Blood in the water ?

Surprise Surprise but  Hearts and the Dons call for better refs and Var may well have some ulterior motives behind it .
Are they both conscious of the favorable decisions the Gers get ?  
But why bring the heat of the clan down ,,,, this is an easier path no?
I’m sure we are all in agreement the refs need fixed although I personally don’t think it’s the biggest issue by far .
But just like Tesco , every little helps ! 

Now you will know we don’t focus on the Gers over here but it seems clear to me Var might help nullify one of their old weapons , the mason in the black . I do realise the Ref would have the right to decide which tackles where referred or not , but is it not a better system than what we have and a step in the right direction ? It is surely ! 

Both clubs that are asking for better refs are not far away from what may be considered success ,, finishing in the top two ,, for anyone outside the dreaded old firm tag that must be a feather in their cap .

I certainly am not going to scrutinize the huns finances but IF it is built on a house of cards ,,, Who better and and What better way than to try and make sure the refs aren’t in play trying to save their asses ala the honest mistakes?
It’s a smart move is it not ,,, get a fair shot without the clan at your throat like I said ! 
Is that what it will take to break up the dreaded duo ?
As we all know it comes down to the moolah many times in football. 
Should Stevie Gees men fail to attain second just how much would that impact? 
Both Killie and the Dons are in prime position to claim the second spot ,Hearts will fancy a decent position ,,,,and all are breathing down der huns neck looking for glory  ,,,, and just how much would that hurt der hun? 
I’m figuring der hun MUST give Stevie some cash , he will get a striker from somewhere this window . 
Brendan also wants a striker or two ,,,,, and I reckon he would love it ,,, JUST LOVE IT ,,, if one of the others pipped his former charge to second. 
This call for Var may well be a wee sneaked we have your number you know !!! 

Why not write something for the site .

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As you no doubt know,my best mate SOL KITTS is a referee. Highly respected as it turns out,but refused the fast-track stuff due to his excellent job.

All very well and good,I thought he just did his bit for expenses and a bit of beer money every so often. But his article on here a couple of weeks ago was an eye-opener. Not a case of turn up at 230,blow the whistle a few times and eff off. This is a seven hour day,with prior research too.

Now,you look at that-I’ll link the original article in a mo-and consider what three people plus a supervisor are doing week in,week out,and all really for the love of the game,just being involved,and compare it to our referees who are giving up full time jobs to blow a whistle.

And not for the love of the game,but for the love of money. And power.

Dallas,Jr worst referee since fuckahdunnowhen and he’s on a jolly to Europe every fortnight,plus £800 a game domestically. McLean,serial cheat,Madden,the whole rigmarole and shebang,they’re making a mint while making mugs of the rest of us

Damn,shoulda saved that for an article,I might yet do so.

Btw,good to see JVR joining our motley crew. Should offer his services to Big Nan on Celtic Wiki,that fella


SOL KITTS does make the occasional reference to letting players know who is in control. In fairness,I should point out that Willie Collum,for instance,has a wee squeaky voice,and scares no-one. Not even his Mum.

SOL KITTS,on the other hand,six fit four brick shithouse. And a broad Ayrshire accent in deepest darkest Essex. Essex footballers know who to respect or not. And why.

big packy

hi mahe as regards refs all bent,.as regards sevco where will the money come from for any players, would love to know..merry xmas to you and yours.hh.

big packy

majoc, mean the refs in Scotland not sol.hh.?


Keep Christ In Christmas
Merry Christmas fellow tims

Garry Duncan

Heading out for a Christmas lunch with my son and some of my mates, then onto Paradise to hammer the Dundee. 5 or 6 nothing today I fancy.

Sol Kitts

There is a glaring difference between how refs in Scotland are appointed and their English counterparts. In England, every ref had to declare club allegiances, right from the start of their climb up the ladder. No matter what level they are officiating at, or what league they are reffing in, they are not allowed to be on the same pitch as any team they have had any involvement with. Having been a season ticket holder for any club would preclude them from reffing games involving that club, ar any game where the result could affect that club.
It’s a system that works well, both for the clubs and the officials. No one can seriously accuse English refs of bias due to club allegiance. Poor games and poor decisions are just that, and can be more easily rectified in future games by training. You can’t train Madden not to favour his team, for example, but by keeping him away from Sevco the SPL and SFA could allow him to develop as a ref without exposing him to the baggage of having to please his mates in the stand.
I am a big fan of VAR. I was worried at first that it would spoil the flow of the game, but as we saw in the World Cup, it enhanced the game and for the most part stopped the cheating and ensured correct decisions were made. Would it work in Scotland? Depends who’s sitting in front of the screen. It would destroy our faith in the game if VAR decisions reinforced obviously incorrect on-field ones.


