More Questions Than Answers

Ah,the gathering of the clans,or to give it its official title,Celtic FC AGM. The day that shareholders are given an opportunity to question the board. Once they’ve voted themselves back onto the gravytrain,that is.

There were certainly a number of contentious issues available for discussion-there was the disaster of two transfer windows for starters. Not to mention the much-vexed question of Res 12. Instead,we got a placeman feeding a question about sectarian singing,where instead of the fans criticising the board,the board somehow managed to criticise the fans.

And there was your headline news for the BBC,right there…

Let’s wind back a little to that Res 12 thing,the issue that the board clearly wish would go away. It was common knowledge that Rangers,under David Murray,were heading for the rocks,that HMRC and Lloyds-which had fallen heir to his billion-pound debt-were on his back,that the only way they could possibly stay afloat was with Champions League money.

That meant winning the league. Every year. And they didn’t care how they achieved it,nor were they too bothered about hiding their methods. As a small example…


The writing was on the wall for Rangers a long time before Craig  Whyte arrived on the scene in 2010-eventually scrambling about down the side of his settee for the asking price-and everyone in Scottish football knew it. McCoist managing to get them dumped out of TWO European trophies put the tin-lid on it,and HMRC delivered the coup de grace with a huge tax demand.

The year after their liquidation,it became obvious to some Celtic fans  that Rangers should not have been granted a licence to compete in Europe in 2011,and a Resolution was put forward to the 2013 AGM.

That wasn’t too easy,as MORRISEYTHE23RD was kicked off the premises when he tried to present the required shareholder signatures at Celtic Park. And when the Resolution eventually made it onto the agenda,the board were originally going to vote it down.

Instead they kindly offered to discuss the matter with the people behind it,The Four Musketeers. They would go over all the evidence accrued by them,and present it to the proper authorities to be dealt with. Peter Lawwell even said that he would be delighted to fire the silver bullet,once presented to him.

We’re waiting,Peter. In the time since you spoke those words,The Four Musketeers have provided you with an entire arsenal,while you have been conspicuous by your lack of action. In fact,he was conspicuous by his absence during all but one meeting with the four,leaving this important matter to the company lawyer to deal with. Strange behaviour indeed for one with a reputation for micromanagement.

Still,I have to congratulate him for this,as he clearly believes that if you hire someone for his professional knowledge and experience,he should be allowed to use it. Would that he extended such courtesy to all departments,eh?

So where are we now? It seems that things have moved along,to be fair. Our four heroes have been forensic in their examination of events-running up a five figure legal bill in the process!-and last year,Celtic asked the SFA to investigate the award of a Euro licence in 2011.  No apparent progress has been evident in resolving this issue when there appears to be irrefutable evidence at the very least of dishonesty and lack of good faith in the original submissions to the SFA. This is completely unacceptable after an initial 8 month period for the previous Compliance Officer to conclude that there was a case to answer and then convene a Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal (JPDT), and the further 5 months which have elapsed since. But not,it seems,to our board,who have grasped this lifebelt with undue haste,ironically intimating that their hands are tied by a demand by Rangers that it be dealt with by CAS,not SFA.

There is a problem with that,of course. The SFA have not passed any information to CAS,have shown no willingness to do so,and will not discuss what information if any is under consideration to be forwarded to CAS.


You could be forgiven for thinking that Celtic would be livid about the lack of action on this serious matter-after all,over the last decade or more of Murray’s reign,they were robbed of titles and reward and our board has a fiduciary and governance responsibility to its own shareholders, and it could be interpreted that this has been endangered through lack of appropriate action. Clearly not so,or we wouldn’t be shunted up the sidings,which is exactly where we are now.

So maybe we should be asking why this has come to pass,that a rival can steal titles and reward,die and do a Lazarus,be permitted to keep all of their titles including the stolen ones,and the board of the victim company seem strangely reluctant to seek justice. The courts worldwide are full of companies suing each other,and titles have been stripped in football as in many other sports-often for considerably less! But no,that reluctance has been about the only constant in this narrative,so why is that?

Fat chance of ever finding out the truth,so let’s see if we can join the dots,paint a damning picture,win a major prize. Well,we aren’t going to win a prize,we aren’t going to get the titles stripped,I doubt we will see anyone at the SFA losing their job,and there’s even less chance of anyone at Celtic losing theirs. And why should they? I’m a fair-minded guy,I’m quite willing to cut people the benefit of the doubt.

