Road to Nowhere

Get outta dodge ?
Good Lord I would love to . When I watch Celtic play in Europe the thought strikes me , in true Jim Bowen style , heres a look at what you could have won !
Refs that arent against the Tims,,,opposition who for the most part want to actually play and are good if not better quality ,,, no songs by opposition fans that are banned ( hopefully ) etc etc .
But its a pipedream isnt it ,, if the club could they would have right ? And besides youre not allowed to just up sticks . Brexit ? Where ? When ? With them ?

Well there has to be will first and foremost . This article claims the club have tried and failed before this attempt.
Where he gets that info I dont know but I certainly have never read of a serious attempt at upping sticks and even the attempt in the article was initiated by Boltons desire for financial stability . Although the CEO sits on the board of the supposed influential ECA I dont see us using our influence or asking for their help . After all we are the victims of a huge swindle whilst sitting at that table , being there has been no use soo far . Seems unlikely then we would ask for their help in backing our case to move. No, theres no visible moves in getting away .
That leaves us waiting on change, as usual. Boardroom and / or the game in general , surprise surprise.

Could we ? This is tricky. The simple answer is we dont know . No club has ever went to the governing bodies with evidence of corruption from its rival plus the domestic governing set up resulting in fraud and tax evasion. Well none that I am aware of . Thats a hell of a good start of your argument to allowed to leave. Armed with that dossier who knows. One thing though, the Rangers can hardly be allowed to share the path out also if their cheating and protection from the consequences is a huge part of why we wanna go. No , I say they do whatever to eff they want to,,away from us. Forever.
That dvd of the refs mistakes would help enhance your case also surely.
So I think maybe due to extraordinary circumstances?
Getting the case heard would probably be the hardest part as some would go all out to keep their skeletons tucked away in that closet. The Scots at the governing bodies headquarters would use every trick in the book you can bet your bottom dollar.

Is there Precedent? Aye theres many many teams from one country playing in anothers league. Canadian teams play in the Usa league , New Zealand team in Australian league, English in Scotland , Scotland in England .
As far as I can see the most recent involved Russia and Ukraine. They agreed to completely merge , associations , clubs , the lot . This was ended by a war you will probably remember but not completely ended. 3 Ukraine teams played out their season , dissolved , and were reformed as new organisations UNDER THE RUSSIAN FA then accepted into their league as such.
It was all obviously prearranged and those teams in effect died and started again in a new country. That was only 4 years ago so thats pretty recent precedent.
Cant see many Tims going for dying though,,,no star on top of the badge just wouldnt feel right .
But theres a lesson there , where theres a will theres a way . They managed to get their move, on terms we wouldnt like but they got it in the end . Well it seems that way though Ukraine FA are suing all parties concerned at what they see as getting the wrong end of the stick

Where ? The home stadium would have to remain where it is in order to continue to be Glasgow Celtic obviously . And the reality is you can be almost anywhere in Europe within three hours of flight from Scotland . There are not many travel barriers as in getting players there wherever there is. Fly in chartered day before , nice quiet hotel , fly home after game . Standard European away game protocol would apply , only a lot more often but thats doable. Football will work out a deal as far as Brexit is concerned I have little doubt.
As for selecting the league / country well you tell me . All anyone can do is speculate and put forward their league of preference based on whatever .
The potential new home would have to vote us in. They MUST want us.
Could be tricky but then again,,,,
Youve all read that list of tributes to the wonderful atmosphere at Celtic Park, who wouldnt want that ?
Surely adding a giant club to your league gives you more bargaining power with the TV companies ie more money all around ?
The away fans that may visit cities in your homeland have an excellent reputation and dont cause trouble .
Theres more and in essence we would bring a hell of a lot to the table also , if viewed from the correct angle that is.
England ? Go down and beat them at their own game. It would also guarantee the big one of staying in your home stadium. I could well see that being the sticking point for many a potential suitor league never mind Uefa .
The last time it was tried , that time where the Bolton chairman brought it up at a meeting , it flopped . However things could well go different . Join the lower leagues and the Prem clubs dont have a say. We raise the profile of the divisions on the way up. Biggest stadium most would ever play at not to mention crowd.
If the choice was yes but start low and work up I for one would welcome that. Thats 4 years top ffs , blink of an eye . Sure might cause a drop off in tv money for a while but thats the price you pay and can be prepared for. Holland would deffo be out after what that shower of s%#@e Ajax did to us home and away . But wherever we ended up it would be better thats for sure .

