Seconds Out

For those seeking something different than the “ beautiful “ game this weekend , Las Vegas brings us the first of two combat mega fights in the space of three weeks . For fans of either genre that will be on display the upcoming battle’s are simply unmissable.
Action fans reading this I personally strongly suggest you tune in to be entertained or at least check out later .

The “ Sport of Kings “ is on display this upcoming weekend and will be broadcast in the very early hours Celtic Park time of approx 5am Sunday morning . In the rematch that is a pugilists dream two nationalities known for their toughness clash again only there is a lot more depth to it than the first meeting .
Mexico’s red haired warrior Saul “ Canelo “ Alvarez “ is set to take on Kazakhstan’s Grenady “ Triple G “ Golovkin once more.

The Mexican middleweight came into the first bout having suffered only one defeat at the hands of maybe the GOAT Floyd Mayweather but it was his physique that got tongues wagging . He showed up bulked and ripped to a level yet displayed by him and his neck was bullish to say the least . Matched with the Mexican boxing style ( toe to toe,with machismo and technique ) and at 8 years the younger one would be hard pressed to find a more formidable opponent .

All of that did nothing to phaze , even in the slightest , his opponent .
At 36 the Kazakhstan native should be over the hill but if he is its hard to tell . As tough as old leather he gave off the essence of confidence . To me he looked in peak physical form but then being his biggest fight to date he should be . If I were to sum him up he’s an efficient grind em down ,knock out machine and has yet to taste defeat in the squared circle .

Ironically those analysing the first bout afterward’s would proclaim the Khazak’s style more “ Mexican “ than the actual Mexican’s , who for the first time fought on the back foot. After a bright start where he gained the better of the feeling out process he proceeded to give up the center of the ring and be chased ,using footwork to great effect avoiding the onslaught . This caused the majority Latin crowd to boo their “ hero “ on occasion , something previously unthought of .
Many felt it was a formality the Kazakhs hand would be raised but a split decision seen the contest officially called a draw to a chorus of boo’s and much head shaking .

Controversy soon struck though and a couple months later whilst negotiations for the rematch were ongoing Canelo was flagged up for failing 2 random drug tests, both for the same illegal performance enhancing muscle stimulator , clenbuterol . Immediately the suspicion was raised of his new found physique . His defence was a restaurant had served them tainted beef , an excuse that had been argued successfully before as certain farmers have been known to bulk up their cattle with the product in his native homeland . As a multi millionaire aware of this issue though many were and are sceptical . The governing bodies take the view that the athlete’s themselves are responsible for their intake .

The sports governing body subsequently found him guilty of using a banned substance and issued a ban from the sport for a meager 6 months due to the tainted meat argument . The reality is the ban has had little effect as the break essentially allowed him to train longer and harder for this rematch . His older opponent gained another year, and lost money hanging around in limbo.
The rematch itself was in doubt several times with a furious Golovkin demanding an equal split of the purse now and not accept the smaller cut he had previously . For the first time Alvarez came under pressure from his native fan’s to fight the “ real “ way and pressure came from the entire sport which was questioning his reign as “ the biggest face in boxing “ .
Eager to regain the spotlight and insistent that tainted meat and not deliberate juicing was the root of the issue , equal terms were agreed to and this Saturday see’s part 2 of the battle with both claiming they are going to win now they know the other’s limits.
Sparks could and should fly . I cant wait .

Heres the full first fight

Mahe the Madman
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September 14, 2018 3:27 pm

Triple G on points is my official prediction. Some weekend in Sin City ! Happy Friday and Hail Hail

Garry Duncan
Reply to  mahe
September 14, 2018 5:53 pm

Thanks for the kind welcome.
Is Gold that charlatan multi monikered bore who used to post drivel on CQN? If so, glad he is gone. About to head over the Clyde to Paisley.

