Morning,all. Wonderful guest post from MIKE of this parish.


Jimmy Cricket, puts on his wellies and reflects on his journey to Seville, now “L is for right and “R is for left, his brother Sean is currently serving 6 months in jail , in the the first 2 months he’s had his tonsils, appendix and his teeth out. The governor thinks he’s escaping bit by bit, Mammy, Mammy. “And there’s More”.

We left early doors that 21st May 2003, heading West towards Glasgow airport, my two sons chattering away, Celtic scarves flying out the window, the dugs were barking and the wheels on our caravan were rolling, rolling, rolling. We met our friends at the airport and went for a few beers, joining hundreds of Celtic supporters looking forward to a great game. We were filled with optimism, we knew we had some great players and a great manager. The Saltires and the Tricolours were flying as we boarded the plane heading towards Seville.

The plane arrived as Celtic songs were sung as we touched down, excitement levels rose as we stepped out into the baking heat. We joined coach after coach loads of fellow Tims and headed towards the city centre. Strolling past endless Celtic supporters, saying hello to everyone. Walked into the bars, having a laugh, sitting outside in the sun, meeting and greeting an endless sea of green and white. Being asked to swap our Celtic top for a Sevilla top by one local bar owners, which was promptly refused. (Still got it, it sits in my bottom drawer marked, “to be taken out, when we reach another European final”). Parading down and through this beautiful city, listening to the “boom, boom” coming from the “Daily Ranger” bus, as the D.J. belted out Celtic songs towards thousands and thousands of Celtic supporters. We made our way towards the stadium, excited and very happy, acknowledging friends we had met at past Celtic games, everyone and their Granny was there, Jeez, I even met my mothers undertaker, I could swear the bastard measured me up as I greeted him.

Inside the stadium, we chased away those that were sitting on our seats “fuck off and get your own”. Sitting down with bottles of water, soaking our towels and putting them on top of our heads, looking like a Scottish version of, ” Lawrence of Arabia”. Watching the game, shouting at cynical Porto antics, cursing the Ref. for his one-sided stupidity, but most of all becoming hoarse as we cheered on the Celtic. Marvelling at Henke’s spring and realising that he was a World class player, swearing at Porto’s dishonesty, urging the players on and on, as the game ended we were very disappointed because we knew that we could have won it given a fair chance, but realising that the players had given all that they could have. We had gone to all the ties, home and away except the semi’s, work commitments ruled them out, the journey was over as we joined the throng of Celtic supporters, walking towards the coach’s. Laughing at one supporter lying “Paralytic” on one of the mini roundabouts on the way back to the airport.

It was said that, approximately 100,000 Celtic supporters were in Seville and nowhere, did we witness the slightest bit of trouble, the support did us all proud ,as usual, on reflection it was a brilliant day out, which we hugely enjoyed, this Celtic experience sits in our memory part of our brain marked “to be taken out when the indifferent World encroach’s too much” a remarkable experience. The support got its rightful recognition, when FIFA awarded them the “Fair Play Award”. Later in 2017, it was awarded another FIFA award for the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Lisbon, special club, special support. “A club like no other”. YNWA.

Yours in Celtic,

Jimmy Cricket. “The old home town seemed the same, as we came back from the game and there to meet me was my “Mammy”.

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Thanks very much for this,mate. I know lots of people who were in Seville,none of them has a bad word to say about it-bar the result,obviously! I’d only started a new job a month previously,no way I could be there.

That still rankles,I’d have loved to have joined my Dad and so many others. But I didn’t,no point in crying over spilt milk.

Prior to that,I honestly didn’t think Celtic would ever contest a European final again. But we did.

And I won’t miss the next one!!!

PS-The Green Green Grass of Home. I remember singing that to my Auntie Mary when I was about 4yo. Happy memories…


Hi majoc,

Like you and many, many others, there are few things that are hugely important in my life, my family and the Celtic, also like “JimtheTim” I like music. From Puccini, to soul, Country music, to pop, I have always enjoyed most of it. But there are certain times in life that are etched on your memory and Seville was one of them, especially when you are joined by your sons. Ours is a life-long enjoyment of Celtic, but its people who make the difference and one of the most enjoyable aspects of Seville was to watch our fellow supporters enjoy themselves so much.

Its our passion for our wonderful club and its supporters that makes the club so special, reading other posters who clearly live abroad and who espouse negative things that are not certainly as they should be, like board, bigotry and bias, but the thing is that they still are drawn to the Celtic, despite all the negativity, they still comment and why, its because they love the club, they want it to be better, like us its in their DNA. Of course we all want things to be better, that is only natural, better players to take us up to another level, to be ambitious, to reach another Seville.

