If you know your history…15th December

1,331 years ago ….687 CE

St Sergius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope succeeding Conon

130 years ago….1888

East Stirling welcome Celtic to Merchiston Park, Falkirk for this 6th Round Scottish Cup tie.

It seems our Bhoys learned that cup-ties are never over until the final whistle from our earliest days. 1-0 goal down from the first half, the team were met with a tough resistance and it took until the 87th minute for McCallum to level the scoring.

Ordinary teams would settle for a replay and the club treasurers must have been counting on another 9,000 crowd back in Glasgow, when McCallum struck again. There was no time for East Stirlingshire to reply and Celts ran out 2-1 winners.

Celts in the inaugural season were heading towards the Final of Scotland’s premier trophy.

East Stirlingshire:-Sharp, Keddie, Reid, Ritchie, Wilson, Jones, Kirkwood, Stewart, Dunn, McLachlan, Simpson.
Goal:- McLachlan.
Celtic:-Dunning, Collins, McKeown, Gallagher, Kelly, McLaren, McCallum,Dunbar, Groves, Coleman, T Maley.
Goal:- McCallum(2)
Att. 3,000

In other news ….

Maxwell Anderson, American dramatist (Winter Set, High Tor) was born.

Dr. Tumblety, the American who was suspected of being the Whitechapel murderer and arrested in London not long ago, but soon after released, is a man with a singular history. Between 1860 and 1864 he was as well known on the streets of Brooklyn, where he posed as an Indian herb doctor, as he subsequently was in the corridors of the Fifth Avenue hotel, where he paraded as an Englishman of wealth and a physician of marked pretensions.

45 years ago………1973

Scottish League Cup Final – Dundee 1 V Celtic 0

I remember attending this game in the North Stand above the enclosure at Hampden. The kick-off had been brought forward to 1:30 as floodlights could not be used due to power cuts. With a 3-day week in full flow and freezing weather the attendance was severely reduced. Both teams wanted the game to be postponed due to a freezing pitch. In the end Dundee handled the conditions well and were deserved 1-0 winners. Tommy Gemmell was the Dundee captain and later confessed he felt awkward lifting the trophy in front of so many Celtic pals.

Another feature of the game was the experimental ‘offside zone’ that ran across the full 18 yards line.

Hunter, McGrain, Brogan, McCluskey, McNeill, Murray, Hood (Johnstone), Hay (Connelly), Wilson, Callaghan, Dalglish

Allan, R Wilson, Gemmell, Ford, Stewart, Philip, Duncan, Robinson, Wallace, J Scott, Lambie. Subs: Johnston, I Scott.
Goals: Wallace (76)

Referee: R H Davidson (Airdrie)
Attendance: 27,974

American Psychiatric Association declares homosexuality is not a mental illness. (Also, The earth is not flat and apples fall from trees in a downward manner…1973…good grief!!)




5 years ago ….2013

Match Reports on the day after Celtic beat Terry Butchers visiting Hibs side 1-0 (Pukki 29mins)
Sly referencing by Tom English to The Defeat in Nou Camp by Barca (6-0) in the previous midweek.
No mention of undefeated Celts in domestic games.
Crowd 46,065 ( Aye!)


  • 01 Forster 23 Lustig (Matthews – 73′ ) 03 Izaguirre Booked 06 Biton 04 Ambrose 05 van Dijk 08 Brown 16 Ledley 10 Stokes 15 Commons 20 Pukki (Samaras – 58′ Booked )
  • 02 Matthews 09 Samaras 17 Baldé 24 Zaluska 37 Atajic 41 Fisher 53 Henderson
  • Pukki 29′
  • 01 Williams 23 Forster 03 McGivern 08 Robertson 05 Nelson 04 Hanlon 11 Cairney (Zoubir – 68′ ) 10 Craig 14 Collins 19 Handling (Cummings – 63′ ) 16 Stevenson (Thomson – 85′ )
  • 17 Tudur Jones 18 Maybury 21 Murdoch 27 Zoubir 29 Caldwell 35 Cummings 38 Thomson
  • Referee Bobby Madden

In other news…

China successfully lands its moon rover on the moon (if landed on Mars, would it handle an identity crises…)

Chip shop Mister Eaters is serving up battered Ferrero Rocher as a Christmas treat. Chippy owner and creator, John Clackson said: “They seem to be going down a treat, and everyone is loving them.” (Mars refuse to comment…)

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Margaret McGill

20110 January 10th 2.32am

I dont think its low by their standards. These are their standards
I have pages and pages of this shit. Do let me if you need further convincing that one guy shouting racist
abuse isnt anywhere near as low as huns will go

Attacking the Moscow Dynamo players (before the full scale riot) during the 1972
ECWC Final in Barcelona. As Moscow Dynamo coach Konstantin Beskov stated, “We
had the advantage and momentum at the end of the game – they were trailing 3-2
– when the Rangers fans broke onto the pitch and attacked our players.”

Being called ‘savages’ by UEFA President Gustav Wiedekehr after rioting huns
shamed themselves in Barcelona in 1972. In a scathing attack, Mr Wiedekehr
angrily stated “ The Rangers fans behaved like savages. We must find ways to
keep such people from football stadiums.”

