Back Res12 Please !

The are signs in Celtic cyberspace that the Res12 issue may soon draw to a close. As far as I am concerned the sooner the better even  if if it does bring bad news for I at least would like to see how the land lies before making my decision about watching Scottish football once and for all.


This position I have been put in , I never ever thought I would find myself here. Torn between your love of the team and your conscience. I refuse to knowingly be taken advantage of yet supporting the team leads to that. Rock and hard place eh ?

Almost every week some rule is ignored or manipulated to their advantage or even just against Timmy . Instead of things getting better with  time they have deteriorated and seemingly will continue to . Hundreds of years later and still we are unwanted by many if not most .

The social charter of the club has failed utterly . The courts of law have been no friend . Those running the club just seem to want supporters money and give little back. I could go on.


So whats a man to do,,give up his team ? You wont need me to tell you that watching the team is also a social event for most , either going in person to the game or a CSC or maybe a couple pints with your bhoys . Theres the social life going to take a hit. Some CSCs could go to the wall.


And then that void,,how do you fill it ? I guess for many scanning the Celtic facing websites at some stage during the day is a ritual . If youre an expat like me then the websites may well be your “ cyber bar “ where you can go for a bit of banter and sometimes relax a bit .

Do I give up the websites also ? Complete cold turkey ? No point in reading about the team and not watching is there ? So probably theres your daily habits that will be changing also.


Sport is meant to be a release from the daily grind but Scottish football has been far from a tension reliever for me in fact its almost exactly the opposite . Dangerous also in many places to be a Celtic supporter, just ask that fella who is blind in one eye for having the audacity to wear the hoops in the wrong area even in broad daylight .


No football in Scotland has become a vehicle for sectarianism . I wont be taking any part of Scottish football until its clean if ever and my family sure as hell wont be going anywhere near a land were they are targets through no fault of their own.


So Res12 was my great hope, that the dirty rotten carcass of what they now call a football setup could be cast aside and a purer game emerge, a game that more in tune with the community and not marketing or hype. That would entertain and not bring divisions and tensions  with it. That could be used as a force for good and would unify communities.


All my football supporting life , the last few years apart , have been dedicated to Glasgow Celtic. I gave them everything they could ask for in a fan. Now Celtic , now is your time to give something back not only to me but to everyone. If you dont,,,I fear we will die. I do. The next few generations wont swallow this con which is designed to get your money while keeping you down.


This is your time to act Celtic. Do it. Please do it. WE ALL DESERVE IT !

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Res12 should have been concluded a long time ago. It seems that our four musketeers were armed with the facts but that they were deemed insufficient by our board. Back they went,time and again,intent on dotting i and crossing the t. At all times they were rebuffed on trivial points.

If I didn’t know better,I’d think that the board wanted Res 12 strangled at birth. That they then actively undermined it. That they didn’t want it near the light of day.

Fiduciary duty to shareholders,my arse. Their duty is clearly to themselves,and in covering their own collective arse.


Some day one day,we will learn the truth behind the obfuscation and obstruction. Until then,we can only speculate,joining the dots from the limited information in the public domain.

The Four Musketeers deserve our utmost gratitude,it must be galling to go to all that effort and expense-not all are even UK resident,remember-and turn up to a meeting only to discover that the organ grinder couldn’t be bothered


I fully echo the sentiments that the fab 4 deserve all our gratitude . To easy to bump your gums but actually going and trying to do something is commendable and rare these days.
I feel the fraud squad could well be the way to go . It will be interesting to watch how any news that Res12 will not be backed comes out,,and there could well be fallout. Some ordinary fans I know that dont really get involved in off the field affairs will be very upset with the club should that come to pass.
We both know boycotts are very hard to achieve but a walk out at a set time could have more of an appetite. The Liverpool fans had a walkout (against 77 quid tickets I believe ) that forced their owners to the negotiating table so there is good recent precedent.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Don´t take this personally;

But this has all been discussed and debated on CQN over the years and a consensus was arrived at.

The problem I reckon is not whether Rangers cheated or Celtic have done nothing about it. These are non debatable facts. The major share holders (defacto owners) attempted to strangle Resolution 12 at birth. It´s all in the 2012 AGM minutes. The only reason that it was “parked” was due to the fear of losing customers. The passing of time being the desired wish of our plc. Hopefully then it will all be forgotten about. Everyone can move on and they can do what they do outwith the laws of the l and as that what the football industry affords you. A great environment for making contacts and mining information. It was (not is) a case of been seen to be doing something rather than being seen to do doing nothing. That is all nothing more , nothing else. I choose my words very carefully here; ONLY A BELIEVER(fool) OR SOMEBODY WITH A MUTUAL INTEREST WILL TELL YOU OTHERWISE. I have been told by one of the four (verbally face to face ) that Celtic have done “next to nothing”, “tokenism”, “hollow gestures” and that the only reason the PLC can still be considered to be involved is due to the kindhearted nature AND professional background of some of the four musketeers being extremely diplomatic to the very-bitter end. Stoical intelligent well balanced individuals who will never accept defeat. Which brings me to my point. In fact to THE POINT. … about insanity and madness

