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As we wave a sad farewell to our Best Player series-canny believe Mahe throwing a McGrory curveball at the death!-I’m delighted to introduce the following.

On This Day,which is compiled by SALTIRESENSEVILLA.

Should this day resonate with you for any reason,please feel free to contribute. Yer man now has his head stuck in various almanacs as he prepares the next episode in this series!!!




130 years ago today. (1888)


Saturday 20/10/1888 Celtic made their Debut in a ‘friendly’ versus Hibernians at Easter Road.

A main feature of the game was the toxic atmosphere, as Hibs fans rounded on the contingent of former Hibernian players now playing for Celts. Patrick Gallacher, in particular, coming in for plenty of attention.

Shouts of ‘traitors’ ‘Judas’ and ‘professionals’ ( that must have hurt) failed to have the desired effect as Coleman and then Dunbar ( twice) put Celtic ahead, with Celtic holding a 3-0 lead at half-time.

The second half was marred by a break-in by a few hundred Hibs fans complaining about a disallowed goal. Some also surrounded Celtic players and the Celtic Umpire considered withdrawing the team from play.

Sufficient Order was restored to allow the game to close after only 35 (pre-agreed) minutes of the second half.

There was no further scoring and Celtic to a 3-0 win and a right GIRUY back to the West.

The attendance was reported as between 3,000 and 5,000.

In their first full season the new team from Glasgow were beginning to make a significant mark on Scottish football.

Match reports: Edinburgh Evening News & Glasgow Herald 22/10/1888


In other news that day.

Times London/Dublin Times- Whitechapel murder investigations continue and the latest ‘letter’ from Jack the Ripper was read out to police officers in the new Cannon-Row station. Police dogs (Bloodhounds) are finding pieces of human remains scattered around Embankment.

A man who had written “ I am Jack the Ripper” on a wall in Islington was chased for some distance but got clear away.

Telegraph – letter from a Young Lady (who is clearly not actually reading the newspapers) visiting London, complained that she couldn’t cross the road at The Strand due to the volume of empty cabs parked ( yet another clue to get tay…!!)

Police had helped her cross roads at Bond Street and Regent Street. Why can’t police assist ladies around Charing Cross the same as they do near Piccadilly?
(Ed. Hmmm They might have been busy washing the police dogs.)

Telegraph -Are fried fish refreshments? Wandsworth Magistrates heard the case of a man accused of selling fried fish without a licence. There is a popular impression that only drinks are ‘refreshing’ in an exciseable sense, but prosecuting solicitors argued that judges had already decided that solid food, if cooked, came under this head.


60 years ago 1958:

Celtic travel to Griffin Park, Brentford for ‘friendly’ opening of new floodlights. Ex- Celt Malcolm McDonald managing Brentford welcomed a strong squad of 16 from Glasgow including: Beattie, Mochan, Fernie, Crerand, Jackson, Divers, Tully and Kurila (debut)
Match played 21st October Brentford won 2-0. Attendance 11,000.

Boxer Thomas Hearns born
Actor Vigo Mortenson born


20 years ago 1998

UEFA CUP 2nd round
Celtic 1 FC Zurich 1
Gould; Boyd, Mahe, McNamara, Larsson, Burley, Brattbakk (Jackson 74), O’Donnell, Donnelly, Lambert, McKinley.
Scorer: Brattbakk 23.

Horrendous defensive injury list of Rieper & Stubbs (Riseth ineligible) Annoni ( had requested a transfer and left out …with ‘flu’)

Brattbakk scores in 23 minutes to offer some hope, but Celtic are guilty of passing up good chances to consolidate their lead.

Mahe played well, starting alongside Boyd as an emergency central defender. Burley also stepped back into defence after Boyd’s dismissal late in the first half.!

Manager Josef Venglos could not have planned for Boyd sending off (handball), Gould saved the penalty, but watched a 75th minute cross from Fischer drift into his net.

44,121 fans knew a win in Zurich to ensure progress in the competition would be unlikely.

2nd leg on 3rd November, another makeshift central defence of Mahe and Hannah, held firm until 2nd half when they then contrived to lose 3 goals by the hour mark. O’Donnell had already clawed one back on 57 minutes and Larsson offered some real hope of a shock away goal advantage situation, with a goal in in 72 minutes to take the overall aggregate score to 4-3.