Rioting inside and outside Old Trafford during a ‘friendly’ in 1974, causing the
stadium to witness some of the bloodiest violence in it’s history, as bigoted
huns attacked and bottled United fans, simply because some of them were Irish.

Trying to start sectarian riots in Dublin before and during a game against
Bohemians in 1984, which the huns lost 3-2. Rangers fans attacked police and
Bohemians fans outside and inside the ground, until they were beaten back, and
forced to spend the rest of the game cowering in fear, as they got a taste of
their own medicine. Half of the huns never even made it in the first place,
after being thrown off the Liverpool / Dunloghaire ferry for rioting. The ferry
was turned back, halfway across the Irish Sea after drunken huns started running
amok and fighting with other passengers. The Rangers fans thought it would be a
good idea to link up with those other paragons of tolerance Linfield, who were
playing Shamrock Rovers the following evening, and wreak havoc in the south of
Ireland. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t bank on the spirit of the Irish
people who turned their little wrecking jolly, into a day of fear the huns
would never forget. Even to this day, Rangers fans experience a cold shiver
when asked about their memories of the trip. Most have conveniently chosen to

Convicted Loyalist terrorist, and UDA Godfather John Gregg being ambushed and
shot dead by fellow Rangers fans in 2003 after returning to Belfast from a
match at Ibrox. Gregg, who was sentenced to 18 years after a failed
assassination attempt on the life of MP Gerry Adams, was slain by a number of
gun-totting masked men wearing Rangers shirts, who then fled the scene in a
stolen taxi.

Brutally assaulting sports photographer Eric Craig as they invaded the Hampden
pitch after the 1980 Scottish Cup Final. Craig was left deaf in one ear, and
with a gruesome dent in his head after he was beaten and struck with a Pomagne
bottle ‘hurled at him by a Rangers fan.’ He also had to undergo an emergency
six-hour operation at the Southern General Neurosurgical Unit, and still
suffers from headaches and dizziness. He also gave up attending football
matches after the huns attack which left him traumatised. As Mr Craig later
commented “You can still feel the hatred from these people, even after 25
years. I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to be cured.”

UVF Loyalist Godfather William Taube being murdered at Ibrox Stadium in a
revenge attack, on a Sunday night in April, 1999, during a Loyalist [Blue Mist]
function. The function was held to celebrate the release of, and was attended
by, several Loyalist prisoners from the Maze Prison. Security was provided by
Taube’s UVF friends, including a leading member of the UVF in Glasgow. Despite
this, Taube was attacked and head-butted down a flight of stairs before having
his head smashed on the marble flooring of The Edmiston Suite. He later died at
Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital. In a sworn statement to the Crown Office, a
witness claimed he had been threatened with knee-capping if he failed to tell
police the attack he saw was ‘a drunken accident’. Following the incident, the
witness received death threats and now lives in hiding, terrified of
retribution. Taube’s assailant was chased and beaten up in the car park before
managing to flee. He has never been caught.

Members of the BNP arrested for Loyalist agitation and recruitment activity
outside Ibrox stadium. The BNP feel they have a natural empathy with the
politics of Rankers fans with whom they share certain racist, bigoted,
homophobic and xenophobic ideals.

Barcelona 1972 : The only fans in European history not to witness their club
receiving the trophy in a post-match presentation. Rankers fans were too busy
rioting on the field of play at the time, so the ceremony had to take
place………….in a dressing room. Following the match Rangers fans rioted
in the streets outside the ground, clashing with Spanish police and causing
extensive damage in the city. Rankers fans also vandalised the exterior of the
city’s Catholic cathedral, which was daubed with sectarian graffitti. Similar
anti-Catholic sentiments were expressed on buildings, in later years on visits
to the Italian cities of Parma and Turin. The scenes of mayhem and violence
caused by rioting huns in the Nou Camp remain some of the most disgraceful ever
witnessed at a football match.

Repeated hate-posts on FF containing sickening homophobia, with thread titles
like ‘Homophobic And Proud’ and ‘101 Uses For A Dead Gay’. This is in addition
to numerous repeated sick posts about injured, dead, or disabled people
including Stephen Hawking, Christopher Reeve, Emlyn Hughes, Brian Clough,
Jordan’s (the topless model) blind toddler son and many others. The list – in
no way exhaustive – extends to Mother Teresa, Harold Shipman’s victims,
footballers who have died in tragic circumstances, P & O Ferry drowning
victims, the Tsunami victims, and those who died on Piper Alpha. Is no-one
immune from these brainless morons ?

The only club in football history to be unable to defend their trophy due to the
behaviour of their fans. After the rioting that occurred in Barcelona, Rankers
received a UEFA one-year ban from European competition.

Being outed as sectarian bigots by one of their own – fellow Rankers fan, and
American tourist, James Armstrong, in 1998. During his tour, Armstrong spent a
day socialising with Mark Dingwall and some of the other Loyalist FF keyboard
bretheren (SMac, SM, & SJ). He attended the day’s match v Kilmarnock at Ibrox
(Walter Smith’s last home game in charge, which Rankers lost 0-1) after
Dingwall had got him a ticket for the Club Deck. After an evening’s revelry in
the Auctioneer’s pub, followed by a trip to the curry house, Armstrong caught
the last train back to Edinburgh, where he was staying. Onboard the train, he
describes the sectarian singing of his fellow passengers, and how he was
disturbed by the bigotry they espoused. “There were about ten other Bears
singing drunkenly the entire trip back. ‘Hello! Hello! We are King Billy’s
Boys! We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood, Surrender or you’ll die!’ There
were other sectarian songs. The bigotry was disturbing.”

