International Break-Part 5

There’s always an exception in any series,and an exceptional match provides for one here. MIKE’s alter-ego,Jimmy Cricket remembers a famous wee jerseys-for-goalposts kickabout on Glasgow Green…


Mike is away, but he asked me to send this in on his behalf, he also asked me to send on his best wishes to all his friends on Sentinel Celts who share his lifelong passion for Glasgow Celtic.

Jimmy Cricket was just a very young bhoy, when his uncle Frank took him to Hampden, to see the best game of football that he had ever seen,it was his very first game watching professional football, it was the 1960 European cup final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Real Madrid. Have you ever left a football stadium crushed in beside another 137,000 football supporters and left enthused and in complete awe disbelieving what you had just seen. Here was I just beginning to find an interest in a sport that would become a life long passion, of course I had begun to play school football and this would lead later to county trials and amatuer football with a brief sojourn into Junior football, where the highlight of this for me would be sharing a football pitch with a person that I had idolised earlier in his career, George Connolly.

The 1960 European Cup final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Real Madrid. Would you believe that Frankfurt had a player called Stinka and another one called Stein, was big Jock at this game, did it have a huge influence on his future? I would not bet against it, because within a year the team that he began to manage, the Pars would meet the Celtic at Hampden park and after a no scoring draw on the Saturday, they would on the following Wednesday beat Celtic to win the Scottish cup and a legendary career began. We know that it had a big effect on Alex Ferguson, he has said so many times, how many other footballing figures would be influenced by this one European cup final we will never know, but there can be no doubt that it was the beginning of the modern game.

The game itself was in doubt because the West German F.A. had banned their clubs from taking part in any game containing Ference Puskas after the Hungarian had alleged that the West Germans had used drugs in an International game, apparently a couple of syringes had been discovered on the dressing room floor. Puskas was forced to withdraw the allegation and issue a formal written apology before the game could go ahead.

Eintracht were the new kids on the block and Real were certainly the favourits, Eintracht had missed out playing any big hitters in the previous rounds playing minnows like “Rangers” and humping them 6-1 in Germany and 6-3 in Govan. “OH YEAH”. ?. They were certainly a great team who knew where the goals were. Madrid had a galaxy of star players like Di Stefano 3 goals, Puskas 4 goals ( Di Stefano is one of only 3 who scored a hat trick in a European cup final and Puskas is the only player who scored ever scored 4 goals) Another player of pedigree would be Gento. Madrid were known for their attacking players while Eintracht appeared to be solid defensively.

The game kicked off cautiously, both teams feeling their way into the game. Frankfurt sat back and absorbed Madrid’s early attacks, breaking out on the counter when opportunity’s occurred. Madrid seemed to be in control, but completely against the run of play Eintracht scored first as Kreb met Pfaffs cross “goal” back of the net, 1-0. to Frankfurt.
Madrid kept on probing and after 22 minutes Di Stefano tapped the ball into the net after a German mistake “Gott im Himmel” Madrid’s confidence was up and their quality began to tell, Di Stefano scored again only three minutes from his first goal, Madrid got their third goal just before half time through the controversial Ference Puskas. 3-1 up to the Spanish Champions at half time.

The crowd were delighted by this showcase game and of course rivalries would not come into play as most of the crowd would be neutral, we were all revelling in this fascinating game of football, “want a wee nip son”? No chance says uncle Frank, his mother would kill me.

The second half would continue in much the same vein as the first and after 10 minutes goal number 4 came for Madrid from the penalty spot and Puskas put the ball once again into the Frankfurt net. Five minutes later Madrid scored again and went 5-1 up, this was so one sided as Puskas headed the ball into the Frankfurt net from a Gento cross. After that “Loy” the Frankfurt goal keeper made a fantastic save, what followed might be considered to be one of the best period in European cup history (except two) as both Madrid and Frankfurt each scored two goals, to make the final score 7-3. A Puskas bullet from outside the box, Stein of Frankfurt had pulled one back, Di Stefano got his hat-trick showing pace and control and skill, Eintracht through Stein replied again with a tap-in. The final 10 minutes we had witnessed a showcase of fantastic football. Fast flowing with the speed of attacking players interacting with each other, not one in that huge crowd would ever forget what they had just witnessed, modern football had just began.

