If you know your history…8th December

359 years ago….1659

Mexican border town Ciudad Juárez (just South of El Paso, Texas) is founded by Fray García de San Francisco.

130 years ago….1888

Celts continued to storm through the Scottish Cup rounds. This time Clyde were the visitors to Celtic Park for a 5th round tie.
This was the ‘second game’ and was played ‘under protest’ as Celtic had claimed that Clyde had won the first game (1-0), unfairly.

Clyde, whilst winning 1-0, were deemed to have worn illegal footwear during that tie and then took too long to change into appropriate kit, resulting in the light fading, to the detriment of Celtic.

Celtic’s appeal was upheld, and the result from the Second game stood, with Celts 9-2 victors. Very worthy winners. (Hat-tricks for both T. Maley and W.Groves)

A subsequent appeal by Clyde was rejected and Celts now move on to the 6th round draw.

As a new club the progress being made was, in no small part, due to “the scientific” nature of their combined forward play.

Could the East End club reach the Scottish Cup Final in their inaugural season? (Celtic committee men could be seen scouring walls everywhere for space to stick a commemorative plaque..just in case!…)

Dunning, Collins, McKeown, Gallagher, Kelly, McLaren, McCallum, Dunbar, Groves, Coleman, T Maley.

Goals:- T Maley 6, McLaren 10, T Maley 27, McCallum 47, McCallum, T Maley, Groves 70, Groves, Groves.

Chalmers, Sawers, Hart, Drummond, Cherrie, McFarlane, Gillespie, W Sawers, Clark, Britton, Stevenson.

Goals:- Cherrie 20, Cherrie 21.
Att:- 9,000.
Ref:- Mr Robertson, Queen of the South Wanderers.

In other news…

Joseph Isaacs is one of those who, for a time in 1888, found himself suspected of being Jack the Ripper, largely as a result of his unusual behaviour. (Aye…Leaving his violin bow unattended??really suspicious behaviour fellah!!)

He was a Polish Jewish cigar-maker, who, just prior to the murder of Mary Kelly, had been a resident at a common lodging-house in Little Paternoster Row, off Dorset Street, Spitalfields. (Anyone see a pattern here…nah!?)

50 years ago….1968

Newspapers report on the League Division 1 match the previous day, when Celtic entertained St. Mirren at Parkhead in front of 47,000 fans. Celtic upped the pace in the second half scoring 5 goals with Saints unable to respond. 5-0.

Earlier in the week the European Cup draw had paired the Hoops with AC. Milan. The first leg to be played in Italy.

Fallon, Craig, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone, Lennox, Chalmers, Callaghan, Hughes (Wallace 70)
Scorers: Chalmers 2 (46, 63), Johnstone (59), Hughes (68) Gemmell (pen 78)

St Mirren:
Connaghan Murray Connell Fulton McFadden Murray Adamson Pinkerton (Hainey) Kane Blair Gilshan
Scorers: n/a

Referee: R D Henderson (Dundee)
Attendance: 47,000

Yogi Hughes scores in 68 minutes.

In other news…

Scaffold take ‘Lilly the Pink’ to No1 in the U.K. Singles Charts.

The Beatles ‘White Album’ begins 7 weeks at No1 in U.K. Album Charts.

Diana Ross and her Supremes head the Billboard U.S. Singles Charts with ‘Love Child’

Big Brother & The Holding Company had ‘Cheap Thrills’ at No1 in US Album charts.

Check out Janis Joplin and some neat blues guitar

6 years ago today….2012

Kilmarnock entertained Celtic on league duty at Rugby Park.
Hoops ran out 3-1 winners with goals from Broony, Ledley, and Samaras . (Cillian Sheridan scoring a late consolation for Killie.)

Lenny’s 100th SPL game game as manager was a rather damp squib, as some Celtic fans bhoycott due to Killie Board’s Chairman had refused to vote against Sevco.
To be fair the Killie fans seem to be avoiding the place too, and to show their displeasure those that did turn up had a banner. ” A Club with History”.


