European v Domestic success?

A personal view from saltires en sevilla, hoping for an away win in Norway tonight.

An old boss sat me down. Dreaded Annual review time.

Not for him the Sandwich Approach, although he had his own methods.

My appreciation was limited then, and to this day I still think he was a prize tosser. More because of his preference for favourites, than his abstract notions of how to nurture, or guide, my career path.

His intentions on a one to one basis, in hindsight, seem honourable enough. The test of sharing experiences and creating opportunities was achieved… albeit, grudgingly.

“You seem to have problems acknowledging affirmation or agreement”


“maybe I’m just getting to problem solving more quickly, without wasting valuable time on all the accolade driven bullshit/froth?”

” when someone says something you agree with, it’s not always obvious that you agree… ”


“Because I’ve already got to problem solving…doh!”

Fully exasperated now ” can you think of ways you might acknowledge that you are shooting in the same direction, to build consensus and … some rapport?”


“Why…. It should be obvious!!”

Almost standing up now..


“OK then” …

that will be another ‘meets requirements’ rating ?

Twenty- five years later, I’ve improved … but not much. ?

Tonight we go into game 5 of our Europa League Section against Rosenborg BK of Norway.

Whilst it’s not the Ideal situation, in terms of NOT being a Champions League Game (where we actually belong), it is still the most important game we will play this week.

Or, is it?

Over the years, European games have been/are the truest measure of our success as a football club. Proper glory belongs with our top European successes. Mainly.

The sprinkle of magic dust…under those floodlights. Nothing can ever beat that.

Can it?. Does it?

Can we really take fullest satisfaction in winning everything in sight and being the top dogs in a league where every other club combined cannot achieve our Annual Turnover?

We spend more on infrastructure improvements and ongoing maintenance, than most other clubs can afford (sic) to spend on new playing staff.

Those numbers may not be 100%,?but I hope you will see my point.

We are so far ahead in terms of money/wealth and infrastructure in Scotland, yet we go into this game probably needing to win,and also the next (game 6) against Salzburg, to be sure of playing European football after Christmas.

If we can only win one game in the next 4 days. What one would you guys take?

It seems to me some Celtic fans, perhaps most, seem far more interested in winning the forthcoming League Cup Final game against Aberdeen.

We have fans on blogs advising our manager to keep key players fresh for the domestic games, including this forthcoming Cup Final, rather than risk injury or tiredness in trying to win European ties.

We heard that around the last Europa away game in Leipzig.

To me that’s Unbelievable!

The pursuit of a ‘Treble, Treble’ is probably more valued than a last 32 place. Which may lead to a 16/8/4/2…

That must be wrong, surely?

That type of thinking, grinds my gears.

Move on a step and a half, or two. Ten in a Row. What does it actually prove outside this wee parochial corner of Europe?

Not much actually.

If I had a tenner for every European football fan who has told me .. ‘you win everything in that league but do nothing in Europe’ ( they are too polite to say ‘but yer league is shite’) They are partly winding it up of course, and that is understood and accepted.

However, there is a message, and we would do well to heed it.

Before the Saint Petersburg game last year, I was talking to a Slovakian colleague ( Milan fan …go figure!?) he smiled when I told him who we were playing.

“You’ll never walk alone… ” he said, and I was glad that he knew about our anthem. Well chuffed, there were Czech and Dutch in the room and they nodded. Vaguely. Kinda indicating knowledge or awareness of Celts.

Then he said ” pity the team are not as good as the fans” we both knew what he meant. The room did too!

After the result at Paradise I messaged him …” maybe the team is catching up with fans” he sent me “?” text.

Then after the return leg:

” Ahoy! Petersburg just awoke from hibernation…”

It was just winding up chat, and we met later in the year and discussed fitba – he told me he thought Scottish football was heading in the direction of Slovakian football.

He had written his domestic league off a long time ago.

“Maybe soon, your fans will be supporting Paris or Munich”

It was a wee bit depressing to hear that, and I know he was just being honest.

It got me to thinking about our general direction of travel as a club. All the recent chat about the club dumbing down on Europe and focusing only on domestic fitba gives me real fear.

Ironically, 10 In A Row may actually work against us.

