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International break time. Again. Doncha just love them? They’re absolute poison to Timternet as we know,so here at Sentinel Celts,we’ve decided to be different. We will run for the next eleven days our greatest ever team,position by position. Mahe,majoc and Saltires en Sevilla have all agreed to contribute their different take on each,though I suspect there will be a few unanimous decisions! There will also be a few honourable mentions for those who didn’t quite make the cut.
Majoc-Goalkeeper-Fraser Forster

This was a really difficult choice for me,it was very tight between Artur Boruc and FF. Both were very different goalkeepers,but both were outstanding,and this in a position where we had historically suffered. I give it to FF,because he started with a clean sheet bud lacking in confidence,and boy did he grow into that shirt. He filled all of his 6’7″ into that jersey during his time with us.

He had previously been POTY at Norwich under Paul Lambert as they cantered to their place in the EPL,but Fraser arrived to bemusement from the Celtic support. Another cheapo loan deal,they never work.

Aye. This one did. He played nearly 200 times for us over four years. By the time he left us for the usual destination,everyone in football knew who he was. Apart from the England management team of course,who shamefully ignored his progress.

He was a steady keeper in his first season or so,we weren’t doing all that great against the array of honest mistakes caused by a desperate need to keep some life in the corpse over Ibrox way. His move to hero status really came in his second season,early on. A dodgy last-minute penalty to Hearts,and we are only one up. No Celtic keeper has saved a penalty in over three years,and for reasons I’ve just mentioned,they were getting plenty of practice! Keep the ball low,into the corner,the big fella is 6’7″ and he’ll never get down in time.

Good plan. Good penalty too. Great f…..g save!!!

A Star Is Born!

Fraser just kicked on from there. His performances against Barcelona are legendary,and deserve an article to themselves. His record-smashing 1256 minutes of clean sheets-four minutes shy of FOURTEEN GAMES,ffs-will take some beating. By the time he left,he was at the top of his game,Lionel Messi quoted as being sure he would join one of the Big Six down south,and that he’d even been considered at Barcelona,where his exploits had earned him the soubriquet of The Great Wall. You can google the Spanish translation yourself.

I think we got £12m for him. Southampton got a bargain,though his treatment by them recently has been appalling.

Others worthy of a mention in my time are Ally Hunter and John Fallon. Both very unfortunate keepers,as their errors tended to be in very important matches,but otherwise very dependable. Ally was never the same after wrapping himself round the posts at Hampden. Evan Williams was dependable but never really made the position his own,somehow. We really suffered after that,I wasn’t too keen on Peter Latchford or Pat Bonnar,both long serving players. David Marshall should have been but wasn’t,and probably the best of all,Lou Macari gave a free transfer to. Shay Given. What a loss.


Saltires En Seville ,,,,,

Good idea to fill in the blanks during International Follies

This has been done before, but it’s always worthwhile and fun.

The standard fans’ 11 is as close to my actual favs as possible to get. So, I set myself a few benchmarks:

A. Have to have actually seen them play and remember them as special

B. Must be a Celts for a significant period of 100 games. It’s only my rule, but it cost me A few …sigh!

C. They must score goals – ok The Right Back gets a pass here

D. Formation is important and I’ve gone 4-2-4. If it was good enough for Jock,,,,,

  1. I saw Ronnie play live a few times but don’t remember him other than watching ‘67 Final and a few clips since.. loved big Peter (Gas Meter) Latchford but settled on the Holy Goalie  Arthur Boruc: 230 games (2005-2010). Commanding, fearless, strong and Gallus as…3rd Central Defender when required. I’m overlooking his mental streak, but the best ‘keepers should all have a bit of madness about them. Some great moments but his goal celebrations were worth the entrance money alone.



Keeper is an easy one for me if Im honest . At a mere 43 winters most of my supporting life in my humble opinion I watched a series of pretenders to the throne .

Some were better than others but ultimately it would be a long time before I seen a player amongst the sticks and felt totally at ease that he was a good one that knew his job and comfortable that we had him there. Also vitally important to me was that he wanted to be there.

And so the first man to make me think we cant do better here , relax , he’s got it covered , was Artur Boruc.


I loved him Ill admit and in his pomp he reminded me of a young Peter Schmeichel. Had an arrogance and a bit of a swagger about him which I like in an athlete ( as long as its held in check ) but the very first thing I and many would have noticed is ,,, hes a big boy .

