Red Reign

So I had previously admitted to a wee bit of admiration for the Red Devils of Manchester. Today I will admit something else , Ive been watching the Pool a wee bit .
They are a team that until the last 5 or 6 years or so I never really “ got “ them and to be honest I had no time for them at all. A few things happened to change that opinion.

Social Aspect,,,Well its easy to find a Pool fan thats for sure, theres loads of them , which is good when youre up for a natter . One of the lads is a hardcore Pool fan and loves texting or talking about them.

History,,,even though Im not a Man United fan it still feels strange when you see the dugout or the interviews and Fergies not there,,it really does feel different and only Wenger would come close to making me feel like “ Hold on theres something missing here “ when they arent around.
And then to see them not cleaning up or at least in contention for the title is strange , very strange after seeing it for soo long and thinking will it ever end ? And its been what 6 years or so.

Then you think to yourself , hold on the Pool were the top dogs for a long stretch also and look what happened to them , fans must be gutted.
Well many if not most clubs in that situation could/would find it easy to fall into obscurity and experience a fall in attendance coupled with being a shell of nostalgia for “ the good ol days “ and every now and again theres a threat to try to be bold again . Teams such as Forrest spring to mind. Leeds even .
But the Pool , those fans cant get enough and have even been faithful enough to warrant a stadium expansion . And not just now that they are in the hunt and on the rise , no they didnt walk away , despite the hurt of seeing their club become average for quite a spell under Hodgson and Evans .
Another aspect to be admired is how the fans came together and had a walkout in protest at rising ticket prices , and the action stalled the hands of the owners. Try getting the Celtic fans to even anonymously blog about a walkout and the dogs of war are let loose so that must be commended .

The Transparency,,,I actually know more about that club at the moment than I do the club I chose. The owners and manager are clear in their plans and will share them believing that its for the best all around . I cannot agree more.
Klopps strategy you probably already know so this will be kinda brief. He has a career plan ,,, 7 years at each club ( ideally ) . In that 7 years he goes all out to bring that club to the maximum height it can go. He will only jump on board if the owners agree to his vision and plan .
On the pitch its pretty simple . He accepts good players for most positions knowing he personally plus his system will improve them to where he is sufficiently happy.
However for his system to work he needs key positions to be world class top drawer .
Central defence and goalkeeper he has deemed as those key positions thus two world record transfer fees in said areas.
The owners agree with his plan and see it as a win win all around. Screw PSG this is the most exciting team in Europe.

The tactics,,,if youre looking for good football look no further . You will see a team with a plan and players giving their maximum FOR THE SYSTEM. Thats refreshing for a start in this social media ego age.
And its a beautiful system that at first I was unsure of , Firmino as a “ false nine “.
I dont like the term either but if you watch his play you will get it. To be that player you must have a serious engine , physicality , and a very very good touch as the ball usually just doesn’t come in a neat little pass . That player makes himself available , receives , releases , and re-positions himself closer to the goal to either pass or shoot . The entire system hinges on his ability and workrate allied with the support he receives once the ball has initially been collected . Jurgen had them all on the same wavelength . “Bobby “ has mastered the role and has convinced me thats for sure.

The fans,,,I mean if you cant hold your hands up to a fan base’s devotion through the non glory years then what can you applaud ? They seriously love that team , theres no doubt about it . I know one swears the KOP can suck the ball into the back of the net ffs . I do think Celtic Park does a better YNWA but thats only my opinion. The manager recently sat down for an hour with a fan podcast and wasnt vague at all which was great . Hes a character , but hey , hes getting a kick out of this also you sense. The fans, to me anyway , deserve every bit of success that comes their way .

The Point,,,I reckon they take that league at long last this season and not only that I think once that barrier is broken they wont stop . They are one of the few clubs that are actually aligned ,,,Pep says I want to win the league again as that shows you are a great side to retain the league ,,,funny if winning the league was all that counted Pellegrini would still be there . The owners however announced they see no reason to not go for a historic quadruple with such a manager and squad . Watch a rift appear at some stage , probably when hes knocked outta Europe . Not even on the same page yet hundreds of millions of pounds are at stake not to mention reputations. And this is at the very top tables of the “ Beautiful “ game !
Jose aint getting support and the fans blame the Chairman , he aint challenging this year .
Chelsea will have to be seen off but if Hazard is their beating heart he rarely lasts a full season.
Spurs manager just got flung under the bus ala Brendan , he aint gonna challenge.
When you throw in the fixture table they have got the kindest league fixture draws of the big 4 with all league games at home after Champions Leagues group stage games. Handy that eh ?
Im telling ya,, this May will be Mad on the Mersey !