Fast Forward ( one more …at least…please) to May 2020 and we are celebrating our 2nd ever 9-in-a-row. Never been done before etc., etc.

Must admit it has a wee ring to it.

European success will have to take a lower priority position that season.

Dareisay a back seat?!

Then colossal pressure on the manager to win ‘The 10′ will mean that Europe will take another back seat in 20/21

Sooooo, we could probably be waiting until 2021/22 season before a Celtic manager can feel confident enough to look at his squad and say – “right lads this is Europe, where it really counts, where the big boys play” indicating to his players that he is prioritising Europe and will be resting a few key players in both league and domestic cup games either side of Euro matches.

I am probably alone in this, but I couldn’t give a toss about domestic trebles (and 10 in a row) if that means our progress in European competitions is adversely impacted.

To my way of thinking. We start putting a strong winning team onto the park in European games. Learn from and compete with a higher standard of opponent. Then Domestic baubles will become an almost guaranteed side benefit.

If we don’t prioritise Europe. If we have the reputation as a club that is primarily focused on domestic success, how will we hope to attract ambitious managers and players?

Best 11 in Norway, the Aberdeen game will take care of itself.

My reluctant mentor would probably boot my stones for reaching ‘problem solving’, without acknowledging ‘success’.

25 years on. I monitor subsequent career paths, with the warm glow of satisfaction.

Because I’m just a conceited, shallow bassa…

Just kiddin’ lads and All points of view welcome.

Forza! Allez! Adelante!

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Margaret McGill

I think goal difference with Leipzig will be the group B decider

A thing of beauty

I’m in agreement with you to a certain extent SES. I see the league as priority as it is the gateway to Europe. Any domestic trophies after that are just a bonus. We need to be outward looking and improve our reputation in Europe, which is diminishing rapidly. Brendan has to take some of the blame for that and look at how he gets better results from the standard of player he is allowed to sign. Going toe to toe with the likes of Paris st Germain and Barcelona is admirable and true to our ethos but my goodness it has led to some embarrassment. I hope we will win tonight to give us a good night to look forward to in a fortnight but such is our record away I will watch in hope rather than expectation. I have to go to work now but appreciate the time you guys are taking to write some very thought provoking articles. If only we could say the same for some of the comments!!!


2 x 2-0 wins in Europe will see us through irrespective of other results. As for the prioritisation? Strongest 11 in both games. We have Brown, Ntcham and Griffiths available as “extra options” so we can flex a wee bit with the live up. 3 points tonight and a win on a Sunday are both essential.

At the start of the Europa league campaign I would have been more than happy knowing that a 2-0 win in our final game would put us through.


Awe Naw

Mmmmhhhh… Europe is the only place where we can turn a profit. If we don’t qualify for Europe we will run at a loss.


European Qualification is the limit of our ambitions as has been explicitly expressed numerous times by the PLC. The only way we can attract a quality manager is through Celtic (Irish connections) . That type of manager is eventually frowned upon by our PLC if he is successful because he will mistakenly start harboring European ambitions due to being emotionally attached to Celtic. Luckily the only ambition that the PLC has is to maximise profit . Hence the 4 year shelf time duration of a Celtic manager pish that has been peddled by Peter Lawwell so as to bolster and protect his own position. No More messiahs. He´s still bitching about Martin O Neil telling us it straight.

It would be a real shame if we bought the disco lights but were refused entry at the door but would be testament to our PLC.




A subject worth airing.

As long as I’m entertained I’m not too worried about the stage or next venue. This comes to mind.

” One game at a time, sweet Jesus

I’m only human, I’m just a fan
Help me believe in what I could be and all that I am
Show me the stairway I have to climb
Lord, for my sake teach me to take one game at a time.”

I could add

Whether it be
win ,lose or draw,
entertaining play or also ran.
But then again
I’m only human,
I’m just a fan.


Good day SES.

You make quite a few excellent points in your piece and highlight the conundrum that now faces the club, the squad and the fans – European and/or Domestic.

This was never really an issue in our Glorious Past, European success was always considered a natural add-on to our Domestic Bliss. So why has this changed to give divided opinions in our fan base.

