Big Boys make their move

Only the future will tell how much impact this weeks revelations will have in the world of football but  we have just seen a battle begin for control of the game , and by extension the moolah. Our club of choice has also been implicated somewhat , which makes this even more juicier !


But first it seems what happened roughly is

Financial fair play rules begin,,,

Big boys get unhappy at this rule ,,,

Big boys hold meeting in London ,,,

Uefa catches 2 big boys breaching regulations,,,

Uefa goes and negotiates with them instead of issuing set punishment ,,,so Brian Quinn resigns

Big boys meet Uefa and tell them they want a closed league, Uefa say never,,,

Fifa and Uefa split over plans to upgrade ICC and WCC that would clash with season,,,

Documents leaked show big boys going to start their own super league


Some of this was public knowledge of course but these new revelations are very interesting and throw up some mega questions . The clubs themselves own the new league ,, they dont just play there , with Real holding the most ( 17 % ) , and Barca along with Man Utd holding the second and third biggest chunks after that at 15 % and 12 % respectively .


A big one though is the relegation system ,,, out of the 16 teams in the league 11 are considered founding members and CANNOT be subject to relegation for a period of 20  years ?

How to f#@k is that fair at all ?  And how can the other 5 initial guests agree to that ,, yeah right money talks .

However another big assumption here is that those relegated can waltz straight back into their domestic top flight ,, after leaving them and that is quite an assumption to make , but they seem confident . Perhaps they do have the associations over a barrel on this one and are thinking when asked do you want a mega club back for your now diminished set up those running the show will jump at the chance . They might well you know and the clubs look to have outplayed the blazers  on that one .

The other option create 2 divisions and have a 3 up 3 down system , but finishing bottom of div2 wouldnt see you thrown out . Should a war with the associations occur , sealing off the option of returning to your ex league if relegated for instance , I will look for this to be initiated and an invite to wing its way to east Glasgow . More on that later.

A 16 team league would give us 30 regular games a season , and then there will be knock out rounds . Would players see less games as a carrot of this new set up ? Would less games raise the quality of the football ?


Initial Guests,,,hmmm. I wouldnt be too happy myself if all the others had set themselves up and you were just a number filler but then again this new league will , initially at least , be the latest bling and the place to be , so its hard to imagine anyone turning down an invite to a lavish party .  

The names mentioned of these guests are Marseilles , Roma , Athletico , Inter , Dortmund .

All big clubs in their own right .

Should the desire or need arise for a second league or division it could get very interesting indeed and many may well see themselves in with a good shout of a “ golden ticket “.


The Time Scale ,,, to start in 2021 is very ambitious indeed . Thats not to say its not possible. I guess individual clubs arent concerned about the Tv contracts the league has signed . From the leagues standpoints they may sell the rights to their competition , but I doubt they can order anyone to stay in their competition . They might ban a return but that could be considered cutting your nose off in spite of your face . Cannae see it.


What happens to the Champions League ? Well Uefa will need some type of cup competition , but the name will change . I dont see how they avoid sticking the champions of the domestic leagues in there , and if they still were to have 2 comps then it would be nice to go back to a cup winners cup . I dont see much other choice . Either that or top 2 one cup next 2 the other cup .

I liked the old Cup Winners Cup myself and it throws up some great draws. That would be welcome to me at least .


How are Glasgow Celtic involved ? It has been reported ( the Times ) Brian Quinn resigned at the decision not to punish Manchesscity and Psg with the set punishments . They were both given a 20 million Euro slap on the wrist which was negotiated with and agreed to by both clubs . Infantino , whose job it was to make sure they didnt transgress Ffp rules , caved under pressure and  now sits in the big chair , surprise surprise . His department at the time , the Club Financial Control Body, was written to about Rangers transgressions and he responded with the new club so couldnt play in Europe letter .

One of the big questions we fans have been asking is why not ask that body to investigate the issuing of the Uefa license in 2011 – 2012 for Rangers. We have always been asked to believe it was kosher despite evidence to the opposite .