Throwing a golf-ball with nails projecting out of it at Peter Grant during the
notoriously hooligan-hun mid 1980’s. According to Grant himself, the deadly
missile only missed his head ‘by a couple of inches.’

Saying that El Hajj Diouf ‘deserved a knighthood’ after the disgusting and vile
episode when he spat on football supporters. This serial low-life has been
warned, fined, and banned numerous times, and is a disgrace to both the
footballing fraternity in particular, and the human race in general – unless of
course you’re a Rankers fan, in which case he’s a candidate for investiture.
Funny, the sort of people these huns look up to ?!

The outrage by huge sections of the club’s support after Rankers ended their
sectarian signing policy – eventually – and signed a Catholic after almost a
century. The arrival of the said Catholic was met with protests, derision,
boycotts, and the surrender and burning of numerous Season Books. Fans’ leaders
appeared in television documentaries in later years, proudly displaying their
full and unused Season Books, as a result of their continued non-attendance
protest at the presence of a Catholic player at the club.

Rioting before, during, and after the notorious Villa Riot game in 1976 where
8000 drunken huns went on an orgy of robbery, violence, and hooliganism which
brought Birmingham to a standstill. People’s doors were kicked in, pubs
wrecked, shops looted, and Villa fans bottled and stabbed as rampaging huns
brought an orgy of drunken violence and terror to Birmingham. Hooligan huns
without tickets broke down the gates of the Holte End, and rampaged onto the
terracing attacking the Villa fans with bricks and bottles. The violence was so
serious that it was reported live on World Of Sport just after kick-off, with
Dickie Davies warning Villa fans not to go into their home end for the threat
of being attacked. The game was marred by dozens of rampaging fights as drunken
huns attacked the home fans, and was eventually abandoned at half-time in the
interests of crowd safety – with the huns typically on the losing end of the
2-0 scoreline.

Using child abuse as a cheap weapon in a tawdry point-scoring exercise, whilst
seeking to slander the memory of Jock Stein. A sickening t-shirt stunt was
planned which sought to denigrate Scotland’s most successful manager, at the
expense of innocent children who were the victims of a heinous crime.
Thankfully, those in charge of the club recognised that particular cancer in
time to exterminate it’s malignant influence, by threatening life bans for any
degenerate perverted enough to carry out their twisted plan. The stunt was no
empathy for those who suffered abuse – it was a way of using their suffering to
fabricate lies about someone who isn’t here to defend himself. Psychologists
call it the ‘Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance’ whereupon one seeks to denigrate
another in order to make themselves feel better, and tries to justify their
actions by a twisted rationalisation that their victim ‘deserved it.’ It was
the same tactic that the Nazis used on Jewish holocaust victims, and is the
same reasoning that wife-beaters use to justify their cowardly violence, in
their own minds. The intentions of the deranged low-lifes at Ibrox was to try
and tarnish the status of a footballing giant, whilst wading in a cesspit
filled with the remnants of human suffering and broken lives. What could be any
lower than sullying the reputation of a dead man with lies and fabrication, at
the expense of children who were the victims of a heinous crime. This truly is
the lowest of the low – and another benchmark for these vile reprobates.

The sectarian murder and homicidal violence perpetrated on Celtic fans, by
Rankers-supporting bigoted maniacs. Once investigated and convicted, the
perpetrators have often been found to have grown up in an anti-Catholic
environment that encouraged sectarianism and division along football and
religious lines. One of these thugs, Jason Campbell (who murdered Mark Scott in
1996) is the son of a convicted Loyalist UVF terrorist. He is also a diehard
Rankers fan, and was defended during his trial by the Rankers FC Vice-Chairman
Donald Findlay QC – himself later forced to resign after a shameful sectarian
hate incident. In 1998 Findlay also defended another Rankers-supporting,
Loyalist thug, Thomas Longstaff (who cut the throat of Sean O’Connor) is an
almost copy-cat attack to Campbell’s. Police later admitted, that in the
two-year period between these attacks, 38 similar assaults had taken place in
the area, all directed at Catholics or those wearing Celtic colours. The
learned Mr Findlay was happilly singing his hate anthems on the same day in May
1999 that 16 year old Thomas McFadden was being stabbed to death by two Rankers
fans in Govanhill after they watched the huns play at Hampden. His ‘crime’ was
to be wearing a Celtic top. Also in 1999, Carl McGroarty, was shot in the chest
by a bolt fired from a crossbow as he left a pub wearing his Celtic top. On the
same day, another young Celtic fan, Liam Sweeney was stabbed repeatedly after
leaving a Chinese takeaway. His green jersey and the calling of his name to
collect his food order was enough to identify him as a Catholic from an Irish
background. Later the same evening in Ayrshire, three young Celtic fans – one
female – were viciously attacked by a large mob of Rangers fans. All three were
hospitalised, one of the men had receiving horrific head injuries, and the other
a broken jaw. In 2003, Celtic fan Thomas Loughrey was stabbed to death by James
McCormick in an unprovoked attack in Pollokshaws. Thomas had made the fatal
error of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as McCormick – high on
drink and drugs, took offence to his Celtic top. In October 2004, Ian Gray was
stabbed to death by convicted thug Brian Cooper after he had spent the day
getting acutely more drunk after watching an Orange Walk, and then attending a
match at Ibrox stadium. Cooper, who received ten years for his act of bigoted
murder, admitted sectarianly abusing Mr Gray, before striking him with a wine
bottle and repeatedly stabbing him in the back. How many more innocent Celtic
fans are to be butchered before something is done to curtail these sectarian
animals – and the hatemongers who defend them ?