  • 01 Forster (Booked) 02 Matthews 03 Izaguirre (Kayal – 76′ ) 04 Ambrose 06 Wilson 21 Mulgrew 08 Brown (Booked) 16 Ledley 67 Wanyama 11 Nouioui (Samaras – 66′ ) 88 Hooper (Miku – 82′ )
  • 24 Zaluska 25 Rogne 33 Kayal 46 McGeouch 07 Miku
  • 09 Samaras 32 Watt
  • Brown 27′ Ledley 

Earlier in the week Celts had qualified from the group stages of CL, with a win (2-1) v Spartak Moscow. Penalty off underside of bar from Kris Commons.

Great fancam footage of Kris Commons’ penalty and Final Whistle, to the strains of The Clash…London Calling ( final was at Wembley)

In other news….

2012 Doha: UN climate conference agrees to extend the Kyoto Protocol to 2020

Burglar caught in the act phones 911 HIMSELF after homeowner threatens him with gun (instant karma…)

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of knowledge on all things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and, painstakingly, keep it updated; deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- with literally days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.
Respect Bhoys!

Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Margaret McGill

“Celtic ya bass” Friedrich Nietzsche The Antichrist 1888

Cheap Thrills is one of the best album covers in history. Great album too,that girl could sing a bit. I lost the cover at a party in the 80s,fortunately the record must have been out of the sleeve at the time. Playing or just been played,you only put the stuff back together in the morning.

I always wondered what the thief felt when he realised he had nicked the sleeve only. It obviously wasn’t remorse,I never got it back!


I arrived back in Scotland just in time for The Three Amigos season. Couldn’t get my hands on a season ticket,though my Dad had one-which worked out well,as he got on well with the young Irishman in the next seat-Kevin?-who would sometimes leave his ticket for me to use.

Anyway,due to play Killie away,a mere 15 minutes up the bypass. My Dad got us two tickets from a friend of his in the Killie hierarchy,main stand.

We took our seats only to discover that sitting next to us was a beautifully turned-out lady of around 50yo.

You don’t expect that at the fitba!

Whispers to my Dad-that’s us on language control a’ day then?!

Turns out her son was playing in the Killie defence,she was very pleasant. But not one sweary word. Not even when her lad’s side went in front as Gordon Marshall attempted to beat the world high-jump record as a low trickler headed his way. (Don’t ever start me on that man!)

The Three Amigos turned it on afterwards,a joy to behold. And we uttered not one swear word between us. And I have to be honest,yes,it does detract from polite conversation when you use such language,but it sure sterilises your enjoyment of events when they unfold if you don’t!

saltires en sevilla

Great choons.

TBH there are a few albums in my collection of dubious origin…also a few of mine without records.


saltires en sevilla

Remember chat about bad language…”mind the boay…” usually after some torrent of abuse. Then culprit looking sheepish as angelic 6 year old looks up at him.

Time to shift along a bit lads…?

saltires en sevilla

See what you did there.. had to google it tho’ ?

C&P from the previous article as we welcome another poster.
Hi all,

This is a very welcome addition to the interwebery of Celtic blogs and I wish Mahe and others every success with it.

Saltires in Seville has written a very good article and it highlights a long running theme for me. However, David Walsh was far from the only journalist who was chasing Lance. I wrote this piece as far back as October 2012 highlighting the work of Paul Kimmage and the absolutely dreadful plight of Christophe Bassons. Anyone looking back at the treatment of Bassons would have seen that Armstrong was a monster and that all of cycling was morally corrupt if not actually as bent as hell.

Sometimes, it is not the answers that you are given but the questions that are never asked and the things which remain unexplained and unchallenged which highlight that a status quo needs to be questioned, overturned and changed.

This was the first of three articles where I alluded to Lance Armstrong. A later one featured the Whitehouse Plumbers and the strange case of Dr Eufimiano Fuentes who was caught with hundreds of bags of blood in his flat. A court case ensued and Fuentes threatened to tell all if things did not go right for him.

Only 25% of the bags of blood related to cyclists. The remainder belonged to footballers, tennis players, boxers and athletes for other sports. Te cycling bags were all analysed and EPO and other substances were found.

However, the Spanish Court, perhaps fearing what the remainder would reveal, simply ordered that all of the other bags of blood be destroyed without further enquiry.

Who they belonged to, what they contained and why they were in Dr Fuentes flat — we will presumably never know.

