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As we wave a sad farewell to our Best Player series-canny believe Mahe throwing a McGrory curveball at the death!-I’m delighted to introduce the following.

On This Day,which is compiled by SALTIRESENSEVILLA.

Should this day resonate with you for any reason,please feel free to contribute. Yer man now has his head stuck in various almanacs as he prepares the next episode in this series!!!




130 years ago today. (1888)


Saturday 20/10/1888 Celtic made their Debut in a ‘friendly’ versus Hibernians at Easter Road.

A main feature of the game was the toxic atmosphere, as Hibs fans rounded on the contingent of former Hibernian players now playing for Celts. Patrick Gallacher, in particular, coming in for plenty of attention.

Shouts of ‘traitors’ ‘Judas’ and ‘professionals’ ( that must have hurt) failed to have the desired effect as Coleman and then Dunbar ( twice) put Celtic ahead, with Celtic holding a 3-0 lead at half-time.

The second half was marred by a break-in by a few hundred Hibs fans complaining about a disallowed goal. Some also surrounded Celtic players and the Celtic Umpire considered withdrawing the team from play.

Sufficient Order was restored to allow the game to close after only 35 (pre-agreed) minutes of the second half.

There was no further scoring and Celtic to a 3-0 win and a right GIRUY back to the West.

The attendance was reported as between 3,000 and 5,000.

In their first full season the new team from Glasgow were beginning to make a significant mark on Scottish football.

Match reports: Edinburgh Evening News & Glasgow Herald 22/10/1888


In other news that day.

Times London/Dublin Times- Whitechapel murder investigations continue and the latest ‘letter’ from Jack the Ripper was read out to police officers in the new Cannon-Row station. Police dogs (Bloodhounds) are finding pieces of human remains scattered around Embankment.

A man who had written “ I am Jack the Ripper” on a wall in Islington was chased for some distance but got clear away.

Telegraph – letter from a Young Lady (who is clearly not actually reading the newspapers) visiting London, complained that she couldn’t cross the road at The Strand due to the volume of empty cabs parked ( yet another clue to get tay…!!)

Police had helped her cross roads at Bond Street and Regent Street. Why can’t police assist ladies around Charing Cross the same as they do near Piccadilly?
(Ed. Hmmm They might have been busy washing the police dogs.)

Telegraph -Are fried fish refreshments? Wandsworth Magistrates heard the case of a man accused of selling fried fish without a licence. There is a popular impression that only drinks are ‘refreshing’ in an exciseable sense, but prosecuting solicitors argued that judges had already decided that solid food, if cooked, came under this head.


60 years ago 1958:

Celtic travel to Griffin Park, Brentford for ‘friendly’ opening of new floodlights. Ex- Celt Malcolm McDonald managing Brentford welcomed a strong squad of 16 from Glasgow including: Beattie, Mochan, Fernie, Crerand, Jackson, Divers, Tully and Kurila (debut)
Match played 21st October Brentford won 2-0. Attendance 11,000.

Boxer Thomas Hearns born
Actor Vigo Mortenson born


20 years ago 1998

UEFA CUP 2nd round
Celtic 1 FC Zurich 1
Gould; Boyd, Mahe, McNamara, Larsson, Burley, Brattbakk (Jackson 74), O’Donnell, Donnelly, Lambert, McKinley.
Scorer: Brattbakk 23.

Horrendous defensive injury list of Rieper & Stubbs (Riseth ineligible) Annoni ( had requested a transfer and left out …with ‘flu’)

Brattbakk scores in 23 minutes to offer some hope, but Celtic are guilty of passing up good chances to consolidate their lead.

Mahe played well, starting alongside Boyd as an emergency central defender. Burley also stepped back into defence after Boyd’s dismissal late in the first half.!

Manager Josef Venglos could not have planned for Boyd sending off (handball), Gould saved the penalty, but watched a 75th minute cross from Fischer drift into his net.

44,121 fans knew a win in Zurich to ensure progress in the competition would be unlikely.

2nd leg on 3rd November, another makeshift central defence of Mahe and Hannah, held firm until 2nd half when they then contrived to lose 3 goals by the hour mark. O’Donnell had already clawed one back on 57 minutes and Larsson offered some real hope of a shock away goal advantage situation, with a goal in in 72 minutes to take the overall aggregate score to 4-3.

Now a third away goal could mean victory. Alas, Sant’ Anna scored the 4th Zurich goal of the night in 75 minutes and Celts succumbed to a 5-3 agg. Defeat.

Another dull yin!!