When MON and those brilliant players got us there, time passed and they left, the club had to downsize and they brought in WGS, the thing that angered me the most was that Desmond had authorised the £40 mill. spend, but it was the support that was left to pick up the bill and this led to the austerity of downsizing. Things are never perfect, now that our finances are better than ever before, now is the time to splurge on some better players, but without puting the club at risk, no football club should be run at a profit, leave some cash in the bank for emergency but spend the rest, for that reson I’m hoping that the January sales we will bring in some new players.

Seville was a fantastic experiance, we have a great manager and as the last couple of weeks has proved we have some really good players, a few new ones could make a big difference, here’s hoping that we or our families can enjoy another great Celtic journey….. Seville will live forever in our Celtic memories and not just for the orangies 😉


Our wage bill went up in the WGS years! Yes,I’m at a loss to explain it too,but it did.

Nothing better than going to the match with family and friends. I’m barred from attending in Autumn due to being a jinx,but my Spring visits have been pretty successful these last few years. As for spending our cash pile,cannot see it somehow. Jasper the grasper needs it to cover the imminent shortfall caused by lack of interest due to lack of investment.

Chicken and egg economics,but there you go.

saltires en sevilla


Transported me back to some happy memories and a group if guys etched into my very soul.

You need to share more of your experiences.

Just wonderful.


Awe Naw

Great result and performance at the weekend. Not as good as Eintracht Frankfurt mind you. 🙂

Although I´m told by a good Rangers man that the performance of the weekend goes to Dallas Jnr.

I will not be going to the Leipzig game on Thursday. The bhoy wants to go to the Eintracht game

He´s bored spening hours travelling, giving days up from work to see Celtic getting humiliatingly humped while the crowd sing ten in row

So we are off to the Eintracht Limmassol game Thursday evening. 5 minute travel by bycycle. A steak and chips and weizen bier and we will watch Celtic in the V.I.P lounge before taking up our seats for the game.

Hail HAil

,big packy

iHI MIKE lovely post, could not make Seville but glued to the telly, when Henrik equalised nearly hit the roof, we were cheated. also think if craig Gordon was in goals we would never have lost that game. just think 100,000 celtic supporters and no trouble, we really are the best fans n the world.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Fantastic post Mike and a superb way to start a bright Monday morning. I wondered where you were at the weekend and know I now. A heartfelt memento of that day and now it’s published it’s something that your own and the whole Celtic Family can share in. 🙂

Well Done and you’ve set a very high standard…


Awe Naw

Classy Rangers ruthlessly end their away day blues – big match verdict
Steven Gerrard’s side picked up their first three points on their travels as they march onto the SPL Title

By Gary Ralston
06:00, 22 OCT 2018

The Penny finally dropped – and it led to Rangers finding retail therapy next to an out of town shopping centre on the outskirts of Hamilton.

However, the credit rating of the Light Blues as always is never in doubt as they put it all on the plastic of New Douglas Park.

This was seven minutes away from becoming a woeful advertisment for Scottish football due to Hamilton being overly defensive and the plastic pitch.

Luckily however, two acts of folly from Accies defender Alex Penny handed Steven Gerrard’s side two deserved spot kicks in two minutes and James Tavernier’s double from 12 yards handed the visitors their first league win away from Ibrox since February.

An injury time fourth from Alfredo Morelos, adding to Ryan Kent’s opener on the stroke of half-time, gave this scoreline a respectability for Rangers.

The scoreline was more flattering than a filtered Facebook profile pic and you had to feel for poor Steven Boyd, whose toe basher on 79 minutes handed Accies a lucky equaliser their over aggression hardly merited, yet he was still denied a story to tell his grandkids.

Rangers’ persistence was rewarded on the back of Penny’s poor decision making as Tavernier scored his six and seventh spot kicks of the campaign, but this was a functional performance from Rangers, rather than flamboyant.

The three points will be welcomed now that their title chasing credentials have been fully established as they breathe down Celtic´s neck waiting for the next Old Firm game at Ibrox.

Rangers played a brand of risk free football, which was pure precision rather than punchy as Jordan Rossiter made his first start of the season, on this showing Juergen Klopp will recall him for a tilt at a CL medal.

Accies had a very soft penalty claim waved aside when James Tavernier appeared to wrestle Miller to the ground in the box, but the winger jumped up to deliver a cross that was narrowly nodded over by McGowan.