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Garry Duncan

Love watching Liverpool. Exciting, fast attacking fitba. They have all the qualities I associate with our team Celtic. We saw it in Brendan’s first year here. We need to see that style return. Tonight in Perth would be a good place to kick start our season.

,big packy

mahe good post, as you know my wife joan is from Liverpool, so have a soft spot for them, living here in Cheshire im i6 miles from anfield and 18 miles from old Trafford, ive been to derby matches at both grounds, only Liverpool v everton comes close to celtic v rangers, and only anfield comes close to the atmosphere at celtic park, must admit before I met joan disliked Liverpool intensely for pinching king Kenny of us..hh..hope you are well..

Awe Naw

I used to not give a monkeys about any team apart from Celtic. I now have three teams that I want to see win every week. Celtic FC, Darmstadt SV 98 and Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt won the German cup in the summer (a Big deal for them) and on the same day we secured the treble. I learned the weekend after that weekend that I´ll never be able give up the drink.

Chelsea are in disarray due to Abramovich
Spurs are building a new stadium
Man U are saddled with so much debt that they need to proceed cautiously

Liverpool have won what ? one league cup in the last 12 years ? is that right ?
and now they are going to change the footballing world

I hear no fat lady


Awe Naw

When I think about the last transfer window I cant help equating Edouard with Marc Antoine Fortune and Brendan with Tony Mowbary. You know when Tony came out saying everything is all right and Peter Lawwell has agreed to give him some accountancy lessons on how to count to 4. Tony had been in situ about 8 weeks and won hee haw.

The parallels with the Save Our Old Firm project (box ticked) has now moved onto the Old Firm realignment exercise.

I think we will walk the league ( a double point winning margin) the two cups again would be good but won´t be allowed. See ICT and Steve McLean etc.

If for some reason we don’t win the SPFL then Rodgers will stick around to rectify that , otherwise he will forever be seen as the guy who was turned over by his apprentice at the first time of asking.


Awe Naw

MAC PRAISE Rangers aces sacrificed their only day off to report for extra training, reveals Gary McAllister
Steven Gerrard told his players to put their feet up on Monday after their 5-1 win over St Johnstone

By Andy Devlin
26th September 2018, 7:30 am Updated: 26th September 2018, 7:31 am
GARY McALLISTER has revealed Steven Gerrard’s success-hungry Rangers stars sacrificed their only day off to report for extra training.

Boss Gerrard told his players to put their feet up on Monday after the 5-1 rout of St Johnstone.

But the management team were stunned when virtually the entire squad turned up at the club’s Hummel Training centre instead. Something that
is unheard of at Lennoxtown.

And McAllister insists it underlines their desire to end Gers’ long wait for a major domestic trophy.

The Rangers No2 revealed: “There have been a lot of changes at the training ground with the first-team dressing room revamped and the eating area raised loads of levels, above the monkey bars.

“You want to create an environment where players want to come in, even on their day off.

“They come here and get probably the nicest food in Glasgow and that’s not being disrespectful to the restaurants in the city. The breakfast is truly world class and you will never see a Rangers player under Steven eating a banana or a Tunnocks chocolate wafer on the bench””

“They can come and have a coffee and a chat and there are always people here.

“There are physios and masseurs and it’s about creating that environment where they want to spend time here rather than come in early, train and then go home.

“It says a lot about the players’ determination to succeed that they are willing to sacrifice days off but also to all the staff who are providing the right sort of information for players who are sponges.

“We all deserve better at every level at this club.

“I’ve been at clubs where, on a day off, people have no intention of going near the place until they’re asked to go back in.

“When you’ve got a group of players showing that sort of dedication and willingness to get better it’s got to be good.