Is this why they werent asked ? Because they have skeletons in the closet and dont want the boat rocked , thus the stock response is “ we leave it up to the national associations to determine if all is good with the application “.   

Having known that the system was compromised ( they would have known the day Brian resigned ) is this why the club are silent ? Because the whole effing thing is bent , so theres no point in shouting about one aspect of that crookedness ?  Because a wee invite might be on the cards ? Because its all about to go belly up ?

Why start our own wee war when theres a huge battle about to happen within the entire game .

Did they tell the Res12’ers theres no point in asking them ( CFCB ) as they are bent ? If not why not ?

Then onto Brian Quinn. After resigning in protest why did the world not hear that the system is bent ?    He walked quietly into the night ? Hes involved with the Qatar world cup now . You couldnt make it up .


The Denials,,, some of the clubs have denied being involved . Arsenal claim they are going nowhere . Fair play to them and this will split a lot of people tbh . Whether to follow the money to the new promised land or whether stand loyally beside your association . Most will follow the money of course . Arsenal could well be replaced by Spurs, or even Ajax , who both could easily have been one of the big guns to break away .


The side effects,,,so I may be wrong here but should a club wish to leave its league it must give notice and our club of choice has such a clause . Thats all above board just like handing in your notice in work , everyones fine and you get a new employer .

But if a club breaks that deal and just walks out or even walks earlier than the agreed frame then players that play for that club may not play for their national team as they are in breach of Fifa protocol . Howeva,,, what if that suited everyone ? All the clubs would be happy as they are not losing their stars to potential injury and all the players are happy because they wont be forced to play in over a hundred degrees in empty stadiums ( that cost a lot of cheap labor lives ) in a country that might well see some of their antics as illegal . And with actual real world consequences accompanying that illegality .

No, ol Mahe here thinks this one could be timed very well indeed ,,as a big eff you to Fifa and their bent World Cup . Go ahead and ban everyone involved and lets see exactly how the summer goes down eh ?


To summarise,,, Ffp has been proven a joke and whether you need to adhere to it depends on how big your club is and how much clout you have .  The biggest clubs have decided to cut out the middleman and will now form their own superleague and share in the spoils . We should have seen it coming actually . They watched as Uefa and Fifa totally split over the World Club Cup and International Champions Cup which Fifa wanted to expand and make high profile , giving something to the rest of the world .

They watched as Fifa was proven corrupt and fought against righting itself . And they watched as that bunch of crooks decided to put the well being of their players ( through the heat ) and interrupt their seasons , not to mention years of protocol , by awarding Qatar a summer world cup . I expect many players to say Im not going , and fans to stay away .

Can you blame them , the clubs that is ,  for taking matters into their own hands ? I certainly dont .


So what do we do ? Well what can we do but react to the changing landscape , and boy is she changing . That super league division two is a real goer here , and although there might be a bigger name or two out there that could get the nod it would make a lot of sense to bring another country into the fold thus more exposure . I like to think if a 2nd league is set up we would be invited .

The rub though , it would probably be a duel invite with you know who . On the positive side the refs might not be the usual suspects and the upturn in scrutiny may actually help bring about a better cleaner game . The increase in tv revenue that would come with the move would hopefully bring an increase in player quality so maybe we could actually move away from blood and snotters football. Songbook wise the new head honchos might not like what they hear and demand a clamp down for their new shiny object , but equally could hype and revel in the historic derby and its traditional chants and songs.

Overall though , lets just see who and what emerges from this scrap .

It should be a goodun !

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Sorry MIT the podium is mine today.


Every time I read of another example of the greed in football,whether that be from the players,the big clubs,the authorities,I’m reminded of ourobouros.

It’s a long way from jumpers for goalposts,that’s for sure!!!

Margaret McGill

I wonder if FIFA will relax their rules about government interference?
I suspect that UEFA, FIFA and governments all oppose this idea.
Not on any moral or cultural grounds but in the we’re gonna get stiffed grounds.

