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There was always be a ‘Rangers’ in one form, or another, even if they had actually stopped playing in 2012 and Ibrox had been partially bulldozed and sold to a developer. The ‘Rangers’ constituency is too big to disappear in Scotland, they would have bought over another club and called it Rangers – unhappily the Bears outside the ‘big hoose’ were right in the strictest sense – “Rangers will never die”.

When a crime is committed and the perpetrator is caught and convicted, a punishment is meted out based on a tariff system – however every punishment has consequences and quite often the delayed consequential impact is felt much harder by the offender than the actual punishment itself – the exception being of course in the case of capital punishment, where the sentence and consequences are almost inseparable.

When a person in a position of trust commits a fraud, the consequences of being convicted may far outweigh the actual punishment imposed – e.g. perhaps a one year custodial sentence, but the prospect of never being able work in their chosen field again – and in the case of the driver given a fine and a one year ban for drink-driving – the consequential effect in terms of unemployment and loss of driving licence and company car can be calamitous.

So what have been the punishments and consequences for the occupants of Ibrox and Murray Park since we all found out that they cheated Scottish Football, HMRC and umpteen creditors in 2012? Of course administration and liquidation have been forced upon them – but what has it actually meant to the entity that tens of thousands in the West of Scotland call Rangers?

Financial Consequences

1,,,An enforced four year absence from the top-tier of Scottish Football for the first time in the brand’s existence – probable cost 80 million pounds.

2,,,A seven year absence from European competition – probable cost 50 million pounds.

3,,,Loss of transfer fees for players who would not ‘TUPE’ – McGregor, Naismith, Lafferty, Davis, Bocanegra, Whittaker and others – probable loss around 30 million pounds.

4,,,Loss of merchandising income to Sports Direct – probable cost 30 million pounds.

5,,,Loss of sponsors – probable cost 10 million pounds.

6,,,Thrown off the London Stock Exchange.

7,,,Unable to get a credit facility with any major bank.

8,,,Current debt of around 30 million pounds.


9,,,Fines totaling around half a million pounds – largely still unpaid.

10,,,Twelve-month transfer embargo (largely mitigated)

Operating Consequences

11,,,Taken over by a fraud and a charlatan – Craig Whyte.

12,,,Taken over by a fraud and charlatan – Charles Green.

13,,,Taken over by a convicted tax criminal – David King.

14,,,Supreme Court find Rangers guilty of criminal tax evasion.

15,,,Hauled through the courts by Mike Ashley and MASH.

16,,,Stadium dilapidated and in need of extensive repairs.

17,,,Recruiting only free-transfers and players from lower leagues.

18,,,Probably not trusted any other club on staged transfers-payments.

19,,,No major honours for seven years

I imagine if the above ‘package’ had been mooted at the time, many of our support would have never believed that it would come to pass – however as we all know, it has. Would we have been satisfied at this retribution? – Yes I think some of us would have.

Now I am not joining the “we’ve been punished enough brigade” – I still believe that titles and other prizes won during the ‘financial doping’ years should be forfeited and, of course there must be some kind of ‘closure’ to the Resolution 12 issue, which of course also includes the SFA.

In monetary terms, I believe the cost to the Rangers/Sevco of their deceit has been of the order of 200 million pounds (my best guess). The loss of status and reputation is impossible to quantify.

I doubt we will get what we want with regard to closure on Resolution 12 and the stripping of honours that were gained by cheating.

A Guest Blog by Gold.

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Awe Naw

I am like TET all I want is a level playing field. I.e a PLC that recognises the issue and addresses it wholeheartedly instead of behaving like a bunch of neo liberal hun thugs.

Good blog Gold. one that I disagree with entirely apart from the fines they received.
Everything else is a consequence of their wrongdoings.
When you lie and cheat these are things you really should factor in if caught, they obviously didn’t, they knew they would be immune to any sort of punishment, hence a couple of token fines, they didn’t envisage the consequences imo.

