Nae wunner ah canny get a fixed odds up!

The common lament of the frequent though casual punter,having just seen a banker go down like,well,a Saturday coupon!

Idafiveronthat-and all of a sudden,we are transported back to the 80s,Bullseye,here’s what you could have won. Well,you didnae get your acca up,they never won their caravan. Deal with it.

Juve v Man U. I thought that would be a game well worth watching last night. I’ve been disappointed by games like that in the past-we all have!-but that was a peach. Juve played them off the park,passed them to bits,battered the woodwork time and again,de Gea was outstanding as ever,and,oh,you really MUST watch the technique for Ronaldo’s goal.


Then the Bismarck moment as Man U somehow contrived to get back into the game. A needless free-kick and a great finish,aye-but made easier by a keeper who moved forward three yards then moved to his left as the ball rifled past on his right.

The winner? Well,give me lucky generals.

So why am I even discussing this on a Celtic blog? Well,Juve were running away with this group. But the third-placed team are Valencia,and they play them next  in Turin. Valencia win,8 pts  Juve 9pts,with probably Man U on 10.

Both Juve and Man U should beat Young boys  so the last game in Valencia against Man U is crucial. Win,they are in the last 16. I don’t watch much Champions League football due to shifts,but I’d love to watch that Juve v Valencia game-and should they win,the encore v Man U. From two points in three games,I might add.

That is football for me,the sudden turnaround in fortunes,the adrenaline of a FFS moment,like Henry dropping the ball,or the “Frankie’s ear Cup-winning Year!”

And as Celtic supporters,we have chapter and verse of occasions that we didn’t think were possible going into them,whether it be the last few minutes of a match or even an entire season.

Take our Centenary Season. Celtic started 1987 clear of Souness’ cash-fuelled Rangers by 13 points and I started my first job outside of Scotland. We lost that league by a mile,internal strife,blah blah. I knew little about it bar the results,and I was tearing my hair out. No match reports,nothing.

Sacked the manager,lost McInally,Johnston,McLeod,worst of all McClair on Freedom of Contract. There’s roughly 70 goals a season at the time and a fair bit of the engine room.

And our first friendly at home? Gubbed 5-1 by Arsenal,not really doing much down south at the time. Although that would soon change,of course.

Ah,The Centenary Season. That’s my generation’s Lisbon. Like stopping the ten is to another generation,and I hope generations to come will have theirs too.

We go into tonight very much as underdogs. I wouldn’t have given a snowball’s chance in hell of Man U winning with five minutes to go,nor of Valencia qualifying. But if Young Boys can hold Juve to a draw,they could be out. Sit down,there’s plenty time left,injury time hasn’t even started yet!-as Billy Connolly famously said . And plenty of it!

We have the two big boys to play at home. Fuelled by that most potent source-naw,ya choob,not caffeine,cash!-I’ll take a particular pleasure in bursting their bubble. Man U did it last night,and they were rank.

Celtic have the players and the occasion to be big,be brave,be heroes.

Make us proud yet again.


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“Celtic have the players and occasion, to be big, be brave, be heroes”

In a European context that phrase takes me back to a time when, no matter who came to Celtic Park, in our eyes we were always favourites – and how many times was that indeed the case…..halcyon days!

Today we are in a different place, however let’s hope that we can get a result tonight and in our next two EL ties. Seven points is probably the best we can secure over the three games, unfortunately it looks like only nine from nine will give us a chance to progress.

Will we get funky under the “disco lights” tonight? Hope so, HH.

big packy

yes I well remember teams coming to parkhead, and been physicaly and emotionaly scared, sadly not now but we have a chance tonight .in front of the cameras and disco lights to put on a show coybig.hh.

I’m really looking forward to the light show tonight. I hope it is spectacular and shows our stadium’s famous atmosphere to even greater heights.

On a personal note I would like to see and hear PARADISE by George Ezra in the mix.

Majoc, if you don’t agree with that you and me are finished!