Firstly, of course, any prospect of ultimate success in Europe is, sadly for us, now only a pipedream. The financial disparity between our club and the ‘rich’ of Europe, grows exponentially year on year.

Even in the UK clubs of the stature of Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Watford, Cardiff & Fulham an earn £250m in TV revenue over four years (including parachute payments) with just a one-year stay and, finishing last in the EPL. Astonishingly, it would take us FIFTY YEARS of wins in the Scottish Premiership to match this at current rates of prize money.

Secondly, we turn to our ‘bread & butter’ in Scotland. We are enjoying the second-most successful football period in our history and yes, it has become more important and uppermost in our minds because of our inability to compete successfully in Europe, for reasons outlined above.

There is of course another reason much closer to home. Our biggest rivals in Scotland have cheated, defrauded and ‘raped’ the game to such an extent over the last twenty-five years that our fan-base cannot now conceive of any situation whereby the Rangers brand will again be allowed to have the ‘whip-hand’ – it is abhorrent to us.

So realistically, for me, domestic success must take priority in our current situation. This coupled with regular qualification to CL/EL groups, is where we are at this moment in time.

There are some c650 clubs under the auspices of UEFA – only 64 (10%) can qualify for the group stages in the two afore-mentioned competitions.

In summation, continued domestic domination and competing among the top 10% in Europe should be accepted as success, unless and until, we can join another league and share in the riches of TV monies.

Awe Naw

Rangers hit with FIVE SFA charges after scathing Willie Collum statement
The Ibrox club slammed the whistler following his decision to send off Daniel Candeias against St Mirren.

By Nobody Brave enough to report against Rangers

21:25, 28 NOV 2018UPDATED08:13, 29 NOV 2018


Rangers have been hit with FIVE SFA charges following their scathing statement on ref Willie Collum.

The Ibrox club slammed the whistler after his decision to send off Daniel Candeias during the win over St Mirren earlier this month.

They launched a wide-ranging attack that called Collum’s ability into question and appealed the sending off – citing “underlying issues” with his performance.

The challenge was later thrown out by the SFA following an appeal hearing.

Hampden bosses later released reasons behind Collum’s decision to dismiss Candeias for two bookable offences.

Rangers, however, weren’t satisfied with the explanation and wrote to the SFA to express their anger, insisting that a change in rules over how perceived wrong refereeing decisions are dealt with.

And now the governing body have seemingly had enough and are set to drag Rangers into the dock over the saga.

The stunning charges include:

Criticising the decision and/or performance of a match official
Bringing the game into disrepute
Failing to act in the best interest of the game
Failing to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship
Failing to keep confidential information or documentation relating to proceedings

Rangers have been given until Tuesday, December 4 to respond, with a hearing set for Wednesday, December 19.

The SFA has for this disciplinary case has already accepted a plea bargaining scenario due to previous historical good behaviour with regards the 5 charges.

The saga kicked off when Candeias was given a second booking as he celebrated Rangers’ second goal in the 2-0 win over St Mirren in Paisley.

It was later revealed the dismissal was for Candeias making “gestures”.

That alibi came in the aftermath of the blistering statement, released earlier in November, which has seemingly landed Rangers in bother.

It said: “Rangers are extremely disappointed with the decision of the Scottish FA’s Judicial Panel to dismiss our appeal against the second yellow card shown to Daniel Candeias in the closing seconds of last Saturday’s match against St Mirren.

“Rangers afforded the governing body the opportunity to let common sense prevail and we are surprised they have chosen not to do so by correcting what was, and what remains an inexplicable decision by the match referee, Willie Collum. Rangers shall now seek a fundamental review of the rules relating to red cards which result from two bookings of a player in a game.

“If one of these decisions is obviously wrong, it must be possible to correct that mistake. It is wrong that players’ livelihoods and careers can be impacted without the opportunity of redress, especially when the official responsible for the miscarriage of justice is allowed to continue as though beyond question or reproach.

“It defies belief that this same referee, who got it so blatantly wrong last Saturday, is awarded one of the biggest matches in Scottish football this weekend while Daniel Candeias is denied the right to go to his work. This, frankly, is unacceptable.

