Expect a compromise on Superleague

When I took my time ( walking the dog ) thinking through the various scenarios to this breakaway superleague it wasnt long before I arrived at a conclusion.

Fifa and Uefa will cave to the clubs and negotiate .

Look the clubs have them in Checkmate . I will explain my rationale .


Should a club leave Uefa without due notice or outwith the proper framework then its players are barred from playing for their national associations .

Uefa / Fifa believed this would keep the top clubs in check thinking their ( the clubs ) internationals would thus leave or those wishing for ( more ) caps would not join that club at all  then .

This rule however was only intended to deter the solo miscreant and not many .

It is inadequate for what the governing bodies are facing now ; they have been caught out by the clubs. Their legislation has failed them on this one.


What we have here is Checkmate. Uefa / Fifa CANNOT enforce its own rulebook in this instance.

Should 16 huge  teams abandon their national associations then , assuming a 25 man squad , we would see , according to the rule book , then we would be looking at 400 of the elite players on the planet  banned from International tournaments .

A World Cup without the top 400 players ,,,, hmmm .  There would be no world cup , imagine trying to sell that farce . They could scramble something together but no , I suspect that year would just be left blank with an asterisk beside it , and below it will explain the clubs and associations were feuding thus no big tournament that year.


They must surely realise they are in Checkmate . Dont have their big comps and the gravy train grinds to a halt . Do have them and they are a pale farce of what they should have been .

Like I say there is no way they could enforce that rule and see the top 400 players in the globe banned for years . Their rules have backfired on them and the clubs have them over a barrel.


So we will see capitulation and a meeting to negotiate . I have no doubt about it .

Fifa / Uefa will give up a chunk of their percentage to the giants to stay on a much reduced but still effing fantastic gravy train .

Dave King style no doubt they will walk out of that meeting with two black eyes and their right arm in a sling , then proceed to tell the masses that they had them all  backed into a corner and the clubs were forced to sign a poor deal for them . Cant live without us etc.

The truth will be the big boys will get their way .

Expect a raft of reforms to the bigger competitions  included increased revenue share amongst the bigger clubs , and would you be surprised if Uefa actually jumped on board the superleague dream now ?


Look , they ( Uefa ) have problems everywhere . Leagues are talking mergers ( we blogged about this last week ) and the biggest clubs in smaller ponds are agitating for moves  . That was already happening before this weeks events.

Financial fair play can be got around by numerous ways , and is basically unenforceable .

The giants are looking at games between the lower half of the table teams  as deadweight clashes that are done for necessity , unexciting , getting little viewers and not bringing then much revenue.

For instance in a league of giants there is no  ah I wont bother as its only Fulham vs Crystal Palace ,,, even if you dont fancy watching Inter vs Dortmund  for instance that will be huge in the respective countries and much more viewed around the globe , so even by not playing the big boys make far more dosh as they are all sharing in the revenue brought in . If you did happen to tune into a “ random “ such as the meeting mentioned above then chances are you would witness a spectacle , even if those two sides were actually lower half at the time .

We can all tell the two or three clubs that will contest the big five leagues , and so can they .

This would negate that “ boredom “ as , honestly , who to eff knows who would win this thing if everyone basically started even . Dominance doesnt look likely , not from where Im sitting .

Too many big big teams getting a load of money to call that one.

The British based teams would face better quality , every week , and thus the impetus would be on them to raise their game ,,, is that not what the excuse is for soo little Champions leagues “ coming home “ , that they play against dross in a non technical league every week and therefore find it hard to raise their game when the time comes . That would be out the window .


Looks like should Uefa / Fifa stay in situ then they would be much reduced in size and influence which may well help our club of choice . The Sfa’s / Huns protectors at headquarters ( olgilvie and dallas ) would hopefully find themselves without a seat on this new reduced gravy train .

A new reduced gravy train should be good for us , and a new set up should be good for us . I think we are in a good spot here , honestly.

No breakaway , Uefa cede money and power to stay in situ , hopefully streamline

Yes breakaway , if not involved could well be called to new English set up plus Spfl could look for much better tv money deal


Lets say we do get and accept an invite elsewhere , just look at the pros,,,

The refs dont care if youre a tarrier , taig etc

No songs of hate from the opposition fans ( except possibly one group but I will address that below )

More home fans in the stadium ( we cant expect many to travel from outwith Scotland to support away team )

Better football , it will be

Many options for great away trips , new places involved also

Increase in tv money ( of course it would be ) means better players


On the joint invite ,,, I have seen written many times that those who play outta Ibrox would not be welcome in the English setup due to their previous . Of course thats not official but after seeing those scenes in Manchester it very well could be true.  England may well be off limit to them .


