The Yellow Raven

The Yellow Raven

Have you heard the tale about the two ex-Celts playing a four-ball at the Belfry with a journalist and his buddy?

The journalist knew both players, but presumed they wouldn’t know him. He wasn’t surprised to learn that Shaun Maloney was playing off a 10 handicap. Fit young man with good eye-to-ball coordination and competitiveness of the professional sportsman. Makes sense.

What he did find surprising was Steve Guppy declaring a 22 handicap (twenty-two). Our journalist takes the view that a man should not declare anything over an 18 handicap (as an erstwhile hacker, I disagree completely … the handicap is measured and verified, that is the whole point!)


It is fair to say our journalist’s initial misgivings were confirmed, as Steve managed to par 3 holes and one birdie in the first four holes.

When you learn more about our intrepid journalist, you will not be surprised to know he was …unlikely, to allow that to pass without comment!

At the 5th tee, he could contain himself no longer…he confronted his playing partner, approximately thus….

‘Steve, I have to say you are playing superbly! You have achieved 1 under par (-1) on one of the toughest courses in the world… yet you are claiming a 22 handicap… I’m just not having that…’ or words to that effect etc., ( see the you-tube video)

At which point Steve dropped onto all fours at our journalist’s feet, pleading…

‘O.K. O.K but please don’t pursue me for 13 years…’ …or words to that effect.

It was all a good laugh, although it was clear that the journalist’s outspoken style and reputation, had preceded him.

The journalist was none other, than the ‘mighty’ David Walsh.

The author of L.A. Confidential and arch-Nemesis of Lance Armstrong, and sundry doping cheats in general.

As a massive cycling fan, my memories are vivid to this day on how much he was ridiculed and mocked in July 1999, when he wrote his, then infamous ( now prophetical), piece in The London Times.

Extolling sports fans everywhere, to keep their hands firmly by their sides, not cheer in salute, as Lance Armstrong rolled down the Champs Elysees to collect his first Maillot Jaune (yellow jersey). The Premiere prize of Le Classement General du Tour de France.

He knew something just wasn’t right…and by god he WAS right.

What personal qualities are required to chase a story that no-one wants to hear?

For 13 years…fully backed by Alex Butler, his trusting Sports Editor and then by The London Times, to the tune of £1m in legal costs (and settlement) with concomitant risks of libel costs nearing £5m in U.K. alone!

Advice was clear and direct. They had to back off.

Much more evidence would be required, and even then, evidence may not be enough for courts in U.K.

David Walsh didn’t have many allies in those days.

Slowly but surely insiders approached him and provided little nuggets of information that would help him stay focused on his mission. The confidence he surely needed to build a case.

A case that, eventually, the FBI and US Anti-Doping and UCI would follow, to a not-so-inevitable conclusion.

The little snippets of information were never enough, never conclusive. Almost after a decade of ferreting and searching for the evidence, he seemed no closer to exposing Armstrong and his associates.

What drives a man to continue for so long?

Simply, a desire for ‘the truth’ to be told.

When it was becoming increasingly clear that his fellow journalists ( whom he had witnessed laughing out loud and mocking ( sur le juice) Armstrong, who was going so fast on the Hors Category climbs, that he was braking on corners of switchbacks. Going UP the mountains!!

The media would do absolutely nothing as the ongoing cancer-recovering/phenomenon/’success story’, was just too lucrative.

The journalists all knew, they played along with a conspiracy of silence and they shamed their profession.

They all sat in silence as Armstrong mocked Walsh openly at Press Conferences…(you can watch this on link)

“Extraordinary Allegations need Extraordinary Proof”

It was far worse than a simple conspiracy of silence by MSM.

The governing body for cycling, The UCI, knew before his first Tour ‘win’ that Armstrong was doping. They had gathered evidence at a pre-Tour preparation competition in the early summer of 1999!

Armstrong confided in team-mate Tyler Hamilton, that he had tested positive. They were both extremely worried men, and for a while they thought the game was up!

All this in the year after the Festina/Michele Ferrari EPO scandal.

Yet, nothing was done.

Everything smoothed over and ‘fixed’. It later emerged that Armstrong agreed to donate a significant sum of money to procure … dope-testing equipment!


Tyler Hamilton is on record at a presentation he gave at Oxford University, stating that EPO doping was openly used, so much so it was referred to as ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ in the US POSTAL TEAM.

