Give a little Whistle

I had never understood why the club weren’t more vocal in general and sometimes screaming to the heavens about the man with the whistle. I see bias mixed with incompetence year in year out with nothing done about it .
Now perhaps fixing the ref’s falls below fixing the entire football set up in which case I cant and wont complain on that issue. Should fixing the game fail as seems likely then the PLC should still endeavour to bring the referring standard up to date though.
Im sure there are many opinions on how to solve the issue at hand and I will look at a couple .

1,,Outsource new refs,,,,We seen it done before after Lenny was lied to and they did a fine job. This should also remove any claims of bias and raise the bar for any return to naturalized refs.
Its not without its issues though. Brexit makes them foreigners not fellow Europeans but that could be got around with a bit of willpower . Payments will probably be higher than they are now , possibly substantially should accommodation , meals and flights be involved .
However in taking the action of outsourcing whistlers the SFA would be admitting they have failed and their own ref’s aren’t good enough, despite the fact they could be used in the first division with foreign refs reserved for the top league only . I can’t see them endorsing a path that would make them look bad can you ? So it would take a brand new set up to back this, thats a no then .

2,,,Call them out publicly and push the issue .,,, Last time it resulted in a strike but we got better ref’s and spoke up so we held the moral high ground . I think many fans would like a bit of speaking up but its how and where it takes place that may divide or unite .
The SMSM,, ain’t gonna happen as they cant / wont alienate their biggest sporting customer base , blue’s fans. They claim the media are against them but still buy it. Should Celtic speak against the ref’s somehow it would get turned into Bhoys versus the rest not the desire for a better game which hopefully would be driving the endeavour .
The MSM,,,We did see some interest initially from AT but that either waned or he was pushed away . For an industry that is dying on its feet one would imagine an initiative that would bring in readers would be welcomed . Lets say a journalist publishes his “ Ref Watch “ report on a Monday, he could be reasonably sure some Celtic fans would opt for the publication based on that content. A win win for everyone . But this is the real world .
No mainstream media is gonna touch it. Even if they wanted to , like that ad Cqn tried to place in a broadsheet down south that got mysteriously pulled due to pressure from above and ended up being printed in Geneva I believe , it wont clear the hurdles involved. Tentacles ( and probably Pentacles as well ffs ) reach far in this case unfortunately. .

The club could easily broadcast ref mistakes on its own channel but that would only ramp up the animosity. So would the players or manager speaking out , and result in fines or suspensions.

And then Dallas snr gets a gig at UEFA headquarters choosing the refs for the western half of Europe when necessary . How to eff did that happen with his background ?Again last week Collum got a scathing review for his Euro performance so lets see if he is picked this round of games ? Whats that ,,,one of 6 SCots involved with Monaco vs Athletico . Any complaints are brushed aside.

Perhaps you have the answer because I certainly dont. I understand the position the club are in , speak up to who ? And do what when it gets ignored ?

Lets face it,,the Euro refs have a guardian angel and the domestic refs have the SFA and a video replay system to “ fix “ anything that needs it .
Games a bogey.

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big packy

mahe good post. the refs in Scotland always have been and always will be under the masonic and orange influences. mr McDonald and mr dallas proved that, don’t think it will change in our lifetime but we can only hope.hh.

Some of us have been saying for years that we are,erm,refereed differently. Anyone who disagrees isn’t paying attention or is working to a similar agenda as the refereeing fraternity.

And no,it’s not our imagination,it’s not paranoia. What it is is a bloody disgrace that’s gone on way too long. They don’t even attempt to hide it now,they flaunt their bias,their disdain,their downright hatred of us.

They dare us to do something about it,knowing fine well they are covered.

Slippy G can say the referees are against them and have been for years, their players can call for referees to be demoted, nothing is ever said.
A referee lies to a Celtic manager and they go on strike.
Same as it ever was.


Didn’t anyone tell you that you’re just paranoid?

I just put up a post on CQN about how we are treated in society,based around the shocking lack of police effort after the attack on Mr Phelan which cost him an eye.

It’s not just football,and it’s not acceptable.

I think they have changed it from paranoia to obsessed.
They will never catch yer man cos they don’t want to, had the roles been reversed we all know what would have happened.
I remember the day I confronted the parents of weans who took their bile out on my daughter, who gets arrested and spends a few days locked up, who had to call in a favor to get out and the spurious charges dropped.
They are rotten to the core, the sooner they are gone from the planet the better, I mean that right through the fecking lot of them, the judiciary, the police, the media, the huns one and all, they are a disgrace to humanity.
And over on CQN, NEG gets ridiculed for his stance against them, the mind boggles.