But as we all know money talks and if thats what the suits want then it will happen . Lets face any club who draw 50 k or over to a home match could be considered , and should be considered as they are a big club then in their own right then .

Outside of the UK most think its a friendly rivalry . If we both get called to a new division of this Superleague could moving leagues  help calm it down , sanitise the affair if you wish ?

Well there would be new overseers to keep pleased and they arent gonna bend over backwards for you ,, a new match commander that might actually take the songs seriously  ,, and no top of the table clashes anymore that determine the league winners might ease a bit of pressure .

A normal ref that will insist on proper football.  More international eyes on the affair than usual .

It would be a blank slate .

Now youre probably sitting there thinking yeah right  Mahe they will sing their songs of hate of course they will.

Will they ?  Long term ? What if the new guy ( who is actually serious ) says thats enough , you work for us now ?

Do you not think that the potential is there for a lot of change ? I do . But I also know that their fan base has a serious problem and will not embrace change . The past is where most seemingly dwell , 1690 or thereabouts .

As usual we wait and see . If it doesnt kill us it will make us stronger . Interesting times !


Unleash the writer within you and dazzle us all , any topic , I will even post  your article for free !


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Mahe – can hear you thinking out loud and writing it down simultaneously – very impressive!

Without agreeing with every crossed t, or, dotted l, I very much go along with the thrust of your piece, that from Celtics position what happens elsewhere is what will determine our future.

If the big 15/16 leaving earthquake happens, football’s tectonic plates will change dramatically for those left behind.

We must must must be ready for this, We must be in good financial shape to take advantage of the opportunities that will open up.

I think that Peter Lawwell knows this and his stewardship of Celtic is geared to having us in the right position.

What is the point in throwing money at the CL just to qualify for one more round after the group’s conclude?


Gold, thank you and hope you’re well. I think we were aware the landscape was gonna change but that’s a future article. Change seems upon us and I’m happy at that for one.
Bedtime here but I will leave you with this,,,what if our rival had suits in the boardroom that were ordered to clean up their act, and they decide yes let’s follow the money. Yet the support don’t wanna go that way, they like the dark ages.
Could that club see a split in direction with a change of landscape. That’s very possible you know.
“Football is the most important least important thing ! ”
Goodnight and Hail Hail

saltires en sevilla


Well presented and It’s easy to follow your logic.

UEFA will surely want to keep the big boys inside. Will the big boys accept that? Do the guys who run the top clubs feel they can do the UEFA job more effectively, more efficiently?

My senses tell me they might just decide to break completely ib exchange for more control of the cash.
There must also be an outline plan for more teams and more divisions. The Super Leagues.

The rest can sort themselves out in regions under UEFA and live in hope for an invite to the Big Boys when one of the elite stumbes an falls.

My bat senses detect little in the way of good news for Celtic in alll of this. There is a finite amount of money to go around. If the Big Boys are taking an even bigger share, then there is even less for the rest.
Now, don’t get me wrong, my thoughts have always centred around an internal development of players model, with one or two specialists bought in.

That is what gives me most satisfaction. Winning with bhoys developed at the club and fe, if any merenary prima donnas.

Idealistic, oh aye!

Whatever model emerges from what remains in the ‘rump’ the big boys leave behind, will not be pretty.
The larger countries will still take more from even less. They might decide to set up a five nation league to secure the best of the crumbs, further reducing cash for the smaller countries.

That is perhaps our best opportunity. In the countries excluded and limited tv advertising money, the ability to attract 60,000 to games could see us rise to the top, just in a smaller sphere of influence.

Imagine not playing teams from the Top 5 or 6 or 7 countries. They have bolted?

OK not ideal.

We get to compete in a more even playing field. Less need to scramble for the big bucks ( ot claw, cheat and manipulate a la oldco) The big bucks cash incentives would not be there amymore. The sponsors have fled.

We could be left with all we can muster from our stadium and support. Playing against teams with only similar resources.

Then it might boil down to passion and ability.

That will do for me.