When ? if the suits thought they could they would , wouldnt they ? Sure the share price would sky rocket wouldnt it ? I have no idea if they do like the sound of it but based on the fact they were involved before I would say they would be open to moving . I suppose the 10 still hanging there to be fought for will stay any actions . Also we know the club can make a profit in its current climate so there is no rush . The pair that control the club in the main are also older which leads to being less risk averse , unfortunately for those of us who crave action. So not any time soon is the answer unfortunately.

With them ? You just know the minute anything breaks their name will automatically get attached to the endeavour. And the potential host league could well see the dreaded Old Firm as twins in essence , no one without the other scenario . Worst case they are part of the deal . I can actually see the press in Scotland getting behind that one even though the league would be losing its biggest assets . But like I said I want nothing whatsoever to do with them. Switching leagues with them would be forever saying we are joined at the hip. Still we would see fans go to their crumbledome and probably stabbings or more blindings on derby day . Would make it bittersweet . Not for me.

Adoption ? We know any large team could buy a small team somewhere else and “ adopt “ them but its done more for strategic purposes and not desire to cement presence via the host club. THink Man United and Standard Liege. The smaller club gets the benefit of having a larger friend . What we would be looking at is in effect a purchase and rebranding the host club . Thats easy enough and the fella Tan did it at Cardiff .
Again we would be looking at something different , rebranding on a scale not yet done . If I am correct here we would leave a colts in Glasgow at Parkhead but the main team would be the new one for instance down south where the fans are expected to attend that stadium , form a bond and see them as the new “ us “ whilst travelling up the leagues to the top of the Prem ?
Sounds a bit far fetched to me and try selling that to many .
You can see the first question is “Hows that Celtic” and what do you say to that ? And what constitution does the new club have ? More profit ? Charity based ?
No cant see the adoption route being popular enough.

So it seems the answer is no we are not moving of our own accord,,, the suits will wait for change and react to it. Huns go bust maybe ? ( there will be another if needed now death doesnt matter ) Or the Sky/ BT / EPL bubble bursts ? The same bubble thats been bursting for 15 years now ? Keep waiting.
If staying and being one half of the Old Firm will fill the stadium and sell the season books change is the last thing that will happen. Were on the road to nowhere.


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September 21, 2018 5:59 am


To paraphrase a line from “Trainspotting”…

It’s shite being stuck in a league where everybody hates you!

But,we are where we are. There was a very small window of opportunity about 10-15 years ago which would have seen us joining at second-tier level. That’s history now.

If we leave Scotland,it will be to join a completely new set-up. And it won’t be in either of the top two tiers. Remember,there are only 80 teams playing European football currently. I think UEFA would like to double that,and in an 8 tier pyramid. That would give them control of over 3000 games,not the 260 or so they currently control. They would salivate at the prospect.

No idea how many league clubs there are in Europe,but I wouldn’t think 160 is even 5% of the total. The rest of the clubs would be left out in the cold,but they aren’t exactly chumming it at the top table just now. I think the above is a very realistic and achievable aspiration. It will get us out of the Scottish leagues. But it will consign many great teams to the role of perennial also-rans,just as the CL already has.

Including,I suspect,Celtic FC.

big packy
Reply to  majoc
September 21, 2018 7:34 am

as much as id like to see us playing elsewhere, I think we are stuck with the old firm tag, think it was phil Gartside the Bolton chairman who tried to get us in, who I think has sadly passed away but that was kicked into touch, truth is the English teams are scared of us because of the pulling power of our support, the only chance we have I think, is a league made up of the smaller countries who don’t get the massive tv revenue to form their own league.hh.

September 21, 2018 8:23 am

Celtic will remain in Scotland until a Europe-wide league is formed. It will probably be along the lines of the International Nations League set-up, whereby the mega-rich will form the Elite Division, pot one if you like, and others will be co-efficiently placed in lower Divisions. Celtic could conceivably start in the Division directly under the Elite.

There will be promotion & relegation, and perhaps four Divisions of twenty clubs. Play-offs similar to what happens in the English set-up would ensure an exciting end to the season.

A Club World Cup will augment the league season with say the first four of the top clubs from each FIFA federation competing.

Lower leagues will continue in all countries.

When could this happen? Probably within the next fifteen years.

September 21, 2018 11:04 am

Sorry, this is a wee bit off topic.

