He’s One of Our Own !

And he is you know ! When “ Kierney “  scores its special ! If its not check yer pulse .

So I settled down hours after most had watched it , and after 15 mins or so I thought we are working hard but they are nothing special when the commentator announces that the guy KT just had a sprint race with cost 60 million Euro !   Gulp !

I perked up and paid  a lot more attention after that .   We matched them for effort and desire in my book . I didnt see no huge gap in quality , no Sir !

A couple of notables , to me anyway . We were given a closeup of KT’s ham’s during the BT coverage when he went down injured ,,, holy crap ! Big Bad John is said to have huge hams on him ( and thats what lead to him failing the medical thus becoming a Tim ) but “ our “  Kierney might well give him a run .

Calmac,,,in the 88th minute he was matching runs giving it everything .  I didnt really notice him much in his new quarterback role , but fair play for still closing down at that stage .

Rogic was always trouble , and James Forrest had a great game .

Although Kt was officially given Motm I thought Odsonne was odds on funny enough , to get it .

Whoever is responsible for the big guy , pat yerself on the back. One hell of a player we have on our hands here .

Overall what a night and we live to fight another day , great stuff and what a group she is proving to be !    I wouldnt bet against us going through thats for sure .

On the light show , if anyone reading was there can you give us your opinion or even just a breakdown what happened please ? It wasnt covered by Bt .


It will probably be a quiet weekend around here , just warning you . You might wanna finish that chore you started a month or two ago . I am outta town , 3.5 hours north for band practice ( thats devotion for ya ) which comes with a not free hangover , then booked to babysit on my return so the wife can fulfill her obligations in her sport of choice these days ( roller derby , yes welcome to America ) .

My partner in crime Majoc has organised a piss up with many fine Celtic men , and women let us not forget , in his native Glasgow.

This Hoot should be a Hoot ! Stay away from them dodgy kebabs and that mystery meat they always have on the go is my advice .

I think I can safely predict many skwerr’s on a well fired roll going down this Sunday morning to help the hangover ,,,oh thats right , he claims he doesnt get them !  

I dont believe it ! Would be a terrible injustice if true.

Feckin jealous here , although I did find an “ Old Fashion Sausage “ maker in Sacramento , capital of California and home to her legislators .

On their menu they claim to be selling Irish breakfast links , Irish style bacon , both at 8 bucks a pound ( ouch ) and under his miscellaneous section he has listed “ Blood Rings “ !

Could it actually be black pudding ?  On the drive home from this practice I pass within 45 mins , according to the Gps , of the place so I have decided to go and have a butchers 😉 myself .

Could well help my hangover along , a decent fry up !  Will keep all informed in this most important mission that could well make or break my entire weekend.



Regarding the blog since inception on the 1st Sept or so we have had 27k hits with 3k comments . Thank you all very much for taking the time to get involved .  

Hopefully the idea of free pages has taken root by now , and that will only improve with more guest articles, each of which will inspire others to take up their pen and lay out their thoughts on a topic.

Our goal is a different contributor everyday , 7 different authors of 7 different articles , each author  with one article a week , I imagine with 7 days to get her right we would be reading a lot of quality indeed , not that we arent already ..  I think thats a great direction for the blog to aim .

If you wish to be one of the “ Magnificent Seven “ ,, and please consider it ,, WE would be delighted to host you.

The cutest 7 month old in the world takes most of my time now , especially since crawling was discovered , so Im hoping this might bear some fruit . Nudge Nudge !!


On the topics and lead articles I will admit being stumped sometimes so please give us some topics or issues you might want to see the blog debate . Constructive criticism is and hopefully always will be welcome.

I believe , but will confirm with Majoc , that Christmas will see the first of our charity drives though  more on that later . Youre not allowed to talk about Christmas here in the States until Thanksgiving is over and done , one weird holiday that I dont think I will ever wrap my head around .


