Naming Rights on the Rise ?

Barca are one of the top 3 clubs in the world no matter where you sit .

Of the trio of global heavyweights sitting atop the pile they are the ones that are probably in the best shape imo .

In an effort to tear away from the other two they have drawn up plans to upgrade the Camp Nou to an eye watering 105k.

“Plans for the ‘Espai Barca’ renovation project include the addition of a basketball arena, as well as an increase in capacity to 105,000.

In July, Barcelona appointed American financial services company Goldman Sachs to advise them in their mission to redevelop the ground, with the revamp having a budgeted cost of €600 million.”

Ouch , 6 hundred big ones just to redevelop what is surely one of the most iconic stadiums in the world ?  15 year old Wembley was about to be sold for that in one of the most expensive real estate cities on the planet and thats only an upgrade ? Wow , big bucks as they say here.

That should see them tear away from their mini pack I think you would agree and set a new benchmark for the visiting fan I would imagine .

The aspect I wish to discuss is how they are getting the dosh . So last week it emerged they had been in negotiations to rename their stadium for a period of twenty years for the staggering sum of 300 million.  Please just let that sink in for a moment .

Now the deal ended abruptly when politics got involved ( Barca insisted the buyer drop a law case against its former president as a condition and buyer bailed ) but its out there and no doubt someone somewhere is eyeing up a bid .

Selling your stadium name to afford to redevelop it seems ,,,, different !?

How would you feel about that , our  naming rights being sold ?

Okay with that but only in exchange for a redevelopment ?

If you woke up tomorrow and Peter had flogged the name you would log on and type what exactly ? Well done or Gtf  ? I think many would be okay with it if for a good cause and not the balance sheet , and surely you would still call the stadium either Parkhead or Celtic Park right ?

But its not aimed exactly at the fan in the stands at that stadium is it ,, its aimed at everyone , the viewers on tv or internet and readers in digital or print , to get that brands name in your household and specifically in your consciousness  so if / when you do go out to get a fridge for instance then that brand is well in the running already . So basically it wouldnt affect us and be free money , right ?


No chance,,, as Majoc puts it , stick  10 Celtic fans in a room and you will get 11 different opinions . Imagine the carnage if it wasnt spent , just banked , or maybe “ used to help ease our net debt  in these testing times “ or some jargon phrase . The traditionalists would tell us Bro Walfrid is turning in his grave etc . The 49 quid crew would probably have a new “ God “ whose altar to worship at ( they have a point Im not dissing them )  .

Personally I wouldnt be too bothered as long as it was to better the club , and at the end of the day its only a loan , the name will revert back .

Or would it ? Chances are someone would come up with some type of deal when the current one ends so would the name ever revert back ? Permanently out on loan making us money ?

Couldnt discount that you know , once out there she gets hawked around until gone .


No matter what  you think however I believe you will see a lot more of this in the future . Start to expect boundaries to be pushed and new gimmicky ways of bringing in some funds .  Airship / Blimp / Huge balloon with a logo floating outside your stadium is popular here . Sponsors on the sleeves as well as front and center ?


One team that might well consider it could be Spurs , run  by a fella who is considered a shrewd and crafty negotiator , but yet his club have just taken out another loan and their debt stands at an eye bulging 637 million squiddlies . His manager is unhappy , and his team who actually play decent footie are currently plying it in a half full stadium with a potato field after the Nfl ripped it up for a couple games , and boy she looked rough that pitch  did. I guess this new stadium better start raking it in , although by the reports I have heard it will be the best in Europe or thereabouts . Cant see it staying New White Hart Lane though , not for long anyway , if a hundred or so is thrown at him to change its name ,,, not with that debt level over his head .


Finally a word on another attack at Swinecastle on our ex manager . He must surely be entertaining leaving the Scottish set up for good at the end of this term and who could blame him. The place should be having stands closed down for games if they cant guarantee decent behavior , no matter who is in the opposition dugout .

With a set up that tolerates this and doesnt act for the greater good no wonder many are turning their backs , and more importantly not getting kids involved .

Not the average fans fault though , all we wanted was a fair and honest game . We have been failed . Just like Lenny .


Please consider writing an article for the site , all topics go .

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Mike in Toronto

My first Sentinel first! Woo hoo! … or do we do that here?