A point which is all too evident from your post. The Board did want Res 12 strangled at birth. Anyone not aware of this wasn´t paying attention. The problem we as a support have (some of the Resolution 12 Bhoys are also) guilty of this is what is known as a rigid belief system which every Celtic fan I know of apart from a few always exhibit. An inability to think outwith their rigid belief system. Keeping the faith is more important that knowing the truth. Aye and there´s the rub

There comes a time when you have to call a dead pig a pig.
Those that want so desperately for the pig to be alive will stare at it´s dead carcass chastising anyone who is saying that it´s a pig waiting for the pig to decay into nothing , so that they can say . see …look it´s not a dead pig ……… that´s how integral and DANGEROUS these rigid belief systems

Any highlighting of this issue will leave you being ex communicated from the Celtic community. Guilty as charged unless you will buy a ticket. In fact unless you buy anything. Charitable donations will help …, great publicity .. possible tax breaks also … but don´t forget why you are here .. to help turn a profit for the plc

1) Accept that we have a scummy billionaire owner who only wants to MAXIMISE his portfolio (see no difference between Rangers and Celtic fans) and nothing else matters
2) Lose yourself in a very dubious faith and accept it (Charles Mansons followers come to mind)
3) Buy shares in the PLC … forget about sport
4) DO WHAT ONE OF THE FOUR OF THE RESOLUTION 12èrs has already done and accept the consensus that was reached on CQN years ago; That Scottish Football is not a sport. It is an entertainment industry akin to WWF (wrestling) bolstered by pandering to bigots and racists with rigid belief systems.

*Bolstered — more profitable, better Roman amphitheater atmosphere (Romans V Christians) etc.


Factual rebuttals more than welcome …. look forward to it

Can’t argue with a word of that.
I have said from day one, I include everything to do with thems going bust etc, that it’s only about the money, we come a distant second and integrity and transparency are not even at the races.
They have and are playing on the emotional feelings, they know that the majority will support the club and pay their cash come what may.
Tis a sad, sad state of affairs.

Awe Naw


Only for as long as they are winning and are perceived as being superior to Sevco.

As I stated on CQN the week after Rangers went into administration the only thing that the only thing the followers, the customers, the administrators of Scottish football have to look forward to is Ten in a row. At the time I argued that even that was meaningless as we are only beating our own record. No European ambition. After Seville, I was surprised that any Celtic fan would expect a change in the lack of ambition based on two back to back domestic trebles. No ambition to clean up the Scottish game, No interest in being seen to be open and transparent even with your own child´s safety. They don´t care.

When the 5WA was brokered by all of the power players in Scottish football especially Celtic plc. I stated that the deal for ten in a row has been cemented.

Here´s another prediction. DD will sell up in two to three years and not to his son.

big packy

sadly agree with about the way the club has let us down don’t know the answer.

I am at a loss why the educated Celtic support can’t see this, many know fine well what is happening yet they continue to throw their hard earned into a rigged and corrupt game, the mind boggles so it does.
They are condoning the corruption with their actions, till they see the light….
As you say as long as we are winning and are perceived to be superior to thems, astonishingly hun like imo.
I can’t agree on the Dermo bit, I don’t think anyone could weigh in with enough for him to sell up, I believe he will pass it on to his son, as ever time is gonna tell.

Margaret McGill

As Tims we suspected the game in Scotland was rigged against Celtic for over a century.
Then it came to pass and be proven it was rigged, it was bigoted, it was corrupt. It should have been the end of the huns but naw they were reborn into this Scottish filth with the blessing of the PLC and the Mustachioed Macroom Miser and the status quo.
Worst of all from Tims. Its like understanding evolution takes 4 billion years of natural selection but you dont care because fundamentally your rigid belief system tells you the universe is only 6000 years old.
I suspect most Tims take their cues on life Forest Gump like.

Margaret McGill

Hi Mahe
The contrast in Firefox on the label fields at the bottom is hard to see.

Margaret McGill

Scottish football is not a sport. Its a hun pension plan. Always was. Always will be. Thats why the national team have always been a disgrace ever since the 1958 Sweden world cup. I mean what do you expect when your lineage of managers and players and the real national team of Scotland i.e. rangers all support England?

Margaret McGill

I mean us Scots are not as bad as the Irish when it comes to arse lickin but come on 🙂


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