On Redcardgate I dont care who the team is we should all be worried when the refs eff up , and it looks like a hell of an eff up to me . If that was a Glasgow Celtic player we would be up in arms , would we not !  Ferdinand not booked after headlocking someone while rubbing a fist in their face is inexplicable to make matters worse . Tonights game up at Pittodrie should be a cracker ,bloody effing freezing up there though no doubt .  Lets hope we have no controversy involving him ( not Neil , Willie ). Hibs have a better goal difference though both sides are level on points ,, if I was a gambler the draw would be for me . Stevie Clarkes Killie would be my tip to win , and with that Celtic could go to the summit with a win of their own . Should our team of choice reach that pinacle, I doubt we will leave it at all this season .  January should see that reinforced with some fresh blood coming in , and as we discussed last week , some deadwood drifting out would be nice .


Finally with Jack Frost about to make  an appearance , stretching on the sidelines after a long lay off , please take extra caution everyone and stay safe all .

Lets enjoy this Holiday season together !

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November 9, 2018 7:25 am

Agree with all you say about last night’s performance.

It has been the case last season and the start of this, that domestically any team using a high press against us, usually managed to blunt our threat – most notably Kilmarnock and Hearts, both of whom have had double victories against us.

Last night was different. RB had the energy and commitment – they pressed high and chased down everything. However we matched them in all areas and still found the time and space to play fast, open and precise football.

Can this really be down to the slight change of style and pace without Scott Brown?

Is it because we have a top class central defensive pairing?

Probably a mixture of the two.

The team played with no fear against top opposition – when was the last time we could say that?

There is a evolutionary changing of the guard happening within the squad – of course there could be a massive hole to fill in January should Boyatta and Benkovic leave – holding my breath on that one.

saltires en sevilla
November 9, 2018 8:02 am


Great update and best wishes on the band practice.

There were no under-par performances last nite. The opening phase was a bit of a white knuckle job and I put that down, in hindsight, to a lack of familiarity with both Callum and Ryan in new roles on a night where Liepzig were right up for it.

So were we and as a serious sceptic on the ability of Brendan to go ‘toe to toe’ with the top sides, I was always going to be critical of any obvious fek ups. I don’t mind admitting the heavy defeats , particulerly at home, have left a wee scar.

When I saw the team my first and immediate thoughts were, ‘ he’s gone and done it again’! Not enough cover for defence. Players that don’t track back or dig in. Cannot handle a reverse.

Well, Brendan was totally vindicated last night. His message has got across to this squad and that group of players took so much more out of the game than the precious 3 points. They grew up, collectively, in Europe.

Street ‘smarts’✅✅

In my own wee world, there were 2 outstanding Celtic performers last night. With performances at a technical level that will brind some unwanted attention from suiters in the Bundesliga.
However, the teamwork was such that I cannot bring myself to talk about individuals. Last nite had the makings of a foundation for Europe that I had simply given up on for this management team and the group of players they surrounded themselves with.

Not getting carried away, as I still have a view that Leipzig defence is suspect. Yes, despite their 8 games without losing they can be got at, and we showed some of that a fortnight ago without leaving a mark on them. Last night we showed the rest of the Bundesliga how it’s done. Brendan’s other highlight nights in Europe included showing the English Premiership how to score against a then rampant Manchester City.

That was when I last really had hope in Brendan’s Euro capabilities. He subsequently went on to ‘lose’ my trust in his judgement and capability.

Last nite went some way to restoring it. The really exciting aspect is that all the midfield and front players have a good few years left in them.

If we can build on last nite in our next two outings, then there is a chance of some much needed European glory.

We are not there yet, but that was a confidence building performance last nite. Completely bereft of the ubiquitous, ‘gallant losers’ tag. What’s not to like.

Onto Rosenborg!


Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 8:38 am

Absolutely loved last night .. a wee bit too much if the truth be told. Massive hangover going around work just now describing how the great Glasgow Celtic spent the evening like a cat playing with the Bundesliga Leipzig mouse. All quiet on the German front this morning. I´m even more unbearable than I normally am. My poor workmates

Great to see the whipping bhoys ( Jamesie, Craig, Scotty, Mikael) do what they ALWAYS do. Never hide.