Join us in town on Saturday,and I’ll put it on the jukebox for you!

saltires en sevilla


My expectations tonight is win! Nothing less will do.

Taking everything into account, this is a must win game. If we don’t take this to the wire tonight and grab those 3 points then we are well and truly gubbed.

We all watched the last game in Germany. They are not a special team and I’d go as far as to offer they are about the weakest German back 4 I’ve seen – (in German games v Celtic)

How we contrived to lose those 2 quick goals, when we should already be leading by at least 1, is still keeping me awake!

We don’t win tonite the entire team needs ripped up and started again. Manager’s third season, if he cannot put a team out to win tonite his star has burnt out. He will never dot it and to paraphrase Neil Young…’ he missed the ship on the long decline…’

All the domestic trebles in the world won’t save him. He will be gone in year 4.

I seriously doubt if he realises that.

Long May You Run CSC

saltires en sevilla


I don’t know if we will.

But they have to!

saltires en sevilla

Big packy

Yep. We all remember the attitude that they don’t leave Paradise with anything.

My gut tells me we have a management team that do not undertand how to put a team like that together.

I’m no longer prepared to accept it’ s down to PL, although I think he is a big part of the problem!

This is on the manager and the players he surrounded himself with.

Can he ‘cut it’ ?

Right now I doubt it.

Not at all confident, but hope I’m on here tonight giving him and his players all the thanks and praise in the world.

The Gombeen Man


That was a good read over my morning cuppa. I didn’t see the game last night but I’ll try and watch the highlights after reading your analysis.

The Centenary Season…I remember the last game against Dundee.Celtic Park was packed, it was an unforgettable day. Thirty one years ago. This You Tube video isn’t the best quality but it brought back some happy memories.

I haven’t seen Mike on here for a few days. I hope all is well.

Good luck to the team tonight. We’re due a victory.



Ah,the Dundee game. It broke the hearts of the Jasper McGraspers in the boardroom to declare a 67,000 crowd when the ground was packed,rather than their bog-standard 37,000 and a lot of priests!

They could hardly deny it,people sitting down on the running track to watch the match was a dead giveaway.

I wanted to watch it from The Jungle,but my Dad is a Celtic End man. And we had my two sisters in tow,so I took the majority view.

There was no way I could have squeezed in to The Jungle that day,none whatsoever!

There were many occasions for me to look at the official attendance of 37,000 and go-Aye,my arse!

67,000 that day? Aye,nearer to 80k IMO. A day to treasure,an experience that will live long in my memory.

A friend of many on here has often said that magical things happen at Celtic Park. I think he formulated that opinion in The Centenary Season.


I think you may be judging him unduly harshly,based on this season. The whole set-up at the club was in disarray in August and September due to the transfer window screw-up.

There was little excuse for our poor performance in last season’s European campaign,it was a shambles in four out of six games. This season,we have to put the early months behind us and find the positives.

Our recent domestic form is outstanding. Carry that forward tonight and I will be purring in a corner,quietly content.

saltires en sevilla


Perhaps a little harsh. ?

Nevertheless, he is the manager and if he cannot influence up, down and across. He will be judged and found put at the higher level required in Europe.

You are perhaps being generous on his European record.

His European credentials are not good, it doesn’t read well no matter how it’s presented. All that is keeping it remotely intact is 2 X successive CL qualifications, that he should have qualified for in any case, by any reasonable measure. Don’t forget how he got very lucky away at Rosenborg last season. He has to go back there for a third time in 18 months. It’s highly doubtful he will be as lucky again.

When he reached the Group stages the teams he put on the park lacked the ability to do the basics keep the ball and were constantly overun and overwhelmed. His teams looked confused and his defenders, some of them young boys playing debuts, have had their confidence whacked. When everyone can see they were being totally exposed by a profligate, porous midfield. Abbetted by wide and forward players that don’t lnow how to track, or are not being asked to.

Absolutely awful.

Yes, I concede there were some little rays of sunshine, and I was out my chair with like everyone else, cheering. Mainly, I was standing up shaking my fist, not at the players, but at our technical area.