Rangers fans were looking for a response from their sides after their last performance on the road, that 1-0 defeat at Livingston, and how did they deliver

Indeed, it took Rangers until only the 31st minute to get their first effort on target and Accies keeper Woods looked none too convincing as he bundled a low 25 yard shot from Ejaria around his left hand post.

Accies deserved to go in at half-time a goal behind at least, as Rangers had enjoyed the bulk of possession, and Gerrard’s side played a dangerous game of keep ball for long spells in the second half that was composed and almost Brazilian such is the Gerrad effect.

Accies had fired no warning of their danger whatsoever until Boyd’s lucky toe poke, as the sub cut in from the right to fire a brilliant, curling left foot shot into the postage stamp corner of McGregor’s net.

Mickel Miller had earlier turned Katic, who looked so uncomfortable on the ridiculous plastic surface he was the first Rangers player hooked for a lower than usual world class performance, but the Accies winger poked his effort wide under pressure from Connor Goldson.

Rakish Bingham also got in behind the Croatian defender and forced McGregor to beat away his effort and Katic was slower to react than James Keatings, whose follow up half volley whistled inches past.

Ejaria had brought out a fine stop from Woods with a curling drive after an hour and Tavernier also went close with a low effort a minute before Boyd’s wonderstrike, which spooked the life out of the under-performing Gers.

It was difficult to see where Rangers could not go on and win the game.

Tavernier slotted his spot kick confidently into the top corner – and he went straight down the middle two minutes later as he took his total tally for the season to eight.

He was afforded that attempt off the back of another Penny error when he clipped the heels of Morelos when the striker was going nowhere but wide inside the box. How Penny escaped two red cards is only something Andrew Dallas the match official can answer. He was awful the whole game.

The Colombian Morelos appeared to be playing with a niggling hamstring injury Gerrard insists will cause him no problems ahead of the Europa League clash with Spartak Moscow on Thursday.

He was involved in two of his side’s first three goals in a match in which he was booked for a bust-up with MacKinnon and was clearly targeted by Accies players amid concerns for his suspect temperament.

However, he had the last laugh when he broke on the counter in injury time, combining with best pal Candeias before slotting a goal of the season contender into the net from 16 yards.

Awe Naw

lets be honest here and lets shout it from the rooftops



Thanks big packy, great memories of a great team, no-one can take those memories away, it would be great just great to give our younger supporters similar memories to treasure. Hail Hail.


Thanks saltires, a brilliant, unforgettable day, as majoc said we should have won, when the Porto player Deralie? scored it was crushing, but that’s football, Celtic down to ten men, but still fought like lions. Its easy to forget that Porto went on to win the C.L. the following year.

I have had some great times following the Celtic, but my memory is not what it should be, I tended to enjoy the experience and forget the details. I might get my sons to hang me upside down to try to release a few more…


Thank you TGM, we were lifting tatties over a damp weekend and so my time was taken up with that, I read yours and others posts late on Sunday night and once again enjoyed reading your point of view, I have a strong feeling that your headers will knock my post into the long grass, so I am very much looking forward to reading them.

Hail Hail.



Was it you who wrote that fictional Paul 67 post the other day? you should post it more often as I enjoy reading yours very much. The Huns were mince on Sunday, even allowing for the honest mistakes, they need all the help they can get. Isn’t it amazing how pish they are away from fortress minging, where the noise of all the mingers help make up referees minds to give them every possible assistance.

Its time for you to share your memories and to stop ripping majoc’s knitting, but I have a feeling that he might leave the knitting and take up sewing, so he can leave us all in stitches. 😉

Awe Naw


can I plead the 5th ? I will chose my times wisely

I went onto CQN at the weekend for a wee lurk. It has been a while. Deary me it was poor.

The Celtic shareholders and those with a vested interest in Celtic PLC doing financially well can hardly even hide it anymore.

I will do much more satire … in the next few weeks … AGM coming up it´s going to be like shooting fish in a barrel

I think the aftermath of the AGM will lead to much more bloodletting than shooting fish in a barrel would.

The Gombeen Man

Mike @ 10.50

Tatties are called spuds here. When someone leaves the pub for dinner, they’re ‘Away for the spuds.’

I’m trying to think of a topic…

Don’t think it’s a competition just Celtic guys sharing things about Celtic without ‘The Man’ looking over your shoulder. 🙂


Awe Naw

I´ll have my harpoon at the ready. Will be a virtual bloodbath. PLC will be delighted that the focus on the lack signings rather than their lack of accountability with regards administrating the game in Scotland.


