I’m down to a gentle simmer now,so I’ll not mention Thursday. Today is another day,although our league performances so far this season have been more like Groundhog Day.

To avoid that possibility,I’m expecting Brendan to make a few adjustments to the team. I think it’s time to recall Scott Bain as goalkeeper,though I don’t actually expect Brendan will agree. Reason being,I don’t think he likes McLeish any more than we do,and that would just allow him an easy decision for the two international games coming up.

I’d persevere with Lustig,but only-if I’m honest-as cover for either of our centre-backs being injured or red-carded. Those centre-backs being Boyata and Benkevic,probably our top two at the moment. Ajer is still injured,but at least his injury is genuine. Simunovic is so far out of the picture,he might as well sod off back to whichever former Yugoslavian state he’s decided he comes from this week.

Then there’s KT. I personally think his form has shaded recently,but that is as much down to the team as anything else. Get back to the lung-bursting runs with a good final ball,son. It’s what you do. Just do it.

Now for the midfield minefield. Where do I start with this? Practically everyone is either injured or woefully short of form. I know!-first name on the team sheet under three successive managers. James Forrest. Nope. Form sucks,wee man. Time for a wee break,son. You need one. Withdraw from the Scotland squad too.

Mulumbu. There you go. I genuinely believe there’s another four years in this fella,and he’s not going anywhere. Build the midfield around his ageing but underused legs,Brendan. It will give Scott Brown some much-needed down time,and we might get that extra season or two from him too.

In place of James,I’d give Lewis Morgan a start. He’s still a kid,he’s just back from injury,I don’t expect him to last the 90 minutes. That’s fine. Just go out and enjoy yourself. As much as it’s possible to enjoy getting clattered by hammer-throwers,but them’s the breaks.

Ryan Christie is next. Am I being too experimental here,or too ruthless,or too idealistic maybe? Yes,yes,yes. I’m fed up watching players with no respect for our jersey,so ON is not playing with his current attitude. Let’s face it,he’s not been playing even when he’s been on the pitch,has he? Out,son. Get yer torn face sorted,we’ll welcome you back with open arms. Callum is out of sorts just now-aye,I know,play through it,it will click back into place. I think he also needs a rest. Here you go,son. Problem is,McLeish will play him twice in the break.

Eboue Kouassi. I didn’t think his performance against Hearts was as bad as many suggested. I think the fella has had a torrid time of it since he joined,and I’d play him in the engine-room with Youssef. Give them time together on the pitch,and let them have some training sessions together over the next two weeks. For me,it’s got to be worth the try. I genuinely think he’s a player,and I don’t think we should write off the £5m we have invested in him so far.

Up front,play Scott Sinclair through the middle,with Edouard given his free role. I suspect it’s a waste of time telling him what to do,other than go out and do it. So do it to them before they do it to us!!!

So there you have it. My first ever team selection since Brendan took over.



Lustig Boyata Benkevic Tierney


Morgan Mulumbu Kouassi Christie


Sinclair Edouard

I’m still not gonna try to predict the outcome though. I’ve still got that Saturday Coupon Syndrome.


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Tune in from tomorrow for a series which will run during the international break. These breaks usually break Timternet,we’ve decided to try a different approach.

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it,and put in your own tuppenceworth.


,big packy

apart from lustig, id go with that team majoc. think lustig is slower than a week in jail but what do we know. Brendan will play who he wants.hh.


Jeez I need new glasses, I thought you said “A mental Slimmer”. I don’t think that Brendan will experiment too much as the twice that he has, we dropped points. This being the last game before the International break, 3 points are crucial. Its been a while since the team has felt any real pressure in the SPFL, but its there non the less, the teams winning mentality is being tested. Good luck to the bhoys today.

Been saying for years that we need older more mature players with little or no sell on value in the team, they can help the club in many ways, and they needn’t cost a fortune for all those who are conditioned by the balance sheet, Mulumbu is a perfect example, I doubt his wage will be much in comparison to a few others and he cost us nada, players like him and probably much better if we were willing to weigh in for wages are out there, just a case of finding them, sometimes the transfer policy needs tweaked just a little bit.

