Didn’t They Do Well?!!!


My young nephew travelled up from London to Glasgow to join his pals at the Kevin Bridges extravaganza. He said he had a great time,sides are still sore,the guy is a genius.

Now I don’t doubt that for a minute-I have always found him very funny whenever I’ve seen him. But he couldn’t hold a candle to the pleasure and fun I got from the huns and their mini-me cousins on Sunday. Honestly,when Naismith went down with what I hope is a recurrence of the serious knee problem he suffered while trying to maim an Aberdeen player a few years back,I thought I was going to pop a rib.

And Levein’s face after the keeper’s howler for the second goal,well,that’s my Hallowe’en mask sorted!!!

“It doesn’t get better than this,Ted”,as Father Dougal once remarked. Aye well,it soon did-in spades. TRIFCo turned up at Hampden thinking it was Faslane they were at as they turned it into Submarine Sunday. How many dives did they attempt at that match? I had to take my shoes and socks off,and I still lost count. And then Steven Gerrard-I take the blame for that,but the players are shite. Absolutely priceless and classless all at the same time

Our second half display was outstanding. Totally bossed Hearts,who for all their hammer throwing efforts,just couldn’t get near us. Our defence were well in control of the little they had to deal with,while our makeshift midfield looked made for the job. Calum McGregor seems to revel in the role he played,where the game was in front of him and he could control the tempo. Tom Rogic terrorised them every time he got the ball. James Forrest-more on him later-gave their entire defence no peace at all. Scott Sinclair played like he had been promised a special night with the missus if he scored on the pitch. Edouard is far too hot for that mob to handle even on their best day,and Ryan Christie had the game of his life. That’s a goalkeeper,four defenders and six players best known for their attacking roles,btw.


Yet at half-time,it was very nip and tuck,and we had seen this movie before. With Brown missing through injury,Mulumbu under curfew,Kouassi taken off with an ankle knock-and sair baws!-after 25 minutes,we really needed Ollie to step up.

Instead he too disappeared at half-time,leaving us with no bite in midfield. So we thought. Everyone was winning their battles out there,none more than Ryan. Suckered their defender into a stupid tackle for the penalty,suckered their keeper-who otherwise was their best player by a mile!-for the second,and suckered everyone who said he was never Celtic class with an outrageous third. To win Man of the Match having only played half the game is extremely unusual,but it was certainly deserved.

Well done,Ryan. The opportunity is there for you,son. Please go on and make the most of it.

Re James Forrest. He’s beginning to become our main man. On Sunday,he was poor in the first half. In the second half,he was unplayable. This follows outstanding performances in the St Johnstone and Hibs games,by no coincidence also the team’s best performances of the season so far. So it’s a chicken and egg situation-does the team play well when James plays well,or the other way round? I’ll be quite happy to still be wondering that after another thirty or so performances from each,come the end of the season!

Oh,and just to stretch my excellent weekend out by another day,The Jabba/King Comedy Ensemble released a statement about their latest kicking from Mike Ashley. I commented on it late last night on the previous article…


That Dave King statement in full


Stupid is as stupid does

Guest article by majoc.


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Agrippa The Hun,

Oh well done mahe, your titillation has been tittyful, two days on the trot, (sounds like an Irish draft horse).
When Kouassi went down in the box, I thought he was having a fit, but it turns out he was having a turn on and yet he was not the only one being turned on because after a stuttering start the team moved up the gears and produced a performance that we all knew would be a winning performance.

And so it came to pass. Levein did not have any option but to fill the middle of the pitch making it difficult for our players to get through them, as is normal, Brendan realised what was going on and adjusted his tactics to suit, bringing off Kouassi and replacing him with Sinclair to stretch the play. No hiding place for the team from Gorgie, they were found wanting as the fitness and the talent of the Celtic players told its own story. Who was the team blowing out there rear end as the game progressed, well it wasn’t the Celtic team, they were getting stronger.

Another final in the bag, another trip to Hampden secured, the natural order was secured and when they visit our Paradise in the west, the realisation will dawn that their time in the sun has come to a shuddering halt. The hankies by the mankies will come out as they know the certainty of number eight approaches, if only we could transfer our domestic form into Europe then we would all feel a bit happier.