Ryan Christie what a performance from the young lad. Welcome to Whipping Bhoy FC young Ryan

Boyata .. how much does this lad care … he must have been seriously mislead .. to go from his no show to last nights performance

And now as I remind my workmates every few minutes while singing Bobby Zimmerman.. it´s now a common occurence for Celtic to put German teams away

Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam in the gloamin
And admit that the Brendan Rogers
is up there with Waters
and we have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone

The PLC need to back Brendan and back him big time

Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 8:40 am

Eintracht and hun scores also helped with the river of Pilsner last night

Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 8:43 am

Benkovic is here until the summer (one year loan)

Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 8:44 am

Why do the referees give us absolutely nothing in Europe ? Thought the Spanish lad lost the plot last night especially in the second half

saltires en sevilla
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 8:58 am

Ref missed a lot -not in our favour!

saltires en sevilla
Reply to  Gold
November 9, 2018 9:00 am

The challenge to replace Boyata should be top of the To Do list.

Awe Naw
Reply to  saltires en sevilla
November 9, 2018 9:01 am

He clearly officiated in a completely different manner than he did in the first half. I bet he got a German visitation at half time

saltires en sevilla
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 9:03 am

Or a case of Red Bull….complete with free gift!?

Awe Naw
Reply to  saltires en sevilla
November 9, 2018 9:18 am

I watched it on Geman TV last night. They were very complimentary about the support, atmosphere etc.

I was very impressed by their coverage. The pundits were very well informed about Scottish football. In fact it was jaw dropping in comparison to the defacto three monkey PR that passes as Island monkey coverage.

They absolutely slated the PLC for selling Demebele on the last day of the season and had a lot of sympathy for Brendan Rodgers. Back him or lose him was their message. They found it astonishing that they didn´t back the man who won the “triple” twice in a row and hasn´t lost anything in all the time he has been here. Unprecedented anywhere.

They were up to date and had obviously watched (say the last 5) Celtic games. They knew we were primed and a different beast from the beginning of the season.

Steffan Freund spent about 5 minutes highlighting the differences in our play with and without Scott Brown

They also spoke about the huns having to start again from nothing.

Freund went for a 1.0 win before a ball was kicked.

Awe Naw
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 9:26 am

They also clearly think that Tierney was the best player in the stadium last night and that was before the k.o and they want him for the BL. With only Bayern and Dortmund capable of meeting the asking price. If Brendan leaves this summer and takes Kieran with him there will be absolute carnage

saltires en sevilla
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 9:29 am

The interest from Bundesliga is a worry.

Volk sitting up from their stollen and pilsner making notes

The Gombeen Man
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 9:46 am

Really good read this morning and lovely to get up without the CL blues. The most pleasing aspect apart from the match was the togetherness of the squad on the pitch at Full Time. So much for the jibes that Brendan had to endure at the start of the Season.
Watching BR embrace and continue to coach players like Ryan Christie on the field was inspirational.

Last night was a preview of what Celtic could be, if we have the courage to set our sights beyond the manacles of the Old Firm bigotry. And the incompetence of the SPFL & SFA.

The support were fantastic, the stadium looks and sounds fantastic, we are unique in football. Old Firmism holds us back.

Over to you now the PLC.

The ball is in your court.

The AGM is almost upon us. Set our sights high and confirm that by a statement of intent in the January Window.


Awe Naw
Reply to  The Gombeen Man
November 9, 2018 10:02 am

Also interesting was that an employee of RB Salzburg was sitting on RB Leipzigs bench last night. Surprised that is allowed

saltires en sevilla
Reply to  The Gombeen Man
November 9, 2018 10:41 am



saltires en sevilla
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 10:41 am



Awe Naw
Reply to  saltires en sevilla
November 9, 2018 10:59 am

yeah no joke

Rolling Stone
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 12:43 pm

Not sure if the times are a chaining, Awe Naw. The summer transfer window left me feeling that it was forever thus! Hopefully, the January window will disabuse me of that view!

Rolling Stone
Reply to  Rolling Stone
November 9, 2018 12:49 pm


Awe Naw
Reply to  Rolling Stone
November 9, 2018 1:04 pm

Lets hope so .. I really meant with beating BL teams

November 9, 2018 2:20 pm

Just about everything has been said about the performance last night and we all have our preferences for man of the match. The Germans had done their homework on us and in the final stages of the game, they knew that there best chance of getting a result was down our right side. Both of their late chances came from that area. Also their goal came from an error on the right side of our fefence, either Lustig or Boyata missed the run, but maybe that is too critical. It was a good run!

