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Im not an avid fan anymore when compared to the past though I still like to think I know the lay of the land as far as the beautiful game is concerned .

Much info and knowledge was gleaned last week while painting the deck with a podcast or ten on the headphones while I worked . Thus this post doesnt have a main point but there are a few  things that might interest you  .


Barca,,,Im not their biggest fan one bit I will readily admit . Wont go into why not here but my ears perked up at the news Messi and Pique have had “ a final divorce “ or in our language a serious stooshie that has ended their relationship. While this might be more common than we think ,  that its common knowledge at all isnt good however maybe Im the only one that see’s an upside here . The wee man was already stalling on signing his new contract and is about to hit 30 . His team of choice are not buying stars anymore , they tend to produce or improve a player who has clear potential and although the game in general should be happy for that fact the wee man might not be . There is no steady manager to help you / back you .

Could this possibly push him out the door ?

Now if Messi where to go and star in another top flight that would be a huge statement in advancing your case as the greatest . Unfortunately the podcasts are hinting at a move to the MLS which I dont entertain . Im hoping they are wrong and he joins a top league and shows us if he can thrive outside the comfort zone .


4 Premier League Legends have stepped into managerial positions this season and I was wondering which if any will become a good / top manager .

Lampard , Terry , Gerrard , and Henry were all good or great players depending on where you sit. The Frenchman could certainly hit the back of the net and was unstoppable on his day but his debut as Monaco manager just ended in defeat .

We’ve all heard the rule that great players dont make great managers , and we have more than enough evidence in the football world to back that up . I think Henry is arrogant , bad at communicating , and will expect of others feats he could pull off. Cant see him becoming a great gaffer.

At least Terry went as an assistant to a fella who is supposed to be very good so he may surprise me at least but I doubt it . Doesnt strike me as management material . Bit lazy and jack the ladish .

Stevie has a helping hand up north via the Mib’s but even with that lies 5th and doesnt look like lifting that title to me . He is odds on to fill the Anfield hotseat someday , but I posit that rests on winning a championship while up north. The pressures all on him to prove himself .

Lamps jumped straight into the Championship and had an eye catching result at Old Trafford a wee while back , and his family do have the game in their veins , so if I was backing one to succeed and do well  it would be Frankie. Seems a nice fella also . Hope he does well.


This kid Nagelsmann though I have had my eye on and how his team played and their almost result at Manchessity the other week confirmed to me his quality. Now he has announced that starting next season he will take over at RB Leipzig who we are about to face a double header against .

Im happy he is staying and learning in his own country and not reaching for the stars too early by going to Spain or England. We should be seeing a lot more of him if Im right and time is on his side to grace other arena’s. But at that age and with such prospects would one rule him out as becoming one of the most successful managers of all time ?

He seems to have the game at his feet right now, and we could easily see him at the helm of Bayern , German national team , a top EPL side , one of Barca / Real . Jose was considered an upstart  and rightly so I say but he wasnt managing at 31 . At 31 he was in charge of scouting Barca’s next opponent. Bobby Robson said it was the most detailed reports he had ever received and when he found out a 31 year old that didnt play had compiled it he immediately sought out his name as he knew he would do well.  

Jose is on the way down now, while Nagelsmann is looking like the new improved “ special one”


Closer to home another problem with trying to organise some type of action against a sectarian / racist society was exposed . When a group tried to meet to discuss action its location was threatened and thus abandoned the group . How simple to stop folk , and a great example of why thinking outside the box is needed . Besides do people actually need to physically attend anyway , everyone has the internet in their pocket , can read the pros and cons of an argument and if needed vote on a topic . That alone solves the above issue.

Or maybe keep your plan of attack in house and spring it on the world one day out of the blue , again avoids the above harrassment.  


Well done Brendan on besting our pal Lenny . I wasnt soo sure you were going to but you got the better out of your players on the day . Fair play and from the highlights I watched the battle of the Ulstermen was a good spectacle . And for once , fair play to the N.I. FA for not letting Lafferty play after calling out sick . Its clear a few managers put their players under pressure to miss Nations League games . Thats not fair at all and this needs resolved .


