No way Jose and Dons on move

Look I will admit that I found Jose fascinating . Now and again an upstart walks into a sport and hits the top , which shows everyone up , and its even worse when that person mentions that fact a lot . Conor  Mac Gregor is the latest one to do this , Ali did it back in the day as did Tyson , But roughly 15 years ago Jose was that upstart , shaking up the game and redefining what was achievable.

Seville brought Joses name to my attention , and my ire at times , but I begrudgingly watched as he rose through the ranks very rapidly to become probably the best manager there was at one stage .  His attention to detail was legendary and he had forged an unbreakable bond with his players , that peaked with Inter in my humble opinion .

Madrid killed that Jose , it was instant success that was not only needed but demanded  from that point onwards . He ultimately failed at Real , la decima was not attained , his first big failure and it turned him grey up top and cynical inside .

The second spell at Chelski delivered a league title , and the sack the next season ,,, a Ranieri  if you will . Some of the players were appalled at his style with one remarking I would rather lose than win for him .

Some journos have opined he attempted to rule through fear , something that is seen as old school now and Clough was a great pioneer of that method , and at that time fair play it worked for him. But the mollycoddled superstars at Stamford bridge were not going for that one bit , and as we all know when the manager loses the dressing room it costs him his job .

And then on to the job he cried upon missing out on first time round , Man United.

I have admitted before that I am appalled how the Pool slipped from top dogs to mid table via a series of very very poor decisions while others where going forwards pushing them further behind . Having watched the work Fergie put in over a quarter of a century or so , I was watching a live re-enactment of that with United . Their decisions were appalling , no method to their madness , and I was thinking they are gonna do a Liverpool here right in front of us all !

However in placing Jose in charge I believed they had taken a step in the right path .

I was wrong , even though it seemed the right path for the first campaign ,,, silverware , what seemed like a plan on the pitch , and back in the Champions league .

It all unravelled as you well know Im sure and Ole Gunnar Solskaer will be taking the reigns for the rest of the campaign .

Theres many lessons that could be learned here but it seems to me Uniteds board have actually pulled a bit of a clever move here .

It dawned on me that try before you buy is not only exclusively for players , United have basically pulled a try before you buy with a manager ,, Ole Ole !  

Thats quite a shrewd piece of work from where Im sitting , and chapeau for once to the Chairman ( who I seen saying to Bobby Charlton during Joses last game “ and now its a long ball ! “  in apparent frustration at a lack of an onfield plan by his clubs 11 )

And as we will all know an explayer gets that little bit more leniency from the fans when theres a wobble .

Then onto Jose himself .  Just how did he go from the Special One to also ran in 15 years ?

Is the game moving that fast that hes not even in the top bracket anymore ?

The current trend is the arm around the shoulder , all in this together type ,,, ruling through fear is just not gonna cut it at the top end.

So it seems he needs a non pressure job to allow him to return to attention to detail and tactics coaching ,,, if we are gonna see the special one Jose again that is.

Thus I cant see him winning a big5 league again , I just  cant . Perhaps his native Portugal might offer him the best hope of recharging , organising a team over time , and getting them to punch above their weight in Europe with his help and coaching .

Thus I could see him winning a continental cup again ,,, and I honestly do hope we see a new Jose that has found his place in the game .

Over to the Sphell and the Dons taking  Killies place in the top three was the big news after Brendan and Stevie Gee’s side both won ,, one side very convincingly with youth prospects in particular standing out and the other just about .  Then Stevie announces he wants 2 wins ,,, I believe he has made a mistake here putting that pressure on them and time will tell .

Lenny might well take something at Ibrox , more than the usual sectarian and racial  abuse that is.

I wonder if Brendan was rubbing his hands reading that . Bring on the next two games ,, Im confident thats for sure . No doubt the team will be also.

Take Care everyone and Happy Christmas from Central California . Mahe

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Margaret McGill

Hi Mahe
Let me try and summarize your latest missive if I may.
This is where we part company on football and interpretation matters I am sorry to say my dear friend.
But that’s ok I’m happy for Sentinelcelts.
So cheats are ok as long as they win consistently.
Thats Hun like.
Mourinho is scum and all thats wrong with modern football but you seem to admire him.
I loathe and despise him.
Solskjaer is cheap.
Tim like. Lawwell like.Dermott like.
..and its awe about “The Pool” EPL “pool” and stevie G and BR “Pool” even in the SPL “Pool”.
But we can mention Lenny because although it’s not directly related to “The pool” we can still throw in
“the usual sectarian and racial abuse” thats normal and facilitates the Irish dismissiveness of the SPL pool?
Did I catch that or am I missing something?