Awe Naw

We need to get our head around the fact that football is above the law. I don’t mean that in a humphy Glesgae housewife type of way, I mean that in a 100% legally qualified expert position kind of way. Football is above the law and therefore is totally corrupt. There are just different levels of corruptness that you choose to operate at within football. Celtic FC too. To seek redress through the courts is not something that crooks tend to do. They tend to avoid the courts.

Politicians are only interested in your vote so to try and escalate any action into the political area will fail ( see Hillsboro , the list is endless)

Both the politicians and the crooked football fraternity (The entire industry) are not interested in good governance and transparency. Good god and kill off the holy “above-the-law-world-wide” cow ? Are you serious .. Anyone harboring those wishes with the greatest respect is seriously deluded and shouldn´t be taken seriously. Or they are lying to you and they are lying due to self interest. Or they will not be around for long. Not when there are good consultancy contracts out there to be had for securing world cups in searing North African heat for the architects of FFP. You would think these two concepts would be incompatible but they are not ask Brian Quinn.

I find it tiresome when it is suggested how to go about getting justice within the vehicle that is football. It´s not possible. You may win a battle here or there (If the crooks also want it) but we are never going to win the war

Therefore any action that you take and for it to be effective has to be a personal action.

Me and my Brar go about it in different ways.

Celtic PLC realises that we are on the peripheral and becoming more and more ostracized. Due to our low TV audience. So risks will have to be mitigated at all costs because ultimately turning over any amount of marginal profit is far more important than football success. This is what they do this is why they are here. This is all they know. MON´s slow lane is still on .. getting slower and slower. Congratulations to the PLC on attaining their financial goals. The two years of serious CL humpings damages the product far too much. Best avoided even , CL Football way too risky the model needed to chase that ambition. Nice money if you can get it but that leads to player power and worse Messiah´s and with so many brainless numpties within our support best to leave them with the impression that we are practically invincible

We cant be having that now. can we

Hail HAil


This is a very good article indeed,a comprehensive review of where their misdeeds have led them. Of course they should have been wound up and obliterated,never to be seen again-any other team would have-but as you say,that was never going to happen.

Strange that the cost to their bottom line,by your estimate,of £200m is thought by most to be roughly how much they embezzled over the years in EBT/DOS,fraudulent CL entry,etc. Had they played by the rules,they might still have beat us on occasion fair and square,Scottish football clubs would not have been wrecked in trying to compete,and Rangers wouldn’t now be about £30m in debt to who knows.

Of course,they would still be controlled by a tax cheat-just a different one!


It’s been clear for some time that football is big business. And when a business that big has control centralised in the hands of so few,the possibilities for sticky fingers and outright corruption are endless.

Of course,some have shown an ingenuous talent for subtlety,while others have been so obvious as to clearly not give a damn. Agents get their player a big-money move and immediately agitate for another one,contracts are a matter of opinion rather than honour,and virtually every vote is for sale.

Meanwhile,to watch your team at every home game AND to have a TV sports package will cost nigh on £2k. And then you discover that it’s all little better than Wrestlemania…

I don’t mean I disagree with what you wrote 🙂

Awe Naw



Because I have the spending power I will always be welcome at Parkhead, Especially in the “corporate” end.

If that means some 60 year long dyed in the wool supporter has to pay Murdoch to see it on TV then so what. He gets the PLC that he deserves and they will throw him out and suck me off due to the fatness of my wallet.

The whole Scottish TV deal depends on English arm chair fans. That´s who our PLC are most interested in.
ST Holder TOTAL MUGS. SHEEP: Cannon Fodder, etc. can GTF

The best paid people at Celtic Park comparatively are not the players


Said often that PL is our highest paid employee ever. This should not be,and I doubt there is another club in the world that can say that their all-time highest paid employee is a bean counter.