There is a rogue element within the Celtic support, mostly away fans, but as we have seen with certain protests, there are some season card holders at Celtic Park who feel that they must use Celtic as a platform for their political views, even though the club suffers sanctions. I, like the vast majority, do not share their views and abhor this selfish behaviour. These people know that they bring injury to the club, but they don’t really care.

However over at Ibrox we have a totally different mindset. Those who run things there and the vast majority of those who support the club, need their long-standing special sectarian ingredient to sell the brand.

The ‘big hoose’ is so much more than a football stadium, it is the headquarters of the core beliefs in Scottish society – i.e. that Scotland is a protestant country and the 16% of Catholic/Irish/Celtic inhabitants must be kept in their place.

As David Weir states in a recent interview, everything and anything will be done, both on and off the field, in order to ensure that Celtic do not reach the ‘ten in a row’ mark.

Win at all costs, win at ANY cost, WATP and must remain so.

If there is a ‘new order’ post the anticipated big 15 breakaway, there is no way that the club playing out of Ibrox will ever try to bring their supporters ‘into line’ – it would be suicide.


Saltires – I think that the International Nations League format may be a ‘dry run’ of an elite European club set-up, with the cream at the top and the rest arranged and grouped as per their co-efficent.

saltires en sevilla


Yep. I can see that.

Makes sense.


Mahe,I see that you reckon that the superleague will come to pass,and that the clubs hold all the cards which will force UEFA into acceptance of this.

I agree to a certain extent,but I’ll come at it from a different angle. I don’t think that the clubs involved CGAF whether or not UEFA accept all this. And I very much doubt that the clubs will agree to UEFA giving it the official thumbs-up in return for a share of the takings and continued oversight of events.

Currently,UEFA run various club and international tournaments. They collect all the money and divi it up as they see fit-after holding back a huge amount for themselves,of course. They dictate virtually every aspect of the tournaments,even down to kick-off times. They are,in short,a bunch of self-serving control freaks whose main interest is the continuance of the gravy train.

I think the clubs have had enough of that. Of course their plans are primarily driven by greed-they want the pot all to themselves,and in fact you can see a supersuerleague emerging with suggestions on how voting rights and income are shared. Not to mention that eleven teams are guaranteed no relegation for twenty years.

UEFA may well be trying to hold on to their influence by agreeing to this fait accompli. They’re onto plums. The big boys have gone,and they should concentrate their efforts on those they still represent.

There is a rogue element within the Celtic support, mostly away fans, but as we have seen with certain protests, there are some season card holders at Celtic Park who feel that they must use Celtic as a platform for their political views, even though the club suffers sanctions. I, like the vast majority, do not share their views and abhor this selfish behaviour. These people know that they bring injury to the club, but they don’t really care.
A couple of points if you don’t mind.
Political views, you many not agree the views of those you mention, but I would hasten to add that the vast majority of the Celtic support do not hold the views of the current board, so in your assertion that the vast majority don’t share their views, the majority may not like how they express them by using the club I will grant you that, but they will share their views imo.
As for them not caring, I beg to differ, the views that they express shows how much they care, they care about the injustice and as has been since I can recall, football has been used to express these views, the Celtic support have always been on the side on injustice and have always had a leaning towards the left, the fact that you are a board cheerleader obviously clouds your vision when it comes to “these supporters”.
On more than one occasion the board have just accepted a fine when all they had to do was appeal it and a half wit would have gotten them off with any sanction, they have paid the fines imo to use it as a stick to beat them with, and people like you are jumping on the band wagon, they are Celtic supporters at the end of the day whether you like it or not, the people who run the club are not, their main objective is to make money, they make it from the support you are dissing, Oh and btw, if you add up all the fines they pale into insignificance the kudos the club received for the Palestinian flag show, the world wide kudos was more than anything the club could have dreamt of.
But it’s all about opinions.


I am all for free speech and I respect the right of those among us to be able to hold, express and vote for their chosen beliefs.

However can you imagine if all political views were allowed free rein to use football stadia as platforms?

There would be utter chaos, not only between rival supporters from different political domains, but also between supporters of the same club who hold differing views. Football has such a worldwide profile that it would probably be the venue of choice for all kinds of groupings and terror organisations. FIFA & UEFA rules on political activity are designed to avoid this eventuality, otherwise football would die.

