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Celtic :  Championship Winners 2021


Every so often, I experience the frustration associated with Celtic playing in the SPL. If we are being honest, playing in the SPL causes a number of problems for Celtic. Firstly, it is difficult to attract top players to the club. Secondly, the quality or impartiality of the officiating leaves a lot to be desired. Thirdly, the financial rewards are limited. In particular, as TV revenue forms an increasing proportion of a club’s revenue, Celtic is put at a severe disadvantage by the meagre sums paid to Scottish clubs. You might say money is not everything….which is true….but there is a very clear association between the wage bill and success on the field, especially in Europe.

It has been said, cynically, that Dermot is only involved with Celtic because in the long term he hopes that the club will eventually be accepted into the English Premier League. Attempts have been made in the past by both Rangers and Celtic to gain acceptance into the financial goldmine that is the EPL. Given the recent on field and off field performances of the various forms of Rangers, it is unlike that entity would be seen as an attractive addition to the English pyramid, so if Celtic is to go down this road, it should do so on its own. I suspect that memories are still fresh in Manchester as the fans of a certain club tried to recreate the Visigoths sacking of Rome.

In this article I shall explore what it would be like if Celtic gained acceptance into the English Championship. Although it is far from a given that Celtic would be accepted into that league, the thrust of this piece is to look at the pluses and minuses of joining this league.

In season 2016-17, 19 of the 24 clubs in the Championship made a loss. An estimate of the total revenue for this league is just north of £720 million, or 16% of the £4.5 billion generated by the EPL….quite a gap. Bear in mind that Celtic tends to earn £90-100 million per season if we qualify for the CL. Let us deconstruct the total revenue figure for the Championship. Currently, clubs relegated from the EPL received three years of parachute payments starting at £41 million for the first year. If we factor this in, we see that these parachute payments account for about 30% of total revenue for the league. Now these payments are good for the clubs that get relegated from the EPL but they are bad for the league as a whole because they distort competition. They allow relegated clubs to maintain high wages and thus give them an advantage in securing quick promotion to the EPL. Other clubs, who have promotion ambitions are forced to up their spending on wages, often through soft loans from a sugar daddy. There you have a fag packet analysis of the dynamics of this league!

Newcastle were relegated in 2016-17 but spent only one season in the Championship. Whilst they are not your typical Championship team, their case should be of interest to Celtic. After relegation they gambled on getting back up to the EPL in one season. Throwing money at it was their preferred strategy. They were not the only ones to try that, Aston Villa, John McGinn’s destination, did the same.

Newcastle’s wage bill of £112 million was the highest in the Championship and makes Celtic’s £60 million look conservative(if I dare to use that word). Total revenue was a bit less than Celtic’s, coming in at £86 million. Their actual loss was in the £90 million range but factor in the 42 million parachute payment and the bottom red line was £47 million. Fortunately or unfortunately, throwing money at the issue is no guarantee of promotion to the riches of the EPL, poor old Aston Villa failed at the playoff stage, plunging the club into financial extremes.

Brighton and Huddersfield got promoted using more modest financial strategies, so alternative strategies can work.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Celtic being in the Championship? Firstly, using Newcastle’s revenue as a benchmark, Celtic could expect to achieve similar revenue levels to what it currently gets if we qualify for the CL……..which is by no means certain, as we know. Our wage bill would suggest that we would be competitive in this league, perhaps, even gaining promotion quite quickly. The latest comprehensive data on Championship club’s accounts (2015-16) show that Celtic would have had the second highest wage bill next to QPR, who were subsidised by parachute payments. We would have had the largest turnover….and remember that 2015-16 was a year we did not qualify for the CL. In summary, the financials would be in place to give the club a very good chance of promotion to the EPL. Even if we did not get promotion for a couple of years, our financials would be as if we had qualified for the CL. Once in the Premiership, of course, it is a completely different ball game. Winning it would not be a realistic objective, at least, not in the short term…just look at the wage bills of the top clubs in the EPL. However, if we filter out TV revenue, Celtic have a higher turnover than Newcastle, Southampton, Everton and Leicester, and are just a little behind West Ham. On the wages front, we spend more than Brighton and equivalent amounts to Burnley and Middlesbrough. Both Burnley and Brighton have survived in the EPL.

