You can lead a horse to water ,,,

And its true that old saying , as most old sayings are having stood the test of time . The chickens are coming home to roost might  also be apt .


So right in front of an unhappy Res12er Peter announces they are happy .  Talk about a brass neck ? Pass me a blowtorch someone please . You couldnt make this up , if it wasnt so serious I would laugh .

Well at least we know now , as I hate pussyfooting around and prefer to know exactly where we stand .


Now before I go on I would like to point something out . I , Mahe , might have the keys to put up a lead article , but that does not mean I am right in anyway here  or any crap . There are posters on here I ( rightly ) defer to , I just happen to be setting out my stall in a more prominent spot if you will . I am no one , absolutely no one , and I am quite happy at that and hope it remains so.


Like many I struggle with the love of the team making me want to partake but the actions of the board sometimes  make me wanna puke . This leads to the big question , should I blame the entire club for the actions of the board as by walking away this is what Im effectively doing . After all at some stage a fan will probably have a board he doesnt agree with , so do you yoyo in and out if and when its rosey enough ? Or do you just accept that suits are a different breed , forget em and lets just watch the match and forget off field issues ?

But those , those are “ normal “ issues that dare I say every fan will have to wrestle with at  some stage , and if they dont need to chapeau ! Your team of choice was a great find.


The course the PLC are going down has other conditions attached to it .

Whichever way you slice it and dice it , the Old Firm and Racism / Sectarianism are linked .

By endorsing the Old Firm , that racism will continue . The suits know this , the media know this , the Tv companies know this ,,, infact they are all counting on it .

But they , all of them , do not live with the consequences of this decision , which is why exactly they can and do make it. And will continue to if left to their ways .

They can make light of the “ banter “ when needed and when it gets ugly can suppress or deflect.  It can be used , marketed , hyped up , played to through words and colours also , think orange strips .

But when it does get ugly and get out of hand its none of  them that might be in the firing line .


I have often pondered what will it take for Celtic fans to say enough ,, stop this ,, lets unite and force this issue ,, we want normality in this day and age .

I used to believe there was a line in the sand , but that belief has long dissipated.

So just what would it take for Glasgow Celtic fans to act , to stand up and be counted ?

Stabbings ?  Nope , their fans stab opponents , have done already this season .

Safety Risked ? Nope , recently a crush and then would you trust that Ibrox is safe ?  

Songs ? Part and parcel now , offensive and illegal songs

Cops filming you ? Kettled ? Dawn Raids for GB members ?

Rival bending rules ?  Yeah right we are a decent manager hire away from packing the stands

One half of Old Firm dies ? new zombie accepted as previous can you believe

Dodgy refs,,, will always be bent due to underlying loyalties to the  natives / Crown .

And then the words it pains me to type “ Murder “    NOPE .

Rest in Peace Reamonn Gormley . Soo sad to write that .

So I have no other option but to think that nothing will shock fans into stopping going , no one act now will make the majority stop and think .

Its obvious that love is blind , another old saying .


Traditionally in times such as these men would stand upon the wooden crate and preach to the crowd , and it might be said that blogging is its modern day equivalent .  Those men , through their passion and choice of words , would aim to inspire the people to change their mindset and rise above their station that they have accepted .

However , not all are, figuratively, standing above the crowd saying Cmon !

The biggest websites / fan organisations arent outraged and calling for action .

Whether its apathy , blindness , unwilling to criticize personal friends I have no idea .

But I do know its not good enough . There’s literally no point in building up a fan base or membership and abandoning it when a huge ,nae , key issue comes along . Or not using that collective leverage in some way for the good of the fans, who afterall are the lifeblood of the clubs.

All we want is justice and a clean game , which are noble aims but should not need demanding at all .

The club and domestic game face massive issues right now that will  affect future generations , and the biggest blogs and groups should be applying  all the pressure they can to help ensure the PLC make the right MORAL decision as far as the fans are concerned and also in accordance with the social charter set out on the clubs website .

The fact that they wont climb upon that  wooden box and preach sensible words is sad , and it reminds me once again why myself and Majoc decided to start this blog and make 200% sure that theres no agenda or interference on these pages . They wont preach then we for sure will .


