The illusion of effortlessness.

How do you prefer to spend your spare time, when not watching or talking fitba?

Apart from listening to music and following live bands, I like to check out the origins of figures of speech/common usage and how they have developed over time.

Aye, riveting stuff.

Often a search via ‘google’ or ‘bing’ will lead directly to Shakespeare or Chaucer….Gabrielle Zevin…

‘Coin a phrase’ is an interesting one from the Elizabethan period and it’s amazing where a wee hunt through the internet will lead…

Cambridge Dictionary ‘to coin a phrase’ definition: something you say before using an expression that has been very popular or used too much:

Something that caught my attention on 31st October last year (2017)

“Emphasis of matter”

No need to ‘google’ that, as an explanation followed indicating that something was niggling the Auditors down Ibrox way.

12 months later, October 2018, the language changes. A shift in emphasis if you like…

“material uncertainty relating to going concern”

A quick ‘google’ will lead you to ACCA website.

Good luck with that…. and respect to the guys and gals who have the ability to follow the ACCA Career Path.

What is clear though,is the absolute requirement for qualified professionals to report in a consistent way, utilising language that interested parties can understand.

To help them draw conclusions and suchlike…

Therefore, it defies belief that the custodians of our national game are employing folk who appear unable, to spot a developing crises.

If we can deduce that one of their member clubs have
cumulative losses of £39m in the six years, since the new company was formed. With concomitant risks…

Then they should know too.

Also, they should know those accounts did not include:

The significant increased costs of hiring an ex-Liverpool Legned (sic) and his 6 backroom staff, not counting sundry medical staff.

Hiring an additional 15 players.

Extraordinary and significant Legal costs paid, and to be paid, with any associated litigation, around the ongoing merchandising fiasco.

The likelihood of additional losses in the current year is ‘clear and present’.

Now, it would seem The only way to avoid further losses is to increase revenues.

They can increase, but only from two channels:

  1. a significant run in the Europa Cup, where anything bar winning it ( with auto qualification to CL), will still not cover the ‘declared/known’ shortfall in reported accounts.
  2. Sale of players. Even a casual observer is aware that only 2 or 3 players are worth anything like seven figures.

1 cannot happen if 2 happens, therefore, it’s likely that both factors will serve to cancel each other out. Net zero, at best.

As for retail revenue, anything they can ‘coin in’ now will be paid out in costs and reparations via courts. Net zero, at best.

Their budget airline trip back from Austria this week, will provide a clearer indication.

By then the general direction of travel should be blindingly obvious.

Any sensible organisation would be making Adjustments to Forecasts…(gaming out the likely outcomes, if match income from Europe and player transactions does not meet expectations) but it appears that everything they are doing points to a lack of rudimentary contingency planning.

Any reasonable person would be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that cumulative losses could top £45m by June/October 2019. Or, during the 9 in a row season, if you prefer…

That ongoing trend indicates cumulative losses of +£50m, 12 months later. Or, during the 10 in a row season, if you prefer…

Yes. Everyone knows they are converting soft loans to stock, but they are still losing real cash. Year upon year, ad infinitum.

The SFA/SPL are watching this existing problem, grow and grow. The financial doping continues, with unfettered spending and wild west style rule-breaking. yippeee!

A team from Ibrox Enjoying a significant competitive advantage…


Then the other night, I received a text pointing to Roger Mitchell ‘self-confessed’ ( don’t need to google that …) Celtic Fan and exSPL ‘chief’, telling us all we should just ‘move on’ from dissecting Rangers’ historical issues…Or words to that effect. Awe Naw had put it on the blog too.

Tell you whit Roger, we will stop carping on about all this stuff, when folk in positions of authority in this country start doing their bloody job!!

All of the above is happening right now…Sevco…ongoing current (sic) extant!

“The illusion of effortlessness…” to coin a phrase.

Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Margaret McGill

Anyone born in in 1970 or before would have lived in a world teeming with animals compared to life today.
Remember when your windscreen wipers couldnt wipe off bugs fast enough?

Margaret McGill

From 2.5 years ago
Gotta laugh!
So after 3.5 years of blood sweat and snotters from the res12’rs until it ultimately couldnt be ignored any longer by the board, our CQN Lawwellites pussies get in on the act by collecting for half arsed advertisments that cant get published in Scotland and T-shirts. ??
Meanwhile Count De Money is thinking of how Rodgers will cover his arse and remains shtum.
Nothing but Green huns.
Awaa an leh in yer ain pish.


