Why doesn’t the game judge ?

This isnt an article I wanted to write but I should have known that I was going to need to write it someday.   At some stage we as fans were probably going to have to face up to watching some unsavoury characters either on the field of play or being allowed to grace our own beautiful shirts but I really really didnt expect it to be Cristiano that might be in the dock .


Before going any further it is only fair to state that he has not been charged with any crimes at this point , and I will not be assuming his guilt only talking in general about the moral dilemma we as fans might be forced to face .


So Ronaldo has been accused of rape ,, a most heinous crime .

This to me anyway throws up a couple of questions,,

Wheres the line here ? Do we just support the player and ignore the person ? Or would one club do that and another club do different ?

As a club open to all  that would include rehabilitated criminals right ? After all they have served their time . You see where I am going here , once you start judging the morals of those you are watching where do you stop ?

Any crime ?  Squeaky clean only need apply ? Are divorces allowed ? Had an affair ?

Its a road we should not and hopefully will not be going down judging those the club pays or somehow holding them up to higher standards than we ought to .

There is a part of me that would like to think our players are good blokes in the main but the truth is I have no idea whatsoever .


Ronaldo was the obvious example as he’s the most high profile example but other examples of this are all around us and dont seem to get as much headlines surprise surprise . Why Lafferty was in the news just last week and tax dodgers are all over the media so why the sudden questions eh ?   

The fella Evans who was actually convicted and served time for rape got a contract with another club after his release so they clearly looked at only the player not the person .

Duncan Disorderly , Ol Arry , Dave King , the list is long of those who have been involved in football yet have been anything but squeaky clean .

Our own Paolo supported , and still supports by all accounts , fascism and has been pictured giving the nazi salute yet we ignored that and supported the player.

Heck , the governing bodies were found to be corrupt yet the masses stayed , hooked .


The prime example outside of football is Mike Tyson who was actually convicted of the same crime as CR7 is accused of  yet was welcomed back into the sport .


For a game that’s already eating itself would this be a step too far for many ? End of Ronaldo ?


No,,, fans and the sport in general will not blink an eye at watching Cristiano in the spotlight as often as possible whether he is a convicted criminal or not and that is the world we live in .

He would get a contract on release if ever jailed have no doubt , if he was to continue that is.

This world doesnt judge character and morals no more , it wants drama and page filling face’s for some reason , like my President or Connor Mc Gregor.

The nice normal guy is no longer celebrated and held up as an example . This social media / instant information world has created monsters of idiots with little scruples.

Amazon have been accused of dodging tax yet the world is addicted to them,  another little example of blind eye-ism.

The World Series was fixed yet America’s favorite pastime still thrives.

The masses have accepted its a messed up world and are burying the head in sand .

Football fans will do , and have done , exactly the same .


In other news I am surprised no one has mentioned the news reports last week of a new push to start the  Be – Ne – Lux league ( Belgium , Netherlands , Luxembourg ) .

Preliminary talks have taken place about a league merger , news which surely must interest any Celtic fan a little .

This report claims it is a step in reclaiming the game from the dominance of the big 5 leagues and even goes so far as to claim the Spl may well get involved in the new set up .



When one also takes into account another proposed merger this year , of the MLS and Mexicos Liga 1 , then perhaps we are starting to see some signs of life in revitalizing the world game and making it a more fair and equal partnership .

Lets hope so , it needs it .


Finally , I would like to think we are all in agreement in sending our condolences to those involved with Leicester City at this troubling time for them . Tragic news and lets hope the entire city can rebound .

May the souls of the departed Rest In Peace .


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Some excellent points made,and certainly worthy of consideration.

I was told nearly forty years ago that Celtic got rid of an extremely promising youngster for beating up his girlfriend,despite no police involvement,and also Ronnie Glavin,who was an excellent player for us,was sold to Barnsley immediately after his court case for attempted insurance fraud.

