The Morning After…

Well,that was all a bit after The Lord Mayor’s Show once again,wasn’t it? Our away record this season is pretty dismal,if we are honest. Into December,and we only have two wins in the league away from home? It’s very poor,folks. And we NEED to improve on that.

Of course,our home record is stunning. We have won every game at Celtic Park this season,bar a very costly draw against AEK Athens. That’s the kind of form we need to put in our pockets when we get on the team bus or plane for a trip to foreign climes,or even Edinburgh. But how easy is it when we are playing twice a week,every week?

Is there too much football? Celtic have already played 32 games this season,with another 8 to come before we break for winter. That’s a lot of football,and remember,it comes after a severely truncated “close season” which saw us playing our first friendly in June,and our first European tie on 10 July. Some of our players didn’t even have that luxury,with four of them playing in The World Cup. They were lucky to get a fortnight to recharge the batteries.

Well,there definitely seems like there is too much football,but Tommy Gemmell played 60 games for Celtic to win his first League Winner medal-and 62 the following season,culminating in Lisbon of course. Without the benefit of larger squads-or substitutes,of course!-a fair few of our team then would be racking up 50+ games every year.

Of course,the game is played at a much faster pace now,and I think that can all be mentally as well as physically draining for the players. I only saw brief highlights when I got back from work at 5am,but our tempo definitely dropped late on. We need to be careful about this.

And this is where I can exclusively reveal that Brendan has bugged the house that he rents out to Jurgen Klopp!!! Yes,that’s right,and you heard it here first. Klopp made SEVEN changes last night,and so did Brendan. And that is not a coincidence,is it? Well,maybe.

Mourinho made seven changes too. He actually averages half that number per game this season as he tries to regain his magic touch. And even the Chelseas manager,who has played his best eleven every time-bar injuries-made five changes. All with varying degrees of success,I may add.

This is becoming a trend which I expect to continue. It’s not just the big clubs who play twice a week,smaller clubs do too. 46 league games and various cups require that,and in my opinion,it’s not going to change any time soon.

Tommy Gemmell’s 60 games a season was extraordinary in its day,but it would be the norm for an ever-present player in most teams nowadays. The stresses and strains,mental and physical,that the current game imposes on our players means that fans must get used to squad rotation on a regular basis,and that managers must learn how to utilise it gainfully.

Otherwise,build a bigger treatment room-and get a couple of psychiatrist couches in there too.


I listened to Man Utd v Arsenal on Five Live last night. Even Robbie Savage couldn’t destroy my enjoyment of that game. The Beeb helpfully had Roddy Forsyth provide updates from Scotland. His doleful demeanour at his beloved Sevco being behind while we were ahead,it was like Rikki Fulton had come back to “life”. Of course,that all changed when we lost our late equaliser,and he took a great delight in informing everyone that Celtic were now in third place. No mention of the game(s) in hand. Prick of a man. If anyone bumps into him,just say-Debenture-and watch him turn purple!


We NEED to start scoring with EVERY penalty we get. Bloody joke,and has been for years.


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Saltires en Sevilla


Good information and didn’t realise the number of other teams making such drastic changes.

What the hell are they thinking?

With 7 changes and potentially making 3 substitutes, the managers could change the entire team, almost, at half-time (from previous outing)

Do they really believe that they have squads good enough. Maybe they do in EPL…maybe.?

There is no way this Celtic squad is that good. No way!

Brendan has spoken about it being his fault for making too many changes and that he would learn … simply put, he hasn’t learned.

It’s worth considering that Mothers got a huge injection of ‘attitude’ when they saw that we had made so many changes from Cup Final?!

Cheeky – smart asses – billy big baws eh? We will show them!

In second half they cane right at us, pressing really high and we had no answer.

I know we had 93% possession at one point in first half – but what’s the point if that cannot be converted?

Even allowing for their rough play and some crap refereeing. We have to deal with teams like Mothers.

This has to stop. One or two adjustments ok, understood due to mental tiredness or fatigue. 7 seven is taking a risk that bit us on the erse.

Sevco losing just illustrates more how much of a fek up it actually was.

Don’t get me started on the ‘away’ games I thing in Scoltand when most teams are around 90 minutes from Celtic Park ( we can fly to Aberdeen & Inverness) – in Spain, France, Germany, Italy ..even England the distances are huge in comparison.



big packy

hi majoc, one thing about Liverpool making 7 changes,they have the players to do it, IMHO, we just don’t have that luxury, message to Brendan don’t tinkle.hh.

