Hot Potato

Well taking the summit sure looks like its a hot potato now , what with 3 teams having been there in three weeks . To one bunch of fans they will be over the moon they are even thereabouts . Another bunch of fans will feel they are at their rightful spot right now .

And most of another clubs fans are waiting expectantly for a new striker to help secure the league . I must admit its a good year for the neutral observer .

So Brendan rang the changes , and ultimately paid the price . At first glance that was a hell of a strange line up , what with three centre backs and Izzy played on the left wing . It ultimately failed and footage of Hibs second goal will show a wide open left flank there to be exploited .

Scott returned , as did Olivier and Calmac kept his starting place which meant either him or Scott was going to have to give up the quarterback deeper lying role in front of defence , and it seems Scott stayed the deeper of the two . The loss  will show that was a bad decision , and though Ryan is injured ( thank goodness not as bad as we feared and will be back within a month ) and he will thus play by default , when all the midfield are fit again , there is a genuine question as to whether Scott should start every game from now on . We did fine without him and his zest is of use in certain games,  perhaps the phase out starts the second half this season ?

Thats not slating our Captain , merely stating time waits for no man .

Olivier may well have made his last start for the bhoys and had a poor game . Tam has replaced him now.

Sinky is a mystery , and like I said in Mondays piece , I wouldnt be surprised if the first decent bid is accepted , frees up space and a chunk off the wage bill .

Odsonne must be helped out by taking some of the scoring burden off his shoulders and giving him license to roam , which he seems to thrive on . Should we snatch a striker from somewhere , and we effing better , Sinky would be the obvious name to drop out of the starting line up with Odsonne shunted there ,, which would seem to make Sinkys  departure more likely no ?

Overall though we shoudnt be too concerned  , these things happen and Lenny has a knack of getting his charges up for it against us . We are well positioned with games in hand , plus will clash with our city rivals this month to help draw away from this mini pack.

December usually sees squads used to the max but I doubt we will see too many away day  changes again , keep that for home games and only a few at a time .

If we could make soo many switches we would have a first 11 for the upper half of the table and a second 11 for the rest , but it doesnt work like that , although Spurs are trying hard to buck that particular trend. Brendan will have learned a lot , he said post match that he wasnt thinking of the window and that we should have had a lot more . As the old cliche goes , sometimes you learn more in a defeat .

Within a point or two of the summit when the new year falls is fine , and new additions and a Dubai break will add some zip to the squad , I hope .

Lenny , as mentioned , seems to enjoy showing his ex hes still got it , and if we are gonna drop points then there is a good a place as any .  They seemed to hit with pace and purpose , great when it comes off but can lose you games getting caught , It was their day , fullstop. Well done .

Stevie Clarkes men also won , and that pitch looks worse every week . But soo far he is manager of the year . They face top placed Rangers just after New Years which will be very interesting . During the Leicester season I remember saying if they are still top at the end of January I will take them serious . I feel the same about Killie , but more for second place than ultimate glory .

Stevie Gee’s charges went top even without the leagues top scorer . Afterwards he said he wasnt interested in going top on the basis that it hadnt helped before , and he has a point , it didnt help did it . He did point out that they had 20 odd corners and 30 odd crosses , and should have had more killer instinct . If those stats are correct he is a goal scorer away from winning the league , thats very disturbing because we are not playing well in the main and that suggests a system that just needs an end product . He will start shouting for money , and will probably get one or two .  They arent out of this race at all , and with the only real scoring hitman in town (crap though he is ) might be favourites in many eyes ( and hearts and lodges ) .

This coming window is huge and will go a long long way to showing where the silverware will go in May .

Both sides need a goal scorer , both know it . Let hope our scouts have been busy !

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Margaret McGill

Tired listening to this shite.
Address the elephant in the room please.
You dont want my lead article!


Mags, that’s a lead article many want to see and read. Please do. Pretty please.


I thought we were utter gash yesterday. I’m the first to admit that we have our usual injury problems,but first-season Brendan would never had made as many changes as this season Brendan is. Practically every match,he has three or four,sometimes more.

It’s not good for the morale of the players,and it certainly doesn’t help our fluidity on the pitch.

Awe Naw

I just had a wee swatch on CQN there for the first time in weeks. It has definitely and re markedly moved over to the right wing and intolerance. Not a good reflection of the Celtic community anymore in my opinion. I wonder if that´s it´s raisons d’être these days. PLC driven it´s hardly surprising. No longer a place I would like to spend too much time on.


Yesterday was poor but hardly a surprise. Our away form has been woeful compared to our home form which indicates a psychological problem in my opinion. Mental exhaustion. Going back to the same well again and again and again and delivering is not easy. Easier at home than away.

If you are unhappy and you want out and the body language just now does not look good then getting smashed up just before the January transfer window is not a good idea. Another contributing factor I reckon.