Different days though,and certainly where big-money is involved,the temptation is not to kill the golden goose,even though it has been mightily tarnished. Even cricket doesn’t escape that charge,for goodness sake!

Of course,it lost it’s whiter than white image when it introduced coloured jerseys!

Personally I don’t recall Di Canio displaying his fascism while he was with us-though I’m prepared to be corrected on that-and while I’m very tolerant of others political opinions,there are limits. As there should be with criminality.

At the risk of sounding flippant-which on this occasion I’m not-the limit should be daft boayishness. Though I suspect not everyone will define that the same way.

A convicted rapist,wife-beater,as examples,are way beyond those limits,and I would not be happy with such in my team.


Excellent mahe, sometimes the beautiful game is not so attractive, but to me its a wider reflection on society, I’m busy just now but I will come back to it later.

But first of all I want to thank Gold for explaining so articulately his point of view on yesterdays article. You know blogs are mostly great, by allowing and discussing different points of view, how sad it would be if everybody held exactly the same views, I suppose that’s what separates us from robots. So well said Gold….

saltires en sevilla


Touchy subject.

Needs some discussion, so well done.

I don’t think I would have played in any team with a known rapist playing beside me.
Easy for me to take that stance as I neverr earned my living playing fitba.

Just the same, if I discovered that a rapist was working close to me I would seek employment elsewhere. I would have the same views on any crime of abusive violence on vulnerable people.

I get less concerned about other crimes and those convicted criminals who have done their time and are rehabilitated. Unless I discover they are not actually rehabilitated. Then I would consider my options.

As for fraud in sport, the issue is far less important as it is ,after all, only a game and there are other passtimes to follow.

There are parallels, of course.

Watching a rigged sport, known to be rigged, is just pointless. My love of cycling has seriously diminished ( i will stiill cycle) and seldom watch Le Tour as much as I did in the last 30 years. Despite having more time. La Vuelta and Girio d’ Italia are no longer in my diary and I couldn’t name winners in last 5 years. At one time I knew all the stats. That sport has basically shafted itself and will die sooner or later as people switch off, so will sponsors.

Football in Scoland is going down the same road, for EPO swabs swap EBT wads.

I’m now at the stage that the only money I pay into football is to Celtictv – which I seldom watch. I find myself watching games on hesgoal.com as my wee Giruy to the lot of them.

Now I can forsee a time when I will lose my interest in the game and Celtic entirely.
I had looked forward to having grandchildren and telling them all about our great club and the heroes and achievements. Hoping maybe one of them ( boy or girl) would pull on the hoops, either in earnest or as a supporter.

They haven’t arrived yet, and I might not be fortunate to have any. Right now, I’m seriously thinking that I will be sparing them all the grief! My kids seem less concerned than I do about cheating and I feel I must have failed them somehow. They are bright enough, but seem happy watching Celts and a version of Rangers. To be fair they have only ever really known domination over thems. Not enough ‘honest mistakes’. I wiil be interested to see how they feel when they finally see the penny dropping.

The next Board meeting and how the Celtic support respond wiil go a long way to informing my choices.

Aleady. Drifting towards the raw, blood and snotters of The Juniors.

big packy

nice article mahe to be honest. if Ronaldo is found guilty. he should never play again.imho of course.hh.

Awe Naw


Wheres the line here ? Do we just support the player and ignore the person ? Or would one club do that and another club do different ?

This is a geographical question

F*** the Rangers’ Aberdeen defender Shay Logan taunts Ibrox fans in foul-mouthed video
The outspoken Dons defender has let rip during a social media clip which has emerged online.

By Gary Ralston
18:50, 30 OCT 2018

Video footage of Aberdeen defender Shay Logan apparently shouting “F*** the Rangers” has emerged following Sunday’s Betfred Cup semi-final.

The outspoken and unsavoury defender is never shy in airing his “opinions” and his latest brazen outburst is sure to rankle with the Light Blues faithful – and delight Dons supporters.