I’m quite prepared to accept that no-one at Celtic Park,no-one with authority on our board,has acted against the interests of the club in favour of parking Res 12. That no-one conspired with anyone from outside the club to give Rangers a licence to resuscitate into Scottish football in 2012,allow them to keep ALL their history including the stolen titles,and that everything possible has been done by the PLC to demand justice for all the wrongs done during the period in question.

However,I think it is more likely that someone at Celtic Park did a risk/benefit assessment on the dangers caused to the club of Rangers going bust. And remember,it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to them when they did just that,so I seriously doubt that this assessment was done in five minutes on the back of a fag packet-even if the answer they arrived at might give that impression! That answer is the unpalatable scenario in which we now find ourselves -Sevco a few points behind us,still spending unsourced money they don’t have,still with 114 titles,and united far more than we are.

And still benefitting from Honest Mistakes and placemen in the SFA.


No-one at Celtic Park had that authority to act this way. And certainly no-one at Celtic Park has said that anyone has done so. But  it is my personal opinion that it provides the only explanation for the prevarication-at best!-for what has happened since. Yet there is no reason for it-acting in the best interests of the club even when those actions were outside your remit would be considered a censuring offence,rather than a sacking offence.

It’s the cover-up since which is a sacking offence.

So,where do we go from here,when the board seem so reluctant to take the resolution further,and in fact seem hell-bent on derailing it? That really is a difficult question to even contemplate,as it throws up “an appalling vista”. And we know that they tend not to end well for the good guys.

The good news is that our Intrepid Four have not given up,have not retired to lick their wounds. AULDHEID has intimated that there are other avenues available,and which will be explored in full. Meantime,more people will join the boycott of the club-which is something I simply cannot bring myself to contemplate,much less recommend. Others will join the boycott of our domestic cup matches,and more still will refuse to purchase merchandise.

Really,the fans are in a difficult place. None of us has pictures of board members past or present on our bedroom walls-it’s the team we have supported all our lives.The board know this,and will play on our loyalties to the club,even as we despise those at the top table.

We need the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job. Fortunately,we have AULDHEID-and he knew them both well!!!


The above is a wholly personal view by majoc,with some assistance from a fellow poster. Good lad that he is!

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Edit to above.

The company lawyer I referred to was actually the Company Secretary. I believe such legal matters fall within his remit and experience.


Good article, however, just one point I disagree with.
‘Rangers get to keep titles’ should read ‘Sevco have been conferred the titles’.


Nice of you to pop by,ya pedantic sod!

I think I called them by their proper name elsewhere in the article-I couldn’t get certain terms past the legal department,unfortunately.

Seems lawyers aren’t famed for a sense of humour,and certainly aren’t paid for having one!!!

A thing of beauty

Excellent summation and I appreciate you taking the time to put it together. We all know we’ve been cheated but we’re faced with the harsh reality of accepting it or stop supporting our team. To have to do that is unthinkable for me though I fully understand those that do. It seems our reliance on the bigot pound won the day and we are stuck in this backwater league, tied to the Huns for evermore. If that’s the case then the least this board should be doing is making sure we hammer them again and again and again but such is the incompetence or complacency we are actually in danger of mucking that up. Res 12 won’t see the end of Peter Lawwell and this board but allowing those cheating scumbags to win another title before the ten will. I think that’s known as a curates egg.


Praise indeed from you,and my grateful thanks. I humbly apologise to you on a public forum for leading you up the garden path all those years ago by being styoooopit enough to believe that their crimes had taken punishment out of the ever-forgiving embrace of the masonic establishment and cronyism.

Like you,I could never advocate refusing to support our team-but the options aren’t too palatable either. There were a number of us pointed out the pitfalls of the board not applying the hose,the main one of which was a fractured support. Seems the board aren’t too bothered about who they piss off,as long as there are enough bodies taking up the tickets.

The truth will out,but I suspect I’ll be long past caring enough to say telt ye.


Great article and well written.

I know longer care so much anymore to be honest. Yes I can go looking for current aspects of the club and the support and extended family that have kept me interested but it is diminishing daily. The off field corruption is far more interesting and entertaining than the football, especially from the Celtic angle. No one holier than thou. There could have been a German legacy for Celtic that I could have left behind for generations. Me being the first member of my family to move to Germany and settle here. I have nipped that one in the bud though.