Gothic Horror unveiling in the 21st Century. The Raven in yellow…

The commercial interests from USA and that massive potential audience, untapped for over a decade since the 3 epic Tour wins by Greg LeMond (the only other US winner), would not be thwarted or de-railed by some pesky test-tube filled with dodgy piss.

Think bike sales, kit sales, TV sports packages. The 3 week package-trips to France, the Media Frenzy.


Getting to the point now lads.

In that period I was a huge Armstrong/US Postal fan. Hincape, Hamilton, De la Pena all ‘drafting’ Lance up and down the huge mountains and breaking the spirit and willpower of everything European cycling could muster.

Does anyone remember the haunted look on Jan Ullrich’s face as Armstrong sailed past him on a climb (Jan had refused to attack, as Armstrong’s handlebars became entangled with a spectator’s backpack). The American jumped back on his bike and whipped past the stationary German without so much as a ‘cheers buddy’, leaving Ulrich stranded on that hill, stuck on his huge gear (sic). Unable to pursue. No folksy nonsense for Lance… no sirree! (Note: Ullrich was later stripped of his only Tour win …admitting to doping. Therefore, any sympathy for him should be tempered)

Despite everything, US were invincible and a breath of fresh air at the time. It was infectious, heady daze.
I was out and about on my Cube bike ( couldn’t afford a Trek,and was definitely NOT wearing a red white ‘n’ blue kit …?) testing my skills on the hills between Renfrewshire and Ayrshire.

I was into it so much so that I spent my 40th Birthday in Paris to watch Lance and his team ride to 4 in a row. The place was buzzing and a great atmosphere, Lone Star flags everywhere… USA USA USA bellowing out across the balconies of the expensive flats above Place de Rivoli and Place de Concorde.

No-one seemed to care about doping and the Basque and Dutch and French fans we talked to, fully understood the issues, but acknowledged ‘everyone is doing it’.

No-one wins Le Tour on Pan Y Agua… you cannot ride 3 weeks at those speeds, on simple bread and water.

One must be properly ‘prepared’

David Walsh had continued to campaign, relentlessly, but the cycling world still wasn’t listening.

Still, undaunted, he continued. Building a case, piecing it all together.

The parallels in this case with the ongoing Sevco debacle, will not be lost on fellow Hoops!? As a supporter of Armstrong in those days, I’m beginning to realise why some people, in certain circumstances, can remain ‘blind’ to the truth. A stark realisation on my part.

What struck me was how stupidly Armstrong then behaved, leading to him finally being caught.

He had won seven Tours in a row, a feat never achieved before.
A multi-millionaire, with Global Reach. Friends in very high places. A Rock star girlfriend ( Sheryl Crow) ….and The Yellow Raven.

Still Untarnished.

However, after a few years away from the limelight, he was tempted back to the Tour, like the grizzled fighter drawn back to the ring, unable to resist one more purse, one more belt… one more Yellow Jersey.

The Champ..or, Le Chump?

Over the years Armstrong had made many enemies, but they could not land a telling blow. He knew this, of course, but In the end it hubris that floored him. When Floyd Landis his Ex-teammate and another disgraced ‘doper’ (banned by UCI for 2 years) pleaded to join Armstrong’s new cycling team, the ‘Master of Spin’ told him he was damaged goods/toxic.

Basically, GTF.

Now Landis couldn’t get a gig anywhere, no other team would make an offer. Now desperate and scorned, like a spurned lover, Landis decided to strike back. He knew where the bodies were buried, or more importantly, where the needles were buried.

The Raven on a descent into the abyss…

The rest is history, as more former team-mates came out the woodwork: Tyler Hamilton, Emma O’Reilly (his masseuse), Frankie Andrei (and his wife Betsy) and many others rained in with body shots and the former Champ was losing on points…

The big knockout pile-driver was delivered In 2012, when the UCI finally announced that Armstrong was “not wanted” by cycling.

However, they did want his 7 Yellow Jerseys back, not to mention almost £4m in Tour Prize money.

The sweetest moment for David Walsh must have been on the Oprah show, when she asked Armstrong if he should apologise to The journalist?

Armstrong: “Yes, yes I would apologise to him” ( he hasn’t apologised)

If you have time, watch the video. I could never do it justice (sic).

Now Imagine, if you will, David Walsh being agitated enough, getting upset enough, to decide to sink his teeth into the SFA then UEFA/FIFA?