The former Brentford star has been captured on film turning the air filthy blue as he chats into the camera and now the highly revealing footage has appeared online.

The 30-year-old is talking to a friend as he explains why he’s letting him round to his house after a weekend to forget for Rangers fans.

Logan said during the clip: “He bought my dinner, we f***ed his team yesterday, the most I can do is let him come round and watch the football at my house.

“F*** the Rangers.”

Logan has endured a frosty relationship with Celtic fans in the past and the Englishman claimed he was subject of racial abuse at Parkhead last season. When in fact nobody actually heard him say it and it was never caaught on camera.

The right back has been public enemy No1 since Aleksandar Tonev landed a seven-match ban after surprisingly being found guilty of racial abuse towards the Dons defender in 2014 although Tonev was only prosecuted on the balance of probability.

Logan unsurprisingly was showered with boos during his side’s 1-0 defeat to the Hoops at Parkhead in September.

Awe Naw

Why should UEFA and FIFA be above the law and not one of the greatest players that ever lived ?

Every two days somebody dies in Qatar helping to build the World Cup (Thank you Brian Quinn)


Expected to rise to 4,000 as laborers succumb to region’s torching heat

Who gives a monkey´s suck ?

Brave article.
It’s a very dodgy area if the truth be known, the Mrs used to work with prisoners who were guilty of some serious sexual assaults, the word rape congers up so many different things for different people, the levels of assault can be night and day yet the charge is the same, I will leave it at that.
Who’s morals do we live by, I live by my own.


Mahe- enjoyed this thoughtful & thought-provoking piece. Keep up the good work.

I am putting together a piece that I will offer to the blog soon – hope you are able to approve.


As far as I am aware,the site will always be open to all,bar libellous or threatening comments. You don’t seem the type for either,so I’d expect the article to be approved-he’s accepted mine so far,after all!

The whole point of the blog is,after all,to solicit opinion from across the spectrum.

I’m only replying to this,btw,as Mahe will be in his scratcher,unless his wee beloved has woken him up!!!


So Logan finally insults sevco,and is referred to as unsavoury? Not sure that adjective was used anytime he fired it into us.

Good Ayrshire name going to waste on that bellend.

Awe Naw

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard reveals the telltale sign players who don’t have bottle show
The Ibrox boss is watching his stars closely after their shocker against Aberdeen.

By Craig Swan

Steven Gerrard knows there are those within Rangers’ recent past who have gone into hiding when the going gets tough.

Weak individuals going under at the first hint of a problem; Sir David Murray, Walter Smith, Alistair Mc Coist, Mark Warburton, David Weir, Stuart Mc Call, Greame Murty

Gerrard however is made of sterner stuff and is not having it. It cannot and will not be heeded as long as he is the manager at Ibrox.

And the stern gaffer has warned his lily livered group that anyone caught crawling into their shell will be weeded out because they simply don’t belong at the club.

For the first time in his reign there is adversity.

The weak Betfred Cup semi-final loss to Aberdeen has been the only minor setback of Gerrard’s term.

In turn, his subsequent blunt message to the squad about delivering the goods was as dark as the defeat to the Dons.

Even though it´s Halloween, there was no disguise. No dressing it up. He wasn´t dressed up as Adolf Hitler or Genghis Khan when he delivered his speech to his misfiring elite soldiers, Basically, perform to the necessary levels required at Rangers or you will be replaced yet again.

It has been laid on the line to these players with little chance to claim misunderstanding.

And while that can be the signal for some to shrink, Gerrard says that his no-nonsense and powerful message and his omnipresence should act as motivation to stand even taller.

In fact, it’s not a case of it should. It’s a case of it must.

Gerrard said: “I watch closely and if they go into a shell and do the mumpy face then they’ve got a problem because you shouldn’t be at Rangers if you go into a shell and do the mumpy face.

“It´s not a pretty sight” he joked

“It’s the wrong place. They can’t do it.

“There has been too many players and former managers and directors here of late that are prepared to go into that shell and do the mumpy face. We can’t have them round here again. It can’t happen yet again.