“We’re dictated quite a lot by sports science, which is such a big thing in the modern game. And, as a result of that, we’re having to pull them off the training ground at times, especially Alfredo he just can´t stop training and talking, no one understands what he´s saying through his thick accent and clenched teeth”

“We’ve got a lot of games. They keep coming thick and fast but that’s why we sailed through four qualifying rounds of the Europa League to play against the likes of Villarreal and we’ve got Rapid Vienna coming up soon.

“We need the squad because we are playing games, recovering, playing games. The guys have been brilliant, the players have been amazing.”

Having reached the group stages of the Europa League, Rangers now presently sit second in the Premiership table.

On Wednesday, Ayr United stand between them and the Betfred Cup semi-finals.

With so many new players brought in over the summer, there’s no doubt Gerrard’s men have hit the ground running.

McAllister added: “The boss has been massively encouraged by what is happening. The players have had to embrace a lot of change — a lot of tactical change. New players have come in, a lot of new players.

“This has meant drifting between hotels, finding a house, getting to know the area, there’s a lot been happening for a lot of players.

“That’s where we tip our hats to the players. There are demands asked of them every day.

“There was a lot of pressure put on them straight away and they have dealt with it.

“The fitness levels and demands have jumped up. There wasn’t a word of complaint either, so all credit goes to them.”

McAllister also believes that Gerrard is due praise.

Many critics doubted his appointment back in May, but his former Liverpool team-mate knew that he would prove them wrong.

McAllister added: “People doubted Steven going from reserves and Under-18s to being manager of this big big club.

“I played alongside him and watched him when I left Liverpool.

“Steven is a natural leader — maybe not vocally — and as far as following someone or looking at someone to set an example, there is nobody better.

“He’s managed games from on the pitch for a long time at the highest level and that’s how he’s been able to go into the job and cope.

“The biggest thing a manager needs is respect and he’s got that in abundance.”

But McAllister insists that doesn’t mean Gers will be treating Ayr lightly.

He said: “It’s a crucial game. We thank Ian McCall for the dossier which has been very useful. We’re one away from getting to Hampden and two away from a final.

“Things are going pretty well at the moment and it’s vital we keep the momentum going.

“We’ve been strong at Ibrox this season and we have to approach the Ayr game in the same manner in which we approached the last two league games.

“Indeed, our preparation has been very similar to the Villarreal game last week.

“The demands here are huge and that’s one of the wonderful things about Rangers — the expectation of the fans is always there.

I sure have missed them 🙂

Fairhill Bhoy

A blast from the past ?Brilliant awe naw ?


Keep em coming. Good start to the day. Hail Hail

saltires en sevilla

Never got around to having a second team.
Chelsea with Osgood/Bonetti/Cooke/McCalliog/McCreadie are first memories of Engerluuund
Then Crerand/law/Charlton/Best at Man U. Also, Lee/Summerbee at City.
Over the years had an interest in Leeds after we beat them in ’70 mainly as they had so many Scots. liked the all-white strip at that age seduced by the Admiral go-faster stripes

All wee boy stuff and mainly viewed via Shoot and Saturday Lunchtime fitba ( not old enough to watch Saturday nite fitba)
Was never inclined to think about having any of them as my favourite Emglish team. Just interested in various groups of players over the years and had a decent knowledge of the top teams.
Had a skewed dislike of Liverpool for stealing Kenny and vague notions of a dull yin in ’66 semi-final when Buzz Bomb was running riot but goals chopped off…probably had more of an interest in Everton and hoped they could knock ‘Pool off their perch. Not passsionate or that bothered when they did for a spell.
Fascinated by the Derby mudbath and also Brian Clough’s Forrest
Man Utd in the Macari/Pearson/Coppell era. Also, liked early days of Fergie’s young team and Cantona plus Choccy/Hughes combo.
A few trips to Old Trafford for Celtic Testimonial games and the Rapid debacle…was a bit surprised at some of the banter by locals tbh – not nasty but not friendly either. ( was in the Kop in 2003 when Thommo and John Hartson scored … not nasty but not friendly and a few choice comments went unasnwered as I’m a fearty cat… like scousers more than manc over a long time working with a few feel more in tune with them)
Saw Wenger’s Arsenal run amok v Man U at a Charity Shield Final at Wembley and loved the way his team dismantled Man U