“Take my hand” said uncle Frank as we made our way home, tired but very, very happy, you could not ask for anything more, it fired you up and made you want to kick a ball, it made a huge impression on me, it drove me on to see how far I could get in football, I lived and breathed for the game, much to the dismay of my teachers. Not soon after I would like Rebus watch that 1960 Scottish cup final Celtic via big Jock’s Dunfermline and my passion grew and I found a new love, Glasgow Celtic.

A ten goal thriller that raised the bar and set the standard for others to follow.


Beat that,eh! The series will resume on Sunday with another multi-goal thriller at the same venue. If you want to share your memories,or voice your opinions on ANY subject,mail Mahe at

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saltires en sevilla

Mike/Jimmy Cicket

Really interesting insight into one of fitba’s iconic games.

Didn’t know about the syringe allegations hmmmm that does sound well dodgy eh?

Of course most Celts know about Rangers complete capitulation in both legs of their semi-final to the German team. Although it’s unlikely to ever have been mentioned again by the old Teddies… or Scottish Pravda…




Yes it was a strange one, one of the few things I remember about that game, apart of course from the fact that Madrid won 5 INAR European Cups. Big Jock would be at this game, he took the Pars to success in Europe and he did the same with the Hibees. He quickly realised that European football was the future, that was one shrewd man.

That game was absolutely brilliant, a joy to watch, of course that was my first time watching pro football, just by watching the game at Hampden, it set the standard for attacking football. Madrid had some team and Di Stefano quickly became my football hero. Another game I loved was his testimonial against the Celtic and Jinky playing the game of his life, he terrorised the Madrid o/left. absolutely outstanding.

The syringes might have been used for treatment to some of the West German players, but that is just a guess, only they would know the real reason for using them. It also shows you how good Madrid was when you saw them destroying Frankfurt after Eintracht had destroyed the Huns. 😉

Yours in Celtic,


News to me too that he had made the allegations at that time,though plenty were flying after the 1954 World Cup Final. Hungary whupped them 8-3 in the opening round then came up against an entirely different proposition in the final,losing out by 3-2.

Though if I were Puskas,I might have had questions to ask also of my team-mates…


Fill your boots with some memories. You’ve sure stirred some for my Dad-he was there that night too. For those lucky enough to have been there,and to give a taste of it to those who weren’t…

Great memories of a historic match.



Thanks for that, I will fill up my wellies, now L is for right and R is for left. 😉


A smashing read,about an iconic game.
It was great reading your first hand account. Thank you.
Hail Hail


I was at that game that lives forever in the memory. I see a link has been posted to a recording which always help keep the memory fresh.

A couple of moments not on film come to mind. The first very poignant.

I was 13 years old and had only taken an interest in football about 18months before thanks to a good friend John McMahon. He lived in Ross St Calton up the close next to my gran’s flower shop. He was a year older, a very bright lad and first got me kicking a ball in Suffolk St. He took me over to Cathkin Park to watch Third Lanark beat Stenhousemuir 8 -2 and was responsible for me finding the joy of football as I had a good touch but was never going to risk a dull yin and enjoyed a nutmeg as much as scoring a goal.

Anyway I came home from school and went to my gran’s flower shop. ” How do you fancy going to Hampden with John” she asked and produced two tickets to my delight. John and I played in the same St Alphonsus guild team for a couple of years afterwards but destiny sent John first to Germany to be a Marist Brother then in 1966 to Rome to become a priest. I remember bumping into him outside The Barrowland in 65 or 66 on a trip home from London where I was working for a year. He gave up a lot to follow that path, but it was always going to be that way as John was an altar boy from early age. Tragically John died in a car crash in Rome along with other Scots lads whose names I don’t recall within a year of going to Rome. That was a kind of awakening to our mortality and asked God wtf was he up to.

So that final has a lot of joy and sorrow memories for me, a first taste of the roller coaster of life ahead for us all.

But enough of poignancy.

My ticket was for the schoolboys enclosure (I did qualify, although God knows what my gran spent to get the tickets) where the payers emerge. I was at the front and before Gento laid on that header for Puskas, I remember him taking a ground pass from his defender and as the German defender lunged in , Gento gently with the instep of his boot lifting the ball over the lunge and heading off at a rate of knots down the touchline. I knew then this was not football as I’d known it.

Watching the you tube video, the goal Di Stefano scored from kick off, right after Eintracht scored their second, reminded me a bit of Celtic’s winner via Leipzig in that the timing was similar and no German touched the ball but Di Stefano’s drilled shot was something else.