“I was quite clear and blunt in the media afterwards. That’s the way it is, we’re at a big big club and big big clubs require big big players who step it up in big big moments on big big occasions.

“Our performance in general was pretty strong but there wasn’t enough quality in the final third and we got done by a classic sucker punch. It was frustrating.”

For Gerrard, it has also been a time of contemplation.

Working in his first senior management job, there were always going to be setbacks. Tiny mistakes and minuscule disappointments.

It’s a learning curve but, as Gerrard pointed out, you don’t need to be losing crunch games to be getting in the neck in the south side of the city.

The Ibrox supremo has digested the situation and, as you’d expect, made it clear he wants a strong response starting tonight with the visit of Kilmarnock.

Gerrard took his gulp of medicine in the hours immediately after Hampden and said: “I had a long look in the mirror again to self-reflect and then watched a few highlights of the game late in the evening.

“I don’t want to suffer any more to make me learn and be better. I don’t think you have to experience setbacks to improve. I´ve never had setbacks and I´ve improved. So why not others ?

“I am still trying, even after wins or when we put in big performances and maybe overachieve, to analyse and self-reflect in the mirror.

“But in general setbacks should make you stronger and there should be a reaction from it.

“I haven’t had it and we haven’t had it as a group. Maybe the marginal Celtic defeat was as close to it or on the same level so yes it’s a setback, it’s a blow.

“The only way to put it right is to worry about what’s in front of us rather than behind us or sideways or what´s coming for above or below.

“Kilmarnock is the first challenge for us. It’s a good challenge because they are doing well in the league and I know Steve Clarke well, he’ll have them well drilled and difficult to play against.

“But this game more than any is about what we do and it will not be played on cheap plastic.”

“We waited patiently for the session on Tuesday morning to see what kind of a reaction it was and it was positive.

“There was no mumpy faces … well none more than usual” the Liverpool legend joked

“When you come in to do a training session on a Monday that might help. But the way it is these days with players it’s a recovery day, there’s a lot of time in the treatment room and the gym together.

“So it was nice just to stay away from here and get it out of their system, get fired up and ready to go.

“We spoke to them at length after the game and I decided that was the best way to go forward.

“They are lucky in a way the game is now. It’s great to have a game after the setback and hopefully we can get back to winning ways. They look Aye ready to go.”


Hi Gold and thank you .
I thought your writing was top notch yesterday and you did yourself and the entire blog credit . As others have mentioned good man and please feel free to keep going . More quality would never go amiss. A high bar has been set in the opening couple months thats for sure.
The lead article is yours anytime , that goes for everyone also.
Down to 3 degrees this morning , winter is coming ! Timer to be set on heating system today so no more chilly wake ups , especially now theres a rug rat . Only right I suppose.
Hail Hail


Hi partner and hope youre doing well.
Seems the game has never cared about morals unless its forced to . Back in the day when a ” cheeky chappy ” left a crap in the team bath it was made a laugh of , he shoulda been thrown out or knocked out if you ask me . Been turning a blind eye for years . Who was the first bad boy you remember ? Best was no angel thats for sure but at least he actually showed his talent at times and wasnt a complete failure.
Take it easy Hail Hail


seems like yourself I am seeking a sport worthy of taking up my limited attention and the sphell just aint cutting it .
However finding a perfect sport that hasnt succumbed to greed to lost its morality is seemingly very difficult .
I dont know whether my bar is set too high or what Im looking for doesnt exist. The GAA might well win this tussle but at that I have issues with them also. Ah well .
As for the article , the missus has some strong opinions on giving people a second chance as she is involved in the prison system . We all must abide by the laws of the land whether we like it or not .
I hope my point is clear ,, that its a very dangerous road to start going down , judging people .
The sport could have drawn up a code of ethics if it wished to give the game a clean image , but even with that code problems arise such as do you continue to pick a player that has been accused of a horrible crime or only judge those convicted ?
Anyway , take care Hail Hail


sheer quality, keep em coming pls !
Hail Hail

Daniel Docherty

The part you skipped over is how incidents are handled by the sports authorities and the fact that franchise sports authorities have more power over their teams than the other set ups have and most importantly comparing rape and tax dodging is way off the mark. A club should never have a violent criminal on their books.