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Some interesting points mahe, Messi has been a revelation as a player, he has been a shining light for football, his artistry with a ball is the biggest reason to keep on watching football, but sooner rather than later time will catch up with him and regrettably for the football purist he will leave the theatre of our dreams. The true football supporter will be the loser, but then, another young man will have to appear and remind ourselves of why we watch the beautiful game.

The North of Ireland has produced some wonderful football players like Danny Blanchflower and the wonderfully talented George Best, my memory is failing as I try to remember the bravery of that player who pulled so many from the wreck of the plane in Munich, he saved a few players lives (Cue Awe Naw). But as you say the North has also produced some wonderfully talented managers, if we learn anything from history it is that privation produces talent, add the pragmatic Tommy Wright from St. Johnstone to your list as one who does great things on a tiny budget. As for Gerrard a blind man could see how to improve the men from Poundland.

I was looking forward to our game against the Germans, it always amazes me to see how Europe improved and rebuilt after the last war, when mans insanity ruled the World, producing a mutant form of humanity, you learn a lot just sitting in your chair observing and pondering about men’s treatment to other people of another race or religion, the common denominator of course is hatred or ignorance, both combined is a reflection of how stupid people can sometimes be. How is that relevant? because we see it parading down Scotland’s streets, pretending to be some kind of a statement about religion, instead of what it really is, hatred of its fellow man, dressed up in sounds and uniforms, its the true expression of men’s ignorance and hatred of others.

Soapbox kicked away, its far too early to think about that madness and return to football, but as an aside it saddens me to read supporters of our great club castigating others because their view point is different from others, we should be better than that, we are better than that, it is our passion for this great club that wants only for it to be the best that it can be.

Like many others when Brendan arrived to much joy in the underworld, I assumed that because of the size of his salary that he would be in sole charge of players purchase and players going out, I always firmly believed that the football budget would be approved by the board and he would then be left to get on with it, to succeed or not because he was in full control. It really upsets me to think that, that is not the case. How can it be that you pay a professional person a huge sum of money purely to coach a team of men, that he should be left to be successful on the back of someone else’s pick of players, that just doesn’t make any kind of sense at all, it needs to be changed and changed now….

So bring on the Hearts or the……. We don’t care what the…. say, cos we only know that there’s gonny be a show and the

Glasgow Celtic will be thereeeee!


Bit of a cornucopia of topics there,old bean.

I think Messi was responsible for Barca getting rid of Ibrahimovic at a huge loss a good few years ago,widely reported at the time. Pretty sure he was also involved in shuttling David Villa out the door,although his leg break probably didn’t help.

But selling a 30yo player for €5m when he cost €40m three years previously,and to one of your biggest rivals? No,wee bit more to it,I suspect.

Messi is a wonderful player,but he has been very much indulged by Barcelona at the clear expense of others. Those two plus Pique are the higher profile ones-how many others have there been? His opinion on coaches,is it paramount too?

Settle,petal,play yer fitba,pay yer taxes,take the plaudits. That’s how you should want to be remembered.

Reply to MAGS from the previous page,with apologies for going off topic.


Disgusting turn of events. That they thought they would be allowed to get away with it,well,that’s even worse. What on earth gave them the idea that they would get away with it?

Well,maybe a wee clue is contained here,in an interview with Sir Alan Duncan,a senior Foreign Office minister.


And naw,I know I shouldn’t be surprised,but I damn near crashed my van listening to this!!!

Awe Naw

How The Germans see it (please excuse the poor translation)

Thousands of Celtic supporters in Leipzig expected – Fan March from the city center to the stadium
Anne Grimm 23.10.2018 / 14:54

Unlimited rejoicing among the fans of Celtic FC after the 1-0 victory in the “Old Firm” against the Rangers. It is likely to be equally atmospheric on Thursday in the trade fair city when thousands of Scottish fans frenetically cheer for their team.