Mags, I find upstarts in every sport fascinating .
I admired his gallus and was curious as to how long this new kid on the block could remain at the top, it was about 15 years it turns out . And I’m glad someone , anyone , would fail when trying to rule through fear, had prick bosses like that myself .
What he had only got soo far , and he doesn’t seen to have picked up the modern systems that are working. It’s downhill from here for him.
We as fans should be happy that the game has moved on for the better from his ways, win at all costs as you say. For a fella didn’t play the game he did well .
Ole is much more a better fit , cheap or not . He knows he’s gonna get handed players , doesn’t care but will insist on playing for the shirt . That’s a good thing at any club.
As for the Pool we should be happy if they lift that title , should be happy everytime a bling team like city or psg don’t win . And their fans at least deserve it for standing by their team and not walking away being glory hunters . Play good football also .

Poor Lenny will be in for a very rough evening at mordor but will be used to his illegal abuse , sad though it is .
You should relax bro , it’s Christmas time.
Hail Hail

Mike in toronto

Karamoko Dembélé has signed his first contract with Celtic


MIT ,,, a nice Christmas present that. Look forward to seeing him in the Hoops.
Have a pleasant Christmas pal
Hail Hail

Mike in toronto

Cheers Mahe

All the best mate. Kids are all grown up here, so will be quiet. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!


MIT, kids certainly do a help a Christmas although mine is crawl and grab stage so everywhere is childproof ed which means no tree as that would be disaster.
The wife’s four grandparents all divorced and remarried when she was a nipper so she has 8 people she considers grandparents .
One year she had to go to all 8 houses one day after another ,, and of course the grandparents cooked dinner and handed our gifts . After that dad decided that’s too much , we stay at home and people visit us.
It’s strange some traditions here,, the stocking seems a big thing , church is mostly about singing , and the 24th is usually get together time ?
Will never understand a lot about this place , like it though.
Hail Hail

Mahe, That made me laugh “the crawl and grab stage!” But it sounds like you’ve got it all sorted. I’m going to niece’s for Christmas day, it will be fun. I love my family. She has two boys, the youngest – about 10 – plays for a local boys club. Very highly thought of, keeps winning prizes. But just like his elder step brother, who plays at amateur level, has no interest in the ‘big’ teams. The big brother played at the Ibrox youth set up when he was younger. But is not a devotee. I’ve said to the wee fella (when his mother & father are out of earshot) would he like to go to Parkhead with his uncles? But he just shrugs it off and says no!

I no longer go to church, I’ve lost a lot of my love and respect for the church. But as usual I will tune in tonight to Vatican TV to watch Midnight Mass. A bit of nostalgia and I still admire the liturgy, the drama. I try my best to think of the good things the church did for the world, at a basic level, the good priests & brothers. The many good sisters and if course the community – the followers. Like many in the Celtic support.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


As I look out the window there is a gentle snow falling and a beautiful red cardinal seems to be posing for Christmas pictures! Nature getting in tune with the holidays.

Firstly, let me wish everyone a happy holiday with particular thanks to those who took the time to create and maintain this blog.

It will be a strange holiday this time because health issues makes me realise what is really important and it is not football.

Having said that, I shall be keen to see a good result against Sevco. Even a loss to the Dons and a draw at Ibrox will still see us march on to the title.

This time of the year should be about “love”. Love of family, love of fellow human beings. Love for those less fortunate than yourself. And then along comes the latest hate fest at Ibrox. My dislike of the latest version is worth analysis. Is it simply the good guys versus the bad? Is it the bigotry? Nope, it is the fact that they engender feelings of disgust and even hate in me. I hate that I hate! When I played sports I always wanted to win. When I did not, I tried to improve so that I would win next time. It was never personal. Sadly, that cannot be said of the latest round of tribalism.

Jose? Never liked him and not because his Porto team beat us. Honestly, we beat ourselves in that game. I dislike him because of his attitude after he lost a game. It was always somebody else’s fault! You do not progress as a manager and as a person with that attitude. Inevitably, you decline in both.

Have a great week, everyone. Mags do not go. I think I am falling in love with you!


