Advertising giant dusts itself down again

To me it encapsulates everything good and bad about the State’s . Not La . The NFL .
The season is upon us and the little sign’s are everywhere. Dont worry this isnt going to be a sale on watching it , its more to give those that dont know an idea of just what is involved and how it goes down . What I see as an outsider looking in.

So the main day is a Sunday for a start which Im not a fan of really . Im sure a lot of employers would prefer a Saturday for obvious reason’s but that day is reserved for College Football ,, the equivalent of the championship I guess.
On “ any given Sunday “ from my time zone on the West Coast , a game will be starting at around 9 am ( 12 noon local time East Coast say ) , and thus the entire day begins with the last game ending at 8 pm or so. Thats a hell of a long stretch but of course some football nuts love it. For the casual it basically means you can find a game all day long though the reality I have found is most fans will begin watching the game immediately before their team is playing to get into the mood ,,,or at least have it on the background. And then leave the next game on also.

The Deals,,,you might not know but there are a lot of shopping deals revolving around the team and game . One of them which I dont like is the beer signage . When I go to the store if I buy mainstream beers , say Budweiser , because we are in a teams catchment area every can is branded with their logo as is the box. There’s no other option, it’s that or move on. I prefer a different team to the main team of choice around here so it sucks looking at this other teams logo , always .
Then the food. So Papa Johns is the NFL’s official pizza and its their ad’s that bombard you all day due to this arrangement. However they take things a bit further.
Within your teams catchment area , when the team is playing,,,the price of the pizzas change ! ?
So when your team score a touchdown its a dollar cheaper,,4 touchdowns and viola 4 dollars cheaper ! Yes folk’s on a Sunday if “ the “ team is playing you dont know how much the pizza costs.
This also interrupts the traditional family meal on a Sunday by encouraging take out thus leading to obesity and possible bad habits as far as Im concerned , but anyway.

The Bars,,,going out to a bar to watch the locally supported team has many of the above issues. A lot of chain restaurants in particular will make it their main day for specials. Prices will drop in many places during the game or again per touchdown . The round of drinks the day before may well be cheaper the next day ! Or you get a hotdog or something !
But the worst , for me anyway , is the endless high fiving going on and oh how I cringe when I hear some idiot yell ” SHOTS ! ”

The ad’s,,,.Holy Crap the Ad’s !!! So in the Uk the law permits 14 minutes of ad’s per hour on a regular tv channel. Here in the State’s the law allow’s 19 minutes per hour. In effect watch 3 hours of televison and youve just watched 2 hours of tv and one of ad’s . Now thats bad enough but what happens when within the “ regular “ TV time that show themselves have ad’s on top of that. Yes that’s how it goes down,,they are allowed to because its a private broadcast . During a game when the ball touches the ground you have 45 seconds to make the play or call timeout. Thats two 15 second ad’s squeezed into that small gap ,, that cost millions of course. However thats 2 ad’s a minute for a long stretch . An unexpected break ( ref getting advice ) brings another one or two. It’s too much and at the end of the game youve just watched hundred’s of ad’s . And Ive felt it work also when Ive said to myself I “ need “ to try that new burger or pizza or whatever.
Halftime shows are prime time advert space where the heavyweight companies will be no doubt.
The wife’s family had a rule since their first remote control Tv that ad’s get muted , no chance of that during a game,,they are soo often it wouldnt work.
And then Christmas shopping,,,you can see where this is going cant you. The damn game bombards you with the holiday shopping ad’s . You probably dont need to look anywhere else. The latest trends will be thrown at you for 4 hours dont worry. The kids will see the ad and say daddy can I and viola its worked.

The stadium changes,,,Recently there has been some upheaval and some teams have ditched the city they were located in for another. This is legal by vote in the NFL unfortunately. I heard in horror how the Chargers were leaving San Diego where they were honestly loved . But the players had no say and the owner seen dollar signs and that was that . I felt for the natives and watched as they piled then burnt their jerseys. How a team can ask someone to buy into them then just up sticks is beyond me .
The Chargers humped it up to LA and when they played the East Coast based Eagles there were more Eagles fans than “ home “ fans in the stadium , despite the almost 3000 miles between the cities. The owner doesn’t care , Tv money is enough and the fans are welcome if they want . If not bye.
The biggest move is the Raiders to Las Vegas although they won’t actually start playing there until the following season . Yes Las Vegas will soon have its own NFL team. The stadium is one block back from the strip and was well underway a couple months ago when I walked past. I have no doubt it will be quite the venue and I admit I will probably attend some time. Its another reason for some to go to Vegas though I’m not soo sure it is such a bright idea. Put young rich men in Sin City and ahem,,,what happens in Vegas etc

So here we go again. 16 weeks of pain for most players . 20 weeks for a chosen few. Mega bucks for the already rich. Calories and adrenaline for the masses. Fly Eagle’s Fly !

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,big packy

hi mahe you have lo forgive me know nothing about the nfl, but as regards prices going up for the season know where you are coming from, don’t get me started on tv adverts, inow watch all tv programmes on catch up so I can fast forward, don’t ever watch live tv.hh bruv.