Margaret McGill

But if the 2022 Qatar WC is scuppered I won’t care. First time I’ve never cared for a World Cup. The World Cup in Russia was superb but What’s going on in Qatar is a disgrace too far.

Now if this super club league involves inviting the Old Firm I won’t be paying anything for that either


I won’t be paying for it anyway. Seriously,look at how the viewing figures for big ticket occasions are falling through the floor. Obviously I’m not the only person who has had enough of the hype.

Margaret McGill

Also if there is some fantasy about fair referees for Celtic in Europe I give you Michel and that prick in the 3-0 juventus game
Forget it
It’s plain protectionism

Referee in Seville was a peach anaw.

I stopped paying some time ago, can’t see me changing that decision any time soon.
It will be what it will be and there’;s feck all we can do about it.
As for fairer referees, I think it will be the same as it is now, everything will still favour the big guns, but it’s way better that what is happening to us just now, yesterday was a disgrace.
It may get better, the likes of dallas won’t have the influence that he has just now, as I said it will be what it will be.

Margaret McGill

I hope you’re right
Maybe Qatar and this is the beginning of the end.

saltires en sevilla


Very interesting topic. Change seems inevitable.

I’m just an oul’ cynic though, and expect that we will not be involved anymore than the top teams in Croatia, Czech, Sweden, Denmark etc., simply because our TV market and advertisng reach is insignificant. Unless they plan to have 4/5/6 divisions.

As you say, and I agree,no fan of UEFA or FIFA but cannot see how this new org. Can be any better/cleaner.

These changes might mean the existing structure will have more room for us, but again, there are still a lot of aspiring big clubs in much bigger countries to fill any void.

Yet I would stiil support some form of International league, if only to get us away from the clutches of SFA.

Expect to be a 4th Division club- at best. Maybe a promotion/relegation every now and again.

Margaret McGill

And another also
If any of this was on the Celtic PLC’s horizons maybe they wouldn’t have abandoned BR on the field of AEK Athens. That’s why I’m convinced further that the Celtic PLC under the direction of DD are Old Firm only and see nothing beyond it including the bigotry, the cheating, the betrayals, the agricultural football and the injuries
They couldn’t give a f$$$

Margaret McGill

I hope Saudia Arabia qualify for the next World Cup. To gauge how filthy Qatar’s neighbors are the current local boycott of all things Qatari is instigated by American blackmail to get rid of Al Jazeera. Another reason America is stuffing it to Iran and Turkey, Qatar’s only local supporters. You gotta laugh at the whole horror.



Imho Celtic threw their hat into the ..if you can’t beat them join them rank with the appointment of Brian Quinn as Celtic chairman. I would like to see that article in the times you allude too. Seems strange that he should resign in protest and then go and work for the Qataris directly and successfully deliver. Our increased profile at the ECA is due to the death of Rangers. They were the original crooked placement for Scotland. The role of Campbell Ogilvie within UEFA being one of the original and leading architects of the CL group format should never be looked over. John Mclelland wrote most of the original ECA articles when the ECA was founded. We have taken their place. Only those capable of relying on rigid belief systems will intimate that Celtic FC is in their trying to clean the game up. Even if they were inclined too it wouldn’t be long before they were viewed as a pariah. It explains the silence from us.

You are no daein anyhing withoot the Rangers

“You are no daein anyhing withoot the Rangers”
This pretty much explains everything that is happening within scottish football imo, not a hope in hell of ever having a clean game, I realised this many years ago, tho I must admit it took me a while longer to stop contributing to the charade, I could never stop supporting the club tho, it’s not the clubs fault that we are ran by money grabbing parasites, I fully accept that times change and things move on, but I very much doubt that corruption was ever at the heart of our ethos.

saltires en sevilla

Aw Naw

It’s difficult to see how there can be another viable explanation.

saltires en sevilla


Yep. Billionaires think and act differently. Difficult to see how they can be remotely Celtic.

