Memorable Matches-Part 9

Today’s offering is from THEGOMBEENMAN and once again,he stirs some memories with the telling.


Celtic 1 Newcastle United 1

Celtic Park, August 5th 1995

‘A few players that have no played here. A Manager that’s no managed here. All very excited, a fantastic time for the Club to come back to the new stadium. The way the supporters rallied to the club, perhaps at the time when it needed them most. It’s quite remarkable and fantastic for the people that support Celtic Football Club. The one thing we wanted more than anything last year was to come back here with something tangible to build on. The fact that we won the Scottish Cup is a big big bonus to us and something that we’ll no rest on because we know that Celtic supporters are looking for a lot more trophies and that’s what we are going to supply for them.’

Tommy Burns.

The great late Tommy Burns made the above quote in the Dressing Room at Celtic Park before a friendly match against Newcastle United on Saturday, August 5th 1995. That day was memorable for me in so many ways. It was our return to Paradise after the enforced exile at Hampden. When I watched the footage of Tommy’s interview before the game I noticed two things. The first was the pride in his eyes and the emotion in his voice when he talked about how the Celtic supporters had rallied to the Club. Later, I sensed an anxiety in him when he considered the prospect of winning more trophies. I wonder if Tommy knew the enormity of the task that faced him?

Hampden the previous season had been awful. Doug Baillie described it in The Sunday Post as a ‘Season in the Wilderness.’ There had been years of financial and Board Room controversy. The hostile media. Remember the famous one about Celtic having to buy space over the cemetery? I remember trying to wrestle with the prospect of a move to a site in Cambuslang. Rangers had won 6 in a Row. There had been the Mo Johnson affair.
Souness, Smith and David Murray seemed to be able to attract the best players, Paul Gascoigne had joined Rangers from Lazio for £4.3 million during the Summer.

In an open letter to the Glasgow Herald last year Fergus McCann described the hostility that Celtic met from the SFA and Queens Park during that period. I’m not going to debate McCann’s tenure here. Love him or loathe him he provides a clear insight into the attitude of the football authorities in Scotland.

Mc Cann told the Glasgow Herald on 12th December 2017,

‘But the financing of its rebuilding was affected by the efforts of Queens Park and its SFA cousins. Celtic’s application for a £5m Football Trust grant was turned down, while the Hampden renovation project received a total of £10m. Sunderland FC received £5m for their stadium – a project 30% smaller than that at Celtic Park.

“Queens Park FC’s balance sheet shows the stadium as an asset costing circa £73m – mainly the new south stand and roof erected in the 90s. None of this was paid for by its owner. But about £64m of taxpayers’ money went into the project.

“The future should belong to the supporters who buy the tickets, and the clubs they own and support.”

McCann also revealed in his letter the fact that it was a term in the Lease Agreement between Celtic and the Hampden authorities that there was to be no flying of a foreign flag.

“In charge of Celtic, and having to rent the stadium for the 94/95 season, I had to tolerate the mean-spirited behaviour of Queen’s Park officials throughout that period.”

“This began with a clause in the lease – a ‘deal breaker’ as their attorney made clear – that forbade ‘the display of any foreign flag.’”

It was against this sinister backdrop that I travelled to the game from England. I remember all sorts of last-minute concerns whether the vigilant Health and Safety Inspectors from the local authority would allow the game to go ahead. I’d been kept up to date with the progress of the development of Celtic Park by photographs sent from home. I remember other ‘mishaps’ too like the Royal Mail employees inexplicably losing large quantities of documents relating to the Share Issue and mail being ‘found’ in obscure places. Despite the best efforts of many the infrastructure of the new North Stand was slowly put in place. On trips home, I’d drive to the ground to marvel at the structure rising from the ashes.

On the day of the opening, the feeling of excitement and anticipation approaching Celtic Park was palpable. Our seats were in the upper reaches of the new North Stand. It cost 17m to build and seated 27,000 supporters. It was huge. It was a warm sunny afternoon and there was an unfinished feeling to the place. The flights of stairs to our seats seemed endless and I can still recall the banter among supporters almost like kids on their first day at a new school. When I took my seat I marvelled at the views over the Cathkin Braes. The Main Stand was dwarfed by this vast new modern ‘Jungle’. We’d got there early and my dad was in his usual seat in the lower tier of the Main Stand. I still have a vivid memory of seeing him waving over from his seat.

