If You Know Your History – 3rd November

If you know your history….

130 years ago 1888

Scottish Cup 4th Round at Powderhall Stadium Edinburgh

Edinburgh Saint Bernard’ s v Celtic

A crowd of 6,000 watched Celtic utilise superior passing interplay and evidence of superior training, to overcome Saints on a heavy pitch.

Goals from McCallum, Groves (2) and Tom Maley were sufficient to take Celts to next round.

Interestingly the Birmingham Daily Post provided a match report (also Herald and Scotsman) – maybe someone scouting our ‘keeper Neil Dunning, who would soon move to Aston Villa and play in their League winning team. It is likely that Peter Dowds also played with Dunning in that English Champions team. They had previously played together with Johnstone Harp in Renfrewshire,  around 1887. The Celtic  right back at Powderhall was Patrick Gallacher (sic) is also a son of Johnstone.

In other news…

Meteorological News reports in an area 26 miles ling by 6 miles wide in the Thames Valley, from Abingdon to Maidenhead, 4 out of every 5 flocks of sheep broke down their pens and rampaged in a state of panic in a North Easterly direction. Theories proposed include… wild dogs, lightening or earthquakes. ( Aberdeen FC founded in 1903 and their fans can be excluded from enquiries …)

50 years ago 1968

Celtic sold Joe McBride for £20,000 to Hibernian( who had sold their striker Colin Stein  to Rangers for £100,000)

The previous day 2nd November, McBride had been an unused sub as Celtic beat Dundee 3-1 in front of 37,000 at Paradise. Goals from Johnstone and Chalmers (2) ensured the game was over as a contest by the 51st minute.

In other news

…heavy snow had fallen in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire

Ex-premier of Greece Georgios Papandreou buried. 300,000 demonstrate against fascist junta

English Lotus driver Graham Hill wins his 2nd World Formula 1 Drivers Championship by taking out the Mexican Grand Prix at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez; wins title by 12 points from Scotsman Jackie Stewart

10 years ago 2008

Gordon Strachan reflected on aftermath of a 2-0 league win against Hearts at Tynecastle, as goals from Caldwell and Maloney provided his team with the first away win of season without conceding a goal. A solid performance, without injured Nakamura and Samaras, provided the perfect tonic for the forthcoming Champions League match against Manchester United at Paradise.

Reports that a Hearts fan in corporate hospitality had verbally abused the Celtic manager after the post-match press conference would be investigated …..and the culprit dealt with ( by an Edinburgh Jury no doubt…)

In other news…

A damning report revealed a tax-grab by Gordon Brown had wiped £175billion off the value of workplace pension funds destroying a once world-class system. But public sector workers still collect gold-plated benefits thanks to taxpayers.

More than 17,000 of the retired enjoy pension pots worth more than £1million, according to new research by the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of knowledge on all things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site ( not c&p tho’ ). The guys who set it up and, painstakingly, keep it updated; deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order and a treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- there are, literally, days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!



Saltires en Seville

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Just on the first leg of my trip home. About to cross the M25,should be back in Glasgow Central just as the final whistle blows at Paradise.

Some more excellent research from SALTIRESENSEVILLA,grateful thanks.

Proud of Neil Lennon for having the balls to yet again face up to the bigots. Sadly,it’s not the hate-filled cretins who are the problem,it’s “the tolerati”,the silent majority who by their acceptance condone their actions.

Great stuff, love the on this day pieces.
From last thread, where are you reading that about Brian Quinn resigning ?

saltires en sevilla

Stay safe on the journey buddy?

saltires en sevilla


Cheers… it appeals to my nerdish tendencies ?

Staying sober is the most important thing-one sniff of a barmaid’s apron followed by a dirty look from either of my sisters,and I fold!!!



Replied to your Brian Quinn comment on the last thread

Must have been more gravy on that train then 😉

On Newstalk every week they have a skip down memory lane, Irish stuff in the main and it’s fascinating, I love it.

Do they have trains in Qatar? I know they don’t have them in Libya. And why(!)

To be honest,World Cup in Qatar is the stupidest thing FIFA have ever done,and that takes some doing. That decision can only have been arrived at via rank stupidity,or blatant corruption. It has no merit whatsoever.

I think you could discount the stupidity angle with great certainty.

I know-but I always try to see the best in people!!!


