“Mammy,Mammy,it’s him again! He’s sticking his arms up the sleeves of the duvet!!!”

Aye,Billy Connolly made some brilliant observations on life,not the least of which is that there’s always a fall-guy. Some people are left holding the baby,while others-who have caused the carnage in the first place-float serenely on.

Almost three months after the event,we have finally found out how one of the various enquiries into the shambolic security at the Glasgow Derby is progressing. Although Celtic haven’t yet released any findings-I presume they are waiting for an SFA whitewash so they can declare themselves surprised,or maybe for someone to provide them with a silver bullet to pawn for the next round of bonuses-the findings of Police Scotland are unequivocal-

“It was them Tims that caused it all!”

Now that conclusion takes some suspension of belief-or as it’s known in Scotland,here’s the answer we want,now hold an enquiry to figure out how to get there. The Rangers fans,it seems,cannot be blamed for clambering over and through their own disabled supporters to get at Celtic players on the pitch because the Celtic players inflamed the poor souls by winning,sorry,having their usual saunter round the pitch to thank their own fans for their support.

I suppose those terrible instigators in our squad are entirely to blame for having coins,golf balls,even batteries,thrown at them in recent games too. Not to mention our captain being attacked. Must be,as no-one has been charged with anything. Just like no-one was charged when a linesman had his head split open by a coin thrown by one of them.

Of course,you don’t want to be wearing even the colours of an opposing team when that lot are around. Two stabbing of away fans led not to an enquiry by UEFA-think of Liverpool v Man City as an example,but to the reduction in tickets allocated to the away support!

I mean,WTF?

Their next conclusion is if anything,even more staggering. No mention of how the almost-fatal crush at Janefield St came about. (My sisters were in it and it was frightening. I hope one of them can tell you all later in better detail than I could about just how bad it was,and just how appallingly the police behaved that day.) But here’s a clue-security and marshalling are decided,like most matters of crowd control,in the run-up to the game.

Meetings are held by the Match Day Commander and various senior officers,along with the senior people at Celtic Park involved in that particular aspect,such as the Head of Security and the Stadium Manager. They decided between them to close off a large part of the normal access to the ground to facilitate ease of access for a lousy 1.4% of the crowd,thus ensuring that many more Celtic fans than it is designed for were forced to squeeze through  the funnel-type entrance at Janefield Street.

No mention was made of culpability here,only the suggestion of staggered cordons for access in future.

To the same area. By the same number of fans.

Only difference is that this time,we will be forced to wait our turn to be treated like shit in the entrance,so best turn up early,like it was a Black Friday sale or something. Bring a sleeping bag and a flask.

This whole situation is just farcical,which brings us back to the much-vexed matter of the AGM. One of the things mentioned is that Celtic have not yet decided whether to even accept their derisory 800 allocation of tickets for Ibrox next month,fearing for fan safety.

Well,I can’t bloody blame them!

While the turnstile area for Rangers fans at Celtic Park is easily segregated,there is no possibility of that happening at Ibrox-it just isn’t designed that way. And even if there are cordons of police protection on the way in,fans of many other clubs can give you horror stories of missiles raining down on them from all sides and above.

Remember the batteries? Rangers fans will be raiding their kids’ Christmas gifts for ammunition on the day,it is inviting carnage and worse.

These are highly-paid professionals who are enabling all of this by their craven decision to allow Rangers to deny Celtic fans access to The Broamloan Stand,an area easily segregated and thus easily policed.

And remember,it’s only last year that Dave King himself said that the Ibrox safety certificate depended on just that arrangement.

The whole situation should never have arisen in the first place. It should have been strangled at birth. But no,because it suited Rangers,it was allowed to happen,with only one thought for the consequences.

Whatever happens,it was them Tims that caused it all!


My usual rant,which you can prevent more of by mailing an article to Mahe on



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Just finished my own nightshift to discover that I missed a belter on here,including contributions like…
If evidence were provided would that not have the same effect on Celtic as you fear for Rangers ie a drop in support.?

If you are saying Celtic supporters would walk away had our club been guilty of cheating then what would be the consequences if reasons ever emerged that suggested Celtic had been playing shareholders (not the Res12 guys but the shareholders they represent directly and the many more who have wanted explanations) since 2013?

That is one hell of a position to be put in especially if Res12 was created to bring about SFA reform on the understanding that is what Celtic sought only not to be backed in that quest.

How damaging to Celtic do you think it might be if a persuasive narrative ever emerged of that? What changed between joint statements at every AGM since 2014 to a question and answer session at the latest where harmony was absent?

All the facts re 2011 are now known. There is now no need for the investigation Res12 requested.

What Celtic and SFA should be doing now is acting on all the facts not waiting for a process to complete that according to TRFC has had a key period removed from scrutiny.

