The Primary Branch is dead , Long Live the Primary Branch !

In regards to Awe Naws comment .
Awe naw, thank you for your excellent work. You do the site credit .
As someone who prefers to know where he stands its the final nail in the coffin I needed as this farce could and probably will drag on for years in meaningless court cases and that’s a strategy no doubt,,drag it out until public interest has waned enough.

So the balls burst and the games over . Fair enough . S%#t happens and nothing lasts forever.
However certain questions do arise , at least to me , on what to do next for myself and those that are in the same boat.

Should we blame the entire club , now and in the future , for the sins of its current custodians ?
My take, if Glasgow Celtic were pure and still adhered to the vision it was founded upon then no I would not hold the entire club responsible and would try to force them out and re engage with the new guys whoever they are. But the fact is , and BRTH in particular consistently points this out , is that once Glasgow Celtic became a PLC it walked away from the founding vision and became a business not a cause. I see a regular football team with a glorious past and great fans. Not what I bought into anymore thus Im out .

So what to do now ?
Here Im sure is where opinions will differ a lot depending on who you are speaking to.
I have looked at Glasgow Celtic through the prism that it is merely a branch of the Celtic family . On the clubs website they claim to be the primary branch of the Celtic family . I personally am not sure I agree with that as who are they to claim precedence over any other of the branch’s but perhaps that’s primary as in first which is fair enough.
If the soil around the primary branch is very corrupt and that corruption seeps into and infects that branch then theres not much to be done Im afraid. Being the primary branch its not as if you can cut if off or remove the diseased part.
No I believe in that case its no longer the primary branch. In nature a farmer would tear that tree down and nuture something new somewhere else.

New club ? Some Man United fans did it and its not that far of a stretch actually but first and foremost the question that would need to be asked is not one of how its more why ? Is a new club needed and just what would that provide ? Exist for what aims ?
Its not as if a large percentage of supporters kids or kids from the hardcore areas would not want to play for the primary branch because a small percentage are disenfranchised with it .
Now we are down to the jist of it IMO . You dont need me or anyone reading why Brother Walfrid started the club in the first place but that was quite a while ago. Do those needs still exist ? No . Not anywhere near what was being experienced then . In all likelihood what we would be looking at , to stay aligned with Walfrid’s vision yet exist in the modern day world , is a home grown team only ala Bilbao with profits going to charity . Its a beautiful dream and someone somewhere may start that dream off . I will support them should it ever come to pass. Doubtful though.

Existing branch ? Now this also I find very interesting . Instead of that new vision above it would seem more practical to cultivate an existing branch of the family into one aligned with the original vision yet still with a foot in the modern world . It would seem much easier than starting from scratch surely.
Off the top of my head other branches of the family include but are not exclusive to ,
Every Celtic boys club
Stalybridge Celtic
Donegal Celtic
Belfast Celtic
Castlebar Celtic

While all might not have been included in Brother Walfrid’s original vision they were inspired into creation by it and surely thats good enough to consider yourself part of the family ? And those who do give time and effort to those ventures may well see them as just as important in their own way to the primary branch based in Glasgow.
But would it be realistic to embrace another branch and grow it to be more like what Glasgow Celtic should have become ?
Again this comes down to the why before the how ? I dont think theres an appetite myself ,,, seems only a few are walking away and shaking heads in disgust,,,at the minute that is. When / If the majority of supporters come around to that way of thinking and force the issue to a head then yeah I could see something purer emerge but no way Jose does that look like happening .
For the most part many are happy and often after a victory on Celtic facing websites you will read great times to be alive etc . Each to their own I guess.
My take on this one,,,,the world is and has moved a lot,,there is constant change now and nothing ,, NOTHING ,, is forever. This has people grasping at that which they believe they know or they think they know as being the same as it ever was and they cling to it like a crutch in life. Change can be hard to force on people. Many times I have read a comment that hints that the person knows its corrupt but it wont stop them going to the games . This to me reinforces my views above . They wouldnt accept it in many other areas of their life but their team is fine.