Lustig has been a great servant to the club and can still be useful but he needs someone to spell him. Get that fixed and keep the CB’s and we have a strong defence.

Up front is still thin. If Edouard goes down we are in trouble. However, what a find in Christie! Play people in their correct positions and watch them go!


November 9, 2018 2:27 pm

A Pibroch!

Last year in Malaga, which is one of my favourite places, I was having a meal in a restaurant when the Roma/Barcalona game was on. As each Roma goal went in and Barca slipped out of the CL, I winced. I had struck up an acquaintance with a waiter and after Barca were out, I turned to him and said’ “too bad!” To my surprise he looked overjoyed. Apparently, Andalusia has no love for the Catalans to the point that they would rather see them lose against foreign opposition.
Last night, I monitored the Moscow vs Sevco game…2-1 to Sevco; 2-2; 3-2 Sevco and I gave up. As we know the final score was 4-3 to Moscow and it made our victory all the sweeter. What a sad state of affairs when we would rather see a foreign team beat one of our own…seems that same feeling exists amongst Scots and amongst certain Spaniards. The Scottish coefficient was not helped by Sevco’s defeat, and they are now in peril of exiting a European competition, yet I was glad! I know this is wrong but why does it feel so good? The answer lies in the white heat and history of local derbies….something is very wrong when it produces these emotional contradictions, but where is my Rioja?


November 9, 2018 4:39 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed last night. K.T. Ryan, Callum and Eddy were all outstanding for me.
I’ve been trying to convince myself that the 2 Red Bulls won’t stitch us up by allowing Leipzig to win, then I read about the coach on the bench. Mmmmm. Anyway our priority is to win in Rosenberg and see what happens.
Benkovic, my understanding is that he is on a one season loan, but ( isn’t there always a but), Leicester have an option to bring him back in the January window, it’s presumed that this would happen if they sold Harry McGuire and didn’t get a replacement in on time, so fingers crossed McGuire stays with Leicester in the January window.
Hail Hail

Reply to  Rebus67
November 9, 2018 4:42 pm

Rebus,,I’m thinking we need new 4 of the back five ,,,only Kt stays,,and this short termism leads me to believe BR is in his final year in charge. Just a feeling. Oh Mike is fine but busy. Enjoy your weekend buddy

Fairhill Bhoy
Reply to  Awe Naw
November 9, 2018 5:56 pm

Awe Naw-said the same to my dad,Different refs performance in second half ?

Fairhill Bhoy
Reply to  Jimmynotpaul
November 9, 2018 6:00 pm

JNP-how is that allowed regarding the coach ?

Reply to  Fairhill Bhoy
November 9, 2018 6:36 pm

Fairhill Bhoy.
I’ve no idea.
What bench will he be on in Salzburg?
Hail Hail

Reply to  Jimmynotpaul
November 9, 2018 6:45 pm

If Salzburg allow Leipzig to win,they run the risk of losing a 3-1 agg lead to us in the last round.

Not sure that’s worth the risk.

big packy
Reply to  rebus67
November 9, 2018 7:00 pm

evening fellow tims. still buzzing after last night no failures in that team, everyone played their hearts out. but forgive me special mention to Kieran Tierney a home grown bhoy, who was immense last night you know what we might be on the brink of something special hear, look out you champions league teams the celtic are coming.hh.

Reply to  majoc
November 9, 2018 8:26 pm

It doesn’t work like that, if the 3 teams finish on 12 points, Rosenborg games goal difference is discounted, then it’s all 3 teams results against each other which are counted, so if Leipzig beat Salzburg we need them to thump them. We are currently minus 3. Salzburg plus 3 and Leipzig plus 2.
Hail Hail

Reply to  Jimmynotpaul
November 9, 2018 8:27 pm

Sorry. Leipzig are 0 ,of course.
Hail Hail

November 9, 2018 9:50 pm
saltires en sevilla
Reply to  mahe
November 9, 2018 10:43 pm

Remember 1st group qualification ’74 World Cup?


’82 Gijon debacle

Twas before visible Corporate partnerships.


saltires en sevilla
Reply to  Jimmynotpaul
November 9, 2018 10:53 pm

How about Salzburg v Leipzig draw?