Best of luck and HH.



Reply1 hour ago

Saltires en Sevilla


I remember that post – poweful read.

The behaviour towards Bassons (Monsieur Clean?) was outrageous.

Strikes a chord with a growing realisation, they are all ‘at it’ and the guys trying to play it straight are left out on the margins. Shunned if not ridiculed.

David Miller spoke about the ‘difficult 3rd year’. His decision to stay Pan Y Agua in first 2 years, all very admirable but little actual success for his team. Eventually it’s made perfectly clear … be a good pro.and ‘prepare’ then you just might
get a 2nd contract.

Don’t and you won’t.

Surely everyone knows you cannot climb those hills at the speeds required for 3 weeks.. without some ‘help’.

When we watch some of the ‘pressing’ play some football teams can Achive – it should be obvious what is going on.

Teams carrying £40m debt can continue to add more debt and be ‘top’ of league for 3 days.

Very few seem to bother about that at all,

The types that still buy balls for the Coconut Shy.. when they know they are glued on.

It’s only a game …

That’s went right over my head!

The Gombeen Man

Thanks for another fine post SeS. Just popping in to wish the team all the best today.


I mean the reference to F. Nietzsche

Keep them coming SeS, love them.
Great win today, first half was something else, no many teams could have lived with us, the team played well, there is no I in team.
The referee was a sleekit wee scumbag, that’s me being polite.


Two big talking points from today:

1) Sinclair plays better when Izzy is in the team.

2) Scott Brown is no longer first choice in midfield.

I bet that sounds like heresy to some, however the proof is in the pudding.

I wrote after his dismal display that Sinclair gets in Tierney’s way – could it be the opposite?

The way we build the play with McGregor in the deep quarter-back role is so exciting – in comparison, with Scott playing there it tends to be slower and more long-winded.

The first-half today was the best that I have witnessed under Brendan.

big packy

agree about Sinclair and izzy, and dare i say it, calmac before scott brown hh.

It’s a difficult one, I have always believed that it should be horses for courses, for a game where we tend to have most of the ball, Calmac is the answer, where we will have to defend more I honestly think Broonie will get the nod, he has much more experience.
Izzy was magic today, but he may well not be the next game where he has to defend more, as I said horses for courses and Brendan sees them every day.
Thankfully it’s down to him to pick the team, he has done no too bad so far 😉
I agree, the first half was scintillating at times, the second understandably we took the foot of the gas a bit, but we could still have scored another handful.

saltires en sevilla

That was absolutely wonderful today.

Totally controlled the game.

Best team we have. Allowing for injuries, just play them…

Five wan!!!

big packy

SALTIRES agree, don’t change a winning team.hh.

Garry Duncan

Totally agree with both your points.
How great a player is Ryan Christie developing into?
Beautiful to witness.

A Thing Of Beauty

Great game today. We were in scintillating form and killie couldn’t live with the pace. I believe aside from the odd game where teams get lucky we should be beating everyone in this league every week. Brendan was very clear post match to praise Izzy for his concentration in sticking to the game plan and how when you do that it looks like you’ve never been away. It’s pretty obvious he’s becoming tired with players who won’t do as they are asked and I expect a few to be moved out in January. I might be wrong but I think that was the jist of the comments today.

Garry Duncan

Today was the best match I have been at this season. Our fitba was magical at times today. Killie had not a clue how to deal with us. Their goali saved them fae a 9 or 10-1.

big packy

garry how good was my namesake ryan ?

Gordon Robertson

An absolutely mesmerising 45 minutes of football. Hh

A few short weeks ago Broonie and Ncham were our first picks had people suggested that we drop them for Calmac and Ryan they would have been shot down in flames, but it’s by good fortune we stumbled upon Calmac in Broonies role and especially Ryan, they have clicked, but it really is all about the jigsaw puzzle, take one out and it disny work.

How good was my relative Ryan 😉

Aye it was good, the second wisny too bad either, considering we took the foot of the gas a bit.
Welcome btw.