I’m getting a bit p’d off about Neg getting a kicking for his stance-especially as so many of the naysayers are currently living in Ireland!

A few posters suggested that they try displaying their Irish Catholic credentials in Scotland over an extended period of time,walk in their shoes.

Anyway,nothing will change while Police Scotland turn a blind eye. And it’s a bloody disgrace that a poor lad has a blind eye because of that.


Their stupidity shows in making it blatant Majoc,,anyone smart would use the dark arts never to be proven not eff you Timmy. Think how many times youve wanted someone to say something and it hasnt happened ,, I reckon now its because the Sfa would love to play that game and those in the Parkhead hotseats know it and it would lead down the path of fines and divisions .

A dvd of their mistakes would be sensational watching but like I say where / who would touch that ? No one. Maybe the odd Celtic facing blog but thats it.
THeres soo many but a few that really stand out for me,,,
Naka gets repeatedly fouled,,holds up four fingers to the ref saying 4 fouls, and gets booked ?
McGeady jumps over a lunge at him avoiding inury, and gets booked ?
Penalty given whilst not looking at the play ?

Remember Lenny met them with a dvd of mistakes and kept being told was honest and dared to say bias as that would have been in suspension territory? Effing joke.

Only Sfa reform could bring about results and doesnt look likely does it ? Need to get outta dodge but if it brings them with us no thanks .Clean slate needed,, the OF would just continue in another league if we were to stick together.
The good people of Villareal in for a shock tonight and tomorrow ? I wouldnt bet money against it thats for sure. Theres a CSC there I believe.
Hail Hail

big packy

majoc that post about the naysayers rings true. hh.


Sat down to watch match last night and couldnt believe the PSG lineup. 4 attacking players who dont do much and thought Liverpool will score 4 or 5 . Turns out the 7 defending where excellent and gave those 4 a platform. They failed to take it , with Neymar being the worst of the 4. However they still pulled it level for a while . Ridiculous . Though if it was a knock out game would have been different I believe so we will never know. That Firmino,,I wasnt a fan initially of this false 9 thing but he knows his role and is very good at it. He plays well the team plays well. He has grown on me.
Hail Hail


Nothing the board love more than defiant Irishmen as customers. Although we operate at a budget level the other clubs dream of any failings can always be levelled at mibbery. Which when it is close see Eck McLeish era it is telling.

You can only get on your high horse about the percieved cheating because you still consider it a sport when it clearly isn’t.

It’s an integral part of the product that is Scottish football. It adds to the entertainment.
It sells. The football not so much.

The new disciplinary measures is one of many outcomes that have been born due to the ongoing war for control of the game between the SPFL and the SFA and with the amount of Rangers black sheepness that they are prepared to accept at the very heart of it.

After the overall acceptance of the 5WA how can anyone get their knickers in a twist over traditional mibbery is beyond me.
Hail Hail


This Irishman packed it in on 49 quid day. The Mibs are another brick in the wall and youre very right its not a sport anymore . Maybe I shouldn’t waste my time writing about the whistlers as there are much bigger fish to fry . Just exposing another ugly facet so any can see why there are disgruntled . By even failing to take them on, by going along with the ugly charade of a league , then Celtic no longer are the high horse you will find many on Cqn claiming them to be . Part of the problem now also. Have found themselves outmaneuvered and out thought and seem to have rolled over and exposed their belly . Scunnered. Hail Hail

big packy

didn’t see the game mahe so cant comment, but joan is a Liverpool supporter in name only, as she has only been to anfield once when I took her, whereas she has been to parkhead on several occasions, so she was happy.hh.

I honestly don’t think they care about doing things under the counter so to speak, the reason they are so blatant is imo due to their supremasist attitude, they see themselfs above the law, and if they so choose to break the law they will and think they should be immune to the consequences, most of the time they are.
As for the referees, said it many many times, our board are obviously happy with the status quo, we would win everything with a level playing field, jeezo, we are doing no bad without one if the truth be told, hence their reluctance to say anything.
Bring back Dr John without the muzzle and see them squirm I say.


Celtic sold 10,000 tickets to Ibrox for two games a year knowing that the safety certificate since 2009 was based on a masonic handshake.


I feel that John Reid and Paul McBride achieved very little. It’s classic Celtic PLC behaviour be seen to be doing something but actually do hee haw. We all seem to forget that the appointment of Reagan and Doncaster was part of the new broom that was going to clean out the stables. The truth is that two Englishmen were necessary due to the inevitable need to save The Rangers.

