Y Viva Espana

Well,well,well. A European draw where Celtic didn’t get the worst possible outcome. No coincidence that Dallas,Snr is over here instead of continuing his baleful presence inside UEFA. Maybe he’s been found out over there too,like by making a joke about money-laundering. 

Not known for a sense of humour about money,the Swiss!

If I’m honest,I thought we would get Napoli. They look good for this season’s trophy,to be honest. Valencia,maybe not. Their domestic form has been very poor overall,with only 19 points from 16 games,and more than half of them draws. And their squad looks to be lacking in quality. Of course,a lot of this may be down to ownership issues as Tony Lim-the genius who hired Gary Neville-looks to offload his interest in the club. Or it might be down to me simply not recognising the names of decent players,but the names don’t jump out at me. 

It could conceivably offer Celtic a chance to make history-again! Valencia’s stadium is known as The Mestalla,and it has a section similar to the old Kop at Anfield where mountain goats are a familiar sight-the banks of seats are very steep indeed. I doubt any Celtic fans will be seated there,it’s for thrillseekers only! Anyway,Valencia have been building a Nou Mestalla for over a decade now-the building stopped due to financial constraints but is underway again. There is every possibility that on current form,Valencia will not qualify for Europe next season. And with their Nou Mestalla due to open in 2020,should Celtic win the tie,we will have been their last European opposition at their old ground. 

Are we likely to win? Well,that’s another story,innit? It depends on a number of factors,most of which revolve around Celtic playing like they did against Leipzig in the group stages. If we play like we did at the weekend,I wouldn’t even bother chartering a plane for the second leg. I’m hopeful that by the time we play the first leg-on Valentine’s Day,so a lot of you guys will be busy elsewhere!-we will have had around a month to get our new signings bedded in. That’s a whole different ball-game and involves Santa being good to Brendan this year. 

And bringing him a baseball bat to use if the CEO doesn’t get his finger out and do his bloody job by signing the required players…

Don’t be in any doubt after Sunday,folks. We ARE in a title race,and we are faltering far too often. Injuries are piling up,as usual,at an alarming rate. Brendan may well know his best eleven,but I’m damn sure he hasn’t been able to play it yet. We need a minimum of eight points from our next four games before the break or we are on the back foot going into the new year. 

If we make the ten,there will be a whole lot of people scrambling for recognition for their part in the achievement. Should we not do so,well,failure is an orphan,and everyone will be attempting to deny any responsibility. They needn’t worry about that. There will be many thousands of Celtic supporters only too happy to remind them who they hold responsible. 

Really,the powers-that-be at Celtic Park need to do their jobs properly,every damn one of them. They should have their minds on nothing else,that they must not be held responsible for stopping the ten. 

But back to Valencia,folks. With a couple of new players bedding in,this is an eminently winnable tie. After that,well,you only need a bit of luck in the draw,and to bring your A-game along when it’s needed. Aye,I’m not overconfident about it,and I won’t be putting money on it,but there were worse teams in that draw. But…

We could be in Europe longer than the UK if we win!

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,big packy

hi majoc, love us to be in Europe a lot longer gets our profile noticed, but will the pursestrings be opened, lets wait and see.hope you are ok,hhh.

Awe Naw

Valencia´s total spend last summer was 37,000,000

I fully expect us to get pumped home and away.
They don´t have any mid season breaks like Zenit did.
The spend is only on transfers.
They secured two good players one from Arsenal and one from Atletico Madrid on Bosmans
They also got three loan players
They have a problem putting teams away from 16 games domestically they have won three lost three and drawn ten
Ten of the draws include draws with Real Madrid and Barcelona
Man United couldn´t beat them.
Juve, Espanyol, Real Madrid, Girona, Alaves have beaten them this season. So Paddy Roberts has the inside track etc.


Oh well here we go, Brendan Rodgers to Old Trafford!