There are many places where one can profess one’s beliefs, whether formally, or informally – I hold that sporting venues are not one.


It’s difficult to argue against that opinion. I think that there’s a time and a place for everything,but the old mantra about keeping politics out of sport,well,that died a thousand deaths a long time ago.

Regimes throughout history have used the sporting arena as a means to show off their might to the world,while others have used it to impose sanctions against those with whom they disagree. Think of The Olympics in 36,80 and 84,as examples,or anti-apartheid sanctions against South Africa.

Or Israel being forced to compete as a member of UEFA,rather than its geographical location.

And this is where it becomes awkward. I’m all for Celtic fans celebrating our heritage at the matches,most of us were raised on the songs and the legends behind them. Show support for those who may find themselves in a similar situation to the Irish way back when. But is that really any different to what the huns do with their regular Armed Forces Day?

The latter sticks in my craw,and I think it brings shame on the armed forces,particularly on many of those who participate. You’ll have seen it for yourself on YouTube,I expect.

So where do you draw the line,what is considered acceptable? The sad conclusion is that there is no line,that none of it should be permitted. Because crowds cannot be trusted not to cross that line. The days of self-policing,gone.

Reluctantly,I have to agree with you. But it won’t happen.


SeS / Majoc ,,,
The release of more information today only confirms that big changes are afoot . That is music to my ears . However the cookie crumbles I firmly believe we are in a good position to negotiate our way in any situation thrown up here .
Very interesting sentiment expressed by Gold that the ICC is a dry run , and when you sit back and look at it that system could be translated over into club football . He may well be right , chapeau !
To be clear I believe the clubs will get what they want but Uefa / Fifa will stay involved .
When you think about it having a single market , one solo set up , sucks big time as there is no comp to raise the level and drive you on . Also illegal in some markets , to just swallow up the entire set up and allow nothing else .
Through the knowledge we have garnered over the years look how much deadwood Uefa have lying around ,, endless committees ,, jobs for life , junkets everywhere , there must be thousand of already rich bassa’s eating off that gravy train and hidden within that mess are little pockets of corruption that will back each other up ala ogilvie and dallas .
Did you hear the Etims podcast the other week ? Ralph was saying he knew personally a former Sfa president and the fella went into the job with the intention of replacing the national team manager at the time and at his first board meeting when he presented this idea his board said you cant do that as that belongs to another board , the international board , and our legislation states we have no jurisdiction over their decisions .
The head of football in Scotland was unable to change the national team manager , or even get involved ! These thousand of leeches have taken the pee out of the game and deserve everything coming to them .
If the idiots were smart they would do a decent / good job and keep thon train on the tracks at all costs but oh no the fools have effed up big time over the last decade or so forcing the clubs hands in effect .
When it comes to the biggest clubs its see no evil hear no evil but then they hammer the wee guys for all they can to act powerful .
And Tet I think that non boat rocking was intentional ,,, staying onside and just accepting fines ,,, to try and look good to everyone and anyone when these chips fall.
This train simply must be derailed for the game to move on .
The clubs will do a much better job logistics wise and decisions wise . I believe they want Var . And hey , those wondering which channel its going to be on , heres a thought .
Boxing just changed its entire model away from pay per view . They are banking on a new model , very reasonable price , with great accessibility and content will bring in more subscribers than a high price glitzy package .
In other words instead of 40 or 50 a month on Sky or Bt ,,, you pay 20 a month and log on with any device you want , anytime , and have every game on demand or live .
The cheap and easy model will bring more cash in than the existing set up , and all the clubs need is a media partner to take care of that side of things . Theres another option . The Yank sports tend to go down this route .
A streamlined operation could run the European game with much less people and far better .
Bring it on !

Awe Naw

UEFA and FIFA must be involved otherwise they lose their automony. This is why billionaire get involved with football in the first place.

So are they going to give that up ?

Errrmm no obviously

Por Cierto

A question? Did the two clubs use to half the gate money in Scotland in League Games? If so, then did the Big 2 at the time use their muscle to change that? por cierto


AWe Naw , the new set up would rake in much much more , and thats without Fifa involved.
If Fifa wants to stay involved it must meet the clubs demands or pretty close to them .
The clubs hold all the cards here . They dont need Fifa yet Fifa needs them . Hail Hail

Awe Naw

No they would need to setup a new independent organisation outwith FIFA and UEFA and they would need to make up their own statutes.