Very little talk of Celtic in my house anymore. Domestically I have moved on to Eintracht Frankfurt.

Everything and let me be honest here and let me choose my words very carefully.

And let me shout it


I made my decision 6 years ago not to give Celtic PLC anymore money. Why because as I pointed out on my first CQN post they are Old Firm.

I was right and anyone saying I am not or anything else based on the litany of evidence has Stockholm syndrome and/or a rigid belief system based on an unwillingness to face reality. Like all rigid belief systems.

I cannot virtually influence my fellow fans anymore nor do I want too.

If you support Celtic financially then accept that you support the Old Firm and Bigotry. Anything else is a cop out.

I do not want to fall out with anyone as it is just football. I have never ever lost sight of that.

Nor have I lost sight of Bigotry, Sectarianism, The Bigot Brothers(that term can no longer be consigned to bed), Corruption, Unaccountability , Governance, Spin, Exploitation for profit

Have a great weekend lads

Es ist Schwarz Weiss wie schnee CSC

Awe Naw

No Know Naw Nie

Should really read “I now know I no longer care”

Impudent Strumpet

Excellent article – well done.

Not so long ago I would have agreed with your statement:

“I’m quite prepared to accept that no-one at Celtic Park,no-one with authority on our board,has acted against the interests of the club in favour of parking Res 12. That no-one conspired with anyone from outside the club to give Rangers a licence to resuscitate into Scottish football in 2012,allow them to keep ALL their history including the stolen titles,and that everything possible has been done by the PLC to demand justice for all the wrongs done during the period in question.”

However, the actions, and inaction, of certain people has led to little seeds of doubt sprouting into nasty little thorn bushes of suspicion in my mind.

Anyway, I enjoyed your article, despite grinding my teeth at the subject being covered!


Excellent article, encapsulates all of the misgivings I have. Coming more and more to the Awe Naw position, which is soul-destroying to have to admit. Seriously thinking of sacking it altogether. Apologies for bringing politics into this but it is analogous to Brexit: self-destruction on the altar of flawed ideology.

Welcome back,long overdue,to the Impudent Strumpet and Awe Naw.

I wish sometimes I had the balls of an Awe Naw,that I could just say sod it. No can do,mate. Just can’t,because Celtic will outlive this shower in charge.

“This too will pass”

As for Imprudent Strumpet,there are few sufficiently imprudent or even downright aff their heids as to treat Celtic fans with disdain and contempt-and expect to get away with it!

And aye,I know I spelt your moniker wrong-the gag wouldn’t have worked otherwise!!!


Couldn’t have done it without you,mate.

Btw,I’ve previously compared Brexit to lemmings jumping off a cliff,so your analogy is just silly.

The upper tier will be closed again soon enough,and even lemmings couldnae run off a Lower Front Stand seat.

I hope it doesn’t come to that,of course,but the lies are too many now to stop.

A thing of beauty

I recall at the time telling you when the words civil unrest were uttered by either salmond or Reagan any proper punishment was dead in the water. You believed differently but that was just a case of you being away from this Masonic cesspit for too long. You’re back on message now though!!

Awe Naw

I think DD´s “emotionally attached” son .. will outlive you .. and I´m willing to bet that he too is more emotionally attached to the Old Firm and the P/L balance sheet than his father is.

It´s easy for me I have a top 5 BL team 1.5 miles from my door.

When I come to Scotland on holiday or to visit and the family says …

yeh gaun tay the game — I say naw
yeh gaun tay the hootennanny — I say naw
yeh want tay go to Restaurant 7 — I say naw

I love you all …it`s just a same your all brainwashed.

When I see posters come on with the penny is starting to drop ONLY NOW !!!!! HOLY FUCKING HELL … that amazes me.

Sorry but I put it down to abject stupidity as I am not that clever and I have known about it for decades.

Impudent Strumpet

DD’s son whose fledgling business empire consists of (I’m sure amongst other things) a branch of Five Guys. God help us.

Hey, at least the burgers at CP might get better(?)

Five guys named Mo?

Fuxake,one was enough.

Awe Naw

Another Prediction.

I predict that Celtic will be more than above average busy in the transfer window in January.