Having 15 hooligan fans jailed in September 1999 by a Dutch court after they
were convicted of mobbing and rioting before, during, and after a European tie
with PSV Eindhoven. The hun thugs – all from Scotland – were convicted by the
court in Den Bosch, and sentenced to periods of imprisonment ranging from 4
weeks to 24 weeks. Afterwards, they were immediately deported upon release. No
one likes them – they don’t care !

Being so sectarian that they’ve had a play dedicated to them because of their
bigoted and anarchic perceptions of society. In James Barclay’s ‘The Bigot’,
Loyalist, Royalist, Rankers fan Andra Thompson is the sash-wearing embodiment
of a typical west of Scotland hun, who worships Rankers, Ulster, Ian Paisley,
The Orange Order, The Freemasons, and The Royal Family. At the same time, he
hates Catholics, Celtic, Irish people, and anything green in general. The play
is an accurate depiction of a hackneyed and twisted old sectarian dinosaur from
days gone by, still applying those same tired old bigoted concepts to every
second of his waking life. It is a scathing social comment and a damning
indictment on a huge percentage of the Rankers support, and how they continue
to conduct themselves. Despite the advancement of society, they continue to
live their lives in a bigoted and intolerant manner as if they were still
living in ‘the grand old days of yore’. In Scotland the clocks go forward an
hour every year – unless you’re a Rankers fan – in which case they go back
three hundred years !

The repeated sight and sound of numerous thousands of Rankers fans racially
abusing the players of opposition teams, simply because they are black. This
behaviour is widespread, blatantly obvious, and as yet unpunished by those who
administer the ticketing of Rankers fans. This inaction is viewed by many as
tacit complicity.

Starting a FF thread on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination to
praise psychotic murderer Mark Chapman for ‘cooly pumping 5 bullets into him’.
Added posts went on to denigrate the victim’s memory, whilst praising and
showing appreciation for the cold-blooded killer who murderered him. Not to be
outdone, further posts went on to heap praise, and urge others not to forget,
‘the sterling work done by’ other deranged assassins including ‘Lee Harvey
Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan’, who assassinated John F Kennedy and his brother

The disgusting and blatant sectarian abuse by Rankers fans towards Celtic player
Neil Lennon. The player has been victimised, brutalised, assaulted, had his
property vandalised, and most sinister of all, has had his life threatened. All
of these incidents have come from persons later proven to support, or have links
to Rankers FC, or have had blatant Rankers connections. How serious need this
get before something is done about the cancerous hatred of these people ?

The club being forced to refrain from playing a popular chart song over the
Ibrox PA system at matches due to Rankers fans hijacking it, distorting the
words, and turning it into a sectarian club anthem. The song was later to be
repeatedly sung by tens of thousands of Rankers fans for numerous seasons,
dispelling the myth that Rankers cancerous sectarian hate was simply the
practice of ‘an unrepresentative minority.’ Indeed, if this was the
sectarianism of their minority, heaven knows what depths their majority would
sink to.

The persistant and widespread mobbing, looting, and fighting by Rankers fans
whenever they attend Away matches involving Rankers FC. A recent, but by no
means exhaustive list includes : Munich, Rotterdam, Birmingham, Newcastle,
Sunderland, Fulham, Liverpool, Bucharest, Paris………. The above is an
obvious reason why Rankers are exceptionally rarely invited to play in
testimonial and friendly matches.

Rankers fans being involved in widespread violence and sectarianism during a
European tie in July 1998 in Liverpool. The match – against Irish club
Shelbourne – had to be moved to a neutral ground (Tranmere Rovers / Prenton
Park) because club officials knew that the sectarian Rankers fans could not be
trusted to travel to Ireland without the genuine fear that they would cause
mayhem and injury – if not murder (See Bohemians 1984). It so proved that they
couldn’t be trusted to travel to England either, where they had to be
baton-charged by more than 150 fully clad riot police, as they tried to attack
the Irish fans. Amidst mopping up the carnage that Rankers fans caused –
including smashing the windows of the Shelbourne FC team bus – Liverpool police
commented that Rankers fans would never again be allowed to freely roam the
city. If they ever again, did have cause to visit the city, severe policing
restrictions would be applied. This has later been proven to be the case as
numerous English cities have faced severe alcohol licensing restrictions when
Rankers are scheduled to play there. The above is another obvious reason why
Rankers are exceptionally rarely invited to play in testimonial matches.