That’s a much bigger story!

Maybe the Evening Times will set an assignment…(cough!)


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Thoroughly enjoyed your piece, interesting in itself and teasing in its links to the Rangers/Sevco industrial cheating.

My only negative observation would be how much easier it is to ‘pin down’ an individual when evidence is available, and how much more difficult it is when trying to ‘ pin the tail on the corporate donkey’ when there are any number of people and organisations involved. However we live in hope, on my part, sadly, very little hope.

Changing the subject – I have just read a fascinating submission by the econmist David McWilliams on the prospect of Irish reunification in the light of Brexit posted by St Stivs on CQN (page 3 latest article) – another very interestig and enlightening read. HH

Margaret McGill

I think I see the analogy.
Yellow raven extracts non doped blood for storage
Blue huns extract the urine.
Yellow raven dopes himself crazy in the predeterminate rounds for qualification
Blue huns are doped to unprecedented levels by Bank of Scotland.
Yellow raven wins tour de france
Blue huns win Eccosais dance
Yellow raven is proven to be a fraud
Blue huns are convicted of being a fraud
Yellow raven agrees to pay back what he won for fear of jail
Blue huns pish over everyone and pay nothing and fear nothing
because they are the peepil.
Did I miss something?

Margaret McGill

Read it.
If you watched the video I suggested to you last week this isnt happening without a bloodbath.
bloodbath then ok done. Unified Ireland and I will be happy.
No bloodbath. Mare pish.

Margaret McGill

oh aye forgot the most important bit for awe you Tims.
Celtic PLC helped them make it so.
Hail hail.


SeS, I will reply properly tomorrow but that’s a fantastic read. Braking around switchbacks? Even walking them pees me off.
As for the journo, he can look in the mirror that’s for sure.
Great stuff and thanks.


Mags, what video you talking about ?

Margaret McGill

The Loughinisland massacre documentary

Stunning piece of work,SES. Absolutely brilliant!


Hi there – I did watch that film, thanks for the link.

I was not surprised by what went on and the COLLUSION and use/misuse of informants – the disgusting murders that were carried out during the ‘troubles’ are hopefully a thing of the past.

Right at the start of the film there is a news conference with hooded UVF members, where they say that NI will remain in the UK as long as the majority vote for it. Things are changing and in the not too distant future there may be a nationalist majority. I don’t think there will a “bloodbath” – yes there will be protest and passion, but no wholesale killing.


Taking the plunge, been offline recently so haven’t read much. In wake of referees performances you’d be inclined to think they will use the useless rather than intentional excuses re them and their handling of Sevco res 12 etc

big packy

HI SALTIRES, once again fantastic piece of writing ,lets get david walsh signed up hh.


Truth is that there is no David Walsh or anything that comes remotely close to a David Walsh in Scottish journalism. Furthermore the essential difference is that, in this instance due to the Res 12 heads, the said “journalist” would not even have to go looking or dig for the evidence….it’s all there. There is not the stomach for the fight. The final ruling in the big tax case and the LNS ruling should have ensured that the Celtic board moved heaven and earth in a quest for justice and at the very least the removal of the dead clubs ill gotten gains, their tainted titles.
Instead they sit on their hands feeding the peepils sense of entitlement and their belief that both the old club and the new club are untouchable. The decisions that flow from this are evident from obvious red cards being rescinded, to perfectly good goals being chalked off to Celtic players being booted around pitches the length and breadth of Scotland without so much as an admonishment for the perpetrators. If you were in charge of a development academy would you seriously consider allowing your charges to go to Celtic (because that’s where we are at as a Club) risking a potentially career ending injury because the rules are not applied equally or indeed at all.
We are reaping what we have sown ….sacrificing the integrity of the game on the altar of the bigot pound. Unfortunately for us this will come back to bite us on the bum in the not too distant future and at that stage our moaning will be perceived as nothing more than sour grapes.


The “No Stone unturned” documentary is first class but if you get a chance to see “Unquiet Graves”, the Sean Murray documentary based on Anne Cadwallader book “Lethal Allies” grasp it. All of the evidence for it is taken from the RUCs own files (rediscovered by the Historical Enquiries team) so difficult to dismiss as nothing more than Republican propaganda.
Enlightening and enraging, I was going to say in equal measure but I’m a more enraging type of guy (no pun intended).
Confirms and evidences what we all knew (much like the big tax case).