If they do nothing then everyone will know that Brendan is offski and so will hold back on the ST renewal
ST renewals are in April therefore too risky not to buy any player and the delayed ST intake would also
incur a slight loss of income if the ST are not renewed punctually.

Ideally the PLC would prefer not to buy anyone in January so that the signings can be marketed along with
the new Celtic manager in the summer.


I anticipate a Flood of signings(!)

Good post M
Like a few others I stopped funding the charade some time back and have no intentions of resuming, I will look for streams to watch the games, as I like you, are still attached to the football team, always will be but i’m effed if the parasites who are in charge will get one thin dime from me ever again.
I disagree that nobody inside acted against the interests of the club, their stance of Res 12 blows that theory out of the water, they have condoned it in fact.
We are talking £100s of millions here potentially that has been stolen from us, yet nothing, silence from those who are supposed to be looking after things, in fact they are failing in their duty to the shareholders, they should be taken to task for this dereliction in their duty, someone will and I am happy to contribute to the funding of this.
To align yourself with corrupt, sectarian, bigoted scum, not in my name.

Awe Naw


yep that´s what I do. Really good reliable feeds and I don’t pay a penny. Still go to away European games. No longer buy official merchandise either.

I have to be honest and say that Celtic PLC going after justice was never going to happen. What do you expect from the club that appointed Brian Quinn. A man that made an art and a lucrative career out of been seeing to do something when in fact you are doing the exact opposite and throughout his entire life and extremely good at it.

Now while all the green huns on the plc and over at CQN don´t give a fuck about their descendants being ripped off and having the “royal” – very apt pish taken out of them (possibly no longer with us or too old and frail to take up the fight for justice) being shafted. The important thing for them (the green huns) is to have a vehicle that will allow them to behave in a bigoted sectarian manner while truly believing that they as Celtic fans have nothing AT ALL to do with it. That somehow they are above it. Smoke and Mirrors. That´s far more important to them. Which after a lifetime of conditioning and willful stupidity that’s hardly a surprise to anyone. Remember my statement on CQN about following the Nazi party due to the fashion. Well its the same thing.

What is truly amazing is that they managed to exact NOTHING from this situation. NOTHING.

Nothing in the way of accountability, governance, modernisation, public relations. not even a one afternoon in the year fucking scoop for those in throe of Peter Lawwell (poor sad bastards)

Yes with the absence of Rangers it´s a lot easier to win cups and fill stadiums (the money we have been making since they went pop has been eye watering and NO THANKS to them. ALL DOWN TO THE SUPPORT. As the football has went backwards since Neil Lennon´s departure) . No planning involved here a;s Deila, 8000 crushed fans, Murrayfield, statements to the PNSI etc. etc…. the list is endless they are charlatans.


Awe Naw


Awe Naw
I have always known that the suits were in it for themselves, the football team are a distant irritation for them, but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt that they did have the best interests of the club at heart, the huns going bust has proved that to be utter bollix.
There was a chance to clean up the game in scotland, a real chance, to make scottish foorball the envy of the world, a forward thinking association, a nation that takes the game seriously, a country that takes pride in developing young talent and a nation that is at the forefront of refereeing innovation, but as you say nothing has changed, in fact it’s gotten worse, the cheating, the corruption and the cover ups are worse than they have ever been, yet they expect us to fill their coffers, what gets me is intelligent people who can see what is happening yet they still throw their hard earned away, and we always said it was the hun who was stupid.


Chris , welcome and thanks for stopping by . Hail Hail


ATOB,,, ” accepting it or stop supporting our team ”
Just cut out financial support but still watch team ? If 10k did that it would make a dent and possibly force action .
To ask fans to give up their team is a no go in the main , older gents want left alone to their little creature comforts in their twilight , and kids just want something to do . Theres only a certain bracket that might care enough to act for the betterment of the club imo.

Hope all is good with you on this Black Friday ,, was perusing the ad’s as its a huge shopping day . The one that stood out the most was 1200 bullets ( .22’s ) for 65 bucks . Ooft . Giving them away , and what do you do with that many but shoot all the time . A bucket o’bullets ffs . Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Agree with every word TET

big packy

THE EXILED AND AWENAW, both of you have nailed it, celtic could have done something about the cheating but chose to do nothing, something sinister is afloat in that boardroom, someone or some people aren’t being economical with the truth, it will always be the old firm to the green huns, fuck them they wont get one thin dime from me.hh.?


