If You Know Your History – Sunday 11th November

If you know your history…..

308 C.E. The Congress of Carnuntum: Attempting to keep peace within the Roman Empire, the leaders of the Tetrarchy declare Maxentius and Licinius to be Augusti, while rival contender Constantine I is declared Caesar of Britain and Gaul.

130 years ago…1888

A host of newspapers reporting on the previous day’s ‘friendly’ game between Celtic and Renton at Celtic Park in front of 8,000 with £800 proceeds being donated to Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

Huge interest as game, generally, seen as a ‘marker’ for the forthcoming season Scottish Cup.

Celtic ran out 1-0 victors with a goal from McLaren.

The Birmingham Daily Post (again?) reporting on a Celtic game, and clearly scouting Villa’s future goalkeeper, Neil Dunning. Also, The Nottingham Evening Post described “a brilliant game”  with other reports from Aberdeen Press & Journal; Dundee Courier and the usual from The Herald and Scotsman.

In their inaugural season Celts were capturing the imagination of the Sporting Press ( how things change..)and still staying true to their founding principles of providing funds for the tables of the poor.

In other news… a small crowd gathered in Edinburgh to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of Anarchist Haymarket Martyrs August Spies (b. 1855), Albert Parsons (b. 1848), Adolph Fischer (b. 1858) and George Engel (b. 1836).

40 years ago today …1978

Due to reconstruction work at Ibrox, Billy McNeill took his Celtic  team to Hampden for a lunchtime league encounter with Rangers. Attended by 52,330.

Recent signing Murdo McLeod makes his debut versus Rangers, as a replacement for injured Ronnie Glavin. Tom McAdam also making his debut v Rangers played as a lone striker. Celtic played with wingers Provan and the recalled Doyle. Celts opened the scoring when McLeod found Andy Lynch clear in the box, to steer the ball past the despairing ( was he ever anything else?) McCoy, in 52 mins. (Andy liked a goal at Hampden)

Tam Forsyth equalised 4 mins later from the spot, as Edvaldsson had punched a long range shot over Baines’ bar. (From distant memory, that shot was going over anyway..doh!)

Other notable absentees for Celtic were Latchford and McGrain, who both played in the reserves match (a 1-3 reverse.)

Teams at Hampden:

Celtic: Baines, Filippi, Lynch, Aitken, MacDonald, Edvaldsson, Provan, McLeod, Burns, McAdam and Doyle. Subs: Lennox, Casey.

Rangers: McCloy, Jardine, A.Forsyth, T. Forsyth, Johnstone, MacDonald, McLean, Russell, Millar, Watson and Smith. Subs: Parlane, Cooper.

Press opine both teams were content with a point each.

( newspeak for … only one team was actually ‘content’!)


In other news…

John Travolta and Olivia Newton John spend their last Summer Night at No1 in U.K. Charts, having stayed there for 7 weeks (they previously displaced the excellent 10cc’s Dreadlock Holiday)

‘Tomorrow’ Bob Geldof’s Boomtown Rats will take Rat Trap to the new No1 slot.

Soon to be followed over the festive period by Rodster’s Da Ya Think I’m Sexy then, Mary’s Boy Child/Oh my Lord and Y.M.C.A….

(Reasons why young people started drinking, heavily, are clearly established…)

13 years ago ….1995

Murdo McLeod’s Partick Thistle entertain Tommy Burns’ Celtic at Firhill on league business.

Some decent footage of two good goals by Big Pierre:


(Check out eejit Commentator offering pearls of wisdom on Peter Grant’s boots…)


A sublime trademark McStay pass (initially missed by the super-observant commentator) to Johnny Collins, who then delivers a perfect cross to the back post for Pierre to score on the half-volley.

Thistle levelled after a good distance shot from Stephen Docherty, which somehow travelled straight through Gordon Marshall’s jersey.

Then in second half a delicate Andy Thom free-kick drops onto the Flying Dutchman’s head as he sealed the points.

(Speaking of jerseys, after the game Macnamara and Donnelly managed to find the two cleanest Thistle strips to swap..)Attachment_1.png


In other news …

A judge in Sydney’s supreme court has rejected an application by an Australian tobacco company, W D and H O Wills, that a former smoker cannot seek damages in the consumer claims tribunal. Justice Ireland ruled last month that Dr Sarah Hodson could proceed with her claim to the tribunal for compensation of $A1000 (£500), which she estimates represents the costs she has borne in seeking help to stop smoking. (What’s that Skippy.. the Executive fella just filled his shorts with horrible pongy stuff?)

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of knowledge on all things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site ( not c&p tho’ ). The guys who set it up and, painstakingly, keep it updated; deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order and a treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- there are, literally, days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!


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Apologies to all for the late article , especially the Author !
SentCelt Towers was evacuated due to a bomb scare , probably a rival blog sensed blood while our guard was down for the weekend ! Long runs the fox though 😉

SeS,,, I love the older history and this bit stood out today ,,, 800 quid raised and gave to charity in 1888. What a fantastic gesture , and that sum of money must have been a heel of a lot back then . Just quite simply wow. Now thats a club like other indeed.
The current board are soo far removed from that but then again the world has moved on , and the only games I ever hear of where the entirety goes to charity are testimonials ( and at that not them all ) .
I think every team should gave one games takings per year to those who need it , and football might just hold its head a little higher .
I see my Killie win prediction came true !
Hail Hail

Sorry,all-my fault. Couldn’t get on my iPad till a few minutes ago.

Watched today’s game with the rest of my family. All a bit of an After The Lord Mayor’s Show.

Of course,there seemed to be only one team interested in playing football,with their opponents seemingly auditioning for UFC while the referee was playing Blind Man’s Bluff. I’m beginning to think referee Kevin Clancy changed his name by deed poll from Mason Boyne!

Still,this international break will give Griff another two weeks to get himself fit/sorted out. That’s a mystery that could do wi being explained.

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hi majoc so it was all your fault yor a bliddy jinx ? hope you enjoyed the hoot.hh,


Hoot was great,thanks to everyone who was there.

Jinx only in person,mate. Not accepting the blame for when I’m watching on the telly!


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