Loads of topics,mate. Canny watch your team for a few decades without having something to talk about.

Shortest walk from the pub to the ground,Stringfellows and Love St. There’s one. Canny remember the name of the pub we went to at Tynecastle-you had to be pished to go near it!

Just daft things,any old shit,gets the memory cells kicking in…



Spuds don’t go the same with mince and tatties, spuds and mince, its not got the same ring to it… 😉

Just write about the topic that you feel comfortable with, your an intelligent guy, so……..

BTW I am not competitive (cough) much, no seriously I enjoy reading your posts, more of the same please…


Just as I read your posts, in comes the postie with notice of the AGM, 21st Nov. @ 11.30 am.

I really hope that one of the Res.12 bhoys are in attendance to ask the right questions and to challenge any incorrect answers. If they, the board try to stall again, then out the windy goes any hope of accountability, truth and justice will be lost forever…

Awe Naw

will never be allowed.

Awe Naw

There is a reason for the man looking over your shoulder and its all about personal gain.

They’re going to bury it once and for all,Mike. AULDHEID,who had been more tolerant of the board prevarication,agreeing to dot the i and cross the t again and again,has been quite clear about it.

He now knows he’s been led a merry dance up a siding,as does BRTH. CANAMALAR and MORRISEYTHE23RD always thought this to be the case anyway.

Our board really do not GAF about the fans,mate. I intend to write an article after it takes place,and I hope that people realise that they can give vent on here about what will have taken place.

It would make you weep,to think of the people who run our club. And one being paid £2.5m a year to treat us like something stuck to the sole of his shoes.

Awe Naw


there really is only one guy running the club. Sure he delegates activities to his minions (and quite right too) but all executive decisions are made by Peter Lawwell. Dermot Desmond is entirely absent. He will roll up for the occasional final and CL game. That´s why he DD is in it.

It is an interesting debate that I have never ever had. DD was a necessary evil. Without a billionaire in the background. The RBOS huns (Dermots mates) would have killed us off.

Times have moved on though and as Brendan says we are standing still. we have been standing still since Seville for the benefit of two men.

Unfortunately we are saddled with a support who thoroughly enjoy being dominated and abused. It´s probably a deeply rooted by product of a West Coast of Scotland Catholic upbringing. They just cant see beyond beating Rangers. Even a dead one. Peter Lawwell knows this and who wouldn´t take 2m a year like candy from a baby if you can give them the SPL title

Awe Naw

I also agree with John James that Phil just nicks his stuff, plagiarizes it, and then wraps it up as as his own.

Not all of it just the credible stuff.

It is a cut throat business the Celtic blog business.

No money to be had in perusing further the FOI with regards Ibrox´s falling roof

Awe Naw



Can you expand on that,please? If you don’t want it on here,you can mail me and I’ll stay schtuum.

I suspect your point is that Celtic Plc knew the safety certificate was fraudulent,but still allowed 8000 people to attend,and even encouraged it by selling the tickets.

The Gombeen Man

Majoc & Mike,

Maybe I’ll make the topic ‘Procrastination’.

Awe Naw

Yep and it ties in with the huns reducing their ticket capacity for one reason (seemingly to get money to survive until next week .. well that was the narrative at the time ) and then amazingly months later UEFA agree with Police Scotland that Rangers UEFA opponents should only have 800 tickets as well for a completely different reason (all benefiting Rangers off course)

It´s almost enough to make you think that Celtic PLC, The SPFL, Rangers, Police Scotland, UEFA have coordinated this altogether and spoke with one another. Which off course they did. They just couldn´t manage it for Celtic Park new seating arrangements for the last Old Firm game


Second one is astonishing. Not telling ye,right?!

That’s the whole reason behind the FOI Act,ffs.

Well,don’t wait too long(!)


Procrastirnation, is that a scaly fish? What about Joe O’Rourke of the CSA or the C.T. and guys like Ralph on e-tims, do you think that they will stay silent if the board do not give the right answers to the Res.12 bhoy’s, who must be raging. Me, I am with Canamalar in that a fraud was committed, if they don’t take this “last chance saloon” then Scottish football is completely ducked.

Awe Naw

The PLC know their customer base. The entire football industry is a fraud. The PLC will do nothing. They cannot act alone. They can only act in concert with their criminal buddies.

The 4 Resolutioners, Joe O Rourke, CSA, CT will be ignored.

So simple stop giving them your money. Or do as my wee brar does and that is only occasionally give them your money but realise you are watching a show entertainment not sport. Which is fair enough except I think wrestling fans are abject morons who add nothing to the gene pull.