I remember asking myself ‘What’s this place going to be like when it’s finished?’I was in awe. Both ends behind the goals were missing and in some ways that reflected the ongoing rebuilding work of the club. Sitting there I reflected on my early days at the ground. I could almost see the diminutive Jimmy Johnstone fearlessly attacking defences on the pitch. Billy McNeill leading the side. Paul Wilson, Harry Hood, Kenny Dalglish. Big Jock in the dugout. I remembered the pals that I used to go the games with. The old souvenir shop where we used to hang out before heading to the Parent and Child Gate looking for a ‘lift.’

Both my Grandad’s both spent their Saturday afternoons at Paradise. One of them told me that he’d often still have coal dust on his face and be wearing pit boots. My dad had carried on the family tradition and this new stadium was part of my inheritance. They were all there that day.

We were home.

My son and two of his pals travelled over from Ireland last week for the Leipzig game. Watching that game I realised that my son’s generation is free of much of the sense of inferiority and exclusion that many of us suffered. They are often better educated, more confident and thanks to the commitment of previous generations, don’t carry the same baggage. When my son recently said ‘Rangers are a joke.’ I couldn’t help recalling how someone once poetically prophesied about ‘…the laughter of our children.’

The game wasn’t too bad at all. Celtic played with the swashbuckling style that was Tommy’s trademark. Tommy made a speech from the pitch dressed in a green blazer. Both teams formed a guard of honour for Rod Stewart who cut the ribbon on the new stand releasing hundreds of green and white balloons. Newcastle fans shouted ‘Gazza’s a Geordie.’ Phil O’Donnell played. John Collins scored the first goal at the new partially completed stadium from the penalty spot. Hugh Dallas refereed the game. (Whatever happened to him?) Andreas Thom made his debut.

Les Ferdinand equalised. He’d been signed for the record sum of 6.5m from QPR. David Ginola was heckled for choosing Newcastle ahead of Celtic. Peter Beardsley was roundly applauded and walked off the park wearing a Celtic scarf.

31,000 attended the game. Upon the completion of the stadium, Celtic Park would hold almost 61,000 people and provide a platform for revenue generation that would enhance our position in Scotland and prove to be the envy of clubs around Europe.

Tommy Burns, for reasons that I won’t discuss here, was never able to bring the league trophy to Celtic Park. The reality is that Tommy didn’t have a chance. He gave everything to win the league and was denied by institutional cheating. David Murray’s Rangers ‘won’ the League that season by 4 points, despite losing 2 games more than Celtic. It’s fitting though, that Tommy was the first Celtic Manager at the new stadium and for his selfless efforts he will always be remembered as one of the greatest Celts.

My Dad too never got to see Celtic win the League Title again. He passed away on the October 27th 1997. By that time Tommy had left and Wim Jansen was in charge. August 5th 1995 was a turning point. It was to prove pivotal in the twenty years that followed.

Those years would see the demise of Rangers and frantic attempts to convince the public that new Sevco is the same club. Some of us oldtimers fight on to have the records changed. The youngsters with their new found confidence tell me ‘their deid Da.’ Maybe they are just free of the wounds of the cheating years? Tommy Burns led Celtic bravely through a dark period. The support of today are reaping the benefits of the dedication of men like Tommy.

My overall feeling looking back on that day is a sense of gratitude. A gratitude for those that lived in single ends and stood on freezing terraces. The supporters that dug deep to make it happen and for the men and women and of vision who made it happen. Let’s hope that our current custodians protect and guide our club in a manner that preserves our greatest asset.

Our Unity.


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An excellent article,and it reminds us of a few salient facts about our south side neighbours and their enablers within the game.

Timely,given how I expect the board to formally jettison Res 12 at today’s AGM.

No appetite for justice in our beloved leaders,it seems. All that cheating over the years,well,it was a long time ago,wasn’t it.