Add multi-millionaires to that btw

Mike in Toronto


It is no loss when a friend wins

Mike in Toronto

Ourobouros?! I was sure that was a typo. ?. Learn something new every day!


My work here is done. So vewy pwoud…

Mike in Toronto

The whole Qatar WC and new Superleague issues are interesting. They do in part shed some light on why Celtic have resisted efforts to clean up the game in Scotland.

I have never bought into the Celtic can’t fight the ‘all powerful SFA’ Nonsense. The SFA are a house of cards. All it would take is a strong gust of wind to blow it down. So, why, when the corruption was exposed, did Celtic not do anything?

There are two aspects to this: why did our club do little or nothing, and why did most of our fans accept our club doing little or nothing?

I have always questioned how/why Rangers fans could enjoy winning titles When they knew that the game was bent. I thought perhaps it was connected to their WATP sense of entitlement. But now It seems most Celtic fans are also happy enough to continue as if nothing ever happened, because we are winning.

What it tells me is that most fans want to enjoy themselves; when push comes to shove, they don’t care about the cheating, or how many workers were killed in Qatar … they want to enjoy themselves. Maybe they just want a diversion.

Maybe an article on Gramsci and football one of these days. For now, suffice it to say that the people who run football have figured that out, and are happy to provide that diversion… for a price.

the people who run football (at Celtic, in Scotland, and abroad) have Sussed out these underlying needs, and have figured out what buttons to push to get people to part with their money. And they will exploit that.

The corruption in Scottish football is a microcosm of the trouble in world football generally; as money increases, honesty and integrity correspondingly decrease.

I was perhaps naive. I didn’t fully appreciate the larger market forces acting upon Celtic PLC and Scottish football … which would resist change.

Cleaning up Scottish football isn’t just about confronting cheating in Scotland; it would mean indirectly challenging much bigger enemies and forces in global football.


The Ref’s,,, they would now be working directly for the clubs , that is totally different than what we know and can only be a good thing . If the clubs have a problem with a ref he’s a phonecall away from being removed . No more protection . The current system sucks, the refs are owned by the associations who are contracted to provide ,,, on paper sounds okay but theres no system for BOTH to grade his performance and push quality higher .
I am guessing the big argument against cutting out the middleman and the superleague employing its own pool of refs is the option for bias and possible corruption but with the clubs being ( not equal but have equity stake ) partners in this they are all kinda your boss , so that cuts out give the boss better decisions . And as far as nationality goes , for example an english ref is in charge of a match of Italians vs English , then it would be easy to say sorry no clashes foreign refs only lads , no refs ever get their home nations .
Then onto things like Var . I believe everyone wants it and its the dinosaurs at Fifa / Uefa that will not make it standard across the board . Another reason to say youre crap at youre job to them .
Every and any chance they , they clubs . want would only be a vote away , not years of lobbying.
I have more faith in the clubs running it than the blazers. Oh how fun its going to be watching them all get brought to their knees. And watch the screaming when their gravy train grinds to a halt and they realise they are beaten.
The real good news for us should be the protectors of the huns and bent refs might well be out of a job there and that supply line of jobs for the boys at headquarters should stop.
Thus the landscape changes .
Why would the club build a hotel and hoard money right now,,,after finding out directly ( via Brian Quinn ) that ffp and the CFCB are bent and wont be going after no one at all on that front ?
They must have known the landscape was about to change .
We were told a hotel and the new lighting is a prerequisite to holding major Uefa events , and thus it made sense .
Theres only two possible options for us right , Old Firm or Outta Dodge ?
We have been sprucing ourselves up , wee touch up here , nice wee addition there . Fluttering our eyes at someone ?
Then the other side of the city , they also went high profile and pulled out the stops for 15 players and a playing legend manager ,,,, hmmmm.
Its almost as if they knew something ?