Salzburg qualify.

Expect Leipzig defeat Rosenborg?

Celtic need 6 points..

Nae bother eh?

The Exiled Tim
November 10, 2018 4:52 pm

Where is everyone ?

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
November 10, 2018 5:36 pm

they knew you were coming on so they all went.?

big packy
Reply to  big packy
November 10, 2018 5:42 pm

the exiled tim, think they have all gone to bobbys hoot.hh. so I shall put a comment and feel free to shoot me down, don’t like loan deals, because you get a very good player ticks all the boxes, but you cant plan ahead because he is not your player.hh.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  big packy
November 10, 2018 6:06 pm

It’s a difficult one for me, some of the loans we get we just can’t afford, Benkovic is a perfect example, another problem we have is if a player that does the biz for us will be sold asap so we are in the same boat as if they were a loan player, only difference is we don’t make a few bob.
There is no long term planing at Celtic, it’s all about the balance sheet i’m afraid, if a new set up comes about, maybes, till then we will sell sell sell.

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
November 10, 2018 6:21 pm

the exiled tim, just a pity the epl is awash with money, we just cant compete makes me so sad, the size of our club we cant compete even with English championship.hh.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  big packy
November 10, 2018 6:28 pm

I know, just see the new tv money deal on offer, it’s garbage, the club should tell them to eff it and set up their own deal, but they won’t cos they don’t want to upset the cabal that run the game in scotland,

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 8:16 pm


From Deutschland newspaper – With English translation below.

Braunschweiger Zeitung (10th November 2018)

Nach 1:2 in Glasgow: Leipzig muss schnell umschalten
GLASGOW RB Leipzig muss schnell den Schalter umlegen, nur drei Tage nach der Europa League steht schon wieder Bundesliga an. Nach dem bitteren 1:2 bei Celtic Glasgow steht die K.o.-Runde in der Europa League auf der Kippe. Das Weiterkommen ist aber aus eigener Kraft noch möglich.

Unter der einschüchternden Kulisse des Celtic Parks sollen schon die besten Fußball-Teams der Welt sehr gelitten haben, sagt Glasgows Coach Brendan Rodgers. RB Leipzig nach der Aussage von Trainer Ralf Rangnick nicht.
Gleich doppelt verneinte der sichtlich frustrierte Rangnick nach dem am Ende unnötigen 1:2 (0:1) und dem verpassten vorzeitigen Einzug in die K.o.-Runde der Europa League die Frage, ob die 60.000 fanatischen Celtic-Fans die Leistung der Sachsen beeinträchtigt hätten.
Mit diesem Thema beschäftigte sich RB-Mittelfeldspieler Kevin Kampl, der schon mit Salzburg in Glasgow spielte, nicht. “Wir haben ein Spiel verloren, mein Gott. Wir haben vorher so viele Spiele gewonnen, da muss man jetzt keine Reaktion zeigen oder so. Wir werden da weitermachen, wo wir zu Hause aufgehört haben”, sagte der Mittelfeldspieler, der mit RB zuvor zehn Spiele nicht verloren und sechs Partien in Serie kein Gegentor kassiert hatte. Jetzt heiße es: Köpfe frei kriegen und gegen Bayer zurück in die Erfolgsspur finden.
Den Leipzigern bleibt auch nichts anderes übrig, am Sonntag wartet das schwere Bundesliga-Heimspiel (15.30 Uhr) gegen Leverkusen. Ob Nationalstürmer Timo Werner nach seiner Zehenverletzung eine Option ist, bleibt offen. Erst nach dem Abschlusstraining am Samstag will Rangnick entscheiden. Gut sieht es bereits bei Sturmpartner Yussuf Poulsen aus, er hat seine muskulären Rückenprobleme überstanden.
Leverkusen kommt allerdings mit einem Erfolgserlebnis nach Sachsen, machte mit dem 1:0 gegen den FC Zürich anders als RB die K.o.-Runde der Europa League vorzeitig klar. Auch Leipzig wäre mit einem Sieg weiter gewesen, da zeitgleich Tabellenführer RB Salzburg in Trondheim 5:2 gewann. Mit einem Remis hätte ein Sieg aus den letzten zwei Duellen in Salzburg und gegen Trondheim gereicht. “Daher ist es so ärgerlich, dass wir den Punkt nicht mitnehmen konnten”, sagte Rangnick.
Die Leipziger haben das Weiterkommen dennoch in der eigenen Hand. Und aus der Bahn dürfte sie die erste Niederlage seit dem 20. September (2:3 gegen Salzburg) nicht werfen, dazu ist das Team zu gefestigt.
Doch gegen diesmal aggressiv pressende Schotten lief bei RB nach dem 0:1 durch Kieran Tierney (11.) in der ersten Hälfte nicht viel. Ohne Werner, Poulsen und Emil Forsberg (Leistenprobleme) hatten die RB-Angreifer kaum Räume und Probleme, in Ballbesitz zu kommen. Leipzig hatte zudem eine magere Passquote von 66 Prozent.
Das Fehlen der von Rotationsmeister Rangnick zunächst auf die Bank beorderten Kampl und Diego Demme machte sich bemerkbar. Rangnick sah das nicht so. Er habe auch schon das Leverkusen-Spiel im Blick gehabt. Spieler, die zuletzt nicht spielten, seien zudem ausgeruht gewesen. “Deswegen haben wir mit der Mannschaft begonnen. Ich glaube nicht, dass das ausschlaggebend war für den Verlauf des Spiels.”
Mit Kampl, der zwei Riesenchancen in Hälfte zwei hatte, und Demme lief es dann im zweiten Durchgang besser. Doch nur 65 Sekunden nach dem verdienten Ausgleich durch Jean-Kevin Augustin (78.) kassierte RB den K.o.-Schlag durch Odsonne Edouard (79.). Und das, ohne nach dem Anstoß 13 Sekunden zuvor selbst den Ball berührt zu haben. “Das hat uns um den Lohn gebracht”, sagte Rangnick und hofft, dass der dadurch verpasste Punkt am Ende im Fernduell gegen Glasgow nicht fehlt. Und, dass gegen Leverkusen so etwas nicht auch passiert.
Ihre Meinung

