Dortmund 1987

Today were absolutely delighted to bring you another guest blog , this time by the gentleman that is JimmynotPaul .  On behalf of us all many thanks Sir !

I guess the vast majority of us have crazy Celtic trips to write about.
Here’s one of mine,
Dortmund 1987.
Four of us in our early 20s and daft, we decided we would go to Dortmund on the Glasgow University supporters bus. A two night stay, 65 quid return, what was not to like? None of us knew anyone on the bus, but when we heard about we decided over a few pints let’s book it.
The journey to Dortmund was largely uneventful, travel to Dover for the ferry, then over to Ostende and onwards to Germany. The 4 of us enjoyed the craic and drunk plenty of beers. Finally we arrived in Dortmund. I can’t recall exactly what time it was,but it was probably early evening.
The guy organising the trip gave the instructions for going home, you have to be in the square for 8.30 a.m. if there are any stragglers, 9.00 a.m max, we can’t leave it any later than that or we will miss the Ferry connection, now everyone go and enjoy but remember you cannot be late.
The first problem we realised was almost everyone else had booked digs, we had just turned up like dafties. This might sound incredible now, but remember back then there was no internet or mobiles.  We thought no problem let’s go and find accommodation.
This was much more problematic than we had envisaged, none of us were particularly sober, believe it or not, also there was some sort of festival on and accommodation was at a premium, which we had no idea about and none of could speak German. It was at the time when English hooliganism was at its height and English speaking football fans weren’t exactly welcome with open arms. The fact we couldn’t speak German meant we couldn’t explain we were Scottish and not English.
We were wondering aimlessly about and being knocked back by everyone, in fact it was just like being at the dancing on a Saturday night in Glasgow. We were now starting to sober up and slightly panic, then our luck changed, we met a Celtic fan from Munich who could speak German. He tried a few places for us but they were full, finally our luck changed ,Theo’s the Greek place, it was a basic bar with basic accommodation upstairs, no English he clearly said, our new found friend from Munich spoke to him at length, explaining the difference in nationalities, finally Theo relented, ok I have two double rooms. What a relief.
We unpacked and then headed downstairs to the pub, we had a great night, chatting and engaging with the locals, it was old style in that the barman( Theo) just marked up your tab in five bar gate style on a beer mat and you paid at the end of the night, no money was to change hands until then.
When we went to pay, we hardly owed anything, without us knowing it, the locals had been buying us drink. Theo pointed one out and made us, despite being drunk, feel very humble, he had been an ex prisoner of war and was touched by how we had integrated and had been enjoying our evening. One of the locals even arranged for his wife to meet us the next day at 10.00 am and show us around Dortmund. I’m not sure how comfortable many of us would be,asking one of our wives to give 4 German strangers a tour of where we lived, but at 10.00 am there she was and she spent hours with us showing us the local places of interest.
Soon enough it was time to head to the stadium. We arrived about one hour before kick off expecting the ground to be fairly empty but “The Dortmund Wall “was bouncing already,creating a fabulous atmosphere.
Celtic had won the first leg 2.1 with a late winner from Derek Whyte.
The second leg was in the main controlled by Dortmund, but as usual, just when you started to think, maybe just maybe, it’s the hope that kills you, Dortmund scored twice in the last 20 mins. The only Celtic player that looked dangerous that night was Andy Walker and when Big Billy subbed him late on, we knew then it was over. We lost 3.2 on agg and couldn’t have many, if any complaints.
Celtic and Dortmund fans have a strong relationship now, but it has to be said after the game Dortmund fans were on the pitch charging Celtic fans. The board, for once, in The Celtic view, praised the fans for not responding to the taunts.