So, what does it all mean? Assuming reasonable management, Celtic could expect to prosper in the Championship and probably gain quick promotion to the EPL. Once there the club would have to increase its wage bill considerably to be sure of staying up. On the downside, there would be no Europe for a few years, with the objective being to finish in the top four after a few years in the EPL. No more SPL trophies, nor cups. No more humiliations of Sevco. Is this what the majority of the fanbase would want?


Guest post by Rebus67

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Excellent article,and one which covers most of the bases on this most vexed of scenarios. The main thrusts of the question deal with our willingness to trade baubles for bawbees,I suppose! (Aye,I did just think of that,it’s a Monday morning,ffs!)

I’ve lived in Swindon since 2001,and most of my adult life elsewhere in England,and I’ve long been fascinated by fans of “diddy teams”,and how they judge success,what they look forward to each year as football fans.

I can tell you that when you have little or no chance of winning anything,local bragging rights become the be-all and end-all. You’ve got to win your derby matches-and Swindon Town fans have become experts at stretching a point when it comes to a derby.

It should really be only Oxford United which counts as a derby,and even they are 30+ miles away,but they are happy to add the likes of the Bristol clubs,Yeovil,Cheltenham,Forest Green,Reading. They’ll even throw in the clubs from Devon and South Wales,at a push!

Aside from that,solvency is all that matters. It’s not a lot to look forward to.

Should Celtic leave Scottish football for English leagues,I think we too would end up like fans of Swindon Town. Little to look forward to in terms of trophies,stretching the definition of a derby match,and solvency our main goal in life.

Are our fans willing to be brave in a changing world? Are we willing to watch fans of our currant(!) rivals parade OUR trophies,yelling at us-“Here’s what you could have won!”? Are we willing to be an upmarket Swindon Town,potentially a Newcastle United-fifty seasons since they last won anything!-and still be Faithful Through and Through?

I think we need to be brave if we are given a chance. And that we have to agitate for that chance. The choices are stark-to regularly win a trophy and atrophy,or to step into the unknown,where the only certainty is that we will have to change our definitions of success.

Awe Naw

Firstly it`s not cynical to think that DD is ONLY involved in Celtic due to the prospect of an EPL invite. To arrive at any other conclusion on this subject must be seen as obtuse. It´s based on wishful thinking rather than studying observed behaviour over decades,

Secondly (and I can´t for the life of me fathom how anyone can come to any other conclusion) Celtic and Rangers are joined at the hip. Co joined twins with one heart.

The Old Firm is Scottish football. Neither UEFA, the SFA, SPFL, (indeed even the old SPL), Celtic PLC would ever sanction a situation where we are not branded together and nobody wants Rangers apart from Scotland and N. Ireland.

We either take the bull by the horns and kick out this money loving PLC or accept that nothing changes

Res12 CSC or is it only me that´s noticed ?

saltires en sevilla


Welll researched and put together buddy!

There are clearly some big risks with any move to the English pyramid. The potential upsides are clearly enticing, but I have always had a fear of their trapdoor. Clubs like Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday, for example, have struggled to recover from largesse to make it back to the top flight. So there is a always a cautionary note to consider. If you get it wrong down there p, it gets very, very messy!

There are other things to consider.

Generally, Cetlic have a good reputation in England, with all those Testimonial games and thousands of fans attending with little or no bother at most of them, but there has been some. Notably at clubs with a large Right Wing following. I wasn’t at Blackburn but heard some horror stories. Then again I was at Liverpool in the same campaign and it was no hassle ( unless I missed it all). The attitudes of some English fans towards one another is bad enough, and Celtic playing regularly would add a new dimension and soon have the eejit tendency in a lather. Imagine the situation around poppy time? A league cup tie v Millwall this week? They call themselves The Huns for a reason.

As there is no tradition of our fans knowing where to go, and where Not to go, around English stadia, then there is an undoubted risk. Especially in the beginning, as plenty of noses would be out of joint in their post-Brexit frenzy.