Now a third away goal could mean victory. Alas, Sant’ Anna scored the 4th Zurich goal of the night in 75 minutes and Celts succumbed to a 5-3 agg. Defeat.

Another dull yin!!

In other news …

Celtic fans looking at the substitutes bench that night are consoled as Richard Pryor is awarded the 1st ever Mark Twain Prize for American humour ( humor)

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Ah,Brentford. When I lived in London early on,I would sometimes pop in to the bars that surround the ground. It famously has one on each corner,actually,it Seven heaven. Last time I was there,I saw Amido Balde score!

Smashing day out,pre-match with the peerless STEINREIGNEDSUPREME and friends-must get back in touch with him,he’d be brilliant on here-and afterwards with the Wimbledon CSC and West London CSC in The Royal Horseguards or summat.

Managed to get back to Swindon too,but that is another story.

Btw,here’s the theme music to your new series.


Lordy,that lady could sing…

majoc, Love this song too.


I could listen to her all day,mate. Like so many in her day,womenespecially,totally and ruthlessly exploited by her management and label.

I think it gave many of her songs an added edge.

Garry Duncan

On this day in 1950, the late great Tom Petty was born. Big loss to music. Loved The Heartbreakers. I Won’t Back Down and Learning to Fly being played in tribute on Absolute Radio. DJ Sarah Champion has just given a shout out to Padraig, Sean South and Garry Owen travelling to Celtic Park today. Haha qualiteee

A thing of beauty

Posted a lengthy comment earlier but obviously made a pigs ear of it. In the pub now posting from phone so just to say interesting article. Not just now we can’t get a centre half pairing. COYBIG

Garry Duncan

Here we go again.
We’re on the road again.
We’re on the road again.
We’re on our way to Paradise
3 points please.

,big packy

on this day 85 years ago my big uncle packy was born, he introduced me to celtic, hence the blog name. he used to take me with him to every game home and away in my teen years, sadly passed away 4 years ago. gone but not forgotten. rest in peace uncle packy,h.h.


Just now talking among ourselves and without wishing to be controversial for the sake of it, but I have the feeling that their is more to the Leigh Griffiths story than meets the eye – he seems incapable of staying fit & well for any prolonged period of time – perplexing.

The Gombeen Man

Mon the Hoops !!

Superb football in the build up, wonderful goal from the Wizard of Oz

The Gombeen Man

Hibs started well but we look hungry and moving it quickly

The Gombeen Man

2 nil yeeessss

Garry Duncan

Quality first half Celtic. Got our mojo back in Perth and today. Should be 5 or 6 nothing here.

The Gombeen Man

Anyone know what happened to Broonie

Schoolboy error.

C&p before attempting to send a lengthy post.

Yer telt.


I recall you telling us he was yer man when you were a kid.

He did a good job.

R I P Big Packy.

Kwality football again

Some of the football we have played today has been sublime

The Gombeen Man

Didn’t see it all, great to watch and good to get a positive result. I’ll take a 4:2 rather than a 1 nil all day long.

saltires en sevilla

Great result today, sounds like fantastic game.

Glad big Tom found space!!

I am not kidding when I say it could have been double figures again, hit the woodwork five times and missed a good handful of sitters, their keeper pulled of a couple of incredible saves, all in all a superb display and a very welcome three points.

The Gombeen Man

I thought wee Forrest’s run for the third was class. The way he looked up before the pass was amazing. Eddy could run riot after a bit of time with Brendan.
Hibs are no slouches in the SPFL and made a great game of it.

We did the simple things right, we passed and moved, the ball control was what it should be, it stuck, we changed formation three times without a hint of bother, I hope we really punish someone soon, starting with the mini huns next week would be nice.
Yip, Hibs are a very decent outfit, Lenny has done wonders with little money, Pedros dream kinda manager 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Maybe Lenny fits the bill financially but could he be trusted not to upset Pedro’s tight lipped propaganda machine ?
Pedro must live in fear of someone spilling the beans 😉

,big packy

thanks mick. .hh.

