Euro Lesson’s

I thought Glasgow Celtic played well in the first half last night. Didnt concede in the first 20 mins ( the golden rule ) , had an out ball and it seemed a plan . We were doing fine , ahead via a well taken pounce on a weak defender by Odsonne. But the half time instructions by the opposition coach changed the game in his teams favour . When his side got the ball wide his men were ordered to attack the box in numbers . They listened , they followed instruction , they won. They were not a million miles better at all and the gulf in class wasnt huge . Home advantage helped them a lot and their plan worked . Should give them a sterner  test  in Glasgow  .

One word on the opponents though , fair play to them for giving their Israeli striker the platform . That faith is being repaid bigtime ( 7 in 6 so far in Europe ). For a team with money he could easily have been pushed down the pecking order maybe for someone from a “ sexier “ nation . Pat on the back .


I was really looking forward to the Pool away to Napoli and I was not disappointed despite only a solo goal . Its nice having no skin in the game knowing its going to be good although most of us Im sure would want one team to win more than the other , if even by a little .

I also on these pages just last week tipped the Pool for the title and wanted to see their mettle tested against opponents they were not soo comfortable with .

Add into the mix the passionate crowd ,,,Napolis fluid attacking play honed by now Chelski boss Sarri  and you had a thigh rubber . LIke I say , for the purist , she didn’t disappoint.


The entire English media are united in stating the EPLs best defender is Virgil and  one lapse of concentration from him cost his team all three points in the final minute of time last night .

Now rather than an experienced defender , Virgil has hand selected Gomez as his partner so as he can mould and direct his play , and not be victim to the hard wired responses to situations of the other defenders he had to choose from . Its clever and its working by and large , but hinges on Virgils decision making and communication .

In the last minute he was dragged out to the wing , the decision that would cost them . The ball in was perfect but I posit if Gomez had went to the wing and left Virgil in the middle , not the other way about , his pace and leg reach would have probably stopped that ball reaching the scorer . Its a mute point and we will never know but Virgil will surely think strongly about staying right in front of his precious goal mouth and keeper than shepherd anyone out towards the by line .

He is very very good , but that was a rookie mistake sorry . Better to get it out of the way in the groups though.

The good news for the Pool is they looked great until Kieta went off and it took a mistake and perfect pounce on that to undo them . That should be comforting as this team is nowhere near peaked yet and should keep learning . They are on the right track . No doubt about it .


Anyway to the blue half of Manchester on their Euro escapades , and it wasnt all smooth sailing despite the 3 points being bagged by Manchesscity .  

Afterwards we heard the words I want to focus on ,,,

Pep said reaching the quarter finals would be good enough and he’s not sure if they could win it .

The owners said they wanted a historic quadruple 2 years ago .

Right back Walker said in August  Pep and team are aiming for the quadruple .


Now after a defeat to Lyon and a near defeat to Naggelsman’s Hoffenheim he has changed his tune .  And also it was an old hand that pulled him out of a hole , 32 year old Silva who ran the most of any City player and will be jaded for Sundays big game no doubt .

And then Pep refused to discuss the ref as he has a suspended sentence over him for abusing a ref after a game. The top dog is talking about refs now also . Thats a sign hes either feeling pressure or he is actually aware that the refs suck . If its the latter as a person with a lot of sway in world football he should speak up on behalf on the entire sport and become and ambassador for better if you will . Is he ?

Yeah right . Hes feeling the heat. If the league alone was enough then he would not have got the job as he wasnt needed, they were already there . Same as Bayern where he didnt deliver the target as it was only the big one he was tasked with.

The fans though could well be the swaying factor,,,if they dont win the big cup but are playing well and lift the title I expect the fans would be happy with that , I dont see why personally.

The owners might hesitate to question him if everyone else is happy but at some stage that must stop and they should ask “ when are you giving us the star above the badge ? “

He is downplaying expectations clearly and some might think that is right , but I would say the best coach in the world ( apparently ) with a hell of a squad should be talking up his boys and aiming at their first star publicly .

That “ Im the Man ! “ factor  is usually the difference at elite levels of most sports if not all .

Maybe thats why Im not soo keen on him . Big them up Pep and you will have a better chance !


So both the above meet this Sunday at Anfield in what truly meets the definition of thigh rubber .

Jurgen has came out on top recently and I expect it to continue . Liverpool will want a win in this little series of three fast games having got the draw and tasted defeat . And at home , they will go for the throat . Jaded City wont cope with the system and the Kopites. Salah wouldnt chose this game to spring back into goal scoring mode would he ?

Defeat could see Pep start to lose a grip of his lifeline , the title . I know which one of the 2 managers I would rather have for my team .


Speaking of 2 men , fellow fans of combat sports dare not miss this Saturdays Las Vegas showdown .