We headed back to Theo’s and again received a warm welcome, we decided it was our turn to repay the hospitality and buy the drinks after all we were heading home the next morning and didn’t need much money, did we? We gave Theo the money and told him to tell us,when the money was done. Goodness knows how many chants of Celtic and Borussia do da ,do da, were sung, enough to still give me the hebegeebees all these years later.
Theo kept the bar open and never did tell us that our money was done, we staggered to bed between 4 and 5, that was the big mistake, going to sleep. Theo’s wife said she would wake us at 7 to enable us to get to the square in time to catch the supporters bus. I woke up, it was 8.15, panic, I woke the others up, why had no one weakened us up? We went to reception and finally found someone and they phoned a taxi for us,we thought we would be ok for 9.00. we reckoned we were about 15/20 mins from the square. However,disaster,it was peak hour traffic and the taxi why hardly moving, we finally arrived at the square at 9.10 and the bus had gone, we kind of stood in drunken disbelief, what could we do?
This was still a time when money was still God, we had spent most of ours on booze, thankfully one of the guys,had a credit card with him and we agreed to split the bill 4 ways whenever it came in.
We finally worked out, with the help of some locals again, a plan to get home. A train to Koln and then change to get a train to Ostende and then try and get home from there.
The train journey was not pleasant, friendships were put to the test, as the alcohol wore up and we started to be dehydrated and hungover,especially when one of the bhoys admitted that Theo’s wife had chapped the door at 7.00, exactly when she said she would, and he had said,thanks and then went back to sleep.
We finally made it to Ostende and checked the timetable we knew the supporters bus were getting the 14.00 ferry,which we had long missed, this ferry was arriving in Dover at 18.00, we realised we could book the hover craft,which was, much more ,expensive, but was arriving at 18.10, maybe just maybe, we could catch up with the supporters bus at Dover. That journey was not pleasant either, as the post mortem had begun, as to whose fault it all was,Jim, whose credit card we were using, was called unhelpful and of course he erupted at this, almost coming to blows.
The most agonising bit of the journey was still to come, we got off the hover craft and were waiting to go through customs and yes, the supporters bus was in the distance pulling away, that was torturous, there was nothing we could do except, blame each other again and,argue again.
We then got a bit of luck, the bus from Dover to London Victoria wasn’t due to arrive in London until 22.40, we had phoned ahead and knew the buses to Scotland left at 22.30. We told the bus driver in Dover our predicament and he said, if the roads were quiet, he would do his best to arrive early. We felt we couldn’t afford to stay in London as Jim’s credit card was almost maxed out by now.
The bus driver was true to his word and we arrived just before 22.30. The bus drivers weren’t allowed to sell tickets  the Glasgow bus driver, said it would take too long for us to get to the ticket office and back and that he was leaving without us, the Edinburgh bus was full, we were now in the last chance saloon, it was the Dundee bus or bust, we pleaded with the driver and he agreed to wait whilst we went to the ticket office, we then had to hope like mad that the credit card had enough funds not to be declined. The transaction went through, I still remember the feeling of relief to this day. The driver, who was clearly Celtic minded, let us off at Coatbridge and we managed to get home from there.
The credit card bill came to 320 pounds, so £65 return on the supporters bus and then £80 single to get home.
Would we do it again, of course we would, it’s Celtic, and indeed we returned to Dortmund in 1993 and this time we didn’t miss the bus home, oh no, we missed the plane home,but that’s a story for another day.
Hail Hail