In other news …

Celtic fans looking at the substitutes bench that night are consoled as Richard Pryor is awarded the 1st ever Mark Twain Prize for American humour ( humor)

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Jamal Khashoggi went into the Consulate to obtain a marriage certificate. Once inside he became belligerent and aggressive towards the normally meek and mild highly trained security detail who just happened to have dropped in for a visit.

These men were at a loss as what to do with their day (presumably Prince Mohammad bin Salman had given them all the day off) so thought it would be a jolly jape to charter two planes to visit Turkey for a couple of hours.

They greeted Khashoggi cordially but he snapped and decided to go all Jackie Chan on them despite being old, overweight and out-of-shape, and the 15 of them being highly trained professional soldiers half his age.

In the process of defending themselves, Khashoggi repeatedly ran into their fists and the bonesaw one of them had accidentally packed before finishing himself off by wrapping one of the security teams fingers round his own throat until he died by asphyxiation. Jamal would have done this himself but he had already accidentally chopped his own fingers off with the aforementioned bonesaw.

Jamal then dismembered himself, jumped into several suitcases and snuck out of the Consulate in the confusion, hiding his parts Lord only knows where.

The security team were so shocked at Khashoggi’s bizarre behaviour, they rushed back to Saudi Arabia and denied all knowledge.

Yep, that makes perfect sense to me.

Glad it’s all been cleared up and Trump can get back to more important things, like lauding politicians who assault reporters. Because nothing bad could possibly happen from a politician attacking a reporter, right?

The Gombeen Man

Sleep well TET, The guys still going are good guys, I’ve plenty of family among them. Let’s hope that they aren’t sold down the river by the Gombeen Men 🙂

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-I’m not brain washed,just enjoy going to the fitba with ma dad(78).Hopefully for a wee while yet??

Garry Duncan

Predicted that yesterday would be game of the season. It was. Magical

The Gombeen Man

Great idea for a new series…Fair play, SeS,

Reading about Jack The Ripper got me looking through the tenuous links between Royalty and Jack.

I’m tempted to start ranting about the Royal Family, the Freemasons and the Met’s role in the Whitechapel Murders but I heard they’d pinned all of that on a poor young Polish fella.

Thank God Prince Albert Victor was cleared by the emergence of vital documentary evidence that he was with his granny,Queen Victoria at the material times.

Albert was also linked to the notorious Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889. Where it was claimed that the government of the time covered up a scandal involving aristocrats and young working class messenger boys.
Happily this was all found to be unfounded tittle tattle and everyone ‘move on.’ (sort off).
Albert hurriedly headed off to India and later died of flu during the pandemic of 1892.

The ‘Royal Old Firm’ stood up o the plate and Albert’s fiance Mary of Beck, later married Albert’s younger brother…;
He became King George V. She became Queen consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Empress of India and would later ensure that standards were maintained when her son, Edward abdicated to marry the scarlet woman Wallis Simpson.

Like Sevco, the Royals have changed and there’s absolute transparency and accountability these days.

See how I resisted the temptation to talk about the Royals 🙂


saltires en sevilla


Cheers buddy, very interesting on Albert, need to check that out

Majoc – great song and uplifting sentiment. New Dawn…New Day …every 24 hours make a fresh start..

Garry- took me a long time to get into Tom Petty – enjoyed tracking back – fantastic

Big Packy – your uncle sounds like the kind of guy we could all enjoy a beer with…

Note (mea culpa) – I should have Referenced the very excellent Celtic Wiki site as the font of all things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site ( not c&p tho’ ) The guys who set this up and painstakingly keep it updated deserve no end of credit and praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order and a treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old and new- literally days of enjoyment only a click away.
Respect Bhoys!

saltires en sevilla

A Thing of Beauty

Cheers buddy

Hope you manage to retrieve your ‘lost’ post?

Send it to Mahe for sharing


A thing of beauty

Och it was just a lengthier version of what I posted from the pub before the game. No great loss.

Mahe is gonna need to make sure the legals are on the case for my article tomorrow.

Dallas needs to be called out for this. Two penalties awarded,one turned down.

Guess which one was the stonewaller. Guess which two were awarded to Rangers.

If Boerrigter is guilty of cheating for a penalty by going down too easily-despite it being a tackle from behind which didn’t get near the ball,in other words a bloody penalty-then that performance from Dallas should see him thrown out of the game.

It would in any other country. I wonder which game he is refereeing in Europe this week as he continues to make over £100k plus expenses for being his cheating piece of filth dad’s son.