After 1: 2 in Glasgow: Leipzig has to switch quickly

GLASGOW RB Leipzig has to switch quickly, only three days after the Europa League is back to Bundesliga. After the bitter 1: 2 at Celtic Glasgow is the knockout round in the Europa League on the edge. The progress is still possible on their own.

Under the intimidating backdrop of Celtic Park, the best football teams in the world are said to have suffered a lot, says Glasgow coach Brendan Rodgers. RB Leipzig according to the statement of coach Ralf Rangnick not.
Equally doubled the visibly frustrated Rangnick after the unnecessary end of 1: 2 (0: 1) and the missed premature entry into the knockout round of the Europa League, the question of whether the 60,000 fanatical Celtic fans had affected the performance of the Saxons.
RB midfielder Kevin Kampl, who already played in Glasgow with Salzburg, was not concerned with this topic. “We’ve lost a game, my God, we’ve won so many games before, you do not have to react now or anything, we’ll keep going from where we left off at home,” said the midfielder, who previously scored ten with RB Games were not lost and six games in series had conceded no goal. Now it’s time to clear heads and find Bayer back on the road to success.
The Leipzigers will have no other choice, on Sunday the heavy Bundesliga home match (3.30 pm) awaits Leverkusen. Whether national striker Timo Werner after his toe injury is an option, remains open. Rangnick wants to decide only after the final training on Saturday. It looks good already at storm partner Yussuf Poulsen, he has overcome his muscular back problems.
Leverkusen, however, comes with a sense of achievement to Saxony, made with the 1-0 against FC Zurich unlike RB the knockout round of the Europa League prematurely clear. Also Leipzig would have been further with a victory, as at the same time leaders RB Salzburg won in Trondheim 5: 2. With a draw a victory from the last two duels in Salzburg and against Trondheim would have been enough. “So it’s so annoying we could not take the point,” Rangnick said.
The people of Leipzig still have the progress in their own hands. And off the track, they should not throw their first defeat since September 20 (2: 3 against Salzburg), this is the team too solid.
But against this time aggressively pressing Scots ran in RB after the 0: 1 by Kieran Tierney (11) in the first half not much. Without Werner, Poulsen and Emil Forsberg (inguinal problems), the RB attackers barely had room and problems to gain possession. Leipzig also had a meager pass rate of 66 percent.
The lack of rotation master Rangnick initially ordered on the bench Kampl and Diego Demme made itself felt. Rangnick did not think so. He also had the Leverkusen game in view. Players who did not play last were also rested. “That’s why we started with the team and I do not think that was the key to the game’s progress.”
With Kampl, who had two huge chances in half two, and Demme, it went better in the second round. But only 65 seconds after the deserved equalizer by Jean-Kevin Augustin (78) RB conceded the knockout knockout by Odsonne Edouard (79). And that, without having touched the ball 13 seconds before the kick itself. “That’s what killed us,” Rangnick said, hoping that the missed point in the end would not be missing in the long-haul against Glasgow. And that does not happen against Leverkusen.
your opinion