Howdy,old bean. I think there’s some spurious excuse about the Greek letter for X also being the first letter of Christ in Greek.

Or Armenian,or Sanskrit or summat.


Your last sentence is really the killer. I recall living in South London when Scottish football started being shown regularly on Sky.

My English mates would be enthralled by the football-and remember,we were gash in the early 90s-but astonished by the referees. Naturally,I agreed and said ”twas always thus. But that I expected the spotlight of live football to put an end to it.

The naivety of youth,right enough. Now,they don’t even bother to pretend,don’t wonder how they’ll get away with it. They revel in it,the media are complicit or petrified,the SFA the same,and don’t even start me on our board.

Meanwhile,footballers are being refereed differently,no respect to duty of care or HSE or even laws on common assault.

You have my total respect for your achievements down here,as you know. But you would have walked away inside the first five minutes in Scotland.


Fair point but a proper domestic club licensing system, designed to protect the game from itself, would be more effective in terms of removing the moral and financial hazard that plagues it.

The core problem is the belief that Scottish football depends on a competitive “Rangers” or all is lost.

Now if a referee subscribes to that thinking and he is making a good living from the game, he is not likely in a crucial game to give decision that might affect his future earnings.
We all remember the season of Honest Mistakes and don’t tell me referees did not know the seriousness of Rangers plight.
Add to that the possibility that the referee has blue leanings and you have a powerful reason for thinking, if you are a competitor, that they are at a bigger disadvantage than simply the difference in crowd size.

The fact is every senior club in Scotland is trying to live within their means bar one and there is no indication until the VAR report that this bothers the Directors of TRFC competitors.

The same thinking and consequences apply to the msm. They too make a living from the interest in our game so are not likely to do anything that impacts negatively on their club and/or money in their pocket.

The big challenge is to change the core thinking , to perhaps consider that a game based on the best of human nature rather than the worst would attract, rather than lose supporters.

A leap of faith really.


Hear Hear Troonbhoy !
Hope all good in your neck of the woods , a place a just travelled through tbh.
Is Adair still there the scumbag? Hail Hail


Sol Kitts,,
I find your last sentence puzzling actually . How could Var approve an incorrect decision ? Are you saying they could find a way round Var basically ?
Seems to me normalising the refs is a step for good , and if Var works then theres less chance for not so honest mistakes . Could be wrong though , been known to happen I can assure you .
And then the announcing your allegiance thing ,, would you happen to know why exactly that doesnt take place north of the border ? Just seems like common sense to me .
Hope alls well pal , have a great weekend
Hail Hail


Auldheid ,, hi pal and hope youre doing well .
These last few days I have discussed or emailed with 3 separate people who tell me the battle is lost , and tbh theres very little I can say to convince them otherwise , therefore I lean towards their view now .
I quite simply cant believe that Glasgow Celtic fans wont bond for the common good !
We did before so why not now ?
So rather than say a decision will be made whether to stay involved on my behalf , I have realised that while I can miss viewing games and have stopped all financial contributions to the PLc ,,, for a football fan just stopping altogether is not realistic , and as a Glasgow Celtic fan on and about the blogs for the rest of my days on this earth I cannot avoid the team totally so I am in a half way house ,,, cant walk away and cant avoid . The consolation is this ends with me ,, the wee one doesnt inherit it . My hand was forced and I shall live with the decision no worries.

Thats me abroad though ,, if I lived in the area and was walking to games or whatever then basically theres just no getting away from it whatsoever and halting would be nigh impossible .
I reckon the Plc count on that factor in particular ,, the travelling fans may fall , but the home support will always come because what else are they gonna do ? Terrible predicament to be in.

The only thing I can see that would end this sham is der hun actually going bust . Someone will always try their hand at running them but if theres court cases , lost deeds , onerous contracts etc then who knows what will happen .

On a side note I heard you on the etims podcast and you sounded younger than I expected if you can take that as a compliment please do ! If youre ever on another podcast a wee mench ahem 😉 I think an article from your good self would be very well received on these pages , perhaps consider it ?
Take it easy partner, Mahe

Margaret McGill

Var is only as valid as the Har the sees it.
Something the pool dont have to worry about.

Sol Kitts

Example of Madden when he refused us a stone wall penalty at Ibrox when Griff was hacked down. With VAR, an independent ref would give a penalty. However, if the VAR ref was Dallas, could you see him advising Madden to give a penalty in the last minute of the game, which would have been decisive? No, me neither. And in any case, the final decision lies with the match referee, so even with VAR we can’t guarantee the original decision would be overturned. VAR will only work where it is truly independent, where the VAR ref has no club allegiance or stop the 10 agenda.
That’s what I was trying to convey in the last sentence.