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Great story. I can see me in your adventures. Yep, it always seems a good idea at the time…… hindsight is a wonderful thing as well.



Here are a couple of late thoughts about the game last night. I have been very impressed with Mikey Johnson for some time. What he needs is to follow the program that Christie followed and build himself up physically. Secondly, he needs to pass when he is in and around the penalty area sometimes. I felt sorry for him when he came on to play through the middle. Here was his big chance but he was being played out of position. Boy,that Motherwell CB tried to crock him with every tackle from behind! Bobby incompetent was content to let that happen. If he is a ref then I am a detective! However Mikey showed them all with his goal. I’d play him before Sinclair.

Secondly, I thought SB had a poor game. His passing was off and he is a yard slow. Still he is a battler but one that should not play as many games. Motm should have come from McGregor, Forest or Benkovic.

Last night showed that we shall win the league because even without a striker we can score. We have simply too strong a squad; too much quality, and too experienced a coach compared to our rivals. Gerrard does not have enough depth in his squad, nor the experience to manage it.

Finally, there are rumours of Wilfied Bony coming. A look at his stats shows that he has not really made an impact since season 2013/14 when he tore the league up. Since then he has been bothered by serious injuries. The latest this year is cruciate ligament which at age 30 is very problematical. Please say this is not true! He once was what we needed but not now. BR’s credibility will be seriously damaged if we sign him on anything other than a pay for play basis.


saltires en sevilla


Great chat there buddy.

I’m sure many will be nodding in agreement with your recollections of first Euro away game.

When Big Whitey From Blighty or (The General), says the bus is going at 09:00, he ain’t kidding!

Know so many bhoys who were on that bus trip. Great bunch of lads and a dozen stories to share and two dozen not to share!!

I’m willing to bet the German from Munich who helped fix you up with digs was either Gunter H or Stefan F. Two wonderful guys who travel far and wide to Celtic games.

A sore one on costs, but what memories! HH

saltires en sevilla


Agree with match review.

Thought Tony Ralston was MoTM on his first half showing. Was hugely impressed with the quality of his forward play which I had previously felt lacked finesse or guile. Not any more. Hope he can kick on.

Mikey Johnston scored a fantastic goal and could do with looking around him as you say he hendled the rough stuff well despite zero protection from Madden! Stood up and came back for more. Why are so many of our bhoys loking so frail at 19? He must work on that and the coaching staff must consider the prep needed.

Thought either Jamesy or Callum could have been MoTM over 90 mins but also felt they could have been given a rest at 65 mins. With tough games coming up. At 3-0 the game was won.

Easy to understand why the sponsors gave Broony MoTM on his 500th game. Barring two O.g. A missed penalty and a sending off it was his for the taking.

Hopefully the run out will have done him good.

N’tcham I felt was moving more freely and a decent few attempts. Seems out of sorts tho’.

Benkovic looks like a grade above every time I see him playing in a back four.

Sincky took his penalty well and did well earlier to get a shot i when surrounded and their keeper did well to block. Other than that he needs to be more into the game and second half he seemed to be giving the ball away and playing far too deep. Don’t understand why he was first sub unless he was hooked, not rested.

Thought Izzy did ok and Simo too. Craig was hardly bothered.

Never saw enough of Lewis and have hopes for him.

Worried about Odsonne. Had some decent layoffs for first 2 goals. Prefers deeper role and doesn’t seem to know when to attack a cross. One cross from Tony I thought a proper stiker would have been on it with head.

Anyway back to Top. A good night’s work by the team.

Awe Naw

Never saw the game last night was freezing my ass off in Mainz. So cannot comment. Top of the league onwards and upwards

Awe Naw


Was Gunter H a former Glasgow corporation man ?

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, lovely story, luv all the celtic stories.hh pal, hope you are well.

saltires en sevilla

Awe Naw

Only know him as a postie from Munich. However, his English is perfect and speaks with a Glasgow accent. So, maybe when younger her worked here. Will check and let you know.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for taking the time to write that.
It’s amazing how football provides such special memories even in the jaws of defeat and with the added tortures of missed buses and truncated return trips home.
The suffering almost acts a necessary constituent of an unforgettable experience. Almost like a rite of passage.
Providence obviously felt that you gained so much from the 1987 trip that the whole exercise was worth repeating in 1993.
I sometimes wonder what wives and mother’s must think when they are confronted with the news ‘I am going to Celtic’s next European away game.’

I’m barely trusted to go to the local shopping centre on my own and in these days of broadband technology it often feels like I have invisible child reins on. The predictable text or Whatsapp messages arrive with the all too familiar content ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘Dinner’s at 6’.

The Whatsapp is handy but it was obviously developed by a ‘clipe’ because it immediately informs the sender of my receipt of the message by the deliver of incriminating double blue ticks.
I know that it might be possible to disable ‘the ticks’ but that’s a step too far and would indicate an intention to deceive.

As I type this I can recall the days when we were mobile free and had some degree of independence. The other day I was sitting contentedly taking a well deserved break in a coffee shop when a message comes through on my tracking device (phone) ‘ Rate your coffee experience in Insomnia.’ God only knows what I have clicked yes to in my impatience to find out the football scores.