They are running over the weak governing bodies thats for sure so the question has to be…
If the domestic and European bodies arent gonna enforce their own rules then who will ?
Been hearing they will go bust for what , 4 years now ? And going bust didnt hinder them last time , why would it this time ?
And then I was under the illusion ( of course ) that behind the scenes and over time we were working for a better fairer domestic setup and Maxwell was one such part of this . Seems its the same its always been . Being a member of the ECA has counted for nada also , thats a strange one , why not scream blue murder to the room as apparently we are popular respected members . Somehow whilst being prestigious in that org we were massive victims .
Wrong dog in the fight , and a new change of mindset needed surely ?
Hope alls good and Hail Hail

Majoc great writing yesterday , been busy pal but great stuff.


That is a bit unfair Mags. It wasn’t the fault of the Ad initiative that The Guardian, having accepted the ad decided not to run with it. That turned out to be a stroke of luck as the refund (and the T shirt sales) helped pay the legal bill that produced the Traverso letter.

There was a problem in the timing that put pressure on the requisitioners, but the hard work that went into both the advert and T shirt distribution deserves recognition and it did pay the bills.

There are however some unanswered questions on events this past year.



Concur with almost all you have written, however can I pick you up on the Roger Mitchell point.

I believe what he’s saying is that, as a club, Celtic is a mile ahead of ‘Rangers and by constantly ‘picking at the historical scab’, we may get distracted – I have some sympathy with that view.

Punishment could, and should, be visited upon the former Rangers, via the stripping of honours obtained by cheating and financial doping – however in all honesty I don’t believe it will ever happen.

The Resolution 12 issue has all but been proved, however here again I see no punitive action being taken.

That then leaves the most important issue: how do Celtic as a club, it’s shareholders and supporters deal with the institutionalized unfairness that hangs over us?

My solution would be, with a caveat of approval by the company’s lawyers, that the club put a strong statement on the record that expresses the view that Scottish Football was cheated for many years by the Ibrox club and that the governing bodies we’re derelict in their duty to ensure that all clubs were treated fairly.

Furthermore Celtic do not recognise the honours ‘won’ by Rangers FC during the EBT doping years and will amend all its internal record’s and media output to reflect this fact.

That done, we must then move on together and direct all our efforts to strengthening our club.



If the club made such a statement, it would be asked to prove the cheating. This brings us back to where we started because the club, clearly, does not want to do this.



Hi Rebus,

Yes that’s why I said that the lawyers must approve first.

It also shows how difficult these issues are for Celtic as a club and how the vast majority of the criticism against the board is unfounded.

Having said that, it appears to me that after the Supreme Court ruling and certain testimony in the Craig Whyte trial, we are on solid ground with the cheating, side-letters, invalid registrations and unfair sporting advantage during the EBT years.

The strategy being followed by the football authorities and the defenders of the Ibrox club is to deflect, deny and issue fake news until all the instances of wrongdoing ‘wither on the vine

If Celtic did issue a statement as I have previously outlined, there could be an opportunity for other clubs to support it – would they?…… sadly I think not.


Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds
The huge loss is a tragedy in itself but also threatens the survival of civilisation, say the world’s leading scientists

Damian Carrington Environment editor

Tue 30 Oct 2018 00.01 GMT


The way I see it, SFA/Celtic PLC, they know exactly what is going on and are happy enough to play along. I don’t think any other league in Europe would allow such losses to go without some sort of warning/challenge.
SFA feel they can attract better sponsors who will pay more and help them achieve their KPIs and receive bigger bonuses, and, of course, the Masonic influence.
Celtic PLC, it’s all about the money, the bigot pound, any Rangers/Sevco will do, as long as we are just enough ahead.
As you say it’s all an illusion.
In saying all that, even although I agree with Johnny Rotten, ever feel you’ve been cheated. I still want to cheer on my team.
Hail Hail


Good stuff,bud. Bang on the money. I wish the auditors had been as forensic.

Chance would be a fine thing,that industry has a reputation for failure in its duties. Auditors are supposed to be the all-seeing eye of capitalism. Nuff said then…

Re Mitchell-apparently that “interview” was given in a pub,supposedly a conversation between friends and meant to be just that,not for publication. Mitchell feels very let down by the duplicity involved in such underhand tactics.

My advice to him is very simple-if you are talking to a journalist,prepare to get fleas. Don’t give it the tales of heroism and valour.



And that is why the board can do what they are-because their business model is built on the sure knowledge that the vast majority will hold their nose and still turn up in numbers to see the team.