The embarrassingly shameful booing and vitriolic hounding of Shota Arveladze by
his club’s own fans, because he had the temerity to bless himself before
entering the field of play, during a recent trip to play Linfield in Ireland.
For good measure, the Catholic-hating, sectarian, Loyalist hate-mongers of
Linfield abused him as well.

Printing the personal details in a Rankers fanzine of those certain people
suspected of having handed the ‘Donald Findlay’ video tape over to the meeja.
The inference was that most fellow huns wouldn’t be too bothered if ‘some harm’
befell the culprit(s).

Having three hooligan fans jailed for 20 months each in March 2004, after they
brutally attacked an Aberdeen fan in Glasgow as he returned there to catch a
train following a Scottish Cup tie in Dumfries. Video footage showed
pedestrians diving for cover and the fight was only stopped when police
arrived. Damning the Rankers hooligans, Sheriff Linda Ruxton said jail was the
only option in the interests of the public. “This was an incident associated
with football violence, which brought about a serious disturbance. It took very
little to lose control and, as a result, you behaved like hooligans. It must
have been a frightening experience for those that were witnesses. Your actions
made Glasgow city centre a very dangerous place. Public interest demands that a
custodial sentence must be passed.”

The shameful desecration of silence tributes to football legend Sir Matt Busby –
because he was a Catholic – and assassinated President John F Kennedy for the
same reason. Not even the dead are immune from sectarian vitriol it would

The shameful displaying of Loyalist paramilitary banners by sectarian Rankers
fans, who glorify those convicted of sectarian murder, and that mock the deaths
of their victims. Banners have also been flown denigrating the memory of
deceased Celtic players, and of a young Catholic man (Robert Hamill) who was
kicked to death by a sectarian hate-mob wearing Rankers shirts. To recreate the
assault in which this young man died, sick Rankers fans invented a terracing
dance called ‘the bouncy’ in which they emulate the sickening attack. This was
later revealed as being so on FF when a poster admitted to ‘joining in the
celebration of the death of a Catholic.’ This act represents a hatred and a
depravity that is hard to quantify.

Having Rankers fans describe the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11th
– and in particular the deaths of hundreds of NYPD & NYFD members – as
‘deserving’ because some of these brave citizens may (or may not) have been
part of the pipe band that welcomed MP Gerry Adams to the USA.

Rankers fans deliberately aiming and setting off a pyrotechnic firework in the
direction of the Family Section at Celtic Park in October 2002. The device,
which police described as ‘a large firework which contained a smaller series of
firecrackers’ was set off in an act of blatant hooliganism, with a blatant
disregard for the children and families who were seated there. Thankfully
no-one was seriously injured by this wanton act of thuggery.

Convicted sectarian, drug-using, drug-dealing, thieving, receiving,
criminal-damaging, knife-carrying, fraudulent, car stealing,
electronically-tagged, vandalising, burgling, fire-raising, peace-breaching,
disqualified-driving, neighbour-from-hell, Lotto thug Michael Carroll who is
Rankers daft and their self-confessed ‘greatest fan’. Carroll, who has over 50
convictions for almost every kind of degenerate sociopathic disorder recently
invested £1million in the club he most identifies with, and which he feels most
at home in. A neighbour (Ruth Leeks) who recently collapsed with an asthma
attack due to the toxic fumes caused by one of Carroll’s customary caravan
bonfires, commented ‘I feel sorry for the guy because he’s obviously so stupid
that he has a screw loose and needs help’. As she said this, Carroll and his
tattooed hoardes were busily obstructing firemen who had been called to
extinguish yet more of his toxic-plumed handiwork.

The repeated vandalism of the Away support section at Celtic Park following a
‘visit’ by Rankers fans. Although Celtic FC refuse to discuss the cost of
repairs, it is believed to run into thousands of pounds for each and every
game. The fact that all damage is then has to be paid for by the very club they
claim to ‘support’ seems totally lost on these reprobates.

Numerous arrests and subsequent detention of a number of Rankers fans who
fraudulently tried to pass off counterfeit Euro currency in Stuttgart before a
recent European tie. They were later convicted and sentenced to various periods
of imprisonment, bringing further shame on an already notoriously thuggish and
hooligan criminal support.

Rankers fans causing a near-riot on the stadium concourse at Ibrox after the
refreshment stalls were found to be offering green and white straws (part of an
assortment) to customers. Threats of violence and sectarian abuse were hurled at
junior catering staff before police and stewards were called in to restore
order. Because of this incident, there are now no green and white straws
anywhere to be seen at any of the Ibrox vending stalls. Who says the bigots
aren’t in control ?!
Using 120 forged tickets to gain entry to a league match at Celtic Park and
stealing the seats of fellow Rankers fans, leaving them locked out and unable
to see the game. There is nothing much lower than stealing from your own
people. Possessing no morals whatsoever, the thieves – incredibly – later tried
to shift blame for their dishonesty by suggesting that Celtic FC were
responsible for not preventing them from gaining fraudulent access in the first
place. As CS Kevin Smith (Match Commander) pointed out “The match saw a number
of Rankers fans with genuine tickets turned away because other, so-called, fans
entered the stadium with forged tickets. Every person entering with a forged
ticket deprives a genuine fan with an authentic ticket of the chance to get
in.” Are there no depths to which these gutter-scum won’t sink to ??
Being branded ‘shameful’, ‘filth’ and ‘ a disgrace’ by Bobby Robson after a
pre-season match at St James’s Park where they persistantly abused Alan Shearer
to such an extent, that Robson took him off the park. Robson later commented
that he had plied his trade for decades, in numerous countries around the
world. This was the first time he had experienced such malice, on such a vile
scale, and the first time he had ever felt needing to take one of his players
off the field of play. Yet another ugly first for the gutter-scum who support
Rankers. Seems the hypocritical hate-mongers only love Engerrlunnd when it
suits them.