“Furthermore, it is understood that a number of people within the Scottish FA are in no doubt Mr Collum’s judgment was flawed and Rangers shall also now be submitting a formal complaint about the performance of this referee. The manner in which he reacted to an incident involving our player made it obvious he did not give due consideration to his decision.

“This is by no means the first time errors of judgment have been made in matches involving this official and clearly there is an underlying issue which requires to be addressed.”

The Gombeen Man


I agree with much of your post.

Given our financial position we should be miles ahead in Scotland but it doesn’t always work like that. Scotland is a backwater of fear based 17th century thinking and to be honest the Celtic v Sevco game represents much of what’s wrong about Scotland. It’s a horrible fixture and it holds back Scotland in so many ways.
It’s also an easy way for unscrupulous men and women to get rich. It’s addictive and very hard to shake off, it appeals to a primordial animalistic tendancy within us.

In short it’s ugly.

It would be churlish not to acknowldge Sevco’s Europa Cup run this season. They play Villarreal tonight at home. Sevco at the moment are only one point behind Villarreal and a win tonight and a win at the weekend and you’ll hear celebrations not heard on the southside for many years.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

The PLC have artificially created a situation where there is now a credible opposition in Scotland and they will continue to expoit the social divisions in the West of Scotland for profit.

Europe represents too big a risk to the business model, so does an real attempt to clean up the game in Scotland.

Rosenborg have zero points and -9 goals. We really should take something from this game.

Domestic domination is a non starter. It’s boring and that’s why Sevco have been allowed to waltz ‘back’ into their rightful position in Scottish football.

As the Sex Pistols put it ‘It’s a swndle.’


Awe Naw

Human League ?

Awe Naw


39. I therefore dismiss Mr King’s request to convene the Committee under Rule 2 of the Committee’s Rules.

Signed: Michael Crane QC

Chairman of the Hearings Committee

26 November 2018

Date of this Panel Statement: 29 November 2018

Cracking post yesterday.
Sadly my memory banks are not wired that way, too much abuse when I was younger 🙁
I also noticed Corky posting, haste ye back 😉
I agree with you that europe should be our goal/aim, but first and foremost we have to win the league, as for the other cups, I would play the weans in them to be honest, but as Awe Naw said, the garbage that a managers shelf life is 4 or so years is really holding us back imo, continuity in the coaching side of things should also be the aim, when I think back to Lenny and what he achieved with little backing, when they should have gone all out and backed him to the hilt, with the players HE wanted not the players given to him, they threw him under a bus, criminal imo, but they managed to convince the punters it was all Lenny’s fault and they did the right thing.

saltires en sevilla

Folks, thanks for replies.

As always, much to ponder and I appreciate you all taking time. Very helpful.


saltires en sevilla

Mr King …careful with those bana…..oh, never mind!

Awe Naw

Do you think Duff is getting pencilled in to be Brendans natural successor ?

saltires en sevilla

That would align with the Person Specification you mentioned earlier.
He seems dead keen.

Awe Naw

I dont buy the Rosenberg concentrating on the weekend nonsense btw.

saltires en sevilla

Agree 100%. They want the points the cash and the co-ef.

I’m sure Brendan will have his players in no doubts how tough this will be.

They are due some luck against us.

Take a narrow 1-0 ….Jamesy!

Awe Naw

How he was head hunted for a position he did not apply for is highly revealing of the internal machinations of Celtic

Awe Naw
No, I think that Broonie is the next chosen one 😉

Awe Naw

Rangers chairman Dave King faces contempt of court proceedings today (Thursday) over a failure to make a court-ordered £11 million bid for most of the club’s shares.

The case is due before Lady Wolffe at the Court of Session two weeks after she rejected his attempt to thwart a financial watchdog’s attempt to bring a halt to proceedings.

The full ‘proof before answer’ hearing is expected to hear both factual and legal issues in the case.

It is the first enforcement action the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers has taken since being given statutory powers 12 years ago.

Contempt of court is punishable by a fine and imprisonment.

The case arises out of Mr King’s failure to comply with a court order in December to make a bid for most of the club’s shares after a court ruled he acted with other shareholders to take control in 2015, ousting a board of directors said to be allied to Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley.