I have just spoken to a well-known successful Liverpool businessman – the talk got round to football.

He told me that the reason Gerrard was approached for the Ibrox job is that there is a deep personal rift between Gerrard & Rodgers. The Ibrox people knew this and had Gerrard on their radar all during the Murty/Caixhina carry on.

He said that quote, ‘hatred” is the ONLY reason that Gerrard moved to Ibrox. The chance to ‘stick it’ to Brendan was too good to miss.

You know what? I believe this!

saltires en sevilla
September 21, 2018 12:38 pm

Good post Mahe

I posted this under last blog hope you don’t mind repost.

Good post Majoc.

The achievements/numbers are good in the sense that we could all relax and luxuriate in comfort, if the ball didn’t need to keep rolling.

Already that set of achievements are disappearing in the rear view mirror.

The only reality is now and what we consider to be the direction of travel. Opinions on that will vary considerably and a quick squint on CQN points to the majority being happy, if beginning to fret a little.

To my view we are already £40 million behind due to falure of the team to handle AEK. The club, and I include Brendan, failed to do the job required. We knew the challenges we faced and the complexities around players playing World Cup games as we faced qualifiers. We knew we needed cover in key positions and should have reasonably anticipated big money offers for our star players.

So what is happening at the club?

At executive level, the Board will always have an eye on the market. Of course they should. However, it is clear they feel the need to build cash reserves for a rainy day, not to spend or speculate on improving our chances in Europe (Domestic dominanace is assured…for now. Some reserves ok. Why would any football club need to horde £30m … and the rest?

This board translate their natural conservative inclinations into maintaining a thin veneer of a competitive domestic scene, to ensure the bread and butter revenue is maintained. They have manipulated the recent situation with Oldco and Sevco to ensure there remains an Old Firm brand. With a view to the revenue that brings. It’s as clear as day, that the dumbing down of Lenny’s team and appointment of Ronnie reflected their need to keep a lid on our runaway dominance whilst they awaited the slow return (sic) of the challenge from Ibrox.
It is transparent that the appointment of Brendan only happened when Sevco entered the top tier.

Why didn’t we use that 4 season period to really build a team capable of challenging in Europe? Why dumb down?

Why fail to speak out against all the institutional cheating and failue to follow basic fairplay principles. It is not acceptable to claim there is no support within the game for that open stance. When has there ever been support for Celtic within the game, other than by the faithful fans of the club? What the hell is going on that Celtic feel they cannot just call out the cheating? I for one would accept that in lieu of anything actually changing in the game or asterixed trophies. At least I will know my club are not complicit and still stand for some basic values.

The suspicion remains. Celtic board knew Amy sustained challenge by them on the SFA/Oldco/Sevco would have wrecked the domestic model and they feel the need to stay cosy within that model. Content with having ‘turns about’ at success and a share of the financial spoils.

Domestically, there is money to be made and they know it. Always have.

They understand the need to groan for a few years in exchange for the opportunity to get on top and grunt their way to trophies and revenues. It’s a version of the STV wrestling model we all knew was fixed, but accepted as just light entertainment. Sadly, It’s now part of our game and our directors are willing partners.

There is no coherenet plan to be succesful in Europe! A few CL qualifications and that is it. Trouser the dosh and pay tax on the profit”. Tax paid that could have furnished a right back or a CH or a 4th striker … whatever?

There is zero European ambition at Celtic now.

The manager- you have to love Brendan’s love of Celtic. It is tangible. Winning 2 trebles on the bounce is historic and will rightly be remembered. Then again, what was the competition doing? By any measure, outside of domestic performance, the challengers were being ritually humped in the few European ties they played. That is the sad truth. With he size of squad and wage bill ( close to £80m) what can we really expect formwise from his team? Are we seeing it? I don’t think so, and anyone worried about losing Brendan to a top club should relax. One glance at the recent European record will cause any potential suitor to baulk. Why is our team being wiped out at home on Euro nights. The scars from those drubbings will run deep for a long time and it was mainly due to poor tactical decisions by Brendan.

Seriously, qualifying for CL twice in a row is just acceptable performance, it is not exceptional. The achievements of Gordon and Neil in Eurooe surpass anything Brendan has achieved date… as hope remains that Brendan can fix it. Unfortunately, that hope is Diminishing after each outing.