Support the team for the six-hour or whatever round trip,spend the rest of the week seething at the board Result-one mass of conflicted Celtic supporters and a collective shrug of the shoulders from the board.

I know I would,if I still lived back home. Bugger,innit?!

The Gombeen Man

There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns.’

Donald Rumsfeld made the above statement in 2002. The truth of the matter is that we really don’t know what the reasons are for the silence of the PLC.

In Rumsfeld’s attempts to muddy the waters in 2002 he even introduced us to the concept of the ‘unknown unknown.’

In my cynical moments if often felt that Scottish football was venturing into Rumsfeldesque fantasy.

Is it simply about the fear of losing money?
Is it due to Celtic PLC’s fear of repercussions because of their danger of exposing their own failings?
Perhaps Sevco are so toxic that any attempt to disclose the truth will have unforeseeable consequences?
Maybe Celtic PLC have a plan to exit Scottish football and don’t want to compromise this?

For me the reality is we just don’t know what the PLC’s motives are.

As Rumsfeld stated it’s a ‘unknown unknown.’

What is known is that the governance of Scottish football lacks transparency and we seem to be expected to accept this.

The carrot for this acceptance is our current financial and on field domination of the game in Scotland.

For a while I’ve suspected that our policy simply follows the proverb,

‘If you don’t know what to do. Do nothing.’

In other words continue to do what we are doing well and be patient and allow things to unfold.

Dermot Desmond might not be everyone’s cup of tea but he could buy and sell Sevco. Let’s hope whatever his thinking is, that it’s right and it’s not just about the money.

With the bases heavily loaded in favour of Sevco the calculation seems to be that we can outperform them on and off the field and minimise the influence of the ongoing culture of cheating in the game.

When there seems to be no general consensus about ensuring some level of consistent fairness in the game. It sometimes makes me wonder if the systemic corruption is so embedded in professional soccer that it has already past the point of no return.


Btw,no-confidence vote on May to be held this evening. This on the basis of 15% of her MPs moving for one.

PL must be grateful for different rules at Celtic Park!


Great comparison. Of course,Rumsfield’s boss epitomised much of that. Like “I should have known that,I didn’t even know I didn’t know that,and how can I be expected to know that?!”

I’ve long suspected-as stated here and elsewhere before-that the reason for our silence was that we decided to back a new version of Rangers being allowed straight into the league. And that while this may well now be viewed as an error of judgement-I don’t think we expected the continuation myth,the refusal to strip trophies,the awarding of previous titles,etc-it is one that we are being held to ransom over.

Shut it,or we release a lot of damaging information.

The Gombeen Man


You might be right.

Something’s wrong with the whole business.

I remember reading a Sevco site a few years ago and an old guy was telling a younger guy,

‘Celtic’s Board and us have always been in cahoots.’

Much like the revelation that when Wee Fergus finally got the keys to Celtic Park and found a share document of ‘Rangers Shares.’

In fairness to Fergus and Co sold the ‘Rangers’ shares immediately(apparently).

Dishonesty is a nasty place to live.


I believe that the shares were held so that we had access to their accounts and to their AGM. And that it was reciprocal.

Also,I strongly suspect that the wee shrewdie that was and is Fergus took a look at their first set of accounts in his ownership and nearly choked!

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Nae mug,the wee man…

The Gombeen Man

A shrewdy alright. Did what he said he would and rode off into the sunset.

It’s a shame really that the potential of Celtic is so limited by the connection with Sevco.

Celtic could be so much more without the millstone of the Old Firm.

Having said that maybe we all could be so much more without the burden of the Old Firm?


I never once missed the ‘Old Firm’ games when the new club started their ‘journey’ from the bottom tier. I cannot remember any of my friends saying they missed them either. The only person who said he missed them was the owner of my local, and he meant it in a financial sense. The pub would be bursting at the seams all day on those occasions. He did admit that he didn’t miss the potential for trouble. Having to man the door all day.

The thing is we survived. We would again.


Excellent point,Jim. And we should never forget either that when Murray tried to put us out of business 25 years ago,he did so because he knew the benefit of doing so.

I think that might be why your average Celtic supporter gets so confused about our board’s refusal to apply the hose or throw them an anchor.

Awe Naw

The only thing that gets Dermot Desmond and Denis O´Brien horny these days is ingratiating themselves with the British establishment. They are a fully integrated part of it. Look at Celtic .. that´s exactly where we are positioned.