And then onto who could lead such a venture,,and my rant on “ leader’s “ .
You wont need me to tell you we dont seem to have any leaders. I cant think of one single person that I could call a leader in Glasgow Celtic’s off field issues . Or the issues that fans go through in merely attending / supporting such as crushes and being filmed by your own police force never mind blinded in one eye .
Now why is that ? Honestly ? Does no one want to lead ? The hassle put them off ? Public spotlight personally or professionally damaging ? Skeletons in the closet ?
My take,,,Any and all of the above but the reality is it doesnt really matter anymore in todays world . People dont need leaders and wont accept them for the most part due to that . Look , you wake up , go to work , come home and do what you do to relax and generally do the same most days . Everyone is mostly self contained and have no need whatsoever of anyone getting involved in the decisions that they can actually make themselves . Leaders are a thing of the past , I honestly believe that . It is soo easy now to smear anyone or even just fake news them and stick out a load of quotes they didnt say but make it look official . The result being anyone wants to lead or even finds themselves leading will be shot down and soon be a divisive entity to a lot thus negating him / her . Job done by the authorities .

So like yourself I have no choice but to conclude thats that as far as Glasgow Celtic are concerned . I did have some good times I will look back on with fondness. Thats something at least. Looks like thats it though, pity.

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Oh,I so get where you are coming from. Betrayal from within,the worst kind. And recent events have seen us betrayed from within,let there be no doubt about it.

There we were in a titanic struggle against our biggest rivals,discovered they were cheating,Brian Quinn even told them to cease and desist. What did they do? Ramped it up.

What did we do? Put lambs to the slaughter,Tony Mowbray,take it on the chin,move on and honest mistakes.

There’s a litany of dishonour from officialdom in suits,flutes and whistles,and our marvellously remunerated custodians flung our managers and players under a bus.

While caring not one jot about the fans,nor about right and wrong. Happily signed up to the 5WA,and hoped it would be buried.

Told Neil Lennon to bin his best pal as assistant,got a new Norwegian fella,this would obviously cause NL to walk out on principle,leaving RD in charge. Coincidentally,as the new huns were rising through the leagues.

Then shat on him too by selling his best players and replacing them with crap. As ever with Lawwell

Aye,I certainly see where you are coming from. My opinion of PL et al has never been a secret. But turn my back on Celtic,because of a clown who really cares not a jot for the club?

I’m sorry,lads. Love to. Canny.


Awe Naw

Yes we can discuss this until the cows come home. The families. Celts for Change, Fergus the saviour, Fergus the sell out (although he had to … or did he knowing how our billionaire has behaved and shunned transparency and accountability ) , PLC and DD

I have no problems with Celtic being a PLC.
I have no problems with Celtic being a well run PLC. Not saying that we are btw .. far from it

I have massive problems with THIS PLC. The personalties and teh business acumen of this PLC

They have betrayed us far more than Fergus did in the end – far far more. They think they are better than we are. They think we are; proles, peasants , non business minded scum

Quite simply they need to go. SEll up and F.O out of town.

That level of betrayal makes them worse than any hun scum you can IMAGINE

In all honesty we are stuck between a rock etc….
We don’t have the mindset nor the money to change anything, the support is fragmented, most are conditioned, or brainwashed if you like to accepting the crap, a win over the huns and it’s all rosy in the Celtic garden.
At least Res 12 tried, what it has shown us is the true colours of all involved, problem is the emotional ties we have to the club, not the PLC, the club and what it is, I get we are a far distant likeness from what Brother Walfrid envisaged, things changed from that very quickly as well,as soon as some saw the money making potential we have been ripe for the milking, but it’s still a tie, I am nearly sixty four and have supported the club since I was eight, impossible to break for this Tim.
I stopped giving the PLC money a while back and can see no reason to break this.
As for answers, starve them of money is the only answer imo, they will act soon enough then.


Will you still love me when I’m 64? Hmmm,treated you like cannon fodder and milked you for years,so that’ll be a no. It breaks my heart,and yours,and every Celtic fan,to be treated like that. But that’s all we are. Shite on the bottom of their shoes,the shoes that we paid for but probably couldn’t afford ourselves.

I’ve not lost my love for Celtic FC,and I hope that you haven’t,either.

But I lost my respect for Celtic Plc a long long time ago

HH and a wee hug to TBO.

Brendan McEvinney

Awe_Naw_No_The_Exiled_Tim_Oan_Anaw_Noo_Alang_Wi_Awe_Naw Hail Hail


Cut out the middle-man,just say Awe ffs…

Sensible posts though. The club should be concerned about how the fans think.