There is no guarantee .. well there is actually …. I can guarantee that they will be told to go and raffle themselves by most governments .. so they will lose their autonomy … they would need to operate outwith the football industry.
so ….. are they going to give that up ?

Errrmm no obviously

They are not even close to being brave enough to make this jump


AweNaw , sorry I strongly disagree.

“No they would need to setup a new independent organisation outwith FIFA and UEFA and they would need to make up their own statutes.”
Thats exactly what they are doing , setting up their own organisation , and leaks confirm that . Bayern commissioned lawyers to ask whats the punishment if we walk out and were told nada .
Uefa cannot sue for loss of earnings they were told.
And how could they be punished , walk out on Uefa who is there to punish you . As for statutes , yep , an 11 person committee , one vote per founding member and I will bet these guys arent as crap at their job than the last bunch of crooks.

“There is no guarantee .. well there is actually …. I can guarantee that they will be told to go and raffle themselves by most governments .. so they will lose their autonomy … they would need to operate outwith the football industry.
so ….. are they going to give that up ?
Errrmm no obviously
They are not even close to being brave enough to make this jump”
Youre sorely mistaken . The top 16 teams together in a bunch will not be told anything by anyone , but will tell the queues ( yes there will be ) that want to sign them their conditions . They are the new top branch of the football industry .
They are their own bosses and will need nothing from nobody. Agree to play each other and flog the rights around the world via a partner company . Zero needed to start , billions roll in. Its beautiful in its ruthless simplicity .
Governments,,,wft can they do ? They just sit there and collect the tax form the teams in their country. If you are saying they will ban their countries teams because they dont play in Fifa no more I would love to hear the logic behind that. What honestly can any gov do ?
They only need to threaten to jump and not actually jump , but the movers and shakers involved tells me its a goer .
More money and no more crappy boss,,,they must be rubbing their hands.
Hail Hail


Up until the late 80s,that was the case. Then it went to 100% home club.

Cup games are different,being shared equally after the organiser has taken their cut.

Additionally,I think away clubs are allowed 5% of any money they raise by selling tickets to matches.

Personally,I would think an 80/20 split would be more democratic. It still rewards those clubs who have invested in larger stadia but recognises that it takes two to tango.

big packy

awenaw/mahe. what about the northern European league that was banded about a few years ago. now I think that could be a goer, because those teams like us sit at the bottom of the barrel ,so Belgian maybe dutch/Swedish/Danish/Norwegian teams coming to parkhead every other week, put me down for some of that,hh.

As majoc said it’s hard to argue with what you say, but, there is always a but, sport has been used as a political arena for as long as sport has been around, another but, the likes of the GB are not a political organisation as such, they are an anti fascist group, a fair distance away from being a political group imo, maybes a football ground is not the place to air their views, but the club in their own way facilitate them so they can’t be all bad in the clubs eyes, the kudos they bring from time to time far outweighs the negatives they bring to the club, else the club would have them gone as well you know.

Mahe what you say makes perfect business sense and I bet them at uefa and fifa are crapping themself’s, they have had it too good for too long.
Whether it does happen, who knows at this juncture, but something is afoot for sure, I imagine a compromise will be the outcome, I thot this at the onset, as ever time will tell.


Big Packy ,,,we should all be delighted . Change has come and I thought it was a long way away . No matter what happens from this point its gotta be better right ?
Ive yet to see or read a way this could turn out bad for us .

Now as we stand its hold your breath time to see if they split .
A split 100% brings us into play either in a new British League or a Superleague,,,and if staying the Spfl is great filler and will get a better price on the market . All good for us.
No split , the money for the middle tier teams reduces , good for us . The big boys take a larger chink of Fifas percentage and they have to cull a few dinosaur committees or members , again good for us.

The bigger teams in those countries you mention ,,you could come up with 20 big names easily when adding Portugal , Scotland , Poland etc .
If the Champions league disappears and Uefa throw all those teams into a new cup that would be very interesting .

Ultimately though , just imo , this superleague forms and its a reasonable price , available on all platforms instantly and on demand , it will take off like a rocket and half the planet will subscribe.
Hail Hail


TeT,,,in essence thats exactly what I said above , took me 1300 words mind . Hail Hail

Cosy corner bhoy

The Big Question is …….. Will we still have to pay £49 to watch the Celtic play the Govan Wanderers?

