Showtime !

Happy Cup Final Day


The football ramble was saying how strange to see silverware dished out in December , a mere 3 months after what is usually considered the starting month of September .

But we dont make the rules , we only fall victim to their non enforcement .

And besides you can only win the cup thats put in front of you , or something like that.

So another trip to the national dump aka Hampden it is .  


Having collected all three points in their first big game of the week the squad should be going into this one confident .  Another little bonus is playing in relatively mild temps compared to the other night . Sure there wont be much time for training in the 60 odd hours between games which leads me to believe we play to our own gameplan and trust our ability to blow them away.


The Cup goalkeeper remains between the sticks , and thats only right .

Back four picks itself , and with the news Puel likes Benkovic being up north at a huge club , that should not change this season .

The Captain made a brief return midweek , and although he would no doubt relish a start in another domestic final , I think the gaffer would be wise to ease him back , think long term. Perhaps a final 30 would be better .

We seen Olly rested midweek , so I think we can say he will start .

Jamesy is clearly the player of the  year thus far and a very potent weapon in our arsenal , I think he will start again , with the aim of withdrawing having the game tied up .

Calmac has been quietly efficient in his new deeper lying role , and has a good engine , we should see him start and be replaced by Scott.

Tom played more than 70 minutes which is rare but perhaps a product of a new fitness regime .

He loves a final and loves scoring at Hampden , he will play .

Sinky on the left would be obvious ,,, he has rediscovered a wee bit of form , and could well be unleashed .  He will start .

Which leaves Odsonne up front alone probably ,, with Griff just returning I dont think we will see him start so a duo up front seems unlikely . I dont think he is suited to the lone striker at this stage of his career , but as a fantastic talent he deserves to play . I think he needs a partner , but maybe thats just me .


The Dons come into the game sitting a mere 7th in the table and could not follow up their impressive Friday night under the lights win against Lennys Hibbies with another win , and instead sank 3 zip to the Motherwell. The face a tough away game at Ibrox on Wednesday but I dont think that will make much impact to their approach .

MacKay Stevens will aim to have a good game against his former club , and will need shackled.

Niall McGinn will probably play for the Dons , another ex , couldnt cut it in the Hoops and looks to have found his level , he should be out of his depth .


Overall its great to get any silverware on the board no matter what it is , and the fans love a final so its a win win .  On the back of a nice victory , why not expect another one .

Score prediction ,,, 3 nil the good guys .


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big packy

hi mahe, that is my score prediction also, if we play to our best cant see the dons laying a glove on us, only mackay stevens and McGinn pose a threat, hope you and yours are well hh.?

Saltires en Sevilla


Looks like your team today. Hard to see how Brendan would change beyond your own forecast.

League Cip Finals are always games that instill fear, remembering too many where we have failed to reproduce form over the years. When we look at the number of LC finals we have ‘lost’, it’s a bit of an Achilles Heel. 0nly 17 wins from 32 appearances…

I’ll take 1-0 every time at that gig.

The news on Benkovic is great, and if Boyata is staying put until end of season (I’m hoping we are not tempted to cash in January Sales…). We can build a wee run in Europa and keep our domestic dominance for a wee bit longer.

There still remains an issue, for a later date on our preparedness for Europe next season. We are almost certain to lose our Central Defence en masse.

To lose one Centre Back looks like misfortune, to lose both looks like carelessness.

Almost as bad as losing 3 strikers in 1986…Choccy, Rambo et Le Petite Merde.

The strategic plan should ensure that type of debacle will never happen again.

If no new deals can be concluded for the two incumbents, then there simply must be replacement Central Defenders arriving in January.

Anyway, like you say we turn up fully focused today, it should be almost be assured.

Brendan does have the ability to focus on the domestic games that matter, and has never let us down.

C’mon the Hoops!

Saltires en Sevilla

Hi Big Packy,

Hope you are ok buddy!?

Good to see such confidence in score, I wish I could share it.

Totally agree McGinn and GMS can cause any team problems on their day. Just hope it’s not today.

Difficult to see where they will get good service from in open play, and they will probably be relying on a ‘wee decision’ or twa for set-pieces, ( a McInnes hallmark).

Or, individual errors by our players.

Hoping you enjoy a great game with Green & White Ribbons ‘round the Cup!!

Hail Hail

big packy

HI SALTIRES, yes fine pal hope you are too, yes I think those two are our only threat, or is that wishfull thinking?hh.

Garry Duncan

Hi Mahe, agree with you in that we should start with the same ten outfield players that started on Thursday. Feel that James Forrest and Tom Rogic will be our match winners today. Hoping for a 3-0 or greater win. Would settle for 1-0.
My biggest fear or paranoia, is Son of Satan wi the whistle.

Sol Kitts

So Sevco win at Tynecastle, thanks to the linesman missing a blatant offside. Madden also showing his bias. I’ve said it before – there is no way this cheat should be anywhere near a Sevco game. This shows that the only team likely to stop us is the team of officials.

Saltires en Sevilla

Everything being done to give them a go at stopping 8.

big packy

yep saltires, they wont stop til they get above us, move along timmy nothing to see here.hh.