Having said all of that, the English police are adept ( generally) at handling potentially violent clashes every week. However, we must keep in mind that much of what goes on down there is not reported, our fans would not be familiar with those tensions and some will not react well to that. It’s almost inevitable that we would be dealing with some bother at most games. Then we have to consider the various ‘alliances’ that would form with visits to Glasgow. Ajax would seem like a Sunday picnic.

The economic side is attractive, if we consider only £££££, and we already know that our Board would go for it. To the extent that DD and others cash in and piss off with bags of loot. What then? What Saudi Prince or oligarch would step in? Is that a risk worth taking?

Are we potentially jumping from the SPL firying pan into the EPL fire?

Going with the upsides.

If all of that can be overcome, and it’s a significant ‘if’, then I would have to admit it would be exciting and I’m sure the decent English fans would get on board. We would see the benefits of glitzy TV coverage and decent analysis and commentary. Saturday and Sunday games would be like Champions League nites at Paradise.

The place would literally be buzzing.

Planning away days with your pals around some gigs in London and nearby, would be a big attraction to me, I love it around there. The scramble for tickets would be huge and we would have no problems filling our allocations adding to the atmosphere at every stadium we visit.

We could strike lucky in our first few seasons and be challenging seriously for European berths within a few years. I’m sure most fans would be prepared to wait for that.

Overall, If it were on offer right now, with all that is happening here, and in the absence of my preferred option ( a European league). I would go for it.

Just mind the trap-door Bhoys…

saltires en sevilla


Congratulations buddy and welcome to Cody to the Celtic family.

You will never walk alone!

saltires en sevilla


“Baubles for Bawbees” whit ye like eh? No’ bad for a Monday morning btw.

Some great points about where we might end up.

You mention Newcastle and likewise I often think of Spurs… consider themselves a BIG club. The last time they won a league you and I were in nappies .. and not the nice comfy disposable ones either!

A few F A cups and 2 lower level European trophies to show in that time? For all their Hoddles, Gascoignes, Ginolas they have done practically ziltch watching local rivals pick up 4 leagues and even a go at CL final. Then Chelski down the way almost dominating for a period of time.

God forbid we end up trading ‘banter’ with Preston North End, Carlisle and Sunderland.


saltires en sevilla

Awe Naw

In a nutshell buddy!


Awe Naw

Nothing to do with Rebus67.

It´s a good and well written article.

It has nothing to do with you guys and everything to do with me.

It has been clearly very difficult for the entire support to accept that we are an integral part of the Old Firm, Today we are the strongest component of the Old Firm. We are the Old Firm. Which as you all know is not a surprise to me

I have been hearing rumours that the club will not take Res 12 any further and it will be announced at the AGM. Which as you all know is not a surprise to me.

We are dealing with an organisation that will keep quiet about the state of the roof of one of their fellow members for ten years and sell tickets in the tens of thousands to their sons and daughters and most accept that and some even revere them.

We all know about the 5 stages of grief from Kübler-Ross model. We as a support are not past the denial stage.


Very strange,just lost a post to gremlins. Forgot to c&p it first too. Anyway…


I understand where you are coming from. I agree with most of what you are saying,but I can’t arrive at the same conclusion,I’m afraid. I despise the board too-and for similar reasons to your own-but I know that were circumstances different,I’d be buying my ticket every season.

I can’t be held responsible for the morals of others,AWENAW. That includes the board. I would be buying my ticket to enable me to watch my team,along with my family and friends. If the board want to construe that as me agreeing with-or even condoning-their actions,there is little I can do about it.


Awe Naw


no problems buddy as you know Morrisey23 is of the same disposition as you. Mags not.
It´s the nostalgia and the fantasy “give us this day our daily bread” that I can no longer tolerate and will not be reading it or furthering that particular pointless debate. Just so you guys know where I´m coming from I´m not in the huff or anything.

Love and Kisses


I know,mate. Love the team,despise the board,loathe the huns,and always remember the words (and sentiment) to Al Wilson/The Snake.

saltires en sevilla

majoc/aw naw

intruding into your debate

I can understand the back the team sack the board, those sentiments worked well in the nineties. Circumstances then were much different as then board were bleeding form lack of funds – a few well-timed bhoycotts and they finally had to tumble.

