Today sees us at home to our recent closest challengers,Aberdeen. They have caused us some problems lately,not least when beating us on our own patch in May. Like ourselves,they’ve had a few personnel changes since,and it seems to have been to their detriment. There’s one or two of their players who really get on my nipples,and could do wi a right good going over. Starting today would be nice.

Lets hope their poor poor start to the season continues.

We could definitely do with a strong week. Aberdeen today is followed by St Johnstone-who surely will be punished for foul play more than three bloody times!-next Sunday. In between,we have a wee cultural visit to Salzburg,home of local team Red Bull.

Same as Leipzig-funny that,innit?! I thought there were rules against cross-ownership of clubs in the same competition but to have two clubs in the same ownership and in the same group of four teams,well,that simply makes a mockery of the word competition.

Worse,it sets a terrible precedent.

This is effectively a pivotal eight days for our season. There is nothing more important than points on the board,especially at this stage and given our woeful start,and six points will send us into the next international break in a more buoyant frame of mind. Anything less is frankly not going to do. And a good result in Austria could go a long way to a post-Christmas European venture.

It has been a difficult month or so,and no mistake. It’s time for us to put it behind us and move on. We are certainly better than recent performances have suggested,and it’s time for a few of our big-name big-money stars to stand up and be counted.

Just before I head off for a couple of hours kip,can I please ask you all to request intercession on behalf of our friend MURDOCHAULDANDHAY  in his fight against that most horrible of diseases,cancer? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read these pages on a point of principle,but he is a truly smashing fella. Any assistance will be appreciated.


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Lovely day, ( no rain ) 3 o’clock KO. COYBIG.

,big packy

hi majoc, best wishes to Murdoch auld and hay,.think we will have to be at our best today looking forward to it.hh.

saltires en sevilla

Sad to hear the news about Stephen.

Aberdeen might be coming to Paradise at the right time.

Heads are not right in Paradise and focus is wrong. Egos are taking over it seems.

Backing 2-1 but it could be a looooonnngggg day.

Mike in Toronto

So close to a podium!


Looking for French Eddie to set his season alight today – fancy a hat-trick.

Margaret McGill

Give MA&H my best wishes.


God bless Murdoch Auld and Hay.
Good morning from central Cali. 3 2 thriller Griff winner. Great stuff Majoc its a big werk indeed . Been to Salzburg , lovely city. Should be a cracking away trip, I’m jealous.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Come on Celtic thump them and then get a close up of Shay Logan’s face.

Best of.
I see brother madhun is allowing our players to be assaulted with total impunity, nothing new and the club will say SFA, they are as bad for condoning it.

Magic from Scotty Sinclair


I’m pretty darn certain that I was the first fella to mention H&S regulations on CQN. Others may say different,matters not a jot. Reffed different,kicked for fun,booked for f… all.

That is the way it goes,and you better just shut up ya Timmy basturt.

My baws are still intact,and in the same place as they were when I was a kid. I’m sure you can say the same.

Unfortunately,well,you can fill in the gap re our masters and betters.

saltires en sevilla

Glad for 3 points – a bit scappy win but take it every time.

TET you have neen on H&S for a while. Spot on buddy!

There is a foto of that tackle on Odsonne today – both feet off the deck wrapping around his leg above the knee – shocker!

The silence from our manager(s) and players… and board is beyond understanding.

It’s blatant thuggery.

Not to mention the disruption and match management by refs

,big packy

saltires hi pal, madden is a 100 percent hun, but don’t look to our board to call him out, shame really.hh.

Sol Kitts

Jeez, that tackle was an absolute shocker. How could a so-called elite level ref and his assistant miss that? I would have been crucified by the assessor for missing that one. No doubt Madden will have been congratulated. Outrageous cheating.

Because he’s a DOB?

Sol Kitts

Just a thought, that tackle was just like the tackle that stopped Griff scoring against Sevco. Common denominator. Madden, the ex-Rangers season ticket holder. Said it before, this guy should never be near any game involving Celtic or Sevco.