So Real Madird and Eintracht 1960. Thanks for the memories. 🙂


Great stuff,mate. I’m expecting my Dad and you,along with Mike,and maybe one or two others lucky enough to have been there,to compare notes and jog each other’s memories!

Welcome aboard,and good luck with the AGM next week. The Four Musketeers of The Resolution have the gratitude of many on here.


big packy

mike, was only 7 in 1960, but one of my uncles was there, so I grew up with tales of di Stefano gento puskas etc. you certainly have stirred the memories great post,

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for taking the time to write your post. The match was a bit before my time and I’ll watch the recording later. I hadn’t heard the story about the syringes either so that was a bit of an eye-opener. Great post Mike.

I had a quick look at Celtic-Wiki for the season 1959-60. Here’s the summary of Celtic’s season;

‘Not one trophy.’

League Position – 9th
League Cup – Failed to qualify from group sections
Scottish Cup – Semi Final losers
Others: Glasgow Cup – First Round Losers
Charities Cup – Semi Final losers.

‘Pretty much a rock bottom season.’

Reading through the summary it looks like a season of ‘inconsistency’ and ‘development.’



Cheers Bhoy’s and Thank you!

The Hi Hi’s one of the founder members of the Scottish league, gone now but never forgotten, the tragedy of another Scottish football club lost because of financial misdeeds.

Sad to read of the passing of your friend, like John I too was an alter boy from five to fiffteen, one of my favourit memories was meeting Cardinal Winning and his entourage on a flight to the Eternal City and passing him my current book on old Scots. Some things are embedded so deep in your memory that you will never forget them and that game was one of them. One of the best things I remember is that most people at the game would be nuetral, we were only there to watch great players and they were great. One of the things that I regret is not getting to Lisbon, I envied others who went there to watch the Celtic win the European Cup, that would be one of life’s greatest memories. But you win some and lose some and you cannot get everything in life, the beauty of the T.V. and youtube, magic. H.H.

Good Luck and our eternal thanks to the Res.12 bhoys, we await dvelopments and sincerely hope that your determind works gets you the reward that you certainly deserve.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for posting those memories. It’s funny how we often associate football games with people that have gone. Part of the whole emotional attachment that’s bigger than the game, I suppose.

Stevie Murray,

From the last thread. I’m not sure if you are a first-time poster. If so, welcome…

I think you are right about the bias against Celtic players.


Great post Mike, like so many others I am too young, just, to remember the game, seen it on video, aye a fair few on them were special and way ahead of their time.
The doping allegations, well I never, some things never change, for all the rumours going around scotland the past couple of years about players partaking in the white marching powder you would have thought that the sfa would have come down on it like a ton of bricks, then I remembered who the players played for, so their inaction can be justified….not.
Feliz Cumpleanos JNP
Great to see you posting Auldheid and a warm welcome to Stevie Murray

I see that glibby has been told that he has to pay all the expenses to date for the TOP and his own obviously, I wonder if he will manage to wangle that the huns pay the, I assume, rather large bill that is only gonna get bigger, thankfully the thick huns just canny see that he is fleecing them every step of the way, I hope he steers them to a very slow and painful life ever after chasing our shadow, it’s more than they deserve right enough, but as they are never gonna do the decent thing and die a proper death it’s as good as I can hope for.

Cosy corner bhoy

At the game with my cousin Andy,now resident in USA,as we went everywhere together.His Gran stayed in Nuneaton St mine in Mossblown,easy choice on a Saturday night.
Anyway I remember the game well and as said we were all neutrals though favoured RM as Huns wouldn’t be able to say we lost to the winners ?
I am sure a runner at the halftime race,The Entertainment!, got run into by a St Andrews Ambulance man.
Does anyone else recall that?
Good luck to the Res 12 guys at the AGM.


Good point. Certain shadowy organisations may be ok with laundering money for the benefit of their favourite team,but I wouldn’t like to be in King’s shoes when it becomes clear-even to them,I mean-that millions have been spent funding his ego.

Though I wouldn’t mind being a spectator…


I echo that welcome,apologies for missing his post. Btw,there are still around five or six articles from this series,so those who have sent us one-such as yourself!-we haven’t forgotten!

For those who haven’t yet got theirs done,well,there’s a winter break coming up shortly. That’s about a dozen days to fill,and a lot of memories to stir.