big packy
Reply to  Garry Duncan
September 14, 2018 6:09 pm

garry, wish I was coming, just have to listen to it here in darkest Cheshire.hh

The Exiled Tim
September 14, 2018 6:45 pm

Just in the door, been in Granada all day, wonderful city, pomegranites, or granada’s as they are called here, [ litter ] lying all over the place.
Anyways, very strong looking team tonight, very formidable bench as well, hopefully we can break doon the parked bus a few times.
Gordon; Benkovic, Boyata, Ajer ; Brown, Ntcham ; Forrest , Rogic, McGregor, Tierney, Edouard
Subs : Bain, Griffiths, Mulumbu, Christie, Lustig, Sinclair, Johnston

Reply to  Garry Duncan
September 14, 2018 6:47 pm

And it begins 🙂 Have a good night Garry and Hail Hail

The Exiled Tim
September 14, 2018 6:53 pm

Partaking in a wine I have never had before.
Another Aldi special, a 2014 Crianza from Toro called ARNUM, very,very, very nice and incredibly cheap, 2.99 euros, the label is amazing, an ant carrying a barrel, look out for it.

Garry Duncan
September 14, 2018 7:02 pm

Big Packy
I used to love listening to games wi my dad on the wireless. We both got very animated together using our imagination to wonder what was going on the pitch.
In a pub in Paisley. Rebel tunes blasting out.
Wish You Were Here.
Pink Floyd CSC

The Exiled Tim
September 14, 2018 9:45 pm

Dreadful performance, sideways football, no guile, no desire, feck all going for it, align it with a cheating cnut with a whistle we are handing the oppo the title on a plate, we are feckin brutal.
When we play we are a very decent team, when we don’t we are shite.
Just my considered opinion.

The Exiled Tim
September 14, 2018 11:05 pm

Sleep well bhoys, been a very quiet place tonight.

Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 15, 2018 12:33 am

I never seen it . It will be a title race though . Been out and about all day also. Ended up in Walmart there. One shelf stacker to the other, I served my 2nd husband divorce papers on our 2nd anniversary isnt that funny ? To which she replies, oh honey my 2nd marriage took place on April fools day as I knew it was a joke,,two months we lasted . First one says why then to which she says we already had the baby and you know ? Then redneck in front of me picks a damaged container and tries for a price reduction. It does draw the dregs does ol Wallies. Cheap as chips though.
The heating went on for the first time since April so thats Fall officially upon us. And the ” Balls Deep ” Celtic Supporter Club are in Myrtle Beach, NC,, right in the storms path,,,stay safe Bhoys.
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Hail Hail

Reply to  mahe
September 15, 2018 5:13 am


Good friend of mine is in North Carolina. And I think MAGS is close enough too. I hope they are all safe,some biblical rain heading their way.

I had intended a new article overnight,a match review and some thoughts on the SFA request for clarification over red card offences.

I’ll cancel the first for obvious reasons,and postpone the latter till later,probably tomorrow.

Scunnered at that result,shocked at the commitment levels.

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 15, 2018 2:26 pm

spot on, what a difference from the sevco game, day and night springs to mind.

Garry Duncan
September 15, 2018 4:20 pm

Are all you Bhoys as scunnered about last night’s performance as I am?
Was torture to sit in a miserable Paisley night watching that. Severe lack of entertainment in our team last night. Bring on the Rosenberg

Reply to  Garry Duncan
September 15, 2018 5:22 pm

Garry son at least you were in a bar is decent consolation . Could you not get a ticket ?
BR had a lack of a plan B at the Pool and in the end it ultimately cost him his job. He really really should have learned from that . Infact should have worked hard on that aspect .
It doesnt seem like he has one according to most. Thats not good enough so either he is underperforming or his hearts not here.
I would find that strange as you would want to on top of the league and top dog when / if a EPL club come calling as someone probably will in the next couple months after a panic sacking .
Or you would want to leave at the end of a successful campaign plus putting the apprentice back in the box would be nice. Im not sure whats up at all.
One of the lads in the CSC I visit doesnt rate Rogic one bit and when he gets the ball the guy point out what he did or didnt do. Try it next time , its interesting.
Jose famously has 3rd season syndrome also, perhaps its contagious ?
I do think there will be a title race and some will love that fact . What is a fact though is the company with almost treble and at least double the turnover of their rivals should be tearing away and certainly not find itself in serious competition. In many jobs you would be staring at dismissal and probably a new career for such a gaff.