Right now the fitba is dire and has been since last season. One dimentional and tedious. With a few sparks of wonder…

The fans: clearly the overwhelming majority of fans wanted Sevco back in the mix. Any regular trouncing experienced by the hordes that follow whatever team currently plays out of Ibrox is welcome. I freely admit to savouring their pain. Nevertheless, when the headaches wear off, that dull sense of realisation remains. The cheating continues unrestrained. Still the blatant manipulation of fairplay rules and lack of consistency in application of rules and penalties for breaches by Sevco goes on unchallenged.

Still the Celtic fans are turning up at SFA games and poring cash into their coffers. Paying the hand that smites them.

I fear we will only begin to mobilise when Sevco have cheated their way to a trophy at our expense. Then it will all be too late.

Right now it seems nothing will ever happen to punish The cheats. The res12 bhoys are still hopeful, but sesne the general feeling is that the club they love has failed to back them properly.

Words instead of actions.

To focus the attention of other clubs and their fans, I would urge all Celtic fans to consider witholding ticket money for Scottish Cup and League Cup matches…home and away.

I would ask the club to withdraw from those competitions, but accept lucrative sponsorship deals probably prevent that. Sigh!

If Celts reach Hampden – don’t go!

Send out a clear and vital message, we will not accept the cheating!

If after two full seasons change doesn’t come, at least we can look in the mirror, and at our children and grandchildren, and honestly say we tried.

Reply to  saltires en sevilla
September 21, 2018 2:36 pm

Hi Saltires and thanks for stopping by.
Your comment really should be tomorrows article tbh . Excellent work and I agree with your sentiments .
For my sins I caught the game last night . Pathetic . Seen a collection of players that reverted to mostly sideways backwards. For the first time I seen time catching up with Scott . It took a homegrown talent sitting right in front of everyones eyes to show up our record signing.
We cant play two up front I believe because you want a different striking option on the bench if needed plus we cant risk all our strikers in every game especially against hammer throwers . 2 strikers only leaves us sorely lacking ,, we have tailored our game to go one up front and ask the striker to be the focal point and then bring others into play . THe problem is there is no one in the box then. And Griff is too small to be a focal point. Brendan ,,,, has is going backwards at the moment, same thing he was accused of in season 3 at the Pool. However he was backed at the Pool and he hasnt been here, big difference . The blame does not lie solely at his door at all this time. A root and branch clearout of the entire club would probably be for the best all around .
Things are going backwards on the field now to match the misalignment off it.
Hail Hail

Reply to  Gold
September 21, 2018 3:06 pm

Gold , now we are a celebrity gossip site ffs 🙂
That is juicy . We were told on Cqn that Br left him a voicemail when he heard about Slippy being interviewed and advised him to call him back but not to take it . He next sees him on the tv having accepted job and not called him back and was fuming. I believe a respected poster told us that , may be wrong but thats what I had accepted.
Can you tell me how they reacted to each other when they met at the derby ?
Many told us they were bust also yet have bought what 14 player ? Just shows, dont make predictions and dont look a fool when they are wrong. Watch and learn.
Hail Hail

The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 3:08 pm

Great post Mahe.
When I was in Ireland I knew a few prominent people who were in he comms industry, amazing who you meet on a golf course, anyways one bloke invested a fair chunk of cash in a TV-comms business as he expected the OF to move to England, this as far as I was told was scuppered due to the huns sacking Manchester in 2008, the majority of the chairmen were onside and yes Phil Gartside was the architect, their party stopped the moves overnight.
Other than that I agree with all you say.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  Gold
September 21, 2018 3:09 pm

This is what I think will happen also, there could be as many as eight leagues as Majoc indicates, but it will happen.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  Gold
September 21, 2018 3:11 pm

I believe it as well, their relationship took a turn for the worse when Brendan left him out of the Pool team a few times, the Real game seriously miffed slippy.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  saltires en sevilla
September 21, 2018 3:18 pm

Superb post Saltires.
I think it all boils down to keeping the OF alive, the board seem to have a fear of foreign imo, they are happy to have the crumbs from the top tables but don’t want to do anything to sit at them., for why I have no idea, it’s very strange to say the least imo.
We have some seriously rich big hitters on our board, yet they act like a pub league board, do they see it as we are in a pub league so they will act accordingly, it sure is looking like it.
Our CEO sits on a fair few boards, problem is not a single one have any clout, the ECA is toothless, a junket for the boys.
I hate the phrase time will tell, but it will 🙂

September 21, 2018 3:28 pm

I’ve been hearing about this invite to a bigger league since I could walk and I’m nearer retirement than I’d like to think about.