Spineless sellout basturts.


TheGombeenman great article… That was one of the last games myself and my father would attend before him getting unwell and passing… Great memory’s.. Oh how the tables have turned , we are now dominant, although I believe there is still institutionalised cheating going on… Those times at football and the wilder world ( work etc) made us educated our children better and look at them now.. Wow

Hail Hail

D. 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Majoc & David66,

Thanks for the comments lads. I’m pretty humbled that it’s been posted on the day of the AGM. Let’s hope for a miracle there. Those memories of the Murray years are still painful especially when I watched Tommy Burns and Phil O’Donnell on the video. Tommy had put together are a very decent side but side but didn’t have a chance.
At the very least I would have hoped for some kind of an acknowledgement from the PLC of the cheating years and it put on record that the efforts of decent men were frustrated because of institutional cheating.
I don’t suppose that’s likely because it’s ‘too complicated’ for an honest solution and as well all know it’ll never happen again. 🙂

Duty calls, but thanks again Mahe, Majoc and SeS for the opportunity.


big packy

the gombeen man congrats on a fantastic article, never seen the late great tommy burns playing in the flesh unfottunately. because I had moved down to England when he broke into the team, as you say celtic to the core, such a travesty he managed celtic when them bassas were at their cheating best, a wee story when celtic park was all finished took my wife up to the stadium tour, now my late fatheris a croy man and id heard Fergus was from croy, well as we moved around the stadium this door opened and out came Fergus and Stephan mahe, I said hello Fergus at first he seemed a bit like oh go away and don’t bother me, then I said believe your from croy so is my father and yes he knew all my dads family.hh?


Terrific stuff,mate. I think Fergus’ only real mistake was in hiring Jock Brown.

Which ain’t too shabby over five years.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks for the post. I bumped into Fergus a couple of times in the stadium. He always seemed in a hurry and didn’t seem much of a people’s man. I’d imagine he’d be a pretty demanding boss and maybe he was exactly what was required at the time to deal with the cheating we faced (and still face) on every level.
No-one is perfect though but he delivered a great deal but at the end of the day, he’s a numbers man.
I’ve plenty of misgivings but I laughed a while ago when I read on a Sevco site ‘We need a Fergus McCann.’


The Gombeen man,

That was a brilliant recall of the dawning of a new Celtic horizon.

I too was at that game with my two sons, we thought back in time to the darkness of the lost generations, the hostility, the waffle about Cambuslang, our near demise, John Keane who went to his bank and withdrew 1 mill. to save the club from masonic interference and our probable liquidation. Then Celtic men arriving on the horizon and who for whatever motive started the fightback that would lead our club to the top off the Scottish tier and there we have remained to this day, stronger than ever before.

From the 30 year hero of Hibs Harry Swan, being manipulated by Sir George Graham two Orangemen who hated Celtic and its Catholic supporters and because we flew the flag of the Irish Republic, told us to take it down or we would be thrown out of Scottish football, ironic it is that “Rangers” and Bob Kelly joined together to fight this bigoted order and have it overturned. So your memory recalls that, that Queens Park’s instruction to ban the Tricolour proved that since 1888 we have had to fight for our very being to play football in Scotland and that fight continues to this day. I remember wee Fergus fuming at having to pay half a million pounds just to rent Hampden when Celtic park was being refurbished.

But most of all I remember Tommy, Tommy Burns our “Twist and Turns” I met Tommy a couple of times at Celtic park, I remember his easy, generous smile, his affability but most of all I remember his humour, those sparkling eyes, I still miss him and think about him a lot. A true Celtic hero. If you have 100 Celtic supporters in one room, you would get 100 different views on wee Fergus, but one thing you will get is an appreciation of how he stood up for Celtic and how he fought many battles for the club, from Farry to Minty the man from Croy, abrasive though he was, you just knew that he would stand his ground and not be intimidated by anyone. We know he left with his bank book filled to the top, if only he had considered the support more his legacy could have been better appreciated.

Thanks for sharing your Celtic memories, I knew that they would be fantastic and you never let us down…. well done.