Well done Awe Naw last night his post about Res.12 was spot on, as someone who has supported it from the off, the longer the silence continues the more my anger goes on. The thought of cheating titles won and that nothing will be done I… well, everything about that has been said before, what it means is that thousands of Celtic supporters have been let down massively, absolutely disgusting…….

big packy

hi bhoys, second half on sunday was a joy to watch, no failures could easily have been six or seven, special mention to my namesake ryan thought he was outstanding.hh.


Morning Packy, hope your namesake gets another contract, didn’t he do well…. Did I mention my smooth coated fox terriers? we have enjoyed their company for the past thirty odd years, marvellous wee dogs, they were all made very welcome in our family and we received much love, fun and company in return, you cannot ask for more….


It will be a long queue of disgusted Celtic supporters when Res 12 is jettisoned. The board have a lot to answer for.

The AGM might be very interesting indeed.

Btw,AULDHEID yesterday said that the board are still awaiting a reply from The Compliance Officer to their June request for clarification.

Aye. I’ll bet they are.


Six or seven wouldn’t have flattered us-for all that the keeper dropped a clanger for the second,he made half a dozen great saves.



I am still waiting to hear if the Res.12 questions will be asked from the floor at the AGM, the last time I was there two years ago nothing was said, despite prompting from Bankier, he asked… has anyone got any questions about Res.12, no-one said a word….

saltires en sevilla


Like your acccont on Tynecastle.

King v Mike Ashley.

“…flesh wound”

The Fool Taunting the guy holding the big sword.

It occurs to me that MA will never actually run him through, with the ‘coup de grace’

Content to watch him in tatters, slowly bleeding to death.

saltires en sevilla

Mike and Majoc

The resolution now has all the vitality of a dead parrot.

Despite the outstanding efforts of the 4 guys who took up the fight.

I smell treachery…

Hope I’m wrong!

saltires en sevilla

Big packy
Sunday fitba fair cured my hangover. ?

The Gombeen Man


I really enjoyed this morning’s Blog. It’s been a great couple of days and with three points tomorrow and a win on Saturday too it could be a brilliant week.

I know Hibs might be a bit of a threat and many would like to see a draw tomorrow in Edinburgh I hope NL’s team do the business.

Wouldn’t be hilarious too if high flying Killie could get something at Ibrox ?

I haven’t looked up Sevco’s home form but I think they are better at home. No doubt there have been a few ‘Distress Signals’ emanating from Level 5 over the last 24 hours.

A few setbacks in the league would really mean King would have to spend ‘big’ in January. 🙂



No-one is pulling the wool over my eyes, it has been said many times that P.Lawwell runs Scottish football and I totally agree with that description.
If Celtic were minded to raise the cheating of titles and how they cheated Celtic out of a C.L. qualifier by not paying their social taxes then something would be done about it.
There can only be one possible explanation and that is that they do NOT want these issues resolved because of their fear of damage to their bigot partners.
First raised in 2013 by the Res.12 bhoys and here we are five years later and still nothing has been done, there can only be one conclusion….

Awe Naw

Thanks Mike,

my post was not really about Res 12. Res 12 is like a buoy that has been thrown into stormy waters allowing you to judge the underlying currents.

My post was just an attempt to explain why things may be the way that they currently are.

Without any transparency it´s the only reasonable way to attack this problem.

It all points to the usual, a lying deceitful board who are only interested in one thing. Maintaining their own positions and preserving the financial year regardless of what long term damage that it does to the club

Awe Naw

second explanation can be that they don’t want us to know how complicit they are with regards to the birth of the 5 way agreement as they (Lawwell, Petrie, Ogilvie) were the architects in everything but name.

I don’t get hangovers. My Dad reckons that if I did,I wouldn’t drink so much!

Hence,my driving job. To keep me in check.


I have my own thoughts about it all,but I’m saving them for after the AGM.

Surprisingly,it isn’t too critical of our leaders. And yet,it is. No point in giving away an article in a single post.

Watch this space.


I’m originally from Kilwinning,though spent my time from about8yo till 21yo in Ardrossan/Saltcoats. I prefer Kilwinning.

Stevie Clark was my classmate at secondary,sat next to me in Maths and English.

Kilmarnock fan-his brother,Paul,played centre-half for them,he didn’t really care for anyone apart from his local team. And he was respected for that,despite the fact that we were almost all Celtic supporters. Plus,he could keep a ball off of us in a telephone box!