AweNaw,,good to see ya on . The penny seems to be dropping for a lot would you not agree , and with more numbers whatever action is chosen will count for more . Seems to me its time to start making plans / moves after the suits have once and for all been found very wanting in their actions or lack of. Many who were on the fence are climbing off it , and the transfer window ironically helped that .

Majoc , well wrote buddy . Tell me this , who was the old Qner who was involved with Celts for Change ?


Majoc, that was a great exposition of the Res 12 issue, and also a great read! You stated your position clearly and I liked the way you outlined the dilemma facing fans…..can I walk away or not.

This is the first really controversial topic offered by this blog that I have seen. It will test the blog fully in its propensity to illustrate opposing points of view in a civilised manner. Other blogs have failed to do so and arguments have descended into personal attacks rather than evidence based presentations.For the avoidance of doubt, I believe that all have the right to state their views, whether I agree with them or not.

I find it amazing that Celtic has been targeted as a villain in this situation. Misguided, perhaps, but guilty of malfeasance, I think not. I can see that football fans were cheated by the corrupt practices of the old Rangers and either the complicity of the SFA, or its failure to apply due diligence in the European licencing process. I do believe that there is a bias in the Scottish game towards one particular institution, and I understand that this will only get worse if not challenged. I can also see that there is a clear reluctance by the Celtic Board to pursue the Res 12 issue. I can also see that it would be a very difficult path for the Board to aggressively pursue Res 12 with no guarantee of success or financial compensation at the end of it. What the Board appears to have done is make a business decision…… not to spearhead Res 12. Whether one agrees with this or not, it is not evidence that the Board or members of the club were complicit in the creation of Sevco, or that they are corrupt. May be such evidence does exist. If so, I’d like to see it.

My understanding is that the brave resolutioners have evidence and/or material that implicates the old Rangers and possibly the SFA in breaching their own regulations for the awarding of a licence for European competitions. I have not seen anything to suggest that Celtic were in any way involved in this. What has happened since is surely a cover-up by the football authorities and a stalling action by Sevco. Celtic do not have the backing of the other clubs who lost out in the 2011 debacle, at least not in public. The club has prospered in the intervening years since the demise of Rangers. Perhaps through a poor recruitment policy, they have not prospered as much as they should, but the club is clearly top dog in Scotland. Revenues from either the CL or the Europa can either dwarf or match the revenue from old firm games. Having a weak Sevco, or no Sevco significantly strengthens Celtic’s entry into Europe.Such games also have TV appeal and are free from the bigotry associated with old OF games. So I do not see that there is a business argument for maintaining the old firm at all costs.

You may disagree with the approach of the Board but I see no evidence that it is corrupt….financially motivated “Yes”. If you do not like this approach, you are free to walk away, but do so for the right reasons. I am certainly considering it but not because the club will not spearhead the Res 12 issue.

Tin hat on! I am offski to do some online Xmas shopping but will look in later,



for the penny to drop, season tickets will have to drop big time.


Well said Rebus, the thing is that we are all far too emotionally attached to Celtic, that is one of the reasons that I so admire Auldheid, who has the ability to detach himself from the emotion, inspect the facts and make an intelligent summation. Its difficult to follow the noise of Res.12, there is so many facts to follow, so many dates, so much published and trials to follow, that makes it difficult to read and to follow.

We know that “Rangers” with we think with SFA complicity applied for a licence to play in the C.L. qualifiers in 2011/12 when they had an overdue tax bill, that is a fact. That is fraud in my humble opinion and that is why I have wanted this issue/fraud investigated by the city of London police, who work with other forces at home or Internationally to investigate fraud, they are specialists in there field.

Now Auldheid has confirmed that the Celtic board wrote to the SFA in November 2011/12 seeking answers as to why “Rangers” were awarded that licence and Regan at the SFA and Regan as was his wont prevaricated and stated that the tax bill was under discussion and that under UEFA licencing rules this was acceptable and so the licence was awarded to “Rangers” my point is… why would the Celtic board do that if they were complicit?

Auldheid in his wisdom is very careful with his accusations, he only accuses if he has definite proof of fraud or of complicity, he might make a suggestion of complicity, but if he doesn’t have proof, he will hold back on accusations.
From what I gather, the little I know, it looks like he maybe exploring other options, this isn’t finished, not yet by any means.