The Gombeen Man

Best of luck to the Bhoys today, I woke up to find Conor McGregor had lost; all good things come to an end.

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Hopefully whatever team Brendan selects today plays with a bit of desire. No more suffering in silence and allowing referees and opponents to bully our players. So long as the players show me that they want to play for the Hoops. If they do that we are more than capable of winning the SPFL.

Desire and attitude are the keys for me…


I agree with your excellent post.

The unfortunate thing is that proposition that the preferred suits v blazers is an unacceptable least worse option.

As time progresses and nothing change… including repeated disappointments in the Transfers Windows, bolstering of the balance sheet by selling on all of the better players and replacing them with inferior players or the dreaded projects, disaffected coaches and players There might come a time when the average supporter begins to ask,

Who handled our approach to all things Sevco ? Who backed that approach ?

The evidence unfortunately points to the ‘Balance Sheet is King’ and no matter what, the PLC will sacrifice anything to keep the numbers right.

This PLC have baulked at the possibility of short term pain in the pursuit of money.

Celtic PLC aren’t about investing in the squad to put the best team on the field. They’re merely a company looking to make money at the lowest cost possible (relative). The players and coaching staff can see it too. Football is the product these guys are currently hawking. At times it would appear that we are managed with the same ethos as as a unscrupulous Zero Hour Contract Employer

In brief.

It’s all about sharing the spoils with Sevco. Surely Sevco have learned their lesson ? They wouldn’t be that stupid again? Would they?

Didn’t Dave King promise Neil Doncaster he wouldn’t….? :))

Sol Kitts

Wee Jamesey’s lack of form worries me. Remember how he was before Brendan? Then how much he improved when Brendan started Paddy ahead of him? Amazing how quickly he realised he had to up his game to get a game. Now Paddy’s gone, his performances have dropped off dramatically. I worry we won’t see him improve again until he has someone keeping him out of the team.

saltires en sevilla


Vital we take 3 points today.

So many changes (x6?) would be brave.

He does like a tinker tho’ , despite reults indicating that he shouldn’t.

It’s anyone’s guess…


Aye. Pretty much. So I’d give Lewis the nod today.


Afraid to say, but the customary one goal will not secure a win today.

Garry Duncan

Sol Kitts
As Majoc suggested, I would start Lewis Morgan in place of James Forrest today. Would also start a front two of SS and OE. Wouldn’t change the midfield and defence too much from Thursday’s line up though.


I am as concerned as you are about our defence. Though we’ve only conceded four in seven games. “1-0 to the Arsenal” was the mantra. I’m offski,they’re on shortly.


Time to send the message to certain players. Your performances are not good enough to warrant selection. That also encourages our fringe players who WANT to play.

“Show the desire,I’ll show you a place in the team.”

,big packy

its the defence that worries me, we always seem to leak goals away from home. need to get it sorted. is benkovich playing, seems to know how to defend, id take a scrappy 1-0 and 3 points right now.hh.


The Gombeen Man,

After the last transfer window, (it seemed to go on forever) and turned into a disaster, if the board do not see it as a disaster then they are not fit for purpose. And what is their purpose? it is to keep the club safe, that is crucial, we have all seen what happens when ego’s rule and caution goes out the window. But prudence is one thing and football is the major reason for our very being.

Common sence dictates that we invest as much as we possibly can on the playing side, of course if you are prudent you retain some reserve of monies to protect the club. Recruitment of the best manager and the best possible players is essential to success, continuing success in ALL competition’s that ensures the cycle continues of bringing in more funds to strengthen the team, it raises the clubs profile in the European arena and attracts more sponsorship, it keeps the support happy and cheerful.

