not find a better time to hang up their boots. In particular I suspect Scott and Craig to bow out then. And those homegrown might see their aims fulfilled domestically and opt to bow out on a high. KT springs to mind as does Griff .

Management,,,Why stay after hitting that target if they do. Natural time to walk away , a legend hopefully . Should we need a new manager while still going for the 10 my own preference would be to bring in a unifying figure to unite and push us over the line with pride . Lenny and Martin both spring to mind and it could be a short term task possibly . Like I say , do it and walk away proudly.

Board,,,As mentioned they are older gents and where I sit it would be hard to find reasons to stay in situ post 10 in a row or failing hitting it . The Ceo or Chief Exec may well feel it is their duty to stay and help the new bhoy whoever he is but thats not really the done thing in football is it . Common in many jobs though is the handover phase.
No , we really should see a lot of upheaval within the next 5 years. Dermot had previously mentioned keeping the club in the family and possibly handing over the shares to his son.
At least he’s younger and should be a bit more in touch with the modern world is my take should that come to pass.

Fresh Targets,,,how can we tell what this board views at their medium and long term goals ? It is the void of that silence that is often filled with negativity and can lead to splits. I would love a common goal that we can all get behind and I believe most would. Get out of dodge should be priority number one and I would like to see what reaction would come from the domestic set up if it emerged the club actually had initiated discussions with regards to switching leagues . I think they would crap it and it might focus some people but its very unlikely under this board I think .If we were to stay a homegrown 11 would be a fantastic aim .

New Board,,,if I were asked to sum up what I would wish for in a new set up the word would be dynamism. A fresh pair of eyes that have a grasp of the modern changing world coupled with vision . I believe we could and should become traders in effect though use the profits of smart trading to continously built to higher standards every branch of the business .
Is there any facet of the business that is perfect and could not do with some type of overhaul or upgrade right now ? I know CTV would be around the top of my to be fixed list. Stadium gripes are common place among match goers as is somewhere to eat and relax for the support . The scouting seems to have collapsed over the summer and that tells me theres a department needs looked at. An app would be nice giving us info or highlights maybe.
But whoever they are its important they tell us what the plan is . Seriously . Dont expect loyalty , fight for it. Dont expect a full stadium , encourage it with acts. This board tend to be reactive rather than proactive, that should be changed .
And most important for me,,,stand up for your those who pay your salary.

Mahe the Madman
sentinelcelts@gmail @sentinelcelts

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Mike in toronto

Some thoughtful articles, Mahe.

And nice to see some names I haven’t seen for a while commenting.


With what happened over the summer months and the negligence that blew a perfectly possible CL qualification opportunity, we now approach the EL and a crowded domestic campaign with only two strikers and a plethora of ‘extras still in the squad.

Griffiths is injury-prone & Eduard very young – how long will it take for the discussion to turn to “false number nines”

This is the kind of handicap you would impose if you desired failure.

The club, so long defended by me, now have me perplexed.

big packy

cant disagree with any of that mahe,keep on truckin bruv, and mike in Toronto if your about lovely picture of seamus.hh.

There is still a problem, none of my posts are getting through.


I’ve watched many dyed-in-the-wool board supporters-whether on other sites,or in person-become slowly disillusioned by our board over the years. You’re not the first,far from it!

I wouldn’t let it bother you too much,though. Keep supporting your team on the pitch,keep the pressure up on the board off it.

I’m not as sure as AWENAW that we can effect change-mainly because I can’t see a boycott happening anytime soon-but a gradual erosion of the fan base saw the top tier closed only a few years ago.

We live in hope.

Hopefully,this comment will show right away.

Fingers crossed.


Mike in toronto


Try again…


How long will it take,,posted 1.29

Mike in toronto

Trying again


Let us pray


Sack the board!


Could if be fixed? The blog not the league

Go for it!


Fairhill Bhoy

Teething problems?


The site and the wee one ffs. Double trouble 😉 Hail Hail

Looks like a Hallelujah Friday,folks!


Site is taking shape – there are always ‘teething problems when starting a new venture.

I look forward to being a regular contributor and perhaps in the future will offer a piece for consideration – what would be the correct procedure for this?

Are we rolling ?

Seems like it 🙂


Gold you would email with your contribution at sentinelcelts@gmail.com . That would be great by the way please do. Thanks for stopping by .Hail Hail