Lord Bannatyne supported the Panel’s view that a formal takeover should have been triggered after the Three Bears group led by Mr King secured more than 30 per cent of the voting rights in Rangers.

The Rangers chief has already been told that he is in breach of takeover rules by failing to make the bid.

Under Takeover Code rules, a written offer to shareholders had to be made within 28 days of a bid announcement being made on March 29 – but so far it has not been forthcoming. Mr King has previously said it has been held up because he has to get funds from South Africa to the UK.

Mr King has previously denied being in contempt of court has no concerns about the case and insisted he is doing all he can to settle the matter.

Lady Wolffe has previously said the court could decide on whether the South Africa-based businessman deliberately chose not to follow the order made by Lord Bannatyne.

The Ibrox chief has been fighting through the courts to stave off pressure to buy the shares, fearing the heavy financial toll it would place on him.

During one hearing in October, Mr King’s advocate Lord Davidson of Glen Clova QC argued that the Rangers chief “is penniless” adding: “Any order wouldn’t secure compliance. It won’t. It is pointless.”

He has previously argued that a judge went “too far” in ordering him to make a mandatory offer at a price of 20p a share and has said there has been a hold up because of the difficulty in getting funds from South Africa to the UK.

Mr King’s representative had argued that the Takeover Panel needed the Lord Advocate’s agreement over the unique court action by the watchdog which is being brought as a civil matter, but has criminal consequences.

It is argued that the Lord Advocate should receive details of the petition and given time to comment on it. It is understood the Panel’s representative did not think it was necessary But Lady Wolffe rejected the arguments saying the law dictates that the Lord Advocate’s agreement is needed only in some cases.

In April, a letter to shareholders from John Bennett, the chairman of an “independent directors” group of Rangers International Football Club plc said that an original announcement from one of Mr King’s companies had not been “cash confirmed” by a third party as required by Rule 2.7(d) of the Takeover Code.

He said in a circular that “this will be addressed promptly” after April 4 so that when the official offer to shareholders is made, the cash to fund it will be ringfenced by a third party.

The King-led takeover group – which included Park’s Motor Group founder Douglas Park, Rangers Supporters Trust and Rangers First member George Taylor and Rangers fan George Letham – had always denied that they had acted ‘in concert’ to purchase shares in Rangers on December 31 2014 and January 2, 2015.

Awe Naw
However Counsel for Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) James Wolffe QC, opposed the motion on the grounds that Green’s alleged offence occured before he took over Rangers football club and therefore, he argued “It all falls.” Wolffe also contended that there was a distinction to be drawn between the “club” and the “company” saying that “an association football club continues whatever company happens to own it.”

This sparked a furious response from Green’s advocate, Jonathan Brown who told the court that his client had signed a severance agreement when he resigned from the board of directors: ” He was prepared to depart the scene without fuss,” but if he was “dragged back in” the agreement was “you pay the lawyers.” He also challenged the idea that a Rangers was the same club noting: “A club can not sign contracts” and that “a club is an undertaking” of its owners and as it “has neither capacity of personality” no-one can be CEO of it.

In one of the most striking scenes of the day Brown said, referring to the company, Sevco Scotland that Green used to purchase the assets of Rangers: “The team are paid by Sevco, play at a ground owned by Sevco, are trained by a manager who is employed by Sevco and fans buy tickets from Sevco. That is the business that is being carried on.” Rangers, he argued were “a collection of assets,” noting “What is the players were sold to one person and Ibrox to another, where is the “club” then?”

When court adjourned late in the afternoon, the presiding judge, Lord Doherty, thanked Counsel “for their “submissions in this interesting case.” He told the parties he would consider the matter and then produce his findings in writing as soon as he could.

Awe Naw

One year after these utterances James Wollfe QC became Lord Advocate for Scotland. Pure coincidence and pure coincidence that his wife has been chosen to hear the Dave King contempt of court charge

King will at worst get a token fine, more likely a severe censure, told not to be a naughty boy and run along.

Awe Naw

I agree and the Scottish courts will piss and shit all over the UK Takeover and Mergers Panel who are for the first time trying to get such a conviction. The precedent will be set and any such future action will fail. Incredible that a few academic Scottish bigots can hole under the water an entire independent body due to repaying previous personal ad hoc favours , leg ups and handshakes.