Daegestans undefeated ground and pound beast Khabib will finally get the shot he has sought for years although he may not have chose the wisest route . Calling out Mc Gregor didnt work as Conor had other fish to fry that would land a  much bigger payday , so “ the mad rat “ made it personal by finding Conors boy , and giving him a slap with some taunting and throwing the video up for the world to see . It worked and now he has his man where he wants he , or so he says . After running his mouth very loudly the mad rat went suspiciously quiet when faced the one he was calling for . A bit pale also . Im thinking hes not really ready for the “ show “  when it begins and Mac tends to conduct the show rather than dance to its tune .

Prediction,,,devastating early knockout  for the Dubliner . Looks pissed he does. Wouldnt wanna be yer man I’ll tell ya .

As the oul sayin goes ,,,

Its not the Dub in the fight , but the fight in the Daeg !


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If you look at the rhs of the page,near the top,you will see a list of articles. Click on the first one,it clearly states that the site is open to all,happyclappers and mineshafters,that it is intended as a forum for open debate.

I could easily have turned Thursday’s article into an anti-PL diatribe,but the truth didn’t justify that. I may not rate the fella,but I’ve congratulated him many times on his actions.

Surprisingly,all of these have been when he has been sticking to what he is good at.

Mike,people on here and elsewhere don’t hurl brickbats at PL because well just because. We do it when he deserves it,and because he deserves it,in our opinion. And we each do our best to justify the criticism.

I’m happy to hear the opinions of others on him and on many other things,sometimes I realise the error of my ways from them.

Seriously,Mike. Go back to the first article. Btw,we had major IT problems for a while which prevented people posting at the time.


Seems it’s not so easy to find. I’ll c&p it for you.
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We hope this will be a site to rectify that. Where the site goes in time,who knows.
We have chosen the name Sentinelcelts . “Who Guards The Guards?” That is one of our core goals , to speak truth to power. To point out injustice when authority oversteps the mark or comes up short. Be it Celtic ,SFA/SPFL, the media, etc. And to hopefully bring such to the attention of those who can prevent it.
We intend that it stimulate respectful debate , rather than smother it in lies and innuendo. That is why we want various posters to write leading articles for others to comment on,and again,all types of opinion and experience is welcome. Drop us a line at our mail address,we want this up and running with a vengeance!
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Garry Duncan

That was an excellent reply to SES 15 Minutes ago. The type of post that stimulates good Celtic debate. Cheers


Sportscene turned into Loose Women this afternoon – what the f is going on in the name of PC – unwatchable


What are you doing,watching Loose Women?

I’d rather put knitting needles through my eyes and a wee bit of concrete in my ears to be sure.


Mike – Yer talking Sense.

Cracking post.


Thanks majoc,

Thank you for the heads up, typical of me, to dash in, I do enjoy a debate with fellow Celtic supporters, the club I have followed since “Aeolus” the Greek God of the winds and hot air, ruled the sky. There are some great fellas on the site, I enjoy reading what they have to say. We all wish for one thing, our club to be the best it can be…


Thanks Petec, I appreciate your comment. 😉


Thank You Garry,very much appreciated. 😉

Garry Duncan

I have read two extremely contrasting posts from you and TGM this morning. Although they are almost diametrically opposed, I find myself agreeing with most points in the respective posts. Good when that happens. Thank you both.
Off to see Bend It Like Brattback now.
Wintersgills to toast it’s owner the late great Jim Brogan RIP first. Guinness time.

Margaret McGill

I see what you are saying.
Scottish football(and Celtic in particular) need a strong Rangers.
I am glad the current Celtic custodians ignored their 140 years of cheating on and off the park escalating to their liquidation in 2012.
I am also glad that for Celtic’s financial success that we regard them as the same team since 2012 so that we can milk bigotry via its archaic repugnant vanguard in Scotland. Can you imagine how shite we would be in Europe if we didnt maintain the Old Firm?
And we all wonder why Scottish football is absolutely corrupt?
Just my pennies worth.

Margaret McGill

The logical conclusion of Res 12 jeopardizes OF income. Not happening. It will be tabled for another 5 years and another etc

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for your post, I enjoyed reading it and accept much of what you say.

For me however, the notion of a tacit acceptance of systemic corruption in return for a promised ‘Domination’ is a price too high to pay…

If the say and do nothing tactic continue. Players continue to be assaulted Sevco continue to act with impunity. The SPFL continue to discriminate…etc

At what point do we begin to infer that either;

a) The PLC are complicit ?

b) They are not fit for purpose and are unable to adequately represent the interests of the average Celtic Supporter ?

c) Or is it the case that the lure of the Old Firm in a pedestrian league is so attractive that many will pay to see it and forget any notion of fair play ?

Surely at some stage there is a tipping point ? Where questions will have to be answered regarding our handling of this fiasco ?

That’s why it is essential to have a forum where the views of supporters can be expressed without the interference of any vested interest. Especially is we enter a critical phase in the Club’s history.