Good win today, played some scintillating football, crap opposition right enough but you can only beat what’s in front of you.
No Wizard of Oz next week, Oz won’t let him play, winkers, great to see Ryan back so soon and what can you say about Mikey Johnson, a brace and he played some amazing stuff, the bhoy has a very bright future, Antony Ralston looking more like a footballer today as well 😉
As has been said, it all depends on who is screen watching, but it’s a start I suppose.


TET-didn’t see game today,Christmas shopping so had to make do with updates.
Thought both bhoys played well on Wednesday as well ?
Can’t ever seeing VAR here ?


See, not seeing ?

All my Christmas shopping was done a while ago, no that it amounted to much mind you, a couple of things for the Mrs and that was it, aye we have played well the past couple of games, if we can carry that on for the next two I will be a very happy bunny indeed.
As for the VAR, the Sheep and Hartz came out this week and said they wanted it and were willing to weigh in with a few bob to make it happen, at least there are other clubs who can see that the huns are getting it all their own way and see VAR as a step in the right direction, we will just have to wait and see I suppose.



A very enjoyable match today, although as the first half marched on towards its conclusion, I had a dread that we might not score. Mikey had three good chances that on another day would have gone in. He is a brave wee lad who stood up to the mauling from their CB. He deserved his goals. HIs ball control is outstanding and he is developing the ability to play others in.

For those that do not believe in aliens, the being that inhabited SS’s body today should have convinced them. So aliens do exist and they can play football as well! He also deserved to score on his performance. What a player Benkovic is! He is another VVD in the making and at a younger age.

Izzy enjoyed his outing and now plays with a wise head. He fought hard to get the full back of the match award but a photo finish with Ralston showed that they both won.

Bain played for free today because he was never asked to do any serious work. I felt sorry for Jim McIntyre for his team were never at the races and he has a very poor squad. No strikers to speak of; no wide players and a defence that is liable to give away penalties when they are not playing us.

Good to see Ryan back although he contribute much less than he normally does. Hey, I know that he was easing himself back into the game. His one shot on goal did produce Benkovic’s goal.

All in all, a good day at the office with our academy taking most of the plaudits.


A thing of beauty

Thoroughly enjoyed the game today and it was great to see Sinclair regain some of his mojo. Bodes well for two difficult games on the horizon. We will miss Tom Rogic as he is a hunskelper but it is an opportunity for someone else to fill his boots and make themselves a hero. Special mention too for Callum McGregor. It took me a while to appreciate this boy but my goodness he’s got my attention now. Impeccable control and pace of pass make him a top drawer midfielder and we are lucky to have him. Apologies Callum for not recognising your talent sooner.

The Gombeen Man

An enjoyable game today that doesn’t really tell us much about the team, especially the defensive part of the game.
Strange watching without Broonie and Ollie looks like he doesn’t enjoy the run of the mill industrial Scottish football. Mikey looks a fine prospect and should be encouraged by the progress of Ryan and Kieran.
Dundee played like we do in Europe just defending on a wing and a prayer at times.
It looked to be paying off until the opener and there was an almost palpable sigh of relief when we eventually scored.
All the conversation at the game was about Sevco and almost everyone seems to have bought into the Old Firm spin.
VAR would be welcomed and might if nothing else put the systematic on field cheating into the spotlight.
There again who cares in Scotland and it would surprise me if Rangers TV got the gig.
An enjoyable day out with good company and the players showed grit and tenacity when the first goal looked like it wasn’t coming.
No cheap shots from me about Santa’s appearance on the pitch at halftime and our hopes for some much needed reinforcements in the Transfer Window.


Sol Kitts

Aye, he’s been a revelation this season. Almost feels like Brendan found his ideal position by accident and boy are we reaping the benefits. Looking forward to him orchestrating another hunskelping next week.

Garry Duncan

My son and I were saying today that for being such a frail wee guy, Mikey Johnston is deceptively strong. Our future.


McGregors marauders were irresistible today. Hh



What a priviledge to be able to go to a game with your son!


Margaret McGill

Sorry Har==Hun Assisted Refereeing.
What I meant by referring and refereeing is the fact that the MIBS know they are 4pts and 7 goals behind already before the filth kick off.

Margaret McGill

Forget about the “pool” thats for English and Irish fans to worry about.

Margaret McGill

Steven Gerrard played under Brendan Rogers for 3 seasons. Lets make it 4.

Margaret McGill

8 years and 8 months ago I posted this (somewhere).

No point in sacking the board!
Celtic need to somehow shrug off the millstone of the Irish donut(s) who appoint the overpaid sycophants in the first place. The one(s) who are using 122 years of faithful through and through to make money or at least try to and if not then play Celtic like a toy (vroom vroom) to maintain their relatively small investment.e.g. Kit deals, TV deals and the Boston barbecue tour with the epitome of all what true Celtic supporters loathe and despise the most recent examples.

