Yes,anything that you have witnessed in Scottish football that you don’t think is within the ethos of the game will be subject to those three actions above-and a whole lot more-by the time anyone in mainstream media gets round to reporting it. And even then they’ll be doing their best to denigrate the victim and trash his reputation.

The media,following an initial caught-in-the-headlights foray into sympathy-you know,a bit of common humanity-after Neil Lennon was struck by a coin at Tynecastle,have now reverted to type,with oul’ Wiggy Smith bringing his mouth out of retirement to demand that NL be disciplined for his part in the proceedings.

Unfortunately,Wiggy couldn’t get a suitable brain transplant arranged in time and had to go with the original. Which made him an easy target,as Michael Stewart asked why he should be disciplined.

Because he was gesturing to the fans,was the reply. What,like Kris Boyd after scoring a penalty against Aberdeen?,asked Stewart.

Stuck for a reply short of-Naw,cos he’s not Neil Lennon!-Wiggy lamely replied that Boyd hadn’t left the pitch,to which Stewart pointed out that Neil Lennon hadn’t left his technical area.

To give Wiggy his dues,even as his brain was short-circuiting,he still couldn’t quite say-Aye,but it’s Neil f…..g Lennon,ffs! He just stuttered a few confused Aye,buts and shuffled off to get paid. And he ranks as a genius by Stevenston standards,btw.

Then there was the shocker of Morelos being struck on Saturday. Quite rightly,Gerrard demanded action be taken,miscreant identified and no pity shown. Seriously,someone is going to lose an eye over this latest craze. This allowed our favourite twat with a typewriter to poison our Monday morning cornflakes by comparing the two as equals,that since Morelos being hit by a coin had nothing to do with his religion,then that too was the case with NL.

How dare Lennon drag sectarian issues into 21st Century Best Wee Country in the World? How could he know the motivation of his assailant,much less his religion? Same with all those pieces of graffiti demanding NL be hanged. Load of nonsense to suggest any form of sectarianism is involved. No,no,no. Perish the thought,because get this. Keith Jackson,man of the world and a shoo-in for next year’s Nobel Prize for Peace,Love and Understanding has the answer.

Its not because NL is a wee taig Fenian tarrier basturt,it’s actually because of Facebook. Et al.

Remind me,Keith. When did Facebook take off? And when did Neil Lennon,captain of Northern Ireland with 36 caps to his name,sign for Celtic?

Keith,the hatred stems from the fact that he signed for Celtic in 2000. Facebook arrived in 2004,as little more than a germ of an idea at that stage. NL was targeted from Day One that he arrived here.

And all the denials,all the shifting of the blame to the victim,or even to Facebook,none of it can cover up the fact that the authorities and the media have shamefully failed in their duty to protect him.

Because even now,you’re telling us that he brings it on himself.


The above is a guest article by majoc. Feel free to have a rant,or even offer a sensible well thought out article like the one from REBUS67 yesterday. Send it to Mahe at

Notify of

If Jackson and his ilk had any hint of self-awareness,they’d be duelling at dawn for the right to change their name by deed poll to Fanny Gaslight. But he’s not the worst. That title belongs to Jabba. As ugly within as without.

Awe Naw

Ibrox hasn´t had a safety certificate for ten years. Every man and his dug knows it.

Anyone ever head about the Ibrox disaster(s)

Focus on the coin throwers

We shouldn´t let the MSM dictate our agenda



131 years of sticking it to the stickies…


I don’t want to give away too much about the articles already submitted for international fortnight-are you offering one up?-but this will be of interest.

Also,are all current issues of concern to be ignored in favour of historical issues which we cannot possibly prove?

Of course they got a safety certificate. And you and I and the dogs in the street know it was a sham. But without a time machine,we cannot prove that their lavvy didn’t deserve one.

Awe Naw

The Americans call it prioritizing. It´s not historical and its current (See Phil Mac G Today) I´m only pointing out, and this was the first time I had a non sweary post on CQN removed, it´s akin to watching ten men rape your daughter and then complaining about the bad language they used.

I will submit an article.

saltires en sevilla


Good shout.

I was surprised to see a clip of Aberdeen manager McInnes arguing that anyone who is saying that Neil Lennon ‘brings it on himself’ is talking absolute nonsense.

He was quite animated on this no throw-away comment and perhaps he has been on the receiving end feels some empathy.

Tried to find that clip again to link, but no joy …seriously beginning to doubt I ever saw it now.

saltires en sevilla


Best I’ve seen on this item.

Strange how many people meet their end when travelling outside the UK.


Able-bodied young professional on highly-irregular investigation found dead in hotel room,with no post-mortem? Yep,obvious natural causes,no reason for any investigation.