Not that they ever have been,of course.

big packy

the exiled tm, nice to see you posting, along with awnaw and majoc and the rest. have not bought even a programme off celtic and wont give them a penny till the present custodians have gone,

Awe Naw

Agree with every word. It is a lot easier living abroad. My Brar still goes and accepts it for what it is. Entertainment. The only problem is coordinating the customer base. That is what they are most terrified of and that in itself is revealing. If it were to ever happen again how the main power holders would subsequently behave would be even more revealing.

I look forward to that day.


Can I suggest a name change Gents?

Sentinel ‘Not’ Celts perhaps?


So the club basically has run its course and switched from that people and cause Tommy spoke of to a profit with a great history and fan base. Not much surprises me anymore.
And I agree the current shower arent very smart because if they were the would look after those that are bringing in the dough or at least give off the impression that they are being considered important .
Its crazy that the malarkey is soo apparent and brazen . Why endorse actions that would drive away customers ?
Being abroad does make these choices a lot easier and I heavily sympathise with anyone in that wants to act but its such a huge part of the community culture you cant switch off.
Hail Hail

big packy

mahe how are you pal it wont happen but if the celtic supporters stopped going and buying merchandise they might take some notice.hh.


Hi Big Packy, good to see you on. Me thinks the game is up . Many know it’s crooked yet still go? What it would take to wake them up is an interesting question.
Regards to Cheshire !


Awe Naw

I’ve always felt for the Celtic fan living abroad and posting on the internet.

In many cases it seems to deepen ‘the negative’ maybe if you lived in Scotland you’d wander along to Celtic Park through instinct alone, but when you’re abroad you can’t, and it seems to make some fans dwell.

Supporting is a positive state, and the lucky Celtic fan by default becomes a so called ‘happy clapper’. I don’t consider I go to Celtic Park to be entertained, I go to Celtic Park to watch a game of football on behalf of myself and for the less fortunate who can’t for whatever reasons.

I do care if we win, lose or draw, never grasped that lyric, and I was gifted Celtic by my late brother, who supported Celtic through the barren years, to Lisbon, Milan , Seville and beyond. I carry that baton, representing a green white and golden cause, and a miraculous unique football club.

If you are ever home, and want to see a Celtic game just let me know, you can have my seat behind the goal deep in the heart of the Celtic end.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Who knows my friend. I think it is more rooted in believing in the cause that Tommy Burns spoke about. I don’t care just as long I am there I do get. Everything to be proud off and nothing to hide. That’s now gone no matter where you choose to live. A deliberate sabotage by our main shareholder. He’s done well out of Rangers failing. That distraction will not last forever and those that stood up and fought for that cause will not be back. Those who were distracted, bought into the balance sheet performance, refuse to countenance the horrors that this PLC has committed cannot care that much about the cause anymore. If they put John Grieg, John Brown and Walter Smith in charge and our PLC said nothing they would still find excuses for them. You know the type those that lean heavily on belief rather than cold facts.

Hail Hail

big packy

awe naw love to see you posting, missed your posts on the ol cqn, would you consider ever posting back on cqn..hh.

Awe Naw

Big Packy,

That’s very kind of you. I doubt I will post on CQN again. Great Site, Great Guys, nothing against Paul67. It’s a great site and I do lurk.

I don’t want to be the one who is always harping on to the kids that not only is there No Santa Claus but the guy who is pretending to be him only wants you to sell you toys.

Hail Hail

There are two major problems imo facing the support, what do we want and how to unite the support ?
All I want is a level playing field.
Sadly it’s never gonna happen in my lifetime but I have a dream that it might in my young fellas.
If our suits wanted a level playing field we would have one, again imo, I honestly believe that a level playing field would see us winning year in year out so there would be little competition, this in turn gives us another problem, dwindling crowds due to the lack of competition, this is what I believe the suits are thinking.
The OF is good for business no matter what we think or care about, we are expendable, we will weigh in over and over so they have us by the proverbials.
Yip the suits are crapping themselvs that we might get organised, they shouldn’t worry about it.

big packy

the exiled tim bang on the money, nice too see you posting, hope you and the dugs are well.hh.

All good thanks.


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