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Majoc,

It’s an enjoyable and interesting series. It’s really good to see so many guys getting involved.


The Gombeen Man


Cue another statement from The Louden.
Kieran Tierney must have been reading your posts last night on the LB position. 🙂

If the police were to actually police, just imagine how many would be behind bars, I had hoped that the fraud squad from the met might have gotten involved, but sadly no.

I see that KT is to switch on the Christmas lights at mash’s new business Frasers, which is now on the banned list, delighted he has pulled out, he really needs a rest and time to recover from the kicking’s he gets week in week out.


Said the same TET the lad needs a rest, no player can play high intensive games like he does sometimes twice a week, no matter how young you are. Some R@R is necessary and hopefully he will be ready for the busy period coming up. “Thank You Lads” TET, The Gombeem Man, Cosy corner bhoy, if it refreshed your memories, anything and thanks to mahe and majoc for giving us the platform to share our stories. YNWA.

Garry Duncan

Thank you for posting that memory of the 1960 European Cup Final. My late father would often tell me of the two games he watched that year and how they were both his favourite non Celtic matches. The semi final at Ibrox and final at Hampden. He supported the Germans at Ibrox and was wanting them to win the final. However he witnessed in the flesh, the Real Madrid greats and cheered their victory. Hampden 1960 and Lisbon 1967 were his two favourite games of all time. The third he would talk about to me after a few haufs, was Hampden in the sun 7-1 1957. Thank you for making me think of him today.
God bless you.
Robert Duncan rip

big packy

majoc/the exiled tim,.come on you trying to tell me the famous Glasgow rangers, the queens 11, would do anything behind her majestys back.???.


Hi Mike , loved the contribution , thanks a million . Great to see a bit of branching out , Im really all for that , in any direction at all actually ,, and then we see Beppe’s 2nd team and even AweNaws boys get a mench ,,, great stuff .

I had never really looked or read about that game in detail ,, thats sounds like one of the best matches of all time tbh ,, must surely be up there . And some of those names mentioned are football royalty , in the pantheon of the all time greats . Im delighted you were there , and wish I was thats for sure . A feast for the eyes , and the neutral , right at home within distance ,,, now that wont come around every fortnite !
Its great waking up and reading a fantastic memory everyday , for me anyway .
I know within the last decade for beautiful football it has been Barca that has been held up as the standard , but the decade before that they ( Real ) gave me and Bep’s plenty of great memories , with the great Hierro ( nailed on to return as manager no ? ) at the back and the phenom of his day Raul up front with beautiful ZZ and Roberto Carlos ,, the original / big Ronaldo, , Figo ( one hell of a player who will probably be remembered for the wrong reason ) all in the mix , they were the standard of eye watering footie the decade before that . Boy they were good, and that game in Old Trafford they dismantled Fergies much fancied troops with at times breathless play that it convinced Abramovic to get involved with the sport and thus became Chelski ,,, who were a solid 4th or 5th under Vialli and Gullit before they hit the jackpot with a bored billionaire .

I guess City might vie for that coveted spot as the prettiest around these days . Still hard not to see that type of thing as “ fake bling “ or winning the lottery , just a name out of a hat for a rich owner across the globe . Thats the modern game I guess .
Happy Friday and thanks again . Hail Hail



Excellent account of that game…as you say its effect resounded around British football and established a new reality that had been rejected by both professionals and fans of British football up to that point.

Nowadays it is hard to believe that in the fifties and even into the early sixties most British football fans thought that their game was infinitely superior to anything on offer on, what was called, the Continent. Continent teams were flashy but had no heart. Physically they could not stand up to the British game….after all we invented it and taught them how to play it!

I know I held that view at the time. Despite all the evidence, this arrogant attitude persisted in our game. Evidence such as Dynamo Moscow’s tour of England, Wales, and Scotland and Hungary’s visit to Wembley to humble the mighty England. In 1945, Dynamo arrived on British shores to play friendlies against Chelsea, Cardiff, Arsenal and Rangers. There was a lot of interest in how our allies had developed in the game, but there was no expectation that they would prove superior. The results, you ask?
Chelsea: 3-3; Arsenal downed 4-3, Cardiff hammered 10-1, and the mighty Rangers held(and outclassed) 2-2 at Ibrox, with the home team getting their obligatory penalties! Even after that, foreign teams were still regarded as inferior, although a rude awakening was about to happen in 1953 at Wembley. Even although Hungary was ranked number one, the English still expected to win. Soon after the game started it became clear that not only did the Hungarians have outstanding players, they also had a team formation that outclassed the traditional W-formation of the English. The final result was 3-6 to the Eastern European with Mike’s Puskas getting two goals. The humiliation was to be repeated the following year when England visited Budapest to be drubbed 7-1.