I tell you another thing I´m glad I had Scotland and all it´s machinations sussed by the age of 12.
England by the age of 21
and Celtic Plc`s by the age of 22

And now that I have done so I have to take my hat off to Celtic PLC for SLEEKITNESS abilities number ONE

saltires en sevilla

Brilliant gesture by Rosenborg!

It never ceases to amaze; the classy behaviour of European clubs towards opponents.

Hei Rosenborg, takk og respekter!


Rag’n’bone Man




Thought provoking article! You have powerful argument hidden within your article. When you discussed operating costs you had the nub of the problem in your very hands. Celtic spent twice what the second placed team spent on OC. Celtic have consistently outperformed the others for at least 8 years. The two S’s ….Spend and Success! Of course there is not a one to one relationship between them. Poor use of resources destroys the positive link with performance. We all know about the poor recruitment policies.

However, in general, the big fish gets the prize. Wait, should that not be the big fisherman (gender apologies!) gets the prize? No, that takes us in a different direction. Let’s leave religion out of it!

To return to the nub(second usage, hmmm ), Europe spells revenue…large revenue, even for relative failures. If you do not prioritise Europe, revenues will fall. More importantly, relative revenue will fall…..relative to the type of teams with whom we could compete, Ajax, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Salzburg, etc…i.e. second tier clubs. This had already happened because of poor spend and poor recruitment. Your Slovak friend already knows this.

Concentration on the domestic front will affect our ability to qualify for the big money, and eventually, our seat at the big table for restructuring. The league cup pails in comparison to what Europe offers, so does everythig but the league.

Remember Sevco are one set of deep pockets away from closing the gap.

Revenue and the astute use of it is the answer even although that is a risky strategy.

Curiously, Revenue is both the cause and the effect of success. How unique is that?



Great thought provoking piece .I also would prioritize Europe and believe Brendan will . Where I a modern day manager I would ( ala Pochetino ) subscribe to an entire squad of quality theory with little to no drop off between the two players for any given position , and play horses for courses for every game .
So no actual first choice eleven .
He can do that down in the Prem with backing and money , but Brendan does have a drop off factor between the first and second choice in many positions .
So tbh just like Vfr mentioned , he should have his first 11 primed for 2 big games in 4 days ,,, and the previous games were the opportune times to rest first choice players.
An international break throws a spanner in the works for some though with travel and little break maybe , but as a top level professionals they should be able to give everything twice in a small period , especially at this stage of the season .

The domestic scene doesnt excite me at all , infact generally does the opposite and raises my blood pressure with the baggage that comes along with playing in a corrupt backwater , but we should be able to use the fact we are top dogs to our advantage .
The financial gap should ensure league success even if underperforming such is the gap , and so resting players before big games shouldnt be a big deal at all .
If you were to grab a hard nose businessman and ask him “ Company A has just under 3 times the turnover of Company B , yet they are locked in an arms race ! “ I believe he would simply state A is under achieving .
If we had a normal board with some ambition we should identify a coach that has consistently made his teams punch above their weight in Europe .
That AEK coach was a two year stop gap fella and he got the better of Brendan , who is still learning his trade in Europe . Not only do I want , like yourself , to compete on the continent , I want us to start recruiting our coaches from there .
Nice to see one of us in the dugout of course , but a European coach with pedigree ,,, now that would get my juices flowing .

Hail Hail

big packy

hi bhoys, just nipped in to wish the famous Glasgow celtic the best of luck tonight, SES, just read your post brilliant once again .will start posting properly tomorrow.hh.


Hi Rebus,

We must concentrate on the domestic competitions…why?….because the fan base will not countenance failure at home for an extra round in Europe. Realistically at this moment in time, that is all on offer to us in the CL.

Others say we should use our £30/£40/£50 milllion(take your pick) bank balance to bring in 2/3/4(again take your pick) marquee signings. Going down that route might get us out of the CL group’s, maybe not. What it would certainly do, would be to weaken the financial base of the club with no long-term comcommitant benefit.

In our case, spending lumps of money, albeit small by international standards, chasing Champion’s league glory, would be a perfect example of The Law Of Diminishing Returns, and would open the door to an impoverished and desperate Sevco domestically.