Now – this board will never change a thing whilst 60k are rolling up regularly and twice that would by sevco tickets if they were available

Not ome more penny from me

The nostalgia thing is all i have left at the moment. If that was a plea to stop posting a wee item once a week on past events. Just let me know


Awe Naw

No No .. I´m just pointing out that I will no longer be partaking in the nostalgia and new league fantasy debates

Saltires en Sevilla, I’m sure there was no slight intended. I love reading your posts. Keep posting!


Sorry, guys, I am just up. If you are in the UK, including Swindon, then you are 5 hours ahead of me.

Not sure how to respond to your replies since the debate has taken me by surprise. Is the scenario discussed in my article fantasy? I know that the English pyramid met recently to discuss expansion and one outcome sas that they would not seek to include Celtic and Sevco. So in practical terms joining any of the English leagues would be difficult. However, before I retired I had a consultancy firm ….a management consultancy. One of the services that I provided was scenario analysis where various (no more than four) future situations would be examined, and the firm would be asked how would they prosper if each of these came to pass. The strategic results for each of 4 scenrios would be examined and common aspects isolated. These aspects would form the basis of a plan to deal with the future, whatever that might be. Hope you are still reading this!

What I described in my article is one scenario from a possible future. Celtic should be examining scenarios like this to prepare for whatever will happen in the next 5-10 years. The article on Sunday was another scenario. By examining how Celtic would fit in a European Super League, Tier 2, and ditto for the Championship, they club would understand what it has to do now to prepare for any of these eventualities.

Is this all mumbo jumbo crap? Maybe, but the current Irish economy is founded on using this method, as are the emerging economies of the former Eastern European countries, Hungary, etc

Hope I have made some sense,


saltires en sevilla

I understand buddy – last thing we need on a new blog is loss of focus on the main issues -reason for set-up etc.

saltires en sevilla


Cheers buddy to ressure I was not going to stop posting –

I understood that the issue may be around our focus etc – and want to keep shining the light on key issues that really matter etc. there are plenty of places with History pieces etc.

Just checking the mood and appreciate your own comments and contributions.




Some years agobIbwrote an article for etims speculating that Celtic could purchase Oxford United and merge that club with our own. We would then have entry into the English pyramid. O.U do not own their ground, they rent it, so it would make sense to use Celtic park for the new merged club.

I am not saying that this approach would be successful, nor desired, but it is an option worth exploring if the club is serious about joining thevEnglish pyramid. It would also be free of Old Firm involvement.

You would get your derby of Swindon vs Celtic!




I think the recent journies of Newcastle illustrate what would likely happen to Celtic. At our current spend on wages we would have the financials to both gain promotion from the Championship and be profitable. After that, we would have to substantially increase our spending on players to get into the top half of the EPL. If not, we would be a Burnley……a well run club that survives in the EPL for a few years; loses key players to bigger clubs and gets relegated. Then it starts the cycle again. This seems to be acceptable to their fans. Or at least keep them interested with the hope that the bottom falls out of the TV market and allows clubs to compete on their gates.

I followed Celtic through the years when we won little but that was before expectations became adjusted to us winning everything, all the time.

Would we be content as a “Burnley” in the EPL?


saltires en sevilla


Love your scenarios and keep them coming.

I’m always going to have an inclination towards a European league

Although I would sign up to almost anything to get tay out if this SFA debacle. Although there are some good points being made re. how corrupt all the governing bodies are.

Would take my chances with chnage tho’

Power to yer elbow buddy!



The debate has got me thinking about the role of fantasy in the game. Interesting that the word contains the sequence of letters FAN.

Surely fantasy plays a vital role in our appreciation of the game. We fans roll up to see Barcelona play us, is it a fantasy that we shall beat them? Or Inter in 1967 in Lisbon. Do we get greater joy out of beating Barcelona, rather than Raith Rovers? Of course we do, but why? Because it is a fantasy that has become real. Just as it would for fans of Raith if they beat us.

Fantasy plays a big part in bringing folks to watch the game, no matter the odds against a win.

It all starts with Roy of the Rovers. Who amongst us did not dream of being Roy?

Canada has just legalised cannabis. Fantasy is on the rise! Don’t knock it.