Good lad!


McInnes has gone up in my estimation for that. Yet it would be no less than expected anywhere else in the world.

It takes balls to march out of step up here,mate. Maybe the pish he’s been subjected to since turning down the huns-or failing the interview,as we were hilariously informed!-has opened his eyes.

Hope so. More of the same,please.

saltires en sevilla


Aye, there are a few buddy.


saltires en sevilla



131 unbroken years of sticking it to the stickies…

fixed that for you buddy ?

Gordon Smith has failed at everything he has tried to work at since he stopped playing football. Lucky that he has got the BBC to fall back on.

D. McInnes is a man I have never really disliked, it doesn’t surprise me that he spoke some sense re. Neil Lennon. He’s mostly harmless I think.

saltires en sevilla


Yes good points.

Generally agree on McInnes, although might consider some of his ex-players have a few historical issues..

Gordon Smith – one of the mysteries of our time. ( note: left out ‘great’)

Remember all those unexplained/wtf promotions in the workplace…’shoo in’…and ‘turns aboot’ ..guys promoted way beyond their capabilities, time after time. Not a word spoken in condemnation of idiotic decisions or cock-ups. Protected and obeyed… even deferred to. By some. All know their place in the pyramid, awaiting their ‘go’.

Some of the absolute tripe that spews from Smith is embarrassing. Just why would anyone choose to ask him for an opinion!? Far less publish his responses.

Smells like ‘Obedience’…

Awe Naw

sounds like a CQNer


Just up on a grey day so far in the great white north. Feel like I should take a drag on last night’s cigarette smouldering in the tray, take a little something to help me on my way. But wait, I do not have any tatoos!

Majoc, thought provoking article. What dark corner of my brain did it disturb? Yes, there it is! A thought at last. Which is worse the enabler or the perpetrator?

Thirty seven years ago we waded ashore in Canada, tho at the time it did not feel like Canada. We arrived in Newfoundland intending to stay for one year, but put in 30 instead. One of the first things I noticed about the Canadian media was how muted it was compared to back home. No Robin Days holding politicians, stars to account. Little outrage in the national media about events. Nobody threw their toys out of the pram. The exception was where I lived where rants were the coin of the realm! Newfoundlanders did not take anything lying down. We’ll rant and we’ll roar is the Newfoundland motto…..they even have songs dedicated to that. Could it be their Irish heritage? Could it be that they have a strong, distinct culture? Could it be that they are islanders? Sometimes the rants are irrational, even counterproductive, but they are there and will not be ignored. Sometimes the mouse can roar and it is all that is left for it to do!

To return to my point, whereever it is! Which is worse the perpetrator or the enabler? The answer probably differs on a case by case basis. Some perps commit such dastardly deeds that they seem to have created a new meaning for the word, “evil”. However, in general, I shall call out the enablers as the real villians of the piece. In a Scottish football sense, I mean the newspapers who are steering their bows straight onto the fast approaching rocks; I mean the so called national media that offer only partisan experts in analysing the game. Even those that try to be balanced, think that that means having one pro Celtic and one pro Sevco, are seriously flawed.

When there is no free press nor media, bad things happen. When this continues for decades, bad things happening, becomes the norm! Sometimes, watching from afar, I cannot believe the extent of “blind-eye-ism” that exists in the Scottish media. Fix that and let the light of day shine on the acts of the perpetrators. Let the mice roar!

Actually on reading that….it is a rant! A true one, alas!



Because McInnes occasionally gets something right, it does not make him an OK guy. He strikes me as a frustrated manager who has ambitions that he fears will not be realised. His time is up at Aberdeen and they should move him on, for the sake of their own development!



Keep ranting partner, great stuff. That them new Canadian cigarettes that just became legal; )
Always cracked me up how many in your country of choice can’t say boat,,,they say boot.
Take it easy and keep em coming!



Alcohol and Celtic are my drugs of choice. Interestingly, the official sources of weed cannot keep up with demand, but our neighbours to the South have issued warnings, smoke that stuff and you cannot come here! I think they have Trumped us on that one.



Oh, a nasty one, but I like you!

Seems to me that there is a strange cycle in life. Something starts off being against some aspect, and then becomes the thing they originally campaigned against. I do not see why blogs should be exempt from that.


saltires en sevilla


A good rant…like a duvet day…good for the soul.

Not advocating any poakling of the oul’ Force Majeure policy…

We’ll be having NOn of that Feniany tarrying caper here …NO!



We can’t expect everyone to agree with the Celtic point of view all the time, indeed I find some of the things expressed by some of our number, unnecessary and repugnant at times.

However if we find someone in the game willing to put their head above the parapet and support us on an important issue, they deserve great credit.