Awe Naw

We have had problems with Motherwell’s permitted overly physical approach for a couple of years now. We were robbed of two points last night. We have not taken many points off them at Fir Park. No biggy but we need to pick up on the road.

Leigh Griifiths has completely collapsed as a player. He offers nothing at the moment. In fact at the moment he is a distraction. Scott Sinclair not far behind him. I also have written off any meaningful contribution from Hayes.

Why was Ntcham taken off ? if he wasnt injured then that was more of a tactical error than the changes.

The five changes brought back Scott Brown, Craig Gordon, Oliver Ntcham and with an injured Dedryk Boyata and an exhausted James Forrest. It wasn´t as radical as dropping Ntcham for Sinclair.

The team with the strongest squad will win the SPL ( even with Mibbery )
It could all become a bit hairy with regards our centre backs after January but I still expect us to win the league

Two points lost last night dropped due to mibbery and Leigh Griffiths (won´t be the last time either)

We need to wrap Forrest and Christie in cotton wool. They are the only players we can rely on at the moment to deliver.

I still feel that McGregor and Rogic have to be more consistent

Griffiths, Hayes, Sinclair and Eduoard are not offering much at the moment.

I can´t figure out how Hayes and Sinclair get in ahead of Morgan (I suppose Brendan wants to protect his younger less physical players)

The contract extension for Griffiths seems premature.
Eduoard is still very much a work in progress.
It seems astonishing that we are still persisting with the lone striker role with either Leigh and Osdonne. Clearly a squad protection mechanism due to the sparsity of strikers in the squad.

A Thing Of Beauty

Last night was typical of the away performances this season. We started well, got the goal then brown dropped back to be third centre half, walking about with the ball and setting a tempo that allows teams to defend without expending too much effort or concentration. Hence the reason when we are only one up with minutes to go they are able to exert pressure rather than having their tongues hanging out. Scott Sinclair needs to have a good look at himself. Last night was the worst I have seen him. Not once did he take responsibility to take on his man and free up space for others. As for Leigh, he was poor last night from around 20 minutes onwards and his penalty would have embarrassed a 7 year old. Jeezo Leigh, head down looking at the ball from the start of your run up and therefore not able to see the goalkeeper has moved off his line and to his left before you kicked it!! It’s you that’s meant to fool the goalie mate, no the other way round. As I’m sure you can gather I’m disappointed in last night but it’s more than that. We should be beating these teams by a good margin, even allowing for refereeing and fatigue but there is something in our performances this season that tell me players are not switched on for every game and that better change soon because although they’re not very good, we’re giving the Huns something to cling on to. And do I not like that!!!


An early away goal should allow us to play a more natural,fluid,style as our opponents are forced on to the front foot. Instead,it allows us to play our natural fannying about style,slow,possession-heavy,and allows our opponents a glimmer of hope.

Frustrating to watch,I fear for the colour of the air in your house last night!


Awe Naw

re your comment on Griffiths – yes there is something wrong with his whole demeanour, something is eating at him- not going to guess what it is, however it will all ‘come out in the wash.

Scott Sinclair is now becoming a liability on the left touchline and getting in Tierney’s way – is it time to go with a back three, Boyata, Benkovic & Ajer, and allow Lustig and Tierney free rein high up on each flank? Each of the centre-backs can use the ball well and all are able to break out when necessary. Sumunovic, Izaguirre, Hendry and NEW right back as cover. (9)

McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Rogic, Ntcham, Brown, Bitton, Malumbu, Morgan & Johnston can rotate in midfield. (10)

Eduard up top with a NEW ‘target man’ striker and hopefully Griffiths. (3)

Bain & Gordon (2)

That’s a total of twenty-four players, not as bloated as we all thought. There is a need to add a further two more TOP QUALITY individuals in January. These can be funded by freeing up wages from Gamboa, Sinclair, Hayes, Compper & De Vries, all of whom are surplus to requirements and must be moved on.

Things will be tight as we enter February – we are in a fight – let’s respond correctly this time.


Those who think that the Res 12 case is a ‘slam dunk’ because “there is clear evidence” should read the report on the Tesco executives’ trial that has just collapsed – things are not that easy and straightforward.

Having “evidence” does not always mean that a case can be proved – the Celtic board may not be some people’s ‘cup of tea’ but they are not daft.

Awe Naw


I´m a horses for courses man but we do not have the flexibility in the squad to chop and change too much.
Whereas I look at it on an almost match to match basis. Brendan will see the course as the entire season. Possibly his entire tenure.