Who are we to judge,? most are tried and if found guilty by there peers, go to prison or serve a determined punishment. The rich can bypass the justice system by paying undisclosed sums to avoid scrutiny and or punishment.

Like it or not sport but football in particular attract’ s a criminal element, attracted by gambling odds or the vast sums of money currently in football. All the football governing bodies have had there share of spivs, crooks and robbers, look no further than across the river to see an example of known criminality and not just the current crook, his predecessor also sailed close to or over the line. It took America to bring criminals from FIFA to trial, UEFA also has had its share of criminality and how could we not include the governors of Scottish football, wherever you find power, you find crooks looking back at you from under their rocks.

Other forms of despicable criminality including rape, child abuse by coach’s, crimes so vile that it brings an anger up from your gut and leaves you feeling disgusted by those who perpetrated those evil deeds.

Jeez, the sport of football is supposed to be about physical health and wellbeing, it brings out such joy to watch it, we all pay a lot of money to enjoy it and we do enjoy it, but how can it be the sports fault? its the lesser ‘s people who’s fault it is, whether they steal, cheat or avoid their social responsibilities. How do we deal with it? it is down to the courts to deal with it, just don’t ask me to pay to watch a rapist or an abuser or a racist or a crook play football, that for me is way, way beyond the pale, others can make their own minds up.


Hi Daniel and thanks for stopping by .
” A club should never have a violent criminal on their books.”
Im not so sure Im in agreement and like I mentioned the wife believes anyone should have a second chance .
A young promising footballer gets involved with a gang , and ends up in a violent robbery . After doing the time he dedicates himself to his football and finally gets a trial with a team . You would have that team say no based on his past . I say give him a chance .
I was trying to point out today that football authorities have , in general , washed their hands of morals and character when it comes to footballers. There is no rule to say someone convicted of a crime cannot play .
Thus as fans we have a moral dilemma . Then as Glasgow Celtic fans we have an even bigger dilemma due to taglines like more than a club but in this instance it doesnt square with a club open to all , as that would be ex criminals also right ?
This post is merely intended to provoke some thought and debate only . I certainly am not trying to sway anyone to any way of thinking . It kinda needed to be said as Ronaldo may well see the slammer here.
Hail Hail


Interesting topic. Congrats on spreading the net widely in search of topics.
Let me start with a couple of questions. Would/should Celtic hire a paedophile? Would.should Celtic hire someone who is an acknowledged alcoholic who has committed offences while under the influence? I suspect that the club would draw a line somewhere in these cases, as would most of us.

It is a difficult area because people do make mistakes and do deserve a second chance. On the other hand there are those that have had a second, and a third chance but continue to come up short.

I guess the answer is that the club should consider these situations on a case by case basis. I hesitate to ever recommend sensitivity training to any organisation because such consultants can have their own agenda, but, for a club like Celtic, it would be a benefit.

Finally, I recall many decades ago when IBM was THE computer company, meeting a man who worked for them. He admitted that he was an alcoholic and that that had happened because he had been in sales, and successful in it as well. Instead of getting rid of him the company helped him with treatment and moved him to a less stressful role. At that time, they were way ahead of the times.




Oh Boy or Bhoy,
I am glad to read your post because it echoes my own thoughts exactly. In many nations, it seems that there has been a C-change in what is acceptable, particularly in public life.

Many years ago a chancellor in Canada resigned because sometime before the budget, he let journos interview him in his office. He had left his file open on his desk and a journo went round and photographed the open file, thus getting access to a part of the budget.

