Simple evidence that Police Scotland cannot cope with simple arithmetic

Some days you get up and everything seems normal and you are looking forward to the day. 2nd September 2018 was just like that. I was looking forward to the game; I was also looking forward to a Coias breakfast with some fine CQN’ers. The day started off fine; I had been to Mass on the Saturday night so I had a free morning and nipped up to Coia’s to meet the gang before heading down to Paradise to see the Bhoys taking on the tribute act. It was going to be slightly different because in response to the Glib and Shameless Liar’s decision to cut the allocation for Celtic fans at Snake Mountain to 800, Celtic had reciprocated and given the Orcs just 800 tickets. There would be around 7,000 extra Celtic fans in the ground so the atmosphere would be even better than usual.

Around a dozen or so of us met in Coia’s and had a hearty breakfast and we then headed down to CQN Corner just after 11 to meet more of the gang. It was a party atmosphere all the way down and it was a lovely bright morning so spirits were high. After speaking to a few of the lads myself and Pog left just before 11:30 to walk round to the far side of the stadium to take our seats. I am in the North Curve, so I had to walk right round to Janefield St as London Rd had been closed off to allow the 800 orcs to have a cordoned off area to enter the park.

I got to the corner of the Celtic End and Janefiedl St just about 11:35am – well before Police Scotland initially suggested the incident occurred; here is my recollection and viewpoint on events.


Simple arithmetic suggested that as there were between 6000 and 7000 Celtic extra fans expected in the east stand and that it would be very busy and take a while to get through there.  Logic suggested that approximately half of these fans would come from the north and east and half would come from the south and west.  This suggested to me that somewhere between 3000 and 3500 extra fans would be coming along the Janefield St tunnel that day because London Rd was closed for access.  This number was augmented by those fans who usually walked along London Road from the east to get to the west and south stands.  So somewhere well in excess of 5000 extra fans would be accessing this tunnel from both directions in the 30 minutes before kick-off.  One would expect that Celtic FC and Police Scotland would come to a similar conclusion; sadly, they didn’t.


As I approached Janefield St from the west at approximately 11:35 I saw that it was very busy.  What did strike me was that the mounted Police officers who were usually at the west entrance of the tunnel for home games were not there.  This is significant because had they been there they would have easily witnessed the start of the incident from their higher vantage point and could have taken action immediately.  The time is also significant because Police Scotland publicly stated that the overcrowding and crush started 10 minutes prior to kick-off; and that they responded immediately.  This is absolutely untrue.


I joined the crowd at the entrance to the tunnel at approximately 11:35 and within 30 seconds or so I became alarmed because I was aware that the crowd behind me was increasing very quickly and pressure was being exerted from behind.  For the first minute or so, slow but uncomfortable progress was made.  Then the real impact became obvious.  As fans were coming from the east and meeting those from the west head-on, there was literally nowhere to go.  The pressure from in front and behind was increasing and I felt considerable alarm for my own safety and for the safety of those around me. I have been in extremely large crowds at Celtic Park – in excess of 80,000 at times but this crush was a new and frightening experience. Even at the Leeds game at Hampden in 1970 with well over 100,000 there was nowhere near this congestion. As I moved slowly along, there was a woman with a young boy of around 10 or 11 in front of me and she was struggling to keep hold of him.  I had him hold on to the woman’s rucksack and I placed my hands on her shoulders to create a “cage” for him to keep him from being crushed.  There were many children being lifted onto adults shoulders to escape the crush.  People had very quickly become aware that this was a very dangerous situation and I was surprised at how calm the majority of people were and they remained calm even as the evident fear and danger increased.


As I said, I have been in sizeable crowds at Celtic Park over the past 50 years and many of them far bigger than Sunday’s crowd.  However, I can categorically state that I never experienced the fear and alarm that I did on that Sunday.  My main fear was that if anyone tripped or fell that they would be trampled to death – there would have been no chance of getting up. The knock-on effect of that would have been disastrous and unthinkable. Death for some would have been inevitable.


I was in the crush for around 10 to 15 minutes (though it felt far longer) and when I got ¾ of the way along the tunnel the crowd dissipated and the crush cleared.  I managed to get into my place in Section 111 just before kick-off.  I was shaken by the experience and very angry. One of the guys I meet at the game with had seen the problems as he was walking towards Janefield St and diverted along the Gallowgate.  Another was caught up in the crush and hurt and scraped his hands and arms as he scaled the wall at the cemetery to escape the crush; he was visibly shaken and astonished that he had managed to get out in one piece.  The Police and stewards were absolutely unprepared for this and their planning, along with Celtic’s was abysmal and they all need to be held to account for this gross negligence.  The match commander is a very fortunate man not to be facing significant charges over dereliction of duty over this incident and it must be highlighted bad (and prolonged) the incident was; and how the Police response was delayed for up to 15 minutes and wholly unsatisfactory in preventing the situation becoming worse.