Ultimately though, to most, reasoned argument or even any words on some  website or other wont sway the heartstrings . And many will only trust someone they know , or someone with cred , not an anonymous blogger . No , seems this one is going to come down to each individual ,,,whether you are willing to stomach what masquerades as the the national sport in Scotland or either fight for change or walk away . We ultimately must ask what do we want out of the sport because if its just 90 minutes of football every week or every other week then you may find what you wish for ,,, but if you desire a proper organized competition that is based on rules that will be upheld without fear or favour then youre outta luck .

Words themselves can be ignored also , as TeT tells us he sent recorded mail that was signed for and received nothing back and my own emails have went unanswered .

The Agm itself is merely a few hours of mostly stage managed or deflection bearing words being thrown around . Nothing that is not wanted by the suits  is ever achieved though , by design of course .

So whats a bhoy to do ?  

It does give me hope that some great men and minds , some of them among us , are saying this isn’t over . There’s chat of going down the fraud police route .

Ask “ our Lawyer “ to look into a leveraged buyout ala the Glazers sticking the debt on the club ?

Pray for a consortium of well heeled fans to step up ?  Let them retire after 10 ?


Your guess is as good as mine where this goes .  But there are many , many intelligent people among the fanbase , and the fans are the very last people I would write off . The collective knowledge and means is impressive . If motivated that is.

History repeats itself ( another old saying ) and we have seen the average normal fan take drastic action for the club before .  That spirit needs awakened again .

How many Tims are unhappy I’ve no idea but we should aim to reignite and stoke that fire , to push and prod, to start preaching and yelling from that box.  

That Clubs worth it.   It really truly is .

You might  hear bs and deflection from some quarters , and you might even see or hear of persons who are deemed good for us and on the fans side .

But we are not stupid and you WILL  know the truth when you hear it and we will all be able to tell who is full of it or in this for true aims .

Stay the course , stay true to YOUR vision of the club , for YOU are Celtic ,  have some faith in the Res12’ers , the good fans out there and their aims , and lets make sure they never walk alone . NEVER !


Get it off yer chest , its good for you . Honestly .

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Margaret McGill

Excellent Mahe
Got me thinking
I’ll respond later


End Times.

Insane in the Membrane.

Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe-outstanding ?

Awe Naw

If this site becomes the go to anti CQN website. Then I’m offski. Lots of amazing guys on there whom I have a lot of respect for.

Stay on this channel and you will hear, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues and Gospel. Although these are just labels we know that music is music.

big packy

MAHE, brilliant post once again, have to dash out but will comment later.,hail hail bruv.?

Can’t stop things to do, laters, but let me say mahe……WOW, superb.
Awe Naw
I don’t think it’s anti cqn, I certainly am not, as you say lots of seriously good people on there.

The Gombeen Man

Really good read Mahe. Well Done.

Unfortunately, CQN is simply Peter Lawwell’s footprint on the internet. Increasingly the lead articles have become painful to read and are often simply distractions. I don’t recall any editorial that has in any way offered any form of critique of the PLC’s policies. Nothing.
Before the away League Cup fixture against St Johnstone, there were a number of personal attacks made against Brendan Rodgers, by posters which were beyond the pale. The article on Martin O’Neill this week was an embarrassment and symptomatic of the decline on that Blog.
The way Res 12 has been dropped is another example of bias and the pursuit of the PLC’s agenda.

No doubt there are many good guys who still use the Blog and that’s their prerogative but to my mind, the Blog is disingenuous and simply isn’t compatible with the strapline ‘Not Lazy Journalism.’

This site is not money making, it’s free of vested interests and to be honest, CQN is an irrelevance.

In my view allowing ourselves to be distracted by Peter Lawwell projects like CQN would be a mistake.

Great read Mahe & HH


Sentinel Celts is commissioned as an entirely independent site with no intention to add or detract from any other site. There are people on here who do/did post on CQN,but there are also many from other sites.

It is unlikely that many posters will be new to responding on a Celtic site of some sort,but we hope that Sentinel Celts is thought of as complementary to other sites,and not a binary either/or alternative.