Without strikers then it is more difficult to finish off the opposition. We have relied heavily on Christie and James Forrest this season and the possession stats recently reveal a team that can keep the ball but can´t do anything with it. I would go as far as saying that the team almost believes that they can´t do anything with it due to lack of personnel

We certainly missed Tierney, Boyata, Christie and Lustig yesterday, Griffiths could possibly ..might have ..maybe done a turn yesterday.

Skoosh and Oli are coming back from injury and look a wee bit lost having lost their first team place and seen their replacements deliver more than they have. A wee bit shocked , peeved , but both of them are not delivering and tiredness cannot be an issue there.

Hopefully we will see a busy transfer window only because that will be an indication of Brendan´s intentions and having lost only 6 games if we don´t back him we will back nobody.

A poor transfer window Peter Lawwell knows he can´t have as ST sales will CRASH

Awe Naw

The one good thing about a Celtic defeat is that the Celtic minded blogs do deliver with some extra daily bread and spring immediately into counteraction

THE PANEL ON TAKEOVERS AND MERGERS, 10 Paternoster Square, London
in the Petition for orders in terms of section 955 of the Companies Act 2006
made on behalf of
THE PANEL ON TAKEOVERS AND MERGERS, 10 Paternoster Square, London
DAVID CUNNINGHAM KING, 34 Coronation Road, Sandhurst, Sandton 2196,
South Africa
I, David Cunningham King, the Respondent, hereby undertake to the Court to take
the following actions, or procure that they are taken, in each case by the time
1. Take all such steps as are required to instruct a third party cash confirmer in
the United Kingdom (the “Cash Confirmer”) that is considered appropriate
by the Panel and confirmed as such by the Panel in writing, as soon as
practicable and in any event by no later than 17:30GMT on 14 December 2018,

So is this all over the papers ?

Can TOP confirm ?

Por Cierto

A poor transfer window could and very possibly will result in us not winning the league.
BR’s comments about not having the players to play his usual system don’t wash with me. I thought we should have started with a back four with 3 in the middle and 3 up front all be it the 2 “wingers” could shuffle back and make the midfield a 5 when not in possession. Easy stuff this managerial lark 🙂 por cierto.


Oh dear,I do trust that Mr King hasn’t been remiss or forgetful?

Por Cierto

Or even 4-1-4-1 system on Sunday por cierto.

Awe Naw

We only had one fit full back.

Por Cierto

Ralston was on the bench por cierto


Ralston has a lot of work to do before he is trusted in the team. The fact that he was even on the bench suggests that Brendan is short of options.

Por cierto

Horse for courses por cierto

Awe Naw

CCTV WARNING Celtic chiefs secretly fit spycams in bid to crack down on bigoted tunes, boozing and overcrowding among fans
Special HD cameras were upgraded across the stadium when the club installed the dazzling light display featured before Euro ties

By Matt Coyle
15th December 2018, 10:00 pmUpdated: 15th December 2018, 10:00 pm
CELTIC chiefs fitted hi-tech CCTV in a bid to crack down on bigoted tunes, boozing and overcrowding among fans.

Special HD cameras were secretly upgraded across the stadium when the club installed the dazzling light display featured before Euro ties.

But fanatics among the Green Brigade ultras have warned supporters in the standing area about the spycams.

Peter Lawwell said: “There was a letter put out last weekend telling people to be careful because Celtic put in these HD cameras when they put the new lights in to stop people kissing, drinking and overcrowding the section.

“The Green Brigade put it out to give members a heads-up because some of them have been pulled up and threatened with being banned because of it.”

He added: “The club are all for the atmosphere the Green Brigade bring to games, especially European nights, but they come down hard on members when the behaviour of those in the section affects their reputation.

“It’s not a secret that the majority of issues with the fans come from those in the standing section.

“The cameras are there if they need to be used to look back on incidents.”

The CCTV may also be used to nail the yob who tossed a missile at Salzburg players in the Europa League clash on Thursday. Club chiefs last month warned fans who belt out sectarian chants are dragging the club into the “gutter”.

Chairman Ian Bankier hit out over “orange b******” jibes aimed at Rangers manager Steven Gerrard and Hearts boss Craig Levein.

His blast came after a shareholder told the Hoops AGM the abuse “embarrass our club”. He claimed the drums and megaphones of the Green Brigade “bring the beat for these unsavoury songs”.

Last year we also told how the country’s top footie cop warned the controversial fans group to leave politics at the turnstiles or face being nicked.

Assistant Chief Constable Bernie Higgins insisted cops won’t tolerate offensive displays by the supporters.

He said: “The Green Brigade brings a certain atmosphere to Celtic Park. But sometimes they cross the line and that line will not be tolerated at Celtic Park by Police Scotland.


Will Police Scotland tolerate that line crossing thang at Celtic Park when it’s the hordes of hunnery involved? Of course they will,they’ll be leading the way,same as always.