Do I think that the board could do more, absolutely, it is my opinion that they would like this to go away, but my desire would be that we must have the truth fully investigated and published, by obtaining the truth on Res.12 Auldheid suggests that there is a link from it to LNS, if that is correct then we may acheive not just the truth we might clean up the game and wishful thinking perhaps get back the stolen titles and cups, that is a prize worth fighting for…

The Gombeen Man


A fine piece of writing that also serves as a good summary of the events to date. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

My view on the failure to address the growing concerns about corruption in Scottish football are summed up in a statement credited to Albert Einstein,

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’

The whole saga of Resolution 12 and the shenanigans of the suits would make Sir Humphrey Appleby proud. The fact that Alex McLeish is the Scottish National Coach despite his ongoing legacy troubles with Hector reveals the attitude of those charged with the administration of the game.
Paradoxically it mirrors the attitude of senior members of the clergy when presented with irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing. Their failure to act led to long-term damage to the organisation. Those charged with overseeing the administration of the game are not being seen to have the interests of the game at heart and are at best putting the interests of the organisation before the sport and its fee-paying customers.
In most businesses, the failure and demise of Rangers would have led to a wide-ranging review of procedures and the introduction of safeguards to prevent a recurrence. That hasn’t happened and Celtic PLC’s failure to publically call for some form of change is a concern.
Over the last few years we’ve seen Sevco become a threat again and all the familiar faces back, except David Murray. This situation is intolerable and in all conscience, I couldn’t contribute financially to a sport that isn’t fit for purpose. Others have decided to ‘move on’ and write posts condemning referees and complain online about the frequency of ‘home draws.’

This is a waste of precious time.
Nothing has changed. And as Einstein illustrated without a change in thinking the problem remains.

On another note, this has been a great week on the Blog and it has been a joy to read.

saltires en sevilla



The silence on the issues around Res12 stinks. Like a silent but violent fart.

We all know someone is rotten – but whom?

I can go with Celtic board not being corrupt or involved directly in the shenanigans over the years.
I understand they feel entitled to look at the areay of smoking guns and silver bullets and conclude there is no commercial advantage to the majority of shareholders to proceed.

Therein lies the fundamental difference between people who put money into Celtic and people who take money out.

Someone posted a great line from another blog which tells me most of what I need to know. The general theme was Billionaire Shareholders have a verifiable track record of making things happen the way they want it to happen. When they want it to happen. Simply because it suits their needs and just because they can.

They know how to make things happen expediently and particularly if they feel they have been crossed/shafted.

Our Billionaire owners have known about the situation for a minimum of 5 years. Probably a lot longer. They have chosen not to act because it suits (sic) them not to act.

For me it’s clear. They do not want Res12. Title stripping – fair punishment. Fair playing field.

They like it just the way it is and 53,000 Celtic fans are endorsing them.

I’m all for freedom of choice.

Good luck to them, because one day, maybe in 5 years, maybe sooner, there will be an event that doesn’t suit (sic) anyone at Celtic.

No point grumping and moaning about it then.

Margaret McGill

I suspect in years to come(after PL or DD or both are gone) it will become public knowledge that Celtic worked behind closed doors to revive the huns as part of their business continuity plan as Europe was too risky. Anyone got any other suggestions as to why Celtic PLC loathe and despise res 12?
The only positive outcome from the AGM Wednesday is that all resolutions will be passed including 7 & 8 so that PL can fuck off in 2020-21 with more money than McCann. Will that mean Lawwell won? you know in lickspittledom?
Just asking a question for the glorious balance sheet lovers.

Margaret McGill

“Now Auldheid has confirmed that the Celtic board wrote to the SFA in November 2011/12 seeking answers as to why “Rangers” were awarded that licence and Regan at the SFA and Regan as was his wont prevaricated and stated that the tax bill was under discussion and that under UEFA licencing rules this was acceptable and so the licence was awarded to “Rangers” my point is… why would the Celtic board do that if they were complicit?”

I suspect Lawwell was fishing to find out if they were really going to go tits up.

Margaret McGill

I think the PLC realized then ( about 3 months or so before the huns were liquidated) that they needed a new Business Continuity plan that was still being Piloted by the 2013 AGM.Res12 was either perceived as an impediment (at best) or a dangerous scupper as their new business continuity plan was revive the OF.