The green and white striped jerseys of the Celtic fans will mark the image of Leipzig’s city center on Thursday. There, the Scottish away fans meet to march to the Europa League game against RB Leipzig.

Glasgow / Leipzig. In the stadium, fans of Celtic Glasgow are best known for celebrating in song on Wednesday and Thursday you will hear;

The legendary Depeche Mode song “I just can not get enough”, ” Das Brauny”. Das Sieben und Sechzig Song, You Cannot Walk Alone you drunken Tim, Hier wir gehen zum Zehn im reihenfolge, Schotty Sinclair ist wünderbar, Das Michael Lustig Polizei Hut, Erlauben die Mensch zum singen und das Celtic Symphonie

On Thursday afternoon a lot of other songs will sound through Leipzig’s city center. For the Scottish supporters march to the stadium to cheer their team from 18:55 clock in the third group match of the Europa League against RB Leipzig. The pubs around Jahnallee and Waldstraße have filled their beer stocks in a wise foresight.

As the Scottish master announced on his Twitter account, all fans meet at the Leipzig marketplace. The police and the town council are less than enthusiastic about that and want to make the responsible Scottish authorities aware that Richard Wagner square for the starting point. A solution should be found by Wednesday.

Info for fans traveling to Leipzig this week, in addition to this there will be a Fan March to the Stadium from Market place departing at 16:45 http://www.celticfc.net/pages/information_leipzig

The rough route, however, is: At 16.45 the train over the Pfaffendorfer- and Emil-Fuchs-Strasse towards Zöllnerweg and the Leutzscher Allee to the venue. According to police, about 2,000 Celtic fans will participate in the march. In total, up to 5,000 Scottish supporters are expected in Leipzig. RB plans with a attendance of about 37,000 – it could be a new attendance record for European competition this season against Salzburg only 24,057 were in attendance.

Final training on the island
The Scottish champion completes his final training on home soil, then fly by late Wednesday afternoon by charter to the Airport at Leipzig / Halle. Coach Brendan Rodgers will give the media from 18.45 clock in the RB Stadium information about the staff situation and opportunities on Thursday evening in the match against RB Leipzig, the direct competitor for the second place in Group B.

Incidentally, Scottish fans have already caused quite a stir in Leipzig: Before the test match of RB Leipzig in January 2017 against the Glasgow Rangers drew 8000 supporters from the island loudly through the city center who compared to the RB Leipzig fans are impeccably behaved.


I think it was the goalkeeper,Harry-?-Gregg.

Btw,George Best and a few of his friends got rather pished wi my Dad and I one night in Detroit. Still got a photo of it-he’s looking marvellous,aye,but I’m holding him up!

Great great player though,as you say.


Do you think it is a coincidence that our CEO remuneration has shot up to c£2.5m from about a third of that,at just the same time that a new manager arrived with a reported salary of approximately that amount?

Or that his reported newly-negotiated bonus of double that for staying with us,which was dependent on CL qualification,never materialised because our CEO took the summer off?


Re your point,about


I think it is worth remembering a number of things.

That Police Scotland serves us all. They will happily escort thugs and drunks as they defile The Queen’s Highway-even to the extent of turning a blind eye to a poor fella suffering a blind eye-but they will also refuse to prevent the same thugs and drunks intimidation tactics against anything remotely taigish in their opinion.

I don’t know where we go with this at the moment. PS seem unwilling to act,and when you think of the number of high-profile incidents in the last few months alone,not one person has been brought to justice.

Abusing parishioners and a Catholic priest resulted,eventually,in one arrest. There has been no word since from The Office of the Procurator Fiscal.

Fella from Derry losing an eye to a thug in very distinctive clothing in a very small town? Nothing at all,which beggars belief.

Coin hitting an official,perpetrator caught on live TV? Eh,naw,that’s not enough evidence.

It’s not just on the football pitch that rules are not being applied properly. This is a whole lot worse,and I’m grateful you mentioned it.

And btw,if it had been The Griff sending a photo of his cock-uninvited,btw-to a young lass,do you think he would be in jail by now,bail declined?