The 1960 European Cup final was the final proof that the Continental game had a lot to teach us. It is particularly impressive that a mere seven years later, a Glasgow team would teach a Continental team a new and attractive way of playing the game in the Lisbon final!



Hey TET.
Thank you, my friend.
I’ve had a busy day and I’m very grateful for all the kind messages I’ve received.
Big Packy has been telling people I’m 65 rather than 55.?????

The Gombeen Man

Great post, Rebus, thanks.

Till later all.


Thank you Garry and God bless Robert Duncan, he raised a fine young bhoy.


Succinctly put Rebus and absolutely right. I think we all thought that British football was at the forefront of the game, but the reality was completely different, we had an awful lot to learn, we looked down on European football, but that totally changed after watching this game.

Fairhill Bhoy

Jimmynotpaul-happy 55th?
Now who else would love to think there heading for that????



Thanks. I have vivid memories of the early sixties for so many reasons. Attitudes towards sex changed and i was enjoying another game…football. Ah! The days of dubbin, addidas boots if you could afford them, screw in studs to yer boots, headaches after heading that monster of a ball, red blaze in yer legs, and yer shirt half in, half out of your shorts a la Jimbo Baxter!

I formed a team of lads to play when we were not involved with our real teams. We played at the grass pitch owned by Barclay Curle on Crow rd. Each of us threw in a half crown to rent the pitch. An Italian youth team were touring Scotland, playing six games. They boasted that they would be undefeated. At the last minute their sixth opponent pulled out and I managed to arrange to replace them with our rag tag boys. I recall they played in all black which made them look formidable which explained why they had not lost. Clearly they thought we were a push over and that was verified after 15 minutes when scored a well worked goal. At half time I toldthe team that the Italians had said that they would invite anyteam that beat them to Italy for a week. We were on fire in the second half and won 2-1 to our opponent’s dismay. Grit triumphed over class this one time!

Of course when I told the boys that I’d made it up, there was a violent reaction. They threw me into a pond and would not let me in the dressing room to change!

Good memories,


Garry Duncan

Thanks pal. Always remember my dad’s favourite joke.
What was the time in 1957?
It was seven past Niven.
Not everyone got his joke. ?

Good interesting insight to the superiority complex that haunts the brits and the huns to this day, yet they just don’t ever learn to be even a tad humble after all the humiliations they have had.
The english have always thought themselves superior to us jocks, they had a point much of the time sporting wise, had they been ever so slightly humble and they didn’t have to mean it ffs, they wouldn’t have been the targets of the rest of the planet for being the arrogant twats that they are, take Henke, he was nothing when he was playing for Celtic, a joke figure for so many of the brit hacks, he went to Barca and they mellowed a bit but when he signed for manure he suddenly became a world class player, he was at about 60-70% of what he was when he left us, but no, cos he was playing for a brit team he became a player, and they wonder why they are disliked so much, it’s the same with the huns, they had a good win against 10 men last week and their crap form before the game and our good form goes out the window, they are an insult to the village idiots.


Faithfully Bhoy.
I just noticed your message, thank you.
Yip, I’ve beat Sevco to it, although, as we know, they are really only going for 55, in their imagination.
Hail Hail



I remember when Jock Stein got the Celtic job. He went on a tour of top Europe. Clubs to look at their training methods. He was never too proud to learn. A couple of outcomes of that trip come to mind. Firstly, he sat down with Tommy G and told him to study the Milan LB, Fachetti. Gemmel became the Scottish Fachetti!

Second, Stein reported that he saw a training game where the players were only allowed to touch the ball twice….once to control and once to pass it. If they took an extra touch, a foul was called and the other team took possession. I manage a couple of boys’ teams and used that to good effect. It really shows that you have to improve your ball skills and that your mates have to move into space.