Great post.
How I loved watching Tommy’s team, they played football they way it should be played, with honest officials we all know.
Graham Spiers is on record saying that in the past there was bias against us and bias favouring them, but not any more, strange thing is….[not]…. nobody has thought to ask him when they stopped being bias.
At the end of the day we have done what we have in spite of the cheating and the corruption that comes our way from all angles, surprisingly or not some from inside as well.
The paint & sweeping brushes will be getting an airing as I type this

saltires en sevilla


Epic post. Great choice and you have done the event proud.

When we consider the changes made in such a short time – it was amazing and the venue has added a significant dimension to ‘ Celtic’

As for cheating hun bassas…

I’m expecting ziltch today. More later when we know for certain.

Nevertheless, one of the best blogging pieces I have read anywhere!

Hats’ off …

The Gombeen Man

Mike, TET, SeS,

Thanks for the very kind comments. I’m out and about at the moment and will check back later.

Hail Hail


That was a cracking read, most enjoyable. Thank You.
I attended that game, it’s amazing what the mind recalls. It was the first time I had heard the Andy Thom song, it may even have been the first game it was sung, anyway Andy Cole had just left Newcastle for Man United and I initially thought the Celtic fans were singing Andy Cole, rather than Andy Thom, to wind up the Geordies.
I also thought that Rod could have sung a song, a couple of seats for life for cutting a bit off ribbon. I was truly delighted that we scored the first goal in the new stadium. If may seem daft but that mattered to me.
Hail Hail


Majoc/Sol Kitts.
Sorry for delay in responding.
I thoroughly enjoyed both your posts and the insight it gave about being a Celtic fan.
Majoc, although the first game, I attended was 1970 v Jambos. My first cup final wasn’t until 1973.
If you ever have a series on games/ events, you attended that you wish to forget but can’t because that are embedded in your brain( a masochist series) then will write an article on that game.
Hail Hail


What a brilliant idea,I’ve got effin’ hunners!!!

The kind of occasions that make me wish my memory was as bad then as it is now…

Which reminds me-oh,the irony-of a really funny gag by Frankie Boyle,saw it again the other day.

And no,I’m not repeating it on here-but it was a close-run thing!


The Gombeen Man, ,
That’s a fantastic piece of writing and captures the event beautifully.
Not knowing much of those details I found some parts very juicy, especially they lost 2 games more that year yet won?
The Newcastle people in general seem a good bunch, that ale they make is drinkable, and for about 10 years they had a very watchable team that didn’t win anything. A bit like the late great Tommy team ironically. Although I dont like Shearer the man I admire his decision to stay at his boyhood club and win nada rather than a big move as he was offered. “The Black Flash “ Andy Cole was a cracking player but was straight out the door when the big boy knocked.

I also subscribe to the we are far more educated now theory, at the moment its not helping though, many big issues remain.
Great morning read piece, thanks very much.
Hail Hail

Sol Kitts,, I intended to thank you yesterday but the day got away from me. Cheers for that piece partner.


IIRC,we only lost one match that season. Pretty sure it was against them,and a Gascoigne penalty rings a bell.

ELEVEN,again IIRC,draws were our downfall. Plus,we really weren’t scoring a lot of goals.

That would change the following year when Jorge Cadete et al arrived. Best striker in our colours I’d seen,even pushing McClair and Dalglish to the sidings.

Sadly,his wife drove him up the wall and out of the country.

saltires en sevilla

Lads and lassies

Im trying to find any reference to Res12 at today’s AGM


Have I missed it ?

Chat about Irish songs and transfer fund in January etc. Blah, blah, blah

Nothing at all about Res12 …shooorly to gawd someoen asked a question?

I’m heading out but will catch up later



It was brought up, usual flannel though.
Michael Nicholson said it’s a very complex matter and there is a new compliance officer in place. If new information comes out we will be first to know.
Lawwell said Celtic have been at forefront of chasing the resolution.
Man from the floor says he’s not happy and crowd applauded.
Bankier said institution that was hoping to fail failed and Lawwell chased answers from Regan in open correspondence.
That’s about it, usual PLC kicking it into long grass.
Hail Hail


Bankier said institution to big to fail, failed. NOT hoping.
Hail Hail



Thank you for informing me about that time period. There is a lot in your article that I did not know. I remember being proud that a Canadian had stepped in to help save our club. It illustrated how global the support was for Celtic.