Lafferty has been allowed to get away with it. No further action



Yes Harry Greig, he is the brave fella, who risked his life to save several players including Bobby Charlton. As for George Best, a wonderful player, you are lucky to have those great pictures and memories.



Its very difficult to be on the outside looking in, but you can gain a bigger insight by seeing what little is published, to me that is not right, you expect in a club that has a support that contributes so much and does so much for good causes, well you expect better. It saddens me so much that at the top of our club they have moved away from the very ethos of why we were founded. That does not sit right with me….

The one that gets me more than any of the others.
Lenny gets attacked on the side of the pitch in Edinburgh, yer man pleads guilty and they let him off.


Re the Orange walk and the assault on canon Whyte, it is worth remembering that it was the sheer volume of complaints to Glasgow council that made the difference, that people power and continued complaints changed the route and gave the council no alternative but to take action.

It is only by standing up to intimidation that change will be affected, by uniting and by saying “No more” taking affirmative action. The people from the deep south and from the north of Ireland, they stood up to the bullying and intimidation, they said, no more, its the only way…


Meantime,as I said,the ONE fella arrested from that crowd-I genuinely doubt only one person was giving it the big ‘un,we all know what they’re like wi the mob mentality-still hasn’t been processed by the Procurator Fiscal.

Here’s a timescale.

Crime. Investigation. Identification and arrest by PS. Questioned,charged. Referred to PF.

I’m pretty sure that’s how it works,fortunately not been there.

So,PF says no,it’s all swept under the carpet six months or so later.

Remember,that’s seven stages before he even gets to court. And they tried to tell us that nothing happened in the first place,remember.

Aye. See my answer below,to Mike.

Someone somewhere went for a charge which the jury could easily deny-the sectarian aspect. IIRC-It wasn’t pursued as a crime,and a hate crime,and a sectarian crime. Only the latter.


I’ve got more memories than my Dad has of that night!

Por Cierto


Aye, that’s how it works, so I’ve heard! :))) por cierto



Yes I remember it well, but we saw through that guff, voiced our anger in no uncertain way and found a sympathetic ear from the “Parades and Assembly” department of the council. Who would have thought that Scotland would have had so many religious peepil that they needed to march to show the Country how staunch they were. Stepping out of there time warp and into the sunlight, scuffed shoes and acned faces, inbred scum. What a picture, stick it in your family’s album.

Welcome Alex
por cierto 🙂

Welcome aboard,old bean.

Charmed life,me!!!

saltires en sevilla


Loved to watch the wee man strut his stuff and felt privileged to see him in Paradise …along with Xavi and Iniesta

Their football kept me as a Sky customer for at least 5 years longer than I really wanted..

On new managers .. the one thing they need is luck. Stevie G has been very lucky to date.

It would seem that Contortions are being contorted to keep him relevant.

This season already appears to have the hallmarks of a sting operation.

We shall see just how far they are all prepared to go!


saltires en sevilla


Hail Hail

saltires en sevilla

Awe Naw

Das Brauny …et al

Zehr, zehr gut!

Awe Naw


Awe Naw

Rangers lose Sports Direct court case as club ordered to pay legal fees
Mr Justice Teare said Rangers made an offer to another firm without giving Sports Direct the chance to match the offer.

ByBrian Farmer
12:31, 24 OCT 2018UPDATED13:46, 24 OCT 2018

Bosses at Rangers Football Club have lost the latest round of a High Court fight over a merchandise deal with Sports Direct and Newcastle United boss Mike Ashley .

A judge has ruled Rangers breached the terms of an agreement made with a company in the Sports Direct group.

Mr Justice Teare concluded the Ibrox club made a new agreement with another firm without giving Sports Direct a chance to match that firm’s offer.

The judge had analysed the row at a High Court hearing in London earlier this month.

He indicated arguments about damages could be aired at another hearing.

Mr Justice Teare said Rangers had lost and would therefore pick up all lawyers’ bills run up during the latest round of litigation.