In a perfect world Roger Mitchell would be correct, stop talking about them, concentrate on Celtic and opponents as they come along. In a way it gives them credibility, makes them feel important. They boast that we are obsessed with them.

But the problem is nobody else is taking up the baton. Neither the media nor the SFA & SPFL are willing to right the wrongs of the past. And they were substantial. Still are.

So it is the Celtic’s fans lot to keep putting the truth out there. Unfortunately not backed by our board.

We don’t get a lot of assistance from other clubs. Although there quite a few fans of other clubs on the Scottish Football Monitor who campaign like good ones. Two Jambos in particular.

Until those titles are stripped, a new club acknowledged and Res 12 concerns admitted, all that at the very least, we cannot move on.


Aye,they’ve got their own privatised interests to look after. Can’t allow a minor peccadillo like Celtic get in the way of Big Money.


We should never stop looking forward,but we should not allow past wrongs to be forgotten. As you rightly say,there are other fans out there,of other clubs,who are furious about the whole situation. They now know they have been cheated in the past,and are watching Groundhog Day.


The problem is that we are too few in number and lack the means to achieve our goals. It’s all very well tapping away on a keyboard,boycotting cup games and merchandise-except when the kids or grandkids need it,of course.

There’s the problem,Jim.

I said this to AULDHEID many a year ago when he avidly advocating a boycott of SFA sponsors,such as McDonalds,Adidas,Morrisons,etc. How do you deal with the weans wanting a burger or the latest gear,or the fact that the nearest alternative supermarket is miles away and a whole lot dearer?

How do you deal with most fans really just wanting to go and watch their team?

How do you deal with throwing a boycott and everyone turns up?

It’s a maze of good ideas,Jim. And every route thought of so far has been a dead end.

Awe Naw

That´s some well shitey fucking parents and grandparents there if you ask me. Getting their own youth emotionally involved in what they fully know to be an entirely corrupt setup from beginning to end. With that level of decision making they shouldn´t be anywhere near any kids. They should be in jail, hospital or school. They have obviously learned their abilities to be guardians from Celtic’s guardians.

I often wonder how it could move forward. As far as I know private individuals or groups cannot approach UEFA or the CAS. It has to come from a member club or assoc. Since our board are unlikely to go down that road, what options are there for the Res. 12 guys?

I have heard of possibilities by going to the Court of Session. How it could be frames, I don’t know. Several people have mentioned it being couched in fraud. After all clubs were denied the chance of European completion and resultant money. Likewise the shareholders of said clubs. (Res. 12).

This would cost a fortune in legal fees.

In some ways I wish this would happen. Let crowd funding begin! At least we could be actively involved instead of being just key board warriors. Folk could keep going to games, buying merchandise without any guilt trip.

Wish that Celtic supporting QC was still alive. (I’ve forgotten his name). He would have been ideal. Nonetheless, it might be worth a try. And for all the stuff to be aired in public, the people involved etc. The press being forced to report on it. It would be worth it for that alone.



You quite rightly point out the lack of support, or, even empathy, from other clubs.

Remember when there was a move afoot to ‘shoehorn’ the new club into the Premier, or, at worst League one, with the threat of Armageddon. Remember talk of an SPL2 with the new club going straight in there. It was only because of a concerted effort by the majority of clubs and one Turnbull Hutton, that all this was resisted and avoided.

Only with other clubs standing with Celtic, will we ever get the commensurate level of punishment handed down. In my opinion it will never happen.

It may well be that Celtic will have to submit to the settled view of the majority and move on.

However let’s be clear, submission is NOT CONSENT.

Those who accuse the officers of Celtic of being in a conspiracy of silence, do not know all the facts, do not know the multi-faceted legal positions and quite frankly are using this ‘Rangers’/SFA farce as a stick to beat the board with in order to further their own political agendas.

The Gombeen Man

AUGUST 24 1998: Mitchell threatens to resign from the SPL if the war between the Old Firm and the other 10 clubs is not resolved.

He said: “I don’t want to be chief executive of something without the Old Firm in it, and neither would I want to remain if the Old Firm were all that were left.”

Roger Mitchell made the above remark during the debate over his brainchild SPL TV.

Unfortunately twenty years later the treasured Old Firm alliance has continued to undermine the game.

Of course past establishment figures like Mitchell are anxiously suggesting that everyone ‘moves on’.

The suspicion is that there is something very rotten in Scottish football and a forensic analysis of the game and it’s mandarins might uncover an ugly and corrupt core?

Old Firmists who have held positions of responsibility in the game in the past should be viewed with a note of caution.