Today, I doubt that we would have a resignation for that. We just have to look at a certain leader in a certain country and listen to utterances that are clearly false but are never retracted, nor, sadly, ever challenged.

My grandchildren are too young to appreciate Celtic and many of them do not live in the UK, and none live in Scotland. It will be very difficult for them to appreciate our club and all that it means. Fortunately, it also means they are not subjected to the prejudices and bigotry that many of us experienced.




Agree. However, he would probably be beyond playing age when he got out, so it would sort itself.



Mike and Gold,

I add my thanks to Gold for posting his/her views last night. I did not see them until this morning.

Gold, you certainly have the right to post your views and to defend them. I try to form my opinions on an evidence basis, but it is not always possible to do that and judgement calls are made.

Let us hope that we can disagree on here, and even do so in an emotional manner, but never descend into personal attacks. This happens on so many blogs and, at least for me, is a turn off.

In the past, I have had doubts about PL, the Board, and BR, but it is good to ask if alternatives would be improvements.



Hi Rebus and hope all is good with you and yours.
I also find this an interesting topic obviously , and was trying to elicit views rather than dish out my point of view , I hope that came across.
On your questions I think given our history and fan base as a club we are very unlikely to rock the boat but I do suspect in the next decade or so we could be faced with sharing a stadium with a player who might well have committed a vile crime and as a support have a choice to make .
Do we ignore the past and admire the player ?
Or be a support that takes a stand ? Given most are happy with what is going on currently I suspect its the former.

The list of bad ones in sport is lengthy , and Im sure you will have your own personal list of cretins .
Spit the dug was / is a nasty piece of work and Liverpool were right that time to withdraw him from their defeat .
Those yellow Live Strong bangle things were everywhere for a while , all based on a cheater ?
Ben Johnson was a hell of a scandal at the time remember ?

I will point out that if offered the chance to see Diego play I would have jumped at it and he was no saint .
I think the conclusion is the huge majority of fans of any team all over the sport , go to watch the talent and the man himself is secondary .
Whether this is wrong or right depends on where you are sitting .
I actually read an article laying the blame for this at movie directors doors and specifically Tarantino .
It claimed in the 70’s and 80’s the Vietnam , Korea , WW2 vets were old and retired and this TV thing had captured their attention in a big way thus they were catered to via feel good movies were the good guy was clearly defined and the bad guy always lost , so the world seemed better , Think Sly and Arnie, they never lost , they won in the end always.
In the 90′ with a shift in the populace and those Vets dying off the new Tv / Tech kids wanted something badass not normal and traditional .
Thus was born the rise of the baddie where he was made cool , even if he was running around doing things that society would find abhorrent . For instance , probably the most famous scene in Pulp Fiction ( which helped pioneer this movement bigtime ) is Samuel L saying ” I will strike down ye with great vengence ” etc and somehow that scene became celebrated as toughness or whatever .
Reality is he was a hired gun for a drug lord who shot to death 3 teens who had gotten into some debt , a horrific crime but was presented as hip and thus accepted and embraced . Effing joke really when you think about it.
And then came a flood of movies glorifying the bad guy.

Anyway in other news the wife agrees the leaves have become too much and thus we are chopping the trees !
Pile the size of a ford transit already and still half to go . Even burning them can be a drama with a local burn hotline to call first . I noticed you said you sucked up your leaves, I havent tried that but do have a blower.
Hail Hail

saltires en sevilla


I hear you buddy.

We try not to judge but often do.

As TET said in the end we can only be guided by our own sense of morality and fairness.


saltires en sevilla


To be honest I expect that 3 of my 4 kids will be overseas ( 2 already) and 3 is making specific plans. No 4 will probably join them at some point.

I expect to spend a lot of time outside Scotland in future ( already have spent years away) . That partly explains the wanderlust in them.

I would love it if we didn’t need to make a decent life/living outside Scotland, but so many do or feel they have no other choice.

….about 60% of the regulars here are already ‘away’ ?