He is more a football philosopher and wants his team to play in a certain style and he has faith in that style and the formation to go with it. Believing that his style will eventually benefit the club. Which goes against the horse for courses mentality I know. With the quality at his disposal he knows and has proven time and time again domestically that his way is a winning way.

The problem and discourse within the club is the next step. i.e becoming a pot 3 CL team for certainty. For that to happen and as you touch upon we need to ditch the player cash and carry collective that we have gathered. I would love to see a big clear out in the next two windows as much as a couple of quality signings. It has got imho to the ridiculous stage. These players need developed for our pot 2 CL team not Lyons or Southampton. Especially as we don´t need the cash. If Stuart Armstrong had hung about for another year would we be watching Christie recently ?
The club needs to pull together. Clearly communicate internally what the next steps are and nobody should be left feeling disconsolate. Unfortunately and as I have said before I think Brendan will move on in the summer.

Will Lustig, Brown, Boyata´s deals all be renewed ? all 3 are free to sign with new clubs in January

If they are and Brendan has already signaled his intent to move on then who´s decision is it ?

I am sure that some of these players are getting a game from a shop window point of view. I certainly hope so.

Last nights performance could easily have been 3.0 at half time and nobody would be complaining. Considering the personnel that Motherwell lost a draw was a great result for them. Lets be honest it must be difficult after Sunday to be as hungry for the bed and butter non glamour away ties.

Momentarily we must always play with just one striker. I hope we can tie up Boyata on a year extension or new contract and secure Benkovic for sure until June. If we do not do that then I do fear that the fight that you highlight in February could become very painful. The stats don´t lie. We don´t want to be going into the CL qualifiers without an experienced and established centre back pairing

And we definitely need a proven goal scorer (Even Moussa wasn´t when we signed him) in situ by February to address a few glaring issues.

A new right back as well would be fantastic but would be prepared to wait until the summer

I have to be honest and say that Sunday and last nights performances have left me more inclined to believe in no Euro footy after xmas especially if big Dedryk isn´t fit. Leaving less of an incentive to buy.

A thing of beauty

Whilst I agree an early goal should free us up a bit mentally it rarely results in the other team coming out. They play to stay in the game and if they’re one down with 10 to go they’ll go for it then. It’s up to us to go one up and then keep pressing, not sitting back.




Awe N,

That is a pretty good summary of where we are. Griff looks stressed out, unfit and perhaps ill. I have a lot of sympathy for him, but he is not and never will be our main striker. Edouard is most effective cutting in from the wings so he is really a wide player not a centre.

Strangely after a night’s sleep and a poor choice in mixing Valpolicella with the Macallan, i find I am not critical of squad rotation. It was/is needed given how many games we play and the physical treatment our players get. It is also unrealistic to expect a team with five changes to march on as if we made none.

In the last 25 minutes Motherwell got more of the ball because we were not effective in pressing them as we did in the first half. SS cannot press and harry the opposition, so taking Ntcham off was a mistake, if he was not injured. Hayes should play on the left not the right. That is where he was successful for Aberdeen. He was playing well when he was subbed. Rogic made no impact on the game. I have to confess I am not a big fan of him. Occasionally brilliant but posted missing for much of a game and overworks the ball.

I thought McGregor did OK and Christie was superb again, but he cannot chase all over the park as he has been doing for every game.

The game should have been finished by halftime. The Benko goal was incorrectly ruled out. There was no foul. Even with that, we made enough chances and had so much possession that the Well should have been buried. The inability to push home our advantage when we are dominating is the main problem.

Finally, thank God, you say, Gamboa…..I like him but he is not for this Celtic team. I suspect BR played Hayes on the right to compensate for G’s lack of defensive skills. Gamboa may have been fouled before the goal, but his effort to head clear was poor. Perhaps Gordon should have got the shot but it did go into the one area of the goal that was difficult to cover.

Still if I look at the Leipzig and LC and Well results…….I should be pleased. I think we shall win the league and there is nothing wrong in a challenge from either Killie or the Dons.




Good point. There is also a case to be made that:

King is not a fit and proper person to be involved in the management of a football club;
Secondly, he is in contempt by ignoring the Ruling of TOP;
SG does not have a coaching certificate to manage in the SPL;
Rangers fielded ineligible players in multiple games over multiple seasons and that these games should be declared 3-0 losses;
Titles are still being credited to a team that fielded ineligible players;
Sevco is operating while insolvent.

Evidence exists for all of the above, but it does not seem to be enough for resolutions.



Rebus – I want retribution against those who manipulated Rangers UEFA licence in 2011.

