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This is the Day in History:
Constantine had his famous vision of ‘The Cross of Christ’ in 312 C.E.

130 years ago…1888

Following on from their first, and Victorious, visit to Hibs, and a string of wins 7-1 (both home and away to Dundee Harp and an 8 goal win in Scottish Cup against Cowlairs) Celtic made their first competitive appearance against Rangers in a Glasgow Cup-Tie at Ibrox in front of 3-4,000 spectators.

Rangers won the toss and played with the wind, scoring the opening goal in 20 minutes. That would be their last significant contribution to the proceedings as Groves equalised from the re-start followed by Dunbar, Coleman, T Maley, Dunbar (again) and finally Kelly completing a 6-1 annihilation.

The new team from the East End were now scoring freely and had now only suffered one reverse, in a friendly against Clyde 3-4.They had gained revenge by September beating them in another friendly 5-1.

In other news…

The Boston Globe reports serious waves and damage to shipping, with many shipwrecks in Pawtucket. Horrendous loss of life with 15 sailors dead in one incident.

Meanwhile in Nantucket, residents complained about the number of lobsters left stranded in front yards due to huge waves.

70 years ago…1948

Celtic 4 Falkirk 4 League Division A

John (Jackie) Gallacher (sic) scored all 4 goals. The brother of the more famous Scotland International Hughie Gallacher. Was considered by some to be inconsistent and perhaps being unfairly judged as Jimmy McGrory was so fondly remembered. He signed in 1943 and left Celtic in 1951 ( free to Kettering Town) having scored 94 goals in 116 games. His conversion/goals rate is astonishing for any period, and particularly at a time when Celtic won no (0) senior honours.

In other news…

Albert Camus’ “L’Etat de siège (State of Siege)” premieres in Paris. ( Walter Smith is rumoured to have kept a well-thumbed copy in a cardigan pocket throughout his Ibrox career…)

50 years ago…1968

Celtic travelled to the Yugoslavian capital Belgrade, with a healthy 5-1 lead for 2nd leg of 2nd round European Cup against Red Star.

The starting 11 had all come through the Youth system in an unusual 4-3-3:
Fallon; Craig Gemmell McNeill Clark; Brogan Connolly Murdoch; Lennox Chalmers and Hughes.

‘Blow-in’ Willie Wallace replaced Chalmers in the second half and smacked a 30 yard “wonder goal” to ensure 1-1 draw. The 6-2 aggregate taking Celts into a Quarter-Final appointment with AC Milan.

In other news…

BBC Report At Downing Street, Tariq Ali of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (VSC) , handed in a petition, signed by 75,000 to ask the government to stop supporting the US in its war against Vietnam. 6,000 protestors attack the U.S. Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Police repel significant violent charges as protestors link arms and surge towards gates.

Babies born that day have had 1839.9 million heartbeats. ( Babies born in Grosvenor Square that day have had 1840.4 million heartbeats )

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of knowledge on all things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site ( not c&p tho’ ). The guys who set it up and, painstakingly, keep it updated; deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order and a treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- there are, literally, days of enjoyment, qfree to view, and only a click away.
Respect Bhoys!



Lubo,where have you been hiding all my life? These apparently were the words said to Lubomir Moravcik in the dressing room by Martin O’Neill,having seen him play for the first time.

Martin,I’ve got news for you-a lot of us had asked that question nearly two years earlier!

Lubo joined Celtic mainly because of his personal connection to Dr Jo Venglos. We can all laugh at the legendary description of the move by Hugh Keevinsand others,but if we are honest,few of us had heard of this 33yo from a faraway country of which we know nothing. And we had more on our plates at the time,dealing with our General Manager,Jock Brown.

Lubo cost us between £200-350k,depending on which report you read. By the time he made his debut ten days later,we had just lost 2-0 to Kilmarnock,and 4-2 to Zurich. We were out of Europe,and with only 20 points from 13 league matches-pretty dismal,I’m sure you’ll agree.