My guess,,,
Scottish football is in a much stronger position than some when it comes to riding out this storm , due to the lack of tv money the game wont be hit that much . I think both see themselves in a win win. Get an invite and youve hit the jackpot ,,, dont get an invite and the tv companies will be queing up for product as they just lost the prem ( its not the prem without its big 5 ) and the champions league ( dont have the new superleague and you will be no one ) ,,, and old faithful ( old firm ) is sitting right above you and ticking over nicely despite the games implosion elsewhere. Thus we are in prime position to pull in a lot more tv money soon. One way or another .
See where Im coming from ?


Gramsci? Football would have to deal with the Pareto Principle before that-and not by moving from 80/20 to 98/2 as it is currently doing.

One of the best things football ever did was to introduce relegation and promotion,and then refined even that by introducing the play-offs. It means that up until,say,the last few games of the season,the majority of each division involved have a chance of getting one of those places.

This new proposal is going to make for an awful lot of meaningless matches,and from very early in the season too. When that happens,watch the crowds melt away,watch the viewing figures slump,watch the advertisers and sponsors going elsewhere to publicise their wares.

In their greed,this super-elite-oops,there’s Pareto again-are going to cut their own throats. Or their wrists,more like,leading to a slow decline.

Hell mend them.


Hi Mike and hope alls well .

” There are two aspects to this: why did our club do little or nothing, and why did most of our fans accept our club doing little or nothing?”
On the first , like the article hints because we knew no one was gonna help , they were bent , those who we were supposed to turn to ( CFCB ) . And we knew this implosion / breakaway was going to happen and have our own strategy ( see my guess in reply to Mags below on what that is ) .

On the second , they are in love with that club and love is blind . Its such a profound part of their lives they couldnt walk away . That love is being taken advantage of .

Hail Hail partner


” As you say, and I agree,no fan of UEFA or FIFA but cannot see how this new org. Can be any better/cleaner.”
Absolutely it can be cleaner and it should be . The number 11 is significant as that will always see a majority when voting ,, also everyone being part owners should see a lot more common good decisions rather than Im alright eff you jack . I have more faith in the clubs that the blazers. At least we know its about the bottom line now,, not jobs for the boys ,,, or comittess , or beurocrats everywhere . No , these modern business’s should actually show them how its done .
And as I replied to Mags , watch the bent refs dissapear now the clubs are actually your employer .
I like what Im seeing ,,, big change . Never going to be perfect of course .

I would like your take on my theory ,,,
Scottish football is in a much stronger position than some when it comes to riding out this storm , due to the lack of tv money the game wont be hit that much . I think both see themselves in a win win. Get an invite and youve hit the jackpot ,,, dont get an invite and the tv companies will be queing up for product as they just lost the prem ( its not the prem without its big 5 ) and the champions league ( dont have the new superleague and you will be no one ) ,,, and old faithful ( old firm ) is sitting right above you and ticking over nicely despite the games implosion elsewhere. Thus we are in prime position to pull in a lot more tv money soon. One way or another .
See where Im coming from ?


I subscribe to the times and as its behind a pay wall it won’t let me copy and paste but here’s the screen shots if it helps.
Hope all good
Hail Hail

big packy

hi bhoys just in from dug walking, agree with awenaw where there is celtic there wlll always be a rangers, as sure as night follows day, anytime them barstewards wreck a town or city its the old firm that done, it yeah you know what them old firm fans are like, that’s what people think unfortunately.hh.


Intersting! I do not know whether to be excited or depressed!

The thing about a nuclear deterrant is not you threaten to use it. If you press the button, everybody gets caught up in the carnage.



Delete the “not”.

Small keyboards and arthritic fingers do not mix!




Superb and exactly what a blog should be about. Thanks for the efforts. Giving Murdoch money you rascal?

That is interesting. I wonder how he went from that to helping procrure the WC for the Qataris?


He didn’t,in fact he couldn’t have done.

He resigned from FFP committee in 2014. Qatar was awarded the World Cup in 2010.