Maybe the freedom to go to a game of football is one of our last small bits of freedom in this increasingly obtrusive and connected world.
Having typed that I’m thinking about the Hi-Tech CCTV and likely software at Celtic Park that scoops up all of our data from our phones via the seemingly innocuous ‘Cookies’.

Anyway your post took me back to the primitive days of real money, telephone boxes and handwritten posted Christmas cards.

As an aside I was in a shop in Ireland yesterday and a young lad who was driving a tractor was buying 20 cigarettes.

He hands over his card to be ‘tapped’ and the shop owner said with a grin,

” That’ll be 225 Euro.”

The young fella said,

“You’ll be lucky to get 225 Euro out of that fecking card.”

The shop owner looked concerned and held onto the cigarettes until the server authorised the virtual purchase.


Awe Naw

He sometimes goes by the name John I reckon if its the same lad

Great stuff JNP, oh to be young again 😉
They are not called smart devices for nothing, it’s a modern day version of George Orwell’s tele screen from 1984, which I recall was to be called 1948 but the publishers though 1948 was too close and it was changed to 1984, I digress, they sure are smart, the Mrs and I were down near the coast yesterday, she wanted to go to a brit shop, Iceland, but they have a supermarket in it as well, Waitrose, we don’t go very often, the last time was four years to the day as it happens, again I digress, on the way back there was a hotel displaying that it had two stars, I said to the Mrs that two stars must be a very basic hotel, she had her phone out, a smart one…..she typed in st didn’t get any further before star ratings in hotels appeared on her search, seen numerous things like this, and they say they are not watching us 🙂 Aye right.

Awe Naw

BHOYS TO MANNY Manny Perez to Celtic – Hoops set to confirm signing of full-back on January 1 after impressing on trial
The 19-year-old currently plays for North Carolina State University and has played for the US at Under-20 level

By Mark Walker
20th December 2018, 11:16 am Updated: 20th December 2018, 11:16 am
CELTIC are set to confirm the signing of American full back Manny Perez on January 1 after he impressed on trial.

The 19-year-old currently plays for North Carolina State University and has represented the US at Under-20 level.

He has spent the last couple of weeks at Lennoxtown and has impressed Hoops boss Brendan Rodgers.

And he’s agreed to sign for the Scottish champions, pending a work permit which he will have to apply for.

Celtic have been looking for a long-term replacement for Mikael Lustig, who is out of contract at the end of the season.

And Perez could be ready to challenge Lustig, young right-back Anthony Ralston – who played and scored against Motherwell this week – and Costa Rican international Cristian Gamboa.

Perez was named Player of the Year in the US Soccer Development Academy and is highly rated after coming through the ranks of college football in the States.

North Carolina State University head coach George Kiefer said: “Manny is a terrific kid and has all the attributes required to have a big career in the game.

“He deserved his call up to the US Under 20s side and I believe he impressed there too.”

The Gombeen Man


The only place where the technology hasn’t reached seems to be Police Scotland who appear to be incapable of tracing ‘virtually’ anyone.
Especially if your allegiances are on the Southside.

Maybe the Smartphone should be strapped to the ankle?

Anyway, Christmas Shopping for me today. Glasgow tomorrow via Belfast… but you probably knew that already☺️

Till later & HH

Awe Naw

Celtic midfielder Callum McGregor has signed a new five-year deal to extended his contract until the summer of 2023.

The 25-year-old made his 201st appearance for the club in Wednesday’s 3-0 Scottish Premiership win over Motherwell.

Scotland international McGregor, who made his debut in 2014, has scored 34 goals in that time.

He follows Ryan Christie,James Forrest and Leigh Griffiths in recently signing new terms with the Scottish champions.

Saltires en Sevilla

Aw Naw

Now that is an early Christmas present

What a player!

Saltires en Sevilla


I’m cutting back to WhatsApp only

Ditching messenger FB twitter etc etc
Fekin too many adverts appearing ( not this site) before I’ve even thought through
What I want

Discussing maybe making conservatory more durable with 365 days access and more solid ceiling etc .. just chatting last few days

This morning Mrs SeS has ads for conservatory upgrades…on tablet etc

Maybe I need to check her browsing history tho’ ?