Fergus fired Brown,Lubo made his debut-as did our kid goalkeeper,Andy McCondichie-and we trounced Dundee 6-1. Henrik scored a hat-trick,Lubo was largely overlooked. As he was in our next game,a defeat to St Johnstone.

And then this,a link to A Star is Born. Apparently there have been four Hollywood versions. We’ve had lots more than that at Celtic Park!

Lubo and Henrik ran riot that day,scoring two goals each. Lubo took a great delight in trashing the uninformed opinions printed about him on his arrival. Famously telling them “I was never a zero!”

Indeed not,Lubo. You were a one-zero. One of the great No 10s,as no less a judge than Zinedine Zidane put it. Famously,taking the place in the hearts of the fans-and the place in the team-that Michel Platini had occupied for so long at St Etienne,and which had been vacant for nearly a decade. You think I’m resorting to hyperbole here? Try this…


Eighty caps for his country,a goal roughly every four games,and possibly the most two-footed player most of us have ever seen. Lubo had it all,but we had him for four glorious years. I think he’s a legend. A lot of us do. But in his homeland,they think a little more highly of him. They call him Gift From God.

“My favourite time, my most special time, was at Celtic….They said I was a ‘gift from God’ but it was the opposite – Celtic was a gift from God to me…Celtic is unique.”
Lubo Moravcik (2015)

Thank you,Lubo. You gave us great joy,particularly in your early days with us,bringing us out from a dark period. You even inspired BROGANROGANTREVINOANDHOGAN to write one of his most informative and yet whimsical tributes,which he has kindly allowed me to direct you to.

The tale of Lubo and Joe —– and the old man in the park!

I’ll raise a glass to memories of you wearing our colours,Lubo. You were born to wear them.


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PART TWO is by majoc,who can’t even seem to do a hyperlink properly,so try again


Nice to see a footballer giving something back. Portrayed as arrogant during his career,turns out he was just shy and introverted.

He was certainly gifted,and perhaps fortunate with having Kevin Keegan and Fergie as managers. The two arseholes who bookended his career clearly had no grasp of man-management,or empathy.


,big packy

lubo was probably the best two footed player I ever saw at celtic, just a pity we did not have him earlier in his career, special thanks to dr Jo for bringing him in.hh.


Lubo, Moravcik, Lubo Moravicik,
His game had many tricks,
Striked the ball with two great feet,
He made Hugh Keevin’s greet.

Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger,
You may see a stranger across a crowded pitch,
And somehow you know, you know even then,
That somehow you’ll see him again and again.

“I don’t know what I find more laughable, the fact that Celtic cannot find £500,000 from their biscuit tin to sign a proven striker like John Spencer or the fact they spent £300.000 on one of Dr. Jo’s old pals, the unknown “Lubomir Moravcik.” said Hugh the man who lived in a shoe. 74 International caps for Czechoslovakia and Slovakia.

John Spencer returned to the enchanted Palace at Althorp where he resumed his career tending the grounds for his elder brother Earl Charles Spencer.
Lubo Moravicik, it was our great pleasure to watch him in our cherished hoops, that 5-1 game will live long, long in our memories, a thing of beauty. “Lubo Lubo”.


Good thread. Lubo taught Shaun Maloney how to hit a free kick ( I know I know!!!!!! )


I wish Shaun had hit it slightly better in Seville.


saltires en sevilla

Big Packy

He was wonderful on both feet.. a 4 sided genius (instep and outstep)

I worked with a Slovakian guy who let me in on the answer to that question.
He was very friendly with Lub’s son and had played golf with Lubo and his son.

Drum roll…..

Lubo played golf with his right hand.

I did ask if he used his left on the back 9?

No…right side only.?

Now we know


If you watch the early stuff of Lubo in action,he is very much right footed. He clearly taught himself to be otherwise.

Btw,I’m left-footed and right-handed. My Dad is right-footed and left-handed. My Dad plays golf right-handed,I play crap because of copying his cack-handed grip.

Being ambi-anything is a gift. Learning it,as Lubo did,is worthy of praise.