I post on so many sites I’m running out of unique blog monikers,Ffs,and I doubt I’m alone in that!!!!

Anyway,have you not got an Eintracht Frankfurt game to get ready for? Only kidding,C. Off to the pub,get a good seat-canny be doing wi sitting on plastic(!)

Garry Duncan

Great read. I generally agree with all your points. I am currently on a train to Hamilton to meet Pogmahonyahun for the match today. It is how I love spending my Saturday. Meet friends for a few beers and then go to watch Celtic. It is a very emotional attachment or habit, that will be difficult to stop. I fear it will stop soon. Sadly.

saltires en sevilla


Totally agree, we need a safe place to focus attention on action. We also need a viable leader/spokesperson.

The existing blogs don’t offer that any more. Not pointing the finger at anyone in particular as they will all have a role to play in future.

It will take one very SMART Bhoy or Ghirl, someone with Social & Emotional Intelligence. Someone with credibilty, gravitas, charm, sophistication, an orator/preacher with little or no baggage and plenty of time on their hands. Independent means would be an advantage, but not essential, as day to day expenses can be met from crowd funding as and when required. The patience of a saint with the tenacity and strength of a lion.

The full Job Description can be fleshed out and candidates proposed and nominated, in due course. I would be immediatley ruled out on all but one or two counts. So my hat stays out the ring. However, I have a few potential candidates in mind. They don’t know that….yet!

No doubt the folk on here have already turned their minds towards similar thoughts? Let’s hear about those views now. It’s time.

It was great to hear the words of Gerry, Brendan and Matt on the video. Between them, and a few notable others, they slowly but surely, step by step, error by error, success by success, built a powerful movement for Change. It’s time.

The situation is very different, because 53,000 perhaps more think everything is just fine and dandy. That will change, and when it does we must be ready, with the foundations of a structure in place that can quickly ramp up to drive the necessary changes we undoubtedly need. It’s time.

Putting my neck on the block now, my own thoughts are that no-one currently leading any of the fans’ organisations: Association, Affiliation, Trust, Foundation or any of the main blogs including KDS, CQN, E-Tims, Celtic Blog, Phil MacG who can fit the bill either. Although they have a part to play, eventually. An important one. However, lessons from 90’s teach us that the vast majority of Celts will be conflicted with any suggestion that our club has to ‘suffer’ just because Rangers were, and Sevco are, completely lack a basic understanding of ethics. Cheats to be blunt. It’s time.

Some of the 53,000 will be ready to react right now. Some will be considering. Some might be persuaded to consider… some will never consider doing what is needed! It’s time.

Anyone care to hazard a guess at ratios for above?

The action? That will be for a leader and to decide on overall Strategy. CAS or City of London Fraud Squad….Absolutely.

However, it’s clear that one of the First Steps must include direct action. To adequate give notice to the club that they will see season ticket money being withheld this Spring. Ideally, with a statement on numbers committed to that course of action.

It’s time….


Mahe great post…..

Garry it will never stop amigo, you might slow up on attending as many games but the pull to go to paradise and away days will always be there, till the day we die… Hail Hail



Re CQN .
Perhaps it reads that way to you which is my fault . Todays article was not an attack on Cqn I assure you . More the general malaise and accepted infrastructure of the fans clubs groups that some might turn to.
Perhaps there are a few things best said here . You will have noticed neither myself or Majoc attack Cqn or any other blog / association . It would have been easy to slip a few names into todays articles ,, but I didnt .We are working hard and attracting hits through merit and certainly not through drama . This blog wont be personally attacking anyone in the Celtic family , soo not my style plus we dont need to. We are doing our own thing , and have no issue with anyone .