But I could tell you a tale of a mascot for the club which throws the theory of money-grabbing bloodsuckers under a train. I won’t,I was told it in confidence,but you’re brother knows the family,I think.

It’s a strange one,I genuinely think that the people in charge have Celtic ethos in their heart. But they are so risk averse,it drives the likes of you and me up the wall. I honestly disagree that they don’t care about us or despise us,but I do think they look down on us as being too thick to see the big picture.

Despite many supporters,critical or not,who run much bigger operations.

And until they can learn to trust the support,and we can actually believe in them,we will always have that problem.


The Ibrox occupants have had to swallow most of what has come their way. Other Scottish clubs have had to deal with the fall out. The legal system, with the notable exception of LNS, have delivered a damming verdict. HMRC has won all their arguments and are now pursuing the tax-evaders.

The only organisations who have steadfastly refused to address the issues of cheating are those associated with the running of Scottish football. They throw out smaller clubs from their competitions for things like a missed signature, or, a wrong date, on registration paperwork, and yet when it comes to a flagrant breach on an industrial scale over a period of ten years, they are apparently impotent to act.

The final Supreme Court verdict and the testimony of SDM in the Craig Whyte trial, should have been all the SFA/SPFL required to strip the titles and other honours.

Awe Naw

No problems there majoc.

Actions always speak louder than words regardless of which language you speak.

The list of where this PLC has transgressed against it´s own support is larger than the list you made for Rangers transgressions.

The only reasonable deduction that a well balanced unbiased neutral observer could come to is that they are only in it for the money.

Seriously how long have they been selling tens of thousands of tickets for Ibrox knowing that the safety certificate was based on a masonic handshake ? How can you have the Celtic ethos in your heart and perform like that ? How can you be one of the FFP architects but in the end use it to get a nice big fat contract advising the Qataris on how to get a world cup ? Are both roles related. Considering it is what Celtic do best then I say yes. Been seeing to do something rather than actually doing it. Our PLC wrote the book on it. How can the owner of Celtic be unaware of the huns cheating history ?

I strongly disagree and of course we are allowed to.


It was GOLD who provided the extensive list,that would be far too much effort for me!

My point is that those in charge generally believe the same as you and I do-there areplenty of,admittedly trivial,examples of that. The problem is that when it comes to the big picture,that goes out the window.

I agree with you,there has been damned little integrity displayed by our owners and custodians. And they should hang their heads in shame. But you might as well remember the tale of the scorpion needing a lift across the river,it’s in their nature.

And they are betting that turning up and coughing up is in our nature,at least in sufficient numbers.

I go up to Scotland in about six weeks or so,AWENAW. Fortnight with the family. I’ve got my principles too,believe it or not. And not like Groucho either.

But how am I supposed to say to my Dad that I’m not going to the football with him? I’ve been going to the football with him for over fifty years.

Ain’t happening. Nor am I alone in that. It’s what we do,go along and shout on our team when we get the chance. And in the company of people who,frankly,mean more to us than Celtic ever will.

That’s why we do it,C. And that’s why the board know they can get away with it.

Awe Naw

Agree with every word you should see how exasperated my wee Brar becomes when I’m home and say Naw to going to Celtic Park. I’m even going to go to the Eintracht Limassol game rather than take the day off to go to Leipzig. Quite happy to avoid another humping. Awe Naw Jnr. Happy too.


” And until they can learn to trust the support,and we can actually believe in them,we will always have that problem.”

This. 100%



” When a person in a position of trust commits a fraud, the consequences of being convicted may far outweigh the actual punishment imposed – e.g. perhaps a one year custodial sentence, but the prospect of never being able work in their chosen field again – and in the case of the driver given a fine and a one year ban for drink-driving – the consequential effect in terms of unemployment and loss of driving licence and company car can be calamitous.”

Such was the enormity of the breach of trust and the lack of contrition since, that had it been fully recognised for what it was, no form of the Rangers with the same cheating mindset could have been allowed a place in the game.