What’s needed is an independent analysis of the game and Celtic PLC’s continued silence looks more like a fear of the consequences of the truth being known ( or worse).

Maybe Mr Mitchell is tipping us off that the persistence is causing some anxiety?

It’s often an innocuous incident that causes a deck of cards to fall.

It just will take someone somewhere to open up and the whole swindle might be exposed…

Lance Armstrong will verify that.

It’s a sad day when a simple request for the truth is labelled an obsession.

saltires en sevilla


Some are labelling it ‘hatred’

Just asking for ansolute clarity and appropriate action…is hatred!?


Awe Naw

Link/Page Citation
MAY 1998: The Scottish Premier League is born after the SFA give their approval for the top 10 clubs to break away from the Football League.

JULY: Roger Mitchell is named SPL chief executive.

Sky TV unveil details of their pounds 70million, four-year package for Scottish football.

MARCH 1999: Mitchell hails the new league as a success, revealing the SPL is running at a profit. He is linked with the vacant chief executive’s post at the SFA but says: “My skill-set is more in touch with the SPL than the administrative role at the SFA.”

JUNE: Mitchell expresses his preference for a two-tier system – an SPL 2 – instead of plans to expand to a 12-team league format.

OCTOBER: Mitchell blasts suggestions of an Old Firm breakaway after former Celtic chief executive Fergus McCann claims involvement in a European or British league is the only way forward for the club.

McCann’s successor Allan MacDonald adds he would be in favour of both teams linking-up with the top teams in Holland, Belgium and Portugal. But Mitchell insists: “Many more advances can be made with Rangers and Celtic on board.”

FEBRUARY 2001: The first attempt at showing a pay-per-view game in Scotland ends in a fiasco when Celtic’s clash with St Johnstone is called off due to fog in Perth.

JANUARY 2002: The SPL announce plans to launch own TV channel after rejecting an extension to Sky’s current deal.

Awe Naw

A former Scottish Premier League chief executive has described the fallout from last week’s court ruling on oldco Rangers’ tax affairs as nothing more than “fans’ bragging rights”.

The Court of Session decision that the company running Rangers from 2001-10 had broken tax rules has ignited debate about stripping Rangers of five titles.

“I’m a Celtic guy. I don’t care whether they strip them from Rangers or not,” Roger Mitchell told BBC Radio Scotland.

“It is much ado about nothing.”

Mitchell left the SPL in 2002, four years after helping to launch the organisation, when Celtic and Rangers blocked his plans for a subscription-based SPL TV channel.

Rangers have dismissed the notion that the Scottish Professional Football League, which was formed in June 2013 from the SPL and the Scottish Football League, should revisit the subject of the club’s title wins in light of the Edinburgh court ruling.

Roger Mitchell leaves a press conference at Hampden after announcing his resignation as SPL chief executive
Roger Mitchell leaves a press conference at Hampden after announcing his resignation as SPL chief executive
The liquidators of oldco Rangers, BDO, have until 2 December to initiate proceedings in the Supreme Court to challenge the Court of Session’s decision in favour of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs over the club’s use of Employee Benefit Trusts.

HMRC’s victory followed oldco Rangers winning a First Tier Tax Tribunal in 2012 and a subsequent unsuccessful appeal by the tax man last year.

Former Celtic defender Darren O’Dea believes that, if Rangers are finally found guilty of breaking tax rules, they should be stripped of the titles won while they operated EBTs, but former Celtic captain Paul Lambert is of the opposite view.

Mitchell, speaking on Sportsound on Tuesday, called EBTs a “mechanism of financial doping” but added: “What we’re talking about here is fans’ bragging rights.

“Scottish football should draw a line under this. We have had three times to go for this EBT. If I were in Rangers’ corner I’d say ‘it’s 2-1 for me’ and the fourth one, I don’t know which way it’s going to go.

“Many clubs over the years have spent more than they should have to win success – Rangers, Hearts, John Boyle’s Motherwell.

“So where do you draw the line where somebody is using financial doping to get titles and under what circumstances should you remove them?

“If they go into administration should you remove the previous five years? Maybe. Uefa has brought in Financial Fair Play to try to deal with that.

“It is much ado about nothing. That is my opinion on this sad saga.”

‘A 120-year battle’
Mitchell said his preference was to see effort being spent instead on improving the state of the game in Scotland and offered a colourful analogy for what had occurred at the Ibrox club in relation to its rivalry with Celtic.