As a youngish man living abroad I found the blogs a lifeline and Cqn was my blog of choice for a long time . When you realise I will probably be doing this until I shuffle off this mortal coil then you have a vested interest in what you are getting involved in . I really enjoyed blogging over there put a lot of time into some posts and quiz for long periods and tried to help the blog along . I dont believe I made any enemies and if I have it was truly unintentional .
Some of the acts have left me heartwarmed , and I have told Majoc in the past that the “ wee Oscar “ ( God Bless Your Soul ) was the blogs pinnacle . Extremely humbling .
But then some posters wrecked the blog deliberately , and now I could hardly get on because of ad’s . The ad’s are very annoying because as a site that makes an actual difference in peoples lives through acts like kitchens in Malawi etc to hinder people getting on that site is very poor taste imo .
Theres other problems also like certain areas off limit for lead articles etc etc

So realising my blog of choice was not for me long term we decided to do it ourselves and try to make a blog we would want to find . And hopefully solve some of the problems other blogs have.

I personally would say to everyone this blog is kind of a blank page and still a baby ,, try to make it the blog you would want to find or be proud to be involved in ,, think long term also as what else are we gonna do ?
Lets no attack anyone personally within Celtic cyberspace , especially our fellow bloggers and friends on Cqn who deserve a lot of respect , and speak softly while gathering many big sticks just incase eh? Just my tuppence.

Hail Hail

Mike in toronto

Is it love of Celtic that makes fans continue to invest and attend, given what is now known?

Most of us are fortunate enough to have at least one person (and some have a few) for whom we would literally take a bullet (parents, partner, children, grandchildren…). And I mean that literally … people for whom we would lie down our lives.

For me, that is the measure of real love …. what are we prepared to sacrifice for it?

Some fans do give up huge amounts of time trying to improve things… the R12 guys, for example.

All Celtic fans grew up believing Celtic cheat was cheated. Hell, we knew it, we just couldn’t prove it. Anyone that was on CQN, or similar sites, will know about Res. 12, and that we now have clear evidence that we were, and continue to be, cheated. Sadly, it does appear that the PLC colluded in this in some measure.

We now have indisputable evidence that our club, and our fans, were being cheated, or worse… even worse is that it seems clear that our Board, at best, did nothing, and at worst, were complicit out in some of it.

But it seems now that, faced with a choice, most fans are prepared to go along like nothing ever happened.

Is that love? By my definition, of love requiring a willingness to sacrifice, I’m not sure.

But if not love, what?

Is this a form of Stockholm Syndrome? Have Celtic fans become so conditioned to being treated as a second class citizens that it has become part of their DNA?

Tis is not intended as a dig. Hell, in spite of the foregoing, I still watch the games. So, Why do I do so when I won’t watch wrestling, but I see the SPFL as any only slightly more honest than WWE?

Not intended as a dig, but a conversation that I think needs to be had if things are going to change.


I think having a “ leader “ would be a mistake . Waay too easy to shoot down , smear , leak address to the mob etc .
Besides it not the person that is important here its the message .
But carrying on to your general point about organisations and blogs etc . The scene can seem stale and to me looking from afar most are very wrapped up in the ups and down of the domestic game rather than sitting back and looking at the bigger picture . Thats not to say they are wrong and hey lets face it , if you enjoy doing what you do then as long as you leave me and mine alone then who am I to judge .
I have noticed the mini hierarchies within fandom ,always happens and is true at any big organisation , and I can only say that its all in the head .
If someone that has attended hundreds more games or has photos with x , y , and z on his wall thinks hes gonna look down on me or anyone here hes very much mistaken . Thats yesterdays game .
This internet thingy changed that , its now what you preach rather than who you are , now we are all anonymous.
You can only judge a person’s words now and the message or content behind them . Not what you see in front of you .
And that my friend is where WE hold an advantage .
For while this isnt my native tongue at all , this new weapon of the internet , the keyboard ,, now we have many that are pretty handy with it , some that are good with it , and a couple I fancy as Champions .
This battle the fans find themselves in is no longer physical in the main , its for hearts and minds and fought on this digital anonymous platform .
And if any of these punks think they can go keyboard to keyboard or try to divide and conquer using the oldest weapon in the book , words , then as Clubber Lang simply stated “ I pity the Fool ! “
Hail Hail


I presented a longish post last night that was moderated probably because it contained 3 links.
Any chance it gets resuscitated?

It’s hard to imagine life without the football blogs now. One thing is for certain, we are better informed than previously, when we were at the mercy of the media. I became hooked with Rangers Tax Case. We would never have learned all that stuff beforehand.