There is no need to refer to CAS. There isn’t really a need to even go to UEFA, just get the JPDT to reach a decision based on the evidence they now have and deal with the fallout in corrective and reform terms. If TRFC want to contest it let them take the JPDT decision to CAS. Celtic were given assurances that something would go to CAS. That should not have been accepted by Celtic it should have been questioned based on knowns, not ‘cul de sac ed’ by TRFC.

That is the reason for disappointment that Celtic have not used what is known to say to SFA this isn’t good enough, end it now before it kills the game entirely.
They can be read on

Seems like we aren’t going away,you know…

Awe Naw

Seems like we aren’t going away,you know…

And doesn´t the PLC know it


Awe Naw

I mean from the turnstiles its the the only reason the Resolution 12 lads were … and let me choose my words carefully here … indulged by the PLC

Comments on blaming Celtic players from Brendan-

Which,short of saying it,means GIRUY!!!


Erm,aye,when you put it like that!

Awe Naw


I think Lay Wolffe was forced to withdraw from the Duff and Phelps compensation case when it was discovered that her husband,the Lord Advocate,is one of the defendants. How they thought they could get away with that,even in Scotland,beats me!

Not sure who hears the Takeover Panel case on Thursday.

More to the point,I wonder where they found the £3m. Must be one of them Magic money trees at Ibrox.

Awe Naw

Majoc (see my first post yesterday)

big packy

majoc and mahe thanks ghuys for your kind thoughts.hh.

Awe Naw

So who is telling porkies ?

The Sun Robert Grieve

Celts are also eager to extend Filip Benkovic’s loan deal from Leicester until the end of the season.
Rodgers added: “We haven’t had confirmation but it would be great for Leicester, for Filip and for us.
“He’s shown that, at 21, he’s a big talent. Every challenge he’s had since he came here he’s been
first-class in dealing with.”


Difficult to tell these days.

No problem,mate. And i meant what I said-anytime!


Dave King on Celtic ticket allocation in 2016/17 season.

“The strong safety and security advice from the police, which is supported by our own security team, is that we should continue with the present arrangement as this is the safest allocation of tickets from a segregation point of view and, most importantly, it is the basis upon which we have been awarded our Safety Certificate.”


I knew I remembered that from somewhere!


That’s the one! Btw,seems JJ has removed that post,I checked back over the last fortnight and couldn’t see it.

As for the plaintiff,I couldn’t remember his first name-I caught a brief brainfade at Paul Whitehouse!

Damn these night shifts…

saltires en sevilla

Big Packy

Sincere condolences buddy.


Awe Naw

Clearly Peter Lawwell lying through his back teeth. Yet again. Brendan bringing it up weakens Peter Lawwell. Seems like that battle is still ongoing or is it just residual frustration on Brendans part ?


Maybe BR knows how to play the game. PL has never had a strong manager since MON,and BR certainly knows how to do the “Who,me?” stuff.

saltires en sevilla


Getting in and out of Poundland was difficult enough when we 8.000 attending.

They would still hand around taking pot shots under the full gaze of police without any fear of being huckled. Personal experience at that roundabout after the ‘McAvennie he is innocent’ game… a sleekit blind-side punch by a waiting zombie, who ran off towards the flats (then adjacent to the Lesser Ibrox pitches). 2 polis made No attempt to nab him. I was warned not to follow him ,or I would be “in that van over there..”

How they can guarantee safety of access and egress for 800 Celts given the existing layout is beyond me. The cordon would have to be 500m, at least. Even then it won’t stop sundry gadgets being lobbed on top of our lads. Shipping in a convoy of 15 buses right up to the kerb at Broomloan would still require a long cordon and the buses will be completely trashed.

I know similar security arrangments are required at Anfield and Old Trafford when Liverpool and Man United meet. Wondering if anyone has experience of how well that works, and maybe offer helpful advice to any of our Bhoys going to the game?

With everything that has gone before, and current (sic) tensions, time of year and respective league positions this is a recipe for serious bother.

Awe Naw


I´m trying to determine whether the game has already been played.

Clearly Brendan is not adhering to the Celtic party line of

“FILIP Benkovic has today joined Celtic on a season-long loan from Leicester City.”

A) So is this another get the deal done warning to Peter Lawwell ?

B) A salvo in the continual ongoing battle of the purse strings ?


C) an easy slap on the face to give Peter Lawwell before he heads off to pastures new ?

I reckon C and I reckon we will see more of then between now and the summer




I respect Auldheid’s position, in the same way as I respect others, including yourself & Mahe, on this site.I try to look at things in a pragmatic way and weigh up what is the best course of action for the club that I love.