That was commercially unthinkable so the cheating was reduced to an administrative error over 10 years by LNS, from which the idea that no sporting advantage was gained was given the appearance of authority. That is the official narrative and it will be clung to hell or high water because of the effort put into setting it by the SFA who rejected a Celtic driven SPFL request for an investigation last September.

It did however have the spiv consequences you refer to and thanks to social media the idea that cheating did not take place is dismissed by all but the deluded.

What Res12 has done and continues to do is demonstrating, with evidence, the enormity of the fraud and those involved in covering it up, through the digging it was able to do as result of the authority given by its continuing existence on the Celtic AGM agenda.

It is their shareholders that Celtic will be accountable to and if they have turned what was an attempt at SFA reform by showing SFA complicity in 2011, into a baseball bat to hit them with, they will have no one to blame but themselves, however that is not lost on them and empowers Res12.


Gold ,
Many thanks for today’s excellent article.
Seems , like a few others , I am in the not punished enough camp . I can’t help but feel if this were a normal league those guilty of such crimes would be thrown out of football.
We do agree there will always be some form of Ranger’s and I believe the authorities deem it necessary to give “ ra peepil “ a focal point. And some form of Rangers will be that focal point.
If they weren’t around what would 50k do every weekend with hate in their blood feeling backed into a corner due to their warped sense of supremacy ? Anyone that even sounds never mind looks a wee bit different would get it .
On the flip side one could imagine in a normal country the press would vilify the rats for their conduct and make it only right that their fans walk away from them and indeed help the nation by speaking truth , but that’s a far cry from what will be happening we all know.

That some of the same cast of rogues are still involved with football shows a complete disregard for any moral justice . And forget about SDM being hauled through the courts over his tax bill.
Sundays Times had an article about how HMRC do not prosecute the rich and famou in public to avoid embarrassment to them and seek instead private counsel and meetings to handshake settle. Officially then once and for all,,,one rule for the rich and one for the rest.


This is why the SFA rejected calls to revisit LNS.

They were part of covering up the dishonesty in the wee tax case and what took place suggests LNS was part of it from early 2012.

There is an unpublished as yet Part Two where LNS in a September 2012 publication says why the DOS ebts were excluded. His Decision in his The “Reasons” document was published in full by the SPL at
and at 21 pages it is a long read but it looks like spfl have removed it.

However and luckily another copy of the same Reasons document can be viewed at

but with added comments in red, including extracts from the testimony Andrew Dickson provided to the FTT in April 2011, which demonstrates that he, like Campbell Ogilvie knew the difference between the DOS EBTS used to pay De Boer and Flo from 2000 to 2002 under the unlawfully used Rangers Employee Benefit Trust (REBT) and the ebts paid to him and Ogilvie and numerous Rangers players via the Murray Group Management Remuneration Trust (MGMRT), but. like Campbell Ogilvie, Dickson made no clarification in his testimony to LNS.

These are the folk the SFA want to protect along with their policy of mitigation since 2011, one of whom instigated the use of ebts on SDM’s order in 1999 and the other who made the six year long administrative error of not telling the SFA about side letters after he took over responsibility for them in 2004.

In the absence of the main stream media picking up on evidence that challenges the SFA, all social media can do is make as many as possible aware until something gives, like folk realizing their loyalty is being used to enable cheating and decide out of self respect that enough is enough.

Thanks for the input Auldheid, much appreciated.
I was lurking on CQN last week and noticed that the Canman was on, he queried why the CST, I think it was them weren’t saying anything re Res 12, I would have thought that they would be shouting about the fraud and the cover up from the roof tops, I then noticed that you said they were waiting for developments, I paraphrase.
It will be too late with respect to them, they should be doing the shouting now and should have been from day one.

big packy

nice posts you ghuys cant disagree, mr desmond thinks we need a strong rangers and they are one of the great football teams, don’t know where to start, celtic should me miles ahead of sevco but know we need to stay in line, cant be seen to be going too far ahead, the bigot pound springs to mind our forefathers are looking down in dismay.hh.