‘Too good to down’ on BT Sport narrated by John Cooper Clarke is a must see for any football fan. A superb film documenting Manchester United’s decline after winning the European Cup in 1968 leading to their relegation in 1974 and their subsequent revival under Tommy Docherty. Hh


Veni vidi vici I came I saw I posted. Hh


I think there is similar in The Guardian.

We were in deep shit in 77-78. At no stage did any of us think we were too good to go down.

We were more concerned that we were shite enough to go down.

Close thing,as it turned out.


What a shame. I refuse to let CQN cookies track me so I can’t post anymore. It’s went from the best fans forum to run of the mill, advertising space crap. Shame on you Paul

I can’t use CQN on a phone, have tried disabling Java, makes no difference, it’s getting that my add blockers are struggling to keep up on my PC, shame as he has had offers time and time again that folks were wiling to weigh in to keep it add free.


I’d like to take a different tack on the game. I agree the first half was total football and the second was not bad either.

A couple of points about the opposition. They came to get a draw, or frustrate us to the point that they could snatch something towards the end of the game. Hence the 4-5-1 formation. In the first 5 minutes they showed that they are a confident team….moving the ball about with purpose. They could move the ball quickly through midfield until they reached our penalty area. Then they encountered the twin towers and “ils ne passeront pas.” Like Motherwell they figured the only hope was down the wings and they were better than ‘Well at cutting into the penalty area. Jones and Stewart were the main threats. Pretty quickly that was snuffed out as McGregor, Forrest took turns at helping out Lustig but there was always the threat of a genuine penalty occurring.

However, let’s step back a little from the result today. Our opposition were top of the league and had not conceded a goal for 4 games. They are 4th top in goals scored, despite being known as a team that is difficult to break down. What was impressive today was how quickly they could transition from defence into attack. All of this has been achieved with a collection of journeymen and loans…..some of whom joined this season. All of the above shows that Steve Clarke is one hec of a coach and he will not be at Killie much longer. Note to the Board, keep his name in the memory banks.




I agree 100% with you on the form and sheer presence of Ryan – I was very disappointed when John McGinn did not sign and as others have said, perhaps if he had, Ryan would be back at Aberdeen.

We have so much success under Brendan and it is perceived wisdom that after three years at the top, most teams see a dip – however we look to be changing things around before it gets too late.

To witness such a first-half performance today with the likes of Tierney, Ajer, Boyata, Ntcham, Brown sitting it out was remarkable.

I think/hope we will have learned from ‘dropping the ball in the summer and will make 2/3 shrewd buys in January.

Finally, still have not given up on Dedryk. HH

A Thing Of Beauty

I would say that steve Clarke would be a consideration for the Celtic board should Brendan decide its time to move on but I’m not sure us fans would appreciate his type of football. I know that we can’t say for certain that he will not adapt but it seems to me his talent lies in setting up teams not to lose. He served as number 2 under Jose Mourinho and has clearly learned well. He’s a clever man though and may be able to change his style but I doubt it. Might get us better results in Europe though!!!

big packy

morning bhoys, on this day in 1971 my grandfather passed away, never forget it ,although a big celtic man he also loved his local team albion rovers or as he would say the wee rovers, also you could not say a word against john hughes or big yogi as he called him, he was the greatest since sliced bread according to my grandad, what he would think of todays millionaire players I shudder to think, although suffering ill health for many years before he died probably as a result of going down bedlay colliery when he was 14 and not coming out until he was 65, he never missed 8- oclock mass every day,,rest in peace grandad,.peter mcwilliams-1898-1971.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Morning Packy,

That’s a lovely tribute to your grandad Peter McWilliams.
I coming from mining stock too, mostly Donegal men who suffered terribly in the pursuit of a better life. My great grandad was blinded by coal dust and as usual no pension.
Thanking for reminding of them on this beautiful Sunday morning.

A great result yesterday and onwards to Thursday. If we can improve the away form we’ll be okay.

Welcome to the new contributors on the Blog, the last few days have been terrific.


A Thing Of Beauty

Lovely words big packy. The world was a very difficult place in your grandfathers day. We’ve got it easy now by comparison.

Saltires en Sevilla

Big Packy

Wonderful tribute to your Grandad.

51 years down a pit – good grief, we really don’t know our living these days.

Pity he only had 8 years to enjoy his well- earned retirement. I’m sure you learned much about life from him.