Mike in Toronto


But moving away from relegation – and making costs and profits more stable – is exactly what the big clubs are trying to with this proposal. Basically, adopting the NA NFL/NBA salary cap model. Of course, in football, 99% of clubs will be outside this top tier. So, I fear it will simply increase the already crazy gap between haves and have nots.

I expect that many smaller clubs ( and some lower divisions) will fold or be swallowed up in some fashion. How will Scottish second division clubs continue when they are further marginalized?


Actually,the likes of Scottish second division clubs are probably the best-run of them all. When you’ve got eff all coming in,you know exactly how much you can afford to spend.

Eff all,and no mortgaging the future either.

I don’t believe this new set-up will be successful even in the medium term. It is being tried because the current model has outlived its usefulness. Once this new one runs out of steam,what then?

No,they are voting for the slow but certain death of their own clubs. The love of money may be the root of all evil,but the need for money is the route to disaster.

Mike in Toronto


I don’t know if you have come across Terry Eagleton in your studies. I think you might enjoy his stuff. He is a literary theorist, so often overlooked, but his work spills into political and cultural criticism. Here is an article he did a few years ago about the World Cup

saltires en sevilla


Control by clubs is what we should have now. Clubs vote for the key positions on committees. Etc. I probably have this wrong but if Madrid and Barca vote in concert with no 3 and no 4 they have an advantage over the other 7? Due to weighting % even in the Big Baws league the top few can control the rest.

As I say, maybe I misunderstood. If it’s simply 1 team 1 vote then it could be fairer.
Remember when the ‘Old version of the Old Firm to vote in concert to block changses by all the other club? i never felt comfortable with that set-up at all. It was undemocratic and plainly wrong.

I agree we would be unlikely to lose out either way in the proposed model if we get into a lower league. div 3/4/5 etc.

On the other hand, however, I cannot see there being 30/40 millions available in future if we get to the group stages of whatever ‘the remainers’ get to play in as European competition. The CL will be the poor relation to this new super duper league.

Lots of variables, and my overall sense is that we are just going to be a large fish in a very, very small pond. Playing with the pond-life, week in & week out, like we do now.
Holding our noses to avoid the stench.



yeah it’s a one team one vote system as far as I know .
Those percentages are how the revenue split / profit will be distributed .
I will try and find the full breakdown and post it but I think 8 percent is the lowest .
It would be very interesting to know exactly who decided on how many percent each Club gets and it’s notable that Real Madrid get the giants share somehow. Why would the other two giants for instance be happy with that unless Real Madrid were actually the moving force and putting the cash behind this ? Its plausible .
But look at Manchester United taking 12% home no matter what happens, talk about setting yourself up.
I guess the clubs really did not like what they were hearing from their bosses and you can kiss goodbye to any money going to grassroots football from this new league.
I guess a good analogy for us all would be the barmen think their boss is crap and have opened their own Pub . But like I say things should be easy to get on the voting table and actually get voted through and it would be the 11 founding members that vote and the number 11 obviously leads to a majority. Things should be easy to get done as there is common interest .

The biggest question is how much money they will take for TV rights and what happens to the other competitions ? What happens when those contracts expire is the big unknown. Those English clubs outside the top five might well curb the spending or start saving now.
I would find it impossible to believe that no one else in football knew about this after all we are told it’s a close industry and they all talk to each other.
I do believe Scottish football is in a good position to ride this out . Been dealing with little money for years it could be a godsend actually having a steady stable League that wont wobble and collapse with a downturn in TV revenues .
Another aspect I forgot to mention in my main article was the rules and regulations that associations force on the club’s that will be thrown out the window .
Rule number one to go I expect will be the three kickoff rule. It’s outdated and it’s time to go.
Beer at games ,,, is that the Fa ? Cheerleaders ? Half time performers ?
Fa Cup will be interesting if the top 5 and the association arent on speaking terms.