Sol Kitts

As soon as Accies equalised, Dallas was desperate to give Sevco something, and he didn’t even try to hide it. I was always told a pen is such a game changing decision you have to be absolutely sure you are right before you give it. If we could all see it wasn’t an obvious deliberate handball, what could have persuaded Dallas that it clearly was? And Morelos? WTF? Fall over your own feet, get a pen. Again, what did Dallas see that allowed him to convince himself it was right to give a pen? Sorry, but there can only be one explanation. He saw what he wanted to see and clearly being labelled a cheat was a small price to pay for helping Sevco to 3 undeserved points.

Margaret McGill

The Rangers resurrection is just in its infancy
You reap what you sow.

Margaret McGill

Maybe Hamilton could complain to the SFA?
That should do it.

Just saw the two pen decisions for the huns, I would hope morelos gets sighted for that dive, a dubious handball into the bargain, still, it’s to be expected, nobody has the will to stand up to them.

,big packy

SALTIRES IN SEVILLA. yes you would have enjoyed the banter.hh.

saltires en sevilla

100% it’s just beginning and no-one will give a flying fek

It’s just our turn to ‘groan’ ..I suppose

,big packy

are you really that surprised, that the officials in bonnie Scotland, bend over backwards for the establishment team ,bunch of cheating orange masonic bassas.hh.

saltires en sevilla

We will need 3 goals a game to guarantee a point!

saltires en sevilla


He doesn’t feel the slightest need to hide it … he is practically nailing his colours to the goalposts with those decisions.

There was a clear foul in the first half… he took a few seconds before confirming it was against sevco centre back

Both penalties he awarded instantly – no need to reflect on his decision

A dead giveaway!

saltires en sevilla


I was going to check Accies sites for comment – then thought – why bother!

Waste of your time, huns to a man at Hamilton, boat rocking is not on the agenda, the media will say nothing so everything in the hun garden is rosy, they are back again doncha know

,big packy

THE EXILED TIM, the corrupt and bigoted sfa, will not stop till the establishment team are at the top again ,move along timmy nothing to see hear..hell mend them.hh.

Must be around 50 years ago that Mr Stein said that we just need to score more goals than the opposition to take the referees out of the equation, he was of course right, but he shouldn’t have had to say it, 50 years later we are still saying the same thing, 50 more years of being cheated and still the club say nothing, it saddens me to the core, what have they got to lose by shouting about it from the rooftops ?
Graham Spiers is on record saying that the referees used to be bias towards the huns but they aren’t any more, strange that nobody has asked him when they stopped being bias.
I really shouldn’t watch any of their games, it’s not good for the old blood pressure.

True, unless there a clear out at the sfa, no that’s never gonna happen so you are bang on.
It must be a warped kinda person that is happy to win by cheating, but it’s not just about the winning,it’s all about displaying their superiority to Timmy, that’s their driving force, winning just happens to be part of it.

,big packy

THE EXILED TIM, would not watch any of their games if you paid me a million quid, feckin hate them, maybe im a bigot but im a tim bigot.hh.

,big packy

apologies, should not have used that word sorry.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Just in………………

I see Sevco won and Dallas (jnr) was MVP.

Not to worry lads their going to run out of money, they won’t get a Safety Cert for Ibrokes, King can’t be a ‘Fit and Proper Person’, they aren’t the same club, Celtic have a dossier, Sevco won’t get a Euro Licence, Whyte and Co will get found Guilty, Minty will lose his Knighthood, they’ll be mid-table at best. Running a football club is too complicated for a simple solution, Neil Doncaster is a good guy and so on.

At least there’s the comfort of the promised ‘Generation of Domination’ to keep the tills ringing.

(Why do folk get fooled by this stuff ?)


You forgot the most used and important one……The board are keeping their powder dry 🙂

Garry Duncan

Andrew Dallas is a durty cheatin masonic bastard. His father will be proud. Hun scumbags.

The Gombeen Man


‘Ammunition doesn’t “expire” per se, but the gunpowder looses potency over time. The largest risk to shooting old ammunition isn’t a failure to fire, it’s the risk that you will actually fire the shot and it doesn’t have enough momentum to make it out the barrel.’

Shoot Indoors Website 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Oops and sorry for forgetting that one. Please feel free to add to the long list…

Sol Kitts

Simple thought process in that situation is to ask yourself if there is any reason not to give a penalty. In both cases there were clear reasons why it wasn’t a pen, so he should have waved play on. Guess that didn’t sit well with the agenda, though.
Embarrasses every ref except those in Scotland.

Biggest risk is degradation. Dynamite sweats,cordite becomes catastrophically unstable-HMS Hood,as an example-NG explodes if you as much as draw it a dirty look

We don’t have anything like that,mate. Our board only use damp squibs.

New article posted,folks.

A guest one,by MIKE.