Margaret McGill

“Do I think that the board could do more, absolutely, it is my opinion that they would like this to go away, but my desire would be that we must have the truth fully investigated and published, by obtaining the truth on Res.12 Auldheid suggests that there is a link from it to LNS, if that is correct then we may acheive not just the truth we might clean up the game and wishful thinking perhaps get back the stolen titles and cups, that is a prize worth fighting for…”

In my opinion, if this is true, then LNS did what all judiciaries do. Corporate protection first. If there was any doubt in LNS’s mind regarding a decision then any whiff of a possible peasant revolt sealed it.



Ha, Ha, Ha!




You may or may not be correct that the Board acted this way but I do not see the logic in it. With “Rangers” out of the way, or at the least weakened, Celtic get a clear run to CL qualification and greater riches than afforded by 4 games against them. Even qualification for the Europa yields similar revenues to the OF games, and increases our chances of recruiting better quality. It does not make sense to me.

Unless, of course, the BOard are just daft.




Constrain the evidence, define the outcome…that was LNS. I believe that is what the SFA are attempting again w.r.t. CAS


A thing of beauty

Hope you’re not getting ideas mahe!! Agree about withdrawing financial support but then like a cactus I go and buy Celtic jammies for my daughter. It’s hard when it’s part of your culture and right on your doorstep.



Agree re the blog. I referred the blog to Tom Campbell, a respected Celtic author, and he was impressed with the quality of the writing, mine own excepted!

Come on Tom, come on in the water is fine!


Margaret McGill

The logic is that European success is high investment high risk. Celtic’s European involvement with this PLC is just seen as a bonus. Europe till xmas kinda thing as youre about to find out.The meat and potatoes of low risk Celtic PLC income is Scotland and by reviving huns and selling bigotry to all the green huns boosts regular PLC income by factors not percentages. Unfortunately, this BCP has a European downward spiral of investment resulting in AEK Athens as thems income increases they are not so weakened anymore and we are back to percentages.



How is Gothenburg weather? Minus 20 here in sunny Ottawa. Do you watch the local team?

I think the Board are scared of Res 12 because they do not know where it will go if it takes off. They do not want to lead it, but would be OK if it was championed by others. They do not want to be the instigator of the collapse of the governance structure in Scottish football.The fallout would be devastating for the club.


Margaret McGill

CAS was requested by the huns. The SFA arent attempting shit.

Reading between the lines a few of you sound like you are gonna give up, please correct me if I am wrong, but to give up now cos the money men look like they have won out, surprised if the truth be known, we are so so close, I accept we are also so so far but it’s touchable, as Canman said the other day, it’s all about the timing.

With respect I don’t see how cleaning up the game can or will have any devastating effect for us, on the contrary, it can only be a good and positive thing if the governors of the game are cleared out and a new fresh start is the outcome, if you are thinking that the media will savage us, they do that anyways so why worry about them, they have tried to destroy us for as long as we have been around and all they succeed in doing is making us stronger.

Margaret McGill

Im back in the US this week.
Celtic have historically wanted out of Scotland for more money i.e. either EPL (the reason we have DD in the first place) or other super league dreams. They dont give a rats arse about the governance of Scottish football.(have you been watching??). Res 12 is perceived as the peasants interfering in their current business plans.That’s all. Anyway, why would honest governance, fairness, and an expunging of the total current corruption that runs Scottish football be devastating to Celtic? I see the opposite.

Awe Naw

We won in 2012. Game over. That’s how I see it. To sell tickets to 20,000 of us per year to Ibrox every year for ten years isn’t malfeasance ?

To then hurriedly sell 8000 hun tickets isn’t malfeasance …we’ll find out once our ahem independent inquiry reports back …negligence will not be heard.

As a member of the SPFL and the SFA we played our part. Historically noted. In allowing Rangers to further diddle the tax man. Hundreds millions shed in debt

BECAUSE ….please please some of you finally out there recognise that football operates outside of the law. So stop bringing it up. It’s lawless by nature and Lawwell by Celtic That continued misapprehension is a waste of EVERYTHING.

Our PLC are not with us. They view us like they view the gun hordes. A means to an end maybe one day for a rich man. In the meantime they will feed you semantics and slap you in the back while knowingly sending you to a death trap …..and if you know ….should be changed to care about your history…’ll remember the Ibrox disasters plural

There’s a John Lennon song in there somewhere.