What beggars belief is that this incident was initially fobbed off as something minor that the Police and stewards reacted to swiftly and dealt with effectively. That as we know was a downright lie. Simple arithmetic in the safety and security planning should have alerted the Police and Celtic security teams to the obvious and necessary increase in number funnelling along the Janefield St tunnel in the 30 to 40 minutes before the game; that they were not able to put a safe plan in place is, in my opinion, criminally negligent. There were very few casualties (all of them minor) but that is, again in my opinion, because of the behaviour of those involved in this crush: no panic and good sense prevailing. As a layman I expected around 5000 extra bodies flowing through that tunnel so was prepared to get there early as I expected it to be busy; and I was right. It was busy – far too busy!

To make matters worse, the information released by Police Scotland this week evidences their negligent planning; their poor response; and their blatant lies after the event. Despite their claims that the overcrowding and subsequent crush happened around 11:45, the detail released shows that they were aware of overcrowding at the Janefield St tunnel at 11:30. They failed to respond adequately and on time. Then tried to cover up by stating the crush occurred at 11:44 – a full 14 minutes after being alerted to it.

I was fortunate insofar as I was through it by the time that they stupidly deployed mounted Police in an already overcrowded situation which, according to many, actually made things worse. I was told by a young woman I know that she was knocked over by a Police horse pushing through the crowd. Fortunately she regained her feet and was not injured by the horse or the crowd; she was very shaken.

Celtic have commissioned an independent review; it will be interesting to see how that reports. I have put my experiences to the review but have heard nothing from them thus far. Colour me surprised!

Ultimately thousands of Celtic fans were caught up in this situation and fortunately they were all able to go home that night. Sitting at home on the Sunday evening I reflected on the day and (literally) thanked God that we didn’t experience an event similar to the day that 66 Rangers fans died after leaving home one day to support their team. That was a horrible tragedy; that we didn’t suffer another on the 2nd September was down to luck; nothing to do with planning and risk assessment. If panic had set in, then the whole day could have ended very differently.

It just goes to show that however your day starts, you really don’t know how events will pan out and how in a matter of minutes you can move from a feeling of joyful anticipation to one of fear and dread. We should be able to go and support our team in safety; those responsible for ensuring that we can were grossly negligent on that day. Shame on them!


Guest post by Vfr

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A thing of beauty

Excellent summation of events and closely mirrors my own and my sister,s experience. As you correctly point out the most worrying fact to emerge from the police report is the clear and absolute lie about the timing of the crush. That is unforgivable but like you also allude, not surprising. I expect Celtic to challenge this report and await their reaction.


That is an excellent review of the events on the day. If anything,I think that the way that access to the non-Main Stand parts of the Celtic sections was controlled and funnelled through Janefield Street entrance suggests that you are maybe cutting them a bit of slack on the numbers.

My personal opinion is that there were more than the 5,000 you suggest.


Well,6,000 extra Celtic tickets. All going through that area. PLUS all the fans who are normally in The Lisbon Lions Stand,including yourself. Add in those from The North Stand and northern section of The Jock Stein Stand and you effectively have about 45,000 fans going through a funnel. A funnel only meant for about 4k from the JS and 15k from the NS.

Another point worth raising,even though I hesitate to do so,is that nearly everyone was sober-early ko on a Sunday. Now,very few people turn up blootered for the football nowadays,but while a fella wi six pints in him is perfectly capable of behaving in an orderly manner,he might not be able to do so under serious pressure.

My point on the numbers is not meant as a niggardly dig,or a cheap shot,F. Far from it,I think that it is a worthwhile exercise to find out how many of the supporters that day had access by other means. Don’t add up,subtract from the 59,000 who were there.

And I think you’ll find that this was a much bigger dereliction of duty than even you thought at the time.

Additionally,there are two equally important points that you make,and we really need to make sure these aren’t swept under a convenient carpet.

One is the reaction of the police on the day,itself in two parts. The reactions of those on duty at the time was a total disgrace,from what I have been told. Disinterest,arrogance,even threats,these were the default. For their superiors to then blatantly lie about the timing and the magnitude of the events,well,it kinda reminded me of a certain Orange Walk at your place of worship a few weeks previously.

For which,I believe,justice is grinding its wheels very slowly,if at all.