I want all matches where, due to the fraudulent use of EBTs, players were invalidly registered, to be awarded with a 3-0 scoreline to the opposition.

I want all honours during the EBT years to be wiped from the record books.

Will any of this happen, sadly I do not believe so. There will be eventually be an acknowledgement of maladministration and corporate failure, with no individuals ‘carrying the can’.

Yes there is evidence, but there is also confusion, some of it deliberate – there are administrators no longer involved in the game and there is desire of the main protagonists and most clubs in Scotland, to consign those events to history and “get on with it”

However there is also an element in our support who harbour a hatred of those who run our club and are using the corruption practised by others to smear Celtic.

They are entitled to their opinion, however it is an opinion that damages our club and plays into the hands of our many detractors.


AweNaw,,thats exactly where we are at , consequences of one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing perhaps .
Standard protocol is sign a player on a 4 year deal and with 18 months left if they dont sign new contract its on the market time with aim to sell with one year remaining , and the funds raised are re-inveested .
We seem to havee thrown that out the window with 3 of our first teamers hitting freebie zone at once , and another first teamer ( Benk ) due to head home also at the same time .
Dedryk will get a hundred grand a week as a pure freebie , he aint signing nothing .
Benk Im sure would be happy to go play in the Prem , and it will probably be very late summer until he knows or makes his mind up which approach to accept , thus we cant plan on him unless we do a Odsonne , try before you expensively buy . And we actually could you know .
Gamboa hardly any games closer to being a solid squad member , same Izzy who hasnt featured . Ajer got what 15 games ,, 20 maybe before being benched .
So yeah absolutely it looks like we will be heading to the Champs league qualifiers with either 2 or 3 new faces ,, which aint good at all . Brendans good but hes not that good. Especially at the back .
We could do with some big squad surgery thats for sure .
But then we are back to who calls the shots ? I also believe Brendans probably offski come summer , and the track record is a pliable young man with some emotional attachment to the club.
Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla

Killie after 16 of their games top of league

Average attendance 5/6/7k

Cannot be bothered checking but it sounds about right.

Celtic with resources to die for, in multiples of 20, are struggling to score goals away from home- only 2 recognised strikers – one barely engaged or fit.

This has nothing to do with folk hating boards or anything like it

It’s all about the results on the pitch right now and relative performance.

Something isn’t right!

We are not engaging at the level required.



Love your passion and your name!
However, methinks you exagerrate(is that the spelling?). Up until last night, the team has been playing at a different level from early season. Ever since Brown dropped out, to my surprise, we have played better. Christie is a big part of that, but there are others who have found the ability to move the ball forward….McGregor, Forrest and Edouard with his flicks when they work. So we dropped a couple of points with only half the usual players on the park. It will not matter for the title, but it may result in no treble. Provided Sevco do not win a trophy, I am happy to see a Hibs, Killie, or the Dons win a cup. I don’t want it to happen but we have no right to win every game or trophy.

Let’s see what happens over the next two games. If we continue to fail to put teams away and falter in the last twenty minutes, then there is a problem. If not, last night was a hiccup and one where we did not lose.




I agree with your analysis that we should be performing better – but that is a football issue and I wasn’t conflating it with the other process & administrational issues that seem to be dividing us.

During Ronny’s time, on two occasions we approached the final qualifying CL tie in a winning position – that we didn’t qualify was down to the players and management on the night, a clear football department failure.

This season we had the players to beat AEK, they just never performed, again a clear football department failure.

You are correct to say that it is all about “results on the pitch, relative performance”, once again a football department matter.

In all the away games where we have dropped points this season – Hearts, Killie, St Mirren, Livingstone and Motherwell, we should have prevailed if it was down to the resources provided to our manager – we didn’t prevail because our highly-paid players could not overcome their modestly paid opponents.

Yes we have resources to die for in the Scottish game right now…and it is regretable that we have only two strikers – we would have had three had Dembele not staged a last-minute walk-out – these things happen in football.

Paying the kind of salaries that we do to both management and players has seen us win seven domestic competitions on the trot, qualify twice for the CL and put us in with a chance of progressing in the EL. We have also had an undefeated season, a double treble and have a chance of a triple treble. So three draws and two defeats away from home could be seen as a blip that we can put right in the second half of the season….the big ‘elephant in the room’ is that Sevco is on our tails and it is making us nervous and unsure.

Well a challenge from them had to come at some time – let’s see how we meet it!!!!