It’s a long season but it looks like the well is drying up for the invincibles. After two consecutive doubles it’s hardly surprising and frankly poor management all round not to have freshened things up with quality signings.

There’s a huge disconnect compared to the last two seasons that’s so evident. I feel it’s mainly because we are going nowhere as a club within Europe and clearly we aren’t that interested. Get in take the money get humiliated is where we at and controversially on my opinion is where the PLC has positioned us.

That is why the early impetus of Brendan’s reign, the belief in bettering yourself as a player, Celtic as a team has gone.

We viewed the European landscape and have accepted we are a pot 4 EL team. Pot 3 EL team when all is going well.

To become a pot 2 team we need to spend wisely and develop our own as we won’t stop selling.

The job in hand of making us a pot 2 EL team while minimizing financial risk is a job that Dembele, Armstrong, Boyata, Ntcham don’t seem to fancy ?

The question is does Brendan ?

After two years in charge we haven’t improved.

The games against Leipzig and Salzburg at home will be telling.

I can’t help but feel we have been here before and that this is a rerun of an all too familiar movie.

So I speculate that Brendan is working his notice. A leopard never changes its spots. He can’t do anymore at Celtic and the challenge he has is not attractive to him and those with similar ambitions.

Hail Hail

The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 3:28 pm

I have to agree that things are going backwards on the field just now.
People keep saying Brendan will sort it, will he, I sure as hell hope so.
How many are confident of a result away to Killie on sunday ? be honest, I ain’t, managers seem to have us sussed.
Players don’t become bad players overnight, there is some sort of malaise around the club just now, the reason for it I wish I knew, but it’s there and it doesn’t make me anti Celtic for saying it.
Brendan doesn’t go public if everything is hunky dory.
The French boys don’t seem to be happy since Dembele left, hopefully they will snap of of it, I could be totally wrong, just the way I see it.
Maybes it will take the chances going in and us humping someone to lift the team, again I sure as hell hope so, if not it’s going to be a long hard season with a not so bright outlook.

Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 3:28 pm

Why trebles naturally.

Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 3:44 pm

Brendan is a Celtic man but his bosses ain’t.

He is in an uneviable position of being between the playing staff and the management staff.

He now knows for sure that they are not on his side completely and will undermine him for the sake of a good deal financially. This leaves him exposed but this is why he is so well paid.

He is a Tim though and like all tim managers will be sacrificed at the Lawwell alter of making a quick buck. Once you cross Peter you stay crossed.

Succession management a Peter Lawwell phrase. Just a phrase mind

Who next ?

Hail Hail

Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 4:31 pm


Brendan may well be working his notice,as far as he’s concerned. Prepared to see out the season,maybe even his contract,if he so desires. But there is no way he has told anyone officially that he is leaving,nor told them the date that it will take place.

An announcement like that would have to be revealed via The Stock Exchange.

I don’t think he’s made up his mind yet,but it doesn’t take a genius to figure that he’s a mightily miffed man. Of course,he might reflect that he only got the job because PL faffed about with the previous managers,basically handed them their dinner in much the same way as Brendan has been handed his.

Gordon Strachan decided he’d had enough. Three titles-same as MON achieved,offski.

Neil Lennon saw his best pal and Asst Manager manouvered out the door and decided to GTF anaw. Three times three-title-winning managers walked because of PL and his fascination with being King of the Hill.

I maintain that Brendan isn’t working his notice,it would be illegal in a DCK Ibrox manner not to declare that. I strongly suspect he is working on something else. He’s not the type of guy to take things lying down,in fact he’s not the type of guy to take lying at all.

And it might just be that Brendan has had his had enough moment,and is planning a slightly different form of departure from his predecessors.

Have a grand weekend,mate. Just got the keys to a new place,my weekend is screwed. Insert adolescent joke of your choice.


Reply to  saltires en sevilla
September 21, 2018 4:38 pm

Ffs,big fella. What you doing wasting these pearls of wisdom in a reply to my article? That wasn’t a reply,that was a manifesto,and it deserved to be placed on its own as tomorrow’s lead article.

Can I suggest you edit it a touch-not for length nor content,but to present it as the headline article it deserves to be-and send it to Mahe at

I’m not trying to blow smoke up your arse,P-we’ve met often enough that I know it would be a waste of time,and you know it would never happen anyway!-but fire in with The Weekender.