Saltires en Sevilla


You make a good point about a single leader and I know where you are coming from,

Where I see difficulty in having a group of ‘champs’ is when decisive action is required.

Those moments will arrive and that’s where we can become stuck in treacle.

A charismatic leader that folk can align and dareisay ‘carry’ folk who are naturally happy to follow someone who speaks a voice they can identify with.

Your piece above had its fair share of the type of leader who inspires.

Having said all of that, it would be fantastic if you idea/model can deliver.

Destination is all that matters.


From Auldheid,,,,,,

Mike See ya Wednesday, evening probably.

Anyone else who mentioned the following.

The Blue Pound and 5 Way Argument: Celtic have been at their most successful when there was no or a poor “Rangers” as main rivals, so I don’t buy into the economics of the blue pound.

What I do buy into is that other clubs buy into it for survival, no big UEFA money fpr them and without other clubs there would be no opposition of reasonable quality to form a league even where the competiveness is really amongst the rest.

Those other clubs have the vote when it came to the 5 Way. Where Celtic were off the ball was allowing the same club and retention of titles idea to be agreed to.

The 5 way was waiting for transfer of SFA Membership to happen before it was sealed.

That caused three days gap where a conditional membership had to be made up ultra vires. I suspect Green insisted on it even although UEFA FFP does not recognise that that transfer of membership does not give the recipient a claim to continuity that the SFA and SPFL have allowed.

Tacking that now on the basis it conflicts with UEFA rules is one way to take the poison out if the game. The other clubs allowed it for fear Green would walk.

Celtic were never able to put big enough a foot down without trampling on those clubs and would be outvoted anyway. I suggest that is closer to the behind closed doors debate, but Celtic either misjudged the consequential impact on the mood of their and other clubs support or disregarded it by allowing it and so it happened.
Why Have Celtic Not Gone to UEFA. I have no answer to the $64m question why Celtic appear to have achieved sod all on the reformation front. I separate the results from not trying, if anyone were to contemplate suing the Board, they would lose. There is lots of evidence of trying (Mags they went to SFA in 2011 to get answers because a wee guy put an article up on Celtic Underground in October 2011 asking if Celtic had been done in March, it got a massive number of hits see

Notice UEFA never responded to letters then and my theory is that they are/were in on it because in September 2011 UEFA and SFA had a conversation about the June monitoring submission which was agreed, although the payable was way overdue by then but Ally had taken “Rangers” out of Europe by then. A consequence of this agreement was “Rangers” did not have to produce Future Financial Forecast that would have told the world and its weans in Sept 2011 that they were screwed. Lucky eh?

I reckon since they already knew the granting was questionable UEFA simply didn’t want to be involved in 2013 and Celtic were wary of biting the hand that fed them.

I do not rule out other speculations but until hard evidence emerges that is what they are.

How LNS Was able to Reach The Conclusion He did. I’ve posted about this regularly but how many of you lazy bassas popped over tto E Tims or SFM and read how it happened?

Here is your chance and if you want an informed future discussion on that subject please read this link re LNS himself

and its predecessor about Regan’s part

and for how the SFA governs by pretending they govern fairly read

My unhappiness at AGM was caused by my belief based on events since May that the current JPDT on the UEFA licence is a rinse and repeat of the predecessors mentioned in those articles, which is why one of the questions asked (to get a written response) was to meet the SFA CEO and Compliance Officer.

Celtic might trust them/the SFA but given their previous I don’t. If that clarity is not forth coming before Christmas say, then the thinking is moving towards City of London Police involvement and making the public at large aware of the facts that have sustained Res12 and Mike, you will remember discussing how. ? tell ya next week.

The rest of ye, do the homework. LOL


I had hoped you were working on the above nudge nudge 😉
But interesting points. My article does attribute continued attendance to love but the truth is , as you allude to , there are probably many many reasons why .
If we had a Family Fortunes style game and asked 100 fans why they continue to attend a rigged game then in true Les Denis style swept around dramatically with the card held high and pointing to the big screen while crooning out the catchphrase “ Our Survey Says ! “ ( pause for effect ) then I would bet habit is top of the pile , followed by what else are you going to do .
Its in the blood , sure weve always been cheated etc etc would fill the rest .
I think the trick is convincing everyone that it wont stop the show , we aim for a better show .
Saying turn off the music for a minute , and let me unload and setup my sound system which is better , while the party is flowing is ultimately in the best interest but not received well at the time.