The Gombeen Man

First big final of the season.

In the week where we were told that organised crime is behind the scenes at Ibrox, Sevco are sitting proudly at the top of the table.
Quite an astonishing mess and we can only hope that the PLC aren’t part of this fiasco.

Anyway kick off time, let’s hope the players in the Hoops do us proud.


Some unbelievable decisions from the spawn of dallas, great ball from Dedrky to Ryan, superbly well taken goal.
The sheep were trying for a 0-0 imo and hoping for pens, they have to come out now, hopefully it will leave a gap or two.


Well that was closer, score-wise than it needed to be. Scott Sinclair? Look forget about the penalty, however every time the ball went to him, the move either slowed down, or, broke down.

A good number of players below par today – maybe credit to the Dons- Tierney, Sinclair, Eduard and Forrest, all well held.

Biggest worry is Boyatta – a glory day but not a glorious performance. Job done HH.

We looked a bit leg weary at times, understandable considering the week we have had, the referee was a joke, some of the sheep tackling was better suited to a game of rugby, we did what was necessary.

The Gombeen Man

A strong performance against committed and stubborn opposition who sniffed an opportunity given our midweek exertions.

Mr Dallas, what a shocker. His appointment says a lot about what’s wrong with Scottish football. It reeks of nepotism and exemplifies how the ‘old boy’s network’ is a curse and undermines the Scottish game.
Connections before talent and a culture of turning the other way has seen it’s day and it’s a shame no-one in the Scottish game has the cajones to say a word.

I watched the bizarre end to the Liverpool Derby and watched Jurgen Klopp’s celebrations after the goal. The thought crossed my mind ‘What if Neil Lennon did that?’

He’d probably be facing charges and questions would be taking pelters from ex-pros for his reckless incitement of the crowd at a derby match.

Anyway, well done to Brendan Rodgers and the team today onwards to Motherwell. The gangsters of the southside won’t be top for long 🙂


Sol Kitts

Andrew Dallas had a shocker, the game was too big for him. Gave us an unwarranted penalty when it shouldn’t have been for 2 reasons – it was accidental handball, and outside the area. A quick check with his assistant would have avoided 1/2 of the error. Cautioned James Forrest for nothing, for an incident right in front of his assistant, when the assistant gave only a throw in. Allowed too many Aberdeen fouls to go unpunished. Totally inconsistent, booking Rogic for a pull back, then not booking an Aberdeen player (can’t remember who) for a worse pull right in front of him.
He lost the confidence of both teams early on, resulting in dissent which he took too long to deal with. Simple way to stop dissent is to bollock the first one, make it clear to everyone that the next gets a card, then caution the next one to do it. Result, players realise you meant it, and stop doing it (worked for me).
Dallas should have to wait a long time for his next final, but you just know he’s a shoo-in for the Scottish Cup Final (unless we’re playing Sevco for the treble treble, in which case it will be Madden).
Still, well done to the Bhoys for trophy number 7 in a row, and what has happened to Ryan Christie? Was he abducted by aliens when he was at Aberdeen and swapped for the terrific player he’s becoming?

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN. thanks for your comments, mr dallas what a joke, but he has one of them thingy regalia suits and a weird handshake so he will fit in well.hh.




Be in no doubt – Sevco will get a lift from hitting the top – they will think if we can do it once, we can again.

They are really ‘souped-up’ – once again getting a result with one man off.

For most if not all the players, getting praise from Gerrard is better than a ‘pat on the back’ from, if you like, a normal manager.

All this must be in Brendan’s mind as we move towards the January window. I still expect the Ibrox balloon to burst, however they may just end the year ahead of us in the table.

The guantlet is down, we must acknowledge this and pick it up aggressively.

saltires en sevilla

That was a professional job by Celts.

Not so much by Dallas. Tube!

Aberdeen are a shadow of previous teams and amazing how their fans tolerate a complete imposter like McInnes.

They are 10 points, minimum, in the bag every season he remains at Pittodrie.

Did I mention, I don’t like their manager…much…?


New Article Posted!


I totally agree Gold.

We need to make 1 or 2 very wise signings in January.

They know they will have the help of those with the Whistles.

Gerrard will have brought a fitness level to the Sevco that surpasses any of the previous Sevco incumbents.

I don’t expect Celtic to leave the ORC Dome with the 3 points. I really hope we do though.

The Gombeen Man

Sol Kitts,

Thanks for the reply. Dallas was so poor yesterday it was almost embarrassing. If that had been a Boy’s Guild or BB match there’d probably have been a punch-up between the parents on the sideline. It must be really infuriating for professional footballers and coaches to have to deal with such rank incompetence.
He was so bad yesterday I almost felt sorry for him.

Anyway, another cup won and the Sevco Chairman confirm the criminal links at Ibrox.

Not a bad weekend.


The Gombeen Man

Cheers Packy as the old adage goes, ‘If you’re good enough the referee doesn’t matter.’

Thankfully that proved to be the case yesterday 🙂