Awe Naw

A very Merry Christmas I wish all of you and your families. Enjoy the quiet time for those without kids. Those with kids enjoy the togetherness and the happiness for as long as the batteries last.


the wee one is all over power cords now and thats the one thing I have no idea how to sort out ! And we even gave her an old phone to play with instead of grabbing ours ,, dont be silly , only wants ours .
I fully understand re the church and have big issues with them myself ,, especially here where its not like home , the mass is more singing and community meeting rather than worship , and they expect far too much contributions wise . I remember as a boy there where men tasked with getting people a seat in the church thats how busy it was ,,, now its a quarter full .
Things can change very fast and this world moves very very fast now .
Nothing lasts forever , Im well aware of that .
The firefighter brother in law is cooking ” Christmas ” dinner today , which is actually a bbq basically . And like i say they gather on the 24th here ,, where it was 25th for me when younger.
The food really pisses me off because no one has turkey today , as they had it on thankgiving!
If you missed it then you dont get Turkey at all , and the food for a Christmas dinner can be very hit or miss . Ive seen her family sit down to Vietnamese takeout ,,, a room temperature ham and some salads ,,, even a duck . No idea what I will be getting today although at least hes a meat lover , and grills pretty good . Rain has gave a lot of firemen Christmas with the family ,, sure they are delighted .
Have a great day , Hail Hail

big packy

can I just echo what rebus67 has said, mags don’t go we love your posts, it would be a funny old world if we all agreed, can I just say a very happy Christmas to you all have fun.hh.


Mags aint going nowhere !! Its a lovers tiff , nothing more 🙂 . Besides shes banned everywhere else , were all thats left ! Mags get on here and insult someone ,, we demand it !

Feliz Navidad to everyone from a hun free mountain valley, decided that we are having our Christmas dinner outside the morra, hit 25 deg this after and it will be the same for the next few days, it was -6 when I got up this morning, some swing, but normal for here at this time of the year, football soon enough, the sheep pen won’t be an easy trip but I have faith that Brendan will get them fired up for it.

Mike in toronto

I could do the insult thing .. but I’d need a big retainer first.?


Big retainer? You would need a large mouth for that!

God Jul,


I’m pretty sure that the first two films I ever saw in the cinema were Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I’m watching the former at the moment,the latter will be tomorrow. Maybe with a wee follow up of Home Alone 2. Not bad for someone who rarely watches telly.

Mary Poppins just declared that A Thing Of Beauty is a joy forever.

So is her sister,and the rest of her family.


Great news about Karamoko

Margaret McGill

No worries mate.
I dont mind the Pool doing well in Europe.
They’re my 3rd team after Hibs. 🙂
Your right about Lenny. Wrong about Mourinho.
Mourinho was a lucky well bank rolled cheating chancer who got found out.

There are sayings of the like that cheats never win, what a lot of bollix.
The would is controlled by cheats, liars, thief’s, scumbags etc, etc, good honest folk are trampled on for fun, gone are the days, if they ever existed of honesty & integrity, it’s what we are up against sadly, we either have to play along or hide away in our caves, I chose the hiding away in my cave but I venture out now and again to have a look at the cheats.
I bet you work for cheats, liars, thief;s and scumbags, tis the price we have to pay sadly mi amigo 😉


TeT I want him to get some game time this season as a reward . Why not , the kids have been doing well recently.
Feliz Navidad and Hail Hail

For sure, the video I saw of him a few weeks ago was mightily impressive, he has fair bulked up and imo could do a job for us no bother, I doubt it tho.
And you HH

Lidl here often do wine promotions, they have done a fair few this year and I bought a few of them when they are on, partaking in one just now and WOW, it’s amazing, a 2010 Reserva Rioja called Campillo, superb quality, can’t remember what I paid for it but whatever it was, well worth it, wish I had bought more, alas I didn’t.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, sitting with a glass of Glenmorangie in my hand cant beat the stuff from the oul country.??

I Love whiskey but it doesn’t like me, go daft with the stuff 😉

Insulting Mags just comes naturally to me,hell knows how I’ve got away with it for so long. You shoulda seen his face when I introduced myself in Lisbon.

Then he realised who I was,just said-you,ya prick!-and we had another fag and a beer fest.

He’s a good lad,and I honestly think the world of him. What he lacks in compromise and pragmatism,I guess some of us lack in other areas. We weren’t brought up to compromise. Maybe it’s time we realised that Mags et al are right and stopped bending over.


Hail hail from Swindon. I might be a notorious grinch at this time of year,but I’ll agree every day of the year with your sentiments.


You’ll be lucky to get a big outsider here,and insults just come naturally anyway.

Mike in toronto

If you haven’t seen it, a Silly but fun Christmas movie is Bernard and the Genie, starring Alan Cummings, Rowan Atkinson, and the always funny Lenny Henry as the Genie.

Mike in toronto

First film I ever saw in the cinema … the Sting. Don’t remember much… I was about 6, and .went with my grandparents … ended up going to sit with some friends of the family because they had more candy!

Sorry to cut your article off early,Mahe. Been a long day. Here’s a new one,and in the spirit of Christmas too.

I hope you and Mrs Mahe have a great time with wee F today.



God rest ye…….

My second favourite Xmas movie. The Christmas Story is my fav.