The Gombeen Man

The reality is that Celtic are a club with no ambition and the team have been running on close to empty for months.
Anyone who points these facts out is immediately labelled a ‘Hun’ or reader of the tabloids.

Sevco are top of the league and that will be celebrated by the Gombeen Men in the Director’s Box. A start up club with a rookie coach are now top of the league. They have been assisted in this by weak and self serving executives at Celtic Plc.

There will be no drop off in Season Book sales if the current scenerio continues. Through deceit and manipulation a competitive league has been manufactured.

If the league is lost the culprit will be Brendan Rodgers. Whatever goes on with player recruitment there is clearly something wrong.The clamour to write articles in certain outlets highlighting Brendan’s admissions of mistakes in team selection and tactics aren’t balanced with any admission of culpability by the executives at the club.

The vitriol of the attacks on anyone with the temerity to offer an alternative anaysis on another blog simply highlights a growing unease and panic among those who seem incapable of any kind of objective analysis of our decline.

Anger and aggression are simply symptoms of Fear.

We now have a competitive league which is an illusion. It has been manufactured to keep the turnstiles clicking.

Dave King predicted that the Celtic business model would come under pressure if we fail to maintain our income levels. Stock market analysts have also issued profit warnings in respect of concerns about our future income.

Is this why we have failed to spend in real terms and have held stockpiled cash? Is it a rainy day fund to endsure a soft landing when Sevco blast the Champions League music at Ibrox?

The enemy within Celtic Park have no vision for Celtic beyond sharing the spoils of their nauseating monopoly of the game with Sevco.

This is the outcome that they planned and colluded for, a competitive league at Christmas. As usual the cowardly distractions will be deployed to divert the attention of the easily distracted… Brendan, the Green Brigade and anyone else who is perceived to be an easy target.

If they haven’t planned this and they really have Celtic’s interests at heart…

Heaven help us.


Fancy gaun,but?

Saltires en Sevilla

Oh Aye!

Great trip

Saltires en Sevilla


Great post, helpful info. Well researched.

Who is going to be first to say … this could kick-start their season…

Just kiddin’

Oh no I’m not …

Saltires en Sevilla


This covers it all buddy!



Your last wee bit scares me,that they are just H-U-G-E-L-Y incompetent.

But collusion scares the shit outa me. But if I’m honest,the more one looks in to it,the more there is only the dilemma of collusion or incompetence.

And that breaks my heart.

Well worth looking into,I reckon. Let you know ASAP



That is truly depressing. Why do you have anything to do with the club if you swallow your conspiracy theories? That is a genuine question, not a kick at your shins.

If I felt as you do, I’d walk away from it. Celtic would not be part of my life.

El Sol no regressa!




Stick with incompetence and throw in arrogance as well.



On the lack of striking options, I’ll buy it that the Club didn’t expect Dembele’s departure on last day of transfer market. However, given that he was a project to be sold on and his contract would be entering final year in summer, wouldn’t we have expected he could move in January? If so then surely a striker has been identified? Odsonne clearly needs someone to play off.
I thought it was a big ask to go undefeated in December in our 9 games. So far 2 wins, 2 defeats and a draw!
I’ll settle for 4 wins to ease us into 2019!



Jose got his Christmas early! He has been working his ticket for a good while now. May be he will manage one more time and then retire. Good ridance!


Rebus, lost all respect for him after Seville. His ‘game management’ style was dreadful. Cost us a cup. The swine!

Awe Naw


you are not much of a detective if you think that there has been no collusion 🙂

The Gombeen Man


We can bin any analysis of the decline in our club with a debate about Mourinho.

I read the other day that it’s another myth that squirrels hibernate in the winter.


It’s just an analysis as I see it and I’d be delighted to be proven wrong. As the ‘years’ pass and the apparent inevitably of the depressing outcome becomes more likely. It would be remis of me not to call it as I see it at the current time.

Ultimately the worst of our fears seems to becoming a reality.

A start up club with 54 titles at the top of the league and absolutely no obvious signs of reform of the admistration of the game?