I believe that McInnes deserves credit, he is well thought of by Brendan – I find him an OK guy.


On 12 September I was given the opportunity and permission to submit an article to this excellent site.

The article entitled Crime Punishment & Consequences dealt with, inter alia, the financial ‘hit suffered by Ibrox brand over the past six years. I estimated that the shenanigans in Govan had resulted in a £200m consequential loss over the period. I am happy to say that today the excellent site, Swiss Rambler, has backed-up my assertions.

It has published that during the period mentioned above Celtic’s income has exceeded that of the Rangers brand by some £300m. Within that figure they confirm £100m of CL money and therefore my figure of £200m of consequential Ibrox lost income appears to be substantiated.

Someone mentioned in a reply at the time that the £200m figure was almost identical to what was swindled over the ‘cheating years’. This is good to know and it is also good that they continue to lose money hand over fist.

If we can get a proper result to the Res12 issue and the stripping of cheated honours, then I think we at Celtic would put it all all behind us and move on – however, we will neither forgive, nor, forget, the whole catalogue of events which were designed, in conjunction with the SFA and the Bank of Scotland, to put us out of business.

big packy

SALTIRES how you doin pal put me down as one of them fenian tarrier

saltires en sevilla

Big Packy

Good buddy – hope you are well?

You are sorted.




It is always satisfying to get confirmation of one’s analysis. What you highlight is itself a scandal. How can an organisation that has lost that much, and continues to do so, still be in existence? The reasons behind that would be a revelation.

How likely do you think it is that either of Res 12 or the tile stripping will come to pass? Both of these situations had the best chance of being resolved around the 2012-13 mark. I do not see where the initiative will come to further them now. I think the Res 12 petitioners have done all that they can, and all praise to them for doing it.



Tile = title


A thing of beauty

Just a quick note on Neil Lennon and the scandalous refusal of most people in this country to call his treatment what it is – anti Irish, anti catholic bigotry. In work today a colleague was disgusted with some news that people had been to a house to shout Gypsies at the people living there. When I suggested they maybe bring it on themselves I was met with moral outrage. When I pointed out that she had only this morning told me that Neil Lennon brings it on himself there was not one iota of embarrassment. Totally different apparently. This took place in a social work environment and her view was more prevalent across the board than mine. I actually despair for this country. We are completely incapable of confronting this issue and therefore will never solve it. It makes me think I don’t actually want my daughter to make her future here. She’s better off where people don’t accept bigotry and racism as the norm.

big packy

A THING OF BEAUTY. feel your pain pal, I left my country of birth 40 years ago, and sadly yes I miss my country but I don’t miss the anti catholic shit one bit, live down here in Cheshire now, and nobody asks or cares are you catholic or protestant.hh.

I took my family out of scotland, it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the best thing I ever did, I have not a single regret about leaving it behind, the kids were brought up in Ireland without a hint of the garbage, they got a superb education, couldn’t fault it.


Rebus67 – I think it likely that there will be some sort of acknowledgement and ruling on the Res12 issue – it is an open & shut case and therefore will be dealt with in some form, or, another.

Sadly I see no such outcome to the title-stripping saga.

Two things keep the Ibrox club going, one is, as we have seen in recent financial reports, the reliance on match-day income – this represents around 75% of their total revenue.The second is the straw they clutch of being the most successful club in terms of domestic trophy wins.

In my opinion holding on to the latter is essential to prolonging the former. It allows the triumphalism of the WATP mentality to continue and of course feeds the siege mentality of “nobody like us, we don’t care”

I can’t see the Scottish establishment, whether that be political, social, or sporting, allowing that to be taken away from them.

A thing of beauty

I lived in London for 12 years and chose to move back. My daughter probably benefitted in many ways, but living in a multi cultural society is not one of them. This is a bigoted backwater where if you scratch the surface the unspoken truth lurks in a lot of people.

There is no need to scratch the surface imo, it’s in your face and it’s getting worse, I can only imagine what it will be like when the NI contingent arrive if the next few years, cos the brits will get rid of the north, they have wanted out for years, brexit is manna from heaven for them.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM think ive spoke to you before about this, what school did you go to shite, my good god what other country in the world would ask that question, the only way Scotland will go forward is if and when those lovely little guys and gals with the bowler hats and umbrellas.gtf.hh.


Self-awareness is not one of their strong points. Not a requirement in a supremacist. But the fact that you suggest a social work environment,and that they were helping to defend a Gipsy family,I wonder if they would defend Irish travellers in the same way?

What has obviously pissed you off,and I doubt it is for the first time,is that you were amongst friends and colleagues who you may have thought better than that.

Hurts,doesn’t it? What hurts most is that they are,as I said,unaware.


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