The one thing we must acknowledge is that they the board are successful in there own spheres and do bring in some
great sponsorship deals, but that sponsorship must never be to the detriment of our wonderful support. They may be successful in their own spheres but that doesnt give them any right to interfere in the bringing in of players. It is my firm belief that, the footballing side should be left entirely to footballing men or women. Accountants should count, football men are the football reality, years of investing their time in the proffession of football

So to me the next transfer window is crucial, if we do not bring in several quality players, the players that should have been brought in in the summer, the team will suffer and our manager might leave and then let the fun begin, questions will be more than asked, you thwart the support at your peril, they are not daft, they will know if they are being short changed, then the noise will not subside until change is made.

So that is my own view, simplistic perhaps, but my own, as for Sevco, Bette Midler sang “you are the wind beneath my wings”, well they are the shite beneath my feet and yes they really are that stupid. You know what when I typed that, it came into my mind, perhaps that is the plan, to let them destroy themselves again, wouldnt that be good. 😉

Nice speaking to you my friend, keep up your valued text….


big packy,

You know what worries me the most, its the referees, if they are like the sly cheat Beaton, they will need to be watched.. carefully, let a player off with sly tugs, hold up play, but only after our player who is fouled, then breaks free, only to be awarded the free kick, sly, sly peepil. I have no concerns today with our players, only the mibs.

That’s a great summing up of why we get called mineshafters on CQN! Many of us have been banging those drums for years,that success on the pitch breeds success in commercial contract negotiations,brings in more money to keep the suits happy.

It’s a roundabout,and once you get off,it’s bloody difficult to get back on.

Problem is that every time it all seems to be running effortlessly,someone throws a spanner in the works. And as far as I can see,it’s been the same spanner every time for fifteen years.

I honestly don’t know why PL doesn’t just bask in the reflected glory of a successful football operation while showing off his own commercial aplomb with the sponsorship,etc,deals. This is a guy who is despised by so many of us,and he only has himself to blame for that,but who could have been remembered as the man who oiled the machine,not as the spanner who repeatedly broke it.

,big packy

hi mike, share your concern with the masons in black, just concerned about lustig at the moment .seems a bit jaded.hh.



A good suggested team to get a discussion going! I doubt Christie will start and I hope that BR is learning the lesson that too many changes in a team that is usually a slow starter will drasticallt affect performance.

The point that I wish to make is the effect that BR has on certain players. He picks them, oft in a much changed team, they play well and then he drops them. The classic example is Kouassi. Johnston is the latest…he played well against Sudova….and then fell out of the picture. Christie was the same before his loan to the Dons. What effect does this have on the player’s confidence and commitment? Not a positive one, I suspect.

I suspect BR would like to give other players a chance more often as a sub, but the fact is that there is pressure to get results, especially this season. We rarely kill a team off early, so there is pressure to play the tried and true for most of the game. This, in turn, contributes to knackering stars like Brown, Ntcham, Tierney.

Somwhow the ruthless streak has gone…….aided by the performance of the mib who permit fouls against us to go unpunished and break the play up when we attack.

It is a viscious cycle and one that is difficult to break.




I agree 100% Experience counts….you see how uch we rely on Brown.

Finding worthwhile targets like Mulumbu is not easy. There are more duds in this market than gems.



Good call,and I agree with much of that. Especially the burn-out and the lack of reward for a good performance.

However,there is also a lack of sanction for a poor-or worse,CGAF-performance,and it’s this which I think needs to be addressed. So,yes,I am in favour of wholesale changes today,and there would have been another one if Lustig wasn’t required as an emergency CB.

A lot of the players I’ve suggested bringing in are not on international duty. Brendan can play them today,use the next fortnight to drill them,get them used to each other.

It will be something different for him in an international break,he can stick around and work with the players instead of sodding off to sunnier climes.


I’ve just seen the team.