Walk away?

I probably have. It’s a source of considerable regret that this didn’t unfold years ago and my kid’s would have been spared the immersion in what is a negative and unhealthy pastime.

My son is following the club to Valencia via Madrid. I sincerely hope that he has a great time but realises that it’s just a jaunt and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

All in all it’s simply entertainment masquerading as sport with the added spice of social and religious conflict.

Just my view not posted to antagonise or depress…


I am not despondent. Yes, the performance on Sunday was poor. Yes, the performance on thursday was poor. On the former, BR tried a different formation and it was a failure. He wants his team to be able to play several formations and be able to switch between them during a game. So far, he has not been able to achieve that. On the thursday game, BR came up against a better tactician on the night. Rose knew that pressing Celtic, especially the key players, usually resulted in us not being able to play our game. If we cannot retain possession, then the result is inevitable. Rose also did his homework. He knew that Gordon has developed an arrogance about playing the ball out. Lately, he tries to beat on rushing forwards. On thursday he was caught out.

Prior to these two games, we played our best football against a boggie team who were top of the league. So far in the league, Hearts, Kilmarnock, Sevco and ourselves have topped the league. No one team has held the position for long. Why? Inconsistency is the answer …..by us and by our rivals. However, the key difference between us and the others is that we have a stronger squad. Certainly, it has been depleted by injuries and by a poor transfer window but it is till the best squad in the league by some way. By the end of the next window, there will be additions, injured players will be back and the squad will have had a bonding break in the sun. You may not like some of the football but we shall start to pull away from the pack. The cup may be a different proposition but the squad is too strong to lose the league.



I’d settle for four wins,aye.

As a businessman yerself,what happens when people build empires inside your company? Just asking.


Hoping to be in Valencia,old bean. Will let you know,could meet up wi Jr on matchday. Get yerself out there anaw.



Hat off to you, Sir!

A splendid response! Your analysis is of as much value as anyone else. It is important that alternatives are expressed and, perhaps, the truth will lie somewhere in between.

As you pass through life, you observe many forms of human behaviour. One of these is “group think”. In group think, one or perhaps two people put an opinion forward forcefully. Others get behind that and the snowball rolls down the hill to obscure any other opinion. Bang goes honest debate and inquiry.



They have drawn with Real Madrd, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid and Sevilla, so they are going to be tough to break down. Chuck in a draw and a victory against Manure and I’m not sure why this is being viewed as a good draw. Or is DD planning on getting Robbie Keane on board for a couple of games???



Good one! Like the original, I am getting older. This makes me look for the positive rather than the inevitable. On conspiracies, I am doubtful but agnostic!

Got to go Xmas shopping with the better half so response will be difficult.

By the by, I agree with your analysis on Valencia but there is always hope!


Awe Naw

Get yourself a Led Zep album when you are out there !!

The Gombeen Man


Enjoy the Christmas shopping, I bet that beats a depressing post on here…


The Gombeen Man

Oops, HH

The Gombeen Man

Gombeen Bhoy had a notion that we’d get Valencia. He couldn’t convince his pals to take a punt on flights for a fiver.
Anyway got Madrid return for €102. A two train trip apparently.
If you’re out there you’ll probably find him I’m the museums and other places of cultural interest ☺️.

mike in toronto


Knowing you as a poster, I would have taken your question as a genuine one (as opposed to a dig), even had you not said so.

I hope/trust that you will take my response in the same spirit.

Those that have sold the club down the river own more shares than the the average punter, and/or are in a position of control at the Club, but that does not necessarily mean it is ‘their’ club.

In some respect, the Club is as much Gombeen’s as it is those who have sold it, and the fans, down the river… In fact, I would say that Gombeen’s position is more in line with what I have always understood Celtic to mean, than the position of our Board at present.

So, Some fans who feel that the support and club have been sold down the river will choose to stay on and fight for what they see is their birthright…. others (increasingly more as time goes on, I suspect) will walk away.