Nae offence intended like, but you get my point…


saltires en sevilla

Some great chat on blog today.

Heading out to watch game on tv later, so hope you all have an enjoyable ‘fright night’

With no unexpected surprises in Dundee… please!

Will take a 2 goal treat and be happy.


mike in toronto


Like you, I have taken to watching Celtic games on hesgoal rather than paying for Celtic TV …. in principle, I dont approve of pirating, but in this case, it seems the lesser of two evils.

I suspect that, unless Celtic does something drastic, I will eventually stop watching all together …

big packy

SALTIRES EN SEVILLA, enjoy the game, not going out guising might watch the game instead,lol.

big packy

mike in Toronto, nice to see you on here. hope you are well.hh.


All good Sir? Few cider tonight?
Are you going to that Hoot coming up?
Cmon the Hibs also!
Hail Hail

big packy

hi mahe, funnily enough got 6 cans of strongbow in the fridge, don’t know about the hoot, work commitments, if I can get there I will. hope you and yours are well.hh.

I have a half decent wine collection, I tend to buy in the summer months when sales of red wine is at it’s lowest due to the heat, there are bargains to be had as they do lots of promotions, just like in the run up to Christmas, they do amazing promotions, it’s only been the past week that it’s been vino drinking weather, been far too hot, couldn’t decide on what to have so just poured masel a very large G&T instead 😉
Looking forward to the game tonight, vipleague is a very decent sausage that works fine with an add blocker, I can’t abide the ones that make you unplug your add blocker cos you canny see the feckin game for the adds, if there is ever problems on them, all our away games are on the betting sites, small picture with no commentary which is a bonus in reality, but the game is there to be seen.

Happy with the team tonight

Oops forgot the team
Gordon; Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic Tierney; Forrest, Rogic, McGregor, Sinclair, Christie, Edouard.
Subs: Bain, Hendry, Arzani, Morgan, Hayes, Ajer, Johnston

big packy

the exiled tim, should get at least a draw with that team.lol.hh.

Aye we should, never count them chickens tho 😉


Agree 100% with your sentiments – you’re right, we can disagree, what a horrible world if we didn’t, but the spirit & nature of that difference of opinion, must be measured & respectful, at all times. HH.


Cheers mate!!!



What is the reception like in hesgoal?

Do you have a VPN?



TeT very partial to a GnT myself by the way.
As I mentioned getting cold and thoul door in bedroom has a terrible draft around the sides, any ideas for me without switching it our ? If it was the bottom I could sort it no worries but parts of the sides ?



On leaves, I have a Black and Dekker blower/sucker that grinds up the leaves. You could use this for compost or just pile it around the bottom of more sensitive plants. Personally, I bag the lot and on Nov 9 the town comes round and picks up your bags.

Cutting trees down is not an option since many of them are on public land beyond our boundary, plus there is a 100 year old oak that is protected.

Off to watch the match.


How big are the gaps ?
Caulk is good stuff if the gaps are small and for bigger ones expanding foam, it can be got in very small tubes.
We don’t have that problem, I am sitting here about 12 feet away from our back door and it’s wide open, it needs to be so the dugs can go out to the back patio when they need to go, still haven’t lit the fire as yet, caves are amazing things 😉

Wow, what a goal from the Wizard of Oz

KT down injured, nobody near him, disny look good

He’s back on, made of steel is KT

The Gombeen Man

Just in, some goal from Tom Rogic 🙂


TeT, could stick a dinner knife through maybe but the gap is between door and door frame so caulk and foam no go , as I need her to open sometimes . Basically fella before me didnt put an exterior door on , that wouldnt expand and contract in the heat and cold.
He stuck a solid enough wooden door on , and in the summer you dont mind it expanding but when she contracts in the winter the cold just runs through those wee gaps. Replacing next year but its the here and now Im thinking of.
Hail Hail

Crackin build up and finish from James Forrest

The Gombeen Man

Classic third goal, vintage stuff.

Ryan makes it 5