We have been mainly dreadful. Ripped up and shredded, both home and away.

Brendan’s European reputation is on the line tonite as far as I’m concerned. Mainly because for whatever reason he has surrounded himself with players who lack the mental fortitude to do the basics when they are asked to step up. Or, they do have that ability.. but don’t ‘cut it’ as and when required.

I agree that if he wins tonite he can begin to build a reputation. Is anyone here confident?

Right now, he is standing at the crossroads…


Wasn’t the reason why routinely a packed Celtic Park was given an official attendance of say, 26,000 and/or 37,000, that in those days gate money was split 50/50 with the away team?

Did a Dundee, Thistle, Kilmarnock….etc deserve the same cut as Celtic who providing 90% of the fans?


Rules is rules. Celtic didn’t like the rules,and got them changed-not on their own,admittedly. Until then,they should have played by the rules.

I’ve never thought of that angle! I just believed the common idea that ‘them upstairs’ were getting their cut.


Majoc,,,Like yerself I watched the Juve game expecting them to wipe the floor with United . They werent themselves last night really and did you hear that keeper ( hes crap ) while practising before the game floored Dybala with a practice clearance ,straight on the side off the head and laid him out ! I think that might have affected them a wee bit .
However I seen the game turn with about 10 minutes when Juve put a 39 year old up against United best player right now , Martial . Anthony drove at him constantly and its no surprise both goals came from that side.
As for Mike ,,, yep must find out if he’s ok ,,,I had noticed he has not been about actually .

Strong winds overnight have brought down almost all the leaves , serious work ahead today . Wish I was going on Saturday to the Hoot ,,,hopefully next one . Band practice friday night means Saturday will be groggy around here .
Take it easy partner
Hail Hail


Not at all,perish the thought and wash your mouth out!

Celtic were one of the richest clubs in the world thanks to wily subterfuge such as the above. All overseen by arch-Jasper,Desmond White. Sadly,he died unexpectedly,and before he could pass on the combinations and account numbers of our holdings in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

Alternatively,aye,they pocketed it.


Just tip me the wink re dates when you are over,and I’ll book my holidays to suit.

Is band practice a euphemism for getting blooturt? Whatever works,have guitar and a slab of lager,will travel…

Impudent Strumpet

We have cause to be optimistic tonight, however I think that, realistically, we face an uphill task. Still, let’s at least compete and show a bit of gumption – I hate getting beat but I can accept getting beat by a superior team (which Leipzig are) if we make them at least work for their goals instead of gifting them the way that our defenders seem very fond of doing.

That didn’t sound very optimistic, did it? Yet I AM optimistic…so optimistic I may even watch the match…


RANGERS are extremely disappointed with the decision of the Scottish FA’s Judicial Panel to dismiss our appeal against the second yellow card shown to Daniel Candeias in the closing seconds of last Saturday’s match against St Mirren.
If one of these decisions is obviously wrong, it must be possible to correct that mistake. It is wrong that players’ livelihoods and careers can be impacted without the opportunity of redress, especially when the official responsible for the miscarriage of justice is allowed to continue as though beyond question or reproach.
It defies belief that this same referee, who got it so blatantly wrong last Saturday, is awarded one of the biggest matches in Scottish football this weekend while Daniel Candeias is denied the right to go to his work. This, frankly, is unacceptable.
Furthermore, it is understood that a number of people within the Scottish FA are in no doubt Mr Collum’s judgment was flawed and Rangers shall also now be submitting a formal complaint about the performance of this referee. The manner in which he reacted to an incident involving our player made it obvious he did not give due consideration to his decision.
This is by no means the first time errors of judgment have been made in matches involving this official and clearly there is an underlying issue which requires to be addressed.
A disrepute charge should be in the offing, but it won’t be, our manager gets lied to and the refs go on strike, spot the difference.


Who would you bring the disrepute charge against? With Kilmarnock,it was Stevie Clarke who read the statement,so he was the obvious recipient. I don’t know who made the hun statement,but he will have nothing to do with the playing side.