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 8:46 pm

From the RB-fans.de blog

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Contributed by Birdman »Fri Nov 9, 2018, 21:18
I wonder in all seriousness, which game I saw last night and if I’m possibly in the wrong thread on the go.

Yesterday I saw an extremely intense, racy and exciting football game, in which we started perfectly until the goal. High pressing, extremely greedy Gegenpressing and purposeful play in the last field third. The goal came from a carelessness as a result of a quick free-kick, so we did not come in the order. Then the young players are impressed by the crazy scenery and need about 20 minutes to regain an adrenalin-stricken opponent. In the final minutes of the first half you could see the strong structure of the first quarter of an hour.

In the second half developed an exchange of blows with an open visor. Both teams sought their salvation in the switching game and yet ripped RB more and more game shares in the hand. The compensation was earned, the backlog due to the arrogance also. Despite the intensity of this game and the now low-lying opponent, we played again and again in the dangerous area, solved us creatively from very many pressure situations, although always lurked the risk of counterattack. The statistics also say nothing bad. We had a lot more scoring chances and corners. I can not share the criticism of Augustin and Sabitzer either. Although in some hectic and headless phase, the accuracy was not correct, but Sabitzer was then extremely toxic and tore with his intensity the team, provided directly and indirectly for ball capture and intercepted attacks. The criticism of the pass rate is not justified in my eyes. Admittedly, there were some bad playback errors in there (see Sabitzer), but the weather, style and intensity were not big (pass) odds! It was rarely air for four, five cross-passes, to drive up the pass rate. It was always in the switching and vertical game. What do you expect there?

And then you have to look at the lineup. If you put Ilsanker, Cunha, Bruma, and Augustin on the field, you do not need a creative player (Forsberg, Kampl), a top target player (Werner, Poulsen), and a destroyer (Ilsanker) instead of a game reader with similar stomping abilities (Demme) Do not be surprised that the game did not work that way. With the inclusion of Demme and Kampl it was a different game right away.

I was very upset about the defeat, especially as I see ourselves in the worse starting position for the qualification, but the game I could have looked at two more halves. That’s how I imagine football. Offensive, robust, intense and with a lot of passion.

No idea what some complain about here. Yesterday I have not seen a particularly good game of ours, but in no case a bad one. It was neat and above all very interesting. Should other teams play big there? League home matches: 6 games, 18 points, 15: 3 goals, the league leaders defeated 5-0 at home.

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 8:52 pm


from RB-fans.de

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Contributed by Jupp »Fri Nov 9, 2018, 21:18

Fantechnisch that was absolutely great on both sides. At the fan march Celtic fans clapped several times, in the stadium that was also extremely impressive, I had goose bumps several times. Highlight then after the game as both fan sites have applauded, because they have created a great atmosphere. I have never experienced such a respectful atmosphere in football.
See: https://twitter.com/rb_fans/status/1060 … 71078? S = 21
Away block: https://twitter.com/rcameronmma/status/ … 27041? S = 21

Sporty: I do not understand Ralf Rangnick in this case. It was previously known that Demme and Kampl are irreplaceable for midfield midfieldering, especially when Emil is absent. As a result, we had no ball security in the first half. Since Poulsen was missing, he was not there as a simple reference station. That was unfortunately expectable and you have brought in my view completely unnecessary in this situation. I absolutely see Celtic at an advantage. As agnaria wrote, Salzburg has not lost forever at home and was not without reason last year in the semifinals and has earned well in Leipzig. At least I do not see ourselves as favorites. Celtic will win in Trondheim just as we win our home game against Trondheim. Since I do not expect, as I said, that we win in Salzburg, they are already through and Celtic will be with the backdrop in the back not the outsider.