I did say without the muzzle……
For all they were as you say the authorities were scared of them, I find it seriously strange that someone of the ilk of McBride can die very, very suddenly in a foreign land and the authorities in scotland are perfectly happy to accept what the official Pakistani version of his death is, he was a very fit young man, I also understand that no autopsy was performed, tho I could be mistaken on that, I know for a fact one wasn’t performed back in scotland.
I have always said that the dumping of £150mill + of debt is a no mean feat, a lot of people involved and a lot of favours are due.
We really are pissing in the wind if we expect anything other than the status quo, too much to lose for those and such as those, then when you take into account the money they would lose, it’s a no brainer.

big packy

you know what always thought that myself, no autopsy fit young man. the exiled tim are we being paranoid don’t think so. would not trust the Scottish judiciary as far as I could throw them.hh.

big packy

awenaw how are you pal, unfortunately in bonnie scoddland the rangers will be saved at all costs. feckin disgraceful its 2018 and we are still at the back of the bus, really have no answer unless our club grow a pair whats the chances..hh.


Big Packy,


Our present custodians value profit far more than any kind of European presence.

Europe is a risk too far and soon will be a pipe dream …no matter how many dodgy groups Peter Lawwell sits on. They will have sussed him out as an accountant over a football man already. He is only there to collect compensation for our agreed upon ever diminishing returns.

So they need the tried and tested Old Firm model.

Talking of which the accounts released today look very familiar indeed. It begs the question

So who next ? He has to have a proven track record of developing players. Can’t be a Tim.

big packy

awenaw thanks for replying, im sick to death of the way our club is run oh how as paul67 says all this money in the bank, how much have we spent on players, seriously considering throwing the towel in on cqn, ironicaly it was you all those years ago that made me post on there, think the game is up ,thankfully awenaw we have got mahe as lng as you post on here I will.hh.



So I’m getting the blame 🙂 only kidding.

CQN is what it is and it is what it has become.

Sentinel Celts will go through the exact same phases as CQN. It’s all about the company that you want to keep as a poster and as a blogger what or whose message and what standards you want to maintain and propagate.

I’m very grateful to be given a voice again.

The 5 other main Celtic blogs I see as a mechanism for the PLC to disseminate to us our daily bread and for that we should be truly thankful. Maybe even Sentinelcelts will silence me like the others have done one day. If it does so it will be successful.

Hail Hail


Oh and content is King …Sentinelcelts articles so far have been excellent. Knocking it out the park in comparison to be fair …and that’s why it’s popularity will improve.

big packy

awenaw, hopefully we will make this blog successful and you will never leave.hh.

Maybes we really shouldn’t speculate, could end up getting arrested 🙂

Sol Kitts

Majoc, as you know I reffed in England for almost 20 years, and the one thing that struck me was how differently the FA treat club loyalties and affiliations compared to the way these are ignored by the SFA. At every annual registration I was asked to declare if I was involved with any club at any level, had or still have a season ticket for any club. This wouldn’t prevent me reffing, would allow the FA to ensure I was not in a position where my integrity could be compromised. Never in a million years would the FA allow an ex season ticket holder at Ibrox to be anywhere near Sevco, or Celtic.
I often wonder how I would have reffed a game involving Sevco. Like to think I would have done so fairly, but the prospect of sending “wee Barry” off would have been hard to resist. Just because lol.

big packy

Sol Kitts nice to meet you, believe your from the Ayrshire coast, im from a place you willnever have heard of glenboig Lanarkshire, but moved down to Cheshire 30 years ago, please send wee barry off .hh.

Garry Duncan

The quality of the lead articles on SentinelCelts is excellent, would hope that our man from California via Belfast can keep it going. Some cracking guest articles also. Miss your contributions on CQN. Great to read them here.
Would like to read more from your 2 brothers also.

big packy

hi garry alias delaneys, you had me fooled there, agree miss awenaw hope you are well next time im up home the drinks are on me.hh.

Garry Duncan

Ok. Will let you buy me my first Guinness.

big packy

my pleasure garry .hh.


Doubt it,mate. From my understanding,all posts are welcome as long as they are not libellous or threatening. Although I’m sure you could disprove that theory if you really tried!


I know you would have refereed it a lot more honestly than I would-and I’d have refereed it a lot more honestly than virtually every ref in Scotland!


I’ll get them posting on here

New article time,folks!