The other is the report,which we only have due to FOI. Whoever has been party to the content therein should be thrown out of the force,having first been forced to sit through documentary evidence of the police actions and cover-ups which shamed the nation over Hillsborough. They should then be forced to watch the Jimmy McGovern docudrama until they are physically sick,or miraculously turn into human beings again.

On a happier note,this was posted on CQN last night by a great lad. As he hasn’t posted here-yet-I’ve removed his moniker,but left the time of the post so you can see for yourselves.

……………..on 29TH NOVEMBER 2018 8:06 PM
Well done Celtic. A nice wee victory away from home!!

I knew it was going to be a good day when Kano’s daughter, Alanna posted on facebook this morning

“Our little Xavier Martin Davies is finally here!

? Born 28/11/2018 at 10.29pm.

? Weighing 8lb3oz.

You have stolen our hearts already and we can’t wait to watch you grow my beautiful boy.”

God Bless Kano and his family


My congratulations to all involved. I was fortunate enough to meet Xavier Martin Davies’ Gran and her daughter about two years ago when they were over. They were absolutely wonderful. And his Papa lives on through The Kano Foundation.


I’m a tad surprised that Celtic haven’t yet been able to piece together events,given that we are almost three months down the line.


majoc the numbers I referred to were those extra fans going through the tunnel that day. I estimate that based upon a sell out crowd that it would have been somewhere between 5000 and 6000 extra fans. As you point out, the volume of human traffic over that period of time was probably in excess of 30000 going through from east and west, so getting an accurate figure would be a very worthwhile exercise.

I did think about the effect alcohol could have played in the circumstances had it not been an early Sunday kickoff and you are correct – add a few hundred supporters slightly the worse for wear and the impact could have been colossal.

After the independent enquiry reports it will be very interesting to see how Police Scotland respond should it hold them culpable.


Impudent Strumpet


I’m very angry for you and the other fans who experienced that crush. The fear and concern that you and others must have felt really comes across in your words. The response and statements from the Police and Celtic thus far are wholly unsatisfactory and I really do hope that the review that you contributed to has some meaningful output.

It is not easy to describe a chaotic situation like that so clearly, so well done!

big packy

VFR. cracking post, as someone who attended the ibrox disaster game, and have inlaws who managed to get out of hilsborough unscathed, I know where you are coming from, but it happened in the best wee country and it was only a bunch of tims, they don’t care about us never have never will ,feck them.hh.

The Gombeen Man


An excellent summary of the events of that day thanks for taking the time to share. I no longer attend Sevco games and very rarely attend any matches given the sectarian nature of the Plc’s strategy and the lack of transparency and toxic nature of Scottish football.
Your article is another example of the dangerous lack of responsibility and incompetence that surrounds much of what is loosely termed as football. The reality is that the decision to sell more tickets to Celtic supporters and the segregation at Sevco games should have immediately initiated a risk assessment of the impact of the increased footfall in ‘the tunnel’ before the game. Sevco games are unique and aren’t like Champions League fixtures. The majority of Celtic fans will avoid any contact with Sevco supporters.

This isn’t rocket science, it should have been anticipated.

There was a precedent for this when we played Aberdeen (I think) a couple of seasons ago. The car park in front of the Main Stand had just been closed for the renovations for the Commonwealth Games. As a consequence, all of the supporters leaving the Main Stand were forced down the steps near to Superstore and down to the Ticket Office. It was chaotic. The weight of the supporters coming from the ‘Celtic End’ meeting the supporters coming from the Main Stand was horrific. My daughter was terrified by the incident. At the top of the stairs, there was only a couple of stewards and no sign of the Poice.

At subsequent games, there was a large police presence with mounted officers who directed supporters etc.

There is a failure to take account of likely dangers given changes in the number of supporters likely to use exits or entrances at match days.

In my case find it astonishing that a decision was made to close the car park and the main road from the Main Stand to the London Road and have no measures in place to cater for the likely impact of the changes. It’s basic stuff really and Celtic do have a duty of care to ‘customers’ attending the stadium.

Police Scotland the Plc (and whatever strategy they have) have got lucky a couple of times.


Again many thanks for gracing us with another piece .
This one however makes for not such a pleasant read .
Ive been in very large crowds but not a crush , and I thank my lucky stars for that , I truly do, as what you have ( and previously ATOB ) described is nightmarish .
Just this weekend I was telling GFTB that I woudnt pass the team on to the wee one as I cant stand what I see when I analyse it . Well theres confirmation for me that its the right call , when crushes , stabbings and a clearly anti-Celtic police etc are the norm . I mean Garry was saying hes been in 4 ? No lessons learned anywhere or is it just the Tims who cares ?