Concise as always – tell me this, would Celtic, with the backing of shareholders, be transgressing any UEFA rules by asking the SFA/SPFL the following question:

“Now that he Supreme Court has ruled that EBT payments were contract-based remuneration liable for tax, when will you, bearing in mind that you were wilfully mislead by Rangers FC during the registration of players over a ten-year period, be taking action to invalidate the results in all matches where this was the case?”

The old adage says “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”

Noticed that Stevie Clark is up before the beaks for his comments regarding the cheats with the whistles, all he did was tell it like it is as he sees it.
Slippy G can obviously say what he wants, he told us the other week that the referees had it in for them and had had for years, a couple of hun players follow it up with their comments about how the refs should be demoted and the like.
A Celtic manager, Lenny, gets lied to by a referee and they go on strike, Go Figure.


I believe it’s the erudicity and considered nature of his comments that have prompted this response.

Perhaps ‘after match’ comments in the ‘heat of the moment’ are viewed as innocuous as kicking out at opponents in ‘the heat of battle’

Thanks for that message.
Only reinforces what we already knew, paranoid, not enough mi amigo.


I think that this is one of the consequences that UEFA will be unwilling to visit because of compensation claims by European clubs who may have lost any win bonus when they played Rangers from 2000 where a player had a side letter, but the argument could be Celtic should have had a CL place every year RFC beat them to top spot since 2000 where ebts were not fairly presented in their accounts, although RFC would argue the one or two line reference to money paid into ebts was fair (but they would) .

It is also a reason for the mitigation policy because of the far reaching consequences for SFA and possibly UEFA

The possible justifying UEFA Rule for determining that licences should not have been granted can be found in the CAS findings on Gianinna FC a Greek club who had tax overdue to the Greek tax authority that caused the CFCB to investigate in 2012 . They found that whilst the Greeks had settled the tax owed after 31st March (unlike RFC) they still were ineligible for a UEFA licence because that fell after 31st March as stipulated in Article 50 of UEFA FFP.

However more relevant to your question was the discovery by the audit team UEFA sent in to investigate the tax issue that Giannina had “private agreements” with employees which UEFA considered as another reason to refuse a licence under Annex VII A (3) to Article 47 requiring fair presentation in accounts submitted.

Now we don’t know anything about the private agreements but they do sound suspiciously like ebts with side letters and if UEFA saw them as such then RFC were in breach of UEFA FFP since 2000 as the fair presentation requirement was in UEFA Licensing rules before 2010 when FFP was introduced.

The full CAS findings can be read here.

The relevant sections are

13. The Investigatory Chamber recommended the Adjudicatory Chamber to refuse admission of the Appellant to the UEFA 2013/2014 Europa League. According to the findings of the Investigatory Chamber, the Appellant had failed to disclose the full amount of its personal debts. In addition to the contracts registered with the HFF, the Appellant had apparently “private agreements” with at least three of its employees during the reporting period under investigation. The Investigatory Chamber considered that these agreements should have been recognized in the annual financial statements of the Club, in accordance with the “fair presentation” requirement set forth in Annex VII A (3) of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations (edition 2012) (“the CL&FFP Regulations”). As a result, it was held that the Appellant had breached Article 47 of the CL&FFP Regulations. In addition, the Investigatory Chamber held that, as at 31 March 2012, the Appellant had overdue payables towards social/tax authorities for a total amount of EUR 1,290,000. In this regard, the Investigatory Chamber noted that, on 28 May 2013, the Appellant had reached a written agreement with the relevant authorities in order to reschedule and pay its overdue payable in 48 instalments. However, given the fact that this agreement was concluded two months after the applicable deadline, it considered that a violation of Article 50 of the CL&FFP Regulations was established.