The Gombeen Man


Yep the adverts are a curse. There must be a huge data mountain range somewhere.
FB went a long time ago, far too intrusive. Haven’t tried Messenger or Instagram.
Whatsapp’s handy for phone calls and doesn’t seem to trawl through e mails etc looking for contacts.
I think FB bought Whatsapp so hopefully it’ll be left alone.

Good news on Callum. Let’s hope we continue to see young lads making it. It must be a powerful incentive for Ralston, Mikey and even Aitchson if he gets a chance.

big packy

AWENAWE/SES, now lets get a decent striker or two signed up.hh.


Hi all.
Thanks for kind comments.
Awe Naw, I know from your posts that you are based in Germany.
I have to say that on my travels, Germany wins,as the friendliest country to visit. My experiences have always been very positive there.
Hail Hail


Delighted to read the news about Callum, not so delighted to read about Tom Rogic missing the Glasgow Derby.
Hail Hail


If I recall,The guys name,who helped,was Stefan.
Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla

X2 Packy ?


JimmynotPaul, that was a great read , lovely start to my day . I was sitting thinking wtf happened to yer woman at 7am , then you explain! I’d have killed the mate personally but then I probaby would insisted on being the alarm clock , such is my nature .
As long as no jobs were lost is the main thing when unexpectedly delayed, human error or not. You’re only young once eh! What a yarn! Take care pal , Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

JNP … a thoroughly enjoyable read. I am already looking forward to the next installment with the missing plane ride.

Mahe … a few things to consider:

1. If the contributors all agreed, combining all of these stories into a book? … I would buy it, for sure. Money to charity?

2. Who would we want to play the various posters when the inevitable movie version of the book comes out. I call dibs on George Clooney!


Ha Mahe.
We think alike, it was me who said, I can’t believe Theo’s wife didn’t wake us up, or words to that effect, she gave our word, that’s when one of the others sheepishly said, she did wake us up.
You couldn’t publish my response to him, especially since it wasn’t Jim, the guy with the credit card.
Hail Hail


Thank you.
Despite being a lawyer!!!, I know you are forthright and honest in your thoughts/opinions, so I genuinely appreciate your kind words.
As for your idea, any of my stuff, once I send it to Sentinel Celts, then I have no issues with the guys, that run the site,using any of it, if they wish.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

Cheers. I may be willing to consider Gerry Butler play me in the movie, so if someone else wants Clooney, I would be willing to consider selling my rights for a reasonable price.



Movie casting? I am thinking Ken Stott or John Hannah for me!


Mike in Toronto

Rebus …

I like John Hannah… I should have thought of him. Are you a doctor? For some reason, I thought you might be. The whole McCallum thing?

When I say who I want to play me in the movie, I say Gerry Butler because (i) he is about my age, (ii) both from Paisley, (iiii) wee both moved to Montreal as kids, (iv) and both studied law ….

but, in reality, for years, my friends called me Gregory (as in Gregory’s Girl, which was was the bane of my life) … When it came out, I was last year in school, tall, gawky, and the centre forward on the football team… and in love with the star (female) athlete at school … my friends all saw it and said that the character was based on me! cheeky buggers. so, it would probably be that Gordon Sinclair guy that ends up playing me in the film. Bugger!

And, yes, that is also where I think I first remember seeing the lovely Ms. Grogan! Changed my life!


big packy

MIKE IN TORONTO. you are too good looking, so Gerry butler is a no from me, id stick with Clooney.????

Mike in Toronto

I think Seamus wants Clooney … (Seamus hasn’t realized that he is a dog) … maybe see if we can get that Golden that starred in Air Bud to play Seamus in the movie.

Hope your pack is doing well.

big packy

all doing well mike, happy xmas to you and seamus.hh.