“My view of what happened is it was a 120-year battle between two titans and in 2010 one was on the battlefield dead,” he told listeners.

“I believe they’re the same club. I’m not into this newco/oldco stuff.

“They were dead but they came back. It’s like France and Germany have had wars over a thousand years – they come back. It doesn’t mean that they are not the same army or the same nation.

“Rangers is the same soul as it was before, the fans are the same soul. As a Celtic fan, I take my bragging rights from the fact that in 2010 they were dead, lying in the battlefield, but they are back.

“Next we’ll start again and it will be just as interesting.

“If I was still there I’d say, ‘It’s ending now’. It’s not moving on the game.”

Awe Naw

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Scottish football no longer exists’: Sky Sports chief’s call after deal flop revealed
TV anchorman Richard Keys remembers when the order came through to “shut down Scottish football – it no longer exists,” after the dispute between satellite giants Sky TV and Roger Mitchell.

ByKeith Jackson
06:00, 31 MAR 2017

Vic Wakeling pulled the plug on Sky’s Scottish coverage

Richard Keys had a seat inside Sky TV’s high command when the order came through from above: “Shut down Scottish football. It no longer exists.”

That was 15 years ago. But Keys believes the game in this country is still paying the price.

And yesterday, when the TV anchorman read Record Sport’s expose on the paltry broadcast deal that is keeping our game locked in Europe’s poor house, his mind immediately raced back to that mean-spirited dispute between the satellite giants and Roger Mitchell – a row he blames for our game’s financial plight.

Yesterday, we mapped out the paucity of the SPFL’s TV deals with Sky and BT Sport by comparing them with mega-money contracts being handed out in countries across the Continent.

While Scotland’s clubs scrape by on a share of £18.75million for the rights to 60 live games per season, 17 other leagues are raking in relative fortunes.

From £1.71billion per season in England to £46m a year in Denmark and £50m in Greece, our game has been frozen out of football’s broadcast fortunes. Keys caught up with our figures as he boarded a flight from Heathrow to Doha, where he hosts live football every weekend for big-spending Qataris beIN SPORTS.

And he said: “I wasn’t surprised by them, I was astounded by them. The sums are frightening.

“It’s a crying shame the way Scottish football is being treated. In fact it’s beyond a crying shame – it’s a disgrace.”

And Keys knows what he’s talking about. He had a ringside seat when former SPL chief executive Mitchell picked a fight with the heavyweight executive at the top of Sky’s empire, Vic Wakeling. And got knocked out cold.

Even now when Keys shuts his eyes he can still hear Scottish football’s bones being crushed. He said: “You can trace it all back to 2002 and the deal Vic Wakeling didn’t do with Roger Mitchell who was in charge of the SPL – but who wasn’t very good at it.

“Vic put something like £60m on the table and the response was, ‘Come back to me when you’re serious’. Vic withdrew the offer and overnight he made it clear we were to stop talking about Scottish football on Sky Sports News which was a disgrace in itself.

“The instruction was, ‘Scottish football doesn’t exist. Shut it down. We don’t talk about it, we’re not interested in it until they come back to the table on our terms’.

“It really was a disgrace and in my view Scottish football has never recovered. Scottish football has made some extraordinary decisions domestically which I didn’t understand but which have had a very detrimental effect on the game. And you know what I’m referring to.

“All these years on still no one can tell me what Rangers were guilty of when they were sent down to the bottom tier.

“The expectation was they would be found guilty but my understanding is they were never convicted of any wrong- doing. But I guess that’s another matter entirely.”

Keys stayed at Sky for nine more years before leaving under a cloud of controversy in 2011.

But in his next job, with TalkSPORT, he was quick to reconnect with the Scottish game – and to understand its value.

He said: “When we went to Talksport I was very much aware that the station was broadcast nationally. But that we only ever talked about English football. I said when I went there I wanted our show to have an audience of over one million. I was told we would never do it.

“So after a week or so I told them I wanted a full set of newspapers delivered every morning, including in particular the Daily Record because I wanted to know what was happening in Scotland.

“The only reason I knew what was happening at Rangers in 2011 was because I started reading the Daily Record. And that’s when we started covering it properly.

“Effectively we broke the story in England because no one else down here had been paying attention to what the Record had been writing.

“A club the size of Rangers going bust? This was a huge story – it was cataclysmic – but no one in England cared about or even knew about it until TalkSPORT picked it up.

“When we left that station our audience was 1.25m and a large part of that was the decision to show a genuine, grown-up interest in Scottish football. I’m not sure any of the major British broadcasters have done so since. Too many people who live and work in London and who broadcast from London believe the UK ends at Berwick.”