He was big boned and as we would later see the potential was there for him to balloon in the right ( or is it wrong ) circumstances .  I see the same genes in Pochettino , and the mirror 😉


There was little not to like about him , Polish have always been welcomed fully by the Celtic family , and a certain Pope ( RIP ) helped cement that relationship . He was a little crazy , loved a bit of malarkey when he played now and then ( think blessing himself at Ibrox which resulted in a Police caution ) and was even pictured toking a post meal cigar I remember ( ala Marc Crosas).

When I think of him the overwhelming memory is saving a pen from Saha down in Manchester . He always flinched to one side and flung himself to the other , remember ? And hey , many times it worked . Wgs seemed to love the big Pole indeed and had utmost faith in him . I do like a try before you buy signing also as Ive said before and he was one .

I do think we could and should in hindsight have cashed in when Milan came sniffing around and the 12 mill figure was being thrown around which was decent wedge at the time .


He played in the besting of United and Fergie in the Champs League and shone brightly . A tale of those games reached me and probably you also so forgive me if youve read this before .

Mc Manus told a supporter of rooming with Darren Fletcher after those 2 games in SCotland duty. Darren told him Fergie was effing fuming as he had insisted they beat the leather belts being the real giant plus his pride wanted the high ground and bragging rights back in bonnie Scotland .

After the second leg in the dressing room he said to Van der Saar “ And you ya big dick , are you buying the wee Japs dvd , because youre effing in it twice ! “


So , for me , its King Artur . Thanks for the memories and the service our Polish friend . YNWA .



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I’d heard that story about the DVD before. So it must be true! It probably is,to be fair. It’s the kind of comment you could imagine from Fergie. A man for whom I have the utmost admiration,btw.

If everyone sticks to the theory of only picking the players they have seen,I really doubt we will get anyone other than the two we mentioned. Our two greatest managers in my lifetime had huge problems with their choice of keepers,why should we be any different?

I seem to recall Lou Macari taking Fergus to court for unfair dismissal,can’t recall the result,it must have f….d with the brains of the judges having to find in favour of a fenian(!) Personally,I’d have used the free transfer of Shay Given as justification. He was told by many at the time how good a talent he was letting go. Tosser.

Awe Naw

Celtic were sensational yesterday. I think without Beaton they knew they were in for a pummeling from the offski. It would be interesting to create a table to see if certain referees officiating affects the scoreline.

The game was fascinating from a few viewpoints.

With Boyata and Benkovic in the team Celtic will not be beaten while they play. What happens after January ? We have known about this situation for two years now. So the support will be lulled yet again into a false sense of security with regards the transfer window. Thinking that all we need is to be close to the top come Christmas and then a window splash and then we should extend the points difference. No No we lose Boyata and Benkovic in January and it will be squeaky bum time.

Leigh Griffiths substituted at half time (again) and never got a sniff (played well don’t get me wrong) but even he must be concerned when 5 goals in 45 minutes and he doesn´t score and still gets hooked.

I think that Salzburg are a good team. Marginally better than Celtic. Losing Skoosh on Thursday cannot have helped in any way whatsoever. The team yesterday against far inferior opposition handled the No Skoosh situation very well. More than well and I don´t think it´s a coincidence. Benkovic presence far more telling than Skoosh´s absence. We now need to start planning for two things.

1) Extending Skoosh´s carreer
2) playing without Skoosh

I also don’t think that Tom Rogic’s performance yesterday can be looked at in isolation. He was that good yesterday … why ?
Why can he only last 60 minutes ? He´s been with us for four years ???

I have to be honest and say that I never seen Lustigs´legs gone. Or wee Jamesie being a shite bag, or Mc Gregor looking jaded .. yesterday. Etc.

Eduardo looks to be coming on more with each passing game. The BHOY is 20. Although I don’t think him coming into the picture should naturally equate to Griffiths departure.

It was also interesting to hear Brendan talk about the defensive basis yesterday.

Basically with two accomplished centre backs maybe we can afford and maybe it is the right thing to do for our captain to be rested subbed more often.

Not that I´d tell Brendan what to do. Just my thoughts.

Hail Hail

,big packy

the first goalie I ever saw playing for celtic was frank haffey, jusr remember the bright yellow jersey and the bunnet, I was very young then similarly john fallon, then came1967 and my big uncle packy took me to every game that season home and away including all the European games except the final, still remember that green jersey Ronnie wore, and some remarkable saves against Eusebio of Benfica, so its Ronnie simpson for me.hh.