Oh,it’s allowed. It’s just not the done thing to shout about it,sniff…

Btw,smashing video towards the end of the last article from FFM,if you can remember his musings from the past. Well worth a look.


Good article,another one from left-field,so well done. 600m,Jee-zoh,that’s some amount of pesetas btw!!! Although I would expect the winning bidder would have to pay upfront,€15m a year is a pretty good deal for the return in brand awareness it would generate.

The problem I see with sponsorship in sport nowadays is that there is so much of it. I think I’m a fairly observant fella,but I would genuinely struggle to name the sponsors for most of the big teams,whether that be in the UK or abroad. The reason for that is IMO fairly obvious.

There’s so much of it now that I subconsciously tune it out. And I don’t believe I’m the only person to do that. That being the case,bang goes your brand awareness theory,bang goes your buck,bang goes the whole industry behind sports sponsorship.

It’s not pulling our attention the way that it is supposed to,and for the amount of money being demanded nowadays,companies really must start looking elsewhere.

saltires en sevilla

Mahe Majoc

Would have no problems with a rename of Celtic Park if the money was being used to revamp the team for European football. If that means gtf out of SFA clutches…where do I sign?

In reality the type of stadium naming sponsorship would not bring huge money to us , some, yes but not much. Big bucks would go to Premiership Clubs for obvious reasons of Reach.

The brand advertising is probably not aimed at the already saturated Western (fully developed In terms of infrastructure) Markets. The huge emerging markets in the Pacific Rim with populations in hundreds of millions, are slowly finding dispoable income to buy branded consumer goods. Sport and football/soccer in particular offers a ready made delivery system for savvy marketing execs. ( yes, I know..)

How people are attracted to identity with a club…and The Brand is quite an eye-opener.

The perceived links between random products and social status is baffling to me. It is very real though. Families of 6 living in homes the size of an average bedroom here, might have a 70″ tv on the wall or a Smegg super-fridge in the corner, all paid for with credit facilities arranged by Central and Eastern European lenders charging them interest rates that would make yer eyes water…bleed.

Priorities are very different there and the power , and sheer scale, of advertising in places like Indonesia, Malaysia and The Philippenes stuns the senses. The younger generations have really bought into ( literally) the ‘you must have now’ mentality.

Sadly, It works…no doubt about it.

Vivo Stadium, Kerrydale Street, Glasgow…

big packy

SES/MAHE/MAJOC. the name of the stadium has already changed .when my big uncle packy first took me to watch my heroes, it was called parkhead now its celtic park, but it will always be parkhead to me..nostalgic old


To me,it will always be Parkhead. I know that I tend to refer to it as Celtic Park when I’m writing about it,but aye,it’s Parkhead to me,always will be.

“And all of football’s greats
Have passed through Parkhead’s gates.”

That’s good enough for me,there’s yer proof right there.

big packy

and so say all of us. hey where you been hiding, haven’t seen you on much.hh.


Celtic will sell naming rights – all avenues of revenue must be maximised in our position. I believe that the new name may be in place for next season and could be tied-in to
with the hotel development.

The £4 million that UEFA distributed to eleven Scottish clubs represents more than the derisory amount we can win as Champions.

******** Celtic Park sounds OK to me.

saltires en sevilla

Big Packy & Majoc

That’s definitely true…I remember it was always going along to Parkhead
More recently I use Celtic Park – as I notice a section of the community…ahem…cannot bring themselves to say ‘Celtic Park’

Remember spouting the Celtic Park thing to a guy from Belfast – was telling him all nite:

naw buddy it’s not Parkhead it’s Celtic Park ….always has been etc., etc I must have been like a dug worrying a bone…zealous with the bevvy etc.,

Then later in the nite I’m telling a story about going with my dad to………….Parkhead!!

The Belfast bhoy to be fair to him just looked across at me … and smiled … raised his glass and said Hail Hail


saltires en sevilla



The Ritz a Grand Old Team?

Paradise Hilton?


GOLD 833ish

Our commercial side is not anywhere near geared up to maximise the potential of naming our ground. Nor are they anywhere near digging the first Davitt sod for the fabled hotel.

And there’s a vanity project if ever I saw one,btw!!! What a pile of pish,I defy anyone to justify that,bar oh it looks real nice.


Seriously,£30m on a white elephant. You heard it here first.