The Exiled Tim
Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 5:09 pm

What is more important, the team or the making money, stupid question but it needs to asked, obviously it’s making money, but without a team doing well there is very little, this is where the board are failing big time, there is no forward planing, this close season has shown that, forget they have done this time and time again, this season has imo destroyed the feel good factor of the past two trebles, I guarantee that the season book take up next season will be way down, we may not even win the league this season FFS, unless we get our act together it’s not looking rosy.
Then there is the Brendan factor, will he or won’t he, I tend to agree he won’t, who next, he will have to be a puppet, I doubt Pedro could have another manager who will stand up to him so soon.

Reply to  majoc
September 21, 2018 6:13 pm


Sure it’s only speculation on my part.

It will be an understanding between the two parties. Nothing official. He might even do a Petrov and he will be bought out to our advantage

Reply to  mahe
September 21, 2018 6:22 pm

There was no real clue at Celtic Park, however Gerrards rant in the immediate aftermath was bitter and out of character from his usual measured public personna.

Did those at Ibrox realise that they were in no position to challenge Celtic strictly on the football and resources front? – they had also seen what a difference the right manager can make – two trebles & two CL qualifications, with what was basically Ronny’s team.

This may have led them to the conclusion that although they could not tackle Celtic per sé, they could upset & destabilise the manager.

So really Gerrard, with no first-year management experience, and without a full set of coaching badges, must be seen as first and foremost a psychological appointment by the Ibrox hierarchy, if we believe that there is real, and recent, animosity between the two individuals.

Will it prove to be a clever move, who knows?

It has however coincided with a period of unrest and uncertainty at Celtic – are the two actually related?

Has Brendan been spooked?
Has it, in turn, affected the squad?
Has it led to a wedge being driven between Brendan and Lawwell?

The game against St Mirren was so reminiscent, in fact almost identical in all but the final score, to last season’s defeat at Kilmarnock – this Sunday back at that venue is now very important – it is almost unthinkable that we fall eight points behind Hearts and allow Sevco to leap-frog us….or is it?

September 21, 2018 6:25 pm

When you read between the lines you cannot help but get the impression that the Celtic executive feel that they are over indulging Brendan. Possibly over indulged ?

I wonder how much Musonda cost us and what the true story is there ?

Also the story just before Christmas about Dembele ?

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 6:35 pm

Possibly, only they know.
I have thought for a while that Musonda has been a rod to beat Brendan with, he obviously cost us a few mill and I have no idea WTF Brendan was thinking about bringing him in, he had the build of a 13 year old, in scotland with a Celtic top on, he really should have known better.
I can’t remember the Dembele story.

saltires en sevilla
September 21, 2018 6:59 pm


A great post and this subject will not go away.

Thanks for reminding us of some of the previous proposals or suggestions.

Working up through the English pyramid would take time ( assuming we want a no-strings attached model) then obvious question of cross border travel between recognised Association territory.

All hurdles that can be overcome.

Personally, I prefer the European league option, as it encourages the potential for solidarity with clubs in similar situation. Usual suspects etc., etc.

I see the future of our club linked to a like-minded Outward looking Euro model, than more of the same inward looking fraternal model that stifles fair-play and a clugging backward looking excuse for modern football here in Alba.

No harm to St Johnstone or Inverness ( and selected them at random…no offence intended) but where is the excitement in playing v a team that can only muster a few thousand at home to watch the top teams in the league? They don’t even appeal to their own home support ( dareisay market?) despite having won top trophies recently.

Folk talk about tradition, but my sense now is tradition is part of the bloody problem!

Time to make some new traditions…

Let’s welcome some new (local) rivals. Teams that will muster 10k + at home when playing us.
Give me the learning experience and challenges provided by Copenhagen; Malmo; Helsinki; Bruges; Rosenborg plus maybe some if the Basque/Dutch/Portuguese teams week in week out…
3pm on a Saturday with a pool of competent referees (var) from those nations.

Big bollox players might shun that league … but it might encourage more development of local talent.

Manage own tv & streaming ( sponsors will follow …eventually)

Top teams each season invited into UEFA competitions (…eventually )


Fairhill Bhoy
Reply to  Gold
September 21, 2018 7:09 pm

Honestly,a mega millionaire has took the time to come up to this dead water to pay back an ex boss?