Point being,Stevie is not a hun without a bus fare-I think that’s common knowledge anyway-nor will he ever lie down to Celtic or anyone else. They are second in the table for a reason.

There must be some clubs down south wondering why they ignored his ability as a coach,but that is their loss.

The Gombeen Man


Kilmarnock haven’t lost since beating us at their place. So Saturday’s draw at home was the first dropped points since losing to Hibs on 15th September.

Sevco had three staright wins after losing at Livington on the 30th of September.
Always conceding a goal. Then a scoreless draw in the Europa and Sunday’s defeat.

It’s very clear that Mike Ashley’s dirty tactics have affected Sevco and created a unnecessary distraction, undermining an excellent start to the season.

Glibby’s brave an truthful statement will steel the nerves of the young brave team. 😉

Steve Clarke has worked with the games best in England. Quietly he has done a fantastic job and hopefully tomorrow night goes his way. On a level playing field he’d wipe the floor with Gerrard and Co. Whether he is granted anything like a level playing field is another question. 🙂

Awe Naw

Let me guess; you think the money hoarding and lack of European ambition is all due to a genuine concern our PLC has about the huns going belly up again ?


Karma reared its pretty head again on Sunday when others thought which Celtic player would feel the studs of nasal Naismith, first he left the boot in Broony’s groin and then Johnny Hayes felt his wrath, that’s why we felt no sympathy for him when he caught his studs in the Murrayfield hybrid pitch. He will be missing for the next eight weeks, pity that.

After selling the dick displayer for the sum off a couple of thousand pounds to Poundland, it leaves him them short (pardon the pun) of strikers and will make a huge dent in their table-top ambitions. When you take an older player on loan that is one of the hidden pitfalls, damage previously incurred in your career like Karma it can come back to bite you.

Levein of course will not be the only one losing a striker, EBT McLeish who previously said that nasal would be his first choice striker will now like McFadden have to back track and hope that Griffiths will forgive him for being so stupid and one dimensional.
I was disappointed to see WGS leave, if he was guilty of anything it was of being too loyal to certain players, but he was able to rely on the Celtic players to help him out at the end, if only he had played them throughout his term, qualifying was possible. McLeish will not have that option, by discarding our players and no Poundland players available of any talent, he will need to take a quick course on genealogy to come up with new answers as to whom to play.

We have the bad fortune to have Mr. Sleekit Beaton as our referee on Saturday, him off the “foul, foul, foul” on the billy goat Jack, ably assisted by MSP Ross, him off the “red card, red card, red card” infamy. You could not make it up, two tossers who give refereeing a bad name, only in Scotland, the only good thing is that their credentials are very well known. So watch out for pettiness in play, stop starts to kill off the game, fouls not being awarded to the Celtic players until they win the ball back and then miracle of miracle’s it is then awarded. The hidden sleigh of hand dealt by the funny hand shakers of the men in black, goats to the fore……

Quite interesting to read the pro and anti board posts on CQN at the moment.

Especially so,since the anti board posters state their reasons,the pro board ones don’t

I’d fire in my own thoughts,bar an unfortunate red on Friday. Heyho…

saltires en sevilla


So it’s true…

Your a very naught bhoy


Good stuff majoc
The video fits so it does 😉
Had a read on CQN agree with you re the pro and anti board, all the pro ones can do is insult the anti ones, they have no argument whatsoever, the suits love supporters like them, worse than huns imo, at least the huns have an excuse, they are huns.

Margaret McGill

red huh?
Dont worry most CQN’rs are fannies.

big packy

hey you ghuys don’t call majoc a fannie I only thought he got a yellow . ive had 2 reds .lol.

big packy

mike just seen your post from this morning, joan does a few smooth coated fox terriers in the salon, 2 from the same family, like a brown and white coat lovely dogs, but I wont say anymore about dogs otherwise the exiled tim wll be onto me.lol.


I fully respect you, and indeed anyone, who feel that they have some issue with our CEO and the board – however I must ask this, exactly what would you do differently? – the operative word being “exactly”.

DD, PL & the board are doing what they do in, what I hope you will agree, a crazy financial world of football. So, what are they doing, “exactly”?…there’s that word again.

The club is enjoying the second-most successful footballing period in its history and is without question the most financially succesful club ever in the Scottish game.