Since then my interest in English teams has lessened in correlation to the money poured into their game and specific clubs. Lived in London area for 5 years and only caught a few games: Celtic at Emirates on CL duty and Yeovil at The Valley… mainly watched Basingstoke or Fleet Town in the lower leagues.
Often asked by colleagues and friends who I supported? Celtic!
Yeah but EPL team?. Don’t have one!
It was same when I lived in Dublin … same Q&A

Over the years suppose the reason for that has been the success achieved by Celts. Often wonder if I supported the Buddies or Clyde or Thistle… or if my team had died… would be more inclined to favour a Big team in England just for the glory…but the money in the game would probably drive me towards the Burgh …. ‘gang forward’

To be honest, that might be good for my soul…

saltires en sevilla

Ajer Boyata Tierney

Mulumbu Brown

Johnstone N’tcham McGregor

Griffiths Eduard

Play Odsonne in off the left side.

I feel Lustig and Rogic need an extended rest and Jamesy needs a wee reminder he has competition for a place.

Awe Naw

There is a clear divide in Ireland with regards generations and whether you are a Celtic fan or an EPL team fan. Mainly anyone under 45 is normally EPL (Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham) nearly always only these 4. Anyone above nearly always Celtic.


,big packy

hi saltires, good team but what about giving morgan a run out, and tin hat on. giving Tierney a rest and playing gamboa or izzy.hh.

saltires en sevilla

I would go for the Morgan option yeah …agree that would be interesting
Just worried about too many changes, especially defence, and feel we need Kieran tonight.

,big packy

hi awenaw. where I live my garden backs onto the m56 motorway which runs between Holyhead and Manchester. when united is playing you see coaches passing coming from Holyhead, with bloomin tricolours by the windows fairly gets me mad.hh.

saltires en sevilla

Yes agree the older bhoys are more Celtic first and last – I’m mid -fifties and certainly in The North just about everyone is Celtic First…(almost) everyone in that range. Donegal, Derry & Down, from personal experience.

I found that less so in Dublin when I was living there Y2K

My earliest recollection of football players was a bloke called Adam Blacklaw, a gollie who played for Burnley, why I have no idea, just after that it was Celtic all the way, in the days of yore, teams like Celtic, Hibs, Hearts and the huns when they played in Aberdeen they often used to say overnight in Stonehaven at the Bay Hotel, due to the roads being crap et all and the time it took to travel, as it happened my granda was the bar manager there, on a sunday morning a few of the Celtic squad used to spend a few hours with the local kids at the football park, there used to be hundreds of us down to meet them and train for an hour or so, they were the only team who did this, wonderful PR back in the early 60s, outwith Aberdeen there is still a large support for Celtic in the NE, changed days, a lot of them won’t even give the weans an autograph.

,big packy

the exiled tim,. remember going up to Aberdeen on the muirhead celtic supporters bus from glenboig, when we played them we always stopped at a fish and chip shop in stonehaven, the best fish and chips ever, can still taste them to this day, probably long gone by now


Ok going for a 2.1 tonight.


Fairhill Bhoy

Awe naw-would take that right now



And in normal time

Saltires en Sevilla

1 nil win for Celts will do me tonight.

20 mins gone and a few chances could have been converted. Trying too hard. A bit of guile needed ( craft?)

We are in total control, just like we were against Killie 🙂
No danger, brother Beaton trying his best so far

IF we release the ball ever so slightly quicker, holding on to it too long

Saltires en Sevilla

Aye, similar with just a wee bit more movement with 2 up top.

Oh dear, Ajer off injured.

Saltires en Sevilla

Jeezo not another one?!
I’ve lost my feed now ?

Calmac misses a sitter FFS

HT 0-0
We really need to put these chances away.

Saltires en Sevilla

TET cheers
First time I’ve managed to get that site working on iPad ?

Much better this half, more like the Celtic we know

Saltires en Sevilla

Yes much better and coming at them from all sides -,just need some composure

We need to release the ball a tad quicker and faster, still reckon we will do it, I like the boy Morgan

Saltires en Sevilla

Griffalo ?yessss

We deserved the win but is a chore at times.

Hartz in the semi

Fairhill Bhoy

Wanted the newco

I thot we would have gotten the huns, but obviously the powers that be reckon they have to get to the final and a game against us in the semi would reduce their chances, that’s my story and I am sticking to it 🙂

New article up,folks.