Keys was the frontman for the big TV relaunch of England’s top flight in 1992. And that experience has convinced him Scottish football can also be completely over-hauled if the big broadcasters are prepared to pay it the going rate.

He said: “I don’t buy into the theory they won’t pay proper money for it because it’s not a very good product because when we set up the Premier League in England it wasn’t a very good product either.

“It only is what it is today because of the amount of TV money that’s been poured into it. Unless you commit to it in that way you can’t expect it to be better.

“What you certainly can’t do is expect the product to get better by completely ignoring it the way Sky is just now.

“The problem is they got stung massively in the last round of negotiations for the rights to the Premier League. As a result Sky are now paying £11m a game.

“On any given weekend they’re paying £55m to put five games on and that’s just for the rights, never mind all the staff and technology involved in such big live broadcasts.

“So something had to give. They lost things like speedway and all the other stuff around the periphery. The attitude was, ‘If we can nick Scottish football then let’s do that’. It’s time football people in Scotland demanded a far better deal.”

saltires en sevilla


I was getting excited when you mentioned that Celtic were adjusting the records etc., to reflect the cheating trophies.

I was looking for some links to that – is this something you heard about or, is it speculation etc., I might have picked you up wrong on that buddy, and my apologies if That was the case.

Also, I don’t doubt there will be folk out there with a political or commercial angle on the Celtic Board. My issue with them is nothing like that. It’s simply a need to know that we are not just accepting the blatant cheating and pretending that it didn’t matter then …and doesn’t matter now.

Many will disagree, but what I would accept right now, is a formal declaration that they do not recognise the cheated titles and that we are not playing the same club oit of Ibrox.

Even if nothing actually changed in the record books. I could live with my club’s stance on the issue and finally ‘move on’.

The fact that Celts will not do that, begs the question. Why not?

saltires en sevilla


As you say, it’s looking that way.

We simply must have an assurance from our Board that they do not acknowledge the cheated trophies and that this is the same club.

If I got that, it might help me move on!

Although it happening again, and nothing is being done.

The Gombeen Man

Obsession is a reference to the recent comments attributed to Roger Mitchell.

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Amended records might be enough to help me get across the line.

It should be much more.


It’s a difficult one, aye they cheated, the dugs in the street know it, the powers that be are not going to take any action, that’s the bottom line, so what do we do, this is the big question.
We can tap away at the keyboard for as long as we are able, it will change nothing, direct action is the only answer, that will cost money, we need to crowdfund this.
The decision has to be made by those who are involved in Res 12, do they go to the Met with their info, do they take the sfa to court, do they sue the club for their dereliction of duty re the shareholders ?
Every day that passes, the authorities and the hun get stronger and stronger, I have always said that the big losers in this will be Celtic, so far we have lost out on potentially £100’s of millions, the proven cheating began back in the late 90s early 2000’s, it’s been going on ever since, during the EBT and the illegal registration years we were not that far away from the top clubs in europe, an injection of CL money we could have been playing with the top teams every year, then who knows what would have transpired, bottom line is we were cheated by the hun and the football authorities, I for one would like some sort of redress, anyone who advocates moving on is either a hun or has some sort of agenda, imo of course.

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The Gombeen Man


The reality is they never stopped cheating.

The dumping of the debt, secret agreements, soft unaccounted loans, deceiving sponsors, safety certs, the Fit and Proper registration of King. Intimidatory club statements, burnt out buses, court cases collapsing, dodgy refs, leaning on refs, failing to buy the shares, allegations of money laundering, Club 1872…

They might be a new club but the methods are the same.

Sadly for whatever reason nothing is said.

Things haven’t moved on. They never changed.

Your suspicion is on the money, those who advocate moving on must have an agenda.

It’s my only hope that the strategy is to stand back and watch the fallout when it comes off the rails. But as time progresses it’s becoming clear that having any version of Rangers in existence is the priority.

No matter how toxic the current incarnation is.


The Gombeen Man

Shock horror as the PLC accept 750 tickets for Ibrox and have the audacity to tell those attending to follow safety procedures.

mike in toronto

Gold. .

I agree that, once a problem is dealt with, it doesn’t do anyone good to keep fixating on it. However, this problem has never been dealt with openly and honestly, by anyone, which has just made the situation worse..

To paraphrase Santayana, those who ignore the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them. We didn’t even call out their cheating … and their current financial situation is … shockingly (not) … almost as bad as before.