I am first to agree that the machinations to build on the strength of our historic double-treble at the start of this season were not spectacular, but have they been down to circumstances, or, actual mismanagement?

I don’t believe that there is anyone within the club that does not want only the best outcomes. The officers/custodians of the club are charged to bring immediate and ongoing success, but must also look to its future well-being – sometimes these two important aims can pull in opposite directions.

As far as Europe is concerned, the glory-days of competing are gone, participation is now the key, – the rewards of qualification to the group stages are vital to the club. Success in Europe now means sharing in the riches that it offers – we do as well as can be expected on this front.

So by all means criticize, but please justify and cost what different decisions could/should be made. These alternative plans must be workable, realistic and show “exactly” what the outcomes and consequences will be.

DD, PL & the Board have to deal with real & changing situations, most of their critics deal in conjecture & hyperbole.

Celtic FC is a complex business as well as being our beloved club – simplistic ‘knee-jerk’ solutions won’t/don’t work.

big packy

the exiled tim just been on cqn, you gave them both barrels loved it hh.

Margaret McGill

If you exclude history and Europe and include just the Old Firm then you are correct.
Parochial is as Parochial does.
If you include Europe BR’s record is not 2nd but 5th or 6th
Not for me thanks.
I wonder how much the CEO of AEK Athens gets paid for having similar ambitions?


Can we really measure our success in terms of European success anymore?

I would love to think that we could move forward and take our place among the best in the UK, however I just can’t see it in the near to mid-future.

PL’s remuneration seems to be a red-hot bone of contention – why? Should he, who oversees the financial proberty & success of the whole club/company, not be paid on a par with the top players at the club – most of whom have periods of loss of form and/or injury, when they don’t contribute, and who move on when the money is better elsewhere?

In addition he brings so much other commercial income into the club – of course earning millions per year is abhorrent to most of us who survive month to month on a modest salary, but we don’t hound players who are the biggest earners in football, so why the executive who makes it all possible?

I don’t say everything is 100%, and I concede that you have every right to hold your view – it’s just that mine is different HH.

It really all depends on what you want from supporting Celtic, by you I mean the support.
If you are content with domination in scotland we are doing great, as you say it’s the second most fruitful time in our existence, if europe is the goal we are falling away at an alarming rate of knots I’m afraid.
We struggled to qualify this year for a variety of reasons, one being a breakdown between the playing staff and the hierarchy, that has happened far too frequently in the past few years to be a coincidence, there is a common denominator for these failings, I don’t need to give you more than one guess who that is.
Being part of the game in an administrative role, like Pedro, I expect him to uphold the rules and do whatever it takes to expose the corruption and the cover ups, in this he has failed drastically,, he has done nothing by the looks of things.
As a CEO of a PLC, his main priority is to look after the interests of the shareholders, allowing, or not challenging the sfa in the cover up of more than a decade of cheating, the consequences of which have allowed another club to access a competition that we were the rightful contenders for, thus depriving the club of £millions and potentially £100s of millions, this is a serious dereliction of duty as a CEO, I could add in the fact that at times he plays at a football manager but what’s the point, he has failed big time in his duties as a CEO, first and foremost to the shareholders and secondly to the football club, IMO of course.
If you can tell me that I am wrong, fine, please point out where I have gone wrong.
BTW, it’s not our job to know “exactly” what we would do, to ask such a question is plain silly, as well you know,

Margaret McGill

You are entirely entitled to buy a bigoted product. It’s the market value. In the same way I won’t buy elephant ivory. Just don’t let me catch you whining about the cheating Huns and their bigoted Scottish support system.




Can we really measure our success in terms of European success anymore?

No,we can’t. But that is because our leaders have decided it is pointless. As are our European adventures,by and large. They have set us up to be competitive with the other teams trying to get into the CL,not with the CL itself.

We can’t be expected to qualify over four rounds,they reckon,so they don’t even try to sign the players who might just achieve it. And the reason we have four rounds in the first place is because they downsized so greatly in the four years pre-BR that our co-efficient plummeted.

Your point about Euro-qualification last night was an excellent one,and yes,I think most of us would be happy with 3x CL and 2x EL every five years.

But the way things are heading,we will be lucky to achieve the latter part alone.

Gold,we shouldn’t be accepting dross. PL plays Championship Manager,while excelling only at managing expectations. It is simply not on.