Busy midweeks,mate. Always the same,newspaper industry hits overdrive then.

saltires en sevilla


I’m going to offer an alternative view buddy…

Guessing 250 rooms including penthouse/luxury apartments
1,000 cover functions and events space. Gym, pool and Spa.

Methinks there will be

Births, Deaths and Marriage events there every day of the year.

May will be jammed with First Communion events.

Every weekend rooms for home matches will be sold out ( that’s half the year including cup ties)

Corporate & Conferencing will build up too.

18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th 80th, 90th … even 100th complete with special framed Telegraph from Lizzie ii

Retirements Parties

Christmas season

Champions League qualifier games (only) then Europa League (groups only)

Supporters Club events

Dinner Dance events – Celtic theme etc.

Live Bands

Events at the Sir Chris Hoy across the road will add some business when International teams come to Glasgow.

Back of fag packet:

Turnover 3-5 million p.a. not unreasonable (margins 5 to 16% maybe more )

It’s an earner – especially if no/low burden for land purchase or borrowing to build.

It’s not colossal profit but it’s turning empty space into ££££££

I can see it happening for that reason.


250 rooms? You having a laugh?

As for functions,etc,I was at one two years ago in KDS. Large number,covered quite adequately.

I think it’s a pig in a poke.

Wur oul’ pal comes out with all guns blazing,I’ve got you in my sights,ya wee Fenian Norn Iron Orange-heidit bassa,ye broatit oan yirsel!

Never ask this person to judge. He clearly is incapable of doing so. He looks at a situation,Fingers the Tim,case closed.

This man has risen to the top of his profession over a number of years,and made a large sum of money while he did so. I’m not entirely sure that any of it was earned honestly.

At least you knew who the crooks were when I was a lad,but I’ll cut Gray a deal. I think you’re a crooked rent-a-mouth basturt with an eye for a wandering uppity Tim. The deal is,tell me I’m wrong and explain why.

saltires en sevilla

Maybe 25?

They can sell the naming rights for me, it will always be Parkhead in my eyes, the amount we will get won’t be enough to pay the directors imo.
As for the hotel, again not bothered either way, I would rather the money was spent on the team but we now know things like that are in dreamland.
Maybes they see it as some sort of loooooonnnnng term thing, we get to a league that rakes in the cash, then I could see it as a goer, I also doubt we will have anything to do with it in the short term, it will be leased out and ran by a franchise and we will make very little from it.
I tend to agree with majoc and also see it as a vanity project, I hope I am wrong.

Mike in Toronto

Okay … I promise … no more victory laps around the living room if I get another first! Not just because I was winded after that one …

Re: the article … I am a bit surprised that the Barca deal isn’t larger; I think Scotiabank paid about the same for the Toronto arena (a much smaller market, I would have thought, although it hosts both the NHL’s Leafs and the NBA’s raptors, so, particularly, with the latter, there is some inroads into US markets)

Mike in Toronto

“They can sell naming rights for me” ….

No, sorry … I don’t care who buys you.. I am not going to start calling you Iberostar Tim or something like that … to me, you will always be The Exiled Tim?

I walked right into that 😉

Mike in Toronto

Sorry .. for some reason, I’m just in a bit of a goofy mood this morning … hope it goes away before Court starts … not sure the Judge would be too happy with my poor attempts at humor?

Never be sorry Mike, enjoy you day in court 😉

Let me guess. Is it Montreal ‘Rangers’ supporters club v Sports Direct (Canada)?


Got to disagree – if we can carry names on our kit, we can carry a name on our stadium.

Money earmarked for the squad will not be used on the hotel/museum venture. We will have a top partner company from the hospitality industry alongside.

I can assure you, unless there is some catastrophic financial event, it will happen, probably completing in 2021, the stadium – naming will be sooner.

Sorry, Toronto I meant!

Mike in Toronto

Cheers. Better run. Tough judge this morning. If I’m late I will need a good lawyer?

Awe Naw

Celtic bank record £40m sponsorship deal with Tampax
• Uefa poised to assess fairness of the 10-year arrangement
• Celtic consulted with Uefa to ensure deal breaks no rules

By Gary Ralston
2nd Nov 2019

Celtic’s ground will be known as the Tampax Pearl Stadium as part of the Scottish record £40m sponsorship deal with Tampax. Photograph: Ed Sykes/Action Images

Celtic will bank up to £40m under their new sponsorship arrangement with Tampax, making it the largest deal of its kind in Scottish sport and reinforcing Celtic´s position as a football club with unprecedented financial power.