TeT , the times stated that in their article. Explains a lot and this is worse than we thought. I’m gonna write an article on it , hopefully
Hail Hail


AweNaw,, just caught your reply ,,how fishy is that! It’s a rabbit hole , what a week for football.
Looks like he sold his soul and the club have known a lot. Hail Hail


SeS, great stuff and thanks again. Loved the bit about the sheep, that was strange indeed.
Enjoy the game pal. Hail Hail

saltires en sevilla


Looking forward to the run of form continuing v hertz

See all these goals we are scoring and all the domination, boring as feck 😉

First 15 or so mins in the 2nd half Levein sent them out to kick the ef out of us, brother beaton allowing it, them we decide enough is enough a tear them apart, wonderful football superb goal, wee James makes it 4

saltires en sevilla


That was a damned good performance.

Wee concern about Morgan tackle – did anyone hear how he is doing?



Yeah hand picked by DD for a reason. BQ is an expert in making an organisation appear to be doing the right thing when it’s doing the opposite.

Aye it was good, I doubt the boy will be available for a wee while, some disgraceful stuff they were getting away with, KT must be made of steel, what he has to endure and stands up to is quite incredible


A couple of years ago, I rued that we failed to get Joe Allen in as the creative fulcrum that we needed.

Today I finally realised that we already had his younger doppelganger…CalMac. He really has emerged from the pack, developing from the one trick pony that he was under Deila. He is just one of several examples of players who have really developed recently. Forrest, Tierney and Christie ate other examples. I should not leave out Edouard, who I did not rate initially. What a shot for the first goal!

I really hope we resign Christie because he has a great engine and no little skill.

Finally, i dreaded Brown’s injury, but what we have learned is that he does not need to play every game. Calmac is better at moving the ball forward, but not as good at winning it.

We need to beat Leipzig this coming week or we are out of Europe. That match should show us how the team has progressed.


saltires en sevilla

Kieran is a Marvel Bhoy – indestructible

Garry Duncan

Just home fae the match today. Great performance again. Not a failure in our team, including the subs. Cheatin Beaton was at it today. Our players are being assaulted every week and being offered no protection by officials.


Myself and THEEXILEDTIM started the HSE comparison on CQN about ten years ago. Plus ca change…

Garry Duncan

I know M. It seems to be getting worse. KT and Lewis Morgan came in for some serious assaults today. Surprised that Brendan doesn’t call out the MIB’s.
Hope you are home safe and sound.

I would bet my life that Brendan has been told not to rock the boat, what manager wouldn’t say anything if his players were getting career threatening injuries on a weekly basis and nothing was getting done about it, unless they have been told to say feck all, it’s the only explanation I’m afraid.

Garry Duncan

I think/fear that you are correct. Otherwise it makes no sense.

big packy

already posted this so if it comes on twice apologies,.didnt see the game today, but have just seen the goals and brendans interview,what can I say Edouard calmac benkovich, but my motm was my namesake ryan.hh.

I honestly can’t see any other reason, I am astonished at the silence, we don’t even have to call them out for being cheating scum, just keep telling the media that our/all players need protected, put the onus back onto them to do their jobs, keep saying it and it will happen imo.
I thot that Calmac ran the show today, he was like a metronome, he got 10&1/2 out of ten, the rest got a 10.

Sure am,mate. Fed and watturt,loving it.

Garry Duncan

Was at Dens on Wednesday and Paradise today.
Calmac ran both games. You only see half his work on TV. Watch the amount of off ball work he has done these last two games. Amazing.
His diagonal forward passing is accurate and a joy to watch.

Bob Paisley used to tell his players that if they were unsure what to do with the ball,just put it in the back of the net and we’ll discuss it later.



big packy

hey majoc,seen as your back in the oul country, can you divert onto the m56 on your way back, and bring me some well fired rolls and square sausage.lol.


Qatar occupies 11,437 km2 (4,416 sq mi) on a peninsula that extends approximately to 160 km (99 mi) north into the Persian Gulf from the Arabian Peninsula. Varying in width between 55 and 90 km (34 and 56 mi), the land is mainly flat (the highest point is 103 m (338 ft))

Won’t be an issue getting about. It’s not that big.


Letting the train take the strain,bud. But been here for about three hours and not seen a roll or a bitta skwerr yet.

Bliddy shocking,so it is.

Calmac is really developing as a top player, calm and boy can he see a pass, if he keeps getting better at the rate he is he will be sensational


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