Yes, I am a doctor but the poor type…a PhD in Marketing from Strathclyde Univ. I have a B.Sc. in Mathematics and a M.Sc. in Statistics from London, UK. So I gravitate towards research of a quantitative nature. A few years before I retired I had the best job in the world…a chair of Irish business studies. My task was to look at the Celtic Tiger and figure out what would be useful to NL. Like NL, Eire punches way above its weight.

I loved the movie, Gregory’s Girl and I believe it was filmed in my old school…Knightswood Secondary. My wife and I still use the phrase, “Bella, bella!” from the movie.

There are better Bill Forsyth movies tho’…Comfort and Joy…about the ice cream wars in Glasgow, and my personal favourite, Local Hero. The latter has resonance with my time in Newfoundland where oil was discovered a couple of years before we arrived in 1981. St John’s was certainly changed by Hibernia and White rose, two vast undersea oilfields. There was very little serious crime on the island when we came. IN fact, the first year that we were there a teenage girl was murdered and they had to bring in two detectives from the UK to help with the investigation. It was never, formally, solved, but many knew where to point the finger.

Enough ramblings,


Mike in Toronto

Brilliant! Next time I get the inevitable ‘if you dont like PL, who would you suggest for the Board’ on CQN …with your blessing, I’ll add you to my list of CQN’ers who could do the job. There are some genuinely bright and accomplished people that haunt these two sites.

Shame you cant join us on the 29th, but next time you are in town, we definitely need to meet up. dinner on me. I would really enjoy that. We can swap stories about the east coast as well …

Fairhill Bhoy

JNP-can remember dropping my mate off at the Tavern in Motherwell for that game!
17 and raging ?
Brilliant story ?


On reading my last reply, it sounds pretentious! My training moulded me into being brief. Mathematicians always look for brevity. Marketers are often the reverse. Sometimes I feel my posts are too curt but I do not mean it that way.

Having paper qualifications does not make you smart!
I’d love to meet up and I feel it will happen in the New Year.

Have a nice day,



Fairhill Bhoy.
Thanks for that.
There is so much more to the story but I thought it was long enough.
I was being married 9 days later, it went down like a lead balloon when I said I needed 80 quid, which over 30 years ago was a few bob.
You will not be surprised to know, she’s an ex wife.
In the nicest possible way, you are as daft as me, surely you must have a story to tell.
Hail Hail, my friend.

Fairhill Bhoy

I remember my mate being able to afford to go and he didn’t work,I was just starting out but had a job for life and still didn’t think I could afford it??
My dad today isn’t the same happy go lucky dad from back then?

Fairhill Bhoy

Jimmynotpaul-meaning it would have been a big fat no way?


Faithfully Bhoy.
Your Dad is a star, still dragging you along to Paradise.
Did you go last night?
Hail Hail


Fairhill JnP is right , bout time you gave us a yarn for the blog my old China plate,,, and we all can’t wait ! 😉


MIT, at this rate un a couple years we shall have enough content yarns ,,,, waiting for yours though,,, 😉

Fairhill Bhoy

Jimmynotpaul-Faithfully Bhoy ?
I have said before I wish I had thought of the name instead of the boring one I own ?
We were there last night and to be honest wasn’t really bothered whither we went or not until he phoned me at 4oclock?
What time we leaving??

Fairhill Bhoy

MAHE- hi mate,honestly couldn’t add to what you guys already bring.
Might be in Vegas on holiday later this year if beer still on?
Then you won’t be able to shut me up?

Awe Naw

Yes I moved to Germany in 87. I have been about Zurich, Munich, Muenster, Dusseldorf but consider Feankfurt my home area. Germans are football and bier mental. It was always going to last. Btw everywhere I have lived has been brilliant. Full of p9lite friendly people wherever I have went


Awe Naw.
Magic, thanks for taking the time to reply.
My daughter got engaged in Berlin and visits different parts of Germany every year. She loved The Black Forrest.
The xenophobic shit you read in the press here, about the Germans really messes with my head, the vast vast majority is made up nonsense.
I will now keep an eye on the Frankfurt results.
Hail Hail


Where is everyone ?

BP, MIT, Majoc, Mahe, Garry, 🙁

big packy

we are all on cqn???.hh.

big packy

JIM get posting, are you ok let me know.hh.