Awe Naw


Please don’t take my reticence to participating in debating new league scenarios etc. it has not got anything at at all to do with you or any of the other guys. It has everything to do with me. I´m just pointing out that I am bored with the nostalgia and what I see as pure fantasy (Celtic playing in another league without Rangers)

Awe Naw

what about fanaticism ?

Good article, well thought out, never gonna happen mind you, imo obviously, I have wanted out of scotland for years, there was a time in the mid 00s when it could have happened but the huns sacking Manchester stopped it in it’s tracked stone dead.
But I have to agree with AweNaw that no matter where we move to, I reckon there will be some sort of rejigging and it will be a euro kinda thing, the huns will have to be a part of it, we are the OF, whether we like it or not, the OF sells, the OF is box office.
Even if there is no move or rejigging, we are still the OF, in a nutshell it sells, end of, sadly.


Rebus , thanks a million for todays article and I will respond properly after walking the dug .

AweNaw,,,I managed to sneak out of bed without the girls noticing this morning and having an hour to myself opened the laptop . While rubbing the sleep out my eyes and consistently checking if the coffee was brewed yet I read your post about no more nostalgia for you .

As I was pondering that sentiment silently my unfocused eyes were drifting about and I discovered that they lay upon a very simple picture but one soo very powerful to the many who knows exactly what it means .
That picture is a wind rounded hill , with the shell of a cottage resting where that hill meets the land , and a strand of beach , curved and small with beautiful pristine yellow sand .
The O’Boyles lived in that cottage for 9 generations until one morning Sassenach arrived , people unbeknown to them and they had no quarrel with , and their life was turned upside down and their home and many family members were lost in the ensuing carnage that was laid upon the land . And I think to myself , no more nostalgia ?

Just then a sudden noise startled me and my right hand automatically went down to my side where my trusty Caman ( hurl ) is to be found most waking hours .
Shes hand made from Birch that grew in a copse in County Roscommon in soil that is tinged with the blood of not only the fine fine natives but Sassenach , whether Viking or English .
A simple yet beautiful instrument the hurl takes courage to weild and it can be traced back to ancient times , beyond Cu Chullain himself ( the Irish Achilles ) who was famed for killing an attacking Wolfhound by striking the sliotar ( ball ) soo fiercely at it. No nostalgia I ponder once again ?

My left hand however had reached , by second nature , to an alert Hamish .
The Wolfhound , that feared and trusted beast that cleansed mother Ireland of the scourge of all rural dwellers . One of the tallest to be found anywhere they lope instead of walking and genetics and necessity have brought about a long hairy neck , both to guard against the wolves natural instinct to attack the neck . No longer naturally needed having done their job they are now proud echoes of the past among us , growing rare , but still just as majestic . Realising the noise was nothing we both relax and my thought turn once again to your plea of no nostagia .

While still turning the thought over I went up to refill the quickly drained mug and considered a wee nip of the good stuff to spruce her up a wee bit . My eyes turned to the quarter full bottle of Black Bush , truly nectar of the gods , made with the rain that pounds sweet county Antrim , a rain I know soo very well , that weighed me down many a time with her frigid touch and that I long for many a hot California day . The bottle itself was brought over by my father , who I am proud to have shared a few supps of it with . I lowered him into hallowed Antrim turf , to lie with my brother , both forever at peace now , through a mixture of salt water and that very same rain I know so well stinging my eyes on a windsweep overcast Thursday morning .
And once again wrestle with your outlook , no more nostalgia .

Determined to make the most of my solo hour before the girls and pets awake I decide to make a start on my next article , only for a sudden thought to fly at me , unbidden believe it or not .
That the next time Im “ home “ I simply must visit the burial site and pay my respects to the last high king of Ireland , Brian Boru .
His last act as king was to oversee the battle of Clontarf , where the viking were defeated in battle , and he conducted affairs from his sick bed having been carried there by his clan as he was unable to walk . It was felt his presence would inspire the natives to unite and fight their invaders , and that instinct was proven correct . It ended bittersweet though for a lone person is said to have stolen into his tent and slit his throat in that very bed , and with that act the last man any Irishman or woman would ever call King shuffled off this mortal plane , to immortality among his equals no doubt . Again I think to myself , no more nostalgia ?