So as you say the official police report is clearly look out for your own .
Well there I was thinking the report the PLC commissioned was to counteract the tendency of the boys in blue to close ranks when questioned , then you were saying not contacted back ?
Hmm,,,,I might give the benefit of the doubt in this case , afterall there will have been hundreds if not thousands of reports . Looking with a sinister eye the PLC would not want themselves to be the fall guy ala the Police , so a report paid for by them wont blame them . And they wont antagonise the fuzz.
Who does that leave to pin it on ? But they cant really blame the fans can they as no drink , and everyone stayed calm . Maybe spread a wee bit of blame everywhere ? This next one should be instructive .

Should you think the next report is a whitewash also perhaps we could fund our own investigation ? Im sure we could raise the funds but the biggest issue would be lack of compliance probably . Lets face it the cops would stay shtum . PLC lip service .
3 reports , 3 different culprits would be ,,,, effing typical of corrupt Scotland .
Perhaps its more ammo when and if a real journalist gets involved , or an expose piece is done outside the usual media outlets . Perhaps it would be toilet paper but it would be hard actual proof of jiggery pokery , if that counts for anything these days.
Thank the good Lord no good souls were lost that day.

Thanks again and Hail Hail

mike in toronto

Did you get to see the game in peace last night? There were some right bad ones on here, who wanted to text you the score … I’m not mentioning any names (like I wouldn’t say it rhymes with Bearhil) … but I stopped him… at considerable risk, I might add!



MIT , aye I seen you bhoys malarkey upon reading back 😉 Keep it up ! Aye watched it in the bath with a large gin and tonic . Thought we were organised and efficient . James is clearly the man right now . I would sold him a few years ago shows how much I know. Dissappointed in lack of home fans but some of the ones that were there were huddling under duvets , so the temp probably played a big part .
If forced to criticise I would say our shape doesnt get the best out of Eduoard .
Overall it was a pleasing performance and sets up a thigh rubber in the final match day .
First snow expected this weekend , winter truly upon us . Hail Hail and hope all is good with your fine self !

mike in toronto

We no longer look overawed in Europe … even when we were getting through to the CL a few years ago, it was ‘all hands to the pump’ last ditch defending …. not now …no panic last night, even in the last fifteen minutes…. that alone is a monumental improvement. That alone has justified BR’s salary. Would never have believed he could have made such a difference in such a short period of time.

Having said that, Our attacking shape does need work still ….I think Dembele’s last minute move has caused problems ….OE is sort of playing the MD more central striker role, and it is not really his strength…. I think OE is more of a modern type forward … not tied to one role, or spot on the pitch, but is better coming in off the wing and attacking … but without MD, he is doing the job the team needs, and he is young and learning, so I try to cut him a bit of slack ….

but, i think the biggest thing is that we need to start our attacks earlier and from deeper … too many teams nowadays (and we are one of them) try to play the tippy tappy game of Barca around the box… but, with the exception of TR sometimes, we dont have the players to play that style …

We have some pace, and guys that can see a forward pass, so, instead of camping around the 18 yard box, we need to start the attacks deeper and try to pass to players on the break … not always easy… but something that I think is more suited to the players we have, and something that could be improved in practice

PS … did not need the image of you in the bubble bath! If SentinelCelts had yellow card… that might be the first! 🙂


Court of Session, Edinburgh, 30 November 2018.

Dave King – “Rangers shareholders have links to organised crime”

Mr King, what everyone knows is that for the last twenty-five years, Rangers have been an organised crime.

Margaret McGill

VFR Harrowing stuff.
Yes we can blame the incompetent cops, however, we and the PLC know they couldnt run a raffle.The motivation for this is making money and for that we must apportion blame to the Celtic PLC. If they cannot anticipate potential dangers at Celtic park what hope is their on the well documented current dangers at Ibrox when Tims visit? Count me out.


Gold, we must assume this is calculated and there is a reason behind this. Very strange thing to say in public? How can Jabba get ahead of this one? Tune in tomorrow to find out. I bet Dave is cast as the honest rangers man chasing out the baddies for the love of the club. Often wondered where he got his scruples or lack of them specifically from then I heard his day was a cop and it all fits together.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

All lies ….see last sentence.

big packy

AWE NAW, they are all tarred with the same brush, liars one and all, and where does the easdales feature in all of this.hh.

big packy

MAGS, last time I was at that shithole was 1971,and our bus got bottled twice, a shower of orange bassas, and that’s me in a good mood,???.

mike in toronto

How about a little Christmas music for a Friday afternoon/evening?