Rankers fans continued and repeated racial and sectarian abuse of Neil Lennon
over two adjoining fixtures which prompted Martin O’Neill to publically comment
on his utter disgust at the situation. Despite condemnation from the media,
politicians, and the wider Scottish public, Rankers refused to condemn their
bigoted and sectarian fan-base who continue to bring shame on their club. On
the very day Martin O’Neill’s comments were reported in the media, he himself
was viciously abused by the Ibrox hate-mongers during a match with Austrian
minnows Grazer AK. Hollow claims from the Ibrox hierarchy that any abuse was
made by ‘a minority’ were publically dispelled when a near full house was
broadcast on live television heard to repeatedly abusing Martin O’Neill as ‘a
Fenian bastard’. Later, and displaying a deporable ignorance of the facts, not
to mention a typical and wholly predictable display of Ostrich Syndrome, David
Murray attempted to claim that ‘generalisations of Rankers fans as racist
bigots, were inaccurate’. In his view ‘the vast majority of Rankers supporters
are decent, respectable people’. Pity none of them were amongst the 50,000+
that were inside Ibrox that night, Mr Murray – or perhaps you just need to take
your head out of the sand. Having said that, when you’re drowning in a sea of
debt, the bigot’s pound is as good as any, eh ?!
A Rankers fan (Derek Hume) being arrested and charged with verbally abusing Bobo
Balde in a racist and sectarian manner during a game at Ibrox. At the same match
another Rankers fan (Alan Martin) was arrested, charged, and later plead guilty
to verbally abusing Momo Sylla and Bobo Balde in a racist and sectarian manner.
He also admitted making ‘monkey noises’ and shouting racist abuse.
Rankers fans attacking a Glasgow Merchant City bar (Locomotiv) filled with
Celtic fans and pushing two of them through a plate glass window. The thugs,
many of them with Rankers scarves pulled up over their faces were caught on
CCTV attacking the bar, throwing bottles and missiles at it, and attacking the
customers inside it by punching and kicking them, whilst chanting sectarian
songs. Another blatant example of the hate-filled, sectarian hooligan culture
that pervades those who support Rankers.
Having a list of ‘famous’ fans that includes human pig-sty Andy Fordham,
Scotlands unfunniest man Andy Cameron, convicted Lotto thug Michael Carroll,
washout junkie bigot Martie Pellow, and Shellsuit Bob from no-mark telly show
River City.
Sectarian abuse being hurled at four Catholic priests in Stornoway on the Isle
of Lewis by local hooligans wearing Rankers tops. The priests were warned to
leave the island ‘before they were cremated’. One of the priests (Father Paul
Hackett) was later mailed a death threat before his parish (The Church Of The
Holy Redeemer) was burned to the ground as he slept. Other preists were
threatened with ‘having their throats slit’ and ‘being strangled’. It would
appear that in the minds of some hate-filled bigots, merely being a Catholic is
justifiable grounds for execution.
Organising a poll on FF to canvas support in order to get the telecommunications
company Orange to become Rankers new kit sponsors. Posters were asked to sign
their vote of approval – many did. Another blatant display of Rankers
inextricable links with Loyalism, and the Anti-Catholic Orange Order.
British Transport Police having to board a train in Ayrshire after Loyalist
thugs returning from a Rankers game began vandalizing the carriages after
having subjected the terrified occupants to mile upon mile of sectarian bigotry
and drunken thuggish behaviour. Two young male passengers on the train were also
assaulted. A number of arrests were made before the passengers were allowed to
resume their journey, grateful in the knowledge that their safety now wasn’t
quite so precarious.
Starting a near riot at Pittodrie in a brawl with Aberdeen fans that caused many
people to be injured before riot police had to be called in to take control. As
stated in The Telegraph ” Trouble began when fans in the Rangers section hurled
coins and bottles at Aberdeen’s Robbie Winters as he prepared to take a corner
kick. The home fans invaded the pitch to confront their rivals. Rangers
followers tried to meet them half way, but were prevented by 50 police officers
in full riot gear. The referee took both teams off and the match was held up for
17 minutes. Nine supporters received minor injuries, two requiring hospital
treatment. Police made 13 arrests before the game and one during it, and others
were ejected from the ground.”
When canvassed for their opinions on how the Unofficial Rankers fanzine ‘Follow
Follow’ could be better improved for the fans, the following were some of the
most popular replies : naked page 3 girls, a porn section, a ‘faggot’ section
for all the weirdos and gays, naked female Rankers fans photo section, a
section on football thugs and violence, a gossip column. Nice to know their
readership are real football fans, who are interested in the genuine issues
that affect the club.
Racially abusing two Muslims in Stuttgart Airport, shouting at them : ‘You
murdering c**ts shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a f**king airport.’
Numerous members of Rankers much trumpeted ‘anti-sectarian’ joke mob The Blue
Order being arrested for both sectarianism and overt rascism. Far from
discouraging bigotry, these resident hate-mongers have been a catalyst for it’s
expansion. The most recent exploits of this ‘family friendly’ environment
include members being arrested for calling Mark de Vries a ‘n*gger bastard’
during a recent match –v- Hearts at Ibrox. So cancerous is the environment
created by these bitter individuals that the club has had to resort to planting
undercover stewards within their designated seating area to try and quell the
intimidating and malicious atmosphere. To date, numerous members have been
arrested, ejected, warned, or banned. If that’s what goes on in their much
trumpeted ‘anti-sectarian’ section, one shudders to think what goes on in their
sectarian sections.