Just then I heard the noises that accompany the awakening of my small clan here , among these green and yellow mountains where rain is hard to find , and I urge myself to hurry and finish the task at hand . Just then I swear my laptop , having not been used for the last 5 minutes reverted to sleep mode and with that mode the screen was invaded by a new image replacing the previous black and grey monotony .
In that image , there he stood , undefeated , proud , above the masses displaying the spoils of his victory to his followers of which there were thousand gathered below , with a look not of smugness but of worthiness . Big Billy stood on the shoulders of giants that day and his and his teams actions that day will echo across the ages .

No Nostalgia ? Its all I have now bro , good luck with that one. 😉
Respect , Mahe

Saltires en Sevilla




big packy

awenaw you like me, think celtic and rangers are joined at the hip, nobody will invite us anywhere without them, and I don’t want to be anywhere near them basturts,hh.


Stop it! Just when I thought I was being clever!


Saltires en Sevilla


Aye – Burnley gawd forbid – no harm to them and their lovely sociable and fun-loving fans…

I know we are a big club and have massive potential. My problem is that we don’t act like one. Potential is stifled by our Board.

Many of our supporters/fans think this would be a straight march to top 5 in EPL – on an even footing and trading blows and cheque books with the Big Boys.

It won’t work like that and likeisay the trapdoor has no favourites.

I’m agreeing that we are seen as the other cheek of the same Old Firm erse.

I’m thinking it would take some strong leadership from the top to Change that perception but whilst 60,000 are turning up and cheering on victories against Sevco isn’t Gonna happen,

The only way to enforce that change is to stop buying season tickets

Force their hand!



Have you researched your family tree? Seems as we get older that kind of knowledge becomes more important. Paradoxically, this is true when those that could tell you so much have gone to their maker.

I learned a lot from looking at mine and also from looking at my wife’s tree.

Me, I am descended from gypsies, some of whom were of zirish descent. My wife is from Donegal refugees seeking work in Glasgow.

Researching your tree makes the past less of a distant land,


Bloody hell,who said nostalgia ain’t what it used to be? I was kicking every ball there!!!

Saltires en Sevilla

Big Packy

Agree, but therein lies the problem/conundrum

Keep pouring dosh into the club and watch them carry on regardless.

Same as it ever was…

Ye canny have yer cake and eat it.

Keep on with the good chat buddy

The Gombeen Man


That’s a thought provoking article. It gives much food for thought, I’ll try and reply later, busy day today.

I hope your Grandson is doing well.



Rebus ,,,
Bloody good job and pat yerself on the back.
I will surely give me thoughts on whether I think your article will come true or not .
I reckon the super league / breakway has a ⅓ chance . I reckon a compromise with the clubs is ⅔ . This will be the jist of my next article soo I wont delve into it too much .
But in the event the clubs do break away I see the Championship as having the best odds of being our new destination .
I will explain my rationale ,,,should the Prem lose 5 of its top stars there will be a massive reshuffle . I expect something similar to what the Bolton chairman suggested about 10 years ago , a new league with 2 tiers of top teams , the Prem 1 and 2 .
Glasgow Celtic along with our historic rival would have been placed in the second division if it had been successful.

A quick look at some of the clubs in the Championships shows many former , I dont know if giants is the right word but major players if you understand .
I wont list them but Im sure you will agree on that. When these clubs and the remainder of whats left of the top flight are thrown together ,, would the tv companies not think why not add some spice to the occasion ? Could you not see a wee invite flinging its way up north ? Whats the chances ,, about half ? She’s a goer I reckon .
I think we are in a win win spot and will be expanding a lot more in days to come .
But I think you have hit the nail on the head , if theres a big shake up.

On the trees front we called a removal service and discovered the biggest boy of them all has rot and must come down asap for safety purposes . 2.5 k ffs double ouch . But safety first right .
In total for all I want done 6k. Un – effing – believable and I should have been a tree surgeon is all I will say about that , for now.