In any case, our situation has deteriorated significantly and that was avoidable. And yes, I would like to hibernate in the Europa League, as this is extremely fun. Maybe we’ll go to Liverpool in February, the way their group looks like.

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 8:57 pm

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Post by elbosan »Fri Nov 9, 2018 10:09

I look similar. Augustin as a supplement is OK. His pressing laziness can be compensated by the other 9 outfield players. However, if Bruma has another bad day and Cunha still pseudo-pressing with that is no longer compensable. So happened after the 1: 0. Before all three participated. We actually had everything under control. Then through the first shot the 1: 0 and the fragile structure collapsed.

I do not see Trondheim as a playoff but Salzburg. And not only for the Euroleague but for the ongoing season.

The positive effect that has set after the Salzburg game, this “we all tackle and defend in the collective” could also end with the Salzburg game. Namely, if we can not win the last 10 games despite a great balance. Then the questioning starts again.

We could have taken Kieran Tierney and James Forrest right away, right?

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 9:01 pm

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Posted by katmik »Fri Nov 9, 2018, 12:19

People, folks, again, lots of pessimists at work here.
Do not forget that Celtic played for survival in the group yesterday. With a defeat they would have been out. And yes, we played badly. So it might be. There are still 2 games and everything is in it. And against Glasgow Glasgow must first win. I do not see it that clear yet. It remains exciting.

It was a great way out and a great experience. The Celtic fans are very nice, gave some Schaltauschchs after the game. And many friendly words and gestures. And I also found the mood in the stadium good, so in the middle of it you feel that different than in front of the TV.

One more note about public transport after the game. I will never again complain about the circumstances in Leipzig. We are really bedded on roses, for that matter.

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 9:07 pm

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Post by lgwgnr »Fri Nov 9, 2018, 09:22

Yesterday it has definitely been shown that the fragile squad only need a few powers to run aground with a felt B-Elf. Celtic slept with our own weapons, put us under constant stress and a lot of the crew did not realize that. Glasgow deserved to win, a point would have been flattering.

One can only hope that against Leverkusen before home audience reigns more stability in the structure. Luckily, after the international break. December will set the course for the remainder of the season. With Gladbach and Bayern we meet direct competitors for the placement, with Mainz or Freiburg wait teams who have never done us any good. Not to mention the decisive game against Trondheim.

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 9:14 pm

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Contributed by The-Last-ReBeL »Fri Nov 9, 2018, 06:50

Good Morning
what a nagging again. A Elf B Elf. Last week still cheered how the rotation works with an 18 man squad, today / yesterday again questioned everything.

The defeat came once again at the right time to show the team that this is not an automatic run. Did you believe here in the forum that you strut in patent leather shoes and flip-flops through the Celtic Park. Due to the clear control of the opponent with us, I also imagined the task easier. However, the Scots have bought us the cutting with a fight of a good physique. The way I have complimented the defense, I have to criticize this time. Not even the 1. Goal, but the 2: 1 was just sleepy. It was certainly more inside, and Kampl must make at least one, then no one talks about it, but if necessary, the 1 ball was durable ….: zzz:
We still have it in our hands, and I think we manage to spend the winter in the EL too.
Focus now on the difficult game against Leverkusen. Expect again the triple chain with Ilse and the 2 Frenchmen. Uncertain outcome.

saltires en sevilla
November 10, 2018 9:27 pm

Re: EL – Day 4: Celtic Glasgow – RB Leipzig, 8.11.2018 9 pm
Post by Cuckoo »Thu 8 Nov 2018, 20:31

Oh God, when comparing the jersey colors Celtic is so far ahead. I do not know how to keep my fingers crossed for the “right” team: sad:

November 11, 2018 5:00 am