Its such a huge event within the communities as we have discussed before that its almost impossible to ignore and then to not get involved leaves you feeling youre missing out on something . Catch 22 as many have said .
Love,,its certainly there and cannot be discounted . It could well come down to that very love also Mike. You fight that bit harder for what you love.

Hope all is well Sir ,,, enjoying a rare free house here. Nice to have time to blog , but my time away is spent in a very nice fashion also . Hail Hail

Mike in toronto

You sure you weren’t using sweary words?

Although, after this week, I think you have earned the right to throw a few F bombs if you feel like it!


Re the group of Champs,,
Perhaps thats the wrong choice of words but the better writers among us can be used as a force for good ,,,for instance can counteract any bs with plain straight old common sense wisdom ,,, or should a crowd fund situation arise , then those with a gift for the gab will unleash their pensmithery to the ninth degree and ease all and every last penny out of willing or otherwise pockets etc etc
We can use our pensmiths to great effect , just as the first printing presses made single leaflets championing a cause , well thats easy enough these days infact anyone can do it.
I remember getting leaflets in your hand or through the door that would make you cry , about how the Sassenach will not be staying long and steel yourselves for the final stretch etc .
One of the oldest weapons there is and the pen is far far mightier than the sword ( another old saying ) 🙂
Hail Hail



One of the reservations about CAS involvement in Res12 is that there is no timetable.

The SFA have had since July to consider ToRs and even allowing for a change of Compliance Officer, who had a busy schedule each week after games (but not last werk) not helped by inability to find Res12 lawyer letter to her predecessor that is not acceptable.

What is to stop SFA hiring temp help to keep matters moving?

Anyway my point is ST Renewal time in 5? Months is not an unrealistic expectation line to set, if not on CAS concluding,as once presented to them it will be their timetable, but certainly having the case presented and the ToRs publicised?

If nothing by then how can any clubs ask supporters to buy STs to watch a game that SFA and TRFC have made ungovernable?

So there is your spring time for Aw Naw and Germany (sorry Aw Naw that just popped into my head 🙂 .

The thing is to keep focus and widen reach and steps are underway to do that.

I wouldn’t expect supporters not to renew but a slow down in renewals because it can be shown the game is ungovernable will hurt smaller clubs enough to make their Boards work out where their bread is buttered.

That means reaching out to other clubs using SFM and Fanswithscarves whose prime aim is SFA reform but it would help if the likes of CSA and CST, who did have a busy and successful year, made good governance the top of their agenda. The SFSA although quiet recently are getting their foot in the Hampden door and good governance is part of their agenda supported by MSP’S.

All of the above have a briefing on the detail of events in 2011 and Res12 activity with SFA thereafter. So it’s not a cold start.

What the last 5 years have demonstrated is that Scottish football cannot fix itself (I saw Einstein quoted earlier) and any fix will only come from the outside.



Good article and it deals with a decision that I have to make soon…whether to continue supporting the team. For me, I shall either be in or out, no halfway house. CelticTV is my way of following the team plus participation in blogs. If I choose to leave I shall not use an unofficial site to view games. For me, and I emphasise the me part, it is not just about withholding money from the club, it is about withdrawing one’s support full stop.

Like most of us considering this action, I blow hot and cold….sometimes I conclude that I am out, and other times I say that I cannot give up the club after decades of support.

Finally, I am glad you aired the CQN thing. Lately, it seems several posters from that site have looked in here. There have been comments about CQN. So far, I have not read anything that would not have appeared in CQN itself. Articles are hyperlinked on ETIMS, another site that I read, so there is a spirit of cooperation there.