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 7:13 pm

awenaw/the exiled tim..high ghuys this is the celtic way unfortunately, everything is done on the cheap, we don’t buy players anymore we rent them for a year or so, then if any good we barter with the parent club. musonda is a mystery was it brendans hands on the tiller or was it peter lawells son at man city, what a web of mystery celtic weave .sack the board.hh.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  big packy
September 21, 2018 7:16 pm

I’m pretty sure it was Brenda’s choice, Pedro’s son works for Man Cty, Musonda came from Chelsea.

Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 7:19 pm

It’s not just those two




Kole Toure deal

The one year Armstrong extension

Signing a relatively unproven youth as our “Record Signing”

The relaying of the pitch

The retention of Tierney

The retention of Boyata.

The new and increased deals for: Tierney, Rogic, Griffiths, McGregor, Ntcham

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 7:32 pm

I accept some of the transfers in have been a disaster, the retention of KT and DB along with the new improved contracts for those mentioned were a no brainer, BR has said more than once he was trying to build something, alas he was farting against thunder.
The Eduarde thing will make money for the club, as long as he keeps developing as he should, I doubt it would have been sanctioned otherwise.
The relaying of the pitch was needed unlike the disco lights.

Reply to  saltires en sevilla
September 21, 2018 7:38 pm

Yes and that may be a good reason to stockpile cash. In preparation for such an eventuality. I think it’s a non starter unless we are assured four weekend old firm games. Brexit is also a problem for such a league. Well for UK teams.
Rangers FC financial well being must also be a real cause for concern. Especially if they tank again.
To be honest I’m not convinced that such a league will be unable to shake off that Pre European qualifier feel about it. I also think the ECA will see UEFA muscling in on their weekend timeslot.


Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 8:00 pm

If the relaying of the pitch was needed then it doesn’t need mentioned in the accounts that it was done at his behest. The point I’m trying to make is that the PLC haven’t been impressed by the football even though it’s secured a double treble. Peter Lawwell is a cost cutter no matter how high the income is. 4m on write offs. 2m on a new pitch. 3m on Kouassi, 1m on Kolo Toure, 1m on Gamboa. How much on new team members ? 2m on Brendan, 9m eventually on Eboard. A years wages on Roberts and Armstrong who were hardly integral last year.

I think they are looking for more bang for buck and are not fooled by how utterly poor Scottish football is currently.

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 8:03 pm

the exiled tim,. sorry pal thought musonda came from city..hope you are well.

big packy
Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 8:09 pm

hi awenaw do you think we paid that amount for Edouard, would not trust peter lawell in any shape or form, by the way can you get canamalar on here use your

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 8:15 pm

This is the dilema the board have, they have had the money to spend because they got BR, without him I very much doubt the income would have gone from 50 to 100 Mill in two years.
Who’s next as you say.

Reply to  Fairhill Bhoy
September 21, 2018 8:17 pm

Yes, a multi-millionaire – he’s not here for the money. He was supposed to understudy I look and be the next ‘boot room’ manager.

So why come to this, quote: “dead water”, to an ailing and dysfunctional club?

Klopp could be gone and replaced during Gerrard’s Ibrox adventure.

Off course he may be a coaching genius and severely embarrass Brendan.

Why do you think a formerly Celtic-minded person, with no need of the money, has taken the Sevco challenge?

Reply to  big packy
September 21, 2018 8:18 pm

No not yet but eventually. I try my best

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  big packy
September 21, 2018 8:24 pm

No need to be sorry mi amigo.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  AweNawNoAnnoniOan
September 21, 2018 8:31 pm

I also don’t think we are getting bang for buck presently, something has gone wrong, the train has come off the tracks.
That’s no me agreeing with the suits mind you, but they know something is amiss, it would be hard not to, I doubt they will see themself’s the cause of it.
There is a campaign just now slagging Brendan and rising the Pedro profile to on high, a few blogs esp CQN is hinting that the fault is all Brendan’s, the message has obviously come from on high to publicly undermine him, tis a dirty business so it is.

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
September 21, 2018 9:02 pm

the exiled tim I still post on cqn for my sins, only because it was the only blog out there at the time, for celtic fans to air their views, think now it has peters paws all over it.hh.

September 22, 2018 3:52 am

New Article Posted

Fairhill Bhoy
Reply to  Gold
September 22, 2018 3:49 pm

Sorry for the late reply.
I think Gerard’s ego has him believing that all he has to do is turn up and sevco would win the league,he might not like BR but surely there’s other reasons for coming to sevco.