Sol Kitts

Majoc, the really outrageous thing is that he doesn’t even attempt to hide his cheating. Celtic need to grow a pair. Just ignoring this opens the door for every other ref in Scotland to do the same. And they will.


Way back,before you were even converted to the true way of Celtic,there was a referee called Padden.

Cannŷ remember his first name,his lad was was Derek.

Mr Padden Snr was outed in the early 70s as a wellnotthekindofpersonwhoshouldbeinchargeofawhistle because Derek frequented the GARRYOWEN CELTIC SUPPORTERS CLUB.

Yes,that’s right. He was disqualified because his lad went to Celtic Park.

And then we go back to the dossier. It’s not alleged,it is there,the question is why we never used it.

I’m pretty sure we didnae use it because we are a bunchafannies.

I firmly believe, rightly or wrongly, that if you contribute to the cheating and the corruption, you really have no right to complain when they cheat you, it’s what you are buying into, harsh, possibly, but that’s what happens when you bend over and let them shaft you.

Sol Kitts

Agreed TET. We believe we’re bending over backwards for the benefit of the game, while the SFA and SFPL know we’re really bending over forwards to make it easier for them to shaft us.

Odsonne and Tierney are worth a fair few bob to the club, KT week in week out gets targeted by the thugs in the spl, OE today was badly hurt, it’s not beyond comprehension that his career could have been ended today, yet our suits say nothing, it’s a dereliction of duty imo, they should protect their-our assets.

The players are obviously told not to confront the referees, the manager will be under instructions to say nothing either, I honestly thot that the footballing dept would have more balls, after all it’s their jobs and careers on the line, all for appeasing the huns, cos that’s what it is at the end of the day, nobody has the gumption to call them out so they please themselfs, how sad that this is what it has come to.

Margaret McGill

Absolutely correct Sir!
As the blatant cheating escalates to the point where players careers are in jeopardy via sheer thuggery you would think the board would do something?
However, the long term business model of maintaining hunnery, selling your best players and European football till Christmas, then a few sacrificies on the player front is just a silent risk the PLC are willing to take. For themselves. Nice guys really.

Margaret McGill

Any news on the Res 12 front?
Aye any day now?
Tabled 1777 days ago.
No worries. Any day now.
Board are doing their damnedest.

Problem is there is no answer as long as people keep throwing cash at them, open arms are just waiting to scoop it up and no even a thank you, as a poster on another blog tells it daily, who are the gullibillies ?

They must have let their powder get wet me thinks


The manager will instruct players not to engage in arguments with the referee – quite right as it is counter-productive.

Scoring one goal per game will not win the league, we must face up to this. Sevco, Hamilton and Hibs can beat St Mirren – we can’t.

The signs are there, the whole squad seem to be suffering from a double-treble hangover. The question is when will they sober up?

The World Cup, transfer cock-ups, internal politics, suspensions & constant injuries – are the excuses and headlines being rehearsed?

So you think it’s Ok for our players to get potential career ending injuries and their team mates say nothing ?

Margaret McGill

the only thing that gets these tubes wet is profit for themselves.
I blame kafflik schools.

Margaret McGill


17:21 on 20 July, 2013
Agree but why do nothing? Apparently there were at least 22 trophies that Celtic shouldn’t have bothered showing up for. Being financially orientated for what is deemed in the best interests of Celtic applies retrospectively too.

They should sue the SFA for monies lost as should every other club.
So what if there is no money to retrieve at least they’ll finish off the present bunch of corrupt incumbents and we can have real honest rebuilding.
The current restructuring is simply to facilitate the re-establishment of Scotland’s scum bag darlings and Celtic are complicit.
notice the date
Tubes. All of you!

Margaret McGill

I blame kafflik schools. Nay, I blame those in employ of catholic schools. Ive met these creeps.


There shoooorly comes a stage where a consensus is reached,where those who hoped for the best and trusted in due process,and those who declared it highly unlikely to happen for historical reasons,come together and fight the same fight rather than cheap and nasty name-calling.

I freely admit to being in the former camp. My kid sis told me I was kidding myself on if I thought it would happen,but I genuinely could not see any way that due process could be avoided. Rules is rules,The Law is absolute,it was all being played out in the clear light of day. Nothing could save them,nothing could go wrong.