Fairytale of New York by the Pogues

big packy

enjoyed that mike,.hope you are well.hh.

mike in toronto

Hey PB

How are you keeping? How is the new addition holding up?

Fairhill Bhoy

vfr-I said you would do well to beat your first post!
Shows what I know eh???

big packy

hi mike, yes young Donnie is fine, and as you know we have adopted Jorge, ,hope seamus is well.?

Margaret McGill

King is being coached by the Scottish judiciary on how to keep his money in South Africa and procrastination is the name of the game. There will be another contempt of court charge post january after another appeal.

A Superb recollection of a very harrowing event.
Trawling back thought the memory banks I remember my Da drumming it into me that if I was ever in a crowd situation like that you should always clasp your hands and raise your arms to your shoulder level, it makes it easier to keep you above the crowd and harder for you to fall, he learned this when he did his military service, it works, always stuck in my head.
The sad thing is that in 2018 these things are happening.

So the glib and shameless liar said in court today that four shareholders are linked to organised crime, he either has balls of steel, or no intentions of coming back on a regular basis to scotland, if you call out gangsters in an open court you should be prepared for a present of concrete boots I would have thought, I would imagine he has a few loyalist minders everywhere he goes when he is here right enough, but I very much doubt they will protect him, still the FBI may well have a look see what is going down here, that would please me no end.

mike in toronto


I would seriously question whether there is any truth to anything he says; he has ‘wimpy syndrome’ – something today for something tomorrow – he says whatever he thinks will help get him out of a jam now, without regard to whatever furture issues it will cause … and then later he will tell another porkie to get out of that one.

I agree wholeheartedly, but, always the but, if he has called out the Easdales [sp] or whomever, in open court I reckon they will not take too kindly to that.
As for the court, amazing how the cabal look after their own, I would wager a non goat shagger wouldn’t be afforded the same

big packy

THE EXILED TIM ,AND MIKE IN TORONTO, don’t waste your breath on the hun caba,l they shall not be moved,the police and the courts are one and the same, orange bassas.hh.

mike in toronto

I disagree …. Glib will be called to account on this …. …. in this case, he doesn’t have Celtic or the league to look the other way/prop him up….

No he won’t

Yip, they are


Mahe- yes calculated & coached, but by whom and for what reason?

If he and his acolytes are serious about the normalisation of the club and all that entails, e.g. having a proper bank account and being accepted by the financial markets, why on earth would he say what he said?

Can you imagine the furore in the UK media if such a statement had been made by Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, or Chelsea? – owners would be summoned before a paliamentry committee.

Everything written and/or reported about the Ibrox operation should always be prefaced by the word “dysfunctional”, however their modest ‘on the field’ exploits are used by a cowed and compliant Scottish media as camouflage.

I wonder how long before our ‘usual suspects’ are suggesting that the Celtic shareholders, board and CEO are also linked to organised crime….. they won’t be able to resist it! ?


MiT, curious you think that, , of course would love it. At one stage I thought their end game was stay afloat until share issue,,then I thought it was stay afloat until profitable,, now I haven’t s clue with statements like that.
If he is banned by the Sfa, they look good, and he has an out and reason to cash in and walk away laughing?
You couldn’t script Scottish football, it’s anything but normal.
Hail Hail

mike in toronto


As I said, I dont think the league will do anything …. but the Takeover Panel has to do something, as blatant disregard of their orders has ramificications that go beyond the sham that is scottish football.

I could be mistaken, but I believe that this is the further the TP has had to go to get compliance, so they will not want to look soft.

As you and others have suggested, this further suggests that he is not a fit and proper person to own a football club, but no one has any interest in pursuing that issue.


Me and wee Fionnuala are listening to Christmas music here also.
So I give you, , ,

He has nothing to do with the “Football” club, he is a director of the holding company, this is the sfa’s get out

mike in toronto

Right now, this is a TP issue. As for the SFA, They dont need an out …. someone would have to make this an issue … and no one in Scottish football is going to do that … they are all in on the scam. .

So they are, this is why I said it’s their out if they are in the least bit challenged.
Had the TOP done what they should have and taken this to an english court, King would have been looking at contempt a long time ago, they wouldn’t have sanctioned all theses delays, he is playing the system and they are letting him, I very much doubt they factored in the cabal.

Margaret McGill

No he wont


Mags, yep thank f#@k it’s Friday indeed. Almost beer o clock here.

saltires en sevilla


Just catchung up..powerful!


saltires en sevilla

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