The plan to paint the deck this weekend has fallen through ffs after the company that makes the paint advised me not to use their product as not suitable , back to the drawing board. Some cowboy almost bought 500 bucks of the stuff to paint it for me . Dodged a bullet there , a local cowboy also. Girls are away so its walk dog , grill meat , drink beer with music , watch the fight . Could be worse lads.
Hope all are good and Hail Hail from overcast and cool central California.

Garry Duncan
Reply to  mahe
September 15, 2018 5:30 pm

Hi Mahe.
Unfortunately I got a ticket for last night’s match. As poor a display I have witnessed in years. Brendan has a lot of work to do before Thursday. I think we turned up expecting to win, rather than trying to win. Not good enough.


Reply to  Garry Duncan
September 15, 2018 5:45 pm

Garry, a Friday night under the lights game also you would think the team would show some heart at minimum . And on paper we should have beat Aek so I wouldnt be very confident of a midweek victory . I know a stroll to the title can feel boring many times but its not that we have decent competition its we are making a fist of our position of dominance and that is what stings not the pressure of the race. If we do have decent competition its because our standards have lowered and the opposition improved a bit . I think so anyway.
Take it easy partner. Wish I had black pudding for the grill !

September 15, 2018 5:55 pm

The Quote of the Week,,,and feel free to add your own please.
An Irish Councillor on being secretly recorded talking about a bribe for permission for a windfarm to be granted ,,,,,
” I was eating chocolate biscuits and I had a blonde bombshell in front of me . Whether it was the lady or the chocolate biscuits I got carried away a small bit ! ”
He then asked the hearing into his conduct to meet the lady to see what he meant !
Home sweet home eh.

big packy
Reply to  Garry Duncan
September 15, 2018 8:13 pm

garry. glad I couldn’t go listening to it was bad enough.hh.

big packy
Reply to  mahe
September 15, 2018 8:15 pm

glad your on take no notice of them guys giving you stick you can handle it.hh.

Reply to  big packy
September 15, 2018 10:06 pm

Water off a ducks back Sir . Poor by all accounts last night again.

big packy
Reply to  mahe
September 15, 2018 10:15 pm

mick and I and a few more are with you.ynwa.

September 16, 2018 5:28 pm

One of the best fights I’ve ever seen ended with the Mexican warrior Saul Alvarez hand raised after going to the scorecards . He lifted himself to a level I didn’t think he had and I felt it was deserved . However controversy struck again .
Most TV and ringside announcers had the Kazakh winning by between 2 and 5 rounds when the final bell went in scenes reminiscent of their battle one year to the day ago. The fighter himself stormed out of the ring refusing his mandatory post fight questions .
Unfortunately the entire sport and specifically Nevada will suffer for the questions and accusations that were and will be thrown their way. Three of the four British commentators in the Box Nation studio leaned towards Triple G and the fingers where pointed at the way the system is set up at the moment.
One of those fighters only fights in Las Vegas and only gets their judges .His bouts bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for the desert city . He has been on the end of some highly controversial scorecards . This relationship will be scrutinized now harder than ever . We have arrived at the stage where the public and the fighters can’t trust the judges in Vegas when their guy is fighting . Its a conflict of interest . Your pen strokes can bring your state mega bucks and that state may well protect you and treat you well. They aren’t stopped from judging when they give crazy scorecards .
Grenady himself had this to say “I’m not going to say who won tonight because the victory belongs to Canelo, according to the judges,” Golovkin, who left the ring without talking to HBO’s Max Kellerman, said in his dressing room. “I thought it was a very good fight for the fans and very exciting. I thought I fought better than he did.”
A trilogy fight would appear to be in the wind , with Triple G unlikely to fight in Vegas again and Canelo probably content to sit and take on all comers in his favourite venue and majority fans .
For us fans of the sport we can only wonder what would have happened if these fights had taken place in say Madison Square Garden.
Mayweather’s announcement he might well come out of retirement again for another mega fight does little to whet the appetite . Not after what we just seen .
Hat tipped gents , that was a hell of a fight . Heres last nights full fight . Enjoy !

September 16, 2018 5:43 pm

New article posted