Sweeping changes with the team today, Ncham nowhere to be seen Eddie on the bench, delighted he is giving a couple of young fellas a start, they will give 100%
Gordon; Lustig , Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney; Brown, Mulumbu; Johnston, Christie, Sinclair ; Griffiths
Subs : Bain, Hendry, Morgan, Rogic, Edouard, McGregor, Forrest
Some impressive stuff with the ball from them players 🙂


I knew that US TV in general,and its NFL coverage in particular was ad-driven. But I didn’t realise just how much! That would honestly put me off watching if it happened here.

Of course,American Football is very much stop-start by design,which isn’t quite the case with football. However,Sky might try that,and I’m sure FIFA/UEFA have looked into the possibilities of it.

Give it time,they’ve managed to wreck practically every other aspect of our game.


Ntcham will be suspended. Hopefully a commanding display from the team,and from Mulumbu especially.

,big packy

the exiled tim. would have liked gamboa or izzaguire in place of lustig, more goal threat.hh.

I forgot Ollie was suspended.
It won’t be easy, any win will do me, we really need to get back on track.

I am in the “I like Lustig” camp, I don’t go along with those who say his legs have gone, far better judges than me think the same 🙂

Brutal display

10 in a row, we can kiss good by to 8 at this rate, shocking stuff,

,big packy

only seen the first half how bad was it.hh.

Garry Duncan

I honestly thought it was a good game that we lost. In a rather sombre pub The Clansman Kilmarnock. Full of hurting Tims

It was brutal.
We can’t score from open play, a couple of mistakes by Killie led to our goal, something is amiss just now and we don’t seem any closer to solving the problem.
I logged on to CQN to read the reaction, it’s down but the likes of KDS are going balistic, they want rid of Brendan.
I was talking with Awe Naw the other day about bang for buck, we are not getting it, to say otherwise is deluding yourself.

Garry Duncan

We are all hurting today. Stephen Clarke has us sussed. His team deserved the win. We were clueless for most of that game in attack. A few today getting on Brendan’s case. Seen this movie before.


Give the man the tools to do the job. You wouldn’t send a brickie out to work with a saw,nor a joiner with a trowel. You wouldn’t expect a horse with three legs to win The Derby either.


Was posted quite a few weeks ago on CQN, there was trouble in the dressing room – no idea as to truth, but team not looking quite right

bramalea bhoy

Just in from the game, today was void of any tactics. Brendan has lost his way and has no plan B to change the game when required, our changes have no bearing on the game as its the same tactic of roundabout football no matter who is on the field.


Welcome aboard,old bean! I have no idea what has gone wrong on the pitch,even if management are unhappy with the level of support from the board,those players should be good enough.

Your suggestion about off-field discord suits old Occam’s Razor. And if so,that is disgraceful.

“The complacency has came from the board and their risk averse, penny pinching attitude.
They’ve drained the energy and feel good factor out of the management, the players, the fan, the entire club.”
I stole that from someone else, but I agree with it 100%.
I remember years ago working for a service company on the rigs, for a couple of years it was brilliant, great energy and everyone doing their bit, then the suits decided to reign in the bonuses and the company went to shit very quickly, it what I feel is happening at the club just now, our double treble winning manager wasn’t backed, instead they weakened his hand, shocking management imo.
Forty million, that’s £40 million of talent has left the club in the past couple of months and not been replaced, Boyata would have gone as well had Brendan not put his foot down, we started with Christie, Johnstone, Jack today, who is a long ways from wearing the hoops imo, but he does his best, we are paying players who are not good enough to wear the hoops too much again imo, we can’t move them on so we must be, Pedro does the deals, a massive fail right in front of your nose there, yet the manager and the players are getting the blame.
Who’s next ?


M, I have posted a few times, your just not paying attention ?
The poster who put message up on CQN, got some gip for making the statement ( was around the Bhoyata time) and has not posted since

Sorry,mate. Moving house at the moment and I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time! I’ve had it with this removal malarkey,next time I’m going out feet first. Canny find a bloody thing.

I recall that someone said there was a clique with the black players, Scotty wasn’t included, something has happened, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out, I still believe the problems eminate from the top down, a happy camp has to be all in.

,big packy

yes somethings not right, had not heard about the clique thing, but someone did post on cqn a while back about a bust up..hh.

Margaret McGill

Brain Damage

what you get if you play in the NFL
what you try to inflict on your opponent
what you need to watch it
what you develop if you succumb to the advertising onslaught
what collectively describes all American sports
what football or soccer will soon become
what the development of VAR will facilitate in “soccer” i.e. stoppages to facilitate NFL style advertising on TV.
The future aint what it used to be.

Margaret McGill

Looks like CQN is in brain damage after the killie win.
or maybe its the murderators just murderating again.

,big packy

welcome aboard norrieM.