I don’t know, he hasn’t uttered a word so far, he has hinted but…….
The football world is a very small place, everyone knows everyone else’s business, while they are still in the game and looking for employment they play the game, what surprises me is those who are out of the game still play the game, lot’s of games there but you know what I mean 🙂

,big packy

TGM/TET. would have lenny back in a heartbeat,but only if Brendan goes,ove the two of them both hunskelpers whats not to like.hh.

He wouldn’t be at the top of my list, but we could do worse, we probably will if Pedro has anything to do with it.

,big packy

TET. see where your coming from, but pedro unfortunately is still there. we could do worse.hh.

The Gombeen Man

It looks to be if you say anything almost at any club, you will be black balled. Everyone has bills to pay and spilling the beans isn’t an option. Most fans are so tunnel visioned they probably see it as anti Celtic. You’d maybe be a one day wonder in a tabloid but the next days cod and chips wrapper.

Proof,that’s the problem.

Even Bobo didn’t speak out. Think of the players who have been battered lumps out of,only one spoke out.

Jan Bartraam. Hammer throwers,he termed everyone. He was right. Career over.

I agree, but and always the but, there are 000s of players who are out of the game yet they still don’t say anything, that bothers me somewhat.

The Gombeen Man

Big Packy,& TET,

The last time it was taken out of Pedro’s hands.I’d imagine he’ll be keen to cut costs with no CL money. Brendan is expensive and whatever is the problem with signings he’ll be worried that we might take a hit there too.

The Gombeen Man

Just not the done thing…it’s a cash in hand business from the early days of a players career.Don’t think anyone wants to rock the boat. Rankers just felt so entitled that they almost blew it for everyone
It’s just a matter of trying to move on and keep the tills ringing.

,big packy

the gombeen man, unfortunately you have it spot on .hh.

A thing of beauty

Fantastic game today. We played some beautiful football and should have scored 5 Or 6. Surprised by the decision to bring on kouassi. Brendan seems to bring players in from cold storage for big games and players struggle to get up to speed. Sure enough hints break through a large hole in the middle of the park almost as soon as he came on. I don’t want to be harsh on the boy so will leave it there but for me it’s unfair to ask players to slot in to fast paced games from nowhere. My motm Edoaurd. Thought he played really well through the middle first half and then off the left in the second.

I know you are right, worked in a few places over the years that are the same, the rigs are a perfect mirror, the last thing you want to do is rock the boat.
One job I had could have been termed as a dream job, great money for little work, the time away from the family was the killer but the rewards were hard to say no to, a planed three day shut down on the BP Forties field, we were testing the main oil line to the platform that decanted the oil to the tankers, day twelve and we were on the last line, a big line btw, a 36″ pipe, pressured up to 1500 psi with liquid nitrogen converted to gas, one of the check valves didn’t close when it should, so a BP engineer decided to hit it with a hammer when it was about 1000 psi, metal under pressure becomes very brittle and can explode at any time esp if it’s disturbed, I told yer man to stop, up to 1200 he did it again, he was trying to shock the valve into closing so the line could be signed off, I told him if he did it again I would shut the test down, he did so I shut it down, it was 4 am on a sunday morning, the rig manager agreed it was the right thing to do as the engineer could have killed a heap of us, my boss on shore agreed, I was on the next chopper home and never worked on a BP field again……..I digress, it’s a small industry and people look after each other even to their own detriment.

I hope Phil won’t mind me posting this here,but it is both wonderful and disgraceful.


What he describes is disgraceful. How he describes it is wonderful.

British School of Engineering,K. Hit it with a bigger hammer.

5 or 6? Did you leave early? Hit the woodwork that often!

Only kidding,good to read/hear such great reviews. Just like the old days.

That’s about the stretch of it mi amigo 🙂

The Gombeen Man


That has to be the way of it. All the way to UEFA,FIFA etc.Spanish football the same, Italy etc.
Everyone has their finger in the pie. It’s just the way it goes. In Scotland there’s the added bonus of the Old Firm and all it’s nonsense.
Celtic are hopefully just players in a corrupt system that mirrors everything else.
By their silence they are just playing the game and pretending to be the good guys. It’s a wider than football thing the old dishonesty.