Family tree,,actually got one of those dna kits last Christmas , which announced everything I knew except a sneaky .3 percent Nigerian ! The great grandfather was from Liverpool and we are putting it down to him and the docks etc .
Those kits though , you get all types of emails saying we share 3 percent lets talk family trees etc but the rub is you must pay a subscription to join the circle and shes no cheap either . 30 a month or so for the full whack where you are totally connecting with anyone to do with you .
That will end soon and all will be out theres for free or a one time fee.

Good chatting , take it easy partner
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

I remember with utter nostalgia and cultural shock when I first found I lost a pair of chromosomes from my parents. No more would I be bullied or called a great ape. Aye those were the language skill days of pure joy and abandonment


The 0.3% is Nigerian lager,aka Guinness.



We have covered a lot of ground today…from the championship to chromosomes! Not many would be able to make that connection.

Are you located in the new or old world?


Margaret McGill

I am currently located in Sweden. A land not far from here. Land of king of kings and non papists and pillagers and where the raven is still worshipped. I could go on and on….

saltires en sevilla

Generally noted:

It has come to our attention that a commemorative plaque has been made, to recognise the achievement of Rangers reaching their first Scottish Cup final at a Glasgow cricket ground, Hamilton Crescent in 1877.

It is also noted that despite a valiant effort by the Gers, in umpteen drawn replays, at the cricket ground They actually lost the final 3-2 to the “mighty” Vale of Leven at the original Hampden Park.

The tribute goes on, and on… and on, and on to report that they tried to win that trophy for a further 18 years before eventually winning their first Scottish Cup in 1894.

It should further be noted that The Scottish Cup was the main prestige trophy at that time. The League was seen as being a ‘distinctly’ second rate tournament.

Therefore, Rangers founded in 1872 had 23 Entries in the Scottish Cup, before they finally won it.

Celtic reached their first Final in their inaugural season 1888/89. Losing to 3rd Lanark, after a replay.

Celtic won their first Scottish Cup in 1892, only 4 years after they were founded, and have the honour of having their name engraved on the original trophy/cup.

By the time Rangers, eventually won the cup, two years later, there was no room left to engrave their name on the actual trophy.

Rengers have their first victory engraved on the plinth that the cup is mounted on … IE not on ghe actual trophy …

If anyone can think of any valid reason for anyone celebrating a losing Cup Final on a plaque at a cricket ground ….

…do tell?

P.S. celtic had won 4 outright League titles by the time Rangers won their first.

Just sayin’

big packy

saltires hi pal thanks for your reply, at the moment im just flitting in and out of the blog, would you believe ive been trying to connect a pair of wireless head phones to my computer since 5-30 losing the will to live here.lol.hh.

saltires en sevilla

Hi Packy

My pleasure… wish I could help with wireless headphones.. it took me 5 years to find out where to put the wire version ?

Garry Duncan

I grew up 500 yards from Hamilton Crescent Cricket Ground in Partick. My dad was sent across the road to attend Hamilton Crescent School. His only alternative was Saint Gerard’s Govan. He started there in 1944. It was a military school my dad told me. Full of military and masonic symbols. They marched everywhere in the school to the tune of the grand piano. All war tunes. End of lessons, all had to stand for God Save The King.
Makes Saint Tams up the road sound like nirvana.?

saltires en sevilla


I trust you will pay your respects to the ‘plaque’ … first opportunity ?

Btw Celts were playing their 4th final by the time Rangers played their second.

Gallant Pioneers that they were…


Garry Duncan

Next time I stagger out The Smiddy and realise I am bursting for a pish as the cold Partick air hits me, the plaque will receive a visit from me.
My 21st was in Hamilton Crescent Cricket Club. Made sure I hired a DJ who liked The Pogues and The Wolfe Tones for later.
Masonic committee were appalled. Irish songs brought the tone of the place down of a Friday evening in June. My dad took our ban fae the West of Scotland Cricket club as an anti Catholic decision by their masonic committee.
That was 1986
Somethings never change.

saltires en sevilla




One of my sons lives in Stockholm. He has been there for 10 years. Small world.


Margaret McGill

I’m in Gothenburg

Margaret McGill

Aye wee book of Calvin
Ye can take the Catholic oot o’the Protestant
But ye canny take the Protestant oot o’the Catholic

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