Who knows,there may be no obvious means of redress against non-footballing staff in this instance. And knowing the huns,they’ll have their loophole at the ready.

The club made the statement, the club should be brought up on a charge, they won’t be of course.


Tet , sorry for not responding last night , the night got away from me.
On above , I love the old saying ” As sure as James Bond gets the girl ” although im thinking of switching it to ” As sure as Rangers love a good statement ” !
Hail Hail



I replied to you in yesterday’s debate and on reading my response, it seems like an attack upon you. I did not mean that. I should have used “one” instead of “you”.

Hope I did not offend you. If I with your views in a responsible manner, I should not be on this site.

Regrets, and no alcohol was involved,


Impudent Strumpet

That statement reads like the script of a Mason Boyne sketch…

No offence was taken, no need for any regrets either

Mahe, Didn’t know you played in a band. What instrument do you play? What kind of music do you like? I love music more than you can imagine.

no probs, understand totally
it wouldn’t be so bad if a wean had written their statements, but we know otherwise 😉

big packy

hey mick don’t drink and drive you might spill it sorry that post was for majoc.??

The Gombeen Man

‘Daniel Candeias is denied the right to go to his work.’

How about 200m denied to creditors of the dead club or,
Trophies denied to winning clubs or,
CL money denied to other clubs or,
Queen Elizabeth II denied her due taxes etc etc etc,

The Daniel sentence reads like it was conjured up during a late night drunken ‘lock-in’ at The Louden.

The Gombeen Man

Sevco are winning in Moscow 1-2 after 34 mins.

The Gombeen Man

2-2 now :)))

I don’t think you would be far out with that assertion, the statements are written as far as I understand by Chris Graham.

The Gombeen Man


You know as well as I do that any apparent discrepancy between the reported attendance and the actual attendance was not only Priests but the number of youngsters given ‘lifts’ over the turnstiles 😉

I was at the game too and 80,000 looks about right. It was cash at the gate as far as I can recall on the terraces. I remember supporters filling up the Dundee End too and the crowd sitting on the tarmac.
The Jungle would have been mighty that day.

The busiest I can remember was the 2-0 v Real Madrid 1980.
It was packed that night.
I went with a pal early to the Jungle and it got so packed, when the swaying started we got separated and never met up until the following day.

2-3 should be 4, disallowed goal that wasn’t offside.
Why do we never get shite teams to play against

A 4141 line up tonight by the looks of it

Team is

Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney;
McGregor, Christie, Rogic;
Forrest, Sinclair;

Bain, Hendry, Ajer, Hayes, Mulumbu, Morgan, Ralston.

The Gombeen Man


Why doesn’t that surprise me ?

MON the Hoops tonight, duty calls for me unfortunately.

big packy

okay no predictions, but if we play like we have been doing, I think we will get something.hh.


Good to see Mulumbu back.



JimtheTim53,,,we assault the ears with a lot of grateful dead , tom petty covers . I wouldnt insult your ears by posting some. Instruments ,, shaker egg and tamborine ,,,Im the vocalist and glue that holds us together .;)
Hail Hail

Ye feckin ha KT

Saltires en Sevilla

Yassss Kieran ?

Saltires en Sevilla

Brave save by Craig – crucial too!

Well done big man

Mahe, I’ll post you a song soon featuring shakers, tamborines and sleigh bells. Don’t underestimate what the hand held percussion can bring to a tune. Even a triangle!

This is a seriously good team we are up against, we are doing great so far, concentrate and no stupid mistakes

1-1….no wait a min, it’s 2-1 kwality response

Saltires en Sevilla

What a fekin goal – top top drawer stuff

Saltires en Sevilla

Yesssss every player grew up tonite – wonderful!!

Well played and tactical sound – we can build on that Celtic

Sooooo happy tonight

Wonderful display, just magic, to a man they did the biz, outstanding from everyone, and that includes the coaches…..are you listening SES 😉

big packy

nearly cried with emotion there, we are back the famous Glasgow celtic are back hh.