Welcome aboard,mate. Thanks for the tip there,I’ll have a look for that later. I recall THEBARCAMOLE long promising me a book by a cousin of his about the Pat Finucaine case. As he’d promised me it,I didn’t note the author,but it was banned in the UK,surprise surprise.

When you lie down with dogs,you get fleas. I think the UK part in The Troubles amounts to a tad more than fleas.


Well,it will toughen up those Southern softies,won’t it? I mean,look at Kieran,a bloody tree-trunk now.

And still getting wrestled to the ground while off balance in the Well game,no penalty.

My best mate SOL KITTS put up an article on how a referee deals with a match-he is based in Essex. It’s an eyeopener,to be honest.

The Men in Black clearly put a lot into the game,G. The game certainly couldn’t take place without them. But the ones in Scotland remind me of a comment another mate made when he’d just had a row with the missus

Women,can’t live with them,can’t shoot them!

He’s married to her now,btw. Two kids. “Living with the enemy.” And so are we,but we have no reason to.


Good to hear from you again,mate!

I think you’ll find that we can’t refer to referees as useless,as their poor bruised and battered egos can’t cope. They go on strike.

Of course,a strike is equivalent to a refusal to carry out their duties,so no change there then. They’re not even trying to hide it,J. And that’s the bit that’s pissing us all off.

Call the basturts out for refusing to apply the rules,you don’t have to accuse them of cheating. Why was our goal disallowed,why we’re certain tackles not penalised,and cautioned,why didn’t we get a penalty for Kieran getting thrown to the ground.

Brendan just needs to start his post-match chat with a notebook and the words-I’d like to know why…



A very good read and thank you for posting.
What is your view on Tour de France champions who take drugs for asthma?
Openly and with the blessing of the cycling authorities.
My view is it is cheating.
I know a number of people who suffer from asthma and riding a bike up and down mountains is not a consideration for them!

Hope you are well!


Thanks for your help this morning!


Sorry for double post!
First time poster and best wishes to this site!


Why are my post at the bottom of the thread please?

A Thing Of Beauty

I recently read Tyler hamilton’s Book, The Secret Race and it laid bare the cheating, calculating approach Armstrong took to building his brand. For a journalist to take that on in a pusruit for the truth took some guts but it’s what true journalism is about. Unfortunately a full journalistic expose of the Ibrox cheating will never happen. No scottish journalist has the brains or the cajones. Not one. My biggest disappointment has been the refusal of the the big hitters in England to take it on. I’ve bought Tom Bowers book and read Roy Greenslade in the guardian. Neither of them have shown an inclination to investigate. Alex Thompson at Channel 4 showed initial interest then backed off. There’s a pattern forming here. Why are professionals backing off. It’s not as if it’s a parachioal story. David Murray and r*ngers robbed the British tax payer of nearly a billion quid once you factor in what Lloyd’s wrote off. And that’s before we even talk about how his son was allowed to cherry pick the profitable parts and keep them in the family. If that’s not worth investigation then maybe you’re in the wrong job. Thanks for the piece SES though it’s got me so angry now I’ll need to go and do some housework to calm down!!!

Awe Naw

I do not understand why journalists and resolution 12ers are expected to do the job of .. let me choose my words carefully and precisely here and let me shout it . .. A FULLY PROVEN CRIMINALLY NEGLECT Glasgow Celtic PLC.


Glad to have you join us,mate. If respond to a particular post by clicking REPLY,your post will appear below it.

If not,it appears at the bottom of the list,as the “timer” works that way

Takes no time to get used to it,and there is a box on the top right which tells you the latest posts. Click on one,it takes you to it.






Another of The Sorrowful Mysteries why no-one has taken this up. Talk to you tomorrow before you leave for the game.

It’s not over yet though. Not by a long way.


The case against Rangers has been proven,the case against the SFA is in the court of public opinion,but no action being taken as of yet.

The case against those who should be pursuing the above,well,we can trust only that there will be collateral damage when the truth finally rears its ugly head.