saltires en sevilla

New article posted.

Margaret McGill

OF are us

Margaret McGill

already? 🙂

saltires en sevilla

My bad ?

Margaret McGill

I’m struggling to keep up with your prolific output 🙂
Keep it up mate.
I always read your valuable posts


Good Lord that is some roll of shame. There’s more that would bring us up to Christmas reading. Did McPherson ever call them out ?


SeS, , , I would try a battered Ferrari rochee myself. They aren’t that big. I’m sure there’s some weird new dish of deep fried something.
Elvis fav sandwich, friend bread with peanut butter on one, jam on the other, and fried banana and bacon in the middle. Ate platters of them.
Hope all’s good Sir! Hail Hail


Elvis obviously didn’t have any mirrors in his house-or at least,none that were bloody big enough.


And you’ve only scratched the surface!

And on your list of “famous” fans,I had to Google Andy Fordham!


I was at the Dundee final too,it was bloody baltic! Don’t remember the 18 yard offside line being used though-was that not for The Drybrough Cup?

Celtic didn’t have a great record in the Drybrough Cup either. Seeems each player on the winning side got a case of the stuff,and nobody could stomach it. Nearly as bad as Ushers.


Mags Read the roll of dishonour. Hh

Keep em coming

Sol Kitts

Wow, just wow. We all think we know what they get up to, but when you only get bits of it piecemeal you lose sight of the full extent of their depravity. Horrendous to see it set out as a bigger picture. Worse that the authorities, football and legal, seem unwilling or incapable of properly dealing with them. Even more frustrating is our own club’s unwillingness to create hell about this undisguised hatred of us and our fellow fans. Bigot £ -1, civilised behaviour – 0.

Banter I think it’s called.
You wouldn’t understand Timmy……….


When I think back to the fun we had watching Celtic batter the huns in their ain midden-and what we had to endure sometimes to do so-it’s maybe a surprise that I don’t think you would catch me dead at the game on the 29th,but not even a thirty years younger and dafter self would entertain the notion.


That’s the problem,bud. To most of them,it is only banter. Until they get in a group,then the mob mentality kicks in,and everyone is fair game. You’ll have seen it yourself,a bunch of likeable guys suddenly morph into a rabid pack of slavering huns.

I have, the change is astonishing.


First time poster on sentinelcelts…

I would agree with Gordon64 (previous thread…).

The type of confident, attacking play of Salzburg is what we should be aspiring to in Europe.
We manage to do that domestically, but often struggle with the confidence to do it at European level.
I don’t like to single out players, but take Tom Rogic as an example.
He is often outrageously good in the Scottish competitions, including the “big/important” games. I watched him at the World Cup and was so disappointed for him that he didn’t/couldn’t show his true value. In Celtic’s European adventures, he is often possted missing. He had a stinker vs Salzburg.
He is perhaps symptomatic of the whole team once we get to a certain level…?

As an aside, I note that currently in UEFA rankings:
Saltzburg are 30th
Celtic are (joint) 43rd
Leipzig are 67th
Rosenberg are (joint) 101st

So maybe we were “expected” to qualify for the next round…?

Oh, and Sevco are rank rotten (joint 206th)…

saltires en sevilla



saltires en sevilla


Yeah I thought so too and remember it definitley beng used in a Drybrough Cup v Hibeees.

I included in above as Wiki refers to it being used in that LC final and specifically Sir Stanley Rous( sp?) attending to observe how it worked in practice.

I checked on the short video but it’s not clear

Maybe some of the older bhoys can clarify?

saltires en sevilla


You ain’t nothin’but a Hotdog….?

saltires en sevilla


Cheers buddy I’m basically trying to find our scheduled opponents on the same specific dates in the past.

Easy to get lost in that Celtic Wiki site …those lads are the the dogs bollox


saltires en sevilla


Great post buddy.

Gordon64 echoes the thoughts of most Celts I’ve spoken to…. that was a great post too.

Maybe the solution for guys like Tom Rogic is to force them to play at a higher/ quicker passing tempo in our domestic games. Is this just a coaching issue or is it a natural effect of being able to drop gears when playing in domestic fixtures?

Brendan and his staff seem to accept us slowing down in games, maybe to conserve energy, but I don’t think it’s doing our lads any favours in the European arena.

Of course the tempo of the game will mean we cannot go full on for every 90 mins. The press comes in phases as far as I can figure out. However, we do seem to really tail off in League games….far too often for my liking.