d) Misapplication of Article 47 of the CL&FFP Regulations
40. UEFA affirms that the annual financial statements of the Appellant did not contain the total amounts which had been effectively paid to its employees. It further explains: “Whether the “unofficial” part of their salary has been paid or is irrelevant: if that part has been paid – but the corresponding payments are not mentioned in the accounts – the audited financial statements are inaccurate; and if that “unofficial” part has remained unpaid – but the corresponding debts are not mentioned in the account – the audited financial statements are also inaccurate”. Accordingly, the annual financial statements of the Appellant do not truly represent the situation which amounts to a breach of Article 47 of the CL&FFP Regulations.

CAS Decided.

iii) Misapplication of Article 47 of the CL&FFP Regulations
84. The CL&FFP Regulations set out licensing criteria. As mentioned above, one of these requirements consists in the absence of overdue payables towards employees and social/tax authorities (Article 50 of the CL&FFP Regulations). Another one is consists in the provision of annual financial statements, which must meet minimum disclosure requirements as per Annex VI and comply with accounting principles set out in Annex VII (Article 47 of the CL&FFP Regulations). In case of non-fulfilment of one of the above conditions the licence must therefore be refused and the club cannot be admitted to the UEFA competition.
85. In the case at hand, given the conclusion reached with regard to Article 50 of the CL&FFP Regulations, the Panel considers that the question whether the Appellant has breached Article 47 CL&FFP MAY REMAIN UNDECIDED.. The mere existence of overdue payables is indeed sufficient to declare the Appellant ineligible to the UEFA 2013/2014 Europa League.

Summing up: You’ll be sorry you asked 🙂

CAS did not rule that a breach had occurred under Article 47 and not enough is known about the private agreements and their presentation (or lack of) in Giannina accounts to claim a read across to the situation at Rangers but if someone wants to dig – fill yer boots.


Im a pint half full guy. I’m just glad the CSA have got involved (and always were ready to) and that the CST are now much more informed than they were.

You don’t believe that do you 🙂

big packy

auldheid. thanks for your efforts.hh.

How close do you reckon we are to crowdfunding a case into the fraud that has taken place re Res 12 ?


Such a step would be an indictment of Celtic, the SPFL and the SFA and would depend on their stance on the issue in light of known evidence that supports a case that the 2011 UEFA licence was improperly granted.
It might need a new “team” to take over or a mix of old and new depending on what they thought the evidence was telling them.
Personally if what has been put together stands up, with no unknowns to explain Celtic’s stance by the AGM, and there is no commitment to act, I’d be spitting bullets indiscriminately.


PL is onto plums if he thinks you’ll just quietly slink off to the shadows,never to be seen again. Just don’t let CANAMALAR near those bullets-he’ll load them into a gun,and I couldn’t blame him!

Awe Naw

What is a red card? Rangers and Steven Naismith flashpoints prompt SFA to look for help
The SFA have sent a video package to law makers in a bid to clarify the rule changes made this summer.

ByKeith Jackson
06:00, 13 SEP 2018

Scotland’s referees are seeking urgent clarification from Scottish Football Association disciplinary chiefs over what constitutes a straight red card ahead of the return of the top flight this weekend.

Record Sport understands the SFA has sent a video package of some highly-controversial early season flashpoints to the international authorities, asking for their ultimate guidance after the rule book was changed during the summer after the arrival of Steven Gerrard

The clips are believed to include incidents involving Rangers pair Alfredo Morelos and Allan McGregor as well as Hearts striker Steven Naismith and Tom Rogic and Ryan Jack

Morelos was sent off on the opening weekend at Pittodrie for attempting a kick at Aberdeen defender Scott McKenna. That red card was later reduced to a yellow after a semi successful Ibrox appeal.

The following weekend Naismith avoided retrospective disciplinary action despite being caught accidentally scratching the backside of Celtic winger Jonny Hayes with a stud on his backside.