I like Canadian wines and I visit wineries when I get a chance. My favourite red is Baco Noir which is a robust grape that can withstand Canadian winters. Baco is produced by many wineries. When I visited one winery, I commented that they produced my favourite Baco(a shameless attempt to get a free drink!). I then asked them who they considered to be their biggest competitor. I got a very smart answer. “No one competes directly with us. We all supply something a little different!”

Lessons to be learned?


saltires en sevilla


Appreciate the reply and information on likely timeline.

I would agree and hope the ‘delay’ in purchasing season books is all that will be required.

Whatever happens in a positive way could never have happened without the quality and tireless tenacity from you and your 3 main compadres.

Keep up the good fight.



I have just realized I really should have thanked for hyperlinking the site in their main article yesterday ,
Many many thanks should anyone from there look in . Keep on keeping on .Respect and Hail Hail



I agree with every word of that! You need to try harder to come up with something that riles me?

I do look in on CQN but I avoid the leaders. Some of the debates on the floor are interesting.

CQN was an early site of quality which originally had “accountants” analysing the performance of the club. It was also exciting during the Craig Bellamy saga. Would he come, would he not? IMHO, it had lots of merit back then. Like most blogs, some posters left and others arrived….the usual churn. As a result, the nature of the blog changed due this churn.




I agree with all of that and am glad you included the SFSA ……they have a very large membership. More importantly, an accessible membership.

Your 7th paragraph resonates with me. In approaching other groups, agencies etc, presumably you have a prepared package containing objectives, and evidence, plus a timeline of what the resolutioners have accomplished so far? I am not seeking to access this but merely to indicate that it is a necessary convincer for the undecided.


saltires en sevilla


I’m with you.

If it can be achieved to conclusion without a face (understand risks of being targeted) that will be a spectacular first. ?

Let’s see how that goes.

Count on my support.


jim m

hello, just the yan.


SFSA are to my mind the best chance of providing an across support platform.

They have a clear manifesto on good governance and support from Hollywood MSP’S who share that aim.



It’s all documented in a shareable form but volume requires attention.


Gombeen Man

I wouldn’t say it’s been dropped more sidetracked because of where the main track would take it.

The Gombeen Man


Is it fair to say that its editorial impartiality is compromised on the Res 12 issue and similarly compromised in any analysis of the PLC’s performance or strategy? Given the blogs apparent relationship with members of the PLC Board?

Thanks for your continued efforts on our behalf.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully, it will regain its mojo at some point in the future. Maybe it’s too easy to become attached to a blog and begin to think of it as a personal platform to air views. That can become pretty egotistical and ultimately damaging as individuals perceive any contrary view as a personal attack?

HH, Till Later


My much-missed pal was known as THEBARCAMOLE,and it was because of the Bellamy move.

He got on a plane from Dubai to Barcelona and got a text saying it was on,and his pals rubbished it,what,ye got a mole in Barcelona?

Smashing fella,was Franny. He died shortly before LISBON50 and was interred that very day. I plucked a leaf from the surrounds of ESTADIO NACIONAL and wished it on its merry way.

I wish he’d been there,but I know he’d have been keeping a wee Celtic fluffy cloud for when it’s my turn.

Majoc, Didn’t know Barcamole had died. I remember him as being a big poster when I just lurked. So sorry to hear that.



I did some work for the SFSA a few months back, analysing their survey data on fans reactions to Hampden. Not sure if you are saying that your shareable file is large and requires editing? If that is the case, I have experience supervising and editing doctoral dissertations, for my sins. I would be willing to apply my skills for free if you require them. I shall understand if you have a team already established for that purpose. If I can assist in any way without treading on toes, just drop me a line via Mahe.


Jim M

I’ve taken the liberty of altering your log-in moniker. I don’t think you intended that your name be shown as is-plenty been caught out like that on various sites.

Where it says Name,put down the one you wish to be known as,like majoc. The mail addy is the important one,name can be anyone.

Good to see you on,of course. Fire in,fill your boots,gie’s yer craic!



Hi Jim,

Yes, for those living abroad blogs are mana from heaven!

However, for some, the “I am in my car and I can do what I like” syndrome takes effect. Then the blog and the inside of your car becomes uncomfortable!

Hopevit does not happen here. Critique the words not the person.