Myself, I am leaning more towards the latter….at least until the present Board either grows a pair or leaves.

In the interim, however, I like the people on here, so I keep chatting (and, yes, hoping that Santa will bring our Board a set of balls for Xmas, so they will do the right thing, and I can get back to watching the games without feeling a bit dirty.)




Thank you for reading my ramblings. I do not get offended when people disagree with my views, only if they attack me personally. A lifetime in universities has taught me to question, to challenge, and to be open to other views. So fire away!

I have followed the club since the sixties from Scotland, through England, and like you, Canada. Not going to games is a disadvantage to gauging how others feel so I am left with blogs and CelticTV as my sources. I do own some shares so I get the bumf from the club. Roughly here is where I am at.

Did Celtic conspire to keep Sevco alive and foster the “Old Firm”?

Don’t know, but suspect not. I do believe that the club do not want to be associated with helping theirdemise, tho’

Did Rangers cheat? Absolutely!

Was the last window screwed up? Yes, but by whom and for what reasons, I do not know. Was there sibling rivalry between BR and PL? Did PL not trust BR’s suggestions because of the Compper affair plus others? Who knows?

Does PL thinkhe can act as a Director of Football? Absolutely! Is he effective in that role? No, he is not because he cannot balance the financial with the on field needs.

Has BR been good for the club? Absolutely, he has added millions in revenue and value. Is he a good tactician? A little above average and has been found wanting on several occasions, both domestically and in Europe.

Is there an agenda against the club? Absolutely! There is also one for Sevco which is the polar extreme.

Is the Board innovative? No. Is the Board totally self serving? No. Is the Board too risk averse? Yes, it cannot manage the balance between the expectations/history of the fans/club and new economicsof the game.

I could say more but most have given up reading this, and Awe Naw will give me the Zzzzzzzzzzz….warning!

Rebus(just leaving Timmy’s after a small blach with two milks on the side)


Tune in to find a hoot in Valencia being talked about !!! Nice and pity I’ve nae chance of going but them the breaks .
I must admit I see a pumping like AweNaw says! Jose being sacked is indicative of the new direction of the game , the players hold the power now and the club decides who to sign for the most part . Don’t know whether it’s good or bad. I would bet my bottom dollar they play well at the weekend now , always happens .
Jose to Inter probably . Pochetino will cost 40 mill but will do well there , hope he goes .
Hail Hail

big packy

hi mahe, would I like to go yes and no, like you and awenaw scared we get a doing, but you never no a good transfer window and some quality players and we might be okay, been to Valencia many times while holidaying in Benidorm, possibly a dozen times, never seen it rain once,,hope you are ok.hh.


BigPacky,,, aye I’m fine , enjoying the holiday season soo far actually , pretty mild winter so far fingers crossed. The hoot next fall , that’s my plan , hopefully you’re there also. Put a pint in your hand ! If this is all the Spaniards have to play for also,,, But,,our new striker could bang us through at home with a hatrick. Heard it’s Scott mc Donald ffs . ( joke but wouldn’t be surprised )
Hail Hail partner

We don’t have a hope against Valencia, they are a division above us at least, no it doesn’t make me a hun, nor does arguing my point on another site, the Pedro arse lickers just refuse to see what’s in front of their eyes, I am astounded as these are intelligent people, yet they are brainwashed to the extent that the board and Pedro in particular can do no wrong.
We keep hearing we are well run, the best run club don’t leave themselves with one striker not even half way into the season, a rookie at that and if the truth be known, he is not even a striker, The Griff has had ongoing issues for more than a couple of years, Brendan said the other week that he inherited them, so wtf are the club doing to rectify this, nothing it seems, go with what we have got, what we have got wasn’t good enough to get CL football this season and it won’t be good enough to qualify for the CL in the coming season, it may well not be good enough to win the league this season, you better believe it. The only forward planning emanating from the board is………I’m stumped, there is none, I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me on what forward planning we have, we are rudderless, unless you count the OF, for that we are on the button.