I suggested yesterday that judicious use of Mulumbu could extend Brown’s career. I don’t think we can afford to lose him for a while yet. Re the centre-halves,I was surprised at Simunovic getting a look in.

Re Rogic,yes,he does tend to only last an hour,but yesterday was his first game back after injury. And I seem to recall he scored the late late goal that clinched our first Treble under Brendan.

Yesterday it all clicked. It’s been a long time coming. And just in time for an international break too,bloody typical.

I hope we can come back in two weeeks against Hibs and carry on where we left off. That will put a smile on every Tim.

Awe Naw

Yep win next two games we go two points clear at the top ?

Hi,Big Packy.

That’s what we are looking for,mate. Your recollections of the best you’ve seen.

Good man.

I saw Ronnie a few times too,in my really early days,but not often enough that I could form an opinion,really. And besides,I was barely old enough for school then-who was interested in goalkeepers,ffs?!!!

,big packy

hi awenaw, i must confess i was one of the ones saying lustig needs a rest, then he puts in that performance, what do i know, yuo are correct we need to hold on to boyatta and benkovic at all costs.hh.

Awe Naw

Agree BP but It is not going to happen.,


That’s the most positive I’ve heard you about Celtic for a while,bud. It will never catch on-(!)-but enjoy the mood while it’s there.

It’s about high time we stopped the Victor Meldrew act and got the joy from our club that we used to get. Which would be peachy,except something always reminds us why we get p’d off. And it’s not often to do with the players.

Awe Naw

I can isolate those emotions. Celtic played well yesterday because the referee allowed them too. So we shouldn´t get too carried away. When you see how much we utterly destroyed the huns by and how easily the baby huns lay down it´s easy to see that it is an entirely bent league.

Awe Naw

Forster for me. His performance against Barcelona ensured that Messi still has nightmares about him.


My reading skils let me down.

I thought we were to list the best 11 keepers we have seen.

I have not seen 11 good keepers at Celtic and I have been watching a long time.

If I had to find 11 that I have seen play for Celtic it would read, in order

1. Boruc- reached heights no other keeper matched
2. – joint- Forster/Gordon- both dependably good with only one marked weakness in each case
4. Hunter- Very good for a short time, then rubbish
5. Fallon- Better, by modern standards than his rival, RS, but Jock and the LL disagree with me there
6. Simpson- The views of Jock and the LL must earn him a place
7. Marshall- A very decent keeper who had the misfortune to be here when our goalie standards were high
8. Rough- A better keeper for us than he was for Scotland
9. Williams- performed heroics in Milan and deserved to be in a winning team
10. Kharine- Very good technically but could not be arsed proving it at Celtic
11. Hedman- The Missus- not Magnus- Now she was a keeper!

I am ignoring the mythical claims for Broto who did nothing of importance and is used as a stick against Rab Douglas who should really be my no.11, or the cult heroes of Latchford & Bonner ( a good ROI keeper but not with us)

Awe Naw

Not a quiz.

Which outfield Celtic players have had to play in goal ?

saltires en sevilla

Big Packy

It seems that anyone who saw Ronnie properly, in the sense that they could understand the need for someone reliable between the stcks, will vote for him.

That weight of opinion tells me all I have to know about how good he actually was.

As Majoc said, when you were in P1/P2 who wanted to be the Goalie or ‘last pick’ at ‘sides’ ? Centre forward or tricky wingers were the only heroes of wee bhoys…not sure if that was true or still holds for kids now, with the luxury of more access to live games and replays.

Back then for me It’s was only later on having experienced a right few dull yins, especially the Oldco trebles of ’76 and ”78 …shudder…the realisation of importance of having a reliable custodian finally dawned. Those first big reverses are hard to take, after a debutant first decade of (seemingly) endless silverware and European glory.

Now consider it to be the one decision a truly successful Celtic manager must get right.

I can only think of Tommy Gemmell.


Ffs,pay attention at the back there! No,you’re definitely correct about not having eleven decent keepers to choose from,though to be fair,even I would have put Latchford and Bonnar in front of your last two! I think you did well to pick eleven from that position without recourse to the razor blades.

Hat doffed,old bean.