So,if we allowed them to cheat before, and do nothing … they are going to keep cheating us.

If we really wanted to keep them going for business reasons (which seems to be the case), then for our sake, if not for theirs, we should have at least ensured that rules were put in place, so they couldn’t shoot themselves in the foot again.

It seems like we went along because we were concerned about the harm to the Scottish game (which would impact Celtic) if the cheating was called out. However, they are just dragging the Scottish game through the mud… which, again, cant be good for the Celtic brand.

I haven’t seen any evidence about “how difficult these issues are for Celtic as a club”. If they had done something, and been rebuffed, you might have a point. But,other than sending a letter, what have Celtic done about any of this?



I too could live with a formal declaration as you suggest, however amongst all the dissembling and downright lies that are interlaced in this ongoing farce, there is the fiction that Rangers are the same club but now run by a new company – i.e. the birth of the newco.

The same newspapers and broadcasters who told us that Rangers had died in 2012 have all performed a volte-face and now peddle the newco lie.

I fear that if Celtic were to be formally involved here, then it would be portrayed as a Celtic/Rangers ‘thing’ and the actual history would be forgotten in a “they said”, “we said” slanging match, and we know who’s version the media would support.

I remember when Regan was challenged on the Euro-Licence at an event in Edinburgh he said to those assembled “oh don’t worry about that it’s a West of Scotland thing”.

The Celtic board will have been well advised as to the best course of action – and that means the best course of action for Celtic Football Club now and in future.

On another matter, I said a week, or, so ago, that there was something ‘eating away’ at Griffiths, and so we see it now. Yes it is right that the club has a duty of care to him and will offer help and not let him down. However I’m sorry to say that if the reports of gambling are true and have led him to be unable to do the job that he is very well paid for, then he has let Celtic down by his actions.

saltires en sevilla


This is a real worry buddy.

Potential mess!


The Gombeen Man

Very sorry to read about Leigh but also pleased to that he is now in an environment where he’ll get the support he needs.
If the reports about compulsive gambling are accurate Leigh has a serious illness that is recognised as a form of mental illness or disorder.

Leigh’s illness is no different to any other player who suffers from depression, diabetes or cancer.
In my view he should be treated with the same level of respect that Stan Petrov, Alan Stubbs and Danny McGrain received.

With support recovery is possible and this is perhaps an opportunity for us all to become a little bit more educated on the very serious implications of this disease.

Prayers and thoughts with Leigh and his family,


,big packy

evening bhoys sorry a bit late to the discussion, very busy today, saltires good post as always, at the end of the day we could go on talking about cheating sevco till the cows come home, but as the exiled tim says nothing changes, let me put a point and see if anybody agrees or disagrees, I see celtic and rangers joined at the hip, think of the guy who said rangers are one of the great Scottish institutions, we need them back or words to that effect, isn’t he one of the biggest shareholders ,would any big tv company touch Scottish football, and dare I say it cos I hate that word now, without the old firm.think we know the answer, sadly I cannot see anyway out for us without being attached to the knuckledraggers.hh.

,big packy

sorry to hear about leigh, thoughts and prayers for him and his family.hh.

,big packy

SES/TGM very worrying safety wise.hh.

Just back in from being oot.
Very sad news about The Griff, didn’t hear Brendan but I understand he he said that he inherited the problem with Leigh, it’s all very well in hindsight to say that I knew something just wisny right, but I knew something just wisny right, I pray he gets the help he needs and hopefully he gets back to doing what he does best, scoring goals that is 😉
I see that we are taking the tickets for the bigot dome, quite right imo, 800 will make as much noise as the rest of the bigot dome when they are getting walloped and they will, no need for hindsight on this occasion.
It’s up the the polis and the huns to protect the support, if they don’t sue the bassas, crowdfund if needs be, but sue them and make it news.
Hindsight is the foresight of the gobshite BTW 😉
Good post SeS btw.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-did the hearts manager not elude to Leigh having a problem in one of his rants a wee while back

Fairhill Bhoy

Apologies,it was Mcleash who planted the sead

There has been probs with the Griff for a while, I think we all knew that, I honestly didn’t realise they were as bad as to have to give up the game, that’s pretty drastic, so it’s obviously a serious problem he has.
There have been rumours for ages, gambling was the one, but obviously there is other stuff as well.
There will be a fair few who feel a tad foolish now, when he was mooted to be joining us the self righteous brigade were out in force slagging the fella, winkers.
As I said, I hope he gets the help he needs asap.