Reading here and other blogs surprised to see so many sticking it into Brendan for making seven changes.
Gordon, Broonie, Ncham were a stick on a few weeks ago to start, so the seven is down to four, Dedryk injured so down to three, I read that Jamsie was substituted at the weekend cos he had a niggle and understandable not to risk him, down to two, the Wizard of Oz has been carrying an injury so down to one, Lustig legs have gone, the majority of the blogs don’t want him in the team so he is rested and now they want him back, he may well have been carrying an injury as well, you just canny win can ye.
At the end of the day no or one change, we dropped a couple of points, it happens, yet the entitled are stamping their feet and scweeming and scweeming like huns, sad imo.

Saltires en Sevilla

Rebus, Gold

I’m glad there are smart genuine Celts about , to help calm me down.

Would love to be sitting with everyone in a wee bar, chatting about Celtic and life in general.


big packy

THE EXILED TIM, im scweeming but am no a hun please believe me ??.

Saltires en Sevilla


hear you buddy

You think we are playing at full capacity now?

Just to be clear, I don’t and the results testify.

Hope the chill weather is not reaching you yet!


Saltires en Sevilla


A footballing issue aye, but we only have 2 recognised first team strikers.

My view we are way behind the basic requirement in that dept.

We are not scoring enough goals.

That is a debate….

I sense a serious resourcing issue.

big packy

SALTIRES EN SEVILLA can see where the exiled tim is coming from but 7 changes at fir park is suicidal, only IMHO.hh.

What do you mean full capacity ?
Sitting here in a T shirt, ten feet from the back door wide open, so no the chill isny bothering me 😉
A few weeks ago Broonie and Ncham were certain starters, Gordon always starts, Dedryk injured, so straight away that’s only three at most changes, Forrest was carrying an injury, down to two, so I honestly fail to see how that’s suicidal.

Saltires en Sevilla


I’m Just jealous… and still looking forward to a dip in yon pool

Go on … post the foatie… ?


Saltires en Sevilla

Aye we are all right and probably wrong mate .,

TBH Brendan has got it right so often.. domestically

Earned the right etc., etc


big packy

THE EXILED TIM, at fir park where them cluggers kick us off the park I would have started with sundays eleven but im not Brendan, but hey im certainly not gonna fall out with a true tim like you over it hh.??.

Saltires en Sevilla


Sorry , full answer…

“Full capacity “ in my mind means giving everything and applying every resource to winning

I know you agree we are not doing that as a club.


Saltires en Sevilla

Yaaasss ?

I agree, we are nowhere near running at full capacity, 50% max imo, which may I say is an absolute disgrace considering the boards love of money, they for some reason refuse to speculate in the hope of making more, they are content with just enough, as long as the bonuses are coming in they don’t give an f imo.
Took me an eternity to suss out how to shift the pics around, they are in my emails and for some reason I can’t link them from there as it takes you to your own emails.
That pic is a five six years old, things have changed a wee bit, but the pool is the same 😉

No we won’t fall out over it, I am of the same opinion in many ways, always play the best team you can, but it does have it’s problems.
We need to start top prioritize games, feck the domestic cups, the league is the B all, then europe then play they weans in the cups, but it’s never gonna happen

Saltires en Sevilla


I spent a weekend with 10 oul’ skool mates.

We were talking retirement etc.,,

I showed them your pool …

Everyone …

“FFS that’s the way to do it …”


big packy

THE EXILED TIM, thank feck, you are one of the good ghuys.hh.??

For all the extra it cost it was well worth it, the pool was getting tiled anyways, gave yer man a pic and he transferred it to the tiles and that was it.

saltires en sevilla



I am hung over today and a bar is the last thing I need. However, I like the sentiment, tho’

Keepposting, Ibenjoy reading your stuff,




When can I come?

Are you in Spain?



Next Hoots in Spain I see ?
Aye sure why not.

A Thing Of Beauty

I am not happy but criticising the team and selection choices doesn’t mean I’m screaming like a hun. I’m disappointed with that exiled. What happened to the mantra of having an opinion without being subjected to abuse. Cmon ET, I know from lurking on CQN that you don’t like that. We have dropped points to hearts, Livingston, st mirren, Kilmarnock and Motherwell so far this season. That is not good form in any ones book and to expect us to be doing better doesn’t mean we are like entitled Huns.


Agreed. There are some games we should be going into with the expectation of a win. Ffs,I expect us to win EVERY game,even though I know we won’t,if that makes sense.

Managers look at the fixture list each season,and try to figure out a W-D-L for each one,that way they can keep up on expectations throughout the season. If most of us did that,we would have had a W against last night’s fixture.

I am and you are welcome anytime, as are anyone who wants a dip in the pool 😉


New article posted !