Cosy corner bhoy

Forgot zzzzzz…..

I know 😉
I remember many moons ago having a heated discussion on cqn with James Forrest, the blogger obviously, I told him that what he used a couple of pages to say I could say in a couple of sentences, it wasn’t a slight on him but at the time he took it as such, it was just after I told him that things re the hun debacle would get political and the government would get involved, he tried to shoot me down for saying that it would never happen, but I was proven right at the end of the day.
As I recall I was the first to say on any of the Celtic sites that there would be multi court cases ahead, I was shot down in flames for this as well, I was barred sin die from the RTC site for saying they would get away with it, and they did in a way, cos it’s scotland and the cabal would see to it, they told me that it was a slam dunk that they were guilty and they would be punished, I was of the opposite opinion and was prevented from telling them so, childish on their part but there you go, I was also barred from the SFM site for bringing up referees, their reasoning was that referees were nothing to do with scottish football, I kid you not.
Anyways, I pray you are right and I can see the fruits of this afore I depart this mortal coil 😉
And they did get away with “IT” they managed to dump night on £200 million of debt, still play out of the same shithole, still call themself’s rangers, still control scottish football, still have the media onside, still have in the main the judicary onside, having the police onside goes without saying, still cheat, etc, etc, etc, aye we have all had a good laugh at them, do they care, do they eff, so that’s what I call getting away with it.

Celtic FC statement

FOLLOWING the conviction of Mr James Torbett at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Celtic Football Club wishes to express our deep regret that the incidents took place and sympathy for the victims who suffered abuse. We are grateful for the courage of those who have come forward to report abuse and to give evidence after such a long period of time. We have great respect for them and their families as they continue to cope with the distressing effects of the abuse they suffered.

Allegations regarding abuse at Celtic Boys’ Club first emerged in the 1990s. Although Celtic Football Club is an entirely separate organisation, we have always taken these allegations extremely seriously because of our historic contacts with Celtic Boys’ Club. All investigations by the police and other inquiries were given our full support. We encouraged any individuals involved to report all information to the police so that matters could be investigated fully. Celtic Football Club continues to encourage any victim of abuse to report these crimes to the police.

After the allegations became known in the 1990s, Celtic Football Club took steps to develop a new code of conduct and procedures to protect young people. Since then, Celtic Football Club has been at the leading edge of putting welfare and safeguarding protections in place for our young people. We were the first club in Scotland to appoint a safeguarding officer, developing policies for the protection of young people and monitoring and reviewing our procedures to ensure they continue to reflect best practice.

The abuse of children is an issue affecting many areas of society, including a large number of football clubs, sports clubs, youth organisations, educational institutions and religious bodies across Britain. Celtic Football Club strongly believes that children and young people involved in football have the right to protection from all forms of harm and abuse and is committed to ensuring this and to promoting their wellbeing through continued cooperation with our children and young people, parents and carers and the relevant authorities.

The ten is just no gonna happen, the powers will bend and break the rules as they see fit to stop it.
Candias is getting to appeal his yellow card, unprecedented, but the huns are being allowed to do this, yet folks throw their hard earned into this charade, fools to a man imo.


Apart from yourself,only one other person I know was convinced they’d get away with it.

My kid sis.

I told her that this wasn’t just the SFA,it was the taxman,the treasury,the law of the land City of London. No-one but NO-ONE screws with that lot and gets away with it.

Well,you would think not,at least…

Anyone can slip onto a position of trust,that is just unfortunate. For him to be readmitted is a disgrace,and the person responsible shares Torbett’s guilt.

big packy

COSY CORNER BHOY. is your name kev.lol.