The wife’s family had a wee pub down in the Gorbals called the “Ben Cleuch” they remember Ronnie Simpson as a real gentleman, he rarely spoke of his own achievements but would tell them how lucky and proud he was to play for Glasgow Celtic. My first Celtic game was the 1960 Cup Final against big Jock’s Dunfermline we drew 0-0 and lost the replay on the following Wednesday. I was very, very lucky to see many great players since. The goalkeeper who in my opinion was the best would be Fraser Foster (The great wall) his very presence in goal would put players off. I have to say unusually for Celtic we have at the moment two great goal keepers and I always liked Scott Bain, to me he comes off his line more and commands his box, while Gordon is a great shot stopper.

Its great to have the safety valve of a good keeper and we have in Boyata and Benkovic two wonderful centre-halves, with K.T. on the left and Stephen O’Donnell of Killie on the right, our defence would be sorted, for this season andthen no doubt, both centre-halves will sadly be for the off….


It seems I have a few decades advantage on the panel. Ronnie Simpson is my choice because of his career with Celtic and other clubs. He was a standout with Hibs and helped them avoid relegation. He also starred with Newcastle in two cup finals, although I confess to not seeing those.

He was all wrong to be a goalie for Celtic, when he arrived….too small and too old! John Fallon had the jersey at the time. However, he had fantastic reflexes and was very agile. Heck, he is our only goalie to lift the European Cup. Finally, anyone who played for Third Lanark deserves consideration…..TL vs Raith at Cathkin was the first game I saw!

Of the modern era, I would select Foster over Boruc, although the latter had it on charisma! Fraser was more consistent for Celtic after a woobly start.



The best goalie I have seen playing against Celtic was Eddie Connachan of Dunfermline. His performances vs us in the 1961 cup were outstanding. He made impossible saves time after time. I recall, as a boy, hoping that he would not concede a goal as he had earned that right in first game of the final. It ended 0-0. In the replay we lost 2-0 after another fine performance by Connachan. You could see the confidence of Chalmers, Hughes etc draining as they overthought how to beat Connachan.


saltires en sevilla


Love these interesting notes from that period. The ‘faithful’ era.

Was Eddie coonected in some way to Dennis Connachan…I feel I should know that already but it’s lost somewhere?


Awe Naw
saltires en sevilla

Aw Naw/Majoc

Distant memory of Tommy Gemmell pitting on the goalie jersey.
Did Roy Aitken step in for Roy Baines in an awy game… just a grasping notion.

There must be more…

Awe Naw

Lex Baillie ?

Awe Naw

Celtic will not stand in manager Brendan Rodgers’ way should Aston Villa make an approach for him, says major shareholder Dermot Desmond.

Rodgers is one of the bookmakers’ favourites to replace Steve Bruce after the Villa boss was unceremoniously sacked for a string of poor results

Desmond says he would grant Rodgers permission to speak to Aston Villa, but hopes he would stay at Celtic.

“I’m glad he’s the favourite,” Desmond told Sky Sports.

“He’s an outstanding person. We wouldn’t want him to leave but we won’t force him to stay.

“He has to understand that he is just an employee of the club and we cannot indulge him in his spending fantasies

“Hopefully his love for the club and the set-up here will induce him to stay on lower wages and less of a budget than he can get in the championship.

“I don’t think you can put handcuffs on anybody if they want to go to a club as good as Aston Villa. It will be Brendan’s decision and his decision only.”

“He can possibly continue his love affair with John McGinniesta and learn to keep his tongue in his mouth during the close season then all the better for Villa”

Former Liverpool and Swansea boss Rodgers has enjoyed huge success since replacing Ronny Deila as Celtic manager in the summer of 2016.

He hase led Celtic football club to two consecutive Trebles, going unbeaten domestically for his first entire season as his side claimed the Premiership title, the League Cup and the Scottish Cup.

Celtic are on course to become the first club in the history of the game to win Treble Trebles

Aston Villa say a successor will be appointed “on Thursday”.


That’s the one Awe Naw, John Simpson was the wife’s Grandad. You know, she visited them every week-end, travelling on the train and then two buses to get to see them, she would sit in the snug-bar and sip on a lemonade, she tells me that never once was she ever frightened and that everyone treated her well and with respect. Thanks for the link…

The Gombeen Man

My first European match was the epic in 1974 versus Basle, so I can’t claim to have an encyclopedic knowledge of our keepers but there are a few that immediately spring to mind.Let’s see who immediately comes to mind ?

Peter Latchford, he seemed to be with us for years. Packie Bonner, the thinking man’s pundit who brings something very different to his analysis. Both gave their best but lacked something.