Anyway…love those rankings. Very interesting.


,big packy

HI SES another cracking post, l remember that cup final in 73, had moved down to englandshire was intending to come back up for the game, but could not get any petrol for the car, trains were cancelled then when I found out the score I was glad I could not get back up, ah memories had long hair then got none now.??

,big packy

SIXAESEVEN, good post welcome aboard,.hh.


Six et al,

Welcome aboard. Yes, I agree the Salzburg performances are an achievable goal for us. The value of the Salzburg squad is somewhat higher than ours(113 vs 74 million euros) and we have a squad of 32 vs their 28. However, it is not all about money, e,g., Leipzig’s squad is valued at 330 million euros. The other essential factor is the coach. Salzburg seem to unearthed a gem in Marco Rose, who, interestingly also managed a Leipzig team in the past.

We need to obtain more quality players but only if we have the correct coach to utilise them in Europe, will we see improved results.

The Salzburg performance away from home is no fluke. This is the way they play and have done for a few years and under a different coach. Deila’s Celtic were beaten by S at Parhead in 2014, score 3-1 to the Austrians. Interestingly, on that occasion Celtic also qualified for the knockout stage!

The issue is not what would we like to do in Europe, it is how to achieve it. The current squad can punch above its weight but over a few games is inconsistent. This suggests that a few quality additions might be all that is needed to get there. However, attracting such players is part of the problem. The other is whether the board would sanction that level of spend. Fees are only part of it, the other is salary structure. The final part of it is the coach and whether the Board sees him as the man that can get the job done, given the financial risk.

I could say more about Rogic but the above is long enough.




That is quite a litany of shameful incidents. It is really a monograph on bigotry, violence and thuggish behaviour. I am sure it is a unique record but it would be interesting to document the history of shameful events by other Scottish clubs as a comparison. I suspect it would make your history even more dramatic.

I am concerned about what the recording of this vile history over years must have done to you personally. Especially, when the history suggests that very little corrective action was ever taken.



Rebus, , , do you know if Archie Mac ever called them out? Did you rate big Archie as the voice of football? See him as a statesman figure for the game up north? I would be interested in knowing if you hold him in any esteem?
Hail Hail


Sixaeseven, , , welcome aboard and look forward to reading your thoughts. Hail Hail

saltires en sevilla


Cheers buddy.

Hope you habe yer bunnet on today….bbrrrrrrr


Howdy,and welcome. Good move agreeing with GORDON64,you seen the size of him?!

I didn’t see the game on Thursday due to work,but my sister told me that they identified our strengths-like Tom,James and Ryan in particular,and absolutely swarmed round them whenever they looked like getting on the ball.

She also reckons they did a bloody good job on our weaknesses too-when do you see a player continuing his run to a keeper who has just gathered the ball? Answer-when he’s likely to throw it out right away.

The coach is clearly good at his job.


MAGS decided to be better than them,and proved it!


Have you read Archie MacPherson’s biography of Jock-well,hagiography might be a better word,especially if I’ve just made it up…

He idolised and eulogised The Big Man. Other accounts suggest that Archie always agreed that there was a problem with his employer,but that it wasn’t HIS problem.


,big packy

HI SALTIRES, just in from dugwalking soaked and freezing, got a bottle of Glenmorangie somewhere, might have a sip.??.

Howzitgaun,oul’ son?

Remember we are to have a blether next Saturday night?

Magic-remind me on Saturday night!

,big packy

JIMTHETIM53, hows it gaun as francie and josie used to say, thanks for the you tube video last night, are you keeping warm where you are, you 65 year olds need to wrap up.??

I’m fine Packy. Lots of lovely family and friends. Don’t listen to that eejit who seems to have a problem.

,big packy

JIM, yes thanks for your support, that’s twice that choob has had a go at me, he keeps saying ive been giving him abuse on cqn, ive never ever conversed with the guy and if I had been giving him abuse it would be in the archives, or other posters would have seen it, he was quick enough to copy and paste our conversation last week, so you would think if he had evidence I was giving him abuse he would copy and paste it, but he wont coz there isn’t any, anyway forget about him,.as long as your ok pal.hh



I do not know if Archie called them out, sorry. Yes, I respect Archie. I think he was a good analyst of the game and he knew what was going on with Rangers and that certain topics were taboo. These are just impressions not backed up by any personal contact with AM.



Majoc, , , aye I have and its a good one but that roll of shame above a lot of it took place under his watch so if he was a real journalist or even loved the game that much then from his position of relative power could he not have at least highlighted their hunger for aggression? Do something, or did he one side as bad as the other it?
Hail Hail



Yes, MAGS history is both awe inspiring and damning.



SeS, , , love me tenderloin, ,,amazing gravy,, , suspicious rinds , , , ah ffs youve gone and done it! ?

Sol Kitts

No real surprise, Majoc. You wouldn’t get me going to that game either. We’re both a lot older than we were when we went to games there, not much wiser but with a keener sense of danger. In any case, Mrs Kitts would hide my car keys if I said I was going to Ibrox.

Margaret McGill

oh the heathen hun hordes. Seethe seethe seethe. Look on the bright side ..more money for Celtic executive retirement!

8iar We got it all lined up


New article posted !