Superb piece of writing.
Sadly we don’t have any journo willing to take on the cabal and the hoards, some say can you blame them, I can’t if the truth be told, nobody will stand by them, especially when those who are supposed to protect them are members of the organisation that you are trying to expose, they have family to think of after all.
I also agree with Awe Naw, we have a PLC who know what has happened and done nothing to rectify the corruption, at the very least they are cheating their shareholders, this is a proven fact.
Welcome TheBhoyPhil, BT & Gearoid98

A Thing Of Beauty

I believe it is. If Celtic won’t take it on after the evidence they’ve been given and the national press are playing the three monkeys card then I cannot see anyway it will go further. I’m very angry that it won’t, mostly for the res12 guys who have done their utmost to uncover the truth but it’s been kicked so far into the long grass it’ll never emerge. We have always had differing views on the outcome of this and your belief in justice has taken a kicking over it but to think it’ll go further now is moving into fantasy land in my book. I hope I’m wrong but I am fed up thinking that this is the time justice will be served that it’s easier for me to assume it won’t. Otherwise it would drive me crazy.


Great article.

Guys, I understand your frustrations about David Murray, cheating and lack of prosecutions or action by CFC and after all these years I do think many are completely obsessed by a crime that is only about a billion quid or so.

To put it into perspective, my mum is a typical mum from the west of scotland and she only has two good stories to tell about her life, but they are absolute crackers.

One of them is about the last financial crisis and the shenanigans that went on. Her best mate was the wife of one of the bankers that brought down the world, who set in motion events that cost trillions of dollars of damage and brought the UK to its knees.

Rangers were merely one of his many indirect victims. He used to wine and dine with dodgy dave and philip green and others of that ilk and nothing has ever happened to any of the bankers, dodgy dave or philip green and look at the chaos they have all reaped on honest workers in the uk.

It is and was dillusional to expect anything to happen in relation to Rangers when the guys that are the real criminals have all got off scott-free. A few easy questions in front of the commons select committee and it was all over – no prosecutions, no retribution, no convictions and full payouts and bonuses to all the charlatans.

I blame working class people who bought their hooses and started voting tory…

…and Peter Lawwell

saltires en sevilla

Appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Good points being made on there already enough information available on record ( no… not that one)

We know the club are now unlikely to do hee haw! That has passed and will always grind my gears. Understand why others think differently.

Still all Celts….no-one any more, or less, valid than the other. That’s the way it should be.

Taking it to logical conclusion, the fingers are still pointing at David Murray and the bankers (sic).

A journalist from outside UK is probably best bet. Although seems so many bigger issues as folk on here have already pointed out.


Mike in Toronto

A terrific read, SES. Just skimmed through it over breakfast, but enjoyed it so much, I will have to go back and read it again when I have time to give it the proper consideration it deserves.


On a related note (collusion), yesterday I had a chat with Kev on ‘the other blog’ about that vey subject as it relates to Scottish footbalLl.

A few years ago, there was a terrific paper published on (antitrust exemption in sports , so the Sherman Act in America, and TFEU article 101 in Europe. I’ll see if I can dig it up. I think it might be of interest to SC readers. I don’t know if anyone has given any consideration of its relevance to Scottish football. Seems like something that might be better suited to SC these days. If I get some time, I’ll draft up a short note for your thoughts.


As said SeS
Great article particularly with regard to what can happen and what is possible if “Journalists” do what journalists are meant to do I.e shine a light into corners where a light needs shone.

Rumours that the club are refusing the 800 tickets for the bigot dome, now if this is the case, do the PLC not have faith that the police can do their job, or is something else afoot ?
I posted the other week that the huns can’t just give us 800 tickets as it’s part of their safety cert being issued that we have to be allocated all of the Broomloan stand, has our PLC just bailed out the huns here ?
I have no idea but it makes you wonder, serious question need to be asked here and proper answers obtained, something is just no right here.
Old Firm at the heart of this imo.

A Thing Of Beauty

That sums it up for me. It’s a futile exercise and I no longer see the point in stressing myself about it. Terrible state of affairs really but that’s how it is.

Mike in Toronto

Dont disagree that it was never going to end happily. I see every day that there is a law for the rich, and another law for the poor. And sometimes (too often), the bad guys win. BUT…

When things are too big, it is hard to change. as was suggested, the scottish football stuff was, relatively, small potatoes, so it could have been dealt with… we might not have gotten everything, but we would have made some difference…

And, once we know and have proof, that changes things…. failure to act means that we are no longer just a victim of the problem, but become part of the problem.

By the way, nice to see some new/old friends posting… BT and Gearoid! How are things?



An inspiring story. At first I could not see the point that it was making but it is clear by the end.