Packie’s best moment came in the Italia ’90 and that penality save against Romania’s Daniel Timofte. Packie’s save was voted The Favourite Moment in Irish Sport in 2018. That save seemed to galvanise the nation and epitomised Ireland’s rejuvenance from the economic and social darkness of the 80s.
Rab Douglas, who in fairness has gone on to continue play the game and highlighted John Brown for eejit he is.
Jonathon Gould, always seemed a decent type of guy, solid and reliable character.

The Holy Goalie, some fantastic performances with a maverick streak to boot, that won hearts and broke a few too.
Who can forget him ‘running’ across the pitch at Ibrox the flying the flag? Despite his ability he had a tendency to let himself go a bit..Not helped by the invasive and cruel Scottish Media, no doubt . I was delighted too that his career didn’t go into obscurity after Celtic.

Fraser Forster, I saw him develop at Celtic and used to sit and admire the diligence of warm ups before the games. A consummate professional who seemed to have it all. That night against Barcelona will be a match that many of us will never forget. The night epitomised everything that I love about Celtic.The David and Goliath spirit, passion and the family.

Maybe the fact too that Fraser was a big English guy with no allegiance to the club but he showed that Celtic are a club open to all ; the decency that always defined Celtic and should always characterise everything we do.

The paradox for me was, we are normally honourably beaten in these games. A last minute calamity, a referee’s ‘lapse’ whatever the case be, it usually ends with ‘what might have been’. It didn’t that night, it was different.

For the rest of my days I’ll cherish Fraser’s performance that day. I’ll remember where I was, who I was with and the feeling for days afterwards. Is Fraser the Greatest Ever Goalkeeper to have played for Celtic ?

It’s a close call but thinking back to his performance that night I’d go for Fraser.


It would be wrong to talk about Celtic goalkeepers without mentioning the most famous of them all ,”Darling Johnny” John Thomson. RIP .Celtic Graves have a wonderful booklet that you can buy for a modest sum. “Remembering the 80th Anniversary Pilgrimage”. He is buried in the wee town of Cardenden in Fife.The laddie frae Cardenden who made a distinct impression on his minister, who, in the aftermath of John’s sudden death, decided that an event should be held in Glasgow for the people of the city to pay tribute to John and what a tribute it would be…

The crowds that turned up, nobody could have expected that volume of people paying their respects for their “Darling Johnny”. there was 5000 outside the church. The Reverend concluded.. “But our hearts are full of sorrow as we bid him a long farewell. We did more than admire him. We loved him. Hewas so much that we would like to be.

A young lad named John Thomson, from the West of Fife he came,
To play for Glasgow Celtic and to make himself a name.

Farewell my darling Johnny,
Prince of players we must part,
No more we’ll stand and cheer you,
On the slopes of Celtic Park.

A hat doffed to those wonderful supporters who look after John’s grave, they tend it with a loving care and remember him for the hero he was, a wee laddie frae Cardenden, who was as brave as a lion and who gave his short life for the club he loved. “Darling Johnny, Prince of Players.

Awe Naw

A young lad named John Thomson,
From the west of Fife he came,
To play for Glasgow Celtic,
And to build himself a name.

On the fifth day of September,
‘gainst the Rangers club he played,
From defeat he saved the Celtic,
Ah but what a price he paid.

The ball rolled from the centre,
Young John ran out and dived,
The ball rolled by; young John lay still,
For his club this hero died.

I took a trip to Parkhead,
To the dear old Paradise,
And as the players came out,
Sure the tears fell from my eyes.

For a famous face was missing,
From the green and white brigade,
And they told me Johnny Thomson,
His last game he had played.

Farewell my darling Johnny,
Prince of players we must part,
No more we’ll stand and cheer you,
On the slopes of Celtic Park.

Now the fans they all are silent,
As they travel near and far,
No more they’ll cheer John Thomson,
Our bright and shining star.

So come all you Glasgow Celtic,
Stand up and play the game,
For between your posts there stands a ghost,
Johnny Thomson is his name.



The Gombeen Man

Good call Mike

My Granda always talked about John Thompson. I get a chill everytime I think think of the old footage of the injury. The song is haunting and still could brings a tear to the eye and connects Celtic to something bigger than the game of football.
Different game in those days when you see any clips of challenges on keepers and the weight of the footballs etc.

Certainly my Favourite and for what he sacrificed probably the Greatest too.

I saw your post to me on Saturday and hopefully you are right about the PLC. I’ll return to that topic again.