Fairhill Bhoy


I often go to watch the local team here, they would be in about Div 46 ish, but trust me they would give most of the spl a very decent game if they had a fair and honest referee, they use the same training method but they also align it with they have to say inside a six foot circle, the ball control and touch skill is a joy to watch, the speed they do this is astonishing, they then ditch their circles and have to go to another circle to receive the ball, they chop and change with this for ages, it really seems to work, and yet we have to suffer the hammer throwing garbage that we have to endure in scotland due to the huns and their refusal to enter the present day.
I hate them for making me hate them.
Take care


Re us, you ol rogue you!
That reminds me of a boxer being told its the last round give me everything, ,,after the rd he gets told one more sorry I lied so he punches his coach!
Them Italians lol. I love Italy, such food and culture,,walking around in timeless history,,the steps on the collesium were so used they were rounded now. Beppe gota married in Orvieto, central Italy. I sung the Jackie song and confiscated the jagemeister.
At 10 pm the food began,, 10 courses traditional. When he asked for the meat not rare for the visiting Irish ( wife from Cavan ) he chef set the grill alight and said get out.
I love that country,, been to see him in Venuce a few,, lovely place. Took one look at the queue for the Vatican one day and realised in this heat and humidity with a hangover I wouldn’t make it. Ah well. Few more years yet hopefully.
Hail Hail

Listen to the beautiful words:



I know what you mean. Have a nice evening.


The Gombeen Man


You sound to me as though you have a touch of Jock Stein’s magic.

Your use of psychology with the lads reminds me of big Jock telling Jinky that he wouldn’t have to travel to Belgrade if we got a substantial lead against Red Star Belgrade in 1968. After drawing 1-1 at half time we won 5-1.

Jinky got to avoid his fear of flying unlike your lads not getting the invite to Italy. 🙂

Nite All. & HH



Nowhere near. He was a legend in football…way ahead of his time.

I am tanked on red wine, salut,



Paper talk that Broonie is delaying signing a new contract as he has an offer from an Aussie consortium. Fleshed out by an interview with the agent behind the move-and the putative new club involved.

Well,Broonie’s earned his right to make his own decision,and I won’t grudge him a move to sunnier climes-and he might be respected more in a new land than he is in his own.

Hell knows,he’ll be kicked less often!

So,question is…

Who replaces Broonie?

That’s a replacement as midfield linchpin,a new captain,and someone else daft as a brush to don the famous mankini!!!

big packy

morning majoc, yes agree he has done his bit at celtic, if he goes ill wish him all the bes,t broonie the hunskelper.



Celtic’s Mr. Motivator and driving force for the past decade, how can you replace a Celtic legend? well it gives someone else the opportunity to become another Celtic legend. Is his replacement already in place, Calum McGregor. I must admit I had my doubts about Calum over the past couple of years, but he has surprised me a lot.

He has taken to that position and fitted in seamlessly, the team’s fulcrum and he plays that position extremely well, is it because he reads the game so well, that he likes to face the ball, is that the reason the ball seems to be moving quicker from the back to the front? well all of this seems to be true. The only question I have is.. how good is he at tackling, his strength pushing oppo players off the ball. Well he has been a revelation, so I would think that he has answered all his critics including me and answered them well. what about Nir Biton or Kouassi, these are questions for the manager, he is well paid to find the solutions.

Like big packy, if Broonie does decide to go then he leaves with our total respect for all the skilled work he has brought to the Celtic team. WGS used his total budget to bring him to the Celtic, he has paid that back in spades.


Hard to beat that..indeed..that has to be one of the best story I read and not just because I am a Real fan….piece of history and not just football one. But the real question is….did “the child” had the nip in the end…
Thanks for great post


Hi,mate. Stick around,there’s some fun to be had on here. Mahe might have taught you how to be a Celtic fan-and he did a right good job!-but some of the fellas on here can explain just why!!!


Just ordered up my last pint of Tennents for a few months in Central Station as I head back South.

“Tennents is aff,pal. Sorry!”

Had to settle for a Peroni. Just as well my oul’ pal VOGUEPUNTER isn’t around or I’d never hear the end of it!!!


I was a huge Queen fan from their debut album-heard Keep Yourself Alive on Radio Luxembourg-until they signed their death warrant with me by releasing Hot Space.

The film is absolutely brilliant-if you can ignore slight errors,won’t tell you which-re timing of certain events. At 135 minutes,it sounds overlong.

It isn’t. It flies past!

Best film of its type I’ve seen in a l-o-n-g time. You will both love it!!!

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