Lawyers told him Sports Direct had spent about £280,000 and Rangers about £147,000.

The judge said legal bills would be assessed in detail before Rangers paid the full amount.

He said it might be argued Sports Direct’s bills were “high or possibly unreasonably high”.

Rangers made a deal relating to replica kit sales in June 2017, the judge said.

,big packy

my feckin heart bleeds for the poor orange bassas .hh,


Hi Mike and hope youre well. I still have saved my thoughts on who is the greatest ever so I will throw them up and we will debate their merits of the wee man vs the rest then hopefully.
Total agreement in PL going but like Awe Naw I believe DD will just leave the next fella to it also . A clean broom would be nice sweeping all of them out the door. They will leave and I think the 10 or not hitting it will be the start of the end of this shower.
You make some great points yerself though and yes the North does produce good players indeed . Lucky enough to have known one or two and have the odd story to tell but if truth be told politics almost always enters the story somewhere, thats the North for you though. Sceal Bronach .
Hail Hail


Howdy partner and hope alls good in Swindon town , birthplace of Gilbert O Sullivan.
He is no angel the wee man and remember the story with the can of coke that shows his mentality .
He has been saying yes or no to players and coaches for a few years now . I dont wanna diss him on here , I will throw up my best ever post soon and have it out. Hail Hail


Majoc , just read that about Lafferty. That is beyond the pale,, the English Fa would have banned him .
We are all aware on this site anyway of the corruption, one question I have is what will it take for the penny to drop for the rest ,,, murders ? shootings ? mob evictions ?
The sentiments behind this group are good so lets hope they go on to help change things but again how stupid is it to advertise where you are meeting as one phone call can derail it . They should have seen this coming , I certainly would have .
Something needs to change , of that I have little doubt.
Hail Hail


Hi SES and hope all is well with you and yours .
He is a great player to watch that has never been in doubt thought I believe he has a wee bit of ” Im the man ” syndrome . That can of coke story shows his mentality . Again , lets dissect him after I throw up this greatest ever player post , should be a good variety of opinion on the blog as to who is the greatest .
Stevie sits 5th with the Mibs and dirty tricks behind him, if he is to lift the title he will need the biggest slice of luck going ,,, cannae see it myself . I see them being helped to second and saying next year we go for the title . 2nd over the Jam Tarts would probably be considered a successful season for them .
Hail Hail


Hi Por Cierto and thanks for stopping by . Welcome anytime mo chara.
Hail Hail



If an appeal is possible, it will happen. However, it looks like north of 400,000 in legal fees will be winging its way out of the war chest, plus the small matter of damages due to loss of SD sales. I wonder if Sevco’s new partner will come to the dance seeking damages for breach of contract?

If zibwas not historically and emotionally invested in Celtic, I would walk away from Scottish football. I came near it two to three years ago, but domething keeps dragging me back in.




“If I was not historically……..”

Sorry….big fingers, small keypad, and small mind!



Rebus, they are all counting on that can’t walk away factor . Sad thing is, can’t be replaced, once punters are gone theyre gone. The game must adjust or slowly die.
Hail Hail



Problem is corruption is everywhere…the churches, governments(even municipal government), businesses, and sport. We live in a “say anything one day, change your mind tomorrow” and it is not challenged by the fourth estate…heck, there is even corruption there!

I have said enough because I am a half full type of guy, but I have revoked my automatic renewal for CelticTV. My beef is that I do not believe that the correct business model is being used by the club. Namely, it is not recognised that performance on the park determines financial performance. I am not looking for Celtic to win a European trophy(would be nice, tho’) but to beat teams like. Malmo, AEK, Salzburg, Leipzig etc, i.e second or third tier European sides. If we do not invest to do this, shortly our brand will be tarnished in Europe. This is already happening and it is a downward spiral.


The Gombeen Man

The key word in that story is London.