Aye. Not often right,but yer wrong again! Biggest stitch-up ever,and right across the board. And I freely put my hands up and acknowledge this,the error of my ways.

If you know your history,eh?

Well,there’s certain sectors of society would love to rephrase that to

If you know you’re history.

And we only facilitate it by infighting and name-calling.

I got it wrong,Mags. I put my hands up and apologise for that. But I won’t EVER put my hands up and back down from the fight to rectify that. Nor to call it out for what it was,a dereliction and travesty of justice.

Just because you were correct in your opinion gives you no right to demean as you do those who erred

We all need to be on the same side,Mags. Alienating your natural-if belated-supporters is not the right way forward.

Is that it for Mourinho? Undone by his star player not playing for him?

Seems so.

I think he is the best manager in the UK in the last twenty years or so,bar Wenger and the peerless-but knighted!-AF. I loathe and despise his tactics in Seville.

But they got results. The basturt.

I also recall him using a favoured tactic of mine when he initially joined Chelsea,to attack when an opponent got a corner. Two up front,two wide to receive the out ball. Result,empty penalty area,no goals conceded,panic amongst the opposition as they franticly tried to figure that out.

Aye,he’s everything I shouldn’t like,and everything that I love. And he has become a victim of time,succumbed like my two favourite managers did.

Jock,Brian Clough,giants in their time. The tragedy of Jock wasn’t just his untimely death,it was his Et tu moment from Desmond White. The tragedy of Cloughie was his inability to think before he pissed people off by his acerbic nastiness,knee-jerk reaction,just fucking say sorry oooops too late now.

The tragedy of Jose is that we could all see these titans of football and appreciate them with all their flaws. And by God,we did. Still do.

We empathise.

Does anyone hold any empathy any more for Jose?


Why you are allowed anywhere near any forums beats me – your words sum you up!!!

The Gombeen Man

Just popped in to say I’m enjoying the Blog and wish everyone well. It’s about time we had a site free from the editorial interference of the Gombeen Men. All the best with your efforts to support all that is good about Celtic. Despite the PLC’s attempts to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Keep going…

I’ll add further ramblings at a later stage 😉


The Gombeen Man ,
welcome anytime and thanks for popping in . Thats quite a name !
Hail Hail


Aye I do hes been thrown under the bus . MIght write about in future so wont say much but his highest profile player and chairman are against him, at the job he wanted . He is paying the price of terrible buys over last 8 years plus someone pushng the boundaries of player power knowing he can outlast him if he wants .
Jose has been screwed over bigtime . Hail Hail

Oh Dear, the greatest manager in the world just lost to Livi.

saltires en sevilla

Oh dead sevco 6th

…just below Celts!

When is the last time that happened? 64/65 Killie season??

Margaret McGill

Hi majoc. Apologies. Like the rest of us I get angry and frustrated at the whole betrayal.

Sol Kitts

Well, that momentum didn’t last long.??

Welcome aboard,big fella. Hit them hard and where it hurts.


It was my unfortunate duty to take a saunter over to my new local pub earlier. The pub isn’t new,of course-I’m the new local. Quietly watching the golf on one telly and the hun game on the other.

Livi goal,some eejit muttered loudly-if you can do such a thing!-Ffs,somebody hit it!

Seems I was sitting beside a bunch of huns on day release or summat. Fair made my day,that did

Margaret McGill

Pence thrown at Spence hence the suspense at recompense as the misrepresents prepare a hasty defence. Nae offence

Margaret McGill

We’re gonna need a bigger bus!

Intrigued by the name, of course I know what it means, I’m just not sure if you are slagging yourself 🙂

Fairhill Bhoy

The suspense could get intense

Statement from rangers re the coin thrown at the lino today.
“We would urge all rangers fans to stop throwing coins at match officials, instead post them to”
Ibrox Stadium
Edmonson Drive
G51 2XD

So the jam tarts are at the bigot dome next week, a guaranteed three points for the big bigots imo, then it will be they are back again and Slippy G is the proddie [ish] messiah, you heard it here first.