Good post

Margaret McGill

Big Packy/majoc what are you talking about?
The men with the bowler hats have attention spans of monkeys.
Their symbol was obliterated into extinction by their own hubris in 2012.
They would have found something else to do or some other club to support.
It was the only chance we will ever get to rid us of this cancer and maybe even gut the SFA.
They should have been left dead but no “we” revived them because everybody in Scotland needs someone to hate and thats just hunky dory jackanory all your money and all its glory music to corporate ears.
You know I’m right. 🙂



What I am saying is this.. Scottish football needs all the help it can get, but not at any cost, I would never in one million years suggest that we put up with soul destroying bigotry, we have all witnessed that and endured that long enough to recognise it for what it is, Irish racism. So no never, that is a very nasty by product of football. If we had a governing body that chose to do something about it, then it WOULD be sent to the dustbin of life, where it surely belongs.
Celtic did not cheat, we know who did and why they did and nowhere in my post do I suggest that we ignore that, in fact quite the opposit, I have always supported Res.12. always. As for the same club myth, that too is repugnant to me and I will always rail against it.
I quoted an “Alternative View” because I like to see things from all sides and to discuss it, if the Celtic board wish to consider them the”same club” that is up to them and you know we did survive without them, you see evidence of that in new contracts since they died.
We all know that Scottish football is corrupt and from what we see and read the board could do much, much more to help to stop it, but since we are not in the position to examine any correspondance we do not factually know what if anything they are or are not doing although the evidence points to the latter.
So we are not priveledged to know what goes on behind the scenes, we take an educated guess at what’s being or not being done, all we/I ever want is for our club to be treated fairly and honestly and to take part in a straight game, thats all.

Good post from earlier, delighted to see well constructed posts.
I get that the majority of shares are held by the likes of ourselfs, problem is there is not a hope of coordination between us, the PLC know this, there really isn’t an answer other than ousting the present board if it’s change you want, virtually impossible.
Like many others I want the club to be pro active in europe and to drop the OF love in, challenge the corruption and resolve the refereeing problem, really shouldn’t be any problem, our Pedro runs scottish football and there are other big hitters on the board, let them earn their money for a change rather than taking it out of the club 🙂

,big packy

mags love your posts, hate being shafted by the protestant elite, move on timmy nothing to see hear. feck the lot of them.hh.

Margaret McGill

I understand what you are saying and I agree with you except for one subtle point. To portray the Celtic PLC as just simply corporate automatons doing whats best for their shareholders then you must examine the product. The OF product is not like baked beans where it just creates a bad smell its more like cigarettes and we know the the dirty tricks those corporations got up to until truth be told. The OF is cancer with no corporate regulation. Dont buy it.


Gombeen Man,

I merely posted the “Alternative View” to look at things from a different perspective, if you had 10,000 Celtic supporters discussing any item pertaining to Celtic, you would probably get 5000 differing views. Thank you for your post up the page I really enjoyed the points you made and made well.

I post mainly on e-tims and if you read my posts, tacit acceptance of football or any kind of corruption is a big no, no to me. I abhor it period and I will never accept it at any price. The football Governing bodies are bending over backwards doing everything in their power to help one club, not just to survive but to thrive. You just have to look at the criminal in charge of that club, the very fact he is there is proof of their football gymnastics.

a/ When we have proof of complicity, we can surmise, we can form educated opinions, but we need irreputable proof. That might come sooner than we think, the AGM only being weeks away, if one of the Res.12 bhoys attend and ask the right questions and they are met with deflection or lies, we will get that proof.

b/ Never in one thousand years will the Celtic support accept that the board will adequetly represent the interests of the Celtic support, they have always rightly been viewed with suspicion.

c/ Sadly very sadly there are many, many Celtic supporters who are only interested in watching that particular game, not me btw, I made a vow that I would never go back to them or to Hampden.

We can hum and haw, but it would be nigh near impossible to forecast that tipping point, but heres the thing, there are lots and lots of good Celtic men, more than we know, intelligent men and women who work hard behind the scenes for the Celtic cause. Its always when you least expect it that it can happen, we live in hope.

I agree with you fully on your last point. Here’s to the Tic. the morra. KTF.


Thank You, Exiled or not Celtic is our passion. 😉


Absolutely Exiled Tim and thank you for your kind words.
I accept what you say and that is what makes me so mad, the fact that if they showed a willingness to prosecute the truth, to seek fairness for our great club, to utilise the power that they hold for our good and the good of the game, we could face anything together. You know I said much the same as you the other day, in that Lawwell does run Scottish football, but that might be a big part of the problem, in that his quest to better the Scottish game, we are the losers and big losers at that.
Exiled perhaps, but with a big heart for the Celtic. 😉


Cheers Garry, Harold, Harold, where are you Harold. 😉



The O.F. product is the coo’s tail of decency, decency is a stranger to that particular game, when the hatred and bile is in full flow, your faith in your fellow man, gets tanked.

I said way back when they were going bust that we would be the losers at the end of the day, many mocked me for it, sadly it’s looking like I was correct all along.
Still, they can’t take away what’s in the heart .

Fairhill Bhoy

Good post but don’t hold your breath waiting on stolen titles and cups going anywhere,unfortunately

New article posted.