Once you cross Hadrian’s Wall a state of anarchy seems to exist regarding Sevco.
Pity that Celtic PLC seem to put the risk of losing money before restoring credibility to the game. Or is it simply that the chaos Sevco create is too complicated for the average man to understand?

saltires en sevilla


Margaret McGill

Orange walks? Dont know what all the fuss is about?
Some copious amounts of corn starch sprinkling on the route the night before and anonymous calls about anthrax rumors to the press and Hey presto!
Stop arse protruding!

saltires en sevilla


Your point about Euro success being about ability to compete and beat teams with similar ranking/resources to us, really resonates with me.

I’m not expecting to beat the teams from the top leagues, far less win the CL – but to compete, and not watch my team being absolutely horsed, should not be an unrealistic expectation.

It is true that there are 60,000 signed up for more Domestic glory and I get that they will always be able to point out the overwhelming majority are backing that model – year in and out.

I will always be on the fringes of the support as long as I think winning local trebles is underwhelming , when those same players cannot hold the ball for any length of time to build an attack and are being humped out of CL, and maybe EL, by teams with similar or less resources than us.

What value does winning a treble or 7 titles actually have, as a Celtic fan, when you are anticipating/expecting a thrashing in Europe…?

I cannot understand that thinking at all.

As long as 60,000 sign up for that deal, my views don’t matter to anyone excpet me and a few other likeminded bhoys (and ghirls)

I get it – and each to their own and all that – but jeezo, what happened!!!

The Gombeen Man


Good post.

Keeping the finances in order is the key I believe. That keeps shareholders happy. They are the key stakeholders. Maximising the income from the support, player trading are the focus.
The sectarian divide in a Scottish League makes it easy to make money out of people’s emotional attachment to the club.

The Old Firm money makes for lazy Executives.

What happens on the park seems to be secondary, supporters cough up and have no expectations other than to cuff Sevco.

I read an article on another Blog about Ian Durrant earlier. Highlighting that kind of a stuff makes money, feeds sectarianism and helps make below average performances on and off the pitch

The irony might be with by the PLC’s preference for the status quo, if the inaction over Sevco was to prove the thing that prevented a move to a more lucrative league or maybe cause supporters, sponsors and other investors to walk away.

,big packy

listen ghuys as I said before, rather than see my team get humiliated in Europe id rather they were not in Europe if you get my drift, don’t forget I grew in the lions era when we were humping teams a lot better than the European teams now, so sad really we have gone backwards at a fast rate of knots, do I know the answer wish I did, feel free to comment.luv ya all.hh.

Listening to SSB, unbelievable, all the Celitc supporters on don’t care about europe, it’s all about the treble and domestic superiority, sad, sad, sad, the brainwashing has worked big time.



The Sevco problem is not a simple one. Could the current situation and the lead up to 2012 have happened with a properly functioning fourth estate? Could they have happened with proper governance from the various FA bodies? Could the old and the new entities have survived without the blind eye turned by the police? Etc, etc

Right from the second influx of Irish immigrants, attitudes were developing….elitism, bigotry, call it what you may….were fermented. All of this laid on top of a historical fear of Catholics from the fallout from the religious tolerance policies of King James II from 1685 onwards.

It is easy to define the problems that the Sevcos of the land cause. It is much more difficult to solve them.

Those that offer simple solutions sincerely, often have a knowledge gap.


,big packy

rebus67 hi pal let me put my credentials 65 year old catholic celtic supporter from glenboig Lanarkshire Scotland now residing in deepest Cheshire miss Scotland but don’t miss the anti catholic anti irish bigotry no orange walks down here thank fuck anyway ask majoc if im a hun.god bless to you and yours.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Rebus 67,

It’s pretty simple really.

If the Resolution 12 guys have evidence of corrupt practices simply ensure that the processes are followed or tell the truth about why not.


Margaret McGill

40% Americans think the earth is 6000 years old
same shite

Margaret McGill

who defines corruption? you?
who defines the processes? you?
lets change it
doesnt matter



72 year old, protestant school…not affiliated with any church; born Glasgow, resident Canada since 1981. Like you I do not miss the bigotry nor the walks. Followed Celtic since early sixties.



New article up,folks.