Watching an artist,well,wow…

saltires en sevilla



I suppose it means it’s still a mystery and we still don’t know ?

A good thing too!



Oh I remember yoo-hoo, your the one who made all my dreams really come true,
Distant bells, funny wee smells, haemorrhoid gels,
Like a bolt out of the blue oo-hoo,
Sorry Mr Doonican, but today I cannot stop talking in lyrics.

That’s quite aright Sean… If you’ll be my bodyguard, then you can call me.. Val.

The Gombeen Man

I’ll never forget the day Lubo trapped the ball with his backside against Hearts. I was in the Main Stand and just as memorable was the look on Martin Neill’s face when he turned round and faced us shaking his head laughing.

I was at the 5-1 game too and remember listening to the pundits on the radio sneering before the game…they weren’t sneering at 4.45pm.

I read up there…35 goals.

16 with the right foot,16 with the left and 3 headers.

A legend in the Hoops. 🙂


Great writing bhoys . Like Billy Connolly if Lubo didnt bring a smile to your face or joy to your heart then theres something wrong with you . The dug was very nearly called Lubo , thats how highly I think of him.
As all say absolute genius and was easily the most 2 footed player I ever seen . In a bargain buys article he could very well make it you know .
SES,, I love a bit of history and those wee snippets in your article are right up my street for instance the lobsters in the garden bit! I believe one of the first recorded tsunami’s was in Donegal where the fishermen of a small village were amazed to see the water roll out of their bay and for the first time ever they seen the muddy floor with seafood and old boats . Was catching fresh water crawfish as big as your hand last weekend myself come to think of it.
Hope all is well partner . Hail Hail

One of the thing’s about MoN’s time at the club that miffed me was how little imo he used Lubo, it was as if he didn’t trust him, he truly was a gift from God, I remember once when asked about if he was right or left footed, all he said was he practiced till he was as good with either, pity today’s footballer doesn’t think the same way.
Given that money is the goal for most, you would have thought that today’s footballer would do everything to make themselves better and get a move to a club that pays obscene money.


He was 37 when he chucked it and wish he was 27. Seville with a younger Lubo,aye,we would have walked it.

True, but as we didn’t have Dr Jo 🙂
We were blessed to have him, the club got to him as well.

,big packy

off topic ghuys, joan has just informed me of a family christening in burnley Lancashire tomorrow, which I had completely forgotten about, its normally a 50 minute drive for me, but tomorrow it will be a 40 minute drive, if I make my excuses and leave about 1-45, I should make the second. half.wish me luck.lol.

Fairhill Bhoy

MAJOC-just watched gift from god.
Outstanding ?

What kinda car do you have ?


Albert Kidd, Albert Kidd, Celtic a ghra mo chroi.

,big packy

sorry, the exiled tim just saw your post, its a citroen cactus hh.

saltires en sevilla


Imagine 30,000 Hoops fans turning up with Albert Kidd masks…

Might add some spice to the proceedings ?



Henry Smith is on the deck as the Dee’s Albert Kidd takes the ball from the half-way line, runs up field, makes one pass then, “crash bang wallop” what a picture stick it your family…. album. It might just explain Levein’s demeanour. 😉


Big Packy,

The new Hearts song; “Let the heartache begin” sometimes you have to take it on the chin”
I was at the Kinema that night too, along with my soon to be wife. Did you see “Amen Corner” there as well? We also saw “Cream” at Kirkcaldy’s Raith ballroom…

The Gombeen Man

Morning Everyone,

It’s a gorgeous morning here. Great day to restore a bit of pride after Thursday night. My bhoy’s going to the game. I never liked the Hearts lot. I remember being at Tynecastle years ago and them lobbing bottles from the tenements that backed onto the old Celtic End.
Ann Budge, Craig William Levein two other unpalatable characters.

Anyways, It’s a good day for a Christening Paddy, safe driving later.


,big packy

mike hi pal, what a coincidence yes amen corner as well.hh.