Jim m, , ,
Welcome partner and thanks for stopping by. Take yer shoes off and relax ?
Look forward to reading your thoughts.
Mahe. Hail Hail


I know what you mean,but I watched the game with a crew of Celtic fans today in Swindon.

For all my misgivings about the board,I kicked every ball.

There’s the problem,can we do a Celts For Change MkII when you have people like me kicking every ball in absentia,or my family turning up every chance that they can?

We are boxed into a corner,IMO. I can boycott the likes of Amazon,Apple,Facebook,Starbucks,companies who don’t cough up a few mill in taxes. I can’t boycott Celtic-and that hurts nearly as much as boycotting Celtic would!

He’s much missed,Jim.

A real gem of a lad. Who doubtless will meet me upstairs with the words…

I take it that wisnae a blue taxi ye got,ya choob?!!!


I am a lucky man to have been able to call him a friend.
Quite simply he was a brilliant ghuy, strong opinions but would always allow you, yours too.
Another Bellarmine legend, gone to soon.
Hail Hail

big packy

evening bhoys thought we played well today considering the pitch and some of the Hamilton players tackles, big shout out to auldheid and canamalar and the rest of the bhoys, for having the courage to stand up for what is right, remember my late father telling me how he applied for dozens of jobs when he left school,but because of his religion and he came from croy, sorry no vacancies, you see even now nearly 80 years later nothings changed,we are still looked down upon by the protestant majority, things really came to a head for me during the dallas e-mails about the holy father. but it was only a bit of harmless fun according to the ruling classes,. I could go on and on about the shit we have to put up with because of who we are, personally me im sick of being told move along timmy nothing to see hear, so ill go along with any ideas you ghuys have got,if we have to dip into our pockets count me in, sorry for the rant,.and god bless mahe and majoc for this great blog.hh.


I genuinely wept when BUTSYBHOY told me he had died. I was so looking forward to Lisbon with him and Virgie. I know he was looking down and saying…

Result,really-I couldnae have managed them stairs!

Logged on to cqn to see what they were saying about the game today, then noticed my name as someone who was slagging them last night on here, to say I am pissed off would be an understatement, I was then told I wasn’t worth it and I was a bully for my crime of slagging the suits.
It takes all sorts I suppose, it would help if they actually read the posts, but that doesn’t suit the agenda.
Anyways I will respond later, dugs to feed and a couple of large G&T’s to partake in to settle my agitation, winkers I can deal with but ejits I have a bigger problem with.
Welcome Jim M


Aye M, I was totally shocked too.
He was a force for good, against the many evils in this world and they say only the good die young.
On a happier note, Butsybhoy, is still daft as a brush. Ha!
Hail Hail


I read back there and saw the posts. It’s clear that CQN has over a number of years been viewed as a site which largely favours the direction of the board,but PAUL67 has ALWAYS allowed dissenting views to be aired.

Sometimes the responses get personal,and that is wrong,but it is still the go-to site,and many of us are grateful for what it has allowed us over the last fifteen years. Great friendships have been forged,for instance,and enormous amounts of money raised through it for charity.

I believe one poster rediscovered his Best Man through it,and having lost touch with my best mate for years,I can only imagine the joy.

IMO,PAUL67 deserves a huge amount of credit for putting CQN our way. That’s not to say that criticism should be disallowed. But as I said earlier today,this site wasn’t set up to give people a binary choice of CQN/SC. Yes,a lot of posters are familiar from there,but so are many from the likes of e-Tims,etc.

Maybe this site isn’t big enough yet for people to gang up,or to toe the party line as they see it,shout down dissent or whatever. But the strapline reads


And we will. And we can do it without criticising other sites.

PS-the anti-MON article was an open door,but that is not what this site is for.


Glad to hear it about Jimmy,bud.

Franny and my Dad compared notes about the engineering blacklist. Both were on it,as was my Uncle Jim.

Had to delete the rest of my post! Tell you when I see you though.


Say’s he, sitting at the desk, trying to refresh his memory, taking mental notes, trying to decipher and make sense of the whole chicanery. Hearing aid to full power, more power, more power, turn up the volume… 😉

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