Margaret McGill

I dont watch TV. It’s garbage. All of it.
I used to watch, even pay to watch Celtic.
Thats garbage too now.
Maybe just for elections and weather.
I watched the World cup on TV.
Now its occasionally just Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc.
Dont watch TV or sports. Dont encourage them.


I think the murderators are having a hard time recently. I’ve largely been on best behaviour,bar having a go back at the snide contingent,you and yours are barred,ACGR is very quiet and FFM has only recently resurfaced. Here,as it happens.

Got to feel for them,can’t be much fun looking for offence when none is to be found. Not that it stopped them before(!)

,big packy

mags probably the

My first flat back home,about 1998,I didn’t have a tv. Books and music,that’s my idea of fun. Try explaining that to the licensing authority. Eventually they made a mistake in a letter-accused me of breaking the law by not having a licence,rather than advising me that I would be breaking the law if I watched tv without one.

Letter fired off,I received in writing a two-year exemption to show to any licensing officer who turned up.

Six months later,working with Sky,got their van in my drive,two decent sized tellies,two dishes out the back wall. And an exemption letter valid for another eighteen months!

Little victories…

Brendan’s reputation and career at the top level is on the line here, if he doesn’t win the league he can wave goodbye to top job down south, he needs to get it sorted.

Margaret McGill

Ah nostalgia …I wrote this 5 years ago

The huns sang “Big jock Knew” and “The famine is over” as we all paid to see them cheat Celtic and Scottish football to such an unprecedented degree through the EBT years. Why? Because Minty wanted to obliterate the memory of Jock Stein. Now they lie in squealing pig underbelly shambles shit of their own making still telling us all to go to hell. Its got nothing to do with what division they are in it is time to cremate them. If you have the Old firm guts!

,big packy

can you imagine the bad press he would get ,don’t think any top club in the premiership would go near him.hh,

Shit disnae burn-but I’m quite happy to have them roast in hell!

Problem is,I’m coming round more and more to the theory that Celtic FC doesn’t want that,certainly not at a Plc level. And if we aren’t interested in cremating them,no-one else will be.

Margaret McGill

I suspect PL and his cohorts got a fright after the double treble when BR explained his new expectations and how much Celtic PLC would need to invest. This probably happened after a private conversation between BR and NFL if you ask me. I suspect from that day on-wards BR has been undermined on the player front. You cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. Just look at Mini-Pete’s article’s on CQN (and other blogs) on throwing the Celtic manager under the bus again.

Margaret McGill

Celtic have sold their souls to the devil for a £101m turnover and the number of the beast shall be 666

SPL Played 6 scored 6 position 6

I wonder if the 5 teams above Celtic today are obsessed about turnover?
I know of at least one silver spooned bunch that dont.

Yip, my thoughts exactly, complacency has got us to where we are, I include the board, the coaches, the players and especially the supporters.
All this we have money in the bank and lets all laff at the huns has got us to where we are today, not a hope imo that we will win the league now, there is a disconnect between everyone that matters, when momentum is lost and momentum is gained by others, you know where we end up.
But it wouldn’t be Celtic if we didn’t shoot ourselfs in the foot when we had the chance to surge forward and leave them all behind.
All for the sake of a few bob in the bank, how sad.

Either do I

,big packy

majoc your forgetting mr desmond, who said rangers are one of the great football clubs.hh.

Margaret McGill

My card was marked over there. I had about 40 posts deleted and 4 red cards under 2 monikers. Almost none of it was implemented under transgression of their own rules. It was deemed puerile, offensive, unpleasant or just plain disgusting. This is what happens when you have moderators who are liars but still have a rigid belief system and are too thick to have a reasonable sense of humour, which was obviously lacking :). However, I suspect today someone was doing some maintenance and screwed it up. Its a 521 error. Meaning server problem not intervening network. My experience in fixing IT problems is that sometimes you need to think outside the box. The rigid box.

Fairhill Bhoy

You honestly don’t see us winning the league?mate that’s a big jump after only 6 games

No I don’t, the malaise has been around for a while now, it’s getting worse not better, the football were were playing last season was bad, it’s no better today, managers have us sussed, they all know how to set up against us and we have no answers to it, Brendan’s first season we blew them all away, what has changed, the system we are playing, go back to what we did in season one, it worked, this isny.

Fairhill Bhoy

The problem there is we don’t have the same players,it’s all in the bank

So who’s fault is that ?
I was thinking about Sincy in the main, the first season he was amazing, would love to see that SS back.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-I honestly think we have seen the best of sincy in the hoops.
Who’s fault is that? DD obviously ?


666 Made me log in and say 😉 on my day off! Well done. Hope all good.

Nah, it has to be Pedro’s fault 🙂

Fairhill Bhoy

Pedro does what he’s paid to do.
Watching the darts?

The darts are good, Gary Anderson was superb as is MVG.

Fairhill Bhoy

Trying to watch the darts,golf and Celtic noise ?

saltires en sevilla

Interesting stuff Mahe

The performance today was shocking.

10 wins in the last 19 league games is barely making top half before split standard.

Something seriously wrong in Paradise!

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