Incidentally, and hypothetically, if both the huns and Tims win their remaining SPL fixtures and the cheating bastards go into administration and are deducted 10 points will they still win the league by 1pt?

Mr. X ok say they draw..what are the rules? do you know?

If Celtic beat the huns all other thing being equal then the gap is 8pts.
If the huns go into administration then they would forfeit the league.
In my opinion its unlikely there will be any Hun financials released before May 4th.
Old Firm Utd depend on it.

Margaret McGill

even their complete abject humiliation and total liquidation made no difference.
Thank you Celtic PLC….and all the total fenian tubes that support you!

Margaret McGill

and poor auldheid and co are trying to make an intellectual argument of their corruption. Kinda reminds me of recent C-SPAN discussions I watched on the pseduo intellectual drivel of the cultural and historical contributions in an egalitarian sense from GW Bush. A total reprobate war criminal.

HAR = Hun assisted refereeing. That makes sense! I had assumed you meant the mist over the water. Same thing I suppose. HAR.

Just checked, it’s Haar I was thinking about. A sea fog.

Margaret McGill

I have a big essay on the proclivity of the sanctimonious tims and the reality of big diseased protestant thingummy bobs if anyone is interested.

Hold that over until tomorrow? A new article will be posted soon. But I can’t wait, sounds good.

Margaret McGill

Its called a Genius of alliteration or the drummer doomed to drum his dream to death.

Margaret McGill

Nah too sentimental.too inflammatory and too many of the 2 sweary words

It sounds my kind of thing. I’ve came to grips with my ‘religion’ a while ago. Still love God though.

Margaret McGill

Me too. In the name of the Hydrogen, Helium and Holy periodic table.

I think I know what you are talking about. Auldheid taking the ‘intellectual’ approach.

You can’t take away from the work that Res. 12 guys have done. The research and digging. Bringing on board legal folk to assist. Addressing the proper people in the correct way. They have probably got further than anyone could have imagined.

They even produced information in June to the SFA and to Celtic which should have been a slam dunk.

But? BUT?


2 big problems. the SFA are terrified. Celtic even more so.

The SFA could be in here up to their necks. Celtic only up to their waists because of their deliberate cowardly silence.

So the Res 12 guys have no chance of moving forward through the SFA or Celtic. They are STUCK! To get this to UEFA or the CAS. (BTW UEFA are nearly complicit as well! This needs to get to CAS)

No, I see the only way forward as being through the Court of Session. Take them there by way of charges to defraud.

Employ the best QC’s, hope for a rich benefactor, or crowd fund. I think plenty would be happy to donate, including fans of other clubs. Make us feel involved too!

What if it fails?

As long as the truth gets out there, in the wider public – and football – audience that would be good! Shame the shameful. Let them resign in disgrace. No doubt with a good pension though. But at least we could turn our noses up at them.

Ha Ha 🙂

I’m afraid Auldheid is too nice! It needs more fire in the belly like JC at the SFM. Auldheid would rather this took a century to come to the truth. Most big events in history took a lot more than talking softly endlessly.

At the very least, name names, expose these people. Every single detail.

big packy

jim nice to see you posting good result yesterday,hh.?


Indeed good to see you on jtt53.
I see the leagues top scorer bagged a brace today !!! And then Stevie targets 2 wins next 2 games ! I suppose he kinda has to but I wonder if it’s the best tactic to say that ,,, maybe try our best or just trying to close the gap etc but he’s putting them under pressure and then if they don’t get 2 wins they feel they aren’t good enough?
Might be a rookie mistake he’s making .
Anyway sets up a nice week or so of footie.
Hail Hail

Mike in toronto

Gerrard was always said to be a nasty, sleekit, arrogant piece of work. So, his attitude since joining Sevco is not new. It is just encouraged and seen as a good thing there.

But, I think he is setting his players up for a fall. He is basically saying, ‘ the players I brought in, and the way I have set them up, is good enough to win’. If they do win, he takes the credit. But if they lose, he says ‘it is nothing to do with me, the players didn’t do what they were told’

I think Celtic fans and players need to remind him that there is a reason no team he played in ever won the league.

Garry Duncan

When I watched Gerrard post match comments, I realised he is an actor, and is playing a game with the gullible huns. That will be his downfall when the penny drops amongst the zombies. Run for the hills Stevie Gee my advice.

Mike in toronto


I think we are both right. You are right in that he is definitely playing to his audience. But I do think he was and is an entitled arrogant Ned

Garry Duncan

Scouse Scally.
Proper naughty ned I hear.
Think you are correct.
May the Lord have mercy on his soul, when the hun hordes realise. His Liverpool gangsta ‘pals’ will disappear.

big packy

MIKE AND GARRY your right even joan doesn’t like him.hh??