,big packy

hi the gombeen. just about to set off, hope to catch the second half.hh.

The Gombeen Man

not a bad looking car the Citreon Cactus Paddy. Enjoy the day, talk to you later…HH

saltires en sevilla


Great day for a Christening.

Drive safely and enjoy your day!


Garry Duncan

One of the best days of my life was Love Street Paisley 1986. The bloke behind me on the terracing with a radio screamed the 3 words “Albert Kidd’s scored.” Paisley went mental. Magic memory forever.

saltires en sevilla


Aye it does.. like a bag of chisels..


Heading out shortly to watch The Bhoys. Not one for predictions,but I think I’ll get this one correct-those thugs will kick us off the park with a brutality rarely witnessed inside a rugby stadium.

We will need our Bhoys to be men!!!

saltires en sevilla


Ah mean



saltires en sevilla


Enjoyed a pint with yer dad yesterday.. great patter from that bhoy!

There will be a few up and unders from Hertz

Hope our Bhoys can man up to that stuff


Think that’s why Kouassi and Ajer are playing, stand up to the thugs ???

The Gombeen Man

Hope so Norrie, last time Broonie stood up to them Levein and Co couldn’t take it.

I haven’t seen you post here before. Welcome and enjoy the Blog. 🙂


Margaret McGill

I love to see Leveins tactical thuggery gubbed!
Come on Aberdeen 🙂

Superb display, stood up to their thuggery, played some scintillating football at times, pen was soft ish but we should have had one in the first half when KT was taken out, what a difference my 2nd cousins son made, his goal was top top kwality.
Collum was brutal as ever, some of the stuff he let them away with was shocking but expected, brother beaton will show him up in the next game mind you, all the stops have been pulled to make sure the huns get to the final.

saltires en sevilla


How’s the heid buddy?

Aye, they did well in fact All the bhoys looked in the right frame of mind today.


saltires en sevilla


Aye love it 3 going on 7 ?

Levein will be sooking soor plums all week if Lenny can do a job midweek ?

Welcome NorrieM

saltires en sevilla

? outstanding today?

The Gombeen Man

A fantastic result and wouldn’t it be sweet if the Dons turn up at Hampden?
Really pleased for young Christie too and good to have Ajer back.

Good to see Neil Lennon incognito in the stands, let’s up he does a job on Hearts too on Wednesday and we finish them off on Saturday 🙂


Christie repaid is transfer fee and a good part of his wages today. Is it true he has been told he can leave? I hope not! Since his arrival he has done the necessary by bulking up. He deserves a chance but I sometimes worry about how BR treats some players, Kouassi included.

Right from day 1 you could see that Christie could thread a pass into space behind a defence.

Also that is the best I have seen from Sinclair since his first season.

Anyone know if Mulumbu is injured? The first half called out for someone like him in midfield.


I don’t think it’s true that Ryan has been told he can go.
Agree re Scotty, he was good today.
I read on another blog that Mulumbu was the one who told Kris Boyd that there was unrest in our dressing room and he wouldn’t play again for us due to this, no verification, just a post on a blog, I would hope it’s untrue.

,big packy

hi bhoys only saw the second half it could have been 7.hh.

Totally. Fucking. Bossed them.

Outstanding,particularly in the second half.

One really happy Hoopster.

Heard that too about Mulumbu,but from another source. BR should have given him a yellow,not a red,IMO.

,big packy

majoc same here.hh.

Only what I read, I agree that a yellow is enough, but if it’s the rules, I still hope it’s bollix tho.



I guess this is why BR is a manager and I am not. In the first half Hearts bottled up our midfield with bodies and some physicality. This produced our dreaded side to side crab tactics. Christie’s arrival somehow shifted the balance in midfield, not sure how. Somehow the midfield battle moved to the fringes of their penalty box and away from the middle of the park. After that it was a matter of time. Good one, BR.

I need to look at the heart’s CB, Dunn. What is his story?

I hope the Mulumbu story is not true. He was so enthusiastic about joining us.