Yip and just to rub it in, it’s all hidden in plain sight.

You and I should have a conference call after the AGM,mate. I doubt it will end well,and there’s no way we should allow what is likely to happen that day to be the end of it. What do you know,what do you suspect-and why!!!-and who can you get to add or corroborate?

THEEXILEDTIM has long said the huns will get away with it. So did my kid sis,btw. It’s up to us all to keep the fight going,even if we end up shitting on our own doorstep.

After all,if what I believe turns out to be true,it is not shitting on our doorstep,it will be a heated driveway. And that might at long last raise a helluva stink.

We have always known we were being cheated, they called us paranoid, they laughed at us year on year cos they knew we could do nothing about it, they carried on laughing at us all the while cheating us, eventually they were the masters of their own downfall, they didn’t even get caught, the stupid feckers blew it, their sense of entitlement done for them, even then they were still cheating the game and were getting away with it, now that we know they cheated their tact has changed from us being paranoid to us being obsessed and it’s working a treat, we are in the main obsessed with them, why, because they are still laughing at us and we are doing feck all about it, we are still throwing money at them, they are laughing even more at us,, our custodians are filling their bank accounts off the backs of the support and they are also laughing at us, and just to rub it in they are lying to us, Pedro told the Res 12 boys give me the silver bullet and I will fire it, as big a lie as he ever told I reckon, they gave him a handful of silver bullets, the sfa even told Celtic to go to CAS about it FFS, what did they do, nada, why, that’s a good question, it can only be one of two things, they have something to hide, or they fear losing out on money in the short term, they have no long term plan apart from the OF, that’s it, scottish football is the golden goose and the OF is the integral part of their ambitions, this is a board that are getting slavered over on some sites as being the best thing since sliced bread, they are a joke, no plan for the future, a feckin joke.
Beat the huns and it’s everything in the Celtic garden is rosy, that’s yer super dooper board for you, allowed 000’s of millions to be stolen from us without a whisper, aye, they deserve a medal so they do.
FC not PLC

The Gombeen Man


Two results in a poor league and the PLC are laughing up their sleeves all the way to the Bank.
Unfortunately the support lap it up. They just don’t care what the Board do so long as the other lot are beaten.

It’s like an addiction…Although folk know it’s going to be painful in the long term they still line up for the short term hit……Simples.

They are completely ignoring all the warnings all the hazard signs and still turning up on Blogs to discuss ‘real fitba. ‘

The obsession about Celtic(PLC) completely overrides any moral or logical perception.

It’s music to PL’s, DD’s, Neil Doncaster’s and Dave King’s ears.


An addict will only tell you they are gonna stop when they are high, they will give it up tomorrow, as soon as it wears off…..what gets me is that so, so many of the Celtic support are actually quite intelligent yet they are so, so stupid in the same breath, brainwashed by Gombeen men, how sad is that 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Yep, always mañana.

They off chasing the next buzz instead of facing reality. (Sevco game or January Window)

Living in an illusion and everything else goes out the window. (Generation of Domination)

They’ll have an answer for everything, a justification. It’s someone else’s fault. (Not going will hurt Celtic)

Everything possible to create a distraction and avoid looking at their own behaviour. (‘You’re no a real Celtic Man’).

Classic avoidance because the thrill of the hit is better than the pain of reality,

A Psychologist would have a field day, especially if he looked at the posts folk had made over the last couple of years and yet they still pay up and get ‘their hit.’


My Mrs would be one of them psychologist folks, over the years she has marveled at the blogs I am on, she has always threatened to write something about it, hopefully she will one day, she is nearly finished her third book, then she is going to rewrite her first one, I have had a sneak preview of it and it’s side splitting, the one she is on just now is taking up her life, she sends me stuff to proof read every other day, it’s absorbing, again I digress, she did write a short story a few years back for an Irish publication, off hand can’t remember what it was, anyways it was about twins seperated at birth and their life in the years ahead, one from each side of the divide, a gruesome look at the garbage that is sectarianism in scotland, we have had our fair share of the shite, one of the reasons we left scotland, sad when the team you support causes you to leave the place you were born, wrong place wrong time, or right place right time, whatever.
Up soon.
Take care and God bless Timland