Fergus got his revenge on the SFA for the way that they treated the club.

It was also good to see your praise of Tommy Burns. To have people honour you so long after death is a true measure of a successful life!

One thing that I envy about your post is the family tradition of supporting the club……your father, his father etc. Since I took my three sons out of Scotland, they have not experienced the bigotry and the culture of the country. They do not understand the real story of Celtic and what it stands for. They know my feelings towards the club but, since they have never seen with their own eyes the hate, they cannot get the importance of a continuing Celtic. It is a source of pain to me.

When you emigrate you only look forward and do not realise what you and your family might lose.


Margaret McGill

Institutions that are too big to fail usually get tax bailouts e.g. banks, investment firms, car manufacturers, Rangers, etc you know cheats and liars.
Apparently Celtic are quite happy with this situation. Its prickhuntown Reganomics.

So no action re Res 12, a feckin joke but expected.
I for one am up for crowdfunding this to take it to court


It may actually have been Auldheid, himself who raised the issue.
The PLC are contemptuous of fans, Bankier thinks because he used the too big to fail jibe, that it will deflect away from Res 12. They think we are thick, although when I read some of the other questions asked, maybe they have a point.
Am I too cynical?
I heard a couple of days ago that Lawwell and the board are really unhappy about the beautiful Sunday lyrics and lo and behold one of the first questions asked, it may even have been the first, criticises this song and others and Lawwell calls the shareholder brave for raising it. Surely that wasn’t stage managed, surely?
For the record, my point isn’t about the whether the song is good/bad/indifferent, it’s about how almost everything is controlled now.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

I suspect in years to come(after PL or DD or both are gone) it will become public knowledge that Celtic worked behind closed doors to revive the huns as part of their business continuity plan as Europe was too risky. Anyone got any other suggestions as to why Celtic PLC loathe and despise res 12?

Of course it’s stage managed, right down to the OF thing, joint renewal on the 2nd Nov this year for another ten years, they are 100% right that we are thick, the vast majority anyways.

Margaret McGill

Took me 21 years to figure out American pseudo intellectual drivel regarding education, health, public transport, housing, anything to do with tax dollars. The elephant in the room was pure unadulterated racism. Simples. Work backwards and it all makes sense. All of it.
Same logic applied to Celtic PLC and res 12. Elephant in the room…Milking pure unadulterated bigotry. A club like no other. Err not any longer. Simples.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the post. It was a game that mattered to me in a lot of ways. It was just great to be back and on reflection, I’m so happy that Tommy Burns was the Manager at the time.
I remember another incident when a few Geordies tried to pull down a banner that was draped from the top tier. The Celtic supporters pulled them literally off their feet when they pulled the banner back. There was a couple of Geordies literally hanging from the banner in mid-air!
It was pretty ironic too that Hugh Dallas awarded the penalty that we scored from.

Nothing was won that day but for me, it was memorable for both family reasons and the fact that it represented a turning point in our fortunes.


Nail on the head Mags, they have been milking the support since our inception, to say otherwise is deluding yourself.
Muney, muney muney, everything else pales into insignificance

big packy

the exiled tim,. if your around, im with you and canamalar on this, lets see if we can get the met involved.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Mahe,

Alan Shearer’s infamous kick to Neil Lennon’s head is something that I still remember and also the allegation in Graham Kelly’s book that Shearer threatened to walk away from the England set-up if he was sanctioned is a bit distasteful.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to record a few memories.


The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the post.

There are many benefits to being part of a family tradition that has supported Celtic for generations but I guess it can be pretty restrictive too. I suppose it’s best to try and get a balance with these things. My kids live in a completely different world to the one I grew up in and the fact that your three boys have not been conditioned by the bigotry is a blessing. The whole sectarian thing is so damaging.