In what is left of my brain, it raised a question. Do we need a journalist. What is needed is a leader who will perform the role of Mr Walsh. Over the last few years we have had that in the shape of the R12 advocates. It is unrealistic to ask them to do more without support. The persistence, the grit is there what is needed is greater practical support. People doing something other than just talking about the issue. Leadership, a Plan, an Implementation strategy and bodies assigned tasks……..that is what is needed now. Although as each day goes by, the likelihood of anything happening decreases.

I am on the road today but I shall try to look in later.


Mike in Toronto

never like Armstrong…. think he is why I still have never taken an Uber!

Alex Thompson of C4 was well into the hun story, he was uncovering and exposing stuff that the smsm wouldn’t touch, then it all went quite.
He used to have a blog and people posted on it, I did on a regular basis, never had a post moderated till one day I mentioned the masonic influence in scotland, never got another post published on his blog.
Very few TV main stream programs about the masons, any that are and they are few and far between are praising them to the hilt.
It makes you wonder so it does.
I would doubt a brit journo will touch it, will have to be someone who isny scared and has balls of steel imo, their tenticals are far reaching.


That is a good article that open doors that many would prefer remained closed.

The question is how would Scottish football survive if it lost its dependency on hate to make it sellable?

What would take its place?


Mark Daly admitted recently that there was a story re Res12 but would not pursue as working on something else. He said he would pass it on to his sports desk….
Conn was given a bum steer by Darryl Broadfoot in 2016 that time has proven to be just that. In spite of this being brought to attention twice, first in 2017 and then summer 2018 he declined to follow up.
Check SFM for Who Is Conning Whom for first reference to him.
Thomson backed off having lifted the lid. Must be the stench.
In 2014 14 journos shown HMRC letters kept from SPL in 2012 when Harper Macleod were seeking documentation relating to all side letters.
None followed up.

The Tax Justice Network/ The Offshore Game punted their report around msm with no takers and eventually published themselves.

A couple of Scottish journos then had a sniff and backed off.

The Scottish journos all feed from the same toxic trough that they occasionally stir, but the lack of interest Darn Sarf is puzzling.

It’s as if Scottish football has been operating under False Pretence since 1999 and once that path was taken they fear taking the road less travelled signposted. TRUTH ====> this way

Margaret McGill

There will be wholesale killing before a united Ireland.
If you know your history.

Margaret McGill

Will do. Thanks.


A most enjoyable read, thank you.
Sadly I don’t think anyone in the U.K. will touch it, no one in Scotland will, I think that’s a definite and the rest of the U.K. sees Scottish football as a back water. This is one of those occasions where I would enjoy being wrong.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, sadly as you say no one will touch it in Scotland, if they did it would bring down the Scottish government and all the masons and the orange men within the Scottish government, lets be honest lizzies eleven is the Scottish government, but ask them who they support it will be partick thistle st mirren airdrie hearts motherwell Kilmarnock, anybody but sevco, but we all know they are all a bunch of anti catholic anti irish hating bigots.hh.luv ya bruv.

saltires en sevilla

The Bhoy Phil

Thanks and good to see you posting.

At one time my view was just let them all go for it! Front of brain reaction.

Declare what you are taking though. …must do it openly!

As a crazy selfish fan it would be amazing to see them flying across the mountains.

Then the rest of my brain slowly began to dawn on how much damage these guys were doing to themselves, and why they must be regulated.

If I’m honest the asthma drug doesn’t bother me much, they can all use it now so anyone that isn’t is probably using something else.

Very few will be Pan Y Agua.



Auldheid can confirm, I’m sure he told me he sent the res12 information to Walsh who “is too busy” more commonly read as wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole

saltires en sevilla

Read that too and David Millar…the sense that they doped only because of peer pressure.

Not sure I really buy it. They got caught and now have to feel better about themselves.

What did you think about Tyler and his view that Armstrong would have passed a lie detector test? Mainly because he didn’t accept he was cheating to gain an unfair advantage.

Tyler was convinced Armstrong genuinely believed they were all ‘at it’ and he just had better kit.

There is something in that.

saltires en sevilla


I appreciate you explaining that and wondered if one if the guys had went directly to him. Seem to remember reading something at the time.

saltires en sevilla


The Saint Stivs item was a real eye-opener.

saltires en sevilla


saltires en sevilla

Cheers buddy I wish.
Just been advised by Canman that he was too busy with other work.