Like all Celtic supporters I long for a righting of all the wrongdoings wilfully carried out by the Ibrox brand and those in authority who acted in concert with them. They in conjunction with others, cheated Scottish football and should be called out and punished for it.

In order to achieve this aim, I believe that criminal prosecutions would have to be instigated.

There would be many actors dragged into this ‘production’ – some from ‘Rangers’, past & present, some maybe from Murray International Holdings, some from the defunct SFL, some from the SPL, now the SPFL, some, past & present, from the SFA and some from the legal profession. Probably a minimum of fifteen to twenty individuals, all of whom would deny their guilt and would have to be prosecuted individually by the fiscal if the available evidence passed their test – can you really imagine this happening?

Furthermore it would have to be proved that there was at least some collusion and, at best, a conspiracy between all, or, some, of the accused.

No doubt those inevolved in football administration would claim that they were acting for the good of our national game and merely ‘giving the benefit of the doubt’, in a confusing situation, to one of the two major players in the Scottish game.

If, as some allege, Celtic are ‘dragging their feet’ on the Resolution 12 issue, which I don’t suscribe to,ì given what it may involve, can we blame them?

Such is the convoluted nature of the matters surrounding this issue, with so many involved, I doubt that the Procurator Fiscal’s Office would touch it with a barge-pole, “not in the public interest” – so what then, a private prosecution led only by Celtic?

The best we can hope for, in my opinion, is recognition and a ‘mealy-mouthed’ admission from the SFA that there were flaws in their processes at the time, perhaps an apology, and a commitment that it will not happen again.

In the meantime, is it really in our interest to have the custodians, officers and board of Celtic portrayed as liars and/or charlatans by some of our own.

A thing of beauty

I will reserve judgement on the Janefield street crush till the full report is released. I have posted my experience on the day here before and don’t want to repeat myself. What I will say is it was terrifying and I was able to make a decision to get me and my sister out before we were too far in but even then we could feel the crush and struggle to move and breathe properly. Once out I asked the nearest policeman what he was going to do about it, only to be told they knew about it and were dealing with it – which they clearly were not. For me though the biggest disgrace of this serious incident was police immediately lying and trying to blame our support for getting there too late and causing the pile up of bodies. Lies lies lies. We were in that crush at 1135, got out and then let in by a helpful steward at the disability access door at the corner of the north stand. We then bought a cup of tea and as we were making our way to our seats my sister asked the time. It was just after 1150 which is the time the police said the crush started. And there it is again – blaming us for others choices and behaviour. If Celtic are in anyway complicit in blaming fans for this I will be very angry. As I say, I’ll reserve judgement but blaming us is not an option.


I genuinely respect your opinions,and I do hope that you continue to air them here for some considerable time to come.

It isn’t easy to swim against the tide,and while your views are not unique on here,they are much in the minority. I hope that others debate their thoughts on your opinions with the respect they deserve,the site wasn’t set up to be pro or anti any point of view.

Now to deal with your post,our custodians are paid very handsomely to protect the structure they represent. Sadly for them,it is not just a PLC,which is where they served their time,it is a football club,and a unique one in that it is vehemently disliked by everyone else in the domestic industry. There is no respect for a rival in the same industry,as there is with,say,Shell and BP.

They have to deal with this,and deal with it NOT with a PLC hat on,but with the duty of care that their “customers” deserve.

Have they looked after our interests over the entire extent of this century to ensure that we are not being cheated? I would say no,and I also surmise from events that they were well aware of it at the time. After all,everyone else did.

Have they acted after the fact,when they were proven to be cheating? Again,I would argue no. They have not only sat on their hands-possibly to the extent of facilitation-they have denied the evidence brought before them from various sources.

This is not good husbandry of the club,the PLC,the team,the fans,anything at all. It’s lying down to anyone who wants to walk right over us and once again cheat their way to the top.

When Sevco win the league some time in the future,do you think anyone is going to care that they broke every rule in the book to do so? Of course they won’t,because our board never bothered before.

As for your last sentence,that begs a question. Suppose that they are being portrayed exactly for what they are?

Margaret McGill

if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas


Hi Majoc, cheers for coming back.

No, we don’t see eye to eye on this matter, however I do know we both want only the best for Celtic.

If I thought that there was a clear path to ‘stick it’ to those who have wrong us, I would not hold the views I do. Do I wish there was clear path, by God I do?

Only a fudge will come out of the SFA and their legal advisors – a fudge that will ‘stick in our crawl, but which we will eventually have to swallow.

In all honesty, did any of us really know the extent of the corruption at Rangers and the SFA, at the time?

We are better equipped now and will be in the future – we have a professional set-up that will not be hoodwinked again.

Finally, I will have to disagree with your last sentence, disagreeing with my last sentence HH.