Emigration is difficult and I often find I have a homing instinct that creates an unease from time to time. The home soil is in the bone really and it’s a credit to you that the boys seem to have settled and are looking forward. I was exactly the same when I went to London and it is only with the benefit of hindsight and age that I’ve realised the significance of even an apparently simple thing as going to Pre Season Friendly.

It’s amazing how many Americans and Canadians visit Ireland every year and find a connection to their roots maybe 150 years earlier.

I don’t think we’ve any say in the matter there comes a time for many folk when it becomes important to connect with the past.


Sol Kitts

Sad to say it looks like our board are prepared to hold their nose while they feed at the trough of Mammon. It’s all about the money, spend only enough to keep the team slightly better than the nearest challenger, throw the fans the odd titbit to revive our interest when they see we’re getting fed up with their tightness. Don’t rock the boat, they’re floating on a sea of sh1t.
We fans want to see our board do the right thing, challenge the cheating and push for justice. We all know that if we had cheated for years, falsified our info to gain entry to the Champions League at Rangers (il) expense, they wouldn’t hesitate to push for us to be punished, so why are our board so unwilling to get involved? Are there skeletons in our cupboard that we don’t want seen? Are we still subconsciously accepting the seats at the rear of the bus?
But what to do? Some fans may stop going to games. The board won’t be concerned by this, the season ticket waiting list will take up the slack. Only a massive boycott would change minds, but is this likely? No, I don’t think so.
Wish I had the answer which would energise the board but I’m at a loss on this one.

Margaret McGill

The answer is that Glasgow Rangers need to be liquidated again with no recourse of any description. I wonder who is throwing them their lifelines? For the future Brexit might help. Only external financial forces outside of Scotland can have an effect on this situation like last time i.e. when Rangers cheating and hubris spilled over the border and messed with the tax man. Paradise lost.

They are getting funded by loyalists in the north, I also reckon that they are cleaning money for people in the east, how brexit will help them, I can see how if the north gets shat upon and wheans of them move to scotland, strike that, of course brexit will help them.

Sol Kitts

Dead right, Margaret. If left to any Scottish body, nothing will get done. Such a shame, really. Our board could have taken the moral and legal high ground, and the rest of Scottish football’s fan base (with the exception of Sevco, obviously) would have applauded them for it. That opportunity has now passed, and even if they do move on this, it’s going to look half-hearted, reluctant, grudging.

I have no idea if there is any skeletons in any kinda cupboard, imo it’s only about the money and not rocking the boat that will stop the money flow, they are taking a gamble on this, they rightly see that the majority don’t give a ef about what happened all them years ago, as long as we are pumping the huns that is good enough, things will only change when they are back tat the top and winning things, sadly then it will be too late.
The world goes around in circles as the football will, they will get their turn at the top again, nothing surer.

big packy

if we don’t act now, it will be flung under the carpet forever, and them cheating hun bassas will be laughing at us for evermore..hh.

A thing of beauty

It has been so long and drawn out that I would suggest 90% of the support on match day have either no clue or don’t care about resolution 12. This, as has been said is helped by the success of the team right now. But make no mistake they are closer to us than in a long time due to us going backwards. If we mess up this league that may be enough to see the back of peter lawwell but is it a price worth paying. Plus, if we get rid of him it seems there would be no appetite from those left to pursue res 12. To my mind it’s over and that leaves a sour taste. The 4 resolutioners must be so disappointed tonight that their efforts have been ignored but may I let them know my gratitude for trying.

The Gombeen Man

I always suspected when the Res 12 t-shirts were put up for sale to cover legal expenses that it was the beginning of the end.

Since that time there has been very little writing or activity officially on the matter. The requisitioners fought on in the background and on blog pages but the matter was closed.

The t-shirt money campaign raised enough to pay off the legal fees and raised money for charity.
At that point, I feared that we were being misled and I lost all confidence in anything I was ‘fed’ by a particular Blog.

It’s for that reason that it is vital to have a Celtic Blog free from vested interests or other commercial concerns.


No way it’s over, no way.