Awe Naw

Police Scotland will be delighted. How much money time and effort does this Celtic initiative save them ? Any parent encouraging their child to join the Green Brigade is failing in their duty. Inspired by UEFA fines for sure

Interesting point perhaps from JJ site.

“When Slivka was played in by a cross field ball he had one hundred square metres of space. The Celtic defence, as was the case with the school kids, all ran towards him in unison. He stepped round one of the stragglers and slotted home. Where was Celtic’s left full back? Izaguirre was playing in midfield. No-one covered Slivka’s run”

Bearing in mind that this happened in the first minute,there is no way that Hibs could have noticed that. But equally,there is no way,from looking at that line-up yesterday that NL would have spotted it was three at the back.

Did the Celtic representative hand over the team sheet to the appropriate SFA official only to be asked,bog standard 4-3-3 and respond Naw,3-5-1. Just a thought,cos they went at us from the off for a reason

Awe Naw

We only had one full back. It was clearly 3 at the back yesterday.


Legal challenge? At what point can you say I am entitled to film you as you are on my property,and I will pass on your full details to the police. When you charge people money to attend your premises should you really be framing them up like this?

Also,why are people being collared for “offences” which would be ignored in other circumstances?

It’s getting to the stage where whataboutery is becoming a valid defence.

“Aye,yer Honour. Seems I don’t huv a legtaestonoan,somabreefsaiznat.”

But how often are people charged with those particular offences in Scotland? Use of foul language,or mention of certain songs won’t see you arrested in the street,or outside or inside a pub. Away and find some proper criminals. Leave us alone.

And that goes for the police too!

Awe Naw

As soon as you buy a ticket mate

Awe Naw

Celtic V Valencia

Awe Naw

I just called the take over panel pretending to be a German journalist (Fritz A. Grand) and they confirmed that no cash converter has been nominated.

Tel +44 (0)20 7638 0129.

So what happens then, is he in contempt ?

Awe Naw

Well as he is not due back In Scottish courts until 4th February I dont think so

I would imagine he will have until then to sort something

Awe Naw

The impression that I got was that it might be confirmed eventually but they were only able to tell me that as of today it has not been confirmed. They wouldn´t answer anything that was an “external matter”. I asked if they were working on a large backlog and they said no.

BR: “We’re very clear within the club as to what we need to do. That’s to strengthen. Yesterday’s result didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.”

Well Peter Lawwell can be in no doubt that Brendan Rodgers expects the January window to be used more effectively than last summer’s. Perhaps it also gives us a clue that he might be around for a while longer.

I will say one thing, if PL doesn’t splash the cash in January, I dread to think what the take up of season tickets will be. Not with all that is at stake.

Big Packy, get yourself back on here. Don’t take things too much to heart.

Awe Naw

I dont expect Celtic to sign any more players until a few things have been sorted.

1. Boyata contract
2. Lustig contract
3. Brown contract
4. Ntcham and Sinclair form and appetite
6. Simunovic appetite
5. Is Benkovic definitely here until May
6. Can we get rid of Commper, Gamboa,Allan, De Vries, Hayes,
7. How long before Griffiths Bitton, Kouassi,Christie, Arzani are back

So 7 long term.injuries
3 main stays who can sign a pre contract in two weeks
At least 5 possibly six who dont look like they will be around for much longer.

Remember how delighted Brendan was with our January transfer window last year and it was a disaster.

Too much to sort out to keep adding players. Especially if Brendan has given his notice in. I expect a loan signing striker, hopefully a trim on the squad and some players resigned.

Any splashing off the cash will be left for the new manager. That will address the season ticket fall out.

The Gombeen Man

Pity they didn’t stick the new all seeing CCTV system in the Board Room.

Oops I forgot the protocol.

All concerns should be forwarded in an email to JPT.

,big packy

have just got in from taking dugs to the vets, don’t worry I don’t, hope you are well, maybe catch a blether with you over Christmas.hh.

Awe Naw
I agree with all of that.

The big bad Green Brigade, what are they guilty of ? singing a few songs, displaying anti fascist banners, being all inclusive, yet the mob from the ohter lot get police escorts to hampden to protest, while our lot get kettled.

,big packy

THE EXILED TIM, been over on another site, good god you deserve credit for standing up to Gerry and Jason bourne,.more power to your elbow you put down on paper exactly what im thinking wish I could do that.hh luv ya to bits

I’m not fighting with them, never let anyone get the better of you tho 😉

Margaret McGill

You fail to grasp the MO of our board.
GB, res 12 == uppity peasants.
Need more of the blind season tickets Celtic are the Holy trinity for me peasants
Remeber the prime directive. Our custodians have been hijacked by Irish raj blighty loving tory scum.
End of discussion.

Margaret McGill

Or to put it another way ..huns. Yes huns! The Celtic PLC are huns. Worse than huns. Hun lovers who are not huns but will love huns for a pound. Oh Craig Whyte how we laughed and laughed as he left this sketch for a pound not realizing that the joke was on us.

New article up,folks.