Although increased high level competition will be attractive to the top clubs, it will be, once again, about the money. If the top clubs do not see the financial benefits then it will not happen. Take Barcelona as an example, their income from the gate in 2017-18 was 182 million euros. Total revenue from football is made up of gate receipts, broadcasting and commercial activities, including merchandising. In addition, Barca enters teams in other sports such as basketball, volley ball and hockey, so not all of its 914 million euros comes from football, but most of it is football related. They played 38 La Liga games(19 at home); 10 CL games(5 at home), and 9 Copa cups(4 at home) last season. If they joined a Super league, the revenue from these games would need to be, at the least, replaced. In 2017-18, gate receipts were 182 million euros and that will include the CL gates and Copa games. So, in a 16 team Super league, Barca would play 30 games, somewhat less than the 57 games that generated their current gate money. Using fag packet arithmetic means that the average price of a ticket to a Super league game would be nearly double, if Barca wanted to maintain the same gate revenue. Oops! This price would drop if Barca was permitted to play in the Copa games by the Spanish Association, but it would still be a 50% price hike. Would the fan pay that? Crowds are already down in the 2017-18 season, but perhaps due to the Catalan issue rather than economics or lack of interest.
How much do gate receipts matter to Barca? Well, it is not the dominant source of income. The gate receipts are smaller than both the income received from Broadcasting and Commercial(Merchandising). In 2017-18 Broadcasting of matches provided 215 million euros. This level of funding would have to be maintained from both Barca’s version of CelticTV and contracts with broadcasters for the Super League. Again fewer games could mean price increases for TV fans.
In summary, I have identified at least two of the uncertainties that surround the establishment of a Super League. Chances are it is a loaded gun to UEFA’s head(s) to extract a better deal and will never happen. Heck, UEFA have just restyled the CL to suit the big five markets why would the clubs leave?




Do you think that those that display political banners are prepared to pay the fines or the legal costs for the club to defend against that fine? Frankly, they are taking a free ride on the club. By all means display the banners outside the ground and collect cash to support causes within or without the ground,

If you want to do “the crime” , be prepared to do the “time.”

I do not see why you bring the differing views of the board and a section of fans into the debate…a separate issue, IMHO.

If you have strongly held political views and wish to express them within the ground, be prepared to pay the bill.To me, that is the responsible way to behave towards your fellow fans and the club.

Sorry that we disagree,


Is that the sis I met in Barca ?






My interpretation of it is that they think that worldwide broadcasting rights will dwarf all current income streams,therefore they cannot be compared on a like-for-like basis. Seriously,they now view the game as a global rather than regional enterprise,with a customer base to match.

Now,UK with 65m population has c10m Sky subscribers,and I think 1.2m cable subscribers. If a third of the global population has access and even 5% pay $10 a month,that provides an annual income of $16m. Prices would vary according to local affordability,but I think you can see the potential.

More to the point,so can The Top Twenty. They might be a buncha greedy basturts IMO,but they’re not thick.

It’s all relative, take Egypt for example, I worked there for a while and the are football daft, what they would do to watch football was awe inspiring, no way could they afford even a tenner a month, but I reckon they could afford a couple of quid a month and I would bet that a fair few million would weigh in with a couple of quid, replicated that world wide and you sure can see the potential, the likes of sky have been ripping us off far too long, not that I give them anything right enough, but as has been said, say 20 a month and the uptake would be astronomical imo.

Fairhill Bhoy

majoc-you have mail ?

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-I think it’s a certainty,it would have to be so anti us and obvious not to be?

It’s a certainty we get the ten or it’s a certainty we don’t ?

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-I think it’s a certainty we get it.If we don’t it will have to be because it’s so obviously anti Celtic,and it will have to be for it not to happen ?Sorry for the confusion ?

I just didn’t want to think the wrong thing 😉
I think it’s obvious they are doing their damnedest to make sure we don’t get it, the latest being the Candias appeal against his yellow card, it’s never happened, if anyone even tried it the media would have a field day, the self same media are championing their case here, it won’t happen mi amigo, it just won’t happen, not that I actually care about it, I really don’t, it would be nice but in reality we have won the league since the last time Aberdeen won it, every title they have won has been tainted, properly tainted, so we are on for 30 odd in a row as far as I am concerned.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-you auld cynic ?Honestly don’t see them getting anything from the candias appeal,except maybe an opportunity to make a statement telling everyone that naybody likes them?
Bedtime,cheers TET?

I know, but ffs, the desperation is palpable, it’s magic so it is.
Take care

Awe Naw

I still maintain that the top 16 teams will absolutely shite it to remove themselves from under the free from government interference umbrella that UEFA and FIFA provide (free from prosecution really). No new independent body will be bestowed this status upon them due to their greed or because of their prospective new audience.

I have 60 years of proof that this will never happen.

ALSO it is the exact same tactic that has been used to exact more money from these bodies the last 60 years

I see no change and I dont see what you see as being new here to instigate such a sea change.

No,mate. That was the sensible one!

New article,folks.