Another notable is the English teams will be setting up a headquarters / base in Spain to deal with income for tax purposes .
Now this does imply the Spanish are behind this , but if England starts to lose tax , or more specifically if English clubs are paying tax to Spain and not England , what do the media do ?
We all know a Man Utd story sells papers , as does the Pool , the media can hardly turn on their “ darlings “ even if they would have the moral upper hand .
Watch the government get involved if the tax thing explodes, and that is a very sensitive subject. Youre talking hundreds of millions if not billions per year lost if the top 5 no longer pay British tax. Could get nasty that one .

I’m expecting more sponsorship on the shirts of the teams , and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these Super League games were played overseas.
If everyone plays ball and sits around a table perhaps they can hash this out then we really would see four or five Super League’s which would be alot fairer instead of the elite tearing away.
I see Majoc thinks it will fail and it will of course , nothing last forever but in the short to medium-term it should rake the cash in .
Hey we wanted change right ? Interesting times !

Working on house rest of day ,,, check in later . Hail Hail pal

Fairhill Bhoy

Where’s this money coming from?


Hi Fairhill and hope all well.
What money ? The clubs don’t need any money. They band together, sell the rights to their games and split it up.
This doesn’t need overseers or rich backers.
Set up for free and sell for billions.
Hail Hail


Informative, if not quite frightening peek into the future of the top football competitions.

Money, of course, talks, and just like the banking and building society market, the financial accounting market, the insurance market and the big supermarkets, those with the financial strength will gobble-up all the ‘small- fry’ eventually. On the pitch we now have little, if any, chance against them – off the pitch we are even more impotent.

I agree with this excellent article that it is now a matter of when, not if, these changes will be come to pass.

Yes Celtic is still a well- respected football club among other football clubs, however being in that category is now not enough and the degree of relevance we have when measured against the super rich is being eroded year on year.

The leverage of the likes of Barca, Real, Bayern..etc has always been apparent, however with the injection of Middle-Eastern, US and Russian money into the likes of Man City, Man Utd, PSG, Chelsea and others, there is now a enormously powerful financial fulcrum on which a new impatient lever has now been placed.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall change the world” Archemides.

The world of finance & food has been changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years – it should be no surprise that European/World football is now next in line.

saltires en sevilla


Neatly done buddy


Cracking reading today.
I am having my doubts this is gonna happen, just something at the back of the head it telling me it is just a threat by the big clubs for more control and money of course.
On another note I am a Grumpy again, born this afternoon in Wexford, a very healthy 8 lbs 2 oz bhoy called Cody.


Cheers – where Celtic, and indeed others like, Ajax, Benfica, Anderlecht Porto….etc, will be when the music stops in this game of high finance musical chairs, God only knows.

This is why it is so important that we protect our position and stay (relatively) financially strong and not go chasing European rainbows – we cannot compete at the top of this market – if we are strong enough to participate and get into the CL group stages meantime, we will be doing very well.


Welcome to the World,Cody!!!!!!

Please pass on my best wishes and congratulations to all involved.

Cheers M
Will do,sort of adopted daughter, as proud as of her, for what she has gone through she has turned out a wee cracker.

Garry Duncan

Congratulations Grumpy Gramps.
Great news.
Hail Hail Cody

TET, Congratulations. Hope mother and Cody are well.

big packy

the exiled tim.congratulations .hh.

Cheers bhoys, both are well, how she managed it, a huge wean, nearly as big as she is 😉
I spelt his name wrong, it’s no Cody, got my wrists slapped, it’s Kody, weans Eh


Failte Cody !!! Good on ya TeT ya grumpy oul git 😉

You have mail, possibly heaps of mail, me and computers just don’t go 😉

The Gombeen Man


Congratulations on the arrival of Kod ,’ a Bhoy of Wexford,’

‘We are the boys of Wexford who fought with heart and hand
To burst in twain, the galling chain, and free our native land.’

Great reading back here today. Thanks to all who contributed.