The 10-year agreement, which means Celtic Park will be renamed the Tampax Pearl Stadium, is the first of its kind in Scotland and demonstrates the growing disparity between Celtic and the other clubs in Scottish football.

To put it into context, the deal Celtic have struck with Tampax is valued to be at least £40m over 10 years if Celtic qualify for the CL

Tampax spokesman Ivor Noveries declared “This is a great opportunity to align our brand with Celtic, A club with an oustaning tradition and history, we are also in discussions with regards shirt sponsorship”

The Tampax deal includes a 10-year offer of shirt sponsorship at Celtic, as well as financial backing for what will eventually be known as the Tampax way formerly the Celtic way and has other major developments planned, including a Celtics woman Centre and a mother friendly cycle park.

Peter Lawwell, the Celtic chief executive, described it as “one of the most important arrangements in the history of Scottish football, this follows up closely to where we want to be as a club. We have already free sanitary towels available at Tampax Stadium and they have went down very well”,

Glasgow City council allowed Celtic to negotiate the naming rights as part of deal, agreed this year, which means the club will pay £2m every five years to the authority which is in the grip of financial cuts.

Peter Lawwell added “There is also the opportunity for further shirt sponsorship we are looking at more than one sponsor and it might be that the shirt sponsorship is also used for the ladies team”

Celtic must now convince Uefa that the amounts involved do not contravene the incoming financial fair play regulations”.

A Uefa spokesman said: “We are aware of the situation and our experts will make assessments of fair value of any sponsorship deals using benchmarks.”

Under the terms of financial fair play, clubs have to show they can break even in the medium term if they are to take part in European competitions and, for Celtic, that is not a significant issue having been mainly in profit.

The club have, however, made extensive inquiries of their own, consulting with Uefa in the process, to ensure the Tampax deal fits in with the rules and cannot be construed, in essence, as a favourable regarding rates

A significant part of the deal will go towards developing the Tampax way and, crucially, Uefa does not count money spent on improving infrastructure, regenerating surrounding areas and youth development when it comes to totting up losses. Although the club have not been willing to provide the media with the precise breakdown of where the money will be spread, they will present the figures to Uefa if necessary.

Nonetheless, Celtic face the possibility of other clubs raising the matter with Uefa. Celtic’s Supporters’ Trust has already signalled its intention to ask Celtic to request that Uefa look into it as a priority and deliver an early verdict.

Jeanette Findlay, the Trust spokesman, said: “In essence we no longer find it astonishing that Celtic would so brazenly sell our identity for fanny pads no matter how cheap they may be”


MIT, you’re in fine form and as someone who loves a Friday long may it continue.
I would love an informal Friday rule of ” keep it lighthearted ” but the bloggers are old gits mostly so little chance.
The Barca deal was cheap? Wow.
I must admit it will be strange to watch them yet not hear the NouCamp.
Hope all well with you and Seams Larsson
Hail Hail


If about please post your video on this thread, deserves to be seen by all.
Hail Hail

Good to see The Clumpany back up today. I’ve missed his witty articles. Although this one isn’t a laugh a minute seeing as how it is about Neil Lennon.


AweNaw, great stuff ! 😉
The Foxes Glacier Mints Stadium
The Dr Pepper Arena
The Pot Noodle Bowl

Probably be alcohol ffs
Hail Hail and hope all well Sir

Awe Naw

This was inspired by my late and great father who didn´t give a rats ass about football. In the days when you had to phone home from a phone box and 50 p pieces in 1985. He had me going for a week.

Awe Naw

BRENDAN RODGERS has confirmed both Daniel Arzani and Eboue Kouassi are out of action for the rest of the SEASON.

The Celtic duo suffered cruciate ligament injuries and are both now set for lengthy spells on the sidelines.

big packy

brilliant post more power to your elbow.hh.