Awe Naw

In the pantheons of Great Goalkeeper performances for Celtic Fraser against Barcelona was only the second best performance from a Celtic player against Barcelona. MON quote that night was “you can now retire son”

The Gombeen Man

MON always had a way of catching the moment with a quick witted line.
My Mam met him the day before we played the deed mob…

She says ‘You’re doing a great job, Martin.’

He says ‘Let’s hope you’re still saying that tomorrow.’ 🙂

He didn’t do too bad at Villa. Different owners though.

‘On 20 July 2018 it was announced that the NSWE group, an Egyptian company owned by the Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris and the American billionaire Wes Edens were to invest in the football club. They purchased a controlling 55% stake in the club and Sawiris took over the role of club chairman.’



Although I do not stay in Fife, I live not more than 10 miles from his grave, I visit it most years, I still remember my Grandad taking me to visit it when I was a wee laddie, as a keepsake I still have a pebble from his grave-site. His is a great but a tragic story and its good that we remember those wonderful players who once played for our great club.

As for the PLC I am not blinded to what they do or do not do, supporters are right to be suspicious, but we have always been a fair support and always take time before we judge, but patience is not infinite, if they make the wrong calls then we have every right to call them out..


That’s nothing-wait till my Dad comes on and tells us that Charlie Tully was the best he’s EVER seen,in EVERY position,so there! Bit of manlove there,I think!!

Seriously though,the floor is open especially to those with more memories than others. And as a veteran of the famine years,I’m delighted to bow to your superior knowledge.


Ah,the AWENAW specials. How they were missed!

Mind,that’s outstanding even by your standards…


So glad you mentioned Johnny Thomson. To be remembered as he is,and almost 90 years later,well,his death was a tragedy,but his short life is a legend.

Awe Naw

Wait until Friday …. you might not be so complimentary 🙂

Awe Naw

I thought Benkovic was only here until January. My mistake it is a season long loan. That´s why Simunovic was on the pitch again yesterday.

Aye,I missed our,erm,heated debates too!

The Gombeen Man


Celtic supporters are connected to the Club through our DNA. We almost share the same soul. That’s what our detractors can’t see and it can never be bought or sold.That connection is far deeper than any short term disagreements about strategy or personalities.
That is one of the main reasons that Investors see value at Celtic. We are much more than football or a brand.

It’s re-assuring to know and I think healthy for the club to know that you are not ‘blinded’ by any form of bluster or propaganda. It might be in the interest of the whole Club if we exercise patience…events at Sevco, SPFL etc and Brendan might begin to test that quality

Fair play for your contributions this morning.

I’ll check in later and see how the goalkeeper debate is going.


Awe Naw

The ones which I always won politely while you were proposing marriage to hunfiltrators ? 🙂

Aye,you usually won,but not often so politely. Who were the hunfiltrators?



Thanks, saw your reply to me yesterday but it was too late to respond, we all think alike in many, many Celtic things, its great that our club has supporters who want only the very best for wonderful club…

Awe Naw

Stop being so thin skinned. Now if I was to tell you that You´d be broken hearted 🙂

Awe Naw

ike the vikings and several English kings before him, Chris Hughton is planning a smash-and-grab raid on Scotland. The Brighton manager is a longtime admirer of Celtic’s Callum McGregor and is hopeful of bringing the midfielder to the Amex Stadium in January for £10m. The 25-year-old has made 21 appearances this season and his club will be reluctant to let him go. However, if Celtic fail to progress from the Europa League group stages, they might well be persuaded to cash in on their asset, who is reported to be keen to try his luck in the Premier League. By Barry Glendinning

Not thin skinned at all,AWENAW. That’s one of the prerequisites for having a blether with you! Or either of your brothers,come to that. Withering like paintstripper sometimes.



You are absolutely right, we read about the “Unseen Fenian Hand” but its the heart that matters our passion for our great club and we all want the very best for it, for it to succeed in a troubling sectarian country, with a governing body not fit for purpose.

We must all stay together, if we are united nobody can touch us, but that doesn’t mean that we are sheep, easily led, we are too intelligent than to be led up the garden path, we must question those in power if they do not do what is best for Celtic, not meekly accept what they say.

Every supporter has a duty to express his opinion, only through worthwhile respectful debate can we get a feel for what is right or wrong, its just a pity that we do not have access at present to what is happening behind the scenes. But that might come in time.

I really enjoy your posts and your views on all things Celtic.

Awe Naw

I´m only joking (as always) I´m the nice one btw. I still carry the mental scars that the other two sewed and reaped

saltires en sevilla