You make strong points & no I am not ideally satisfied with domestic domination, however such is the pace that the richer leagues move further away from us, what real choice have I got?

On the subject of tackling the Ibrox mob and the Scottish Football Authorities, have you considered that the outcome, knowing what kind of country we live in, might be detrimental to our club.

Yes we were cheated, Scottish football was cheated and I hate those who done it and if there was a way to right all the wrongs legally, I am all for it – I just don’t see that way is open to us.

It happens in business all the time whereby one company will use dodgy methods to win lucrative tenders – if that company eventually goes out of business, those who lost traded fairly and out, rarely have any recourse to compensation.

We have made real progress and have, in my opinion, taken advantage of the consequences that have been visited on Ibrox – do I want cheated honours struck from the record books, of course I do, will it ever happen, sadly I don’t believe so.

I don’t think you are wrong to be angry and feel aggrieved, however I think the butt of your anger is misplaced when directed at Celtic HH

saltires en sevilla


There are not enough hours today, or the next day, to explain “exactly” what needs to be done, I’m sure you already knew that ?

If I were King ( no not that one ) would start by preparing a plan to take action with a specified aim to identify the cheats in our game and consider appropriate penalties and reparations.

Preliminary Action Plan -( by no means complete)
– Appoint a competent legal team to review all known information and present possible strategies/viable options.
-Allocate sufficient resources
– Demand resignation of any Executive not supportive of strategy options. Or vote them out at Emergency Meeting (EGM)
-Notify all stakeholders : Shareholders; Season Ticket Holders; UEFA/SPFL/SFA & Member Clubs; Sponsors and Media ( yes them too) of a declaration of intent to proceed against those responsible and ensure they are brought to justice
-Present evidence of fraud to Serious Fraud/Crime/City of London Police
-consider private litigation/CAS Whatever solution required to achieve aims
-buy shares in popcorn manufacturers ?

Enough Be getting on with…

Dharma Bam

Just had a quick look at CQN. Seems like there’s a pro board/pro PL/ happy clapping tag team on there half the time. And SFTB to grind everyone down with his long winded obfuscations.

Margaret McGill

I believe that Celtic PLC were instrumental in the revival of the bigoted vile repugnant filth that is a cancer in Scotland. and they did it for money.

Good to see you posting, look forward to you posting more and more 😉


Margaret McGill

If my memory serves me correctly they were liquidated

Similar to my own thoughts,Mags.


Sorry you feel that – there is no hard evidence for what you say – if I felt that I would not go back to Celtic Park.


I agree that there is no hard evidence for it,but there are certainly good reasons for arriving at that conclusion. Not least their very strange unwillingness to act on proper,real,evidence that Celtic FC and Celtic Plc have been robbed of trophies and of cash rewards which were their due.

Dharma Bam

Glad to see another website where you can read opinions and a worldview other than that endorsed by the board/plc and without the people who give those opinions being attacked.
A lot of people who post on CQN seem to believe in collective action, except when it comes to Celtic and withdrawing their custom. Love is blind, I suppose.

Margaret McGill

5 way agreement
Failure to bring SFA to task when total corruption retrospectively proven
Failed to follow up on anything meaningful including res 12
Prevaricated on any consequences while cashing in.
Sold the jerseys.
Ignored health and safety on the eboladrome.
Thats just for starters
I mean head in the sand and arse protruding is being kind.

big packy

mags and majoc three little words is all you need to know why our club wont rock the boat .THE BIGOT POUND.HH.

It’s hard to post on two blogs at the same time, I am sorry but to know you are being cheated and to do nothing about it is wrong, plain wrong, we have to call it out no matter the consequences, this is what my main gripe is, everything else imo is secondary.
We know we have been cheated and lied to, this is fact that has been proven in the highest court in the land, yet we do nothing about it, if you can justify that, fine, it’s not something I could live with if I were in that position to do something about it.

Margaret McGill

Disagree with you there majoc

“Not least their very strange unwillingness to act on proper, real, evidence that Celtic FC and Celtic Plc have been robbed of trophies and of cash rewards which were their due.”
This is everything in a nutshell for me, it has been proven they cheated in the highest court in the land, the illegal registration of players for a decade or more is enough to crucify the sfa, the consequent cover ups another, yet silence, why oh why I keep asking masel, there has to be something more than money involved, there just has to be, if it’s only money, jeezo, how feckin sad is that.