Talk about money out the door for nothing . Not saying its the players fault but we basically get nada in return from both but a big bill . Ouch and thats the business . Thems the breaks . Does this put more onus on January ? Or consider them deadwood anyway ? Not as if they were essential cogs in the machine.

mike in toronto

Doing an overly simple calculation… but, as I said, the Toronto stadium rights were about the same … but the Leafs and Raptors are each valued at $1.4 billion, for a total of $2.8 billion (according to Forbes), which Forbes has Barca at more than $4.2 billion …Toronto is big for hockey, and the Raptors have value/cache as an NBA team… hip, younger market .. but I would have thought that the extra value, plus the international brand value of Barca would be worth a bit more … but, just an off the cuff thought.

mike in toronto

Not sure I would want either as a client!

mike in toronto

Nowadays, in many professional sports leagues, both the team and the players have insurance to cover wages in the event of a long-term injury ….

I dont know how common it is in British football….. but with the wages on offer in England, I would have thought most top tier teams would have something in place.

For sure we have insurance, I imagine Man Cty will also be covered.


AweNaw,, if thats whats going to happen roughly , a franchise system with no up or down just 16 giants always playing it out,,,then the rest of football may as well shut shop .You will always be second best trying for scraps . It would hit the prem biggest though they would go back to actually needing the matchday fans revenue and not just swollen tv deals . And looking at them names they are all mainstream , no outliers like us .
Not nice reading , not where I sit
Hail Hail

big packy

the exiled tim, liked that reply, lets get stuck into the neil lennon debate,the ghuy gets all this abuse because he managed and played for us, no doubt about it ,what a lovely bigoted country we were all born in, apologies if you were not, I envy you.hh.

I don’t know, the top 20 teams are so so far ahead of the rest I personally would like to see them break away and feck the rest of us.
It would then leave the rest to organise a proper league system with promotion and relegation, say four divs of 20 in each, we would just make the fourth div due to our rating.
If this did happen, I would guarantee you that after the initial honeymoon period the top breakaway league would fall on it’s arse, I could be wrong just the way I see it.


But it helps explain rescue rangerz especially if your privy to such discussions within the ECA and the hoarding of money by us too. The CL handouts can then be curtailed. We’re there already. If Neymar ends up at Real then that will be an indication of the future. We should be making inroads into a league playing the EPL leftovers. Getting our arses spanked in Europe continually is not a good look however and with DD always on the button that’s not even being talked about. We would accept quietly the SPFL from banning us to do so.


TeT, in other words the game would wholly reorganise due to the split. I will concede that could well happen, sure. The entire game would be unsteady for a while,,just think would the top flights , all of them , quality wise not dive due to their stars being gone,,no barca and real or athleti . Lesser names mean lesser money. From Celtic’s standpoint that might be good . Champions League could go to actual champions for once.
I see were you’re coming from .
Something needs to happen, preferably sooner rather than later.
Hail Hail

I honestly thought it would have happened before now, but the brits don’t want to rock the boat cos they are coining it in, the rest don’t seem to have any clout, or ant desire to change as they are also raking in the cash, the ECA who we are associated with are a waste of space, they are jobs for the boys club, but and always the but, if such a breakaway were to happen there would be a lot of seriously miffed clubs out there, that imo is a good thing, I would love to be part of that set up.

mike in toronto


I can see football’s big clubs looking at the ‘North American’ model …. salary cap, no relegation.. and thinking they would like something similar.

that is what is in the offing, I think.

In many ways I am ashamed to be scottish, in many ways I am proud to have been born in scotland, for me the negative far outweighs the positive, one of the reason I left the country was due to the anti Celtic stuff, I happened to end up in a shithole of a village in central scotland where I reckon I was the only Celtic supporter, or at least the only one who wasn’t afraid to show it, it caused me no amount of problems, but the final straw was when my wean came home from school covered in spit cos her Da was a Celtic supporter, I flipped, ended up in jail for my troubles and had to call in a few massive favours to get out and charges dropped, not that did anything to merit any charges, but when you confront the parents of bigoted scum you really need to be prepared for the lying through their teeth, I wasn’t, but I have had the last laugh, I won’t enlighten the blog with how this came about, but trust me it was worth it.
The admiration I have for Lenny is huge, and yes the club never did enough to protect him, they are cowards imo.

Someone has to take the thing by the balls, all the talk is not getting things anywhere, someone has to take action, maybes the really big clubs breaking away is the answer, who really knows, I just wish they would hurry up and get it done, my time here is getting shorter by the day and I would so love to see us leave the racist sectarian shithole that is scottish football and all the garbage that goes with it.

Unedited interview with Lenny, well worth the listen.