Purl was quoted last week in the media – I read that he said Filip would stay with Celtic till the end of the season – he also added that he has five centre- backs currently vying for two starting spots and so there was no need for him to return in January.


Big Packy.
I’m just catching up.
Sorry to hear about your friend.
You brought her comfort and kindness in her later stages of life.
Strong people look after themselves, but stronger people look after others.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, just posted on cqn to say a big thanks to all the ghuys,, and seen your post thanks pal.hh,.sorry not forgetting SES.HH.

Margaret McGill

Your post makes 2 flawed assumptions:

1. That the SFA and huns are distinct entities. They are not.
2. That Celtic PLC are interested in improved governance. They are not.

Your conclusion is that Tims should participate in the gargantuan lies perpetrated by the lying PLC to maintain the lies of the liars. No thanks.
2 Hail Mary’s and an act of contrition for you.

Awe Naw


Sorry for your loss Packy. Stay strong

big packy

AWE NAW cheers pal.hh.

I do not expect our board to make statements at the drop of the hat like the huns, tho in saying that every time they do they put pressure on the authorities, anyways, we have huns calling our players thugs and we have hun directors agreeing with them, this imo has to be challenged, not to is a joke.
In a single game at the bigot dome last season we had our captain attacked, Scott Sinclair subjected to monkey chants and racial abuse and the Griff and others on the receiving end of, coins, lighters, golf balls and batteries among other things thrown from the rangers supporters, yet not a peep from the msm and what’s worse nothing from our club, what is it going to take, a player to lose an eye or worse.
Earn your corn Pedro.

Fairhill Bhoy

Diny hold your breath TET?

I have no intentions of doing so, no idea what I am thinking that they would might right enough 😉

Fairhill Bhoy

We live in hope,but surely something must be said ?

A thing of beauty

Thoughts with you BP

A thing of beauty

Totally agree tet. The disparity in the treatment of their thuggery in the present day and ours 20 years ago is astounding. Official struck with a coin by Celtic supporter – huge fine. Official struck with a coin by sevco supporter – huge silence. Some Celtic supporters display racist behaviour 30 years ago. Still talked about and used by MSM to publicise an autobiography. Some Sevco supporters displays racist behaviour less than a year ago – not a peep, like it never happened. It sometimes takes the breath away. For all we may joke about traynor, he certainly knows how to control the narrative in this country.


Enjoying the posts guys! Keep up the good work!

big packy

A THING OF BEAUTY, thanks mhate.hh.

Traynor is the best signing the huns have ever made by a country mile, he must have stuff on a few journos and editors, he just has to have, I get that most are huns themselves but dearie me.

Nothing will be said, it’s becoming like a stuck record, silence is not always golden.


Just popping in to say well done on the new site Mahe and Madoc. Good articles and comments

Welcome, don’t be shy 😉

Awe Naw

Silence is golden. The perfect Celtic fan is a defiant Fenian with a chip on both shoulders with an inability to think for themselves. They won’t ask questions and will pay up without thinking or proviso. As long as there is the spectre of a Rangers to hate. Bigots in other words. Our PLC does for us what the huns PLC does for them. The aforesaid simpletons will tell us all their apologetic creeds. They can trot them out like the ten commandments.

No.old firm,
Standalone policy
Losing 10m a year
Lawwell letter to Rega
It is how it’s always been ..even though the churches are empty

It’s all very Old Firm isn’t it.

No matter how exploited you feel keep the faith there is nothing our billionaires on the board we can do against 25k a year administators whom are in position due to a handshake.

It call seems a bit one sided if only the Catholic Church could get irs PR in border so that we give priests free entry again ?

Maybe we can crowd fund it if the PLC dissaproves of the lost income ?

No much there that you can argue against, same as it ever was, spank me silly for thinking otherwise, but I can but dream 😉


Emusanorphan and Coneybhoy, , warm welcome to you both. Hope all’s well. Look forward to reading you’re thoughts. Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

I work for a manufacturing company that doesn’t understand IT.
IT is considered an overhead like the electric bill.
Service companies, such as airlines, understand IT but still consider IT an overhead.
Both realise that application availability is paramount to business but still have not made that conceptual jump that their IT security implies availability. Hence everything is done on the cheap leading to reduced availability.
Infections, hackings, data loss etc.
IT companies and finance companies get IT.
The analogy I am trying to make is that Celtic PLC consider the fans an overhead whereas the fans think the PLC get IT.
The availability here is the football. However, the PLC see the football and the fans as an overhead.
Welcome to modern football. thats why the games a bogey.
Im not sure I made myself clear.

Big Packy. Thinking of you.

Macjay 1

Aw naw.
No thon Maggie Mc Gill again.
Notorious Trump fan.
And Rummenigge punster .

Macjay Dismay back to haunt you .