I just got a crown glued in by my Spanish dentist who hails from a toon near Valencia. She said the new stadium delay (lack of funds) is a nightmare cos lots of people invested in shops, food outlets etc in the ‘campus’. I asked her who was at fault but she would not say. Was like pulling teeth ?. She also said Valencia is cheaper beer and accommodation wise than Benidorm


Mais… le hôtel, le musée, le magasin de produits de club… et la nouvelle billetterie!
Plus qu’un club!!!
I kid you not…

Awe Naw

How do I think Stevie has taken to management? Excellent. He’s been really impressive. They had a fantastic run in Europe. I don’t think anyone envisioned that.

“They’re now top of the league and playing really well, so I don’t think you could ask any more from the short period of time he’s been in there.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-hear hear,apart from winning the league ?


600 euro for the crown BTW. If this one breaks I am on the run down to wallys

I have always been a half empty kinda bloke, anything else is a bonus.
The last time I looked we were third in the league and playing shite, interspersed with a good game here and there, so forgive me for not being positive 😉


There might be answers to your and everyone’s questions on latest SFM blog. The observations contained there from CQN in 2012 pretty much tell us we are being forced to play with a burst baw and we need new thinking.

Folk might not realise it yet but SFA and Celtic’s handling of Res12 is putting the game on trial.

If you want to understand why there is such reluctance to bring Res12 to a conclusion, then this,

https://www.sfm.scot/were-gonny-need-another-baw-%ef%bb%bf/ might help.

In the league, take away the help he has had from the referees they would be at LEAST 12 points less, in europe they got the easiest draw imaginable, they couldn’t get out of a group that they should have skooshed imo.
So, no, I don’t think he has done that well, in fact he is one point worse off than both Murty and Pedro, but a couple better than Warburton after the respective games played.

Margaret McGill

Look if Brendan cant beat Hibs away with the hamstrung squad Lawwell has inflicted upon him then just accept that Valencia is a good exercise and experience for the players and not gate receipts which is all the bored are interested in. I cant see it going much further. Quite likely anyway to face Eintracht and that would really put Awe Naw’s allegiances to the test ha ha

Margaret McGill

Yup! Europe till Christmas and top of the SPL. That was Lawwells plan. 🙂

Margaret McGill


Margaret McGill

The Macroom Mustachio isnt really interested in taking Celtic into Europe and therein lies the rub. He’s a hun loving blighty loving Tory.
Like most Irish of the Republic sort Ive met their interest in Celtic is only as an Irish team not as a Scottish team and then again only as a “second” club. Their main interest is with a Liverpool an Everton or a Man Utd and yes with even a Chelsea. Splainthat to me and seriously I wish that is where they should fuck off to. Anyway the irony is when it comes to Norn Irn the only difference is that the protestant half of Norn Irony is that they see rangers as a British club. Go figure.

Margaret McGill

Solskjaers are we……

Margaret McGill

Mourinho ??
Deco carted off in a stretcher 4 times in Seville ultimately resulting in Bobo’s sending off.
The following year Porto won the CL. Mourinho’s legendary career began with cheating and gamesmanship at I game I was at.
He will retire as a millionaire/billionaire but will hopefully go down in history as scum.

Margaret McGill

As western judiciaries pass laws to enable corporations to plunder tax reserves and the whole social infrastructure collapses in the West due to corruption and propaganda Goebbels style, its only a matter of time before civil unrest, racist and religious wars begin.
We are beginning to see the start of it.A bit like the dark ages after the Roman empire collapsed in Europe 1700 years ago.
The only difference this time is that it wont be the end of a civilization but a species. Nuclear war and coastal flooding.
You know mosquitoes, no electricity, Ebola, cancer, starvation and mass murder.
Personally I cant wait but I wont see it in my lifetime. Shame. God bless yeez.

saltires en sevilla

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