The set-up we have at present gives us a sporting chance to progress from the EL every season, interspersed with CL qualification. I believe our current model is the only way forward, of course we look to improve year on year.

I was brought up supporting a Celtic that all of Europe feared, sadly due to the crazy TV money that is being splashed around within the big five European leagues, that is no longer the the case.

If someone can take the published accounts for the last seven years and produce a better business plan going forward, I will be delighted to see it.

Domestic domination and success within the EL is sanity – chasing CL success is vanity – it was tried at Ibrox and despite using every dirty and fraudulent trick in the book, ended up in total disaster. HH



Good to see you posting. All the best. Everyone leaves a footprint, try to enjoy those left by your departed one.




I do not buy that. I never said that we should ignore domestic competitions but merely that Europe needs to have a higher priority than currently.

Where we agree is that Celtic is a well run club, financially.

Failure against sides like Malmo and AEK should not be acceptable. It was strategic decisions that caused those failures. In the first case, recruitment of a second rate manager who was inexpensive and in the second, failure to spend on the defence. IMHO inappropriate use of funds.

Nowhere did I suggest that we spend 30/40/50 million every year on players. You are exaggerating what I said.

At the moment consistent qualification for the CL is an appropriate goal. The current squad would have knocked AEK out, probably. Benkovic and Boyata(or replacement) were not in place due to bungling. An additional 5-10 million spend would have given us a good chance of 30-40 million, without compromising our position in Scotland.
The last transfer window surely showed you the disconnect between the football and strategic depts.

Where has the current strategy got us this season? Needing a wing and a pray to qualify out of a Europa Cup group. Anything less than a win tonight and we are out.(probably).


I’m no trying to be picky or anything but this bit just disny make any sense whatsoever.
“In our case, spending lumps of money, albeit small by international standards, chasing Champion’s league glory, would be a perfect example of The Law Of Diminishing Returns, and would open the door to an impoverished and desperate Sevco domestically.”
Surly spending on quality players will leave them even further us

I think Pedro tried the bargain basement version of appointing a coach who over achieved when he brought in Ronny D, no slight on Ronny, he did the best he could, maybes if some of the players didn’t undermine him things could well have gone better, IMO, the main undermining came from on high.


TeT, so it’s time to step out of the bargain basement? We both know he won’t but a German / Spanish coach would get the juices flowing.
Logging off for the day, so can watch game tonight free of info.
Cmon the Hoops!
Hail Hail

Awe Naw
Aye, they have the sleekitness down to a fine art so they have.
Sad thing is so many know it and allow them to get away with it.

Yip, he won’t but we can but dream

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-German/Spanish?whats wrong with what we have?
Get in 1 up?

Cos Brendan will be gone soon enough, in the summer I reckon, forward planing is the Key 😉
Superb goal

Saltires en Sevilla

Yesssss well played and totally deserved. 1 up Sinky from a great cross from Jamesy

We need to try some direct shots tho’
Walking ball in too often.

Having said that

Bhoys look in the mood tonite!

HT 1nil Hoooopps


I was not quoting you on the £30/£40/£50 – apologies if it came accross that way – some of the CEO’s harshes critics are advocates.

The most one sided away game I have ever seen involving us in europe, long may it continue, they will have to come out now, hopefully it will leave a space or two as we are finding it difficult to break them down.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-if your correct about BR,then you can forget about any fancy German or Spaniard ?
We will make do with another Irish season ticket selling name ?

Get in there, away wins in europe are few and far between.
Magic, superb professional display

mike in toronto

so, who is going to text mahe and tell him the score?


Fairhill Bhoy

Me me me?

mike in toronto

I thought it might be majoc!! But I knew you wouldnt be far behind! just dont tell him I suggested it!


Fairhill Bhoy

Only kidding,the floor is yours ??


Tonight I want a European win and on Sunday a domestic one.
Is that how your question works?
Hail Hail my friend.

I hope I am so wrong regarding Brendan, I hope he stays for years, I understand he is happy with life in scotland, the family I mean, his Mrs is by all accounts and the wean is settled at school, we will see, if he goes it will be down to one man and nobody else.