I’m willing to bet he enjoyed reading your loving thoughts from his vantage point in Paradise.



Saltires en Sevilla


Interesting observations on Clarke.

He is adding something positive to the game up here.

Will be very interesting to see how he fares by end of the season.

My sense was he had come ‘home’ to settle in Ayrshire with his family and friends and unlikely to be interested in moving.

Not claiming any insight, just a notion that he could be at Killie for a long tome and out game will reap the benefits.


A thing of beauty

Have a bit of local knowledge and as far as I’m aware his wife remains down south. Whether that would change for a bigger job I’m unsure. I think he’ll eventually move to a job in the championship. He’d be suited to that league – it’s a grind.


So it seems that Broonie is no longer a first choice starter.

Does embdy reckon he would slot in at right back to relieve old legs-have-gone-lustig from duties every now and again?

Peter Lawwell reckons it would be like a new signing…

big packy

TGM/ATOB/SES, cheers lhads yep he was a feisty character, especially if you gave yogi a hard time if he was looking down now the first thing he would say to me, have you been to chapel this morning,hh,??.


Just had my usual excellent time with Mr and Mrs SOL KITTS,with my usual grateful thanks! Fed and watered and delivered safely on to the train for the first leg of my trip back to Swindon.

We nipped out for beer about 330 yesterday,and I begged him not to tell me any score updates-I can jinx events from 450 miles away. He said-I think it’s safe to say even you canny jinx this,as he showed me his phone.

3 up,shortly followed by a classy fourth,well,this is why it’s good to be a Tim! It’s a strange thing that celebrating or drowning your sorrows is done by the same route,but celebrating sure makes the Guinness and the malt taste better!!

Delighted for the players and for the fans,and can’t wait to see some decent highlights of it.



Thanks for noticing my ramblings. Just a hunch, but I think SC is a coach that works with the players that he has. At Celtic he would have a different level of quality and would set up accordingly……..just a hunch.

However, I am not advocating replacing BR. He has earned his own time to move on…and he will.

He has added millions of value to the club, and, I do not mean through CL qualification. He has developed the value of several players. Christie is only the latest.



I agree that BR will decide,and also that he has added millions to the value of the club. Our turnover since he arrived has shot through the roof.

The downside to that is,IMO,a spiteful and jealous CEO who views him as a threat,and that played out over the two transfer windows in 2018. Got given a shopping list in January,and came back with all the wrong stuff.

Was told to do his job properly in summer,given another shopping list,downed tools.

I don’t think BR will leave because he has fallen out of a lifetime love of the club. It will be for the reasons given above,including that same CEO has been briefing against him.

Compare and contrast:

Yesterday on the hour mark Celtic were beating the top of the league team by 4 goals to one.
Today, on the hour mark, Sevco are being held to a 1-1 draw from the team at the bottom of league. Despite the referees bias.

big packy

JIMTHETIM53, long may it continue.hh?.

Big Packy, it’s all over at Dundee. You are my lucky mascot!!! 🙂

That was despite Dundee playing with 10 men for about 70 mins.



That tribute speaks well of your grandfather but says even more about you. Family is very important and loyalty through memory is all we can do for those that have departed. But you know all of that.

Mining was a tough life but it produced tight bonds amongst miners. My grandfather was a miner from Bothwell Haugh who worked with Matt Busby. He told me that Matt took his boots down the mine so that he could rush off afterwards to play football!

Your old fella knew his players. Yogi was the Samaras of his time. Capable of tripping over the ball, or walzing past three defenders to blast the ball into the net! He started as a centre but his best position was left wing from which he would cut in and shoot at goal, often leaving someone flat on their archie after turning him left and then right. One of his famous games was the “sanies” episode where he wore trainers on a frozen pitch. His surefootedness and balance destroyed the opposition defence. Remember this was in the days of real footballs and hard toed boots. John Hughes…..a controversial figure but definitely a Celtic great.

Today, I shall remember my grandparents and my parents because of your post.


Sol Kitts

Yes, another cracking day from which my liver is now recovering. Good to see you again, Majoc. Good whisky, great Guinness, quality patter and a 5-1 win to top it all off. See you in 2019.