And Celtic punters were naturally up in arms again last week when Scotland stalwart keeper McGregor was not brought in front of the compliance officer for appearing to kick out at Celtic defender Kristoffer Ajer.

To add to the confusion, Kilmarnock’s Gary Dicker and Aberdeen’s Mikey Devlin have both had superflous red card appeals booted out by the SFA’s judicial panel.

And it’s understood, on the back of this latest rumpus, chief executive Ian Maxwell requested clearer guidelines form Europe.

A Hampden source said: “There seems to be some uncertainty over the wording of some of the most recent rule changes. The SFA want to make sure that UEFA are interpreting them in the correct way.

“One of the things which seems to be causing an issue is the use of the word ‘brutality’. In Scotland we tend to think that means hitting someone over the head with an axe. We’re not sure it translates the same across Europe and the Scottish Football Association disciplinary chiefs believe that Scottish clubs are being wrongly punished due to UEFA not interpreting their own rules properly.

“But we are not the only ones experiencing some difficulty. As the disciplinary panel has pointed out in Poland for example every hand ball in the box is given regardless where the game is being played or whether it was deliberate handball or not. Until UEFA sorts this issue out properly we will continue to administer the proper laws of the game as we see fit”


I take it that’s been AWENAWed? So hard to tell in these post-parody times.

Btw,there should be a new article hovering around,unless I’ve lost 600 words to cyberspace.

Awe Naw

Only proof read and corrected spelling mistakes

Awe Naw

Okay here is my take on the recent disciplinary shenanigans since the start of the season.

Every man and his dog now know that Ibrox stadium is dilapidated and that the only reason
they have been given the green safety light is due to masonic handshakes at a level
higher than Glasgow City council. Basically between HSE and the SNP

This information was leaked to Phil I presume by Celtic. What was clear was that every body
(two words) have been prevaricating on this issue since 2009 . Yep nearly ten years.

So Phil publicised this issue with regards his FOI request.

Unfortunatley it was an own goal as Awe Naw annoni pointed out on the timternet that only
a bunch of spineless money grabbing scum would sell tickets to children at 49 quid a pop
to a stadium where the roof was about to cave in. Oh yes a spectacular own goal.

Luckily for our PLC our man Phil has gone very quiet on that particular request and is giving
us our daily bread for which we are truly thankful some of us so thankful we even donate cash
for this.

Anyway so this issue came to a head and the SPFL said you are goingto have to do something
about this as the information is now out and the people can truly see what money grabbing scum
we truly are and what lengths we are prepared to go to. I.e we dont give a tuppeny suck over their
or their childrens welfare .. we only want their money at any risk to them but as little as possible
to us.

So how do we address this issue that is all Rangers making. Ok Rangers we want to minimise this
safety issue for our fans.. what can we do ? … Look we need the money badly as you all very
well know so we will sell more ST’s and we will mitigate the risk to your fans by only letting 800
of them in to a safer part of the stadium. THE MAIN THING IS THAT NOBODY LOOKS UNDER


Rangers of course will do anything that keeps them afloat and instinctively railed against the SPFL
pontificating to them what to do. How dare they. Yes it does make the Rangers product less attractive
for live TV and that´s not a good thing for us Rangers boys as that is where we make the most money.
So get the SFA to do them over at any possible time when they are appelate body for the SFA.

Hence why King WIlliam of Orange sits as head of the disciplinary and review panel.

Hail HAil

Awe Naw

appelate body for the SPFL …. should read of course

Awe Naw

additionally the recent crush at the last Old Firm game is in no way related to this action and you can trust your sons and daughters lives with these highly professional highly saught after highly paid professionals


Freudian slip with “saught” as it’s Saughton nick they should be in. Looks like your on your own till my article gets freed up,mate. I’m off to work-for a change!

Awe Naw

Nae bother mate I´m actually off on vacation until Tuesday so have agreat weekend.

Have fun,old bean. Somewhere nice,I hope…


New Article posted