A thing of beauty

I hope you’re right but these guys have given 5 years of their life to this and been slapped in the face at every cut and turn. They will need to decide if they feel they have anything more to give and also if they think sufficient numbers in the support are still interested. I know within my own family we have one who is so annoyed by it, he allows it to affect his enjoyment of our club, another two who started off in the same vein but are becoming more ambivalent the longer it gets dragged out and one who would clap Celtic if they played a charity match in support of the local orange lodge. It’s a big ask for the resolution guys to keep going. They must think of their own families.

It’s down to who blinks first now, as the canman said it’s all about the timing.
As a shareholder I am happy to take things further to get justice, if it costs me a few bob, so be it, this will not be let go, too much blood sweat and tears have been spent on it to let it be.

I don’t believe it’s closed, if I have to I will sue the feckers myself, I’m sure I will find a brief willing to do the biz for the publicity.

Margaret McGill

I was thinking that the Tories own Hubris would exacerbate everything UK after Brexit. Something along the lines of the re-establishment of the aristocratic ruling class and a reaffirming of the British Empire 19th century class consciousness etc resulting in the collapse of the NHS and other social infrastructure that much of the population currently depend on as the aristocracy empty the Treasury. Hopefully, this would result in a reunification of Ireland and an Independent Scotland. May take years as the British Empire makes its last stand in Hartlepool or some other such dump.
Under such circumstances much of the Scottish hun shit would wither. Any other “external” avenues such as a super league forget it. Celtic wont be invited. In the meantime can you see me laughing?

“We don’t sit every month when the bank statement comes in and say ‘how good are we, we’ve got X in the bank?” he said. “We’re a football club. The purpose of having the money in the bank is to reinvest it back into the club and we’ll do that for the right players.”
So there you have it, more lies from our CEO

The Gombeen Man

Unless they have something up their sleeve like getting out of Scotland or the Compliance Officer is going to pull something out the bag all the other evidence points to the PLC having no interest in it. Whatever reason they might have is open to question. Financial? Fear?Old boys network? Who knows.

We could do with a Paul McConville, God rest his soul.

Fair play to you. The problem is I don’t believe what Celtic PLC say. A proper investigation might turn up a real mess.

The trouble is I have long doubted their competence, Ronny Deila, Transfer Windows, Champions League exits etc. They are shooting fish in a barrel in Scotland, propped up by the Old Firm bigoted pound.

Margaret McGill

Too many Green huns for res 12 to succeed. It was never on.
Told Morrissey that before the 2013 AGM.
DD and PL and all the board are green huns or self serving technocrats at best.
Most of the support are green huns. Lot of the blogs are filled with Green hunnery.
CQN is run by green huns.for example.
Waste of time.


I intend to post an article on the subject of Res 12/AGM/Board reaction. I’ll need to run it past Mahe first-and probably take legal advice on some of the content! As things stand,I think the support need to look beyond our traditional bogeymen at Hampden and Ibrox.

We have not been infiltrated by people who wish us harm,but rather by those who are only in it for themselves.

Where have we seen that before? Well,at least the Kellys,etc,were generally only incompetent.

The Gombeen Man

Just because the vested interests are predictably acting to safeguard the corruption in the game doesn’t mean any kind of failure.
The evidence has been collected, it has been ignored. As time passes that dereliction of duty will undermine the reputations of those who looked away.

There are things that are much more valuable than money and power.

It really isn’t complicated.

HH & Nite all

Margaret McGill

The fact that Rangers are alive, have been re-instated as the vanguard of bigotry in Scotland, are 3rd in the league and are back with a vengeance is an utter failure.A failure of gargantuan proportions. To ameliorate this situation by hoping that in the future we can somehow refer to old platitudes like we were reading old ship logs is worthless

saltires en sevilla


I appreciate your reply yesterday buddy. Thank you.

To everyone else thanks for saying in your own individual way what you think about the Board and their reaction to Res12

There is not much to add to that.

Right now I feel thoroughly scunnered with the whole business.

We have been treading water on here jabbering away about fond memories etc.mwe sll know we have been killing time waiting for this AGM

However, as someone far more eloquently put it, the elephant in the room is the way our board have been shunting this issue around for over 5 years….longer!

As a club we have lost our Desire…

No… worse…we have probably sold our Soul.

Is this payback for thems supporting us with the fleg crises in the fifities…