Blood in the water ?

Surprise Surprise but  Hearts and the Dons call for better refs and Var may well have some ulterior motives behind it .
Are they both conscious of the favorable decisions the Gers get ?  
But why bring the heat of the clan down ,,,, this is an easier path no?
I’m sure we are all in agreement the refs need fixed although I personally don’t think it’s the biggest issue by far .
But just like Tesco , every little helps ! 

Now you will know we don’t focus on the Gers over here but it seems clear to me Var might help nullify one of their old weapons , the mason in the black . I do realise the Ref would have the right to decide which tackles where referred or not , but is it not a better system than what we have and a step in the right direction ? It is surely ! 

Both clubs that are asking for better refs are not far away from what may be considered success ,, finishing in the top two ,, for anyone outside the dreaded old firm tag that must be a feather in their cap .

I certainly am not going to scrutinize the huns finances but IF it is built on a house of cards ,,, Who better and and What better way than to try and make sure the refs aren’t in play trying to save their asses ala the honest mistakes?
It’s a smart move is it not ,,, get a fair shot without the clan at your throat like I said ! 
Is that what it will take to break up the dreaded duo ?
As we all know it comes down to the moolah many times in football. 
Should Stevie Gees men fail to attain second just how much would that impact? 
Both Killie and the Dons are in prime position to claim the second spot ,Hearts will fancy a decent position ,,,,and all are breathing down der huns neck looking for glory  ,,,, and just how much would that hurt der hun? 
I’m figuring der hun MUST give Stevie some cash , he will get a striker from somewhere this window . 
Brendan also wants a striker or two ,,,,, and I reckon he would love it ,,, JUST LOVE IT ,,, if one of the others pipped his former charge to second. 
This call for Var may well be a wee sneaked we have your number you know !!! 

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I understand that his Mrs disny care that much for him either, why else would she be letting a scouse scally pump her.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM. how ya keeping good victory yesterday.hh.

Aye it was, played some amazing stuff, great to see the academy bhoys doing well, Pedro will be dreaming of £££££s
Been a busy day and the morra will be even more hectic, lots to do and no time to do it, but that’s life I suppose 😉
Good and hope you are well.


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