Rebus,,,get outta here youve a masters degree in pensmithery from some dodgy university no doubt . Minus 20 ,, ouch,,I assume youre burning wood ? First big rain here this weekend . Cali needs it . Firefighters prayed for it !
Of course I have heard and read Tom , thats a compliment indeed coming from him , but everyone deserves the credit . There is a lot of quality contribution thats for sure and hopefully the bar continues to be raised .
I was telling someone the other day we have struck gold with some of our bloggers and its not a word of a lie. Great cross section and it seems majority live outside where they grew up . Usually serves for a fascinating website hearing of each others different lifestyle I have found plus theres advice on hand should it be needed a lot of times . What a blog is for really ! Happy ( black ) Friday partner
Hail Hail

We did and we didn’t, it doesn’t look like we have won anything, aye a couple of trebles that’s it, a bit of a joke when you get down to the brass tacks.
Anyways, the bigot dome and the safety cert, obviously it’s been procured with a nod and a handshake, why else would they have one, the roof was falling in a couple of years back during a game and supporters had to be moved.
Also very, very surprised nobody has mentioned this……….
Dave King on Celtic ticket allocation in 2016/17 season.
“The strong safety and security advice from the police, which is supported by our own security team, is that we should continue with the present arrangement as this is the safest allocation of tickets from a segregation point of view and, most importantly, it is the basis upon which we have been awarded our Safety Certificate.”


Aw Naw

I was talking to your brother yesterday and he was saying your allegiance had moved to the team I watched get gubbed 7-3 at Hampden in 1960 (but were good enough to gub Rangers 6-1, 6-3 so they cannot be that bad) 🙂

The main aim of Res12 for me was to give Celtic reason to demand SFA reform. I was actually told a Dougie Dougie moment was needed to help bring that about by the sharp suited chap.

An underlying aim was to show with evidence what a bunch of cheats Celtic were up against at both Ibrox and Hampden, something that might make folk put pressure on Celtic to demand change.

Well I think Res12 was successful in the second aim but underestimated the power of club loyalty to create that demand. There was no help from the smsm in highlighting the cheating, not even when the Tax Justice Network reported on it and what they reported has been vindicated since they did.
There is still a bit of work to be done to get all the evidence of cheating out there to a world wide audience and that has started. Who knows the weight of public opinion outside football might push aim one in the right direction.

What is clear is that Celtic’s efforts and they can show critics that they did make some, lacked what shall we call it Oh I know ” persistence” .:) .

The cost to Celtic since 2000 of SFA and RFC skulduggery could be something the Fraser Allender Institute might work out and that cost should be part of the calculating the true value of any blue pound in a cost benefit analysis.

If you added in the cost to Scottish society of the blue pound model then the case for changing that model would be irrefutable.

An unforeseen consequence of Res12 pursuit was UEFA providing an official statement backed with their authority that TRC/TRIFC were a new club in a club /company structure that replaced the old club that had previously applied for a UEFA licence.

OK the blue meanies still cling to the authority of the ASA or ECA or UEFA Web sites that reflect coefficient calculations based on results achieved by Rangers, because that is how the Co Efficient Management Committee decided to use those results to distribute some of this years prize money. However none of these carry UEFA’s authority, it is like using Griegs as the authority for claiming that the Hadron Collider has efficacy as an oven to heat bridies. . But in the same club banter competition that UEFA Traverso statement is a slam dunker.

What will continue to be demonstrated free of the wish not to hurt Celtic, which was never Res12’s aim, .is the total corruption that the SFA Judicial Panel Protocol enables to be hidden or glossed over . Read all about it at

What the AGM told us is that Celtic have bought into an untrustworthy process and are prepared to trust it, having been given good reason not to, and if it produces an SFA desired result (by excluding evidence that would produce an honest one) then Celtic shared that desire, but unlike the LNS decision should not be surprised at how the decision was arrived at.. .

I stopped buying my Overseas ST in 2016, and watch the games in my local in Spain. Celtic TV is next to go.

I don’t stop watching or supporting the team, but I’m no longer going to pay for it.

I am grateful to those who in spite of all that is now known continue to pay to watch, without them I would have no team to support , but if they can do that without complaint about the cheating I certainly have no right at all to complain.

For me Res12 was never a question f being right, for me it has been a question of right, and the pursuit of it.


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