All predicted on CQN by me and I am delighted Paul67 gave me the platform to prove that I was right.

Does that sound arrogant ? all there to see on CQN archives if anyone doubts it.

What it means is that our PLC is more corrupt than the SFA, Police Scotland, The SPFL …. not quite as Corrupt as UEFA and the top table at the ECA but that´s what the PLC want.

The ECA have already sussed us out any old financial handout and we will return to our corner.

That´s what Celtic is. A tiny wee part of Dermot Desmonds property portfolio

The Gombeen Man

I am working on something Mike, I’ll send it over to Mahe, probably tomorrow…

The Gombeen Man

It’s cynically worse than entertainment because it exploits cultural and social divisions and that is easy money for the unscrupulous in Glasgow.

The only goal is money.

Forget stolen titles, cheating and sport saying something about that ‘Could bankrupt Scottish Football’


Seriously ignore the CSA and the CT. You would think that they wold ignore them at their peril, it happened before and see where it got them, bhoycotts and march’s, they might have the biggest overall shareholder, but if the smaller shareholders grouped together, then….. but will they?


Good mahn… Looking forward to reading it…….


AWENAW, NOANNONI INAWE, You might be right but that is a cynical attitude to have, where was that forged? If money is there God and they worship at the alter of the GBP. That means that they are a sad, sad bunch of nothing, with a life devoid of joy. I always liked to see ambition, but that is not ambition that is.. exploitation.

I watched an interview that D.D, gave and he explained that Celtic had a hold on his heart, an emotional attachment. He made the bulk of his money from the City of London airport, which he bought for £27 odd million I think and sold it for £760 odd million pounds. Remember when he took over from the wee man from Croy him and his fellow Irish mafioso, they too seemed to have an emotional attachment. If he was only interested in money he could earn more by not being involved in football. Football is a trashcan it eats money and spits out cinders.


Not for DD. Hasn’t cost him anything. When did this emotional attachment begin ? I would say he is more emotionally tied to the love of money and the power that it brings. He is just a shareholder. He rarely attends games or meetings. Celtic could be useful one day for him until then then minimum noise.

I don’t see it as a cynical attitude but a reading of behaviour, analysing trends and a lack Thank **** … of peer pressure. I have yet to hear a plausible alternative that doesn’t rely heavily on the kind of mental gymnastics that doesn’t stand up the argument. Alternatively and normally
additionally, an over reliance on belief and faith often coupled with emotional blackmail.

I’m sure that living with an alternative and a comparison has helped me arrive at my sad conclusions.

Transparency would sort this out and allow us to have a proper informed debate about it.

Will never happen with this setup.


Throw in semantics but that’s just a barrier to the eventual admission of rigid belief systems…eventually if you can be arsed with it. It will come down to the rigid belief system.



Margaret McGill

I wonder how much of the £4k I gave CQN that P67 kept.? In light of how much Mahe paid to run this blog with no adverts. Thats £1k per red card that i got 🙂


Hence why I’m still here. Highlighting major safety concerns. The social parasitical behaviour is secondary but it highlights the lengths they will go to. Your personal safety is of lower concern than making money. Now while I accept that is an incredulous position possibly and they are not that bad. Possibly but they are dangerous through greed and incompetentence. I’m not in the game of making excuses for them


I am a 100% believer in transparency, its only the guilty that try to hide things, that is why the people who govern hate the FOI so much. But if money is your religion then you would never go near a football club, this quiet behaviour is not normal in buying a football club, that is the preserve of the egotist who live for publicity. He is the polar opposite, he only appears if someone questions his honesty, the BBC enquiry with his subsequent threat to sue. So I’m not sure that I agree with your argument, I will e-mail him at his golf course in the Bahama’s “Sandy’s Hole” and see what he says..


Celtic unlike most football clubs make a tidy profit. He hasn’t lost money on Celtic. His investment is doing nicely. So with the greatest respect you are wrong. There is money to be made in a very shady industry. His lack of wanting publicity may be a factor in his lack of attendance for what is an emotional attachment. The poor wee lamb

The Gombeen Man

Anyone know what date is the AGM,

The Gombeen Man

Did you ever work in the Scottish media? If not you’ve missed your calling…




This years AGM is once again at Celtic park at 11.30 am on Wednesday 21st November.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mike, A wee bit away. I’ve never been every year I make a promise to go. I always feel it’s just a requirement that companies have to fulfil.

I hope the spuds are on 😉