Gordon; Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney; McGregor, Ntcham, Rogic, Forrest, Edouard; Griffiths

Subs: Bain, Izaguirre, Simunovic, Mulumbu, Morgan, Christie, Sinclair

That team will do well to win,and I mean it. There isn’t a defensive midfielder,and there are too many who are out of form. I’ve got a good mind to go and chuck a score on St Johnstone as the only way I can think of to guarantee a Celtic win!

PS-never backed against my team and not starting now.

Saltires en Sevilla

Yes Jamesy .., good attitude son!!!

Saltires en Sevilla

Yessss Odsonne – good attitude son


Team looking like they mean business!!

Saltires en Sevilla

Jamesy on fire now …

Benkovic has had two good efforts from set play – 3rd time lucky big man ?

Much more like the Celtic we know, more direct with a bit of pace

Saltires en Sevilla

Serbian commentator:

Good attacking play by Celtic…despite the blatant bias by referee!

I might have picked that up wrong ?

Saltires en Sevilla


Much more like it buddy.

Benkovic looks bursting to score as does Boyata

Yip, this is what we have been missing, great third goal

Saltires en Sevilla

Jamesy Rogic Jamesy – at pace

Goal Jamesy 3-0

Sol Kitts

Wee Jamesey telling me to shut my gob, big style. Willingly, wee man.

Mine anaw!

Jamsey hat trick, superb fast attacking football, great pressing to win the ball back, delighted

Saltires en Sevilla

Wee man is rampant- hatrrick

I wonder what he had in his ricicles this morning ?

Unplayable today ?

Saltires en Sevilla

Sol and Mahe

We were all thinking it …

Glad he is turning it on – quality not in doubt

Having a couple of center backs who know what they are doing allows the rest to play their natural game, lessons to be learned me thinks.

Saltires en Sevilla


Spot on – settles everyone down.

Saltires en Sevilla

Jamesy 4….


I am going to stick a couple of bob on nine, Mrs TET just told me it will be nine, spookilly Jamesy has scored four and his number is 49, how can I resist 🙂
This is a joy to watch, been few and far between lately.

Saltires en Sevilla

Hauf Time


Rogic just rolling the ball about opening up options – wee Jamesy finding acres f space and direct running at them.

Still Griff Rogic McGregor and zBenkovic to score…???

Need to calm down


Its battering doon in Perth but inside is a Forest Fire.

Saltires en Sevilla

Swan Song

Nobodies’ Fault But Mine

Durty bassa

Not so intense this half, not unexpected, must have words with the Mrs, very little back and sideways passing, this is how to do it, a couple more wouldn’t go amiss tho 🙂

That goal was superb

Saltires en Sevilla

Calum 6-0

It’s how to cut open teams that stick everyone behind the ball, fast one touch football, pass and move, pass and move and they can’t handle it.

Saltires en Sevilla

Yes great win and Jamesy totally stoke the show.

Match ball deserved trophy.

Maybe a wee corner turned abdcsome confidence back.

I hope so, the support sure need some sort of pick me up, had we not got that today the inter break would have been unbearable with thems and they are back bollix.
All I want now is out players back injury free.
Great stuff Bhoys.

,big packy

hail hail the Glasgow celtic well done bhoys.

The Gombeen Man

Terrific performance and good to see a bit of grit and determination. Great to see Brendan laughing towards the end too. Some classy fast moving football and we just brushed them aside. The usual cynical late tackles that always get missed by the officials. A red card too for a Kamakaze lunge that even a SPFL referee cringed at.

Sets us up nicely for the run up to Christmas and the PLC’s chance to redeem themselves in the Transfer Window.
Excellent early save by Craig Gordon that steadied any early nerves.

Didn’t see and have no intention of watching Sevco. Don’t know if they were ‘brilliant’ or Hearts just never turned up.
Cheers too to Livingston for bagging Sevco last week and keeping us ahead of the “ fantastic club with a great history” in the table.
Respect also to Hibs and Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock for a very impressive starts to the season.

Now it’s over to Mr Lawwell and Co for a coherent strategy to bring some credibility to the Governance of the game.